Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 5, 1952 · Page 13
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 13

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 5, 1952
Page 13
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Ex- Tigers Help Bosox Nip T ribe, NORTHWEST ARKANSAS T1MIS. Foytftovflb, Arlan Thurtdoy, Jun» 5, 1«J -13 . J - This may be the y\.a that Tom YawKpy is reward- · · ed for his costly and unceasing; efforts to bring the American League p«tmant to Boston. ·, The generous owner of thc Reil , Sox found out painfully that pen-! I ,n»nts couldn't be bought. Yawkey. then set up an expensive farm system. H produced a pennant in 1946 and heartaches ever since. . . Yawkey, iar from discouraged, Pittsburgh -(IV)- Jackie Robin- tried another method. Tuesday he' son's big bat accounted for a sin- .okayed a million dollar deal that I file, a double and a horns run last, brought four veterans from De-! night in leading the first place troit in exchange for inficlders! Brooklyn Dodgers to a 7 - 4 ' w i n Johnny Pesky, Walt Drojjo, Fred i over the Pittsburgh Pirates Duke .Hatfield, pitcher Bill Wight and! Snider a | so hit for the circuit Bat Dodgers Past Buccaneers, 7-4 outfielder Don Lenhardl. the B um s increased their Na- The trade already has paid the tional League lend over the New Red Sox dividends. Three of the! York Giants to two f u l l games, newcomers, third baseman Georcel Ralph Kiner smashed his eighth Kell, outfielder Hoot F.vers, and homer of thc season to score two · pitcher Dizzy Trout teamed up of the Buc tallies ^^'°!^' h '?°*, toa P- "tchc. Ca t l Ercklne. relieved 11 triumph over the Cleveland I n - , i n lhe n i l ) t h Lv Bmy ^oes when dmns. The other Tiger acquired thc Pjl . alcs ra ,| ied f o r their ,, , ·in the deal, shortstop Johnny Lip- c."., didn't play. The victory en- run, was credited with his fourth t ; j t ,,'., " " "" w i n against a sin'yle defeat. Bob abled the Red Sox to take over the Friend went down to lus sixth loss lead from the Indians. Kell and Evers each Rush Pilches Chicago Past Giants. (To 2 Cub Ace Relies On "Phantom" Ball To Gain Eighth Win Chicago-VvBob Rush and his phantom pitch are making suckers out of National League slugger?. "Thai's a good name for his speed ball," said Dizzy Dean who ir/// Reds Outlast |Phils In Bat (Battle, 10-8 Cindnnuti-lfl'l-The 'Cincfnti;tti Reds outlasted thc Philadelphia Phillies, 10-B. in a night same nt Cincinnati. The Reds scored seven runs in the second and led, 8-1. going into the sixth when thc Phils tied it w i t h a seven run l a l l v . The Reds broke it up w i t h two in t h e - starti-d lor C'lm-;ij; eighth. Grady Hatton singled h i t s dm i:iu thr si ,,.. i home the winninc run nnd W i l l - , niainwl in the l i n e u p , arri Marshall's fly drove across: Kvcry pbviT in t i n - Van the insurance marker. Relief pitcher Frank Smith allowed no hits over the f i n a l 3 1-3 innings to gain his second v i r t n r v Cbisox IMK r.ronx I l o n t l third pi;,IT oniv h a l f i.u! of t::" : h-illl V r M r ] i l ; i y V. i.VtT l i i r C : ; H ' , i StOidy K r l d l r l,,i; Yank.-, in i!ic \\ m . since t h e m i d d l e llu Pale l!o:c to ' iniiti-.s i-ullci-tcd t h w i n over ( . ' h u a f . ctl'i! ;it ik lux lilt Atlanta Surges To Top In Hot Southern Race By The A»oeUt«d Pr«i Dixie Walker xijys C ' i u n l i ' niri'.vn CUM it-join t h f ball c l u b if }\f is w i l l i n g tri t n k r orriei. 1 -. I m t the A t l a n t a {.'niL-koi's in t h e S n u l f u - r n Asr.orijtinn lr;id tnd.iy fnr t h e firs! t i m e in iiifirf t h a n i ypur --- r n r n ' t o x a r t l v l u i r t f n c fur thr i - f i u i n of Ihe tsmprra- u i r m a l ball h a w k MdiuigiT W n l k e i ' s i - p r i n h t l y ^ ITI-'.V In*;! nliiht b l a n k e r ) thc T h a t - ! " t;im«ii:;i l.unkrmt:; 4 · ( ) , leaped f r o m i third to first In Ih? dnso Uixi^. i,ire--;iil w i t n o u t .i?vu.'.Uii r i\-\\ r .\ the t r u c u l e n t F t t u w n . who to;.I W a J k e r o f f hi M i r m i n t f i f i r n S u n day for keeptriK Mm on thc b'-iich When the Skippu hlM tin- i".-\ of A t l i m t a f j i n d n i r i . C n u n t r y \v;i:. h i t t i n g un u n h e a l t h y .2-13 The Ciiu-kr-r field t".--, j . , ; I _-.,.. . l e i d . i v . "Biown . . . r.m t i l r.- f r . r m«. but I ' l l c l f » c i . i i . - A h ' - n \ i ; ,],iv, " Brown ;,iys he w n n ' t p! r. u;.ur. f u r Wiilker, urn! tlicp- '.M'- n. i ' i - - i ifsls A t l a n t a ' s arc en l '.v;is m . p - l " pr,.-.. r.ible by lh v ' tw« i j o n t f - ^ t m c ^ i V - r : uf thr- Southern f i n u ! y ('"l\.n ; ' · Mfinphii, knocked New Orlr.'ns ' , f f llit; tnp p e r f h and I n t o srroii'l n! n - i - Rork t r i m m e d Mobil" -!·:! in 1:1 i n n i n g , dropping thc ll-.its f r n n . ' Nt-com! t o t h i r d . I n tho f - m r t h t i l t List n i y h t . N i i y h v i l l r f Iinihc'l 'o f i f t h I't-'ir h a m H - U . Sh-.r ' hn«. , - , r ! vid/- I. Ml '..;·· . i f - r ; th* H i r r n t n f f - Alr-x r:« 'a V 1 M'.h !nni?"ji t ' ·!TMr ^±^~ l^Se^'but ^ . , p rates evened the count on Kiner's . working in relief, gained his second victory. : h o m e r w j [ h Qn Th fiums Yawkey has shelled out millions I camc b a c k for two in the t h i r d ·of dollars since 1933 bu most of it a n d werc never soriously threaten- has gone down the dram. C{ j thcroafter His purchases included pitcher ! B r o o k l y n 7 , Pm , bur(h 4 Lefty Grove and first baseman) BROOKLYN PITTIBURO.H Jimmy F6xx from Fhilaftelphijij r for $275,000 a«W shortstop J o e l i Cronin from Washington for $250,-1 - Yawkey, General Manager Cro- ab r h 1 4 1 ZIDclfireco.' -t 2 I'Bcll. r{ 3 2 3:Kiner. If 5 0 2 Garaeioia. 2 0 TMerson. 21) ab r h ? ? watched thc 6-5 Chicago Cub f - . --- righthander set down the New | m as m a n y nights. Tuesday n i g h t York Giants on six hits and a 6-2 ! Smith permitted only one blow in decision for his seventh straight j six innings, win yesterday. "They can't see It, and even if they do it does f u n n y tricks," continued Dean, once the blazing-ball arc of the seniors. "I've seen Rush in three games this year and he's the fastest pitcher in the league. I'll bet he'll lead in pitching this season, should get 20 wins easily." He has an 8-2 mark this season. "It come in fast and hopping like," he appraised. "It ain't nothin' to be a fast thrower in n straight line. But when that fast hall is hoppin' and jumpin', then, j Cincinnati ID, PhilMclphia S PHILADELPHIA CINCINNATI ab r hi [ib r h Ashlmrn, cf 4 1 0 Bokowiki. If i 2 ^ Ryan. lh 4 0 O'Adams, 3i 5 2 t Wrroitek. rf 4 o million, lh 5 l 2 Suricu. c 4 1 l.K'zewskl. lb 4 0 0 . -- EnnjB. If ;i 2 J l M u r s h n l l . rf 5 2 2 . Jones. 3b A I z i W e a t U k p . rf ' 2 1 1 Hnm C'ballcro, 3h O O O R 0 «si. c .T 1 2 tern. Up thi- b r u t a l ;js--;mll. Yo^i HL-I ra not ;i sinj'.li.' iirul i I . . - I - M T . Thu l u i n . i run siuippetl J-. 2-9. tic in the i h i n l frame. Knrc-n gtit MIII;!C.V in J,i. s tirsi three trips h» the plate. An o d d i t y ncvmml in the ^i.xth when the V a u K s c"l!rr!t'(l six ··.m-- cessivc Kiii^k'!-. two run?. Nfirei an attempted .vt M'ori.'d -inly ^ trapped on to l i m i t the New Vnrk 6. ChfcUD 3 C H I C A G O NIW YOKK (iM r \\ ah r h (' r'iqin.'!. is .1 o i M a n t l e , rl P'ricuei. ;ih 3 0 0 HUmto, HI K.-nni-dy. j) n o u B n n c r . rf , , . Mitio^o. If ·! (I 0 ficrrn i- 4 : 2 11. 4 0 1 M T J ' K n M 3b 4 ! 1 4 ii n o n n * 1 2 4 1 1 WHAT YOU LOOK FtfJf^M rl Homner, W » f t k u s , l Meyer, p R l d z l k r p aLohrke Poseth). p bNlcholion 5 1 1 McMillan. SB 4 1 1 3 1 2'TIHIer. p ;j n 0 0 0 O'nSm'itt. T.fipalnie. p bFitr.Gerald WHkj. p fMctkovk'h 35 7 12 Totals 1 9 0 | 0 0 0 1 1 (1 1 fl 0 0 I 0 1 34 4 9 5th. Pafk-c,. If' nin and Manager Lou Boudreau: I. 10 ' 1 ?, 1 "' '!' decided to gn with youth this sea- Era"ii"p. rp .son. The kids started off brillaint-, Lo -' s - P ly and the Red Sox were at the! head of the class for a spell. The youth movement has been. T . , sidetracked for the time being, i--" Only one greenhorn, first baseman I a--Grounder! nut for Friend h ·Dick Gernert is in the lineup. I t s ! h-smi-icd lor Lannin up to the old hands, along with the | Brooklyn C Ior Wllk addition of the pros from Detroit' PittsburRh "" '" to fulfill Yawkey's hopes. Kfc^T^Camna'nlnif' · Boston tort; an early lead' Garacioi'a'. against the Indiana yesterday, : f?p rg |V"' r rolling up on 8-2 advantage Hoiit»s"ilnid i"c"«r" ! "i"' [ iiT??' d Rcoso D and against Bobby Feller in two i n n - j noiitnson: n':esc. Robinson a n d ings but lefty Mel Parnell could [["^ wi^"^ fr ^" !'"m^'^ not hold it. The Indians chared S »B--rricnd C. EcsHi'ne 5.'Lapnlme 2 Parnell in the f i f t h when they i J,TM* 2 so--Erskinc 6. Friend .scored five runs to tie the score at;?' 1 .TM innings; wiiks" in 2TMo 9-9. I I: I.apiilme i' in 2: Ersklne S 3 j 2 buddy, you've sot something. Rush has a curve, but he do=sn t need I ._··;:?" 1 o 0 0 0 Byerly 1 0 0 Smith 0 n 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 35 a 9:TotHii 0 o i 1 0 0 mil 4 o i j to show it much ·-- just enough - n n 5ViTM«'"" i"u' J ? ? i t o S' ve t n e batters a smell of it sS8'?rB. le p , J o ! n o w a n d then." 7th. ' 2 . . CaBtlslionc. 2B-- . Kiner, Metkovicli. Kell, making his Red Sox debut, ,,, broke the tie in the bottom of the no _ f i f t h with a two-run homer off fj Steve Gromek. The Red Sox sew- " ed it up with two more in the sixth. Larry Doby was Cleveland's Rush, himself, calls thc pitch "H sinking fast bail." "I think my good start this season can be credited to contro more than anything elsfe," Rusl explained. "I've only given up one walk in my last 18 innings am 18 in my last 64. That's what keep track of, those walks. They'l kill any pitcher." In beating the Cubs Rush's con secutive scoreless inning strok was snapped at 32. But the Cub were getting revenge for the 17-' shelling handed them by the Giant Tuesday by rocking Larry Janser . z for five runs in the seventh fram i,a- to sew up the contest. Hank Saue ' belted his 12th round-tripper o the season for the Cubs in th fifth. :i (I 0 Norr-n. l b 4 1 2 Coliln*. 11) 4 1 1 Wr.odllnr. If ml v.'un.'d ( i n l v MM:IIKI;I. 2b 2 l 1 ' M n r i l n . ?b U / n r M I n 1 (I n t opal, p llnlnnn. p t n 0 nCVrv Sioitns. p 0 0 0 HoKiu' p 31) L 1 II 1 -. - ! Tcilnls .11 3 7 TotnlR 3r r, n i :i--Fnul(.'d nut for I.upat in hth Bur- 1 Fmilvrt out for Mirandn In yih. M i i i - . rhiciiK') 020 olo ooo- : .1. 28 - N'c«- Ynrk 022 f»2 OOx--« :i. Mm- K--Ilnhnnn. R i m i t o RH1-I.olliir, - _ n. Wy- rnlpinnn. HorlrlHuc-r. Nnr^n Woodllng l.e:t r ' t n i n d f i p h i a Id. C l n c t n - Uf-rrn 2. Loput. M n n t k - . 211--Mlrnnriji .. _. BB--MryiT 1. [tldzik 1 IM.whl III! I.ollnr. Colrmnn. Brr« sn- L- l!f!i!tzi.|tii:in I. Hlller 1. Mnnss'.'id Unucr. S Dolunn DP _ :. Smith 2. SO . rildzili I. l l i ' i i i i z u l i i i n n i M a r t i n i.n.l Knren: M n r l l n . Ftlumn I l l l l r r 1. H j e r l j 1. Simlb2 !1O--· I'nd Nnron. M c U u i l i n l d . M i r l l n nnd · C o U l n i . l^n-Cli'miro 6. New York 6. nn-l.op«l .1 SO--Dobion I. Kennedy 2. t,op«t 2 HO--Dobnoii 13 In 3», InnlnRi: Ktotitu 0 In 'j: Kennedy 0 In : ER irr ?. A s b b i i i n . VVyr t )j,lrk Emm. W ; , M k u s . H a l t n n ·t. M r M l l l r n . :'. llotkowsl.i (U«i. MnrsJuill IHt -- I l ' i t l n n SB-Ennu. s - l l r l n t r r l i i Meyer .- in 1'", i i i n l n ^ K : Rlri/.ik 2 in J 14 i 1*3: J'0-Jsrhl 1 in ?: H c i n l r c t n i M n fl In mlKStarl .. .. s in C t h l : Byt II A- Ell - 37 10 :i: H l U r r 7 in a. . - --.. Into forced play for Rlcllik 'pitched lo two l u i l l i In 4tn. r ; j lt ? , · Smit}] u ID b--Walked for Posaehl in 6lh. ' Meviv Ti-5; Ridzik L'-2- J Po'ssehl i-s c--Grounded out for H c i n l z c l n i a n i H l l l e r 0-15. Hauftmd 2-'.'. By'erly f|.l)i Ken'ne'dy o"o." )in«ii« o"-o" 1IHP- Lonoi K . . ? . 1 , , : i S n i l i h n-n W P - H i M i s M a d W i n n e r -- IRodrlrurr.l. W i n n e r - l x i p « t i2-.l| t.oi- ri^-1 2 V i- 010 1107 TOO- » SmllJl 13-11. Txiwr - I I i - l n t r o l n i M i U-!). I er_Dob.on 17-31. tl.-McKlnlpy. So.r, S STii'in · ' · = , °TM °'0 02X-10 U -Slewarl. Olielrhnn. Gon- nnd Con- | M-Gow.n und Berrv. T-!:». A-10.- E--MeMHIin. Ronl. Burni-sj RBI-- I Inn T--S 4(i A--ti 07f, ' 4»S r n i u t 2: Lonnt 7 in K: Ha«ut u In 1 R --Dobton d-f', IiOpat 3-3. Slnhbs 0-0. - Erskine (4-H. Loser--Friend (,1- IT--Secory. Warneke. and scnH. T--2:45. A -14.421. . big gun. lie drove in six runs on a homer, triple, double and single. Clc- W a l k e d for Gromfk in 8th. -Lined out for Harris in 9th. ·land 20*J 050 002--11 B«tMl 1J, ei«».ljnd 11 CLIVtLAND ^ ·°* TON , Avlla. 2b · Boone. si Roicn, 3b Doby cf Fridley, If Mitchell. If . Ealter. lb B:»ton ... ...351 022 OOx--13 E--Simpson. Wood. Heuan. RBI-- Uoby f;. Boone 2, Simpson 2, Easter Stephens 3. Evers 3. Goodman 3. Kell 3. L'B--Stephens. DiMagaio. Kell. Doby. Boone. Simpson. Wilher. Mitchell. 3B 3 .1 2|Goodman 5 1 0. Kell. 3b S 3 4'stephens. sa 2 0 0: Evers. if 2 1 l.'Wood. rf 5 0 OIGernerl, lb 2 . , Simpson, rf 5 0 I.Wilber Hegan, c 4 0 I Parnell. Teller, p Jones, p nBenirdino Gromek. p bMcCosky Harris, p OK ; 7 r i *-'Oo«m;iri. Left-- Cleveland 7 _.. 5 ? 3 I s BB--Parnell 4, Trout 3. Feller 1. ,. *it' Gr '"ni'k 6. Harris 1. HO--Feller 6 In 1 " J " f i i n n l i i K (faced 3 baiters in 2ndr. Jones * I I i 2 in I: Gromi-k 7 in 5; Harris 0 in I; Pnncll 4 in 4 (fared 3 bailers in Slhi: '· -" rvenne BOTM" T0 "" cRelscr Totnla 0 0 iJ'Trout, 0 0 U 1 0 0 1 1 0, 0 0 0 . ·* 0 0 0 . 1 0 0 38 11 10 Totals 3 ! ' , Trout G in 5. H A ER--ffiler fi-G- -.,.i rD : 2-a; Gromek 5-4: Harris 0-0: Parnell 7-7: Trout 4-3. HBP--Gromck (Gernert i. WP--.rones. PB--Kenan. Winner 5 1 1 * . 1 1 1 1 2 0 0 1 Chicago «, N*w Y*rk 2 NIW YORK CHICAQO ab r h| ab r Williami. 2b * 0 0 : Mlklii, 2b 4 0 Luckman. lb 4 0 O'B'mholtz, cf 4 1 Thomson, 3b 4 1 IjH'manfki. If 4 1 Thn'pson. cf 4 1 IjSaufr. If 3 2 Elliott. If 4 0 0 Atwell. c 3 1 Howcrt'n. rf 3 o 1 Fondy, lb 4 j Dark, ss 4 0 O 1 Serena. 3b 2 0 West rum. c 3 0 l Smalley. SB 3 0 Jansen. p 2 0 Ijltuah, p 3 0 Wilhelm. p 0 0 0| aWilson 1 0 1| Kennedy, p 0 0 0' 33 2 GiTotalfl 30 6 a-Doubled for Wilhelm In 8th. New York 000200000-Chicago - - 000 010 50x~« E--HL-rnianski. Thomson. RBI--How trton. Saner. Hcrmanski, Fondy Z Smalley 2. 2B--Howerton. Hermanak Fondy. Wilson. HR -Snuef. Left-Neu York 5. Chicago 3. BB--Jansen 1, Wil helm 1. Kennedy 1, Ru«h 1. SO-HO- j--Lined out for Jones in 3rd. -TTM; ,^rss s =r-cSek- '3-ru ^ im '·, K siTM d , y v 5 UI !; !· $%A"S? re /!i!-,, 1 S? b - 1 " jrlcy ' Papnrc1 "- fi"S J V."a^r3sfcd'-t. H1 ft; T 3 - 03 - A -' 2 - 351 - hatters in 7th); Wilhelm 1 in 1: Ken nrriy 0 In 1. n A: ER--JanSen 6-6. Wil Kruger National Park in South helm o-o. Kennedy o-o. Rush 2-1 Africa hns an estimated 500,000 I^'"J^K tom^Don.",""".m Camn animals. ' ISoIlanfant. T--1:56. A--(mctuall IZ.«8» PERFECT FOR Royal or Rahbor Seersucker Bath Robes ON HIS DAY! $ 5.95 and $ 6.50 Cool, summer robes in wonderful, washable seersucker. 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Deci;:on judges final f'lrricv cc'^n's ard .l-is (ncore t'a property ol lha Dr. Pepper C-np.p/. Dup!-caie pr'Z'M in case ol lies. £ AITY resident cf!re:i!.il United States nay ' enter, eropt tmt,'.i,fc. ct Dr. Pepper Corrpaiy. Or. Pepper WU'rs or ,vj/--.t:.^; a t -T,ts an-] \*±t lami'iei. CcMe'.tsu!.tect!';i : i'J. -,ns. 7^ Winners AJ!| te a r "yu'''.cd ippr:i:mi!t;l/ ona " mc.rt^ after t^e r^nle'.t closes. All rti.-ners n.-,rif ed l.y rra-l. Ccrnfftc Air.ifr: ii r .; '."-li^n r?^ jell ilycufl- -- yjgre r ''r/. tniiy blanks al your Or. Pcppei dwltr, ot unit Dr. PCI.(I-.T. !ioi 'Ait, Of. ji. [.· is. 'or ·.··csi enti tir.. »"Co*»M (MrrMMs ol lypronmitllr tlOO «r nwnth horn I'tcl.^' II nittli mltrt!t tinillf Im'j tntl*. in thi fimiui f 1-1 l.rit!. piulKUm i, o| Mucn 21, \Kl a till No ether drink plckt you vp like Dr.

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