Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 5, 1952 · Page 12
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 12

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 5, 1952
Page 12
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Charles takes Crack At Regaining T tie From Walcott By G A Y L E TALBOT is, at l.iM, ihr for u-hii-h t i Vrrn wjiititu 1 . nffiM fVf-i ·· I-!:' Nitiht 'ft pin. CST Thr.t 'I Shantz Stops Detroit, 4-3, For Ninth Win the n N Tn I .el v - ·\v Yn y in nir'irr u. '*"M.v Sh;uil/. the h nn t h e "bin" pi'fbr-r in Ihc major*, Hay Hnbin- i"* ninth win o/ thr KKP.M littlr chalked up ^CdM)ii l,*si mk nt »rri Maxim, h.v h \v.-ml prn-unn for ;i-veri I's pur-lint;, e hrf. Murn. 23 nijrht in pitching the Philarle.lphJH ' . A l h l e t n - s in a -1- u-jn m r»r the DriroM TiRrr*. The A's have no-v vnn fp. P Mr.iifihl tfamps. A fourth inning homer hy Kttrtie Jo'irt wiih ;i ni;.n fih base was the : .deridniK blow, although it look a . break fur Ihc Ticer.s in rut thr wpi»}Jl,; A t b l e t l r p tn n 4-3 "'in over the ' Gnnri- ninth. Johnny Grnli, singled nnr mi- 'hrit pin. vl .Irrpov Hnbinsnn Winner Of Domic k Hills Open To Receive Check for $5,400 \ he mar., has drv^i'ip''-'-! ;i b;iri rase nf open Ihr ninth ;nu] Malt R.itts Ihc ; u:np/. ' w a l k e d . W i t h l-vn -ujt a callnd j !HF ' ovonins. His He-mi; M !r.-i?i H iii-nt p.irtnr-r strik * rinded the Vs rairhcr and | Inrouch Ihr fine Jn tnnicht'j: prnniiriion. 'he rnonop-· Gmih M'oiftl from Mjcnnrl. Bui cly h:;r h.'i;! In p.o thinufjli thn ! Sh.'inU bnre down anr( Mrurfc Vic mot inn.- nf n-hoopiif* thino up fn r W o r t * nut tn end thn «,tmr. he^vv'voi .bl'VhTm M o n 1 " -IiH Th * A '* flrf "" firM l ' 1 "'" 1 '" Ul( ' Din rift hie .1.. ,mi-.',m.tnt , l n ' r f ' it"H"K- 'IC'Slit doubled ;ill fl ter Kell sent him home wiih Tournament which was scheduled in begin today. The bonus upppd the first prize es standing in' f n $S ' 40n and «° w professionals iMimjjih fnr us tn nii;s him when' ! a bout holding highly improbable, i aid t h e com P et 't'°n will hf r'.'JJTlf finiMin (I Jtrfn f .~, t hf I.IM'fl r t rinrn. nf in r,f..,~ r l u«._ i _ _ : j. i **" Ardmore. Okla.-Wj-Mrs. W a c o ' Next year. Turner said Turner, w i f e nf the Dornick Hills | consirtcrinit hnosiing tne prize Country Club presicter.!, announ- money to S2n.onn to maintain ce.d at a dinner yesterday she will equal prominence with other PGA (rive a J.l.Onn bonus to the winner i tournaments of the $1S,000 Ardmore JforttftBf 8* ^ TR __ _^ ISPORTS Open I Practice rounds yesterday hart only a smattering of jralleryites but the impact of Oklahoma's first! major professional tournament in a** ncii AI-«.A,,;.MJ HMtS, FayvtMvM*, Arkantr Thursday, June f, 1952 seven years was likely to hi- Hut. a t t h e s.une time, i : plulnlv i . ot to the JIIC's a d v a n l a s e to ! a MnRlf ' rh|ln A l Clilrlt drove Sam hadn't even been cnncjonj; i lually unclari beaulit-;, Manning in - j ., ..7. ·;. v --- --· .··---° ·«.· IIHCI.Y iu m- icu, k e e n - ; a f t e r the conlcndprs got down to i',- the lawn string of iri-poiuid'bass' Inside !" ever nnw ' 'business in actual com iocs v.-histlp'l the heading "Visit Glamorous' Warn Turner assured some of cash. ~lr,nrl of pnkc (i,,,-,ll,ole Grotto" complete with' nation's top golfers Ihe.v can | Lloyd Man s rum, Chicago, l a s t . i~ I l -r- .1 Ki'i-en- and chick-weed t h a t picture? of hcaliliful vistas an in-! rctur " "** 1 - VMr lo """pete again year's leading money-winner, was K H n K Q rin3 abound In r.ur front .vnrtl. liniale looking collage and a pub- j ~!! ri r ably '"'' bl *8 er prlws. picked as the favorite. His chan-. ^' (IN -3 ' ' IL-'C If wcM bad iime wi-'d II.T.I. de. hciiy shot nf the Stork Club greet! ' vc alreart J' P"s(ed enough Ices v:ere sniraled by the sudden 1 .· !i:c |:ivn 1-iM . c c k cd nil eye. .money to guarantee another t o u r - j withdrawal of .Jackie Burke Jr i ··hint f,,r Ibc :.,v.n- "l.o.,lis K rcal " we agreed i na . m TM''" T "JTMr "id. "We have Houston, the year's current topi, I h a v e ,c,,,rrnb,,cd "Man. v,,u rion'i knnT, *t ha |, ] ""' discussed » date hut we wiih money, winner. The 23-year-old; "·"'.be host to the nation's best colters Texan decided to call it nui ndr-d in . mower : thai Sam hon rrnljcrcfl it the urcal." we agreed. "Man, you rinn't know the of it," Sam said, warming up sol down to _, . npetition f-'f^Q^g gQygf- Four Hits- quits af- St. I-ouis-(/P)-Cloyd Eoyor. ;nre-armori pitcher most nf last | Entries Sought I For District ·Softball Meet 4, Otlrtlt 1 DITHCIT PHILADIL^HIA H!I r h nd r Priddy. 2I 1 » ^ .Inn^t, us Hatfidrt. 3b ^ 0 n.'*l\. 2h " rf rt i 2 : 2 n n I Surh nrws as h-'is iricklrd nut from the t\\-(i ramp. 1 ; larked inspiration Thert' have tjrrn nn ippnrts of cither thr rhnmpinn or thr chnl- * ll " l " p|ft ' " s n lenfior turning tlRer for a day nnrl j S^i' rf f ! S bulrhcrinfi his spnr mnlos. Neither . hrnpo. lh mnn hns rvrn waxed warlike ITI | Groth, rf rrmvpif.ation. Perhaps the nearest · n J3{ Ui . r rithrr has cnmr to utlerinp a ; firrr* M* throat war Wf:Icon's repnrlrd ' hMuiiin f t a t r m c n t that "I have to win t h l s : " 0(l "- P one flnH Mnifi iho t i t l e for my j w h i t ^ t T family and ftr PrivMdent Truman.. ^wrrtz n prcat friend of the little follow." i Tot»i» i a --nmutrrri The winner probably will b e ' Charles. If he dnern't do it this tirn»?, Ezzard wlll'thn next time . 2u!r^'. * n o n 2 n n o n i - 3 | they meet or the time a f t e r tha.; | PY f!l%*$\ni · KHI .cK ^ t Sooner or later the only base fid- cirnth 2R--.)noit. ri»rk. Hni»rt HR-die player .imoni: the heavy-' "rniti. .loon SB--KHI s puniry weiBhts will become the first man , I/l'.T^'^whh 1 . r ?"" lp1 ! 1 " "· »"' ever to r-gnln his title. We will I}',%',[ J; {Jj, 1 , 1 ,* ,'; f^ , 2 TM^ ronlinue to pick lum until he dors.. Hnfft s in r inning*: Whiir i i n 2. Thr i-hanres that :inmt other li^hlrr will break lip the art serm remote. 13y this tim«i both of tonight's principals know all about having "return" clauses in their ronlrarts. If K?./ard wins -- and It's his turn--they'll havn to find 1 Z-rnidl. If .1 I ii'Clork. rf 4 2 2MRJf!Kkl. 3h ,1 ft 1 'fltrhr'k. lh fl 0 1 Antrnih. c n n n s h n n t r . n 1 n n 2 n j l n n r n n I n n .1.1 .1 7'Totald 2« fnr Hoofl in 1 Berry in 9th for H.ittn fn !)th ·k oiil fnr WMt* in 9'h non 2nn oni i R A ER- Mnrfl 4-4. Whll** n-fl Shanl; 13-? HBP- Shnnlf iHiilflflfl! PR- i Antroih. Winner--Shnnlr '3-11 T,nnrr ~rn-?i U -Honochlrk. Duffv Hnm- mM. T--?.(!?. A--7.S27. ui nf around, f e a t u r e s coiniiiK t^\\ !he hedcp on thn north Smundarv of the yard. "Howdy. Sam," we t'l'celpd him. "Hnlln, yourself." he replinrl. o i ' " l l o w ' v e things b e e n 4 ') ft;h Prr 7» 4 n n i 3 o i i ' -Just dandy." wo 3 i n . "The neighbors have Irfi i Snm lauRbed heartily a i (hf little joke, "tins it bcr-n hot hero? Had any rain?" "It's boon hntl rain." A suspirji ...-i-cs me risht. fingered another of the fold-| amortl? - ed lhe whole recreational' ers and with a quickening inter- p '°J ecl - ' esl lonl-.H at a picture of an old! GettmR out of our rhair WP c u p - j man f-wirnming across a wide, pla- : P e d _ a hand ' n ol ' r ^^r and turned ' They NATIONAL LEAGUE ·id lake pushintf a rowboat rhuck full of rainbow trout ahead- of him, " Ilin ,5 t o comft carr - v nul the - , to Sam. "Think that's the wife ' lono." | mind. " W h v ? somewhere'."' On Ihe oDposite page » middle- aiied Gentleman sat on a vast ver- andn stirrounried by adoring young Indies in minute swim suits. Re- hind him an a t t r a c t i v e midflle- .Xcd lady stood and watched. The 'n beck and no TMption read: "Go ahead .lohn. enjoy yourself. It's a lot later than w* remarked to Sam. didn't hear a thins:." . . . . 2 9 . . 2S ^_ v ^ 4 ^ niii 25 " R e a l l y ? " Sam said, puzzled. "I' Sr, inc ,'""f' - - 22 '-'-'-'-.--W l(i II Brooklyn New York Chicago , St. Louis "S'o'.j been you think." t h e w i f e hflle »i||.-!-:i. kids just and That last picture did it. We and headed for the front door.; Pittsbur"h "Want to hear all about the vaca- ! W-dn«iday'i tion sometime." ~' ' We worked on the plan all night and two days later packed up and | look off for a vacation. We went in Ihe opposite direction from the onn re- j (a Karl o n rl -h Chicago 6. New York 2. . Brooklyn 7. Pittsburgh i St. Louis B. Boston 0. C i n c i n n a t i 10. P h i l a d e l p h i a AMERICAN LEAGUE W L 18 1 New York co-round. As » furlhor complication, there heard about," Sam beamed. | and how he could fix Things up i J, spo1 ' u * tnolv ' be a »ti- " Y e a h ? " We tri-rl lo c o n v e y thn lie related a tale of lakes exouis- ''· , sc «"cry. cool nights (slept un-. Idea we didn't care ,-, lot. If tic accnmmod.-nions. a fast friend-i?"' lhr " bea . r russ ev-ery niRht), I Chicago there is anylhim; t h a t bore-, u., if, ship v.'ilh Ihe manaeer c : Ol' Hank i pncc5 ° b ' we!t fish - vou Philartrlphi heari,, K nboiil the svcll limes S:,,n will ( , v i h , n n t . m - L v . . i H , " " I " ' " £ a w - An(i «'' nnt har d 1°, St. Louis has nn hi. 1 ; \ - ncntinn tell it Heaven is fnr thr rtass toiirlM. (Sam. ns Ef !^ p H1.v^-|IHng__tn slflge the fifth ' nnpeafs In be no "outsider"'rupa-i ! T TM " - · · " " · · · - - Me of giving either Charles o r ! remnrks, class.) ... ·· · - Yeah." Sam s;iid · bovlTj h^V trou1 "'- Seldom in ; into a chair and pul l boxing history must two heavy- j , inno , irl ' ! weights have dominated the field !,- " 23 22 18 21 eel to. . . i Detroit . ...13 If you've (rot a minute let us lell Wednwday'i Results you about it. We got to know the Ncw v " rk "· Chicago .1. fi,,t ;n 1? v',,, i oany,hin,,oryou,"Sam : TMrr^d r::d. We waif^ ^TM "' ^"« "' minute. I just happen lo have a couple of folders on the place here, A t l a n t a 'ell times Sam will lix ihincs up." he'd said), and i Tn hem him the fantaslically low prices ("This ccond-. place is brand new and the owners 1 n f l r n ' a r p Irvine to eel things Koins. His nr tes look advantage of wild-,'ton and Benton Counties for the ness by Boston starter Dick Dono- j district tournament at Fort Smith, I v a n and reliefer Bob Chipman. ; June 19-21. I The Braves' pitchers were so wild j Games in the district meet will Pet. I the Cardr needed only two bits j be night samcs and Kimmons .25 to score their first five runs. They ; stated yesterday that he will do 581 ' , " P "'" h e ' Rht |:a ' oties ' how - i everythinn possible to make slart- 'JiOO cv !l r ' ' in/! times for teams in the area 4F19; D " novan started and walked , as convenient as possible. He asks 43!)! ' h , p flrst threc mrn - A t that point ! that anyone from any town or 4 n n l (.hipmsn came in and suffered t h e . community in the Washington 234 remaining indignities the Cards and Benton Countv area write him j banded out. s:. L«UI i. B Ht . n e · BOSTON IT. LOU!» ! , , ah r h a i, r t , | .li'thror. cf 1 n I Memil«. 5S .1 2 1 · 8. I Thorp.-, rf 4 0 0 Sc dlcnsl. 2h . 1 1 1 . "------ - · n nM,,«l»i. c( 2 n n ?r. rf 1 o i I f i n n lh . 1 1 : · 'n. Sb 3 1 , at 912 Towspn Avenue, Fort Smith rnin coneerning the · Gnrrl' Pet. . Coop. .581 Icrmi-c. lh If ovan, p .. · 43!) ' J n " siiaucjK n iv;i. nice .1 n 1 Si-.ler rt n n \v .rhn .1 n n n Rirr n n n BDycr. I ,n n ! for information tournament. "Northwest Arkansas has always hnd fine Softball players." Kimmons said yesterday in explaining the tournament, "and we l want thjs area represented in the .310 ' Cnlc. Tnlals 0 p n n n l n n n n n 31 n 4 Tn " = in my fTocket. Ficihfs Last Niqht iclievcs lind :-aid). ! Well, we look the family and ling us | found a remote spot in the woods. another i miles from the nearest paved road phiro is terrific, and an equal distance from the .'so thoroughly. i ' 0| i and Ihe family ouqhl to make ! nearest decent place lo eat. The . Rocky Marciano Is a faint threat i rrsm 'ations richl now. I k n o w , lake was .KlxflO (feet, that is). IS I to the combine, but very faint in lhp """''Cor real well and he'll' inches deep and so full nf tea weed /R. rh. Auwi.« Pr. .1 HoVffYor^^^ur^o^ "^n^t^K ^^fc^KZtffc ^^^? '"' Su and then grab the tit.e by -mn, pan;,' nnd be.nn rc.idm, ,hc conveni^ce"^'^'",' ^^^ f ^" R ^ lh N;;TMv;; n .: easily puior, sam Sh^urrv^r-" Miami B - ch ' ^-^ ""-- whipped out n four-inch ..lack o( and promptly were given folders and lotsed Ihen-. in nur v.-orM accommodations ii (ace. "Ca;l nn eye on those little nl.icc. We stayed over nigl tickels," he said. cause we doubled if we could find we wearily picked up one and our way back to civilization a f t e r ] inspected a picture of two vir-,.kirk and Ihe bill the next d» Philadelphia 4. Detroit 3. SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION Ostrich farm* were first developed as a commercial source of os. (rich plumes about 1SS7. i About 4 In (| per cent of ocean l waler is salt. l -'done, 1S3. Boston, outpointed Billv the KilRore, IRS, Miami, 10 the -. _______ ------be- New Orleans ... 32 Mobile 31 Chattanooga _ _ _ 2f! Nashville 2.i Birmingham 25 j Little Rock . . 22 I Memphis .._ __ _ 1 5 Yeiterdny's Reiulli Atlanta 4. Chattanooga 0. Nashville 5. Birmingham 4. Memphis 5, New Orleans 3. I a-Flicd I h-Popp, i 8th | Boslon I SI. Lniiis I F, Sislcr. I.onan ' - "' F,oycr. M ill for Chipmin in . r i!h out for E Johnson in non nan noa--n in am inx--i RBI--S'.i,uhler .1. tsinl 2R--Schnrnri- -HTrlsfirlri l.o K a n Boston 5. St. Louu I 7 BB--Dnnnvin 3. Chlnmnn ·( SO-- ChinmTn 2. D John-on 2. Cole I , Bo.vrr 7 HO--Donovan 0 in n inninR' . . , .588 icnKt. Hcmtr. -.4!)0| ipitchcn- lo thrrr hallc ' E. Johnson i-i: Cole fl-n WP-- E .Trhn 10-21. U -- P i n c l l l . Knai-'n. J. BogRCSS. T--2:2.1. A--6.7.12. _ ... El Paso.' Texas--Charley Little Rock 4, Mobile 3, 13 in-, Phoenix, slopped Ramon ings. I El Paso. 4. (welterweights). ri-isfrict tourney." Kimmons said that the winner and runner-up in Ihe district a f f a i r become eligible for Ihc regional meet at A'.kirs which brings together the 16 best teams in the state. The deadline for entries is June I4lh, and each team is limited to 15 men. And while efforts were being made to secure entries in the state wiftball lournamonl the local soflball league was holding nn organizational meeting this week, Chipman i A six-team leneue was formed with games to be played on the Veteran's Hospital grounds. Five teams are already lined up -- a group frnm the hospital, I KGRH. Campbell-Bell, Harmon Salas.! Playfield and Arkansas Western Perez,. Gas. The sixth is ready but the I sponsor has not been decided. 1P npvl day ·every Extra Smooth! Extra Satisfying Say. and be Sure of the FINEST Here's the secret behind Stag's wonderful taste Y ES. S/flg bmi'S .weehtcss oul, dryncss in. Vial's why'' Stag beer is SP .vwolh, so refreshing, so good. If it's laslc you want--not aftertaste -- always say STAG! ever bottled! * ^^ m'* 1 Crown. Bttmttd WMrtiy. 86.1 Proof. GSM Gnln N«utril Spirits. Stirwi-KsShts Corporition Chry»l«r BuiMifti I under Si.ignfcl IshfU · for history-nuking "firm." , 1'

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