Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 4, 1952 · Page 12
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 12

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, June 4, 1952
Page 12
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|2 NOtlMWKt AKANtAS TIMB, EayeHmHe. AHnMer WedrMtdoy, June 4, 1952 New Zealand Educator Finds Teaching Philosophies Of His Nation, U.S. Similar By FRED COGER " there I? (reared In pive pperial Gordon A. Thompson is n l i k - t r a i n i n g tn j r i f t r d f u t u r e leaders, ible. New Zealand hiffh school r a l h c r t h a n for so-called mass ed- prtncipal whn has spent the past "ration. fix months s t u d y i n g thr s f n m d a r y Trend Toward Coeducation ichools in widely-scattered parts 7 n(1 )rpnr1 , n js u . Zf.nlsnd is al- of the United Slates In t h a t lime sn i n w a r ,i coeducation, such as IB he 'h»E gotten a pretty cnmpre-1 predominanf in the U. S , Thomp-! together on the samp r a m p u s v. ilh hensivc view of U. S. E':h'.n|s. | srn 5 a jd. W n c n n r w sr hools are But don't ask him lo lecture on founded they are coeducational; of the Rotary Club In his home city of Hawera, will spenk to the FayettevilJe Rotary Club at its luncheon tomorrow. Thompson had f.ornp kind wnrds for Arkansas and t h i s l o c a l i t y : "I am p a r t i c u l a r l y pleaso-.l to conclude my U n i t e d Stales viMt with a wppk fcpent in i h c U n i v e r - sity of A r k a n ? a r . -- p a r t i c u l a r l y as Ihis is the slate rt'prcsrnlrri bv Sens t or Ful b r i g h t , and ber.ausc the sriup fit the University appeals to me." HP e x p l a i n e d t h a t Ihe presence of the various colleges find M'!:V;I'; courses will begin with enrollment: at 10 a.m. Jun*j 10. i Members of thp j u n i o r high i school art depart men*, have or- f j a n i / f d a m a r i o n e t t e dub w i t h ' Ihe following charter m umber o f - ' ficrrs. President, Susan Dubbell; . vice president, Melva V a u g h n ; ; serrotwry, Harbara Kennan; treasure, Ocinna C u n n i n g h a m ; p u b l i c - 1 j t v c h a i r m a n . Shirley Thnmas.. Tne club, under super vision o f . Mrs. I,on Price, will m a k e m a i innotti'.s. and have t h r f i r s t ' showing next fn.l. Thp f i r r t s-im- nior workshop was to bo held Wednesday, ; Miss £i*ellje Mnrgan, "what's wrong" \viih this couniry's Mhools. H* doesn't t h i n k his brief lUV qualities him to "bull in" with an outsider's advice. And even if he could criticize with a l l - Sc\eral i h i n g f i about American p d u r a t t n n i m p r e s s Thompson wise a u t h o r i t y , he would consjd- slmnjiiy. One is Ihf e x t e n t of par- er it rude. ; t i c i p a t i o n and inir.reM tn school af- Thompson arrived Saturday the University of Arkansas for ,, former Ihe Colk'iffi of Education m a k e s . t\ic-!ier of ihc Rogers public possible i n t e g r a t i o n of e d u c a t i o n a l school, a n d her niece ,".rrivi?d over few of the older schools still oper- ' services and studies w h i c h is nol lhc weekend in Rogers to spend a t e as segregated boys' or girls' f possible when t h e p a r t s of a u n i - a \\eek visiting friends. institutions. * | versify are separated HP said he · feels confident t h a t thp U n i v e r s i t y is "rendering on o u t s t a n d i n g service Thompson enjoyed thr t r i p fairs by cjn/en.i. He has found t h a t local t a x a t i o n and control re- Senate Passes Long-Studied Money Bills 12-Hour Session Held For Discussion Of Two Meosures from Little Rnck in F a v e t t e v i M e . I hp said. "Thp b e a u t y nf this dis- OHe-weck stay--one of the laM suit, in a "greater lay interest" in I I r i r t appeals to me and reminds me stops in his U. S, itinerary. He school objectives, curriculum, and j more t h a n a n y t h i n g etee I've seen, 1 Will he here u n t i l the end nf t h i s ' p h y s i c a l plant.. : in your country of the greenness of j w«k, when he will po to Wdf.h-: Ry contrast, NPW Zealand, n I New Zealand." : inglon, D, C.. before leaving l a l e ' m u c h smaller country in area, o p - j "As J h a v e moved about the this month for a six-month tour prates on a n a t i o n a l basis, w i t h . United Stairs, I h a v e neon met 61 Europe. His study was made t a x a t i o n and control centralized w i t h kind-ness and hospitality e v - ' " " y if ·f inssible tJj a Fulbripht R r a n t . ; But this, too, h»s advantages. For orywhere. Sn I t a k e away verv 3n txtwlT-n conferences w i t h U . - o n e thing, Thompson says, there j happy and pleasing memories o: .'. official;, the New 7,ealandcr| are no such variations in s l a n d - ' v o u r country in general and ol JUnd tinj; for an interview w i t h j ards as *ire found among d i f f e r - ' Kayetteville in particular." 1 Rogers A fOU! a TIMES reporter. He hn6 lnl.« l o ' e n t areas pf ths United States »ay, but he wouldn't start u n t i l |. ra | W8 W nrk O f Eduntmn h* was assured that he would n n i . apptar in huge headline. 1 ; as a se.lf-', appointed prophet of deliverance | W Americans 1 job," considering "the" amount "of «»«"'· Tn A " ori; The reason for his mwMrnre TM; mf)nvy ava || a ble." he commented. | ""etary. has retu Noting t h a t Ihe e x p e n d i t u r e for ! t o n ' 0Mass " wl ? e TM . . ., the 4 R t h a n n u n l conforonrc of the Britain Joins U. S.. Protests To Syngman Rhee Korean President Decides To Hold Up Ending Assembly Washington - (/Pi - The Senate worked 12 hours yesterdav to na?$ two appropriation bills. The long session ended last night w i t h approval of a measure providing more than six hiilion dolars to operate about 30 federal agencies. Earlier the Senate passed a bill i . authorizing the government t o ; ,'spend more than $1,300,000,000 in ! federal aid to states for modern( ] izing and m a i n t a i n i n g the high- i ways during a two-year period | starting July 1, 1953. j The Senate now has approved ; four of 10 regular appropriation I bills presented to it. Democratic j Leader McFarland of Arizona is, pushing hard to clear up a legislative logjanj before next month's national political conventions. Included in the bill approved Mrs. Clifford Vaufht and children I ity and commercial bulli 23.50-26.- Mr. and Mrs. Cnai'.es W. Ram- I 50; cutter bulls 20.00-22.50; veal-- fay and daughter, Anne, of Sem- ers unchanged; sorted prime 38.- inole, Texas, have bough/- *.« Van 00; with good and choice mosiiy Gundy place. They moved in last 30.00-36,00; utility and commer- Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Earnest Boat and cial 23.00-29.00. Sheep 700; spring lambs strong; daughter, Charlean, of Black Oak, : two sizeable lots choice and prime and Mr. and Mrs. Swain of Wood-131.00; other classes generally un- land, Calif., visited Mr. and Mrs. ' changed; market not fully estab- Arch King Sunday. Mrs. King is I lished on clipped lambs; part deck, recovering from a serious illness, j choice to pr,ime No. 1 skins 29.00; Mr. and Mrs. Buck Gulley of i short deck good and choice No. 2 Oakland were guests of Mr. and j skins 27.75; numerous smaller lots Mrs. Austin Peed Sunday. ! unsold; slaughter ewes steady,. · i cull to good ewes 6.00-11.0"; shorn - ; aged bucks 8.00. Today's Market-- -ll Thompson praised the work ducators in Arkansas. "I t h i n k you have done a f i n i Mrs. F.urie V. f a d y of Risers. TB Associplion executive I last night is monrv for the White Puwm. Korca-f/Pi-Britain today House and President Truman's oined tho U n i t e d States in pro- p.'ifjnc tn Prrsidrnl Syngman RED VIEW-This Communisl's- eye view of Gen. Matthew B. Ridgway, printed in the Communist newspaper "L'Humanite, 11 in Paris, bore the caption "Ridgway the Grenade. Ridg- 'way the Pestilence." The erii: ,r o[ the paper, which urged Communists to attend street demonstrations, was reported arrested (or ."inciting to riot." salary for his last six and one-half i _^== months in office and the salary o f , a n f 4 ; n ( n ji.., n e - r h v nnnri Rhee over recent p o l i t i c a l devel-, hi., successor for his first five and J P , St. Louis Livestock ' i National Stockyards, III. Wl(USDA)-Hogs 12,000; fairly a c - j , tive; barrows and gilts 180 Ibs up ; I 50 to 65 lower than Tuesday's av- I , erage; lighter weights 50 to 1,00, j ' mostly 75 lower; sows 25 to 50 ' ! lower; bulk choice 180-230 Ibs full width of grade 21.00-25; l a t t e r ' | paid freely by shippers and butchers; mostly for choice Nos. 1 and | 2 under 225 Ibs; choice Nos. 1. 2 and 3 240-270 Ibs 20.00-85; 280300 Ibs 1 19.25; 150-170 Ibs; mostly 20.75 down: 120-140 I Ibs 17.50-19.50: sows 400 Ibs down | 18.00-50; few 18.75: heavier sows i 16.75-17.75; few 18_,00; stags 14.00- ' 16.00: boars 13.50-15.50. j Cattle 2,000, calves 800: few | srnall lots heifers and mixed ; butcher yearlings about 'eady: i good and choice 30.00-33.75; l i t t l e j down on cows; bulls steady; util- NEED A NEW ROOF? ASBESTOS SIDING? No Money Down Caiy Monthly Paymanti DYKE LUMBER CO. N* St. Ch4tlM Wiaihirprooi and Firtproo! Beautiful Colon PHONE 3031 FOR FREE ESTIMATE CLARK VENETIAN · BLIND AWNING CO. H WJIIUim this point came out during the interview. Talking to a reporter in Texas, x Thompson had mentioned thiit some changes were becorn- inc advisable in the schools of a oMltin area and pointed nut that ·chool lenders there were preparing for them. A somewhat dlstort- i of his remarks nppear- rnert from Bos- npmr-nls in I h i s temporary South j one-half months, where she atlended Korean capilal. Alec Adams, j The measure must education is $12S-$I50 per a n n u m In A r k a n s a s while It is "about $400" in other states, Thompson declared t h a t Arkansas teachers have performed very well, and for relatively low pay. "An p x a m l n M i o r i of p l n n i s «nd National TB Association. Cave Springs Chamber r h a r K P d'affaires, orally outlined the British position to Rhee. (hen if Com- . banded the-aKiiiR leader a written go hark tn the House for action on scores of Senate amendments. tnerce members and Ihoir wives '. statement. He Mt\ rorrcsponricnts; will hold a riirinrr at !ho corn- the s t a t e m e n t backed up the poll- MlCCAlirianC m u n i t y center Friday n i e h f . Thn fios of t h e U. S. Slatp Department · niMVUMOH * dinner v.-ill he In t h e n a t u r e of n tfivrn nhee in a note yesterday. I fd. in a newspaper the next day to: fj lh« effect that Thompson war, "nd- ! '"" ipmnni fihnw. that in this ntiit« j r o i e r o d dlsh c o l , n l l o n . w j ) ] j n r i p K p ,, v v . as am reluctantly forced- elusion lhat thf pconom vcxrating" a xvholesale revamping. Xh mild, dignified' g r n t l e m a n had Intended no such thing nnd was I . ' ^ " v a y o n n . r n d u c . i o n . T h n m p - r . ' ' " - TM 1 ' 1 "? ' P 1 " " T" "" ' ^.1 Jt liciysation resulterl jn Rreater -- fon aectarea; ' f«r«c( in fi«i -1 u -" ! u :· "Personally. I'm very « r a t p f u l | lp ' osl in Mr " |or this o p p o r t u n i t y (to study U . ; S. frhools), and I hupp t h a t 1 m a y ; haVe achieved some of the n b i e c - j S^HH;S3! f F s "-^-'? s Sij it would oonn-lbulo t o w a r d s 1 h '« h p r 5lnll " ; "« profM«lon»l ^ro- ir*ittr understanding aninnR prn- tilts of thf world. 1'vr learned a Jttil dta! ind hope 1 have eivcn yomethinK." 13-Story Tulsa Hotel Tulsa, Okla. -UP). The Hole! Tulsa, this city's second largest hostelry, was sold yesterday to two Missouri companies. , , j . , , A. . . · - i The Stifel Hotel Company and I i h. iTl nTl V!"T" samp v i o w s "" l h 1 lSnl " h Korean Rncss , cr Hotc , Companv, both of ·las, school build- i K M ."hTMim h 4'TM ^'t^n to TM£ U %^TM'*-F$'^ ** "'^ noiis LnmmissMin for Ihe U n i f i c a - .ISO-room b u i l d i n g for a reported lion and H o h a b i l i t a t i o n nf Korea., $1,6(10,000 from a group of Des The America n Embassy also .. . : « i i i i . u ' i i . i-ifHY i- .1.1 i:u-. i .-u handed nhpe a note from Presi-! wpil up 10 5t»nriarrt. j , r n m m n n r i p r n f , h o W i l l i a m F. K ; i » - = dent T r u m n n w h i c h called recent | lo tne con-. ^ ^ ftst ^ ^^ (( \ lll( . r j ran j^^jnn p o l j t i c n l developments in P u s a n : . . , , . ( f i t t h e n n n u n l election M o n d a y "shocking." fectrd IhroiKth a Inw scale of M l - j n , R h t . mformcd sources said the B r i t - ' to teachers, he reasoned. Thl , lhi ,.,, .,,,,,,,.,, Ki ,,. c n ., v ish !1M rt u. S. nnlos rxprosspd t h e ; inits r a t h e r t h a n adequate salaries ! arranReniTOts, said this week, to i c a r h r n -- w h o have had placed! Prizes lotalini; m n r r t h a n Sfiral in r n r p the country's most precious product, its children." The inclurinxpraclic.illy every Horn n f . " 1(1 commission rocontl fishing and baseball e q u i p m e n t , · Rhcc '" list m a r t i a l law in Pusan movie tickets. 50 of t h e m con- and release 12 opposition . p i e . and the r a t i o nf men to women is greater, Thompson reported. Asked for his opinion of the pro- tick's. t r i h u t p d by one business man. a bicycle and boxinn r.utfils and Boy Scout c a m p i n p tools and bcrl- dinp. Three ice cream companies lc:ise blymen under arrest. The IT . N. representatives voiced the opinion Hhcc was a t t e m p t - ing tn ronlrnl the presidential Moines, lo'.va, stockholders. The 4n-year-old structure will assem- '·· he leased to a new firm, the Tulsa Hotel Company. "bold experiment" in five- teachers -- the Ian which may be carried out in l . Htvlnit'been treated well In t h e | f 0 5 c d JJ. S., the schoolmaster had no i n - ! y o a r ttntion of turning loose a torrent. W critlclun: When this point h a d : Arkansas w i t h Ford Foundation feeen tulflclentlv stressed, he w e n t , Funds-Thompson sa!d the plan is iTto S lv« some revealin K com- | "very sim.lar to Ihe one used ,n fcirlson" of the schools of the t w o ! NIW , Zealand for secondary school ' teachers now. r n m p l p t p at least three years, and andV"A r ram°fo P r7n l r 1 ntra 1 n l t' i ' 1 B'ovs' pl ' 1 ' llnn in " ln A M ( l m h l y ~ ]a0 t h i s and girls from six to 12 may enter ; thp. contests, and may come fi om Young Child Drowns In A Fish Pond Little Rock-Wl-Arkansas' vio- fttilMaphln Rtmilir Similarity of Ihe h "V {»"'"« f «PP?"«"»: , ee softened his policy today, _ ny section o' Northwest A r k n n - ' »PP'» 1 ' i nll.v as a result of prolesls. ]cnt de:lit , to ]| for tne wee)( £tood sas. ; from the U. S. anrt B r i t a i n . A KOV- | al f j v e , oday Tnree of the dcaths Free swimminc lessons for chil . eminent public i n f o r m a t i o n office wcrc ratised bv drowning, dren six to 12 yeni-s olrl liecin' announcement said Khee would x(, e slate's third drowning in next Monday, J u n e Ifi. lessons, nol dissolve the N a t i o n a l A s s e m - ; t w o ,),,,, yesterday took the life for beginner and intermediate . |,| v ,,,,,,.. E a r lipr he Was reported. ,,, ,, 20-month-oId bov in a fish swimmers will be conducted b y : ,, nt d i s h a n d i n it j d Texarkani, He was ^n^etr 7 RmT = .,^'^ '-^'J« -- -1 ^ i c e ^ n s T s C a , pool at Lake Atalanta where t h e ' e d u c a t i o n a l . preferably four years, a t ' a unlver- j Ipssnns will be Riven. Tho classes .JhUo»ophi« of New Zealand and j s jt y ,nd then complete w i t h one. .In* U. S. impressed Thompson. · ylir ,,( professional training at I jV m -. "We share the common phllo-1 (heir i» l r her« cnlleft," he Hid. '^ "«oph.v," he said, "that education, ..^ 5 , p r j nc i p ,| , n d employer of ^hould rater to the needt of every I ,,1,-h mrhert, I h«ve found this individual according to his p a r t i c - 1 ,yslpm very juit»bl». II ·uJ«r interests, a p t i t u d e s and like-' S d 0 nu»te academic as well »s pro- l y - f u t u r e vocation." fessional preparation." While retaining some features RMMroh ,,, TMhni,,,^ from the older European systems ; Thon , mmri ,,,,,, m l l p h rc . Thompson noted that the U. S. and . s(lar( , h h a s , ,,,,,,,, j n , h( . New Zealand have also developed I m |ecnni , 1M ,,, , M c h i n s . , horc is unique features to meet Ihe.r own evMfmf ,,, nri p , 3nnin( , a n d needs and some of these features d Un|s ,. Onr( , |hp obj(!rtives which «re not found in Luropc are ^ \^ n dt . rln( . d , Ve Ron( , ra iiv common to both the newer coun-! (mmrl ^^^ m p ,. orefdin|t tries. "Our schools are non-sclectivp, he illustrated. "By that 1 menn that they do not collect in d i f f e r - ent schools students of special be held from 10 to 11 clercd nol to arrest any more a s - j Mrs. Douglas C. srmhlymen nnt directly involved | Texarkana. Mrs. Hensley in what Rhee has called Monday through Saturday · munirfl plot" against his admlnis- 'Com- son slipped away her from his twin sisler with whom he playing, crawled -throuj had been a fence with greater e f f i - \vith the task cienry." The "vast amnunls" nf supplementary tpflchmR materials available in the larfte population centers impressed th« New Zealander. S, - . , . ,. j In San Diego County, Calif., he »U types should receive their ed-. f m m r l ability; rather do we believe t h a t , as in life afterwards, students of ufcation in the same institutions." i , This idea is carried out in H a - ! wera Technical High School, of which Thompson is principal, in Hawera, N. Z. Both college preparatory and i n d u s t r i a l arts cour- «es are available there . · Thompson believes the trend in both countries is to supplant narrow vocational courses with work In Industrial arts. "In a prosper-. oils country, there should bf no need lor very early decisions t o ' take a narrow vocational course." In Europe, however, such vo- Citional courses and nnt industrial arts are the rule. Education ' wM itHllMi wkt wet H IWt (In) (htkt wetws UMoetT St. Joseph remarkable program of mobile library service for rural srhools. Experts have collected nnd organize^ the material well, And he feels that New Zealand eduratnrs--while they are improving Iheir cuvriculunis--can learn something of curriculum improvements from the U. S. Studies Many Srhools Thompson arrived by way of Panama and flew from Miami, Fla., to Washington, D. C.. where the Office nf Education prepared his itinerary. Hf studied secondary Michigan. Illinois. Nebraska. Colorado, Utah, California, and Texas hpfore arriving here. At each stop hp s t u d i e d » particular aspect nf secondary e d u c a t i o n . At the end of this week he will r e t u r n to Washington, n. C' , and before .Inly will RO tn Britain and the Continent, where he will con- t i n u e Jus study u n t i l December. Thompson, who is a past presi- HER SMILE!! ? ? ? ? Tonite Thursday 8:00.10:15 W e l l . . . It Does Mort Damage to a Man's Heart Than a Blow Torch Does to a Chunk of lee. - WATCH OUT! THA'S ALL!! Take Care Of My flvt: Tom 4 Jerry Cartoon A Ntwt fV9 * · ·!!·.·* Miniortm DRIVE HTf CvMirN LAST TIMES klS-3:20-S:25-7:2S-l:3D Everyone's raving about what a gnat Show it isl Don't Mits It! THU-FRI-SAT. Features: 1:00 - 3:0! - 5:15 - 7:20 - S:2S A thrilling txper!«nce in happiness! 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Bob and Charles, of DeSn'o, Kan., visited Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Price Friday through Sunday. Bob will enter the service June 11. Miss Wands Sue Reed has returned home a f t e r visiting friends ' at Paw'huska, Okla. ; Mr. and Mrs. C. C, Bachelor of Oklahoma City, Okla., returned home Sunday after visiting- their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and l WHO FIXES RADIOS? We've Been Serving You Since 1929 SMITH RADIO SHOP T E L E V I S I O N Get a Ringside Seat at all National Conventions KOTV will be on the cable in 30 days Get your TV installed before the conventions start SMITH RADIO APPLIANCE Open Saturday Nights Until 8P.M. CATALOG DEPARTMENT 1337 Shop Wards Catalogs For Savings on Summer Needs Shopping problemi dijoppenr like ium- m«r ihowen when you shop from Wordi many Catalogi. They love you time and itepi as well 01 money, for you make your wlsctioni in the comfort of your own horn*. You'll be pleated with Wardi low prieet becauie you can economiie with- out lacriflcing quality. 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