Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 5, 1952 · Page 15
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 15

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 5, 1952
Page 15
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Hospital Wards On The Wav .Out, Health Official Says ' Chicago-(/P)-The hospital of the* future will be 3 "haven of com- ! fort" with ward care entirely eliminated, a federal public health 1 officw predicted today. Dr. Jack Masur, chief nf fhr Bureau of Medical Services. U. H. Public Health Service. 1 ;, nmlinp.r. 1 his impression of the hospital O f 50 year! from now at the golden · jybilee convention of the /urpri ! ""'' """"· '"·"' "·'"·. iv| rs. -vinmif can Surgical Trade Association ; I° pe Kpp "' " connfl ^^l w i t h r cairl «.,n ! thf Far mers Home Administra- rn. The body i« at the Callisnn-Pnr- LEGAJb NOTICES NOtTHWBT AMCAN1AS T1MB, ,«oy«tt«v.n«. Arlront* Thursday, Jun* A, J«I 1] Oarfiold 5tnre (hat he was ill. : While the friend was get tiny a Klass of water for him the dnctnr ' cnllapsotl. A resiiscitator failed to : revive him. j Dr. Van Epps was a former res- j ident of Kansas City. His adrirc-^ | in Little Rnck was 1323 Pine Val- ' ley Koatl. His wife. Mrs. ; This hospital, Masur said, will be outside congested ler Funeral Home. and will be supplemented hy n i l integrated series of clinics in the! city to provide facilities for diag- "ngements^are inrr nosis and treatment of the more ! "* complicated rases. "The hospital will br built nf ' shatter-proof plastic and lightweight alloys, with private and semi-private ronmp; for earh patient," he stated. "The ward will be on its way to join the dodo in I extinction." ' ! Masur predicted the hospital ! Funeral nplcte. The Courts Municipal Court hoih 300 f t . East of the center-line of Mission Ave . (St Highway Ibi in Haiti City; thfnrc m a Southerly dirrption parallel to .in-1 :i(in fi , equidistant from the c-**ntcr-lme of saifl nvrnue tn ;i pmnt 3f0 f t Norih of Ihc South line of F u.]' the jimm «f hrsmninj: nil ih;ii lart (if [.nts l 1 ?. ::;. -r, :; \ .] - ·1.1. -IK and 43 nl Jack-on Hcigh's Addition to said C i t \ hint; .md lining East nf a lino piir.itjV] tn n i'j 300 f t . *quir1is|;i n t intui Hi.-, i-i-n- i ti-r-lim- of Minion Avmir iSi ! HiKim-,).v 4f.j in Kttn\ I ' n s : tlic Norm 15 fi . of 1.0;* 7 .-inrt K in I titid .larkinn Hfi«lins Af1dfinn; nnrt. all of I.ofs 9 id 11 p n H is. ifi, 17. IN. ii ?n "i IB ' V i -II), 31. .12. 3,1. ,14. 33. .W. 37. V ; ,19. in, so. si. s;, 53. M. 55. .-,fl_ 57. 58. S9, fifl and fil nf said Jarkpon Heights Addiiion lo the Ciiy nf Fnyptleville. Washinslon Coimty, Arkansas. Hearing upnn snfri petition will he had in snirl court on Ihc 2fi«li day nf June. IMJ, and nil prrjmns (!isinn^ to hp heard in rrEarrt thereto may appear si said hearing. In witness whereof i have hcr?unio set my hand and seal this 2Sth day of May. 1952. ·SEAL i Roy A. Scott Clerk of ihe County Court nf Washington Count v. Arkan^n 2'J . l u n r 5-lJ-c IVAMNINO "OKDIR In The Chancery Court Of W»»hi niton County, Ark«n:m Jack Arney. "' : " .Tainei M. Slaughter Slaughter, Defendants ndantti Jarnfs M Slaujrhtn nne SlaiiRjiIrr .ire wnrnpri In appcnr in This Cnuri within th:riy 'lays and answer the complain! of t» ivrc-n Hie Plaintiff in the- above trmtled _" ANTF:n LKAVINC; "s»turTla.v 1C . c;m take 2 j e l)in operated beds. "Meals will bp finnrl SSO oarh i h askr Court CONTACT Cojnnifl m-f Ch,.inn-;il Cninpany,, pi Vl ., ir rnil| . nrrM-iii.-mvc-. W r i t e Box I.-li:. ness my hnml ant! sr this Hth (1;iy of Ma - | anrl wtre relpascd under ?100 ap- mins and hnrmnnes presrri!)cH f o r ! p ea specific disease conditions anrl--I Hirhar.l B. G Chanrcry Cl FOR SALK--HOME NFKOS declared. Instruments and ufensi! HANDJ'AINTED "Italian pot ft if hnxrK ash t r.ivs ·· (Mtrly rlishfs I,(".vis Rrm JN Memoriutn Verses for all Send 25c for new hook irt nf , , Kch hospital will have t'.virc as much laboratory space as heel space. Obituary Births Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Dunaway Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Dunaway ! Fayetteville announce the birth of a son, June 5, at the County Hospital. Today's Market-- · James Robert Gumming! James Robert Cumtnings 66 former Fayetteville and Sprin?. dale resident, die.! at his home tn ' Seattle, Wash., this morning. HP was an electrical engineer. Rorn June 10, 1885, at FayrfteviiJe. Tenn., he moved to Texas at 14 " and later came to Fayrtleville. St. I.nuis Livestock where he was educated. A^ a National StnckvWds, lll.-(/pi- young man he moved to Seattle. H.'SDAl-Hogs ll.onn; weights 230 . where he became an cloctrk-nl His down active; unevenlr slnadv j engineer. He was married in inifl ti 2S higher than Wednesday's av- | to Miss Edith Home nf Sprinitrtale. erace with 2:UI Ihs'down mosllv in · and lived in Springdale from 1925 t" 25 hiehcr: sows barely steady; ,. to 1935. most choice Xos. 1, 2 and 3 18(1- Survivinc nre his wife; two lirn- 230 ths 21.10-50; latter paid froe- thers, C. M. Cummings of Seattle, i ' y for shippers and butchers, and W. M. Cummines of Holts-j mostly for choice Nos. 1 and 2 ville, Calif., and a sister-in-law, I 190-220 Ibs; 280-300 Ibs 19.25-20- ^rrE. Earl T,. Brown of Fayettc-' 00: 150-170 ll,s 20.00-21.00: 120- \ille. Funeral arrangements arc i H" Ibs 17.75-19.50; sows 400 Ibs Incomplete. j down Ifl.00-50; heavier sows 16.- i 75-17.75; stags 14.00-16.00; boars I MONKT TO LOAN H A t R -- R E A L FSTATK w'ri/r !.', *rr*s ' \ n'-wr. KHA HOME LOANS i-ow interest, long termi L'TLEY AND COM-'ANY, INC, Phone 2C03 WHEELER REALTY CO. SHTATION WANTED lili;ii M-hnni unl w a i n s j CHANDLER REAIIY A. L. 5HAMBLIN RtALIOR LI'f.GAC.l--" " s u i l " ,;, hncf i-a^es. H-t 1 t.'ilc; kH.v pie A i i c . HAMPTON'S AB.MV SI'IIIM.CS STonF Hr wr.iikl h- inl'rril'-. in' ,.-.i|.'p:V, hn · · n u l l v h.f II n't-p hnn-r- , ,, ( · ,, . ' FOR QUAIL .!..«. . *? , u ' l!n dng . ; TRANSPORTATION _WA\T_FD I TO I.oiiK Hoarh. Cniiiorniii hy~Jiin t; ' Illh IMmno -ItUWi NOW availnhl*. limited suppT quality Chinchillas. Registered N. C. B A Visitors welcome. Free literature See at Clyde Tiinbrook. 5li Gi Dr. Wilmont Van Epps Rogers-(Special )-Hr. Wilmont Stacy Van Epps. annul 79. retired physician nf Little Hock, died unexpectedly last night in a store at Garfield, 12 miles north of Rogers. ' Dr. Van Epps, who owns ,-i farm near Garfield. camp here several days ago to have painting and repairs made. Mrs. Vay Epps hart ·been with him, hut had returned : - · p-" 1 * '-" to Little Rock and was located last 5l 1;! ly; undertone weak night in Hot Springs, where she cr °P lamhs; nnt enough was attending a convention. She ·will arrive here tonight. Coroner W. F. Burns said Dr. Van Epps complained of indigestion yesterday morning at the Frisco station and that yesterday about 6:30 p. m.. he told a friend in ihe _. .URPLANR It is intended tn spray pnrtmns of ! the follnwing fRriris by air: Harrv Jackson. SW, NE, Src 11. R16W Tm.\. 31.. m,| P , NE o( Fayellcville ·JtinB Sprincdalc Airport a« Inannii I field: Tom HarEip. Srr ,-)4 ni"W ' T2f,N'. i z mile U'. o! Munlsviltr nsinj; MnrKis inranow n^ lanfimn firld. ! .^e5^ J,emnr. 14 miles W. of Sprme- cl.ile. S ' j Sec 4. 17-H. I.PU-.B 1! miiej W. nf S|irin|id,1lc-. S ' j So-4. in-:c. mini Sprlosdalu Airport ,-,s loading firld: Ralph Unwell 3 miles 5. of Paycllcvllle. SW ?9. IB-jn Dr Frank Rigsail. 1 miles S. of Prairir i Grnvp. usinR Springdnlc Airport as ' loaning field. Tom HnrciR. I mile W , of Huntaville. S .14 BIT. T26 Ii-in? ! the Hare" meadow a* Inadine lirkl : C f . Fileh. 31, mill--, w nf Hind- yille. nsit-c Fitch mea.low 3S | 0 ,,|. · MIR field; Ted Snllon 1', ni'les S nf HnntKville on H'-\vay ·"'' See ]i R2B TIB. using Butlnn' Meadow as JoadmE fjeld._ WRlffTtonVy foFTopy~of free'iiook": lei "How to help jour child haye a planned v a c a t i o n " Address R o o m 4ns. 1020 McGtf Si . Kansas City 6 Mo. TYPEWRITERS AND ADDING MACHINES New ond Reconditioned. Portable Typewriters. Rental, Dependable service Cash or Terms if desired 34 years in the business 0. B. WILLIAMSON CO. INC. l-'3 West Mountain St. F/iypttf.-inc, Ark. jjYl. jPhnnp rUVH [.,,.,, TJ . Mai,,,,,,. M( , r . "NOBILITY Sil'vor?" " Call KU7ABETH Jf.Nf.S RAINBOW tS5iTf~«"5rd (ioiTTTEnS; S T A N D A R D S P E C I A L S For Thursday, Friday and Saturday '50 Chc-v. 4-door. Poworglide, ' WANTED TO BUY FOK RENT-- U tdUlV room hous,'-. IIB" Sn'uih' Dunrin | 3 11UOM furnlnhptl apirlmrnt Hervl rerriReriilor Kitchenette ti.ilh. SMW Utilities pmd I 1 , Itlnrks ! trom campus. B2n I.indell. : i ROOM furnished 'apartment foil _ Smith_School. phono 249 HKuno'llMK SilOO week up. Kl'l'ri: eretl^ 1171,1 i.AHOF. house. $7S n().~trnfurni'sfied '6iie _itln(-k from (-.-imj.u.1 _ Phone .114JW2 ROOM "and'hoard for JluteTit, and working men» at Ihp .lines house and .-ave money Good meals family slyle. lunches prepared TSHAMBLIN REALTOR ____ N'n 10 N r rnlli-rr INC?OME plt"n HOMK plu'*SF. A f" R BS u i f li l.( K ' A T 1 ( IN 1 .".' f of iivrr ??nu irr.m fnur 1 ni-ulcrn r.nniHr^ ,-ui'l ntnrc ( - HftMr- TRIPLE-CHECKEO v/ / / U5ED 1RUCKS I7i0 CMC long whB«l bo»» Pickup. D«lu)t» cob. Rad'^, heater. One owner, w,)!i o now truck guar- antfle ........ $ 1 3 9 5 '910 H D CMC. Pi-ton $1295 K - 7 Hiernntlona! . 4 395 1 9 J A for.-! l',.'on . . . . $ 395 15M3 CMC. short wh»«l baie, I ' j - t n n , 2-(pfird rear axle, S ? 5 / 2 0 10-ply tirei. factory siai-D bed. Power v.-ine'n wiih 250 feul of 'i cnhlo ........ $995 1941 CMC 1 ton ....... $295 I9.M CMC '.-Ion ....... $595 1947 CMC l'i-ion ...... JJ95 TRADE - T E R M S WHIIFIELD MOTOR CO. C M C Salei and Servic* 15 North fail FOR SAI.R--RKAI. E«TAT« MY hnni*"«riM~_W"M» CkGiifnt ~ WILSON-ADAMS" ADDITION xi.t.D Koi;n MKDnoo.MS'* Mere i: ir i.«v.i : . !vMhifi uhitt (r«m« on l improvp^ lo! \Von4tfful i;fi /],nin ipar« Entry o i . living room 2 fr*(J. ! hith fU.wnitairi. 2 b*d- hath upitain Each h*^- ki'rh. 1r;irl|\T SKVF.N i t h - !,r F«vr 'iir.ll c IDEAL MAHRESS CO. Quality new mntftesi and friaftress renovating. Phone 3036 !°J_WEST OICKSON SPECIAL""" I _-''?i crf npifonah'e Phone | NICE hcdrciom aparlment. privAtV en- minds. Inundrv A p n r l i fBrllillen! ""iNn,. 29,'i.J. , I.AHGF, hrd'rnnm. pnvnfe " pnifViirr | newly deroratrd. Men preferre.-i I L' lHir) r,J^.J | UNlVFRSffV "jipTnmrntn. furnTVheTfoi I unftirniihrd for lummer (indents i I'hone ?MOR. P"ARKviV\V~npnrimenhTf.irnii.hrd ~i \ iinfttrnhhrn Hrndix Iftundry MTV- "·nil. TlltnTV -riUHT lp 1'WLIN REALTY WEST KORK A H K SMALL FARM ith llhrrnl toittn ' NEW HOME in N O T I C E USED CARS WANTED Cattlo l.inn. calvps nnn; vealerr unrhanerfl; frw small lots rom- · mprcial to rhnico strpr anH hpifpr j mmmo^rSrilnS c^. Any M ° ke ' M ° del ^ C ° ndilion .' 49 Cncv.' Deluxe ^'-doo'r.'^ad"! tiers and cutters lli.nn-2I.5n;'good T i « it ·- - - i ancj heator. Np radio, healer. Dark blue fini 'h $ ! 5 4 5 '50 Chev. Deluxe 4-door. Radio ond healer. Tan color $1475 '50 Ford club coupe. Rndio, heater and overdrive. Low mi| eage $ 1 4 9 5 '50 Ford 4-door. Heater and overdrive. Black finish .$1445 if i,ir clu s IT-W . . e j awnings, i^.Tm Honri Cntril Mtt ! ni« 11 i rml horrt* ImmtdUta p:--rMif.n pr:ro $i.^Stt)« MAKMlNt; L' ijrtjrofim and den quality nijunnrj- home Hf|h On * Urn l"; hiving rnnm-'Jininf room fom- inn»tir,d ExrcJlfm ipjct for furni- inri- jirr«^-nt«nt DllUly kitchen uith lotr (if built-in* 2 nlcfl b«d- n.'-mi anri ,1 pinr-panolled dtn with KC-.M.J ,-.n, P ; spar*' l.ttfif tile hfth l.iC"i. '( ifrr.iff AlLich*fJ I*r«fi. Krn ir npnr-cislc Only tlf 30000. KINCAID COMPANY . . i nt 71 j i.i.tfl, rjtimil«rt 6.000 Irtcugt |ni» f jood iaw mill tim,*r i- JJ.Tdp 0). f I.200 down ind FOOT «oni1 lumber. |W W fOA) niip(i loi-uir pox. one »aw mill. c. turn nnd W nrr»-» 23 crop lind. 71 hlthwn.v Crnn ariil rv*ry- fi.vjmi burning h-ilf. altiirhtld l.ith «nl id ulllilj nr-nl . jifi.vj Tprmi l')S jifMTS . DITCH n/aalii)(J " ~ roOTINRS-w « t r r. fat unit ««w«r dllrhpB. neptlc t.inX tioj*. OlgiiHi nn.l buck fllllni. Clll ?«2t. BrroJ Ishrrl ^ ttp^ronir! hn furnishcfl Wrilp hn V.Hli'.v n ' Plmne 2 MATTRESS R E N O V A T I N G WADE FINCHER, Realtor Arrftflf ntflc "n Fnsi tvnirr Rt T'liunr h'M W A N T E D ; K X C U T . I V K LISTINGS . p ADAM REED HF-AI, ESTATB WinHnw. Ark WK properly md rhnice vrnlprs 30.00-36.00; .soiled primp 37.00-3R.OO: utilily anrl commercial vpalers 23 00-2f) 00. Shc-pp fino; spring lambs active, on old - ...... .sold to rlcfinitply pslablish price- trend; spots 25 lnw?r; hulk early falos choice to primp spring lambs 29.- nn-3l.nn; cnnsidpralilr sharp 30.- nn-31.nn; scattprrd lots good and choir-p old crop shorn lambs 27 00-28.00; load utility ami good rnr por T A C K E T T AUTO EXCHANGE Highway 71 South Phone 2 1 8 2 =- ------.-= !crade still unsold; scattered lots cull to flood shorn slaughter ewps 6.00-11.00. Somp authorities bplirvp lhat Damascus is the oldest city still inhabited in the world. Position as director of Fayette- ville cooperative nursery school. Open for fall term. If interested coll Mrs. David McNair, point. 23,000 actual milcs $ 1 3 4 5 ! '49 Chev. turlor Stylme Radio : and heater. Almost new tir e5 $ 1 2 4 5 ! '49 Ford tudor Custom. Hpoter, good tires. Dark blue $1095 '48 Chev. Floptmastcr 4-door. Radio and heater. Extra n | c e $995 '47 Chev. 4-door Fleetline. Radio and heater. Dark green, txlra clean UTLEY COMPANY INf ·· THREE'B'EDROOM BUNGALOW ..'.,... V. !/....-,,:. ! Vf .!i: !TM". n !"".'. .*'«?."»'"· w j I'vp.-itt ^.'u:i. tltl.-y J'n:i. II.r SUBURBAN i.\srnons - P' ino? '51 Ford Pickup. Radio heater. 7,000 miles. IS CAR CLEAN-UP TIME, TOO! · TtwM|li CK Wnk · OM.WyWd.wrt* · VI · OM. M^ rrint TlrM. · l*iMn upMdi, |l*»r S** W^B IpKMl flfm pMrlMt* W* u$t Genuine Ford Paints and Polishes to keep your FORD looking right! NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES C L A S S I F I E D A D S Rate: 3 cent* per weir" ainfle \m- 'ertion. Three consecutive inSertioai 7 rent* per word. Minimum order «c. Clasajfied »di cash m advanct- not taken over ihe lelcphont. Deadline for classified »d«: M:M a. m dally; 9:30 a. m. S»lurd«y Corrections and rerun cheerfully m;icie after first insertion. So corrtc. lions or rerun mad* After ad hn «- pired NOTE: Advertising copy for other pages is due at 12 noon th« day pr«- ceerlinR publiration; 12 noon Saturday ·^f~-~r~ww-~v I.FC.AL NOTICES NOTICE OF SALE OF L A N D TO PAY DEBTS '.t- is hereby K ivrn th.r. n* M- r^.nr nf [he Kslatc of William nrtiiman. deceased, uith !hc innoxed. ! will. l»ptu-ern the notirs of in fin A M . and .1 no P M on the I 1 1st day of Junr l!). r i? at the Iront door of the Court House of Washington County. Arkansas, m ihe City of Favpitcvitlo. offer Ir,r sale nt pulihc- auriion to Die highest bidder for cash nr for one-fourth cash and balance within t h i r t y days. th« foi- IOVVIHR land tr»-\Vit Thlrt^ -nelit ah arrri of eijuHl and uniform width off of the East Hide of the Snuirmrst Quarter (SW11 of the Southwesl Quhrtrr of Section Thirty TEACHERS, kinrfcrgnrien nrmiarv'Tn termediat.-. Vai-ancips «.iil,(irl n mmmunil.v nror Knnsn'-t Piiv nnp" / ^ '""^"'"'- ' ' u w u "nies. ulatinn 40.000 StarimR snlanes.'sMm 50 Chev. Pickup, Deluxe Cob to ^.j.jiH) Credit on EinRle salary - - ' schedule for experience- $4.3fKt 'maximum. J20 semesier hnurs renturrd 1 will he at the Hnti-1 Mnnon m Little Roi-k on June :\ antl 4 to j n - lerviei-.- candidates :ind Mrmntni Inn Hotel in Fayottcvillc on .Jun fith. O. 1, Blticker. Diroirtnr of Fie mentary Rrlucafion. Indeppndcncr Missouri. ·rpicd fo ' i\-c Ih IMtl.MI ToiMixhip Foiirleen iMi ' North,' Panne T w c n t x -oine CO- WMI of the Sth P M . in Washington Courtly. Arkanv.s REU- WANTED-MALE APPLICATIONS are bcioR ar, mulor rn.ich operators whn .... foll(i\vini{ quail fira lions: Frlti nich .vchonl preferred, asn ,;,--.-, height, .i-in". weight 160 pounds A f i ply Superinleodrnt'B O f f i c e Con'i- J?5Uj". tal ^raihvay^. Muskogeo. Okla ^/I? H1EN * CEU (1firpr opera tor"."rrionc HELP WANTKD--FEMALE 15 Openings for Experienced STENOGRAPHERS Apply immerJialefy Employment Office 104 WPM Center STENOGRAPHER, l.'n my Ho | son. TWO 16,000 miles. Ono c . | '49 CMC Pickup in good con- d if ion. '40 Ford Pickup. Bargain. : Many othnrv We do our own Financing. Duggar-Brown MATTRESS CO, F ' )R _ R E'T-MISCEIXANEOUS """ SHOP BUILDI'NG" I.OCATFI) ON South 71 Highway, 'i »rrp nf irroiin-1 Hfllit and O t h « r f!iiii*f oriuipmen) «lio lor i*U Rial li.irc.nti for man buying all Gtner- "ui .rnrn RESIDENTIAL LOT ON soii'li Dunrnn S t . t»!ween n«w s.-hooii nnrf llnlvefiilty o( Arkln* · IM rampiK|i! 1(0 jc2M i iloilni l«l ld-»! f..r f,il| iMscmtnt Wltnlut inn cost S T A N D A R D Used Car Lot M ' ' M N J S H K f J (iiuri.v t l-'1" A.lulls. ;,!«,' « |i:irrTl;nn h.nh Inh HOUSE tor r-nt. fumit ifiipfl !!).( Snuih Mill NICE furnUhnt opfirin vatp b,i!h Inr roup f ) O W N S T A i K S J. W. HILL ELECTRIC CO. Phone 24, W«st Foik Excavating - Bulldozing . ii( Disking - Brush Rake i i Ponds - Roads - Clearing I ~* ·;::;: H. H. JONES, Contractor 1 M7 K. LBfa.vpttc, Unjt i4.1 U Sta lrn : Phone I486, Utley Company, Inc. :KAI.TOHS i.KNnr.RM i:;.si [inn Call .1 J I ?;o:t ftr B-JH H_ I. 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Aclmmlsiiator of thr Ftilnlf nf Cd. u i t h 1hr. u l l l ,uinrxc(1 ?!) .limp .S-12-f NOTICI ABSHIER-BRYAN "Taur frltnrily Fftrd d««l«r" - WflRhinet'in countv. Ark»n^n«. a · preferred hut not essential Full Billion for lh*» nnnrx.mon of rortaln j .:,__ i-» ui · L ' , irrntnr.v to thr city nf Fflycttavillc. ' lim «. protitoblrt joh to men who I*t W, \ W ' t S K 1 , Srr in Twn 1(1 N . R .in W , nf Mh P M . hfumnitiK .ton ft . North of Soiith- r»di rornfr of unlit t w r n t y arre trnrt and nin-imK thrpirp Norih 15 n , thrnrr Wi^t 21fl ft Ihi-nrc Nnrlh .1.10 II . ihr-nrp \Vot \i\ point CAM PAID FOR DiAD ANIMALS Phoni C«U«ct »l PiTltiTUlu, ArkinM* Joplin RtnUrjnf Co. HAMMOND REALTY PACKARD-WILLYS" Sales -- Service LYLE-BRYAN MOTOR CO i Phone 666. 208 North Block :.u.i. K I ' H M . S H K I ] nmti'h i-i MIKMSI1KI1 North . . 1 r lln Nlrn.Y f,nni ll'illilnn I ( .1 ROOM iiiiliini Irifitoii ,Sf IK.DI T W ' J lr.lf!pr» MISCFr.l.ANfOI'S B U L L D O Z I N G Grov*!, Fill Dirt, Top Soil D. M. P A T T O N Phon« 249 "V "A.NIJ RADIO REp'A'iftfNg C W HALlf Rr.ASONAIil.E rhirii-J. ?B y»jr! . Brlnf rnrtlns in 3 1 - R mJ T rail 2.1.',flW for nrrvti i - r _'_"jm f .'}J)*^lJR*dlf Service j SIIN-7'in"t-rnrtiiin~Eiina'"ini! iTun . num window ncr*enl tn? awnini I Tret fflmtlft Gah« Cni-ptr 4 1 Snuth I.( rust I"hnnr 1010 ·RPAI. KSTATF listh h^rdur it f^x.i'vi j FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE ' rnMPAFtATIV'r.l.V ni.-^ ·.-«j;.^.ii,.ppr REAL'ESTAIE' 2 Hf.nnnnM 200 Year* of Servlc* 20,000,000 Policyholderf 20% Savings MUTUAL FIRE AND AUTO INSURANCE "Savings for preferrtd rlilct* GM the Facts The Rifter Agency Loans 16 Real Elal« t Center R A N C H E S SALE OR TRADE MOORE REALTY person Wi|m n fnf CJKNKHAI. hr],, for K ,, _nftrr 4 n«krr Cnf H O U S K K K K I ' F . n . i ' i WANTKD SALES OPPORTUNITY Wanted, 2 men who need to work and like to sell. Cm neces- 200 14,000 A C R E S Kansas, A r k o n t n t , Miv.ouri, THE BROADHURS? CO. lorn Norih Coller^ Phono 2 8 7 AUTOMATIC A Better Plict tg Buy itutpaint I I N. Block DEALER Ph. 113 We Are Happy To Announce Who's Who "i the Serv 'ces of qualify and will apply thom- ielve». Commission and bonus. Apply in person. THE BROADHURST CO. 1031 North Colloqo WANTKI) AT ONCK M workfr Kxix-rictiiT p not n^rciMrv Wnip Drpf A K F ITi ill MI- SPftrfAl, oppnrtnnitv f. For Service ,;",'; Consult You' Classified v . Service Directory ; B K A I T Y SHOPS ].',. | Cdl.VAMIJS M»ri','i;,H r «'»l': MR. H. TRAPHAGAN As Service Manager NI · nrr In Nnrttiu'rir'Arkn'r mmlon unfl r r n f w a l i All llh«i) Irtf. rnnlirt Rf nftftm 30*. F.^mn Rulldir 10 I m . T In » p m lli:M -TIFI-I. 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