Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 5, 1952 ツキ Page 2
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 2

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 5, 1952
Page 2
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'テつ」.., -_. UOkTHWHT AMUNS/U T1MB. fテつォYtn.,m., Arfc.inテつォ, Thuriday, Jun. J, 1952 iiiiiiMniiiiHHiiiHHiinHiutiimiimiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiminiiiiimiimiiiiiii .Wedding Announced Daily Calendar of Events Tonight . . . Famuy Supper, Country Club, 1 Amp.'iran Lecmn A u x i l i a r y , Lesion H u t , 7 ^ Bald'.un Commamlery Knur. Mur.nnic Hall. Friday . . . Contact C l u b . W,i5-hlng!nn Hotel, 7:30 . rn. FayrMrvilli* B'Vird Realtors. Kefguinn'i, ]2 F a y r - t i r - ' j l i p A ^ f t n a t ; M a j o r H a l l h.Ri l O n n . m y for ft;, i w i l l he i , . | i u n r I A l b a n y , (";,-., f Williams-Phillips Vows Pledged Winslmv - (Special i - The marriage of Miss Janice Phillips, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R .H e.ncc David W i l l i a m s , son of Mrs. Mae Williams of Winslrtw. was held today at (he Anlinch Rap- l i f t Church w i t h the -Blder Lory Poynor performini! the cwmnny. . ,, , ,,.. ,,, ,,,,,,,. Williams served three years In . MM at the h"rne of Mr. the armod services and has heen I ^"^ ^- ^ ' P a t h a r t , w h i t a student in thf Missionary Map- t l f t Seminary in L i t t l e Rock for the past two years Mrs. W i l l i a m s was also a student at the sirnln- テつキ ry. The couple will make their hor.^ at Fayeltevllle, and W i l l i a m s will be pastor at the Little Elm Missionary Baptist church at Farmlngton. Miss Ellis To Present Students In Recital Miss ElUabe.tb Ellis will present a group nf piano and voice students In a recital Friday afternoon ti 3 o'clock at the First Presbyterian Church. The following students art to appear on the program: Hns;,lie Bent, J u d i t h .loups, Janet Jonts, Susan Leテつサh, Boutins Hall; Charlotte WaRKonc-r, N a n c y Bridensllne, EliMheth Briden- stlne. Janice Phillips, Sally Ann Mitchell: i|Kテつォy Heinrichn. Carol Cnnley, fl^ll Shoptaw, Joyce Oardenhlre, IxM* Gardenhlre, Norms R u t h Worley; Leland Paris, Margaret Young, Earllne Oliphant, and Janlre Hud- genj. n d u l v in テつキ ' i . V K . I J . l l u h n r l y fl t n his hijme in r i'un.-i]. i h e r r tn attend the c r n d u a l i / . n of ; John Uvinnston .Ir : \ M r , nd M , s g.,,,,' ,, R : sf , n Snm, Jr.. of L i t t l e t h e i r v a c a t i o n i n t h e Ctarks. M , . K i r b y Is owner nf t h c . N a b u r Thea t e r i n L i t t l e Korli. Mr. and Mrテつォ. r h a i l r - s Y.lrniu;- ton, , l r , and c h i l d r e n Jolui Ch;ul:: a n d Patriri.-i, h.ivn i n h i i n r i l I , , Tills;,,"fikl:i , f i f f f - r a v i s i t h e i r - w i t h his mother, Mrs. C. C, Y a r - rlniflon. Mrs. Jamrs C. W i l s o n nf W.-M- flelrl, N. .1., a r r i v e d l a s t n i y h ! lo be t h e cuesl of Mr. a n d Mi:.. Fr-nncr Slier-. Shr w i l l a t t e n d t i n C r a d u a t l n n of her snn. B i l l y W i l i "in, S a t u r d a y at lhテつサ U n l v r r s i t v . i . . . " I Expected In a n i v p I n n i ' i r r u w i f r o m Shrew-purl, La., are M i . ; 1 T 1 if I Mrs. Charles Greenwood, u-hn w i l l ' a t t e n d t h e g r a d u a t i o n n f M i n i r nephew^nilly W i l s o n , a t t h e U n j . versitv. Sanders Re-Elected By Seventh-Day Adventists K l i l p r F O Sfuvlors, I . i ' t l f R, ( t -k. h;ir brr-n r f f l r - r t - - ( j p r i ' M r l n n t n \\\ A r k a n s a s - ] jotjjsiar.a m n f r r p n c n of S " v r n l h - H ; i y A ' l v r n t i j r . ' : . E l f r t i n n i n r i k plarr ;it thf h j n n n i n ! r^sjVin of t h p r n n f o i T n r p now in |!''^r'"-'s テつォn t h f 1 O / a r k A r n r l c m y campus M f - ; i r On t r y . D c - l r - j j a t P s f r o m 4 5 (hi.-rrhf'.s of the two siritrs are st- t t ' n d i n j * . This u'i!I HP t h p f h i r d t r r r n for M i . S.'iruicrs as r o n f p i p i u ' o h n a i ] , O t h n r o f f i c e r s Plt-ctpr] n r p ; scr- M - t n r . v - t r o H S U r n r , C. M. O p r a l r t ; h"rrv- m M i n n f t r v and S a b b a t h ;:-hn(.| f l r p f t r t m o n t s - p r r p t a r v , W. M. W p s t P r i r . p y p r ' vrmth's I c - i d p r .テつキn,d e d u c a t i o L v e n - e a r y H E ing and food; to cooperate with テつキ | community leaden in preparation . for rivil defense; to set in motion 1 plans to bring into the denomina- ' I tional schools all of the children 1 ;md youth of the church; to engage [ in a r r i n t i n u o u s a l l - n u t oduca- \ i t i n n i r l iTijs:uIi against the evils of 1 li'iuor, and to lead church mem- I hers H f i i e r a l l y into larger service in d i s t r i b u t i n g snspel literature, cc nliirtir:g Bible studies, and en' o u r a i i i n c prayer in the homes of the people. Program Postponed At Irnmanud Baptist . C.aryon Ad;,TM I u ' f n t On i T i - n n i in every church to テつキテつキ'"|i up the Advonti:il World Frn- K r a m hv l;irgrT g i f t s t o missirais: c s t n b l i s h w r l f j i r p c e n t e r s f o r Conimr-ni-crncnt services for Vac a t i o n H i o l e School at the Im- m;mur! Baptist C h u r c h , scheduled f',r tnmorrov.- n i c ht. h a v e been ,, . . , postponed u n t i l S u n d n v nicht a t B l W o 8 n'l-lork. i A p r o g r a m v:ill he c i v e n hv t h e , c h i l d r e n and t h e i r work e x h i b i t e d , j ; , f ' c r w h i c h c e r t i f i c a t e s w i l l be nwardcrl. The evening's program w i l l hr under the direction of Mrs. A. I, Lrske, Bible School 41 E. CENTER ST. PHONE 21 s t o r k p i l i n g a n i l d i s t r i b u t i n g r l n t h - I superintendent'. ( Mr. ;,ml Mrs l ( ; i l p h A . Treat a r e shown f o l l o w i n g t h e i r wedding K a t ; nn a: a i r n p l i c n , c i v c n at Ferguson's d i n i n g room. The ( テつキ ' テつキ ! テつキ ! テつキ i . i j y i";r; |.iテつサ fテつサi i n e i l j,y |he l(ev. I). I,. Dykes, Jr., at the C e n t r a l . M e t l i r , ( h . . t I ' l i i i u - h . M i x . Tii'.-it is t h e f o r m e r Miss Barbara Shore.y, : d a u g h t e r of Mr. and M i s . K. O. Shorey of D a l l a s , Texas. 'テつキ MorrtWy "Mtrrei" Are Eosy Tテつサ SM Tou, too. may mil 1テつォ nble to hide that Bred, nervous, jittery look each month no matter how much "make-up" you use. Keep your secret safe during "those" doys - don't be U,t aim テつォirl in three who shows the strain from tell-tale nerves and cramps -- haj "that look".* Take Cardui, a special medicine trusted by thousands of women, fiirls to help insure against "nerver and other jtigns of monthly misery A litUc Cテつォrdui Mch day helps build itreogth so rcEistanct may be creator each month, nervounnew テつキnd suffering less and less. Look more natural- feel and sleep better. Ask jour dealer for Cardui. テつキ I Announcements テつキ Sulphur City llapllsl R e v i v a l ; A r e v r - . i l i . i e n l i n c w i l l be ! I n I I I ;,t I h i ' S u l p h u r C i ' v B a p t i s t C l i u r r l i , h o i i i n n i r i i ; Suml;,y and j r , , n t i n i n i , g t l i i n u i : ! ! J u n e 2.1. c n n - ! d u e l e d l,y 11. A. F l l l l . Baptist vt:,!,. f.-imi.'Hr-.!. P n - i i l u n p v.'ill 1'ir- テつキ'd 1 1 n m. Si nil.-iy and .it 7:4.i .-テつキi-h f v r n i i u j . The clmrch ! n-.-ii-hi-d hv d r i v i n g 1 K l k i n s . t u r n i n g I n t h e Hi,- fir.I t w o m i l e s j I h r i ' L ' ! ome. Eai'h person w i l l h r i n c his wn b a s k e t l u n c h . Coffee w i l l be erved hv t h e c o m r y i t i e ' ' a! 1 p. m. i C A R D U I Monthly Clomps , Change ef Wt 'cloek c li Personals Mrs. Eunice Hamilton Thursday for Dallai, Tテつォxaテつサ visit her daughter. 1 The liev. A. I , Leake, B a p t i s t Association,-!! m l s F i o n a r \ - . t h e H I Y . O. W. Morrison, pastoi of Hie I m m a l i u f l B a p t i s t C h u r c h t h e Hrv ''" '" '"1 ' , . , . i . , i ^ , テつサ Twell Locne, J o h n s o n , a n d DIP I'"'V'"'* K l k i n y . a n d d r i v i n g Rev. II. M. Kreis of K a i テつキ n i i n g l i i n . ' r : l ' l ( ' s lr "' n '"'' luテつォ'iway. h a v e relurned from a l t e i i d n n ' n ' Baptist conference a t O l l a r b i t a College, A r k a d e l p h i a . Housfjtupstj al t h e Preston Woodruff homp are Mrs. James Brady and p h l l d r p n nf L i t l l p Hock. Bill Brady, U n i v p r s i l y u l u d e n l , will accompany them on t h e i r ret u r n homp. P a n a m a Canal Society I'icnlc | T h e P a n a m a C a n a l .Society o f 1 Nnrlhwp;.! A r k a n s a s w i l l hold i t s ( f i r s t a n n u a l pienii: a t Lake V/ed- Ine.tnn S u n d a v . A n y o n e w | w Ins ' has hep:; an e m p l o y e of the T a n a - ' ma ("anal or .テつキ-.ervcd a tr.iir of d u t y w i t h the Aimed Forces is wel- ' Coffee Taste Test! . . . and if you don't agree that Maryland Club is the best tasting, most economical coffee you've ever tried . . . DENNIS THE MENACE - Mrテつォ. Buby Slroud who is a patient at the County Hospital, Ij reported doing well. Mr and Mrs. Hal Douglas, their son, Doug, and daughter, A;n, have returned from St. Lnuls. Mr,., where they u-ere guests rf the Kenneth Teasdales. Mrs. Jay Fulhrigh! who has been a patient si the County Hospital for th past few days, re- ! turned home today. ; Dr. and snd Mrs V. M. Watis ! and children left yesterday for Washington. D. C., where they : will visit w i t h her psrentj and ' other relatives. I Mr and Mr.テつォ Sam McCartney i of Fort Smith were hire Tuesday ,' to attend the Parsons-Hathcock ! wedding snd visit with friends, j They returned yesterday after- ' noon. テつキ Misses M a r y Sue Wade and ! Mary Huntmgton left this m o r n i n j I for Biloxi. M i s s , and New Orleans. テつキ' La. In Blloxi thfy will be guests | of Lt. and Mrs. John Gearhart They expect to return home in I week. Mr? J.imcs T. Berry has received "ord of the unexpected drsth of her son-in-law, M a i Waltor F. Hall, in Marburf,, G e r m a n By Ketcham KEN lOOKINO EVfftyPMCE (OK VOU.'" Tiff Orcisiftiul K u r m t ' i r e for all rooms of your ho:;テつォe, Functional and Dernrati-e lamps, J8th Century, Pro- ^nclal and Morlern styles And the rr,oテつォt comprehensive ti-Iectlons of Drapery. Slip. onvM and Urholstery Kab- rles in all of Northvwt Ar- kanias. U'Tiether lo browse foi irlnai or to buy, you are mott welpome. BARRETT'S M* Wext Dlckwn St. shoes You II no for ihen oiuiom-liU or-Wflr- once . . . t h a n cofidnlly hoedled deloili . . . i h p i r cool, coielrco comlori. Todoy, o ever, on ovtitgntllnf value. Juit CVINpm Amftoroo Genilflmon . . . ond you'll WMF American Gentleman I /./,,., ,*(,, テつキSATUIOAV IVININO rOIT tioumi don't take our word, or anyone's word, for it! Test Maryland Gub yourself! Maryland Club wins in certified laboratory tests! Yes, here's evidence that Maryland Club tastes better at /ess cost per cup! Yet we don't ask you to take our word, or anyone's word, for it. Instead, we ask you to put this evidence to the test yourself. Buy and try a pound of Maryland Club Coffee today. Either it tastes better at less cost per cup than any coffee you have ever tried--or you get on'e dollar in cash just for having made your own taste-test! Maryland Club is the coffee preferred by distinguished hosl esses, by women of recognized Rood taste, all over the Southwest. Ton, it's the coffee served erclusivrly by the world-famous Shamrock, and other celebrated h o t e l s a n d restaurants! Get 10-15 More Cups Per Pound of Maryland Club! Try u s i n g less Maryland Club. This premium- quality blend is so flavor-rich, much Icsn coffee is needed to make a satisfying cup! Mari/Iand Club Co/jee ^* テつキIf you don't テつォ)tree tint Maryland Club fm/ia bti. Irr テつォt lrtテつサ coil per cup-- Juテつォt return lo in hy Doccm- btr ,11, 1982, tne cnn-ntrip . with your own (wcnty-flrt word atat*ment lellinテつサ w*テつサ you don't aテつサrrf, テつォnd we'll テつキend you * Mnney Order for テつォ!テつキ doHir !r. cテつォh. The coffee you'd drink if you owned all the coffee in the world I WEEK-END SPECIALS OPEN SATURDAY NIGHTS UNTIL 8 O'CLOCK FIRST FLOOR SPECIALS VALUES TO $39.95 LADIES' COATS $14.00 Wool G a b a r d i n e , Assorted Colors and Sizes. $2.98 LADIES' JACKETS $1.00 Water Repellent, Assorted Sizes VALUES TO $4.98 LADIES' SLACKS 97e Cotlon Denim, Sizes 24 to 30. $4.98 LADIES" SWEATERS $1.97 AM Wool, Assorted Colors Sizes. $2.98 LADIES' BLACK JEANS $1.77 Sizes 24 lo 30. 89c GINGHAM AND CHAMBRAY 47c 36" Wide, Plaids and Stripes. $1.39 RAYON SUITING 47c 43" Wide, Solids and Plaids 69e RAYON PETALDOWN 27c 39" Wide, Solid Colors. 25e CANNON WASH CLOTHS lie Dogwood Pattern, Size 12x12. 39e TOWELING lie fiT'. Linen, 27" Wide. Stripe. $2.98 COTTON SHEET BLANKET $2.27 Size 72x95". $1.49 RAYON PANELS 97e Siw 41x81". $2.98 LADIES' BED JACKETS 47e M u i t i f i l a m e n t Crepe, Lace Trim. $1.89 GIRLS' CRINKLE CREPE PAJ'MAS $1.27 Assorted Color?. Size? 1 to 4. $2.98 GIRLS' PLAID SHIRTS 97e Long Sleeve, Western Type, Sizes 7 to 14. $1.59 MEN'S LEATHER BELTS 97e Sizes 30 to 44. 98c MEN'S LEATHER BELTS 47e Sizes 30 to 44. $1.69 MEN'S CHAMBRAY WORK SHIRTS 97c Triple Stitched, Double Elbow. Colors Blue Gray, Sizes 14'4 to 17. $3.49 MEN'S SUMMER PANTS $1.97 Assorted Materials. Sizes 30 to 42. $7.95 MEN'S DRESS PANTS $4.97 Assorted Material.*, Sizes 3fl to 42. $9.95 MEN'S DRESS SHOES $6.97 Assorted Styles, Sizes 7 to 11. $6.98 LADIES' DRESS OXFORDS $4.97 Colors Black and White. B D Width, Sizes S to 9 $4.98 LADIES' CASUAL SHOES $2.97 SIM 4 to 9, B k C Widths. _ BASEMENT SPECIALS $24.75 AUTO SEAT COVERS $10.97 Plastic. Assorted Patterns, Fit most. 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Oak Finish. $17.95 TABLE LAMPS Assorted Slvlos and Color$10.95 TABLE LAMPS Assorted Styles and Colors. $69.50 BOX SPRINGS $49.95 BO XSPRINGS $199.95 2 PC. SOFA BED SUITE Frieze Upholstery, odor Greon. $159.95 BEDROOM SUITE Maple Finish. $199.95 BEDROOM SUITE Limed Oak Finish. $34 97 $10.97 $6.97 $44.97 $29.97 $159.97 $13997 $179.97 HEADBOARD $32.95 PANEL BED M", Maple Finish. $2.19 Yd. INLAID LINOLEUM テつキ Ft. Width. AMnrlerl Patterns. $5*.テつォ WOOL RUGS floril テつォnd l*テつォf Pテつォtterni. Size 0x12 T\. $44.97 $24.97 *テつキ-テつキ.テつサ' $1.77 $44,88

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