Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 5, 1952 · Page 6
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 6

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 5, 1952
Page 6
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Warren Vote In ' rRUMAN SETS up A 5HOT FOR NEWS PHOTOGRAPHERS California Said SlapAtlaft Porty Leadership Among Democrats Facing Change ; ' San Fr«nrlico-iJ' - Gnv. Earl f Warren's wie in Tuesday'! Republican presidential p r i m a r y . t neared the m i l l i o n mark today : and 1-assnhower Hippnrlers hailed : hi* victory as a .'lap at Sen. nob- t en A. Taft. The ircnrd-r.mashing i dose in S.'inn.riWi Cali- j fornians voled--in.Mirrd Warren a ; key rolr- ,-il Ihe GOP .N'alinlial f'on- j vent ion. : · His 2 lo | defeat of i home J t a l e "free rhnire" slate led by Rep.: Thomn-i H. Werdel gave the gov- , ernnr 70 pledged delegates. In a d - ! dition he \von t^ix* voles in W i s - j consin April 1 to help hi.-; o w n ; , chances nr, a possible compromise . ! candidate or as a deRdlock'break- ! The nearly complete count, from | . 19.4M of ;tie lfl.730 precincts.: ' thowcrt Warren 8D4.220; Werdel . 60B.J51. j State and national rampilgn; leedcrs for r;m. Dwl|ht D. EUen- · howcr iF.'uert statements empha- · Riring Uial the Werdel group f a v - ored Taft--while their ovn nrgan- ; izfition had endorsed Warren. Tafl did not r-nler Ihe primary f «nd penonally stayed clear of the · bitter W«rren-Werf*l h a l t i e . How- · ever, Werdel named Tan as lilt. ' fir. c t choice and iplinter factions .supporting the Ohio senator urged Californims to elect the anti- Warren flale. . A1 thouRh Warren campaigned in : PKSIDINT TtUMAN, who hu it Umei wielded the newa camera himself, takea a hund «t helping photogra- phen let up group photo tl the Wnlt» House as h« place* Defense Secretary Robert Ixivett in position i nthcrs art (from left) Oen. Omar Bradley, U. s. Joint Chlofi of Stofl chairman- U S Army Secretary ! «v*nk Pace, .nd Qen. Dwlght D. Eluenhowcr. /International" a r d Anderson. R. V. Gray. Clair of Maple Drive are rock, and .Jack Aernerite. j Any person ^ i wishing lo furniih a room in theI'remain in Columbia until ne.w Memorial Hoipitjl m«y c o n - 1 c «l v «* Ms assignment. graduation he will enter the Air AllT ' r "«» In the TTMKR organliation ! force. His wife and daughter will It pays! he- ; any candidate. i On the Denvi.vatli front, the ' election outcome promised a In Mat* p a i t y leadership. Sen. Kefauver i being made to open the hospital I late this summer. A hospital I auxiliary has been formed and Is In action. { 1 Ivan Box, Jr., son of Mr. and ! Prices r " u l f : '· the Unlvemlty and will receive his i Kefauver, 1.123,37.1; Brown 7 « , - , degree at the commencement ex- 503. lercises this w«k. Box was one i Democratic regulars who back- i"' M itudentj admitted to the · fd Ally. Gen. Edmund G. firown'j f^" 0 * 1 school. ;uninMructcd slate (former Tru-! , M "- Kyl * Kn « ls of fayettevllle| '.man delegation) will have nn · !*. . "? " wh * 1 . Should the At- conventlon. Springdale Jamn A. Erirnundson nf Idabtl, . Okla., is In Springdale working . at the Trisco Railroad station while James "Pat" Burgess nf Rogeri Is on his vacation. Slxtwn men from Springdale who attended the Orape Growers Association meeting returned home ; Wednesday morning. They were ·Q. P. Fox, Lofton Brogdon, How- DM CO Hurt Liki UN! lILLO lot Miw I IriM ncf tpcMly relief from mlien- at rllw. Anatlmt formnli AtvelupfA hy iimnn* TS- -nh^f from r«Bfln» p»ln, iuhlnr, inr*- ·MF. nrlpfl nutijr* thrink iwrtllni. iifitn i h*rd y«ru. M*h« lir* world tl*!n| afaln ! --Ki-t *h« m«dlcmtlnn provrd liy r»pcrirne« wj'h 70,000 clinic paMent*. Gft Thornfcn ; Minor.--In ointment or MirpMltnrr fnrm -. fmm «Mir rfmvrl"! (idir. You'll dlieovvr . n '* p * A"!* 'or It !y n«ni*-- Tlwmuii Presbyt«riin Women Tuesday, night at 7:30 at the Woman's Civic : Club room In the public library Mrs. Ensle attond«d the United' Nations sessions for a week last | , winter and gave her views on the i i organization from first-hand ob! nervation. Mrs. .1. G. Piebenga led ! . the worship service. i . Mrs. Annie Plummer. who lives , o n Highway flfl, was brought from ,' .'the County Hospital, where she i , had been a paticnl. to Ihe Mlllsap j Convalescent Home on Highway j ' 7 1 south Wednesday morning b y ; i a Calllson-Sisco ambulance. j The membership nf the Wom- I en's Society of Christian Service nf the First Methodist Church has been completed. The group has been divided inl-i three circles for the coming year. The circles ar» Hewlett.! Horn, with Mrs. Lillian Holt s* chairman; Lucy' Clark Circle with Mrs. Joe Steele i :as chairman; and the Edith M a r - i tin Circle with Mrs. Wllhur Wat- i son as chairman. All Ihree circles ' (B.v The. Associated Press) Retail prices for chicken, hcrf rib roasls. chuck pot roasts and clewing beef were a l i t t l e lower in many storns this week. Legs of lamb advanced irregularly hut the uptrend generally did not affect other I n m b cuts. Most pork and veal items were unchanged. Large eggs rose two to six cents a dozen in scattered sections where production begun to taper off seasonally, but this up- trend was not yet widespread. Several fresh f r u i t s and vccota- bles were offered in a wide I.HIBC of q u a l i t y , condition and prifp. A f - fected by -n-atic weather in growing areas. Tomatoes, lettuce, com, a s p a r a g u s , strawberries a n d mushrooms were In this cntocorv. Lower in most places were ;ir!i- chokes, snap hr-.-ms, bce!. c , r.irrols cauliflower, parsley, cherries anil grapefruit. , Toachcs and ciinl,,Huipcs were becoming more p l e n t i f u l . The sc.i: son's first shipments of plums from Texas and apricots from Cnl- Ifornia reached d i s t a n t m a r k e t s . ' j Potatoes were s t i l l hard in f i n d , hut volume shipments from the ' Carolina*; were reported begin- ·· ning and small supplies from C a l i - fornia and a few other seclioi'.q EUCHARISTIC MEDAL-The conimcmoralive medal, above, has bcc-n issued to mark observance ot the 35th J n t o r n a - Euchari?tic C o n g r e s s , which was held in Barcelona, Spain. Obverse of Ihe medal, top, bears a portrait of Pope Pius XII, and the reverse, bottom, is inscribed with words and music of a hymn. Jt was the first I n t e r n a t i o n a l Eucharistic Congress to be held in H year*. PITTSBURGH PAINTS · AM MADE OF FINI51 QUALITY MATERIAL : - -THAT'S WHY THEY charge of the program on "Con- l i c e r n for Children of the World." 11 At the close of the meeting re| : freshmenli were served by the j hostesses, Mrs. H. M. Lewis and : Mrs. Jeff Brnxvn. j Sgt. Don Page, son of Mr. and three weeks. A g r i c u l t u r e Depart-' mrnt reporters yaid. The American I n s t i t u t e of Fond Distribution reported Ihe potato shortage has been a bonanza for those who sell s u b s t i t u t e s . Can- , and will sptnd'ji .lO-dav furlough ,, , .. I 1 '"* 5 - j here. He will report back to Moody . "'1'Hvely l i t t l e rice Is left ,,f Air Force Base, near Savannah. '"" . v1 »'"s crop, and Ihe demand . Ga., for a new assignment at the , ' or macaroni, frozen french fries I'nd of his leave. Sergeant Page ; h »'«'d beans and the like ha^ hee'n recently returner! from Korea urgent , _M_r.._ and Mrs. Dick K i n m o n t h ' The A g r i c i i l i i i r p NOTICE We Will $e OPEN FRIDAY NIGHT JUNE 6 For rescrvationi call 097-M-3 THE HOMESTEAD · Forch and Peck Enamel -for floor?, o u t r i d e or inside -Wo.,d c.r r e m r n i ,.,- hrick. M.lde for h a n l M-uffll-j; ;md long wi'.-ir A l l wanted colors at onlv 1.69 p"r ql. · Pillsburgh Gloj, En«m«l a on- coat for uny purpose walls, wood-wi.i k. f u r n i l u r e . Hii:h ;ir.d p:,M,'i ,-olm s .-it nnlv 1.65 per qt. tRubberlMd Sstln F l n l i h -- t h e new r c n i a t i o n j l u j l l h i d e that foes over any fin f a r e _ plaster, wall board cement wood, brlrk and w i l l p a r e r All new cnlory - - deep nr tones and muled p.iMrK , ·Ckear Plnslic Proleclon -fur URn ill k i t e ; . i - l i . I.all, r, r p l a y room SI.-HII innof and deans like i;l.-,s- 1.00 yard. · Huadquirliri lor f l n » will ftftt. · JllSe, Park Avenut. Pratger. and both Enjlish IM Cinidian Imporli. JOHNSON'S 25 N. Bloc} W ( O|T* MM Crw* Ifenii Buy and Pay Th« Eaiy Way June 2nd to 8th FRIGIDAIRE WEEK Call us for an Appraisal on Your Refrigerator Phone 35 Special Liberal Allowances 19 NOITH ILOCK ST. f HONE 35 Mamie With Ike All The Way-One Half Step Behind Abilene. KBJJ. - (/f^ - Mamie watched her Jke come home and got a wonderful kick out of it--in a quiet gnrt of wav. Mrs. Dwlght j D. Eisenhower, wife of the man a lot of R e p u b l i c a n s w a n t to make : their party's candidate fur preci- riont against tr-e Democrats next f a l l , kept rlose to her famous hus- , band every step of the'way. ! It she had a single word to say. no one heard it except Ihe person to whom it was addressed. Mamie stayed just a half-pace or more behind General Eisenhower all the way. After all, it isn't her homelnwn. Like only an understanding wifi* would, she let the spotlight bear down on husband ike. : Thft bif( bornecominf schedule tonk no acrount of worjien's needs. It was strirtly a man-made thing and Mamie hardly had time to powder her nose between public appearances. Because ftf that, she wore the same costume all the way: * steel blute grey silk shantung dress, semi-full skirled, w i t h a wide--softly draped collar. Atop her world-famous bangs pprched a chic white pillbox straw with a soft veil. She stepped gracefully over the mud puddles in a pair of white linen shoes. Hnr adornments were pearl drop s Wirrings and a corsage of two ' white .orchids. i Durinf Ike's appearance at 1 Eisenhower Park where he deliv- ered the speech that launched him f u l l tilt intn the political wars, Mamie wore a red gabardine rain- rosistant top ront. Arkanson A V. Given For Mr. ' Ahilene, Kan. - (IP] - A retired! general, transformed into a can. riidate for presidential nomina- 1 tion. turned on his charm at a . typical Midwestern social a f f a i r : last night--a crowded cocktail I parly. Dwight D. Eisenhower, ' greeting old and new friends, neglected to have i cocktail. He t got busy shaking hands and talk- i ing and even forgot to finish his · cup of coffee. j He was the number one at- I traction at an informal party : given at the home of Otis B. ! I.andes, Abilene farm implement man. and Dane Hansen, Logan, ! Kan., contractor. Hansen said | everyone who liked Ike was wel- j come. I He couldn't estimate the crowd. It must have been in the neifh- , ; borhood of 300 or 400. | Eisenhower, relaxed and smil- . . ing in a seersucker suit, met them 1 all in a reception line where he I I.P.I. At Party Eisenhower i w»s introduced by Sen. Frank Carlson ( H - K a n ) , one of the gen: er»l's chief backers lor the Re! publican presidential nomination. ', A little girl came along the line. "Hi," she said bashfully as the shoved a card at him to be autographed. She got the autograph and a big grin, too. Political complications popped up. Along came Harry Craig, introduced as the Arkansas National Convention delegate who has been* chosen for a place on the important Credentials Committee. "A V.I.P.," (very important 'person) someone suggested. ; "Not only that, he's a V.I.p.i., 11 ! Eisenhower quipped, "very im_ ! portant person indeed." I And so it went. Eisenhcnver had ! something special to say to al-" , most all of the visitors. They | loved it. He was there lor a busy, smiling hour. "Welmacht Tennis" ( W o r l d · Power Tennis) by Rcdtrick Men-: zel is the first post w»r tennis 1 book published in Germany. The River Jordan flows into the" Dead Sea. Not white, not wheat, not rye. but a flavor blend of all three-Junge's Roman Meil Bread. 11-19-tf DR. DONALD A. FLETCHER Physician D. C. announces the opening of his new office at 907 NORTH COLLEGE AVENUE across the street from the NORTH SIDE DRUG STORE office 687 home 1068 » * » » » ^ V ^ ^ - -^" V ^- ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^ COOK'S C R E A T SEMI-ANNUAL A F T E R PAINT CEI1INGS, WALLS AND FLOORS TWICE AS FAST...with a COOK'S-KOTER ROLLER APPLIER SET Eliminates jVvifi Marks . . . Unsightly Lapt! EACH SET INCLUDES . . . ' Eaiy-to-use, 7-inch Paint Roller Applitr. k · Sturdy, oll-mtfal paint tray . . . instructions. FLOOR COVERING BUYS STEP LADDER SALE GOOD STURDY LADDERS MADE OF KILN-DRIED PINE OR FIR ,· HANDY BUCKET SHELF · STEEL SAFETY RODS 4-FT. SIZE A $ 3 2 «o 7-FI.JIZE ,5ft 10?' COMBINATION LADDER . 7-Ft. St»£ Entends into 13-Ft. Straight Ladder. Light Weight, 9xl2-Ft. RUGS [ASSORTED DESIGNS Reg. $4.95 '395 w EACH Colorful, 6x6-ln Plastex Rubber Tile , 8 DECORATOR COLORS ALL MARBLEIZED EACH 9x9-EN. DEEP KENTILE COLORS ALL PERFECT QUALITY TILE! , Pre-Waxed--Ready lo Walk onl FULL W-IN. THICK Your Choice of 7 Lovely Colors SALt PRICE 7' · EACH HEAVY WEWHT-fUT BASE YARD GOODS 79c VALUES! SAVE! Pabcowall Wall Covering IDEAl FOR KITCHENS. NURSERIES, BATHS. EASY TO INSTALL EASY TO CLEAN DURABLE 54-IN.WIDE SAif M/Cf Metal Easy-to-clean trimming sash [ or any turn woik. Y t C V Paint Windows and Doc/ Screens with a Jiffy Screen Painter Easy to Use ONLY 25 EA. Cvrrtd Sack SCRATCH BRUSH WIDE BHISTUS Fine for rempv ing old point. REG. 98c Salt Prici Ktf. 89t 2-CALlON PAINT POT Modi of cold- rolled ttttl. CLOSE-OUT' Pint COOK'S n^'i* WAX and R«g. $1.09 Value. SPECIAL APPIIER WfTH 4-ff. HANDIC NO BENDING-NO RUBBING! Room Lots WALLPAPER MANY PAHERNS TO CHOOSE FROM-BUT ONLY ONE or TWO ROOMS of EACH DESIGN 3 SALE-PRICED GROUPS SAVff AT LEAST 50% ON EVERY LOT! lOt LOT ALL NON-FADING COLORS! . . MANY WATERFAST1 COOK'S PAINTS tltm V/\.r f*m^rJ!t - - t .*«. _ . . « . . . . - - ~ ^ rtH|| I/it Your Cred/ · NO DOWN fAYMfNf . Up »o 36 Monfh, fo Pay/ East Side Square

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