Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 5, 1952 · Page 14
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 14

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 5, 1952
Page 14
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Page 14 article text (OCR)

NOKTHWIST ARKANSAS TIMES, roytrt.vill., Arkontm, Tkurtdoy, Jun. 5, 195J IL* HE STANP6 FOE HOft ITS HOW MUCH JIMH VAM-1-OQ ME n STAMP COB W-r-S «-'E5 AT CCUNTS.' 1 - " ' ' " · ' ' L ' · ' A ICOME ON,YOU '- . 'iggg .. ,^._ ; · . . . . . · : ;·-;. 'SLEEPYHEADS.' )/- ""'I -- m^?-*?". :·'."··.';· :,.-^ : ' : '-'"'\ 'UP--UP-- ;-·('·'· r '"' i- p 1i.iol.Tl.-: .-,' I ."" ·-·''-' 'HIT THE - '' ( P/.L'D/ '.-' .'· GREAT SCOTT/1 ,, , (UPAMD DRESSED ) V .^ .'AT THIS HOUR?/ ' ·^-*·».:-.. V-Ti V; M/STT. REMEMBE'R TWAT CxDFV 5IMGER WITH TWE RJNNV HAIP AMD THE TERRIBLE VOICE? THE ONE ON TELEV19ON' WHAT WAS HIS NAME? WMAT SMOV/ WAS ME ON? MEANWHILE IM A MARKED WAN TUF= UNDERWORLDS flPTEP M SO ARE THE COPS.' ^ ~OU REAI .1 V DONTHGUR HUSBAND HASJO=« P SQUEAL /AND DON' VOU. MOM? / LOOK AT ,. I ME LIKE V TOEOOiOaM. IS GOING TO FIRE/ ...V6S..JAKE HAWKS...I THINK HE'S PEAP. FlRSf TUNNa WEST Of GALLUP-- HE WS SWIONO ON A BOXCAB AND DCNTSS ITI ( GUESS ITJ BOTEI? BUI \ VDU TOWN THERE, KHJHG \ FELLOW. HEEE.filVE / V M3AHANP. _--'' ·v.,_J - J° -'-'UC.iAL.l ^ "·--l^^~" T'· 41 ov t _ '.~T^iP | (7; ~^-jfry^vf4i ·" ? /_pL^ U^v "* ;; .i'W^ "~- ^^ -jr.7 9AY....MAYBG 1VE FALLEN \ INTO SUMP1N BCGIOCS A. I BONANZA! THIS COULD / PE A BLIND BOX CANVON...6UT SHUCKS, THEKE'5 GOTTA BE A WAY OUT. 1 ,_ ,.^ -MAM FLTT K^ RlKJ TIICHENJUS r.vrR GIMCK AH . . .v·" JS M.T i'-, G I T TIW WAHM.'.' AS A SAY.T'-DOIXNO'THIMK ') IMF.V'.S HIMTIKI'TMI v'[ / 1 IKT A l.l'l. VARMINT / ' ' SL ·? ) Irish Ready For Rump Over Drafting Youths For Britain Hcllast, Northern Ireland-l/I'i- Tiu- I r i s h s(jon may be feuding ;.j;am n cr \vhclhpr to draft youths m Northfi-i) Ireland into Britain's armed forces. The issue has been a sourer of and probable they discussed conscription. bitter wi Camps KiHCHhrrr There are national service t r a i n - ing ramps in Northern I r e l a n d , yonns English and Scot draf- ;riii!ling ever since Britain : tecs f a i l to see whv t h e strniiping ! f i r : ! brousht in he d r a f t in 1939. . boys of Ireland should escape the ' .Northern Ireland is part of the rtra;t Uniled Kinsclom but on many If Brooke decides on conscrio- ' matters it has self-government. It " never has resorted to the draft, even in World War II. There arc two reasons. First, t h e Northern Ireland gnv- e r n m r n l is reluctant In start, a n v - H Brooke decides lion he undoubtedly w i l l use this as an argument. All the same, he will call down the wrath of Kamon de Valcra, the republic's prime minister. * l h i l ,,, ., . . . , ·· -' : Do Valcra erupted thf last t i m e ihniK t h a t micht slir up , hc lssuc ,,,,, issu( , was ^^ ^.^ ^.^ War II. "You may call up our friends," his' countrymen said, "but how are you going to keep] I partition of Ireland. The independent R e p u b l i c of Ireland, to the south, w a n t s to end partition by absoibhiE the north. " t |, c , n j,, riic republic attack, any action | Many northern a n t i - p a r t i l i o l l - · t h e north which appears to be ists probably would slip across t h e .i.'lten,n S Irish l i n k s w i t h t h e ; bordfr. reckoning thev owed no Br, ish crown. I n addit.on, the re- i allefiiance to the British crown- p u b i c always has claimed many perhaps in sufficient numbers to M , , ''' "" ° f " lc bul ' dcr ' '· Wlrck a n v (|IS " program N a t u r a l l y ,t would condemn their | But there'll be an a l m i - h l v rum' n m p u s o r y enlistment in the for- I pus echoing round old I r e l a n d be- tes of Cjucpn Elizabeth II. ! fore ever that stage is reached. I he second reason is the nne I which may force a new .crisis. The \ Duke University had two pitch- lush will v o l u n t e e r m droves in i,, 8 candidates for t h e baseball w a r t i m e and f i g h t l i k e mad, hut . team w i t h the names Billy Goo-l- 10 peacetime they aren't n o t i c e - ! man and Ted W i l l i a m s ' Neither ahl.v ken, lo enlist and t r a i n for a . were relatives of the birr name ! ' a t t i c t h a t may never come. 'stars. Many here believe Northern Ire- , land Premier Sir Basil Brooke is about ready to rel.T ftn conscrip- lion to f i l l the Eapl in Northern Ireland's defense forces. Brooke and service chiefs, wor- cing. ricd by I h c caps, already have (rot together in a Manpower Committee and it is rocarricd us most West Virginia University fields a t h l c l i c teams in nine intercol- ICEiate sports. They may soon add -,, ., ., 0 _ ,, .,,_.., *.. t . wl gymnastics, swimming and fen-! I helmet. Latest thing in helmets'for high-flying lest pilots, it has a ' ' plexiglass viewing panel, and is designed for use at near-super-J I SHUT UP FOR THE "KNIGHT'--Robert Matye, test pilot for ! ; Lockheed Aircraft Corp.,.at Burbank, Calif., is effectively "shut up" ! by friend Nany Nancy Waldvogel, who locks the visor of his tesf i K«p ip with the thr Tlmri d»il? sonic speeds. OUT OUR WAT WELL, I'M PROUD. I MEVEIR THOUGHT OF THAT ONE WHtM I WAS A KID-PUTTIM 1 TALCUM POWDER OM TH'TIPE MARK TO KEEP FROM SHOWIN HOW DIRTY I WAG.' THE WORRY WAgT _ By J. R. w».M.m,| SeelRg Eye D °9 HflS Bank ACCOUnl ' Wllh Pawprinl On A Check Worth Up To $600 : Tulsa, nkla.-i.lVDuko t h e sre-«- ing-cye cioj: is careful where hr I Nov.- Ynrk-'VPl-Tmilghl: NBC -- 7 Father Know5 Best; 7:30 N i s h t Beat D r a m a ; 8 Dragnet DrHtr.a; fl:30 Counter Spy. CBS - 7 Mr. Keen; 7:30 FBI In Peace and W a r ; 8 Mr. Chameleon. ABC - 7 Miirlenc Dietrich Drama; 7:^0 Defense Attorney. MBS - 7 Modern Casanova; 7:30 mis Bank and Triplet! told Vice j Hardy Family; 8:05 Rod and Gun csidcnl C. 1... N n r l h c u t he w a n t - ' Club. -Believe/(or JVbt/ t MONTHS IS MOT HALF A YEAR THE FIRST I/mums He's a punch w i t h a bank ac. count, and his p a w p r i n t on a b l a n k 'check is KuanuUccd up to Sfion. ! Duke provides the eves for Hob Triplctt. .15. Tul.-a Imsino.'.vn'.ali · and owner n! a doj fond plan: at Columbus, Miss. When Triolet! lust his sisht in a plane crash two years ago, he ac- j quired Duke. The. two Iricilds I walked i n t o the Farmers a r d Mcr- I c h a n t s Bank and ' I'rc: ed to open an account -- for the ! dou. | "I w a n t to put .?r,0(i In his credit," Triplet! said. "It isn't a K.IIT, I iassure you." Triplet! said he planned to pav ' Duke a salary of Sir, or s:il a month which he could choice off Northcutl inked Duke's paw and set it on the application. His first check clo.iml t h e h a n k the f o l l o w i n e day--a $5 c o n t r i b u - tion In Tripiett's church, e v i d e n t - | l.v made out by someone at the | church. The Cleveland I n d i a n s have had : a! leas! otic- 20-Eamc v. inner e\cry year since Bob Keller became . a regular in in.'!.'), e x c l u d i n g h,s ; four years in service. More than .?3.no0.f](!!) m p i i / c money will he rti---tr:Nu'("-i r-i h a r ness racing's Grand Circuit in I 11)52. On The Radio KGRH THTJK8DAT EVENING fi.OO Dirnjer Music 6:15 Starlight Ti:n« 6:30 News 6:15 Ozarks Sports Review 7:00 Wayne King Show 7:15 Gabriel Heatter--M 7:30 R h y t h m i c Rendezvous 7:45 Lombardo on the Air 8:1)0 P o l i t i c a l Address Francis Cherrv fHf OLD DUTCH HOUSE J Bristol .England WAS BUILT IN AMSTECDiVn .N TAKEN ANP.TM 3fOYBVU/KO.' 9:110 News 9:05 Modern Casanova !l:3(l .lust M u s i c Tops In Vacation Plans i in-iin Mews I ' l l l . l a P l a t t e r Party ; 10:3(1 Platter Party 11:30 Sign Off WEARS A WOODEN FORK'/ IN HIS EAR LOBE " SO HE WILL HAVE Af LEAST ONc THING OF VALUE . TOSBXCimiSHIS FIRSTBORNSON! LAUGH TIME FRIDAY MORMNQ S:30 Rise 'n Shine 5:50 RFD 1450 6:01) Rise N' Shine 6:M M a r k e t s and weather 6.35 Rise N' Shine 6:45 Stock Talk Time 7:00 Koffee Kup Kaperi * 7:;:t) ( News 7:15 Koffee Kup Kapcrs 8.00 Hubert Hnrleifih News--M 8:15 Morning Devotions 8:3.) Times Morning Edition 8:45 Holsuni Gospel Hymns !):(!() M o r n i n g Melodies !):25 News 9:30 Take a N u m b e r Id.Oil Krnil for Thought HI.!.") Linda's First I.nv» ll)::;(l Queen tor a Dav 11.(ID R h y i h m Ranch Hands !i:i. ! t I a u c k a c e Commentary 11:25 Car! Smith l l : 3 i i Church of Christ l l : 4 . i Musical Roundup 11:55 M a r k e t Report the .third!' Hy Sue Burnett A v o u i h f i i l bare-,n!'i f.|p t!,v a "miist f u r your v , i i r t ! n i i v. i i ' rohe. w h e t h e r at honir- ,-.y ; .v , Tin 1 c;ipclcl bu:!nr. nn ,,,i-i -vi M'lci. a u i i j c k c!i ingo vvnen \'o w a n t n I t q h t , 0 \ ( i P a ' t c i n No. 8ISIH1 I N ,i iS p v \ . , , I I , 111. Ifi. ''211''' 4ii."\j'' f .s '"' ' die:.;. ; i ' » \ i i r d s nf'3!l.7l;i'h c o n t r a s t , !·'·» yartls. ' ' For t h i s pattern, send 30c for KACII, in COINS, j o u , i,,,,,c vl dress, sires noshed, and t h e PAT T K R N N U M R K U to Sue Bumct," Northwest Arkansas Time, nsri Ave. Americas. New York 3fi N 1 v Rasic FASHION for 'Sa'is'fniori' with irlras tc make y.nir clothes hurtgel go f u r l h e r v- llme-ssvini; ·nd econnmicol dMlmis thnt , 1r o 1'RIDAY AFTERNOON 12 00 H y m n s of All Churchej 12 l"i NVvvs it Noon K! 3'i Chuck \Vanon .Tambnree 12 4.") K i r l c r s of Purple Sage I nil BASKHAI.I, Ho.-'toii Jir.ivej Vs. rhii-a;ii CuU 3.00 Swmc Session 3 ;iu Tune Pirk'n Tinip 4 00 Tune P i i k ' n Time 4:30 Tun-: P u k ' n Tirc.e ,;.-! 5:00 The Green Knrnet 5 30 Wild Bill IlirkoK Ii 55 Cecil Brown Vi GALLON Vanilla Ice (rein 63c Im. l*ck*r ni

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