Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 3, 1952 · Page 12
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 12

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 3, 1952
Page 12
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|2-- MOtTHWIST AMUNiAt T1MII. toy****. Arh.iw Tuwdny, June 3, 1952 Steel Strike Could Decide Question Of Inflation Or Deflation For Country, And Seriously Hurt The War Effort Bv SAM DAWSON * the civilian economy and Ihe rir- J 00 p|jqhfy p or Her fenpf prngrfim. T h e civilian emu- 3 7 omy Is fairly h;il.inrrd between i ,-,.. AnwMftc-M'.-v,,..,..,.,.., the forces of inflation and drfla tfon, wilh hu.sinessmen and rr-n- nomists alike divided ar (n which iViy it's likely tn t i l t . A lone ft*cl strike could be a big fartnr In deciding. IMS hrcn Springdale ·Minmir W;iHcrs, snn uf Mr. nrH Mr-. F\n(v n Walter*, nf \\Vs'-n Avonuc, was uturnp'l h^mf fiom the- f i f y H'«pilal Wc'ii.r.-'lay a f t - rrnrvm. Hr under vent ;in Thr Berry Slri-ol B ;\ p I i s I Cll.lirch will hnlrt ;i V.-i''»tiun Iliblc ·Srhool frnm .Ilitio Ifi Ihro-.ij;!) 27, lhe ,'tov. \Vlllj;ii,i .lael:::fin. |i:islor the flnirch. hn. 1 : ;inn');jrtf r-fl. Mrs I,n-. Anselro-iVt'i.Vpivmirn Lake. w . I.. Laymen 1,. whn^ sh.-c-p dofi hair-'ln broucht .superintendent nf her farm- at ]7. has shed her fee- -r.^ .. · iiid huj.b;mrl. Andie dp Tnth f i l m - school hp - in M'',,- rHi-prtf.i. Mi.'-. Lake appeared in : n : , ( , ' T hr. ,,'' ,,,'!'! the The defence pmcrai reported -- both by inHu.uriali'l? »nd hy (ho lapsing behind schedule, dnd behind Russian military produrtinn. · The American armament prn- fram is mm- on the lhif: : hhold of what has been hilled ;ir its hie step forward--tool me nenrly done and volume prnductinn in thr o f f - ing. But only if steel K available. That is why the Rovernment im- wa ( ; flyinp. He oflf-n f.iiled tn ipll her when he wa*. flyinj? and "sinnd mr up for dinner many limns hr- c.' he win- nut flying and I "/a*. v.-nrricd f-irk." she said She rhnrirerl crueMv Hindsville end sales for civilian use. Steelmen feel civilian industries hive fitcp.1 inventories h 1 R h enough to Ret by for twn or throe weeks. After that, if Ihe strike continues, plant shutdowns and worker layoffs miRht become fairly widespread. Ripht at thp start layoffs in the coal mines and rm the railroads an? in thp caid.v. Production Rprord SM ^ half miln muih of Hindsville. i burned Sunday niahl about R p. m · Mr . a ,,r| Mn:. Rov Powell and fam- ; ily had mnvnd nut nf the hnunp and mrrur A f t e r dinner If c r a f t rinse; met. The nr-Rmriprs rlHSsr-s are riitmiwd at ll:.1n n.rn. Don PMer:,nn.a;-:si.-l;mt manager rn the H.'i/Pl Fruit Supplies (V,j n - painy, has i'.pen elfrterl prrsidpnt ;of thp Springdale Junior f.'h^m- | bei of f'nrnmerce. Petp (lardne.r i WHS plected vicp president anrl [ I,ee Wnnvirk second vice; prcsi- · dmi fharies Mr-Kinnfly v/as ' clrctPrl serrMary-treasurer. Knur new members were ele. ted tn serve on the Board of nirer.-tor?. They are: Tom McOarity. Dr. David Harrier, Wayne High nrid Max Sample. Putman Slrect w-nt to St. Louis fjvi-r lhe wr-nkcntl. They attended a hall eamc. : S t a f f Set. W. I,. Finrllcy nf SprillC'lalr- arrived j n Snn Fran- n.vro May 2(1'l the t;.SS On . .1. C.' nm-kenridcc a f t t r serving .'If! rn'inth 1 ' u'ith thf 1 Air p'nrt e in ' ./apart ;ini Knin.t. He j ; - ^pcn,;;,-.^ a ,10-flay fiirlnnijh will) his parc'n'.s" Mr. and Mrp. I,ce Findley nf SpringdaK ;,nr| will i-rpnrt tn, Wai-n, Texas, fnr new a::.-.icnmcnt. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sharp and snn, ,M;:x, nf Maplr- Drive returned Sunday m;hi from Chic-ka.'.ha, f)k!a , where they had cpont .·i werkV vaca'ion viniinR Mr. and ,V|T. A f, Mrfnv and Mr. and Mrs. K. W. P.,,,v. Thi Rev A I,. I.eake. tn.wla- tinnal rnis'-i'inai^ 1 fr.r Washm^'.r.n and Marliw,!: Couniie.^. u-a.s the j;uert hpeakf:' at tinth rnni nine and eveninf,', L er\'ices fit l.r.v Srhnn] Sunday. Mr- I.i-akt was in i-harjit- of the in:j'.|f --' f'hil'lren'? Day wn^ nb^erv-d at Mr. and i;;ve been they were, the southern M ' F - '·" '" f n n is Urhlytor · Worth and · ·c(-k whnre merchandise at *rt f"r Lirhly- tore in Spring- . EUPsfs nf Mr. Evans' parents near , Rogprj; over Ihe Memorial Day The steel supply situation Is weekend ,-md nlsn are looking a f much better, however, lhan it w a s . irr their property noar Hnrtwell .. ,. ft the start of the year. Prnduc- 1 better known as thp Austin place , ^ JUlhorn n Jdon in the first four months of ! nn Highway fiR = l . Pr , R ^P'^^ont S this year was at an annual rate , F,-ed Reed, Jr.. has returned In ''^' of 105H million tons--a record. | Uindsvilln where he will he en- T Mr n j?^ Mrs - n At the same limn demand for R a B ed in farming this summer. Hn - i-'iVh"' lire '"M^rn,,-^^ n ^ w i Steel was casing noticeably. Autn j received the rietrree of associate in i M and Mrf I "PI!" K k production was below the previous ! science at Arkansas Tech, where.! JiVriS a "d rhlM^n.'.?' I, and year and was held down more by ; \ }r has been a student the past two .Jovco, of Ifin? Thpodo.- P Drive · KnnrtaDr nf cnnnpr lhan ;mv .. nn _^ » _ ..i . _ _ . _ M'-K"wan of »-«*TMri · finortagc of copper lhan «nv; l!n nlan«- in nnir.r ICTclty of f ,ed. H P ome appliance i ' e'^ity'in ^tXrlhcr production was ercally curtailed- Decause of slow sales, not steel Ihortages. Industrial plant expan- *lon, now at its peak, is oxpecteil to taper oil from now on. h Vm tin; " " " , h? M *ou,d be in ,u,l balance. .,,, by «eeed ri / ( 'T r h^ P , P ' V 7' 1 '! rt Im d TM and , Trhal time-table . . . will now depend, of course, on the . Bn ,,e Rojers of wichiln. Thcv f lhe tlrlke - visited Mr. and Mrs. Carson Tav- ' , - Ll/tldl of Controlii r Talk was heard that steel con- j Mr . nnd Mrs \V. A Kahrenwald Monday 'afternoon h.v'the Woman- hnvp returned from a Iwo-wec-k Civic Club at the List meeting nf -acation trip in Flnrida with Mrs ll10 . VMr - Mrs- Owrnhy was the rahrcmvald's brother and sister- ' irsl President of Ihe club and In-lnw Mr and Mn w 11 Austin snrv(- ' 1 as president for a number ! M ! ^'^Nea, T^Vf ^^'Vi^icT^FWC ' wa^n :il '' rriSnn ' anrt thrir ^i"-""* rl»r K n o/ th" .nnmorlal s,Tvice - nnri riaiiuhtcr. Mr. and Mrs. En- Mrs. Boalricc Ranks installed the officers of Ihe club who will serve- Hie coining year. They are; Pro?i. ] nr Sunday Mrs. .luiia Mrarinr and Mrs Vir- . *"!. Mrs Lee Sanders; first vice PresWrnt, Mrs. Lillian Holt: sec- oncl v " ;p P'' 1 ^" 1 TM 1 ' Mrs - Clarence . .-- .,,,,, ,. wn , ,,,,.,., , ,,,,. | mrs. .Hum Mrartnr and Mrs Vir- i""1 """ 1 ""··" "" JS'S'M .' !f d bfffnrc ."·«·····= Isinla Ancarano nf Jurlsnn, Texas, · !5 d TM? h P r f " Ion1 ' tnd But that will now gn glim-i arr- vlsillng Mrs. Moarlnr's fnn-in-! f "? 'r^ J^TM . , Jjernt-lfthestrlk* BO« nn and ,» w aml rtfcallRhlPr . Mr . anrl Mrs . Jj ·' · ^^^ fTMrtmE s^rrinr^ iteel tupply once morr ISRS f.,r j N rd Williams and chllrirnn nnar i .Trcla? · M ^ Mallnrv I ",w^ I ^Th* h«llS»TMr f " T" nd ' " in ' 1 "- i "''- i ^dlrTM«uw M" A? E. AllTM: | i 7 h« | healthy sizr nf most cnm- Wrfkrnd K IIPB| S nf Mr. nnd Mrs.! The procr.nm include! .-in art ex- pi nef eteel inventories is shown Don Davis al their home in Hinds-' hihit and was in charge nf Mrs. ·/.u J° . """""fi" » sleel v i||,, wcrl . Mr . anrt MrF . Murp , D!1 . Charles Hyers and Mrs. E. C. Itrlke hat been widely expected " " there has been nn rush In orde ·tetl to be prepared fnr it. . Over-all inventories nf pipo] ar p one thing, however, anrl particular types of Kteel another. An autn my 'may have plenty of i on hand tn make cars for ! ^ ville were Mr. and Mrs. Murel Da- a r e s yers and Mrs. E. C. vis and family of Wichita. Kan · '· n "" m - Tho oieetinR opened with Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Tenant Mrs. " TM r o d dish luncheon at 1 Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Tenant. Mrs, Dnrpey Frederick nnd daughters, nnd Mrs. Mary, all of F.ivctlcville. M. I. Phillips nf I.ot-ust o'clock in the rlllb rnnrns. The Osk Grnvp Grange held n "pnt luck" supper nt Oak Grnvp Rchnnl Monday nicht nt 7^0. | , Mr. and Mrs. Irving Kitls anrl' Okla , nnd her daughter,! daughter, llonna, nf North Mill Will Patrick of Huntsville, | Streel spent the past week in Fnr! ' Wnrth. Tpxa?. visiting relati\-er;. tn their hnmp here .. . . -- , --"· ··"·" "" · ivjrs. w i n rairicK 01 Hiinisviiie, Jour to six weeks longer, but if visited Mrs. John A. Phillips a n d , »nnn. t e x a s . vi ·ne of 1U parts supplier, runs mil , d.u f hter, Mrs. Manic Severs, Sun: They returned In of the special type of itsel it. needs ' ,|«y Monday, ·--for the entire auto production ' »- Mr. and Mi-s. .1 line joes down. -Consumers, however, aren't' likely to run into phortaRps at . their stores or dealers. Most thinps ' m«de o[ steel which rivillans huv j ·re in abundant supply--in the ! .·tores, in the warehouses, in the factory storerooms. I No Abundance cif War Cinralu · A steel strike lasting a month' would work these inventories o f : goods down--but that is some- ! thinj merchants and manufactur: «rs have been wanting tn do for i ·ome time. | Military production is another thing. Few of the hard goods nf ! Wir.are in abundant supply 8»bre-rattllng by the Reds in Berlin ind Panmunjom adds urgenr\ .·to the American armament pm- Ifam. And that's why many busi- "nessmen feel that Washington will find--and soon--some way yet ir bring steel management and labor together and get Ihe mills .tunning again. It is believed thai coffee was first grown and widely used as, .1 beverage in Arabia. IIDRIVEIH f TONITE 8:00-10:15 I Roy Millond Jan Sterling in Not white, not wheat, not out a flavor blenrl of _.. Junje's Roman Meal Hrean. 11-19-tl /amp" P. P.UITUP of Rogers left nver the weekend on a vacation trip In Seattle, Wash., where they will visit relatives and friends. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Unwell nf WHO FIXES RADIOS? We've Been Serving You Shice 1929 SMITH RADIO SHOP Storti Wednesday ·LID OFF RlTY UFF/ ft FrM Ptny Ridtt Miniotur* Golf Caun« · Mwik«y Villagt Movi.i Are BETTER at MALCO Theatres ozm NOW PLAYING IT HAS SURPRISED AIL-IT'S A TOP MUSICAL COMEDY ran mm · m mtm \ FHYUIV KttK · VIRGINIA GIliOH j TTlS "3:20 - 5:25 - 7:25 - 9:30 P A L A C E NOW PLAYING CHAMPIONSHIP RODEO PERFORMERS IN ACTIONI CAHTOON SHORT UARK ENDS TONITE Robert CumtninEs Bartiaia Hale in "THE FIRST TIHF' STARTS \ 1 -\^ We_dn.sday .1 V-- · A MUSICAL 1HM BUMIfS OV11 WIIH DANCING... HOMANCIHG .AND FUN! The BELLE of OTWYORKi FREDASTAIRE "^^,,^-^J^ the First Christian Church Sun- | day morning. Thr Rev. I. J. Ker- ' rick, parlor, gave a message fnr ' parents anrl special honor was paid tn babies born since last June ! ; 3. All mothers with babies up tn ' 1 one year old received a rn.te from ' the cradle rnll superintendonj, .Mrs. Charles Tansey. i Mrs. Paul Cilir.rr'incs of Maple ; Street entertained the Saturday · ' HridKe Club at 2:30 p.m. Saturday. ' A dessert course was served. S t a f f SEI. and Mrs. .fames D. Kme nnd son. David, left over the weekend after spending a two- ; wek vacation with their parents. ] Mr. and Mrs. M. D. KinK nf Crouch Street and Mr. and Mrs .lames . Becker and children. Their home | , is in Selmn. Ala. Beginners piano pupils of Mrs. Virginia Smith played in a recital at the First Baptist Church Sunday afternnnn. Tho/.? participating in the recital were: L.vndall Brogdon, Janet Jordan. Arnold Hol- linfswnrlh. Betty Holmes. Tommy Nobhtt, Myralin Osborn fiqlly Shfrii, Jacqueline Boss, Dnnnie Stockton, Kenneth Buford, Juriiih Hol]inR5worth, Dorothy . f .i:t.o, Larry Cnsand. J°rry Ann Rcrnrr, Paula StandridfiR, Torry Worthy. Judith Harp, Joyce Ann Bragg and Kathy Gaskin. For .wrral years afl^r ]7"ifi, tbo use of cnfToe was prohihitod in Sweden and coffee bootlegging was common. The Egyptian s c a r a b is an imaec of inc. oncc-yacTprl dun^ hectic which was re\'crnd as a type of the .sun ji"d. J. N. Heiskell Honored ; For Service As Editor by the Gazette new* staff. Heiskell has been president of j t h e Gazette Publishing Company ;sinci 19n2. i I T.ittle Rock-Wi-A luncheon hop.- ioring J. N. Heiskell's 50th anni- ' An African elephant can weigh vcrsary a editor nf the rkansas between 6 and 8 tons when ma- j G a z e t t p v/as held here yesterday · lure. NEED A NEW ROOF? ASBESTOS SIDING? No Money Down Easy Monthly PaymenU DYKE LUMBER CO. iOi S». CharlM T E L E V I S I O N Get a Ringside Seat at a!! National Conventions KOTV will be on the cable in 30 days Get your TV installed before the conventions start SMITH RADIO APPLIANCE Cool! Cool! Cool! 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