Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 4, 1952 · Page 6
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 6

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 4, 1952
Page 6
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-HOfIHWIS7 ARKANSAS IIMB, Wcdnwday, June 4, 1952 Several Paths Open In Steel Work Stoppage Congress, Truman May Be Waiting On Each Other By JAMKS MARUMV VsshmRtnn-'.JPj-This is whcrp we f,imp in. It was td pr^'-fnl a v.-nrK nUip- p*g? in th" -irrl lnHii«try that Pr»:i-ient Truman Rei?cd the mills in the fnrt plflT No'.v tho Supromf- ("curt ha;-' ranrellpri ihe *mwe. nrrirreri the mills civm hark in thp mvnrrf-. and the Ftcelwirkrrs me n Mnkr. Thi* puts hnth thr pirsirtpnt mid Concress on the spnt. Until nnw CrmRrrr.s had 1 h;.(i the luxury of nittinK back nd l«?iriE » rritir without nffc-nnc., or having to nffrr. a rrrtrvly. fipffurp rondrmiirri Trumnn w;i* \vntHy rmnlcnuifil in thp Capitol for J-PI/.M-K the nulls. Twice hn asked C'fmRrnss for ii iolution after srizurr. H' 1 M"l MOMI*. It was c|c*,ii he h;id si urk his ·nerk out and Cnnjiiws apparently v/a* content tn viiil Mid f-ee if he got it chopper] off. It was chopped \hnulay, by thir Supremo Court. muld affu-rt the delay because, while the cnvrn.mrnl had the mills, the workers wnrkrd. Keeping prodnelinn tfnlrm was UK? main point, himvny. Hut the snlittjnn can't curnc from after several threats and one hrirf walkout. And the country can't 'to without sire! proHurlinn indefinitely. Could Paw A Law Congress could puss a lav. 1 KJV- j Ins the president Irj-al rlcht to fCize the mills aaain or it rnutd ' pass a law forbidding a strike in ; ftecl. Or perhaps il couM find · lome other ariFwrr not thought of go f«r. Meanwhile. it'j= possible Hie ft eel industry and the wot -keis can re.fioh s prttlenient between them- ; wives. j But th rMilutinn can'l come from | either of them unless I A ) the , v.'nrkprp yield on their demands. ; which is hiphly unlikely, nr (UJ j the industry giver Ihe raise with- | out insisting nn Rovrrnmpnt per- ! HiiEclon to raise prices commcnsur- j dl* thi* fiUtatlnn. H* rould tine A incl B together. And of i-ourxc, he. could *il bfirk and dn nothing, waiting for Con- flirjf to xhow u'hfil it do. Congress could sit bark, loo, and do not lun/, «ailinj: for him tn act. Bui presidential tn legislative poulinfi. nr inaction, would be Inn miif-h of a luxury in ;i country a f i ferrrd hv anything so pcnnus ;ts a 'steel strike. i Opens Fire On i Wife Court Russian "Advisers" Live Well In Eastern Europe Satellites Short Figure Finds Style By Rlf'IIARII O'pCfiAN ViemiH-f/i'i-Lavish villa*, t erv- .111 ts who nnrp were mem'nej ··· nf the old a r i s t o c r a c y , big c a r v :ind rnval m e w l s -- t h i s is bow Hii"-;nV iTpnrirdly in Springdale The Runnei* ami Profc-i Women's Club nift Moii'lay tjiiili 1 Miami Hfv.rh, Kin -'-I')-A for-. 'Tier Nfw York t a x i driver was held fnr UP. e.-!i^a1inn nf murder tnday in thr courtroom slaying of, 1 hi.r 3ft~year-oM rljvnmd wife. [ ' A few frdnulf-s fitter he had ; been pi a red undei ii peace bond ' ye.'itrrd.Tv, Hiivid Breeder shot his ! former wife in Hie head :it * lo'-o ranj(e. limn fiied lhrei more bu[- t lets into her crumpled body, i "I ihmiijhi In; w;u: fiiinji blanK- :ln mal;e n ylmv.-. 1 ' .-aid Justice of ·tin- reace r,mHh - k a . "1 ducked under tin- di-sk until the shnoi- ; mir wa:; over " ' Oka had jn-d ordered tlic ·! I- year-old man. now a laundry truck dm er. tint tn molest his former, wife, Ann. and their infant datiirh- lei. A f t e r the shooting Breeder handed thr revolver In Oka and Faid: "Here, I'm surrendering my-' wlf." · West Fork Mrs. It was the mill owner?;' insist- tncf on B substantial price increase, and cnvernmtnt rofusnl to grtnt an much ns they wanted, that produced the crisis lending to the i«lzure. Inarllnn Is Luxury For his part the- president ran (A) order the Office of Prirp Sta- biHzation to Rive the price boost ·Iked by the industrv nr (B) use the Taft-Harllpy law to delay the ·trike further or (D ask Cnn- f rtw for special legislation to han- It lit Fwritt Ftris? -* b*couM of Acid Indigestion? Muit you ivoid certain Urn rite (ooHl became ihrj- nuit lour itonmth . . i 5 11.. .heartburn? Then do at millions o. Curry * roll of Tumi in pocket or purie. Eat 1 or 2 like cundr, ·nd prciio, ihert'n quick loothinft it- lief. Turns ire diffi-rent Contain no todl 10 came acid rebound. Nn mixing, no lUrring. 1'akc anywhere, (ief · mil of Turns iml«T--tlwa)i fait rtlief for arid indention. Onfy l(k, J.Icrf f iwlo B . ?i e Hill left Tuesday fnr a .summer vacation. Her first j stop will be Flic Springs, Texas, where «he will visit friends anfl · rolaiivcf. She plans* on spending some lime in San Anj;eln, Texas, before uninjs' on In PMtsburfj. Calif., where she will br guest of her (UiuuMr:-, Miss Hetty Hill. : Thr Knst BiipliM Church s t a r t - eii its Vac;.lion Hihl · School Mini- . d;iv. with Ml enrolled. The Kev. H;n Ket-d is Mipei intemk'nl. Miss Su/i.miii Williams I.-ft Sunday night for Piesbytoi ian Camp Yalcs. near l-'ml Sniitli. · .She \\'ill spend this week, there. Mr. and Mrs. T. E. rim-noil had ' as their Sunday mir-sts. Mr. Gar- · nett's brother and sister-In-law.' "ylr. nnd Mrs. Joe Ganirtl, and , Mr. Clarnett's sister. Mrs. I.entta : Taylor, all of Wichita, Kan. Mr.; and Mr.*, ftarnell and Mrs. Taylor j were en mute In })aton Rouge, The ladies nrganiz.Htinn of The ' Assemblv of C.oii Church will ' have n hamburger supper on ttio lawn of Mr, iinri Mrs, Steve Km- (?rsnn's home Fi'Way niglit, stiiit- Ing «t 3:30. Thp pmceeds wll gn tn help oiphanfi in F.gvpl. Mr. mid Mrs. Hub Clifton are '-.lenviiiR Sntui-flnv for Ulllr Ib-ck, ^ i where Tvir. Cljftun will attend a Mr. and Mrs. Kd Sample had ns their Sunday guests. Mr. and Mrs. Knlpli Crawford and daughter, Terryal Jean, of Whittier. Cnlif.. Mr. and Mrs. K. V. I.udwig nnd snn, "Rick of Medford. Ore., Mr. and Mrs. Max Sample nnd children nf Springriale, and Mr. nnd Mrs .John Sample pud eliildren nf i Fayetteville. The Crawford?- and i Mrs. I.udwtg will be visiting rela- | lives for the remainder of the · week before returning bnnie. Mr. and Mrs. N. W. .Inbnsnn , honored Irmir srin and daugbtei- I i n -1 a w, Mr. nnd M rs. M n rv t n i .Johnson of Miami, Okla., and their ', daughter, Mrs. H. C. Denton. with a birthday dinner Stmdav. Other guests for the dinner were R. C. Healon, Dnnna and Joyce Dcntnn, and Knrrn Fa ye .Johnson. Afic?r- nnnn guests were Mrs. Harold i Vine and Mr. and Mrs. Bill Clark. ! Mr. and Mrs. F.rt Sample have | received word lhat their daugh- ; lt*r. Mrs. iloel Kee^ee, of Wewnka. ' Okla.. has undcrgrMie an emergen- · ry appendectnmy. Mr. mid Mrs." .lark Underbill , and children of Miami. Okla . were ' guests of his mother, Mrs. Eriith Underbill, over the Memorial Hay ' weekend. Cuttain, Husxjan militnrv men .-u-c present, in hundreds to tb(i;is:inds. With them are other hundred'; nf economic, political and le f -bni'*al expert-;, rarrly srrn in puhlic. whn guide the Comrnunisl puppet governments. It is part of their job to jrp'H-l tn Mnsrnw. Thus Ihe C''i'inmun|'-' bnppe'i nf f'claiul. C/f-ho.' I lunpfii'v. Hfim;ini;i, Ilnluni'ia and Albania go all nut tn ih,,ke ibejr happy and SCT tbeir reports hime are favorable. This mean'; [tlftity of Itixurv for the nuy.'-i;tn«;. If anv «'\plaining is needed In the wnikn.-.. tin- Cr,, M - inuni::!-: s i v : "Tin- J.'U-.M.SI. . libor- atcd our laiifl from the N'a/i:--. Tl ·· flnv.-cr of thi-ir manhnn/l «|ifd fm us. Tbcv an- " h t i t l w l t»i --IM" priv- iler.e-.- fnr Un-ir s.-icrific:-!: fur our people." Privileges Kxtensive The privilege;: ;ire cxli-n.^ivi 1 . The Hu';sians \\\'r- either' in h'mie-; of thr dtspn.-eessed rich, nr in new- lv built luxury s"tilrmrnts -.vherc they can be r.ff by them*fives away fn.m the Im-al folk. HHiahle reports from behind the Iron Curtain s=av the Mussianv are t rented like diploma;-;. Thn Soviet Union's ival diplumaii' 1 ropre.s(!iitalives are trealrd like kings. In fiudape;;t. for instaiifp, ]!us- siii'. ambassador, .1. U. Kissel in*-, lives in a mfignifJi.Tnt b]ork-lori» hfitne. I!' 1 lias many servants and the finest, rarest foods are rerved tfi vi.'itnrs. N'ot far nwny on a bill, Kisra-liov ha- another liixuiinus mansion with lint 1 swiniming pool ami Knrdm?. Jl is rarely used. Snliliers Resentful In vpfcnt weeks, tv.'n refu!',*·(»; HI lived in the AVst from Iliih-aria ' and Albania. The C-ulgai ian:-, a soldier, said each nulg.iri.-ui n-ni- meiil b:is two Snviel offici-i;; v/iih the rank of colonel who wear ]*ur- sian uniform 1 ;. "They enjoy privileged posl lions." the refiiRep said. "Their sfilaries are about four limes high- · cr than romparable Bulgarian officers and 11 ley and Iheir fainilies ieceive special fond and rlnibinR rations nnd heller )ioii;inc." The Bulgarian said the majmiiv tf bis snldir.r-eolli-Hgues rcscnicd : jt. I Western diplomats Jiere say i they know that Hussian ol fieri s ami civilians look with great ioy on the pn.tsit)ili1y nf a few montbs of luxury, leictire nnd compnra- ; live indopendonce nn assiiinnient in Kastcrn Kurope. National Bank. Mi.s.i Mau'lme r-',iriM-, club [iiesidcnt, pi cri'iert. S;;nrliMf; cncin i'lecs '.Mi'- 'p. pointed and Mrr. MM'gar'f-t'hf r n r*'pnri nf ili^ convention to be Jii-ld in October, ,-md Mi;:;. Th-lina Trf-lcr. nu-rnlicr of ib- Prn.-ram mcAinK will be held .June Hi. Thn program will be. in ch;ii^{- of Mif-E Ai-dellr fra-ci-. The (h;b i-. ;-pon- 'soring Miss Carolyn Sinmp.d.s', whn will leiticM.-nl Spiingdalt' at Girls Stale in IJUle Hock. · The- inijwioiiHry Gmup of the Christian WonM-u's Kcllnv.-; hip o: thi- Firr-l Chilian Cbuirh mM I bo rliurch sam-tu;-iv. Mi. S. K. Williams presided nv. i- thf nn-"'- in« and Mrs. I. J. K'.-rrk'k dinrh-1 tbf- study prf,pcnm. One hundred :md seven are enrolled ;;t the Wi-sh-y M-ibodi-1 Cburch Vacation Hiblr Svhonj. M ihinujh Friday. .June '!, u I he Wesley Chm-h and the Fir;:! · Molhodi;.'. Chnri'h will hold a juinl ' picnic iu th» city |-ai'!:. I And r'". 1 : McCui ry. d"]iar'iricnt i lean Ln«jon.\v;i': s'pe.'iai' f.uVst' r,f i hnitnr Sunday ;.t tin- V\r\ Distrir! ' corn'en lion in Spi' 1 . Carl ThorripMin of tin- Ar kan:;as Veteran;; Servic- Office acc'.uiipani/d · him to Spiiiiyd;.if aii'i will con- due! a service school h'.'i c in Miss Helen O x f o r d i: vi-iiinq.' her pflreir--'. Mr. and Mr:, i i:"ii v ' Oxford of Spiincdale. M|.. ;: Oxf..:d : innnt in Cnlcmim. (':·.'·!..;-. fur ;'-ic p.'lSi tWo ailfi i.tie f : « i ! f M'aix a!h' \\ill HIMi- af'.ci ln-i For a spruce look f-n Mather's D»r, here are three Hits deslfiwd (or Uw «horter-tkam-avenfe woman. Suit in cartel hlue flannel (left) If softly tailored, correctly proportioned for the shorter woman. Jacket has prtal peplum, Kdjusiable cuffs. Worsted fanner (center) nukes suit IB gray that has de tachitale pure silk cuiah polka-dotted orer collar and matching jacket linlnf · A slim, six-gore skirt has two hack-panel Isvurted pleats, ntlft laiinel suit (right) has two-hntto* tnxedo front with, lit- fcU orcrizy. Straight, four-gore skirt l.i eased for walking hy center hack kickpleat.' All three are to slim down Ihs short, rounded woman and give her added height. Works To Oel Through School, Has All "AV Boston - iVP) - Nicholas James '. Pcrella, 24, orphaned son of Italian immigrants, who never got a mark under "A" while working his way as a conk's helper through a four-year course, will graduate numma cum laudc next Tuesday from Suffolk University. Two oth-" er colleges refused to admit him in 19-18, feeling a commercial hish * school provided an inadequate j background. In addition. Perella has rereiv- ! ed a Fulbn'cht fellowship provid- ' ing a year's stuciy at the. University of Aix-Kn-Provinre, South , ern France. He hopes to become a ! professor of French literature. Hear Better BUY WISELY! (·'- Whtn buying a HtorJng Aid \ look for faii Accflpfonce S«of i «f (he American Medical Auotialion Council on Physical Msdkin* and Rehabilitation " . Mrs. Mallnry ll.,v.l:. p: iv-inci.'; : Mrs. J. l)e;,·.···!·. \ ire pre; i dent; Mrs. \ V - . l k - r . :-f i r. - Inry; Mi;;, fl. ('. M.irirn' ti'eaviu fi'. Mr. I". 1 rtc Smvrr, !;;··- toi'ian, and Mis. Ii. J. Snu'.b, p a i - . liainent'irian. CJiifM speaL.-r at !h- Kolary · L'kib Mnudav was (icnrjje T h n M i ; ) - " snil of New /calami, a l f : : r h - r spending six immths iii t l : e ;.:a'.es as a Fiilbrmbl i»xchaM;,v slM-.i-nt. While in the Mutes he i." s'suiyn;.". our rchofjl :-\S!-IM; ;K v.-rll as nur aj;riculti]ral aiul indiistna! ]ii o- (irain. There were i''"'U j'.'i"-1; pretieut, including tn! :-e fioiii Fayctlcvillc. They were B'»i, HM-IP, Cliarles Cross and Hichard (.iicor. Mr. nnd Mrs. II. It. Cl irk of Sprin^fialc l e f t SaHirday on a trip In HrsM-llviUe. wbi-it- ''hey sp-.-n', the wec-kcnd with their d;iui;iitr-r and snn in-law. Mr. and Mr.;.. Alrxandrr Hamillnu ;mii h:,l.\. From there they w^nt t o Nuri^an, ! ,]NTEV/ YORK--(NEA)--Mother's j~ bicpcst problem in looking jpre'.ly for her family on Mother's liny (or any other day, for that mat tor J K in f-n'.iing the right cl'ithc.s. (Jenerally, mother is not a io:in-stemmcrl ruse. She is shorter than avera(**\ : Thrr; arc ?o m^ny women in Amor if .'i tc-:i,iy who nre shorter limn ,'i\ - er.'ice that il raises the (jur'iti'/n as to just what the word ".'iveiiige" me cms. Tiic wjllowy modc;!r. v.-Iio par;ic'c fashions are far fiom average. Yot mother find?, when she shops for clothes, many farhions seemed to be designed only lor the faEhiun model. BY GA1LE DVGAS NEA Woratn's Editor Naturally, when she does buy clothes not proportioned to her figure, there's an immediate need for alterations. She either must have them done, and this is expensive, or do them herself. This takes time. Either way, it's unsatisfactory. To designer William Popper, who has designed a series of clothes for women with the shorter figure; the crux of the whole problem lies in creating suitable fashions lhat will have a proper balance from shoulder to waist- line and from waistline to hemline. This, then, means that when a woman who's five-feet four-inches or under buys fashions correctly proportioned for her, she dispenses with ilterations. And she (jets clothes that are immediately becoming because they were meant for her. 0 fn creating clothes for the shorter figure, William Popper likes to keep them simple. This designer relies on scaled-down detailing that's adapted dimensionally to the smaller woman. And he likes to see his desi.ens worn with acces- j sorles lhat are simple and small, I in keeping with the fashion.. Ask your Phyticianl This advertiR«rnftnt i* b«ing run u t lervke to the hird-of-hearin; by Utt maken of high-quality, l HEARING AIDS Only $75 · ocl1 Bon* Conduction Df vkn Avoilabl* ml Moderofi f»fro (e/ DIXIE RADIO .it ihe Vouth IVntci' at the AmiM'i- can i.'-Kion Hut. Flvnn O'Mnllev '· of P';i_\cticvillo r.-^i-^rd the young: people- in loarniiii: li'.o dniu-e'. roinincs. 'I'ii.- 'i'ru:h f'en'.cr is ; sporivorp-l iiy the Kiwauis Club. At tie- c!s: o of in;- evi'tijug re- ' fre.-'hinen! ·. \vrre : - t.'rvi ii. \ Tin- nffici:,! lio.ini o f the First ' Cliri:-',i :n Crurch nu-t MoMday : ni«ht a! 7:.'(() ;it Ihr i^i:-p:nrnt o"f j I ho church. The Hireling u-a.-. in I ch.'irc 11 of .lor McKim. The budget j for- the (-(.rniii- ycm v.-.!~ pt-'-penl"!!.,' k3 Coke follows Ii c vcrywh ere After-Inventory SALE We're offering many exciting values for you to select from. A few are listed below. Come in eorly tomorrow. STUDIO DIVANS, Reg. $59.50. . Now $39.50 Choice of 3 colors. 2-PC. KROEHLER SUITE Reg. $159.50 Now $89.50 PLATFORM ROCKERS Reg. $54.50 Now $39.50 4-PC. BERROOM SUITE, Maple Finish Reg. $ 1 2 7 5 0 . Now $89.50 4-PC. BEDROOM SUITF, Walnut Finish Reg. $149.50 Now $119.50 4-PC. BEDROOM SUITE, Reg. $139.50 Now $109.50 Many Values in End Tables, Lomp Tables, Coffee Tables, Occasional Chairs, COME IN AND CHECK THESE VALUES Link Way Stores Co. PHONE 1*2 \Vhi i n driving IrpnA to drive vow, |;uiw ill tin: l; rc.d cnnlcr. Oiniplclr. nTrohtnrnl follows a h'osly 'oke, *'I p-l nrtMiiul a loi--nnd I know.'* l O T T t I O UHDII A U T H O I I T V Of T H ( C O C A - C O l * C O W T A N Y IT MYlTTiVIUi COCA-COLA IOTTUNG COMPANY, fhont M(K ($il9}?, tHt COCA COLA COMPAMT our Clever 1*11 cnkcs in rinB your prnisos at a shower nr anniversary! Tlicy slic« white for (.he bride, spice for (he groom. Simple in make, loo, ^ind gwdl Kitchen Craft Flour worlts wonders--with any recipe- That's a Kimrahicf! This flour and your other rich, fredier ingredients give real home baking. /( tastes better, costs less. RFC/rF: Hive nil inRTe.diento nt. t4i IWfT. Line bnlloniH nf 1! pnna i BRIDE'S C A K E --.WfPJ.-Plnco 3 A e. shortening in bowl, sifi to- gclher .1 cup* iiftidKitch«n Craft Flour, 6 Up. baking powdar, I 1 /] ftp. ml), ;uid 2% c. lugar into boul. Add 1 c. milk, 1'/, Up. vanilla. Ueni '.* minule.t - medium speed w i t h electric mixer; I.'»() fltrolies:i minute by hand. Srrapo bowl :md benUTH/ STTP 2; Add 4 *ffl whit.i mul Vj c. mortt milk. Meat '.! mnro niinnles. Senipe lowl nnd Iwfttcrn. 1'our into one pun. RnVft About ·\'i min. Cool fi min. Turn ov*r on* rnrk; cool thoroughly. rnom trnipernlnro. Pre-lient oven ,M' T fl'i' T 2") with waned pnper. GROOM'S CAKE --Tine bride's recipe with these ndditio:ifl. Sift with the dry ingmiientA 1'A tip.' cinnamon, !/a lip. allspice, V4 tsp. tlovei. Then ni'.i 1 cup raisins nnd 1 cup choiipnd null. To thap* into bvllt: Mnke n bHl p a t t e r n from pnper. Plnce nn «*nLii; mid cut nrnmid il. Icecn!;^« wilh 7-miiuile idntr nnd dernrnl« with round silver emidie*. · ld«o: llemrnto l»ell rnkeji to utriko n in-w no(e on other ftpe- rinl occiiHioiip, tiio~liki -Ith of .Inly, Christinas. New Ycnr'a,and S*Tviccm«m'» pnrLini. 6UAXANTEES TOD mm mm OK YOUR MONfY IACK S1FEWAT STORE It

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