Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 6, 1952 · Page 5
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 5

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 6, 1952
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

Cob NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES, Fayitt«v!flt, Arkamw, Friday, JVM *, 1951 nut By HAI, BOYLE Wins The DFC New Ynrk-'flVHow much ren! democracy is there among dnj; lovers? Quite a hit, according tn Bartender Bill O'Brien, who forked over ?50 (n a customer for a puppy that looked like a fnur- lecged gray mop and has turned out to he a blue ribbon show (in«t. I have written Hhoiit B;!l before. He's a big e x - A r m y «ercr;int who blew the alarm buslr ,it pr;irl Harbor. O'Brien is ni£ht maesiro at Moriarty's micttown bar and grill, an establishment two dnnrs from Tont Shor's that has b^rnmc a rendezvous fnr newspapermen, dancers, singers, anors anrl musicians. « g One of his customers wns Pat Hanrahan, an XBC electrician who · often brought in one nr t w o nf the , Schnauzer dogs he raises a, a Eide.line. "I just jrof dog hungry lonkinjr at them," confessed Bill/He finally bought a male pup from Pat fnr $50 and figured it was n real hnr- pnin as Srhnauzers, a long-haired German terrier, are growing in ponularify in America and easilv ' bring $75 to $125. SOPC. throe The eifiht-week-olo) ugly puppy looked like a handful of dirfy Strings with brichf eyes. Bill named him Mikr 1 Murphy. ''He grew so fast he was Retting I'ow-legged nnd down in the hocks, -n I hetran stuffing him ·with calcium pills," Fair! Bill. "But be had lots of spirit--he was no doadheari." Mike Murphy parked up so fa si. thnwed surh carmen, 'hat doc- vise customprs r,t the bar urged Dear Mis? Dix: My husband is wonderful when I'm well and - hapny. but wlinn I'm ill or despondent he withdraw? to himself, docpn't speak anrl seems tn resent my inability TO bn un and arnnnd. H^ doesn't take carp of the children when I'm sick, so that they get unruly, which just adds In my nervous strain. When I see his reaction, I Insp oven the ambition to get well. If ho would just show a lit tip affection or interest. I'd t feel so d i f f e r e n t l y . I've talked to him about Ihr siluntion. hut he Bays he doesn't understand why he acts so. Of course, it's just when I need him most that he is most inaccessible. Lnra Mae T. Answer: Your own physical condition is the first matter" with which you should be concern ?*·!. Vnur letter indicates rather frequent illnesses, often nf nervous origin. You shnulrl hr in thr hands Of a good dnrtnr who will dijjJ- 1 nose your difficulty md urpscnb" trip proper treatment. The fact that you worry so much over your husband's lark of svmpnlhv ' could be, in itself, P rnntributnry cause of your recurring ailmnnls. Unless your illness has be^n diasnnsprl, and i's nature snc-rial-v Outlined by n physiri.ji:. your hup- ^ band may, and perhaps nni wiih- out cause, altriliutr vour itKlispn- sitions to a ronlrollnble iicrvoup condition. Your drsire In hav» his attention when you are PI may be so strong as to brine nn symptoms of sickness. Naturallv. when the sympathy is not forthcoming, fus- tr.ition adds its m=.] to t^r firr. · and your illnn^s pels out of hand. ThfT Don'f T T ndrrstanri Few men are equipppH In nipe sympathetirally with illnets. Bp- inc fit fellows fhrmseivrs. they cannot understand why the whole world can't be of equal stamina. Oncp these men IIHVP a ^onri bout cf sirkness thomsclvoF. thpy undergo a surprisinc chanc^ (i f at. ti'nde. but whiln they rom;iin perfect physical spefimpiv:. i 1 '.-; very hard to make them understand another's suffcrinsr. Ii pcrtpinly isn't naturrd for 'he avpragr woman to be sick sn often that her indispositions constitute a menace to her hnurchnlri; lipn'-e, your condition is either one of unusual physical wraknrt^. or extreme nervous tension. The fir?' !··· a jnh fnr a doctor, thr second can be largely controlled bv yourself. but here. (on. ihp aid of a medical man should be sought nnd his advice takpn. If IIP finds ndrquaip foundation for your Trouble, nnn supplies your husband w i t h all details, n hpttpr understand ire should bn achiever) all arnun f l. Don't rxpect indiscriminate Differing to elicit sympathy frnni your husband; it won't! A CPHU- inp. «cientifirally labeled ailment probably will! Krap op witn the (tmr«-- read »»ff TTMKS )a»y. Bill to enlnr him In n dn^ show. At first O'Brien held off, think- in? th;it such hdnors were fnr the pets nf mi!lionaires rather than Imnenders. But JIR fmjiily de.-Klod Miki- Murphy ought tn have his chance in the worlrl. He paid a professional handler a small sum to jjivr him a week's Iraniir.i;. Mike was rntrreri m tho \Vc. i tmins:er Kennd C'lub show in Madison .Square Garden last February, which is the \Vnrlcl .Series of dogdom Mikf 1 Murphy. only eisht- . ninnihs' n|rl nnd s t i l l rrnlly a puppy, struiirrj nut '.n win liie first pn/c fnr Amencnn-hred M'indarri Sc-hnnu/ers. Overwhelmed by this victory, , Bill enirrrrl Mike snnn a f t e r in another lop-f!ij:h! meiri"nnht;in c.'i- ' nine slmw. l-iu! Mike, still srowing fast, had brcnme underv/eisht for his sir.e. He pl.-icrrl fourth. That has pi;{ Rili in a spnt. He figures hi- k-t his dnj» dnwn by en; terin^ him tnn ynon in his second | show. Bui he doesn't want to turn Mike o x e r !o Irainers who see him as ,-i potential cham- pmn. ''I'd like i» see him win another - t blue ribbon." Bill said, "just to '· make i( up to him--to see hr r.ns n square der.l. But ihp handlers say Ihey van! a mon:h tn train him for his next show. \\'rll, St'hnau/rrs are supposed to he one-mnn ri(n::. but Mike, is friend- ' ly tn everybody. "If he is gone a nmnth. he will The bistineuishcd Flyini; Cross has bec.n presenled to Sr.-nnd I jo nn Jnnarr be my doc. It wnuld he Bruce L. Danner. Blue Island, 111., for superior achievement in ;.n liko civme up your nwn baby.' . combat againM the riKmy j n Koroa. Hanner, a navisafor w i t h I ; Fif'h Air Force's 452nd i'.nmh Wins, and his crew recnvod thr aw,, for Ji-strurtinn of \ i t a ! enemy supply linns and equipment in Nnr Knii',-1. Lieutenant Dnnner's wife. .Irnnnp S. Dnnner, and thnr 1^ yonr-olri rinughtor, Jeannrlte. reside at Bine Island. His fathrr, Ern D. Dannrr, lives at Fayettevillc, Ark. Oklahoma Road Accident Sends Six To Hospital ' J l n h r r * II MrM'-n H'A * u - r - T i - \V, - i : r : - . 1't ..f F-':! S-.,»h. A A . i I ' l i i ' i f i i u i ; h n ·. i-:;;i U- t i n v c l i i i j t : \ V ' ' i " c r find n i » f (if h i s l u ^ ···. Bill Kendnrk, 3n. Fort Smith Soldier Badly Injured West Of Muskogce Rossellini Put Under Fire In ji i.-· i · ! . n c 1 1 , riiji rvi'iini ii'K t ii' 'i 1 ";::;;;;;;;· .,! x c,^;, inII ,« l r.' Custody Case Th" thirtl '( i-Nnri'i' Havrnnnd I,p,» A ' ! 'htrr mm me Milrhcrs stgtinr;- ncntr,'n]fi:i' h.-i't'ins; «\-fr !."] ..t ( amp C'lLiffcc. Ark. nnrt i-hii'l nj.Mn-l-.- hftn-r" · rv.-ut'.iil!-! of Ihr n!hi-r "' Tr rlr;-.-rr: ii'.- Gfirr;^ H'IH-HIT! !'·· ' I S . "-eye Mr-; Res Pf"^ , 1". O'-rff''. rr;','»-.(r anrl Mi. ·. nkl;i - - - r - S i x i-.-r- Mi.lly II.if' ; .-.-ii.. T'l. ,i!| thrr-c nf nf !h"n: -"M.!-., frr,,,, Till". M" lv;i-.- anrl Mr... Hnff- ·"" ""T of Mif'r ! '"i. Jpnuy Ann. vrr «-:is =,iirt to be only hruis- ' I tlui'-. in irruiy vn;--, ? : ; r ' hKtrr \« '.in;ir-| lh;ifi tilt* ( ir-- · Hurricane Rattan Peel Furniture Thf^ 'k-rlaM'ion was m«d« in -.ipp'i-' r,f ^ Hi«finrtinn h« 4T*rrf rr;Hi 'in*: -*n--i* hf Mid mifht i v,-e ptihhritv rfMrimentil to th« - ' · - - I - [» -. -,.,; r | h* Miss B-rj- .-··· i-.r^-r-rf h'l^ind, ttntian ' " 'I.--'' - - r J;ob"rto Rosflllni. i.' -i r,', 1 :· ,T. fn-. UrHT ? fm Tffst!- "i. 'Ah-j a.i?r.t a::ract bad pub- I)r I.M 'i-'r'jm tr,M th* rourt of _ 'rorn B?v*rly HUJs :i -H» had th* v/*!l P^ ; M; V rnv*r*d 'A'ith Ii^ ! ;An actress," the :. if*f.!\*ri. "Mr floi- n ar.-l my u-if« ^Miss ^y v«r photos H a n d m a d e by skilled craftsmen with generations of traditional experience in the art oi weaving. Fabricated in Hong Kong. Made of selected clean live Rattan Peel woven over whole Rattan frames. Comfortable - Light Weight - Cool - Strong - Durable Resilient - Easy to Move Easy to Clean. Adaptability in usage is an outstanding feature -- Can be used in almost any place where furniture is required. 100 Boy Scouts To Attend Area Camp At Devil'! Den Park i One himrhrd finv Smuts fmm the 19-rnunly WcFifl'-k A r e a Council will be nt the Smut ramp ··"I Devil's Den Stjitp Park nesr 1 Winslow Sunday fnr fh? first u-rrk nf ramp. Smuts wil alicnd fmm Fnrl Smith. C'avr SptinR-.- Clatksvillp and Fayetteviilo. I A central ramp s t a f f will xin- sisl of .Tack II. Stnrcy, Fnrl Smith, prncrnm riirrrtni ; Don Whit1;»krT. rtoger^ J.-.ii-; rriini- "\Viii- mnn, Kni't Smith, niiturr lorr; Johnny L. McWhortrr. Jr., Spri»2- . rialr. riirtM-toi- nf ricmonstrniions ! and sporial activitin.n; | J-ir Allon nnl) f -r::--. SprinEd;i"p, anri ,Inhn D. P.-iUnixin, Fnyottp- villf. aquatic ;irtivitirs: Grnvrr I,. Simp, Harripon. cr»mmiss;iry nnd 1 sanitation; Frank B. Lrv.-is. F;ty- etteville, first aid; Kddip Walkor, Fort Smith, commissary suprr- visii.n; Tom Powers, Fnrt Smith. tr,-idin? post nnd offirr; Jjmmv Nrwton, Fnrt Smith, rink; ami L. M. R. Rogers. Scnut rspctitive, husinoss manager. Thursrlny niqht, .Jtnir 12. will ' hr ?t:int nicht. Parents -TIT mvit- I eri to visit thr ramp at any time, i especially mi Thursday niglit. | Swimming, (malinp, hikinR. archery, Indian Inre. and nature , Inre will be among the subjects in the camp. ArrnrHinc to the Ptnlnmajc t \ s . tern, thf rarlh \v;is fixed a! !he · center nf the universe w j l h the 1 Sun, Moon, plant't? ami sl.'irc nil ' rrvolvina around it in varying Comfortable Folding Furniture All Durable, Lightweight Folding Fan Back Choir in White Enamel $5.75 Full Size, First Quality Tub Chair $9.50 or 3 for $27.00 Folding Lounge Chair Oak Frame. Folds Flat $2.95 Extension Chair $21.50 Arm Chair $11.95 | How to Avoid food Hangover (Cm, ·Mrtfevra, S««r Folding Lounge Chair with Arms. Ook From* $2.95 IFttToritf fonrii giv* you iilt dllirtss, try thil lop-ipcrd Ii« nr fullneil «nil «CM! i «w»fl. Just ei '«· t eit 1 or 2 Turn* niter mfali ei#Tfroter-indulRfhreinf«t. . drinking or smoking mnkri you ! Bpstt. Toml neutrjilire nce*l i i «fliqit rrt.t . imnt. Cnnt.ln no hllkinjt loiU tr o v e r . ·IkaUr*. Alwuy.t urrr Tumi in pocket » tmne. On a hindr roll tod«r. Large Extension Chair $37.50 Picknicker Folding Table Siw 30"x60" Eoiily Folded $1750 .. ,, , Eaiily Handled r w w Hollywood Yacht Chair in Enamel Finish · · · ^^ _ $8.50 Lewis Bros. Co., I nc. Settee $24.00 Square Table, 27"x27" $21 LEWIS BROS CO., Inc. f *

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