Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 5, 1952 · Page 5
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 5

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 5, 1952
Page 5
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Boylei Column By HAL ROYLE New Voik-I^VHenry Youngnvm* known along Broadway H known along Broadway as a , n Irian so f u n n y even othor con.'.r- \J\JI\\J I PI I U I A - -- dians laugh at him. C-ONTINUED KRUM PAGE This is rare, indeed, as most murh to my keen rcgre!, m a i n t a i n s comedians regard each other in , 'hat whatever has taken place in terms of larrcny rather thai: 'he past has no bearing on the Jaughter. f u t u r e and should no; be discuss- But this "comic's romir-" is dif- ct ' She contends that the actions ferent from most of the breed, : °^ eac ' 1 partner are of concern tn Vho are given tn private melan- . t n e other only from the time they choly. He not only has spent his met. To me her stand is pre- life making f u n . Fun is his life, posterous. Henny, now -1fi, is one «' '.he na- i Don't you agree w i t h me that lion's top n i c h t club onlcrlniner.s. marriage partners should keep no Some connoisseurs of ihe i n d u s t r y ' secrets from each other, concern- cay he is the equal of Grouchu ; injjr the past, present or f u t u r e Marx, Fred Allen, Bob Hope or | S. O. S. Milton Berle. He often is a guest | Answer: Aren't you l,ein» a bit ttar on other shows but h-.s never ! specious in your a r s u i n j ' You de- had a national television show o! j crv -suspicion," then proceed, ' lis ow "' i w i t h your insistent demand to "After 20 years of knocking know every detail of your fian- ·around the country, I'd like to ; oee's life before she knew you. to have my own show." he said. "If I prove that you are void of am- 1 don't I Riiess she only way I'll : semblance of trust! get rich is throush my feet." , ,, wnu , c , jnc)ecd , jc WI , nd( ,,. fl|1 tfe explained he had "radio- To Keep Record OfWalsh-Healey Wage Hearings Compromise Worked Out To Speed Court Appeals ?ffwt his plans for m i n i m u m w.ig» orders basM on n.itinnnl wage the courts fnim rulin«s umlcr the Tho rh.ingps UTIO ni;ido by vnjcr 1 vntp. O r q n n i / o r i l:tbr,i h n d opposoM ' HIP Fulhritiht pi-n|Hr:.'il, rh.'iryiiu 1 it wrtuiH hrdvc i r u - mim':r-! of ! w o r k e r s rovorod by t h p ;ic. | The :H'| c m p n u - f i s t h r S"Trrirv · nf I j f i h n r In ^Pt r p i n i M l l l i n w.i;;i'; .inri u n r k i n y (·r.iiiii'.ions in p! .n!-; I tlirnin:: nu' pnn-is fni- !h ( u n v o i n I mont. I t sil.vs t h l i l an a f f n - i c - d in. ._ r ' d u p t r y m u s t p a y a t l-;i:.t 1hc i ; i n i i mum U'a^o. p r r v a i l m c in i t s a r r . i . Tho n n n n i ! d i f f r r r n r T - s in iTIi!" a d n p t o d . c n m p r o n i i s o r i - r n i i r o s l o n e t h n f l i f o lip'.wwn r i i f f c i f i i l I h n t t h o Lnbor I J o p a r t i n o n t kfcti k i n : i ^ at a n i m a l s a s « H I .is ! | I M . . rocorrl o( ht\-inni;= liolu-.-on d i f f o r t - n t imlp. a n - M"". v niHrrstii phrnomcn Quick-Acting Airliner Piloi Saves Lives Of Passengers ( if V.'.:t''*r- "' '· ' i ' · "!.^' r -r r .. r''.ing.' ...^ r, r -T. T.aki'-. v . . . - j M ir.i! i n to he courts bv cither "f nn Wafhiii|jton-f/Pi-T h o S P n a I rnmprnmis r t d logislation nn t h e ! nr Walsh-Hoaloy act yesterday, s'.rik- i rourt chnllonc . i n g out lanRtiapp sponsored b y ! Thp ''ompromi^p would .....,.* ., i . ] Senator Fulbricht I D - A l k i and j '"' /jrrretary nf Laimr Tnbiu lo dpatji I" ,-imilc s u b s l i t t i t i n g language? t h a t "-"rH ! ^^^^^^^^^^^^n . simplify anrl spppd up apppals tn | I ' l l t ' k l l d l - - I ' l - T l ' P | i | ! r . ' ,:'. a i l l - ' a i l l i ' r l . T i l l - - . .1 t w i n o i r . : i . i . u r · ' · ! · . b . ' . i - . l . - n i l i m " l l - i : i H a l f . . · ; . I i l l - U C ' l I I l : - . - ; | . r t v i . , 1 m i t ' l ' I , . . I ; . , - , . . , . K . ' l . !:'.' I « i ' : p l i r l l . - · · : · · · : · : , · ' I ! ' . ! a . ' I . ! - \i.,-:, ., ,.' \ ,,;,- ] ' . . . , , i - I .',' pi..ii". m - i r l'iii-:i'.iiL": A ' ; "'. :h" i.,:;n' : - -'"' ! ·'"' '''"· ,:",".';' """ ' " : ,"""'" ··'····'"· l: " "·- "-'- Now Many T'.^.TM 1 ;: 1 ^,.,,..,','., :;;;i^;^rii ; ;S^ : }:: : FALSE TEETH H ^ n r v ( i l . - , - . - . i h - , . . M . -.,.; !·:, ;,-,!( i r . J i n r . : - . - r . S-.-nnr!^ L i t e r h« W i t h More Comfort s h i p « J n - r n s:iv,.»Mi!: t , n ;i u i i i u h t - M-t ·,!·,,- |.];mc r|-,-A-r. -n !h- i,:;,;;:'-.' K\;-.TKKMI ^ P ;.- i j., n. · athalint · ·'!'.· l . i - l F ' i r - f ., n / ( ,^ '';,,,, ,p n nki'r .1 l i t n * FAS:'i l!:f I I ! M I ^ - Kf 1 1 "I-:! TH , n ;,f.'ir ;,:-.; f -, "-'i ^ur^my, v "·frf t n i - ' i t - * ( "''" v P ^ ' v '.i-.'" -r ff-;.n,' Cnr-n* ; : ] ' · . - : , . : , · . ( · . ,.-; ,-n: : · · ( . . ! f i i - t l l l f j , | . , . . _ ·]·),,. :i:i'l · i - i i * r,.;h: « i f I r - i . ' j u l i ' ( . i - n - n:; · - ( · [ . ] V..T, n,.i i c a ' i " t'ASTFF.f'l ,: am- . I r u s «!nro "radio- i if l w o people-- anv two people eory of , oulrt he so comp , cu , )v one (h;! m is to I thc} . k n c w c r c r v hlcsscd , h i ' active loos." And his theo gaming wealth inrough them walk Barefoot through Canada u n - i a h n u t |h ,,,,,,,,, ' Such a U l o p i a n idca simph , is not c(]nsislcnt ^. ilh h u m a n nature. Few of us are w i l l - j n R t o ha r e C V C ry secret thought ' til I hit a u r a n i u m mine." Comedians stuck fov a .sure-fire fast line or a quip often come lo ^ ^ Youngman for help. And he always : Ol .p ry lr j v i;,i" nc'l'ion" e\-ory "rUtv- has one handy--or makes up one ' ( \^ :tm w j t h anyone else. Genuine on the spot. He is a walking file , r u s l w o u i d a p p r o o i n t p t h c dc!i _ case on thousands ot jokes, old, ; c;icv p[ rc;;pcctinR arVlhcr ' s prj . midtMe-aged aim new ones ready v;)rVi nncl v/m]W h p ? i t 3 t e t n i n _ .to be born. truclt? on {hp i n n c r m n s t facet - of "I need a Iru," he said. 'Tor a another's life. Insisfonce nn delv- Bix-minute show I have to have 40 ' ins, nlmn«t Fiirsically, into the good joke?." i hrnrf and sou! nf someone else, i? to my mind, suspicion--not trust. The curse of Henny. whosp hah- lf yn(1 ca i n t n m a r r j n t , e vo;]| . i t a t is Times Squarr and w [ , n l n p e s - f i r m ,-onviction of k n o w i n - ' e v - arounri it liko a polar bear in a ; 0 , v ( h i n f f l h n t h n p p o n s to "your wife, everything she t h i n k s and riop?, ynu v.-ill be a naRirint;, jeal- 011.-. pelty husbanti nf ihe worst kind. You'll insist on r n n d i n c every i r t t e r hr rr?eoi\ ny. knowirijr the detail? ''f every telephone rail, the wor(i-i)y-ivrrrl d p r r i p l i o n nf every v i j - i t . P a t h r r a sorry prns- prrl f n r y n u r fiancee, isn't i t ? I f your morbid ab.-orp'ion in your brown coaf. is t h a t lie gives away jokes as fast as he can t h i n k them ·up. "JiiFt wait a minute, 1 ' he sayr. Etnppins a friend, and befiins throwing a jest a second. All free. · Ad libbing i? so n a t u r a l v:ith him he can't quit. N a t u r a l l y he likes to t;et paid. But he lias be?n knn\«/ti ID waste SlO.nnn \vorih oT fre? ; i materir.l ad li'iblng w h i l e at liborlv wiih a fe-.v cronfes around : R|'1 f"icnd'5 pnst is based on sus a restaurant table. P. lcinn t h n t hcr fonriiirt may not , One of the things Henny dors lo bnphton a d u l l world is to send '.vrekly Bag to a circle of budnie;. across Ameri:a. "Anything to cct a iauyh and lei always have heen as completely .f nvo roproiic-h as you would have "' y TM ' lad hrst rtrn '\ 1he !Ub J cct ~' nnd th(1 TM.=asTMent. , '" O1 ' rlr1 ' '« R^t a belter perspec- pe-ple know you're alive," h j said. t l v c "" I i f r . . nnrl ·" m " r ^ balanced One week he mailed out dollar personality for yourself, learn to bills w i t h a nole s.iyii'.R: "Mold d i s c r i m i n a t e helwcen your sus- on to this yicen pieco of paper, picions and a Rood definition of It may be worth a ci.illar some- , f a i t h . For Ihe latter, I recommend lino, would- bp In insert a small advertisement in t h e persnnal column nf t h i s npv/spnper, having all replifs sent tn a box number (which t h e paper u-ill t-upply) rather t h a n to your home. This. will sive you a chance 10 screen ! the letters you receive, investigate references, and then get in touch I with t h e prospect, or prospects, j you p a r t i c u l a r l y like. Have some-' one you k n o w en over the mail with you in order to doublr-rhrrk the responses. Opening your borne to n stnm- Ker is a project r e q u i r i n g t h e utmost in careful selection, but ' since there arc so many wnmen seeking just such an arrangement, you should hnve nn d i f f i c u l t y in f i n d i n g t h e right person. " [ You should not bare remnincd · in your isolation so long, .Marie- i line. There are so many a c t i v i t i e s , ! so many project?; npen to women ' w i t h time on Ihcir hands t h a i , there is nn cxcuse«for you to con- , limie your lonely existence. You | nre probably ton shy to make the ' first move towards brpnkine into ' the outsick? world and, of course/ unless people know .that you w a n t ; company, they w i l l not force ! themselves upon you. ' You must #ct out, let others know you arc seeking friends, ac- , f i v i t y . prrhnps even a job. and vou'l! 1; el them. It may seem at first t h a t everyone you meet i s : 'hornuchly equipped w i t h r e l a - : lives and friends, but you'll soon j rind m a n y souls ns lonesome as I yourself. Just as a starter--apply | !o the Volunteer Service of the j ;$eri Cross anrl ask what you can : do tn help them. They are u s u a l l y 1 in perpetual need of seamstresses, i clerks and auxiliary hospital help.! dav." ttic second c h a p t r r of St. Paul's , From M i a m i Beach he sent per- . epistle lo the Hebrews, eleventh fume bottles full of sand bearing verse. I the label: "This cost rne $30 a day ' ! -to sit on. Thought y u might l i k e . Dcar Mi ,- s D i x ; F j v c yef]| . s go I * nmc -" i I lost" my dear husband, and have j To be a professional ro L today, , , iverl a vory , ono , v ] j f c Fincp j , Kenny sa\s, you ha^-e "to have · , i v o a l o n 0 i and now n y f u j ] d c nre nprvc and sail, a great memory, . R r n w i n t ? sma , lcr , n l ^ n bc f o r _ ; and t h e - a b i l i t y to take siocu jokes red , 0 sp ,, my s m a M c n t t a f f c T flm : Too Fat? them sound alive. You have to be relatives. I'd like to find a middle- ,' equipped to jokej-n any .subject." aKe[i woman w n Q has (he Jut! to lest Henny's own staccato wit, 1 asked him to make a joke · bout wives. I should h a v e known better. Without even a pause he · began rattling: ' - ' " "Now, you take my wife--and ; '·My wife cost me a fortune. Shn j went into a department store, broke her leg--and what happen- td? They tcift wrapped it. . "My wife talks so much that when I got back from Miami her -, tongue was sunburned. Now she's ' on a new tack. She colors her hair different every week. She's got a convertible top. She's also got the i newest thing in hair-do's--a poo- ! Hip cut. Makes her look like a new nan. "I just bought, my wife a ir.'l o u t f i t -- a rifle nnd a trap. Las: week she learned to d r i v e our car. This week she learned how to aim 1t. I? she careful? She's so careful she only drives in safety zones. When she sticks her hand ou; the j window, it proves only one thing-- j ·the window is open." Tho Great Lakes contain half the fresh wafer on earlh, sa^vs the National Geographic Society. Charles Darwin was born in * IROfl and published the "Origin of : Species" in ISsn. i Education takes 7.7 per cent of I British government revenue. ! ly and acquire a pleasant home for herself. I am fi" years oJd nnd j n eood hea I f h. How can T go about getting the companion I : want ? I MRS. MADELINE F. ! Answer: There nrr- so many lonely people in your age group t h a t every community should sponsor some movement to pet t h e m ; together. All they ask is companionship; surely churches, civic or- gani/ntions or allied groups could work on such a project with fine : results. | Tho surest way for you to get an f answer to your problem, Made- acity «f I befd« * o t h N dfVJng nactliory. Ul» hy lhoulond on lh* o( v , c * Of th., r , / o c f a r Wof.x ii th. tor* way l loiv weight without Oi't ing-Hungtr. Coch Wo ft W a f e r hoi f h * hungt tatiifying Ib. boiled , ilicti of white bread or * igfll, V«l (onlaini only Doclori: P r o f . M i o n o l tamplti and clinical data cornpilid by phyiiciarn N«w York't lart-eit hoi- p i t o l t on r i q u e i t . Ui* your Utterhnd. Wof e « oveilabU wilh- eut a prcicription. (l M a food odjijr.ct, not d drug. ONLY iply $1. Otk.r mo n ,,.,oving jl,,, _ 30 J ay M do, wpply «. Wo(., i, ,h. mo,. .,, teal wov to reduce. Gel il in Ih. brown bolll* at ony drug, calm.lie ihop or depanmenl itore. W*FIX,l.t,N.wT.rkJl,N.r. Copyrijhi IM2 Wal.x Int. IT*S HERE NOW! ^/DELAFIELD Reducing * Exclusive Agents . for Ann hlafield's Rtducinf H»n Red Cross Drug Store N. Phont490 To love and cherish ever after I Now you can start to me and enjoy, every day, ihi~. lasling be.inly of Corham'Sterling -- 16 timeless patterns to choose from. Their Iwllcr balance »nd finer design aro Ihinpi you can feel anrl see. Come ill soon ind sec how easy it is to own' Gotham Sterling through our convenient budget plan. «X-f IICI f UCI-MTTlNOt ' '' A l k obfliiT Cor. · n * - p i « c * k n i f a handl*. ll'i d»nl. 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