Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 6, 1952 · Page 3
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 3

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 6, 1952
Page 3
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RMgway Visits Scene Of INI Landing In France On D-Day Receives Soldier's Medal NOSI1WKT AIKANSAS T1MB, FayMMvife. Arki OB The Normandy Beaches,*--· France - (ff 1 ) - Gen. Matthew B · ~ , , , Hidgway marks the eighth anni- j a " is V151lln f! his brother. Ed- versary today of the World War H | f?. r Karn «. a "d other relatives Normandy invasion with a return ' wck. to the spot where he parachuted in the D-Day spearhead. Now Supreme Allied Commander in Europe, Ridgway led the j . Lieut. Jack Carter of Tinker Field is a guest of Mr. and Mrs H. A. Carter. Mrs. Abe Karnes visited in the Cl 111 iauiwyc, J U U K W r l y Je q l n g , ,, 82nd Airborne Division in its leap ,, ,? M J*' Kale of Fay- behind Nazi lines, hours ahead o f ! ett , c . vllle ; i!lu «day. the invasion waves, to cleaV some ! . _, a n d TM rs ' Buc " Wnorts a n d I of the way for Allied infantry and ' ^" K ,"' ^ VCrly ' r " lllrnc ' 1 ho '»= armor · I Th "'sday. Mr. Woods teprcsented | The. ieneral's vi.i. _ MaM ,. h . ! * r , k . a " sas Presbytery at the Pres- : the '· and i and -,. ,, I ^·'K.dMbdS ITCSDvl The generals visit - highlight , byterian General "Assembly of ceremonies marking the anni- ! New York Fn route homo. ver S »rv of the 1944 landings tha, j Woods visited eT ? n m H ^ ·" ° nq " ,°i EUr ° Pe /riends - Mrs - Woocis ' "ncl" and , n , h le . r . sa TM-T-' nC , Ud ^ St0pS i aUnt of Washington, D. C.. ac- along both Utah and Omaha j companied them home, beaches, where the bulk of the I Miss Melva Karnes is a guest in American forces came ashore, the home of her mother, Mrs. Eva Ridgway also w,ll visit Sainte Karne.,. Miss Karnes teaches in Mere Eghse, the first town his ' Amarilln Texas airborne troops liberated in the The Garden Club met Thursday pre-dawn hours of June 6, 1944. afternoon in the home of Mrs There the general will lay a , Clara Halloway of Fayetteville wreath at milestone zero, the start I w i t h eight members. Mrs. Presley of the Liberty Highway"--route ! Askew was a special guest of victory through France a n d , · · Germany. | _ At Omaha beach he will inspect i I WO iCOHI thf Bayeux and St. Laurent mili- . tary cemeteries. Here cliff-top I f Alinfv U/in graves of thousands of soldiers , VWU " I I " ln ind officers still overlook rusted I ,, half-sunken hulks of landing craft I . ° men Sentenc e6 'rom Wash- used in the invasion to form tern- I l n g t o n County were among 37 con- porsry jetties. j victs granted paroles Wednesday Ridcwav will «ne a tr =i by the slate Boal 'd of Pardons and mST Utl'h^h Id^i ^cLSd-ebr^,^^ lay a wreath on the monument there which commemorates the on a two-year sentence for grand i larceny, and Benny Coleman, com- Number From This Area To Receive Degrees The following is a list of can didates from t h i s area for decree at the Unh ersi'.y: Bachelor of Arts B i l l i o n Bcvis Collier. C l a i i e \n ne Holmes. Xanry C r a v e n s Lane Owi^lit Charles McLm. Margare Young People Said Deficient In Reading, Writing And Spelling; Progressive Education Is Blamed .son, Jr., and M a r v John S k i l l e r n : all of F a y e t t o v i l l o ; M . u t h a Fran' ces Brooks, Sprmiid.ilr; Florence i N i g h t i n g a l e Call,,. F a r m i n g ! TM | Geneva Y v o n n e C l a r k . H i n r l s v i l l e | Kdsel Ford, Rogers; .Shirley Kan Newman, B c n y v i l l e ; W i l l i a m R o h e r t Pcannail. B c n t o n v i l l r M a r j o i i e Faye Simon, H i i n t s v i l l e ' Bachelor of Science A l l a n Wilson Carl and Park Dale Edmonsnn, bolh of Favctle- ^ v i l l c ; I v a n H u g h Box and Char],"i · E d w a r d Jones, both of Spnn/idalc | James Hooker Leach, Ucmonville! i Bachelor of .Music Mary A n n e M a d d o x , F a v e l t e - villc. Bachelor of Science m Social Welfare Carolyn L. \Vakler. Fayeltcv ille Bachelor of Science in Journalism Lavern DcVVltt Kerr and Mary Ann Ellis Mohr, bolh of Fayelle- e; Stephen Vance Morse, Springdalc. ti-.r of t h e A t l . u i t i c M - i n l h l v raid | today A m e r i c a n hov R r a d i i a t m g ' fn'iin high .':i-hf.o| do r.o* "have in ; t h e i r bones" the i-;en!ial M r n c . ^ u i e of the oidm.'iry A m e r i c a n sentence. . F r a n k CJcorce l l e i l i ^ . We; 1 Fork. llrtchelor nf Science in A g r i c u l t u r e 1 L u l l i e r n.vud Audio'...-;. Thn.-n.-K A l l e n Colenian. a n i l C h a r l e s Herald- Koscliiis, a l l of H O R C I : ; Cciie - Bluclier HaMlrn. P a u l I l r - i i t u - v P i t t s , a n d Forrest M a i l i n T u m a n l . ' a l l o f | meoln; Hour. N n r m . i l i and C h a i l f - r l i o h e i t r.iyne. both ,-,f K a . u - l t i - n i i r ; f h a r l e s T h o m a . l l u - k m a n , H i n i K \ i l h - ; \V i I f o i d I l i c - k s . I'ea fiid-e; J o h n l.iv- inston. L o w e l l . W l i h . i M l Unl|i!i S t i i k e n b u i v , K l k i l l : . liarhrlor of Science in Home M : i r v M a n i l a JUKI."! and K l i / a - lii'lh Ann WiB;:ans, holb of Fay- c t l e \ i ! l ( - ; Mai inn .hine Meascle. 1 liochelle. R e m o n v i l l e ; Au.sta K a t h - ryn nodgci-s, I'ea H i d g c ; M a i v , Ann H l o h r n b u r y , F.lkln:.; Palsy Ann Tonni.'on, Spnni^dale. Itiirhelnr nf Science in llu*!nrsi , E d w a r d Weeks. J r . I,,1.1 tl,,. I u ,. ,,.-;,,- r|j sr ,irded the t,tr.y type Kiadll.itcr. of Mav.,,rl,,is,l!..: Ir.o,- of n o m i n a t i o n w i t h the result l u l l ' nf Technology t h a i tea,-hn;i: t h . i l s t u d e n t s are graded for the of F.nnli.-.h in I n c h «-h,,,,k h.i: ,1...* ,,'. t h e i r f a r t * but they Imi.ra'.cd to the point u-i.eie i,.-t. are n-it degraded (or sloopy writ- t e r t h a n a v e t a g i - erarlua'e-: i - i ; i - · \r.z. " '"I,"'",'' *''"' ·'"··'"·'"· ' The ".i,e,,,,,,,,., competition" be- The d e f i c i e n c y . I.e c o n t i n u e d , m t v - r e n Ihe honk, on the one hand Ins ,·-,,«,,,..,,,.,.,,,,.,,, ad.lrc-. . r , ;; ,! ,i,, r.vl.r, television and p a i l l y Ihe i,..«u|t ,,f ",,,,,g r ,. , i v ( , ,,,,,,,,., ; ,|,,, ,,-,,, j, s pf(( , ct _ W(Wks e d u i - a t i . i n w!m-h h.r, torn- l i g h t ,,n ',,:,! "I!,,'." he added, "if you K i a i , , , , , . , , - and w i n d , l,v use ,,f ;!-,- *,,,. '.,. S e.. hnw far the d.teriora- MaO, ca.d..,.,!,.,,, |e.,d,es.-;,,drnv. t i o n h;,.. ,:,,,,,-. remember thl-. In ,, . . n t i l v wr,,, s w n t i o u t k n o w - f a c t O ,,e i,-,y ,n every 10 acros., mi; hn-.v lo M ,,.|| t h e r n ^ ,...^ ,.,,. n l r v h ,^ ay ip npe(J of ,,, , ,, ' ' , , ' " " . , T '''''"· ; "'' 1 ' ' ' ' ' ' " ''"'""'·' l! : "'' :n reading, writing, t^llde t,..M s - w h i d i in i n e r i i - h .,! and E [,ellms " Garment Makers Hopefully Looking Forward To Fall Dress Openings With 10,000 Buyers To Visit New York New Y o r l i - i / T i - A n o t h c r indii.-.lry l i n e lusver-prired fabrics. The t h a t has been h a v i n g ,i s i p - u b l r - hopeful garment makers bane their iaee of D-Dav vni B r a ,,. I m ort F p h r u a r y 21 . 1950, on a six- ! Master Sgt. Lewis R. Ames of Benloiivillc receives the Soldier's Medal "FiRhtine F^rsf' Div S i yC3r h u r g l a r y and « rand ]arc eny j (ro m Brig. Gen. John J. Morris, Jr., Arkansas adjutant general in JMgmmg First Dm- ! sentence. ceremonies at Hogers last Saturday. A member of Batlerv A. 936th Addington was convicted in the i Vield Artil!cr - v Battalion, Sergeant Ames was decorated for heroism theft of a truck from Gus Fuller- w ammunition exploded in his battery position in Korea. ton of Fayetteville. Coleman was ' (McRoberts Photo) convicted in the burglary of the First Christian Church in Fayetteville December 6, 1949. sion, now in Germany, also placed wreaths on Omaha beach at the time of the original H-hour--6:30 ». m. Representatives of other Allied nations joined in the observances. French Adm. Andre Lemmonier, Ridgwav's naval deputy at SHAPE headquarters, accompanied him on the t r i p . Britain's First Lord of the Ad- - miralty, J. P. L. Thomas, and I By Lincoln Schools British naval officials came by de- i Tennis Court Built Petrillo Suggests Use Of 60-Piece Bands Santa Barbara Calif. - |/T) ! There'll be plenty of brass at the I 20.75-21.25; largely 2 1 . I S down i w i t h sales above 21.1(1 largely ! choice Nos. 1 and 2 under 220 Ibs- I 240-270 Ibs f u l l w i d t h of choice grade 1S.7S-20.00, 280-300 Ibs 19. 00-35; 150-17(1 Ibs 13.50-75; 120' 140 Ibs 17.25-19.25; sows 400 Ibs West Fork Mr. and Mrs. John Karnes of j La Vera, Calif., and Lenard! Karnes of Westminster, Calif, are visiting John's and Lenard's mother, Mrs. Alta Karnes. They have also been guests in the home i of Mr. and Mrs. Abe Karnes. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Buck of i Springfield, Mo., have been guests i of Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Harding since Sunday. They returned | home Thursday. used to help finance construction of a new concrete tennis court at the school playground. Work on the court will be completed within a few days. A box supper benefit will be held Tuesday night at the Legion Hut to raise necessary additional funds for the project. The Lincoln school band will play at the supper. Woodruff County Paper Sold To Tom Allen Chicago local of the American ! Federation of. Musicians to l o o k ' into. j James C. Petrillo, head of AFM, ! said yesterday he is in favor ol proposals that both political par- ' tics hire a 50 or 60 piece b a n d . ; But the Chicago local must initiate the idea. "The hope is to get them to put in GO-piece bands. Some are trying to cut them down to 40 pieces. If they would cut out a high-priced conductor, 10 more pieces could be added," Petrillo said. Mrs. T. L. Threlkcld accompa- j Cotton Plant, Ark.-M'l-Publish- med her son and daughter-in-law, er Tom Allen of Brinklev is the T A ' LI i x Mr and Mrs. Sylvan Threlkeld to new owner of the Woodruff Coun ' Toda V S Market-Fort Smith, where she was a guest | ty Democrat here. Mrs M A Dil- ! ~ in their home Monday and Tues- · Ion, former owner of the weekly ! St. Louis Livestock ^' . . | paper, announced the sale yestcr- ' ^'-*;--' o . _ . , _ . Irwm Cuns of Fayetteville was day. Allen, a past president of th · guest in the home of Mr. and I Arkansas Press Association aho ! Ibs Mrs. Abe Karnes Wednesday eve-: owns the Brinkley Citizen arid the ' dav Howard Karnes of Beaver,' Ark. '" * ""' '" a r e n d o n ' tn · C a l t l e 500, calves 400; ] ly about steady; i n d i v i d u a l head ' commercial to choice sloors and i heifers 27.00-33.00; u t i l i t y a n d ! commercial cows 21.50-24.00; can- I tiers and cutters 16.50-21.50; u t i l - i ity and commercial bulls 23 50- : 2(i.5t); c u t l e r - b u l l s 20 00-23.011; i ^ood and choice vealers 3(.on-:)(;.- ! 00; soiled prime to 3R no; u t i l i t y ! and commercial vealers 23.00: 29.00. Sheep 200: steady cleanup trade: ! scattered sales u t i l i t y to choice spring lambs 25.00-30.00; few t o l l s 20.00-21.00; small lots u t i l i t y to John M a r t i n Taylor, K a y e l l e - j villc. j Bachelor of Prlrnrt In Education ; Lavonia Marie Clark Buries,! Clarence Vol Katilkncr, Terry .\laci · McFarland, Marie Hames S m i t h , 1 : Patricia Ann S m i l h , Florence I . i l - ' I Man Starr, Jerry W n d d i l l , and F s - I (her Lou Wilson, a l l of F a v e t t e - | ! v i l l c ; A l b e i t Peel Dunagin. J r . , j Oravette; Charles Dixon F.lmer, I ; Kpringdale; Sally Ann Pare! 1 i Combs; Harold Dean P h i l l i p s ^ : Weslville. Okla.; Banita Leach; K p a i k s , Lincoln; Nella H e l e n j Stcele, H i i n t s v i l l e ; Mary Patricia j Thomas, Greenland. ' j Barhelur of Science in Chemical Marion A t h e l Baker and Joseph Paul M c G r a t h , bolh of Fayetteville. liarhrlor of Science In Civil KnginrerinR Conrad Dayton Longfellow, Siloam Springs: Chester Dolphin McKeon. Jr.. Prairie Grove; A l v i n .Stanley Tucker, Rentollville. Bachelor of Science In Klertrlcal Kncineering James Hay V o u n k i n , Fayettc- V i l l o . Bachelor of Science In Industrial Engineering George Hefner Coleman, Tlogers; Charles .Samuel G r a v . V n i ; i n i : i i Heerwasen. Robert H t n t c n Mi K i n ^icy, Sii/.aniie .SYhin man M,-Whi.r- iter, a n d Retty J a n e M i l l e r , a l l o f . i Fayetteville: Alice L. W h i t t e n - . ! bei'K H a m p t o n . L i n c o l n ; S h i r l e y , I Jane Kehn. F a r m i n g t o n ; K r a n k i e l jStetlnisch. Gene Henry Thompson,, l a n d Charles Diehard West, all of Springdalc; Marion James Sharp., Prnirie Grove; C l i f f o r d H a r o l d ! Slinkard, Rogers; Thomas F r a n k - i lyn Walters. K u r e k a Spring. Bachelor of Science In Industrial Management j James Moore Kldridge, Henlon: ville. ' i Bachelor of Laws ; Roy Ryron Lamer, ^ ' a y c t t e v i [ l e Master of Arts W i l l i a m Delap Trewhitl, L i n - coln. Master of Science James Watson B a x t e r and Mabel Faye Weathers, bolh of Siloam, Springs; n. H a l l Davis. Bernadetle; H a l l Kok, Margaret Sue S w i f t . Everett. Dale Thompson, and Stan- | Icy M i l l e r W i l l i a m s , all of K a y e t l e - . v i l l c ; Robert W i l l i a m Jorg'enscn 1 and Josephine H r i t t Reerl, both of Rogers; James W i l l i a m K n r i i h a u s i and Lucile Kmolyn Waller, both o f , Springdale; W i l b u r OliK Mosicr.j S u l p h u r Springs; 1501 a A n n e 1 Powell, Eureka Springs. Mauler of lluslnmii Administration Lewis K r w i n Calhson. Rogers; Hurl Kdward Davidson. A v i s De-, von Hammond, and Darrel K d - ' ward McFarl.-md, all of Favette- ville. " ' t h e m ' l i i v l r y t h a t A i i i e n r a n -.voinan · - . v. it! t^'-:t o'.-r Ihe n e x t \ \ i - c k or so its belief t h e worst iy o- c-i. P.uver.. arf a i r r i n - " j i t i i n i i m on much the same thinjtj as b r o u g h t about the revival of -vlini' busineKR: Lower pricej to '.··inf. .on.iiimers, h;?h income I r v i ' N . rorliieerl Inventories at the here for t h e f a l l d i e , ,, . C i a r m r n t maker.': h a v e I.een sa-.-in? "i:^i y \:^^ir^. ,,^^-r "«\ M r *· Thev bope thev aren't Just w h i s l h ' " R , V ""* ' Or U»;K in the dark. J l ' l % h l s month... Apparel wool consump- .... i l l o n dropped 25 per cent and, cot- nJ,^...,^TM ..r k "'. '·""'·e-lnn consumption fell 15 per cent position ns the shoe industry. Shoe makers showed t h e i r f a l l lines a few weeks hack, picked up hats- f u l of orders and pul their factories back i n l o f u l l , 01 n c a i l v f u l l production again. Their lone, pri- v a t e depression Y-..-I* over. If the dross buyers follow the example of the shoe buyers, the garment district will be h u m m i n g In Ihe coming weeks. Karly arrivals of buyers top the number of last year and snme 10.000 are cr- pci-lod by next week. Prices are lower this year since the dress makers have been get- "" 1 ' '"*" 'll' business m«y be · o rl . "' ch "*W noie» in Its ^ f." 5i "« s ""'· And It , , hc 'T wr ' rds "' " lcou "«e- 'iienl for Ihe merchant: "Vigorous mcrchanditlnr ind more nberal credit terms, toother w i t h , · Mtlement of wnse contro- verties, may s t i m u l a t e retail »ale.i at p n . f i l a b t e prices for, sfler ill rnnsumnr desires nre insatiable in u,e aKgiegale and are bolstered In Ihe short run at least, by high em- l ployment and Incomes " _ choice old crop clipped lambs 24.00-28.00; good lightweight slaugh- | ter ewes 10.50; s i m i l a r grade - ' heavy ewes R.50; culls 5.50-8.50; ' aged bucks 7.5(1. ·eights 180 ( John A. Sutler, on whose 50,000 an Thurs- acres gold was discovered in 18."1, weight 25 did nut profit from discovery. His , . - w "r; bulk holdings were lost in the subse- _choicc! \os. 1, 2 and .1 180-230 Ibs ' (luont frenzy. You asked for m a r t . . . here they are! -cTifstRAiCHr O^L^--frtfTTT^H STRAIGHT BOURkON W H I S K I Y IHt AMIKAI ininllK COHPtlT, HK. · niM. HL First //; Tayetteville Repeat Shipment of a Quick Sellout Summer Suits 375,252 Is Exactly What The W. G. SHIPLEY BAKING CO. and Its 52 Employes Spent in Northwest Arkansas During 1951 WE INVITE YOU TO COMPARE-this to out-of-town and out-of-statc bakeries which daily take from Northwest Arkansas YOUR money to support THEIR schools, churches and homes in another state. We Are Definitely a Part of this Area -- and will continue to do our part. We want you to know we appreciate your loyal support and solicit your continued patronage. » ·reken Regular, junior and half sizes. White, navy, ·qua, pink, toast, gold, green, black. · main floor roar Slight irregulars of $14.95 quality Unlined rayon \u!u wilh irreg- uloritiei «o ^!;ght you'll n«vor find them. Wo u?getl you hurry lor Ihosfl ' We paid all our employes in crisp new $2 bills last week. If you'vf got one in your pocket now, it probably came from W. G. Shipley Baking Company. W.G. Shipley Baking

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