Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 4, 1952 · Page 1
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, June 4, 1952
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12 PAGES TODAY Read by ovtr 25,000 Daily jfrrthtoest IOCAI FOUCAST- »«tf-ljy W Inu s nocii ujday 85. Siinrmr S 01. · ·jnn-l 7 :3. The Pub/ic Interest Is Tfce Firtt Concern Of This Newspaper VOLUME 90, NUMBER 268 Associated Prnt Leowd Wire FAYETTEVILIE. ARKANSAS, WEDNESDAY EVENING, JUNE 4, 1952 AP, King and NEA Fraturn PRICE HVE CENTS Wreck Blocks Highway 71 Delay Proposed ByMaybank . Steel Union And Industry Called To White House Washington -ifPt- Senator Maybank (D-SC) today proposed a bill that would forbid for 120 days strikes endangering the national defense. During that cooling off period, an emergency board would investigate the issues and make recommendations for settling the i dispute, i Maybanh, v:ho is chairman or the Senate Banking Committee,' offered the proposal as an amend- i ment to the defense production ect, the measure 4hat permits' controls on wage*, prices, rents Slate and city police direct Highway 71 traffic around an overturned feed truck opposite the Veteran; air and nv 'er the telephone. Megedfa* Race Between Taft And In Berlin Keep _. . . , Radio Operating Eisenhower In South Dakota Is A "Dinger" Senator Of Ohio Holds Slim Lead In Party Primary British Enforcing Blockade; Soviet Official Makes Call Rrrlin-f.4Vrrminr.ri!!?* HMrnH- · erp of hrlraRurM Rariin Rrrlin rrird riefianrr -it MiPir hrsipRc-rs ! today as the British blnrkarir of ! Ihn hie Rod station i^olatori in ; Wo5t Berlin went into its second Hay. Thp srnrr of Ru^jian tnmmy- cunncrs insirlr Ihc b u i l d i n g 1 weren't talkinc. bur thoir Gorman CommunJFt cnllcaRJrs on thr rnnin staff jibed at thr R.iti^h nvcr the She Changes Her Hairdo t r a f f i c for 2fl minutes. The British put i;p and material allotments. Hospital, where the truck and a passenger car collided yesterday, block The controls bill is due to ex- j Neither driver was injured. £'en Nail. 25. of Sprinsriale, driver of the passenger car. was finpri $10 in wire blockade aro-.inri thr huiUnv T-P .Ti-np 30 unless extended by Municipal Court today on a charge of .failure to yield the right-of-way. The truck was driven by E. W. ! in the British sector- al dawn ye,-' Congress. Shortly before May bank marie "his proposal, the White House injected itself into the steel picture a?3in. John R. Stecljiian, acting mobilization chief, called leaders of the striking CIO Steelworkers .Union and of the industry to a conference tomorrow aimed at settling the issue. 1 :. Steel industry leaders today accepted the invitation. A spokesman announced the acceptance af a strategy meeting of president.- , and board charimen of seven of Ihe biggest steel firms in Xe'v York. In Pittsburgh. Philip Murray, president of the CIO United Stcrl- -workers. paid: "I have received ;he invitation and I will bo at the White House meeting at 11 a. m.. tomorrov; .morning." Moss, 41, also of Sprinpdale. (Carl TIMFSFOTO) Father And Son, Former Residents Of food Rations To This Area, Killed In Kansas Car Crash De f j an , Reds | n Camps Reduced Reports of the deaths of t w o ' p a n y . His son was born at C'; -: 1 . former Northwest Arkansas resi- Ark., anri was employed by i .c dents in an automobile accident Ford Motor Company in Richin Kansas were confirmed here mond. Calif. In addition to their wives, MH- Georp,e Washington Davis, hi, vivors include a son and brother, and his son. Tommy George Davis, Leonard H. Davis, with the L - . S. 2fi. both of Richmond, Calif., were Army in Austria; three brothers killed in a mishap Sunday near nf the elder victim. \Vhham M. Quinter Kan. The elder Davis' Davis of Durham, Andy Davis o[ wife, Mrs. Ella Davis, is in criti- Crosses, and Harrison Davis nf cal condition in a hospital in Eldorado. Kan.; anri three sisters the younper Mrs. ' o f the elder Mr. Davis. Mrs. Marv American Troops And Tanks Stage Raids On Koje terday. Retaliating for Snv.r-t seizurp of several small horde: communities the Western allies have been administering, the Hrii- ish said anybody inside the station could get out but n.n on? could grt ; in. i Son-pi Dent-in, chief r,f the Soviet Control Cornrn «··;·· on in Miv- lin, wen 1 , to see Tiriiish Cnn i mandant Maj. Gen. C. f. C. Cnl-- , man for mice talks i^.M night, hut the British kept up their siec p '_ The radio iv-mainen nn the air despite thp blood Ir.x;; blocKndr and continually d.-'oui red th" British for "an ill'Cai prnvira- ; , tion" which will "receive its deserved rebuff." : $37,508 To City From Stale Aid Fund Little Rock-iiPi-llnrp than 40n| cities in Arkansas and various' "school districts in the .*tate have received about S2,f)0(l.nnrt in state aid. The state Education Department yesterday distributed $428,-; "172 in transportation aid to thei school districts, bringing- the total allocation to 54,296,753 for the fis- , cal year. j The cities' share n! the state's : federal revenues totaled 51,688,- Davis was hospitalized with less · E.'Blair anri Mrs. Annie Lasley, - t r o o p s anri tanks today raided serious injuries. · both of Farmington, and Miss Saliy thrpc Communist prisoner of war Details of the accident were not Davis of Crosses. P° ns and brought out defiant lead- available here. | The bodies wore to arrive at f r s amiri indications authorities The father was born at Delaney, | Siloam Springs this afternoon at wrro ruitinc food rations in Iwn o f ; Ark., the . c on of Lafayette and j 2 : 5 0 o'clock. Funeral arrangements , * no island's toughest compounds.] New Ynrk-f/I 1 )-Hundreds of city i Ahie Davis, and was employed by | will be announced by Moore's Fu- After Ihe guards knocked down : P°'' C(1 nicn were ordered out on | New York City Police Help Guard Millions Talk Of Possible Recount- Heard With Vote Tally Nea; End Sjmix F-ills-. S. O - ' / T ' - A han4- fui of vntpc m;r-- tip the baUnrft tndav m Sout'i Dakota's prcsiden- lir.l pi im;ii'' b a t t i c between Sen. Robert A. T;ift anH Gen. Dwight AP cMun'int; of vn,frrHav': record Republican h-'tHntine resumed, V.ift dune ' n ·"' rl^ndfr. narrowin? lead in a ron'fst for 14 nominslin^ delegate.': ;md thf 1 proMiec of 3 vic- tnr\* ill thf final ballot box te?t Tho rniint. from 1.722 of the M a t e 1 " 1.017 nrerinrK, w a s ' T^rt a 1.7:10. Fisrnhower fiO.IIT W i t h nn r'timatrd U.O.lO votes yet tn h^ t.-.bnbtrn 1 . the winner's rn.-ircin Deemed likely to be only a few hundred at mn^t. There wap some t.ilk of a poj- Her residence in Paris as wife of retiring NATO's chief has done thinRs for Mrs. Mamie Eisenhower's distinctive coiffure When the ymilinc wife of General Eisenhower left for Pari- in |f)5| H e f t ) her banes, Jiihlp r** rn "it. which rnuld delay were plastered down nn her forehead. When, w i t h the same bic i.mile, : fina! srlrt ' tirjn °' * n " slate's rhe returned in Washington (rifrhti the banes were turned up under Ihe chic Parisian hat. A Parisian hairdresser marie the ch.'mifp. : the Richmond, Cilif.. Tile Cf'm- nera! Chapel of Faycttcville. North Street Paving Planned District Formed By The Council Kefauver Seeks ! Radio Time To '· mediately Match lkes lHnwcver - flag poles and burned JJussian, lhc streets today to guard mil- j - Chinese Red North Korean linns " f dollars in cash deliveries flags, correspondents learned that , normally handled by four strike- . ' bags of sand instead of food vere ! bound armored ear firms. 1 | delivered at Compounds BS and 96. j Police Commissioner George P. | Authorities on this bis island , Monaghan last night ordered thai : prison refused to comment im- · "concentrated protection" be pro- tin this development. correspondents have [heard reports the past t w o days Washington-M')-Sen. Estes Ke- · lna . 1 '!? e , ricfia "l prisoners in 85 : fauver's headquarters says he will . and !)(i bci;11 " ivcn reduced Abilene Welcomes Eisenhowers- Full Afternoon Program Slated Abilene, ··Kan.-(.4VGw-- viried by extra patrols in the bu«i- ness districts. About. 800 drivers and nunrd.t. i D. Eisenhower arrived in Abilene ; members of the AFL International '' by train about noon today. Thou! Brotherhood of Teamsters, struck ' sands of people gathered beside 'demand a government order in rn '| nnK Io bring them into line. ! for wage increases yesterday, j the railroad trarks, which run in force radio and television net: ' s mclllnrl "' discipline is allo-.v- j catching the four Euard firms with .· back of his former home. --' the Geneva Bulletins provement District No. 59. ;d to for the Democratic presidential w ,uld "fiohl to the death Zick of rr. Roy B. Allen, Huey Bull- '"TMmation. will file a complaint , _^ ' that the inston and Earl N. Williams were ^ llh th ''. F " 1 ",il .Comm.m.cations amount listed above as coming to named commi.^icmers for the dis-. Connm ' w " n - u «' d nt- «'.!! ask Appointed Orville Ha Titv Auditor Harold Fayetteville .said today Kayetteville from «tatc fundr^ is inc'i?" App"nintcri""6rvl'llc""Hai'l.'J hc "° enr j tn " rdi T th( n « v TM k * several thousand dollars above M ar » Oull i, , n ri w K Wheeler to Slvr hllri TM mnutK air-time ·what the city obtained last vear in ' Je TC ?," 0 ^ h" 1 ": right after Eisenhov.-er's homecom- . are assessors. ! jng oddrcss in Abilcne Kan to- Cost of the $36,000 paving, curb- day. ing and guttering job will be rii-1 " . vided between property owners, the county--v.-hich owns County Hospital fronting on North Street --and the city, which will pave all intersections, j; r ade an d lay base this program. He swd this is part of the municipal aid fund, and is created by state surpluses. Scouts To Help Temperatures In The 90's For Much Ot State UUt V O t e """rial.'It is estimated that the property owners will spend 518,- Defense Department Appropriation Asked \VashinRton-'^'i-Pre?ident Tru- i Relatives Gather I At The Home Of i Fasting Preacher Cherryvi,,, ,,,,. . . -. Hnw ^.rviC^^Se/r^^T/^K^^ M degrees at Newport for the hot- i ed themselves today ,, relative* ; Rock er Bureau said. The weatherman forecasts a high By his own count, the i to ( the fasting O?.ark preacher. and four of his brothers were to lay the cornerstone for the museum at 12;30 noon. i Also planned was a parade with more than .1(1 floats depicting' phases of his lifo; the l.iM float de- ! picted him in the White Houpp. Later this afternoon^ EiM**r was to make a speech at EiFcn- ' m skirts of town, i In bftwppn the formal e v e n t s : today and tomorrow he was to confer with Rovernors of four Midwestern states, more than 100 U'»shin.nlon-/P» * Chairman .Cannon (D-Mo) of thr llnutr ApprnprUlionfi Cnmrnfttrf Kald Inday hr han invited den, Dwlftht D. Elflrnhowcr to testify on thr nlashfd B 1 -; billion dollar forriicn aid hill. I-ns Anpeles-'/IVA plan to "crt 0TM- The county will provide $8_.-! man today asked Congress for clrvtion--spearhcaded by the Boy ' spend 52.000 in materials and in-, 46Ji.555.44n for thi Kt-outs of America vi by Freeti e Defense De- ica--has been en- tersections plus another $R,Ofo in x p a rtmcnt fnr the fiscal year start- doms Foundation. labor on grading and building a ing Ju!v ]. of 95 dejrrees in Central Arkansas today. Scattered thunriershowers i for 45 rii are predicted in the northern part of the state. . J. J. ^^.^''":"*^. !m « n ? v i\ 0TMor»l and Mrs. Under the plan. Boy Scouts uMll base. liberty bells on an estimated Bids on conFtrurtion will 30 million front doorknobs across taken by the commissioners. the natmn on November 1. And on election ovc Ihey will nsk every householder to turn on his porch- light if he intends to \otp. The drive v.-as outlined at a meeting of business and civic leaders hrre yesterday by Kenneth D. Wells, president of the Frne- The funds would be used fnr " r military public wor!, p^y ir,- creases to military personnel and , the Alaska communication svstem. Hope For Trapped Miner In Michigan Fades Iromvood, Mich.-W)-Hope faded Child Dies After She Is Hit By Batted Ball . ,, ' . , . , l i i n i w i n H i , :vni;il.-l/rj- clnm. Foundation, which is v:o, k- , , nrtay tha , the las , 0 with the Scouts in the undertaking. North Kearlinc. '^Tass-'/ri-Lynn if five iron Carder, six, was struck on the Russellville Television Firm Is Incorporated and miners trapped Monday in a cave- · chest and killed last nicht by a in at '.lie Penokee mine would be j baseball at the I., n. Ratchclor | found alive as were three fellow . Playground. The uirl was hit by ; workers yesterday. A f t e r the a batted ball and died in a phys-i- three miners walked unaided from · cian's office. the mine yesterday afternoon, res- --" , , ,, , _ , "'* workers found .he body of Envoy On Way To 1'. S. I..,.le Rock-m-A Russellville, .Icrma Olkonen, .10, of Ironwood, Tokyo-lAVF.ikichi Ar.iki, .Japan's Ark., firm, whmh plans to trans- lymR beside his machine. i first' postwar amba«arinr tr, the nut television on a community They continued working a half' United States, lodny left for Basis by picKins up the siqnals! m ilc iindcrErounri in search for Washincton by air from s t a t i o n s in larger cities , was the fifth mmcr, Serafiu Zachara: "- ' -- · incorporated here today. The new c-.-ski. 3fi, but mine officials ex- Pope Cancel* Audirnrn tirm is lelevision, Inc., and its . pressed fear he had been crushed. Incorporators are ,1. C. Willis, Paul; to df Kiser and .John O. Rye, ail of Rus- .rock. fellville. Authriri/od capital is 500, --·· shares at ?IOO each. Willis explained thai the company eventually plans to set up an antenna to pick up the signals of new stations planned for Arkansas . Washington-l/Pi - Concessional Chairman C'oiin.illu T)-Tr-x of ( c n t of an The Modern Age Breaks Down I Picric. S. D.-M'i-The conveni- I ences of the atomic ase broke down and kept election returns in , some precincts of isolated Jones. 1 .lackson and Haakon counties in the dark. Electric storms knocked electric lines and the county auditors called a hiilt on tabulating. ... ., , . · .... ,,...! ,.j,.'. Elsenhower , His wf* has reported , sppn , thc ni(;m i n a hn| , ; for several days that he is steadily Kanssa Citv and left hv train thl" weakenmg and able to sit on the mnrnin)! . fhere were ' no rerel monies in Kansas City, hut liun- , , . . . ... , dreds of persons gathered to ir-e Ivie has said he will continue · ant , rh( , cr him the fast until his prayers for a re- - » of his hed only for short in* Berlin - i/Pi - An Ameririn mllllary pnlErrman wa^ shut and wnnndfri hy nn Hnst r.rrman po- lirr hnrrfrr rfkftrrl on thf otil- nkfrl* of Brrlin today. Maj. Gen. Lrmurt Malhewson. l?. s..commander in Berlin, df nounrri! thf «h«otinji »K a "harbarir and un- dlwlpllnrd violrnrp by police under Soviet control." He demanded the Ru^bn$ "severely punish the offender." His Graduation Celebrated At Special Service 1*"*'°"- N*i*hpr sidn wanted to rnmmit it c ntf on that point, how- r-vrr. until thr urmfficlal tabulation w a s f-ompK *°rl. \ M.inv nf !hr 225 pre»:inc+s yet unreportod lay in thf far western area of thp state, where Eisrn- howrr wa«t proving himself Etrnnc in HIP rttes and townr. but Taft war running ahend in the country : prrcinds. The 14 riflrgates involved would , not change ihf relative r*andinfi · of the twn major candidates ao. prrciably. Taft had 420 delegates anH Eisenhower .*)R7 nn the As- sorintrri Press tabulation, not ; counting South Dakota's. : As the racp neared its end here, ' T.ift was sctlinc 50.30 per cent-of the vote, Kisonhownr 49.70 per ' cent--narrowest margin in any , presidentinl primary this year. ( Kffauvrr Wins Son. Ksins Kefauver of Tenncs- 1 see triok the statp's right Demo- rratic deleg.itps in stride. He rie- , ff-.'itrd an uninstructorj r,!aie which ; Iff] planned to vote on the first j ballot af Chicaco for Sen. Hubert i Humphrev of Minnesota, although 1 Humphrev said he wasn't running against his friend Kefauvrr herp. This and victor! t* elsewhere lifted Kefauver into a long lead in the Democrat! delecati race. The ; Associated Press tabulation gave him -24* votes against S6 1 : crcdi*.- ad !-i hi^ nearert rival. Sen. Richard Ru55fl "f Genrfiii. lifiious awakenine in thp world are answered -or until death Eisenhower Speech On Youth Hit By Car But Not Badly Injured 17-yr,'ir-old Wheeler vouth suf- Thousands Of Acres Jn California Flooded San Francisrn-f/Pi-Flood waters They sairl they were, locking up spread over more than 77,000 acres ing home. They couldn't of rich farmlands in California's Poilland. Ore.-i/Pr-.I.imcs Walker waited for his name to bp called at the University of Po.-land ffrcrl ' m|pnr in . urlPS ab , (it 9 .,·. commencement exercises Sunrtsv. ,.| r ,,. k ,,,, ,,,,.,,, , vhen he s!e p pct i He hadn't received hi.-, diploma lnto , hr p11h nf 3n ' automobile on when the rercmonv '-nded. and M n i; n i-,j n S'rec! nt ?hp interse"- The Mutual Broadcasting System thinking ho had failed, he turned ijnn'with Block Slrce:. ?.o'an C'.c- in hir, cap and gown and worn .,, rn Ratli.'f VMS taker: 'o City tlr ' mr ' * HcApit;,! in a Xelson ambulance. IJniversily otlici.i!.' later dis- He w a s tre:ite'i for cuts arid covered that Walker'* name hari bruiser. f ' l t y police s a i r l M;;'S Belly Loll l-^ ing will air a transcriptirm r,( the Ah', v f -' s r nhnw " 'I" 11 "''' m Ahilene. K n n , . Station KC,RH Kay- ftteville announced today. The "roadrast vuill he mad" s t a i t i n R at been dropprd from tfie Im .Ki'i- find anv oil lamps in an area thM Central Valley today as summer- 10 'years aco didn't have electric like weather melted 'a record snow lines to tap. pack in the HiRh Sierra. Thirty persons were evacuated yesterdav from flood-threatened homes in ' I.lnn Plant Pickrtfd Kl-norarifl, Ark.-I/?) - CIO oil the Stockton area. _ workers continued to picket the Much of the land was planted " I.ion Oil Company's Chemical in cotton and barley. Farmers li* x A J Plant here todav as another meet- working around the clock harvest- · V " S S I fUmCM And . Vatican C:ty-i/?,-A sore throat ing of union and company officials ed mo::t of their barlev before the Plnn Fnrnnann is. death under tons of earth and 'caused Pope Pius XII to camel a yesterday failed to settle Ihe dis- floods hit. But the cotton is a total u " '·U'wpean i full schedule of audience': today pute. p. m. The general is to speak at S p. m in Abilene, hut most networks plan to hroadrast the address at a later hour since the 5, p. m. time conflicts with commcr- nut "for 'the ono-rnan commons- he] rial contract time. KC.RH will carrv the speech from B:(IS untr dentally. To make up foi it -hcv Hope. 17. of V.'es! Kork 'xy. driv- staged another ceremony for m:: e.n.-t on Mountain Street "-hen Walker yesteirlay. The "ntire n.rliff Pepped :r.'o 'he streei faculty, m t a p s and gcwn-.. lurried ai'.ca'l of her car She was not Ro . audience. ment. Walker's m.ither. Mr«. as the p r o u d Battle Casualtin Inrreisf W-^hini^'on-'..?'-Announced U, "" s. hiMle casualties m Korea Iluni'v. has the r:ght gift for reached 10(1.H[ toda\-. an increase four ciMdua'e ' A ^ l 1 ) of IR2 since last week. Compromise Foreign Aid Bill Agreed To By Committee'Kerl funds. Poultry Market - | Washington-i/Pi-Mar^aret Tru- j man and Orucie Snydrr Morton ;irr I RninR to Kurope this surr.mrr on .1 Iniirisl vacation. Miss Truman Miri thf»y v.-ouM tnkr* alone I'.im' eras and rent cars for much of their MRh taring ami I ravel ins Ofi.T.IO for assistance to undrrdf- Th/* prr,«ndmt ri rt ',^li!rr ind More Than 600 To Receive Degrees Al University Ceremony This Weekend *(iiHrnl i - w i l t ' 5 p . ntvl both '-vill be conduct- kansas' Institute of Science »nj| Poultry Market News Service of th« U. S. Department of Agriculture. Northwest Ark;insa£ market Jitcfldy, dom.'inrl fair to jiood, trading lighter today, offcrin(rp ron- tinu* adoquato to liberal. P .crs to a n-. ,,,., =5 lo 26 cents a pound, moily 2,1. i t i n n hob-tailed about 1 '.4 billion dollars helow the $7,900.000,000 President Truman aj-ked. i The $(1,447,730,750 compromise-' omnibus rnoasuro was agreed upon late yesterday by n Senate- HrtiKe Conference Committee. Actual appropriation of the money will be covered in n separate appropriation hill, nnd in past ationx Commitlrr has Marled hearings onflhis mcnsurr. plans to acfc a f t e r the Senate. Connally hnd wrm Senate pas- sap/' nf a $(i.7(Ki.n(if),ono rneaf-iu-e, some 1*,10 millions .thrive the new lolHl. Rul the rnmpiomisr was about 2.1u million more lhan the House had approved nnd the Hou«,c plan for applying most of ihf nils was junked. The conferees worked over thr t*\p proxision thai would allow administrators tn shift jup to 10 per also m;ikey n f f - s o t t m K redurtions iri a numlicr of aid items for othfr ; the Hnusf ap- pioved int;ic( but Ihf Serialo rr- The roinprrimisc ranie.s $4.698,047.75(1 for Knifipr; 71 l.43n.SOft for Asia and the .\;.r.K.^l; |HW.22n.. (100 fnr Ihf K*r Hast and Pnriftc area.-.; $78.014.750 fnr l.atin America; $n,24n..Wi for moving Furo- Stnekrn from the hill wrrp * number of House and Senate pro\ i ision.«; on nperatinn of thr foreign aid progrnms. Thr HOUJ-P had fiiiected lhat a billion dollars hr spent for arms manufactured in Kurnpr but this was knocked out whrn o f f i c i a l s said it would not hr possible to fiprnd thnt much during- thr next fiscal yr«r starting July 1. Safety FlrU Mrxicn Citv-^'i-PieMdont Migurl Airman tndav mdered a r.;- t inn-wide "depi,t/ili/;ition con- fiscalion of nil illegal firearms nnd a rrvirw of all gun permits -to forestall \ iolenr** in the July fi national flrclions. Th« Wiothtr TM* Umvpi'itv Dr. Jnhn Tvln C.ild- wcll. newh -elected pre«n)rnt "f the I'm verity, will deliver the cnmrnen' (-mfi'.t nddrr?-'. .Mid pre- srnl dip'ftmas in the m ;idu.itr^ Thr commoncrnif*n1 ceremonies will oprn Fridnv ovi'ning when · the Vci v flfv .James .1 Md.iunry, O. p. prior nnd pa.«-tnr and prn- fr**;or of fund.imentrfl ihrnlngy nt the I")nminican Hon^e ( ( f Philcun- 1 phy. Si. .In - b Priftrv, Somer- si-t. Hhm. delivers thf b;icr«. Iame;ite ^r^m"n. Hftth the b.irca- Field House. An alumni luncheon will be hHrt at noon on Saturday, and i reception will be given on the front rarnpu* in the afternoon. In addition to gr.idunftng \tti- rirnts who will r.-reive degrre*. I two qnduates of th* Univrrsity j wilt hr cited a^ distinguishfd .ilumm. Thoy are Alfred J. Cra- I baiiRh. dean o( Arkansan Poly. ; tochnic Collrgf *t RusMtlTllIc, Nnd Marvin Hurley, M*««ttT« vki and frneral m*n»ftr o1 I Jip to

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