Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 4, 1952 · Page 9
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 9

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 4, 1952
Page 9
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Garcia Blanks Bosox, 6-0; Tribe Is Back In First Place Boston -f/Pt -Smomh .... ...._ Mike Garcia pitchfd thp uievr land Indians back into first p!;irc in thfr American League last ni^ht by blanking th n Breton Red Snx. 6-0. Luke Easter provided thr 'ma punch at the plate for the Trihr" Easter drove in Ihree runs nn a home run and a fi "^l" as t h e Tni.-c ^napped a thrA-game losim streak. Th" Indians picked up 1.3 hits off lefty Maurice McDrrmoit, making his first appearance sinr? pitching R one-hitler. It was obvious that McDr-nnnti had lo?'. the .sharp tnucii hp displayed in hi? last outing as ;;-.· first three hits against him uere long two-baaspi-?. Thp first two came in the first innintt and ac- ccun'.ed for a run. JvlcDermott lasle-'l until t h e fifth »:iri was charged w i t h all the runs. Randy Gumport look over for him Vier the base* were loaded and fsvc up two runs before retiring the-side. Only one runner readied third base againrt Garcia, as he scattered seven hits. Dom Dimaggio got three of the seven. Cleveland C. Boston 0 CLEVELAND BOSTON ab r h ah r h 4 1-2|DiMaggio, c f 4 0 1 4 1 2'Goodm-in. ih 4 n n 5 1 2-Evers. I f 4 0 1 3 0 li Stephens, ah 2 0 0 2 1 1 PiersaN. 3b 2 0 1 3 0 0 VoMmer. rf 2 n o A 1 2 Tho'berry. rf 2 ft 0 4 0 2-Upon. BS 4 0 1 4 0 1 J epcio. 2b 4 0 0 4 0 P ''"'flrhos. c 3 0 1 M n'rmoti. p 1 fl 0 (Bumper;, p i n n aw.'ber l 0 f) Sc'b'rouen. 37 6 l.Tm*al5 Giants Snap Slump By Battering Cubs, 17-4 The NY-v Y o r k * Oian's exploited mil of a Insinp · .·trr;ji; nnrl oatiin? slump yesterday, huT.bling the C hicaqo Cubs. 17-J. T w i c e ilie (-i;iin^ h.iite , "lr;ir a - m i n n in surreysivp six-run ' inning. 1 -. Four Cub pi i fliers werr tit-chr-d fnr 17 hi'?, issued six walks and hit three hfiismcn. The Giants, u ho nad loi ; l five of their EHJ! s;.\ d:i c\. a.'tie up w i t h a two-run hurncr by \Ves \\Vslnm. three triples and three double? The slugfe.'U made it easy for pitcher Jim liearn to register his f i f t h \\in against one lo?s as he ricnlt out nine hit-. Giant lendoff batter Davey Williams scorer! four time?. He walked three times and hit 2 single and a double. The .Vp'.v Yorkers pirkecl up three run.- in the first thrpp in- Brooklyn Holds NL Lead Win Orer Pittsburgh, 6-4 ' HIP firp p i r ' i - c v p hf fir! hnri 1 0 call on to itveial sniat-ked Avila. 2b Ennnt. s* Rosen. 3h Doby. cf Fridley, ]f Mitchell. If Easter, Ib S'mpyon. rf Hfgan. c Gsrcia. p nings then raved the roof in nn ' the only superlative .itarier Joe Hattcn '.vith a five-ljit. affair. six-run fourth frame. Johnn; West wood C'nun try Club at Louis, scene of ihe 4 9 t h Wrstm. .·^mn.r.t.-ij d i-jui Open ^oif tournament. just com- straight, but hit pleted, is a tough O.HOO and some . nf t':e sjrecn nnrl odd yards. That fact was testified {M by the soaring scores of mam df the nation's brsl golfers. Only one IR-hole tour humbled the co'.irj-e out'of well over 300 rounds. The winner, Lloyd Mnngrum, turnrd in a final 61, which was ·core of the rds past. Rnro? t! four wnnd »h;it \ mound in fr a (i-4 victory nv*r the Pitt«hurch Pinter- anrl first place in tin- .\';ir.i-].-.| i,»"i»un. Thp s«- o:id pl'icr- ,\r\v Vfjr! (Jiants, onf ^,-HIIP trick, rri-1 i nn th^ir a f t e r - nnn-i t j i ; u i t h the Chirnsn Cubs. Th» I'ir;, !i«. ir.'ulinc fi-l going in!" th 1 - n i nib. nl!i n d to score thrcp runs ;inrl thr Hori^n-.- called mi two rt:l!''f pitchers hrfore the Hue.: cnul'l ho Mirorl. A costly Homer By Crowe Helps Boston , Nip Cards, 3-2 ; HHizh. Harrison then ha n hn.-i- iiiiEj Iwo-iron thni p.r\rr got mniT lhan Id fc-t a b n \ e thr ^vnund nn its 20(1 yards journey up the hill. sconir-rr over a ridg?, up on the sloping Kffpn and a f t P r nn !in^ past the pin ^topped in th* 1 (!T;I ersss nn the fringe - f t St I,mji c - i ./pi - An nunpnrrjnt hnnif run Klippctein came on in the fifti i and was sreeted by a six-hit. .:ix-ruri inninp. Bob Shultz liad t o lake over before Klippslein roulri end the innin.T. The Giants \venl Schull/ sn'ore!e?s the sixth, but the With t he na rrow fa i rwa vs and Ion? holes proving difficult there were more had shols in evidence than normal condition? would account for. We saw some of the world's finest pn'fer? eveeute some of the world's worst shot?. a--Hit into fielder's choice for Gump n rt in 7th. Bonon . . nw oon ooo--o E--Upon. Picrsall RBI--S'mp3on · Ro:en. Easter 3. 2B--Avtla. Fridlc" S'mpson. DiMagBio. HR--Easter SR~ Sirrpsrm. S--AviJa. DP-Lrpcio. I.tpon ' and Gnndrmn n. Left Cleveland fi. i Bostnn 7. BB--McDermoM J. Cumocrt ·' 1. Scarborough i. SO--MrDermoit 6 . Srarhoroueh i. Garcia ," HO--McDrr- i mitt 9 in 4 ' j inn'ngs: Gumpcrt ?. in *-,: Sp^rhnrourh 2 in ?. R A: ER-- Garcia n-0: McDcrmntl T.-J: Gumprrt d-0; Srarhomusfh n-n. Winner--Garcia i7-1' I.oser--McD-.rrmtt '.1-^1 U--P-TnarcMa . P-^rella. Rohb. Hurley. T--2:4* A- commenlrd. will hi-cnk l o f t a .. ,, _. .- , iff the n u n ·"-···"·' ;- * · · * -- v ·;-" The prize ornbahlv came off the ( t h e golfers were un;i M "'zrA^zzx^ %'?«*V arly F r'; hthpde - .T pl " inln r rr, 11 ; c,TM. TM u^r'^ nvor.^ ! TM^^u^.^ ,»«' '" '*"* . misse'l Ihe Kiccn fu the riehi .':iirJ locks like il was fortunate when his ball hung { you pull and it breaks right." in the grass nn a slope thai ilrnp-. Karl S t e w a r t . Jr.. rnmnrkcd ir pod off into a trap. ; \v;ill'.inc froni oTie Kircn In the V.'e followed him nlona and next tee, that. "They Ini-i out pomt watched RS he earpflily s u r v e y e d , awfiil cood par thit-e hnles He finally took his pre'cn to tee.' 1 on the eourse. Wininior. e.x-Okl;dHMr. Hacker blanked the Giants twn frame 1 ?. Hearn e^^eH un loo much in the seventh and g a v e UP fonr hitr and walk ' ^ ailow the Cubs f o u r run?. Aftei- that he settled and w?s in chargt the refit of the !r'l !n a pair nf !':·'·: 1:1 th? final Innir^ allrr Ed Kil/grrtlrl had opened Ihe fr;mio with a hornf run , ; "ff M a r ' r r Ralnh Hr.niM. i ol R hlh IniH.m bv Rn'lnn tint nasc. .In.- Bla.k took nvpr from miin fi-niee Crow iirnviried pilrh- Hr.uici and sa'V a of runs er ''' m ^'i'son wil'i hi? m^rpin of rrnys th» plate as Ih? re'ult of his. virtory ovrr thf St I.-iuli Cm. e f f o r t s lie cave, way to Johnny dimls laM nis 1 '!. 3-2. V/il-no hur!- Rulh-rford ".-llh two on sntl two cd a brilliant I'vo-hiltrr ,\ t|, r " - ' · · · · · · · - ··"·*"· - ' - " out. Ceoi-Re S t i i c - k l a n d tln-i enrtfd i Rrriblrrl* Both players hart hit almost per- the sn mp by fouling on: to thf f i r s t ' ." feel drives and seeond shrtls and baseman. : t,ro"'s homrr. polrd onto thf " " Home runs amiuiiterl for Ihe. ric ''' " pl '' l" v ilion mnf. i ;, m « liro'.iilyn -dj. .larkie Robinson »·'" 'h' Ti-H- alrea'lv 1 Cm I Kinillo ,TM-l Oil Ho'l?es a'l Z-1 Irafl ap-' Wilsnn in . i-nnnci-torl for th? circuit. Strirk- m-'rol of f-e Card Iwtler. Tin | 1,1:1-1 added one for the Tlratis in run looked Mki- f x l r a in no Hu "T, s ,' x! i! 1 - , ' experienced hi« n,,iv tmu Duke bnider hit a p; n of triple hlr. nf Oie z-un- in Ihi- I o' ( t i winch helped to pin the l oss on ! "',.?! f R ' ,, , lif-J Munw who left the t o m r ' [ ' ' , , K V ", ks "'"' " '" in ti-e seventh. i '"-'-^d · ° h ».'" wilh none om. The IJndccr; broke out on t o p ! Wll-on stiffened and force-l tin with a run in the first nnd two ' , neKl tnr '' e batters to in the I'oird. all driven in by Rob- i-iyon. From there It was a brfeie until the nioth. ncithur u p as nn the (onk fours by sinking six anrl c-i-jbt foot put's respectively. Hut that mV^cs a touch gam n oul of golf. d i f f i c u l t llimous lrlinQ . ' W e s t ] u Yvar.i ' A'$ Use Home Runs To Beat Revamped Tigers, 3 To .· Philadelphia-'ypi-The Philartel- 'g*^_ P K J9 Athletics used .1 pair of hom- ' E--T er? to beat the Detroit Tiger? 3-1 ' ' i o t t .r here Ja.t night and extend a win- | N*w Vftrh 17- CtjtcajO 4 NEW YORK C H I C A G O ;-h r h a' WiMia i ·= L'h .1 4 '! Mik '!?. 'ih J.ftrkrvm in l " "· Fond\'. "h Rianf i'i 1 o (T"'erm's^i. rl iaucr. If Brooklyn I. BROOKLYN ·ill r h MIT ; ,:i. ;'h 4 n 0 ". ' . j g l i o . . . 1 1 1 UuIGrrco. C f 4 :· i Bf-u. r( ^ 1 1 Kinrr. If .T {· 0 *;-.r-nlol«. If i i n 1 i M i (i · ti l '! Jeffoa l i 1 T Tt!.or" rf i n n xi',-in'i r! ; 1 0 "riiiillx -i t H . Tnth i 1 1 2 Hacker t :7 17 -o-ais ff , . Sunday lacker, dug under the ball nnrl M. M»r but nllou-eH tu-n runs to M-orp ii thf prortss. The Ihrcr men hr re l.ireri on ground bulls constiHitC' lh(,' heart rtf the Card ball'MR m · ' · --Rrri Schopn lirtrt. Kliiri Mui.ia ftnri Enns Sleushtrr. ·T. LOU It »h r h *T^ T i v ' ; V ° Hrmui. 11 3 n ·f. If 5 0 I Sr'dlennt. 2h n 4 1 J'Muiiu. rf a n 3 fi 1 .j'mnh'cr. rf :) n n n n " pirn if i ii 1 0 0 Snl*r 3 1 2 Johnim 1 t 0. B're -· B 1 afilaifr 4 0 n hSttlln i n n i it ' :·* 4 l JIM fi.O L'OO- 1 round lead and v:as (lie man to Lloyd fvlan^nim on the third r!-ry. ha\'ing Inured 4^ hnies in one over par. lUsnjrrum, at that point, was but nne under. On the : .D juu- i « , 115-yard par three seventh hole n .ta-i.-_ * \ R[,it pulled his nine-iron shot in* " ' " ' to a shallow trap about 20 feet from thp pin. · Taking his wedge he knocked it on th^ fly over the preen and into ft trap orj the other side. He then rifled the ball out of '.he trap irsipinicnts thi? prason. was the vi'.tim of th? Athletic? 1 power. He v.-as relieved by Frerldy H-itchison In the Fevent u -. A walk nnd a triple by Billy Hitchcock in thp second ?ot 1 v ^e A's off to a 1-0 lead. Then Ma.ies- ki added a counter in the fourth with a home run and Clark r^o- duced-the third with a four-base blow in the nxth. Alex Kcllncr. who go* credit for the '·ictory, was touched fr- a run in f'-e ninth when Walt Dropo. ' acquired Detroit firsi base- j-in^led nnd rnred home on B;j'ts' 'one double. Post Supplies Power As Reds ·Trip Phils, M . . Srhultr 1. Hacker 3. Hearn . Hn'tcn P in 3 innings Diti.lic 1 - in fourth 1 . Jvipp-'eln hard and fast ihe caddy (ailed to ' £ft out of thp way and the ball, I which would have disappeared in- i Cincinnati-fflViVslly Pn^t. to a water hnr.ard hftlnw th? sreen^-erally considered :'fl' mi ooi- P I»Rhu-{.i'i (HO -|ft| l)jf -4 I:--. 1 -! i-ron. tt^tff R3'--Snirft-r. Roh. iiH"n :i FiinUn. Siri^kland. H^drm. f H/Ceralrl. Mrrson. Gar^^iola 2B Mi i-:,n :;B-- Snldrr :. MR -trthinso i ! .1-lln S i r f t . ' R n d . UodRp*. Fj'i'Jt-rald I)! 1 - ^unir**!. Mr-rjnn mirt Birtlromv. m,.-n--»i- r r.r r, n d Hndirf: Morta-1 .'tvl Iii.'lcr.- Ir': -Hrno^ljn 1. PM[. hir-Th :· n-t MuiiRfr ·; 5O--n'inr» ·1. Miinc-r 1. Mnin 2. B!«rk i HO - .VnnrT r, jn r, inninR-. Hr-,nr* * fidi f: tn i-r'nrr] 0 m ' - . Mn;n I In 1. Bl.l'K Schmidt, p rl,owrcy .1 H To'olT .1 ii 4 (l ! i n o n n i i 0 n 2 (I 0 1 i l I ! l - l . fi-n ' had il not hit something, glanced · --Walked fnr D. Rlrc In Bill innin* l--IJin 'fpr Stinky m «!h. r~Sin|)jrt for Sfhmlflt in 8ih J°» ( on . ooo I in tuo .1 St. Louii ooo ooo n?n - 2 E-HfrUfirid. Crowe. RBI-Loifln. Ciirdon. Crowe. Schnendlrntt, Muilnl CB--M»thew». Gordon. Thorp* ,TB -- Lifin HR--Croivt. S--Lo*an Left -. Bolton I. St. Loui* .\ BB--Off Wilinn «; Schmitlt 3. SO--By Schmidt 7. nr«f 1. Wllion 2. Hlt:» off Srhm(lt K in K Innlnfk: Br»7?!« 0 in 1 R F.P -Wil- C : . r -n · !V '" n "'?r »-»: w a m - i f t n 3-?: Schm'dl 3-s. Rrarlf n-n HBI» - - : nhrk 1-J: Ru*r:rr.'flrd i - By Sfhmid! iTrow*!. Wlhnn '.SUuih- -rtru'm '"-"I !,o»ur~ ^Jun; *er'. Winner--WHnjn iIMi t-OHT.- '""' " "" '"ir- Srhrnidt lO-* 1 * U--Bofffin Pinrili Ictrt,-. T-?ll A-IO.I..,'. ;Enfftln. Jorda. T~2 80. A-6.677 Lookouts Keep PHILADIL^MIA ah r h ah r h Grnu-. c Ml .1 - ; S5 Piiddv. 2h 4 0 1 KP!] °h I.fnhardt. If 4 n 0 su-jrr ^h Wcr'r. rf 3 0 (l Phillcy. c f Drnpo. lb 4 1 1 Zprnial. If S'uchorh. .Ih 4 fl t "lark rf Bitts. c -1 n 1 Majcski ",b B?rrv. KS 4 (I 0 HitrhrVk. Hi Truck?, p 2 0 1 '-s rn'h. r aKol'nu'av I n n Xrllnor. p HnThin*on.p n n n Trals *4 1 6 Totiilf Penn To Tackle Tough Grid Schedule In '52 P'nila-'?lphia-i/P)-Thp University of PennpylvaniR will all hut for^qkp t h r (vy Lea SUP for hip name football onnonrnts I strokes off th? pare i down, but finished in a four-way ' ti? lor both Recline ; :illin--. Helief pitcher Frank Sm from only f.vo strokes behind Mangrum's leading score to eiejit , HP settled i took over for r t a r t e r 'V.VP!! wc.-ll in thp fnur!h. U-;VP finn hit i:i rep Bl^rkwell ret lightened triumph. d whp'i IMS ann K.-,rl Slewr.rt, .Ir.. ,vhn won the · Aliened, "P TM bim. Ho Iw-l ill- Oil Belt tournev n, El Dorado Rs . l"wn,l ,,,; l».-o l,,t F hu- |v,. ·. v k - nn amateur » few vTMr s aw, was f (1 lhlnP . ! ',"'','"·'" ^ n"' '''" - ,c!:on as a pro at St. l.ouis. lone PhiUdelpnia tally in thf Southern Lead 4 0 0 . . . . .... .T (i o . the nation and one of the 1ouphe?t -i--Filed out for Truck- in Sih D-;ron . oon onn 0:11 -- 1 Philadelphia nifi 101 o:ix -3 E--Nonr. RBI HMchroch. Maic-ht C Tk. Baitp. 2B--Snu~hork. Phiiipy Cmth. B=i:ts ?B--Hirrhcoch HR- Ma- J^'ki. Cl=irJt DP--.Inost. Kc\\ and HiThenrk T.*-. r t--De'roil 7. Philnrtrl- phin S HP--Krllncr 1. Trut k-. ". SO-Truck- 2. Krl'nrr fi HO-Trnrk-; fi in 7 inninc' : Un'rhin-nn (1 in fi. n F,F7 -- Truck- .";-,": HiiJfh ; .]T-.nn i-n ··i^iinrr 1-1 HR"- Trurk; iKoll- WIITTT-- ir»»!. }\t KcUncr il-h Ijnrrr Trucks r Rs m .S.7XT. Amon-j the pro? hr lacks the polish he showed as an amateur, but in history nnxt year, .still mmrs up w i t h fh.=ln* of bril- 1053 rard, announced y e s - ' h a m P. He was in the deep rough much of ihe time, hut scored one Dame, Ohio of the few racKs nf the tourney N'.-n-y. nn ihe lonp ;ind difficult 14th. Pcnn Manqrum hari trouble in spots. ; Inn. He nccarionally let a ICP . c hot nrrirr yet nw;iy and on one hole got ?o ;'H of · fnr into the rouch that he muld barely srp where the irrer-n was. out-- up hit his second shM from a side- Pf'ui hill lie and slavered bnrkwards about six =tens a f t e r hitting Jhe ball to keen frn-n fallitip down. On ihat shn? his ball «-hi?tli?d through thp thick part nf n } r p' ;i nd ;']Kv.-irk. Dufiy. T--I.M A-- · ed him In hnpir 1 thp hole, whirii i n n ^ 4 ! i Icrdsy: I I ] · Vanrierhilt. Notre i n n Stato. Mlrliinnn. Army. - 1 n ° Cornell. California and 29 ;! 6 Stair. Pcnn didn't sny :n what thp K ^ m e s v i l t b e plnyprL E thr t IMP will lie home 'ilts. On'y on« ivy I.ra^ue opponent Cornel I--i^ in t i e linrun. Pfiin Alhlrtir Dirrrt-u- p'ran Murr.'iv insisted if? nn mrinvition that Pcnn is hnHin.n thp Ip.igue. third. 1 Robpr!s, in goinc dov:n lo 1'is third loss nf thp rnm'jiiicn. pitrl ' eri pxre'Vrt i^nM. Ho walV.od nntv strrr'-: injt six. P"-t singled " MTIP Tcri KIur?.r\v^ki. iupt returned ;o . \^r* ''"-flip follovinc a pnllnd hr-cl ten(ion. in thp SPCOTK!. anrl drovr · t^r winninp homer into the flanr!; i ir I'T rovrnfh. Thp round- tripper w:is only Post's srrnnd of 1hr r^mpaifin 1 Tbr first ramn thrf 1 weeks ;IL'; anfi jT-'ivp HIP lipfl-; a ?.~\ win n-'cr PHH.AD1!.7M: A Cl WC INN ATI . of 'i i _ was good for the shape he was in. 3i Thf A t l a n t a CrH'.'kers p\«~ry right to be mad at th? Tonk"ii its from Chatlanooga. Thf Wnj-'hinctnn farmhrind.'; handed ; Pixip Wnlkrr's crew n ."i-2 HMI- i ing l.-irl niglit and thus jirpvonlrd Atlanl-T fiom taking over firpt nia-'p in thn Southern Association. Yrrtprday the Crac.hTS wer? fl mere nerrentage point bphind first nl.T'r Now Orleans and wrrr sfven points ahrad of ihlrri placf Mobile. Yot. the beating at the hands of Chatlnntiopa drobperi At'nnta lo third fin) promntpd the Bears to second altroujth both New Orleans nnr) Mrib'lp were idlp. Rirmmgham ppankH Noshvillf fi-.S and moved into f i f t h nlae*. fir-ipn ; ntj thn VnU in ^ i x t h . Little Jaxton Favored In Boul With Rawlings Chlc»fn - rfl'l - A ten-pound wejfM frigs nlus an undefeated record in hif last 2« fights marlc N^w York's Johnny Saxton th^ fsvorlt^ in l ID-roun-i hexing hnut tonight with Luthrr Rowlings linvf 0| c hi«go. Saittnn. 22, and fonrlh-rjinkinK weltfrwright, Is i-xportecl to wi-igh .ihout 147 pounds, wit RftwIiniF. forcmos! Ilghlxvpight roniniKlir. i-omlni; in at 137. The 2S-vnr-old RawllnRs will h»ve a threc-inrh hpigM advantage. i i Thr Cinrinnatl Redi won 21 and lost .11 at nicht during 1951. At Crnslcy Field they won 13 and lost 14 undfr the i II S'lm ST1Cf!r^ shov cd up. but did imi .stH.v !onp. He doveiopcd a sore finjrcr and quit a f t e r a pair of finor rounds. On his last trip aro-.ind the course he was out of thr f;ur- wnv on is of his 18 tee srmK But the Slammer still war. the biggest attrariinn. All t h e , . n P-vs . r .1 n 0 McMilla r. o 0 "nst H 2 l 0 B!a Smith, p 71 1 3 T.,-.V ellwr a 4-2 look op addi- e!l ] warmer! up on :h« pfa,-ti,T f ; ,,r-.v;,v ( ^'n-i, X % k 'BB-BI»M:'.v/n ^"'smnh "V i before ?t art ing and Sneod really so -ni-ji-kv?n i. Sririh '. RnhT** f. drew an ninHrnre when he (inmn- '* o - ?' a _''· f ' v n 'L 3 j" ? ir-nncs. ^' V rh Vcs: ».-.) It's amazlnR! rilltliS' fsmnus iuper-kcr; rs shave j o u Ihf quick . . . clfan . . . rsiy A CIII1.DS' hra^e mahrs shaving a plra'ur-! Instturf of a rhurr. Von'll nrv^r knciu ho-.v *hnv- Inr; CT ho rhild'H play until you shave with " GUILDS' hladf. Hii.v * parkarje nnrHi.F rn(iK-siN(ii CUARAMKK: Full satlBftctlon money hark. 4 (or only 10r l.K LEAVES YOUR FACE SMOOTH AS A CHILD'S RAZOR BLADES drew an ed ni ! his eri in. One pm t nn tirr.e t e.ime n'it ii vou off th stnppe.i p Snrad lack in his nrs surprif-ed v. nil. He \^'ith him. Inns F-,'?'h s'npn nfferi gi cm. firr-t .TKain? 1 of t l i when he bail \.-\\rn thrv rifinrd frr« acent Billv ' Rrifs 1 . who -.vac out nf baseball - t !n-t .«-f;isnii He nbved vith Mem- lnv.'ine ninr. I'o Mrurh oi:t 112 bat- ; tcrs in 44 games. How They Stand A M E R I C A N LEAGUE i 6 d ' eipht j to :^p Th i tni-nt !rn 'h,i! it v.-;,:o practirp whrn Snerc! ·,n, ·;,;;.,,, ·:,,, ;., r ^ o ] | ; nv.'cd p . 'IUI..I' -.i:'i l! '· i-.-i-lrlir-r j' Kii'i; up ; our In)!' . ked hi: u:'.;o! pren-jon n t ' h i s (a r i]:ir^tr r srn^ had something \n-nr-},' · xam,!!r of v hy Ih" ;-rrr 1:1? trouble 1 v ith th r "irlrr the pi-obkm-. t h i t nn'l thirtren: 1 ! l-,n][ poth wc^f ovpr t " ' ) j and ho'h wero r'*'" 'i u-r-re u.' hi)l wi»h i; j inr-Iip" --ill thr wa." Htvl '·jnc A b'-nr! srrr.r.'i ?hof n. t day ar/.und lhr vm-i = ' hip. hn'r. a--.4 aimmt di.^n :-i t-'-i A-ld "i *jmpi' TT-I r r ^ v frdi u a 1 ^ '.".'"fH t;.ips, and it rniH** CiiK 1 "''tn. 1 .inn (.r« T ' :.7 A '· !', D ' D' i I 1 tiivc / nchcs. Btth Kmifiiics Past :\V//.v. ?-.' U'.r LIP -- '.n-'/Vi-^fltchi-l P-r^r H r : i ; t T f f )!-.;» T . ' t ripf- W.Tr'"-l r - f i ' a br.^f ,?·%!-"·.. -,:-.,·?. · · · . ^ ; - p r:-.-^'.-l Ir fr.i,, -r,,, v -,. m- ".V-t c,f l^f. \-r ,; '·;,· t j ) , - . : - t T' « p V r a p -- and - M n a i I ' l i t l ' - ;|i" 1 !f'if j.Vjtj-f, Hiirlf. t'mk n-.-"r 'h" trr,.j n , r V - r , - - ff.l t r " c » I 'r:i» J^-O't-r in ' "P * 1 * · 'j'i'i won ( " ^ '".ini" '! ;-.,, ;;.'. 3 ·»_ (rr , ri ( (.p \VaOvr;: J 0!i '-'on,-)1-.r^ CallrH u h- I'.iU Vr-Mi '' ... . « i 1^ ;u"-f '·« H · p p ( ; - , · « · . ;.. · f;t r . 1?T iimhrr-.'-'-tr' 1 '] i ^ t t ·11 t l r ' - " I t W . 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On eicht-- ^ Ififi-vard^r t h « t h?)S ;. f»irly fl«t anrt extremely nnrrow f a i r w a v fT thr (ir«t ."HiO ynid.-;, then ,int;lrs up and tr. ihf ijft at a sharp rhp o-.-er undiilatmc ground -- Rnros hn a screamer jtlrnlrht up the middle Ilnrnson steppprt up and hit a tow hook that parnM .ihouf half as far n« Boros' bill and rolled H^y's Ror.ulti Y ' . i k I',, flnc-agri -I .Mvn r, I'i'lshiirjh 4 n.i .1. SI l,iln. 5 ;,,,-..,!, J, l'hlllr|o|p|,|, v. ;,-. I'r. von hi SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION hn'l r' The \ ' lil'i "h n! l ^nrii 07.AKK Gcnlry P r a i r i p TmlllfiH Siloam Ro^rrs I.EAf.ll W | S ,-i 3 .1 I fl Prl Athnl.i Birmlnthsm Nashville l.illlf Fork Mtmphr w 32 .11 29 _ 28 25 24 .21 .14 H 21 2S 21 2(1 J9 31 $Q06 5^86 » ·"' · · I N T .JM 4»n 447 OLD $TACC Chs'lunor.j;.! .S. Atlinli 5 Liitlf Rnrk 4, Mmnphlt 2. nirmlnfjham ft, Nxshvillr 5 iM ·« HHf. W DM) MIMUM M, fUNfMI. II. SPORTS. fc-v QV.^ t. . a/et.iviil9. Arka , Juni* A, 1952 ' run T-d WHItMU · !"··! Sox before dCMrt- i- Mnniip-' ·*·»« hU 32«th ijlir fnur hanger. 8 ;'..' \. TIRE SALE Guaranbsd 1st Quality Mats-rials Throughout r . TIRES 6.70-1S 11.95TM 13.45 !·:-. !,.!,,::! lot a-J ,ej, Mlin Fu/.L rrCII-SrilD DEPTH-FULL ir.Z. D WiCTIi-FULL SIZE p .. · S i ^ ) r.-'c-;. 1 ; ,.;c-i'; 7.10-ti 7.'.0.|.S a '.!··.· : j -./c-;j '·.: .··?. CUSHIONS Vir-! Trio* 13.25 13.45 15.45 17.25 13.95 13.75 Tub. Prie.** 2.35 2.70 ?.K 2.»5 3.50 2.75 r..-::o:3 rop OLDER CARS 1 -!:, 15.73 t.n 6.00-1J 11.95 1.40 16.25 J7| ONLY 10% DOWN ON TKMS SALE ENDS SATURDAY I

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