Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 3, 1952 · Page 9
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 9

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 3, 1952
Page 9
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MCAA Proposes Strict New Plon For Televising » HUGH FULLEIITON. .In * . » HUGH FULLEIITON, JR. · New Mor'..-!A-i - Th« "financial *.--. i - . * u 1 . . - . n / - i M ~ i j n i n c i a i · · ~ .. - . . . SHE'iltbSr Yanks ' Reynolds Drops Cleveland Out Of first Place, 2-0 Pamdpll Hlirk ^yj^/hecksd. New York-i/T'i-Allie Reynolds*---- IXUlllJMCII IIUI IJ Cardinals Snap Maglie's Win Streak, 5-4 Cubs Ml ' " 'ffinOverBums - - New York-i/T'l-Allie Reynolds is ths tonrliisinrl reached hurled a four-hitter at the Cleve- by the 10-man National Collegiate 'and Indians yesterday to pare the A. A. Television Committee which N 'ew York Yankees to a 2-0 vie. has b«en working for three months |0 T. The loss dropped the Tribe to draw u.i a football television TMt of first place in the American control program for 1952. League. MCA'A u t °' ^ ne f' rFt place by four percentage iimiM a ? «n . apprnval - wil1 ' P oi ns on the strength nf their win I±,TM^.°'iu l . e u a ,TA° a __ 5in S :le . m ' lfr lhe Ch i"6° White Sox. · larri - r "' "it I*"" hair ia«t m*ht · 1S the S! - Ln "" ^"linals pinned ;i 5-1 loss on '.he Nov. Vork , g the "5n - m o u m '" n n t h i n ? NCAA. The 1952 plan, much less plicated than the 19,1] r e menta ! " program, includes these'a triple provisions: ' . The T r i b e . L A member college may ap-, chance to score pear on television only once dur Ins the 1552 season. Rome exrep lions are possible but unlikely. base by Mickey Mantle fnlnwin; Luke Easter's line drive to center field. Merrill Combs then belled missed another - - . in the seventh when Easter, after s'neline. delayed at second base to f?e where i off home Pete Reiser's long blast would ' V.'hitey 1 came -.vinninp streak by N:a£lie ithis season rno save the Cards a . v.ce;i of the Jiiree-game set':es. j Mafilie lacKC'd his usual s.'.arp - nn'.iu! and was trailing by £ run ".-hen lifted for a pincli-hiti-r in lhe seventh. He Ka e up ci;;hl h i t s , and lour enrnr-d runs durinii his stretch on the mound. The victory ocorted i'le Cards into first division and left the Giants a game behind the Biook- Bosox Gain League Lead By Tripping White Sox, 6 To 2 . . ----# Bylbfm "The Knur 1 :" ! Hl...r\ .jnj Tuesday, Juns 3, 1955 * - p ! i telecasting of a series land. Reiser'easily made of 12 games, on Saturday a f t e r - noons and Thanksgiving Day from Ssptember 20 to November 29. rriday. Sunday and other o f f - d a y end the innini; games n-t included, vo bl.irk- the hit ; Thnmpron into a Hnuhle but Easter arivanc'ri ' Mnl a 3-n lc=d t-c.rlir- into the onlv to third. RevnoWs Ih-n lart of ih- third. The nrls s ored fanned the next two batters to ! 'v.-ic» on rorre iiimh 1 - ha-»-run- : nine, and The setback was fleveland'A ' Thom p! .o:, 6 - J'-rlroit-i/Pj-The .innoi:nceri torlry · i l i a t sent Ihiid i A"ll, nut i?!r'er Knot r.\ er Di^zy Trou; ;:nd s'ior: ny I ii?on to tile Boston Tr.» Ti-cr,-. in rrtuin. first lia-?n-an Wnltcr I The Giants handed ! :',",';?'"' Jnhn "-,' Prs! :_._ l u - · !a' r !Cld, nlitfiel-ler l)r. M and pil'.-her Bill \VI-IM. mill)-" IM-..-IUU- i l n r '"de w a s one i f ,,,, -or bv Al Dark.i" c r l '" Ih e ina.-'or-. in year.-, rnme'red to put i '"'inroad -.vere Kell and Ever-[ D r t r o ' t -·"' '^ n.-i._ fin -i,l'i- K e n l.enhardfs :.! ill hiune ni.» in t d e t i l t h I'.-IVv Ihe l!(r.|nn lied Snx .v:n "\i-r the While h" Mo-.. ;il M i c'e a!:d the ritf. 'irsl pl.-i c in ihe Amer- the Giants Lock-man a n d Hunk ·rs. pitrli- !op ,!ohn- lied .Sox obtained ·ro;:o. i.i- - nfi Fi "d Lenhaidt the Thp !!· lie. d i in ihrn rn two. ' as? through all 63 stations on the Ntw Turk j. ctrvtiana o interconnected network or a.- many CLEVELAND NIW YORK a.- can be cleared for footoall -1 ' ' on each of these dates. Only one gp.nie will be carriod each rla'v ey- Rl eept that on as many dates as a""cM practicable small college jtames Kasirr. shall be included on a local basis. ; Q mh 2' cither supplementing or replacinij 3onnc. r series games. Hpgan. 4. Games in series shall be wide-: T?M?' ly distributed geographically. i.»mniT 5. The sponsor shall choose games, subject to these principles, and shall make arrangements directly with the competing colleges. This means there will be some game to ;?? every Saturday, but which buys this "package" from' Tid Mar-in L--C'ev the X C A A to pick the games be- iJ'B-t-rrnon I. fore the season starts. There won't' ·-- HRp--?Jrm?n'R .".mp?on. rl -.viln, 2b . 3b I'll. If TolaU ab r h- J II " Man ... . . 4 0 0 !u:i:-n. si 2 0 0 'or»n. rf 4 0 0 ^;rr«. r 4 fi l'M'D'ii;-d. 3b ·1 fl 1 Woodlinc If 2 0 1 Collln-. Ih 1 " I Martin. 2I 0 n n tpvnoldF. p 2 0 0 ' 1 0 I) 0 0 0 2 n n 30 fl i Tota:s , and Hropn. Pe5k\ Bui f-e Carrts jiiT.i'ed on Mas- 11-onhardl for Ho -on. lie in the sixtli with three hits ' KeP, L'P. has he-n with Ile- li'in'-'ned around a hit batsman iroil sin-" IP'fl and led the .-Vn'.T- t"i?t n~'ted three runs. Pinrh-hit-;'--a-i League in ba'.'ing in I 3 4 P . a h r h l l e r s "VN'uts Lo-Tey doubled w i t h ' H e is r^Kar'eri as the bcsl tN-.-(! 11:1- that the key hit. .lo? Pre c ':o. i ' . 1 0 1 lory. P-e I" J " rh " n j 0 J i tec'-: o H-ho v.-a-n't arouod ct credit for t^» vic- rellr-e1 |iar:-y Fr-1 fourth. R ; 11 Wer'e ··- for Presko in the s"\-*r ; h d At R r p7le came on to finish : ..D,,,,, (or b-- stru-k out f f. lovtl ° n \ ' riB!-wA,nin«. M,nti B TM w ' Reiser. Nnrrn. M?nilr. ?B-- Comh iicean in 7ih "w ""i or. -fi "i-m-.. ^h 1 1 1 Hrmu-. F* S n I r'-m-'n. ih i 2 2 ^fiii-en'l. 2b 4 I ? Thn'ti 'h t I ^ Mii-lfl'. cf 1 n f\ h? any changes in case one team f : ops or another game suddenly develops into the big one of the week. -- - . . U--r)nffy. B?rr . rhirk. T-- 2'17 A - I n o fohn-nn. .Ih 1 0 n Prpr'iccn p fl fl n Prrki. n Farley Wins Tournry Cecil Farley walked the top prize in ths Top price for a harness horsr yearling was the S72.000 paid in . Country 'Club's 1949 by J. J Mclntyre for the colt ""««" ^~'r T. Imperial Hanover. Detroit- and Washington jointly hold the record .'or most eonse- ,,,,,.,, ,,,.,,.. , eutive games lost on opening days. George Bowen and r hiE A e mark is 13. nan. off with Fayetteville Blind . - Farley carded a low gross of fi6. Other pri?.e winners were Wallace Wilson. Garland Wheeler, Earl Williams, Gen- Williams. Bran- 32 4 7 Tn'.v*' 31 S n ,i--Hit into rinuh'p p'ay for MaKlie , in 7ih. b C7roundrd oul for U Thompson ' in 9:h St. t.iirs E--Lnrkman. Di«.rk. Wi'liam*. Lfickman. R rcy. Hemus 2. S: .^choendlpnsl. Lowrpy. OP--Slsle'r cumrsistert': 002 oon nix-1 RBI--Etlio'' ner. 1 runs i This last weekend we took a | slowly in, pausing to pass the short trip to St. Lou:s to see the'time of day with his third base- Rro'.vns and Cardinals play double-,ma.n and snortstop and then pro- headers, a n d were fortunate ; cecrled to end the inning. The in being able to sandwich in some'final out was a squinbler to t h e ; o of the Western Open Golf tourna-' mound mcnt that was concurrently in picked P'' 0 S rew - ·"Ith an underhanded motion While there we met Ril Veeck he headed for the dugout. The hich Paige h?nt ovrr. up and flipped casually _ . Ril Yeeck and a number of h.'s executives in- thro--- nipped th eluding Bill DeWitt. the ex-co- owner and now vice president. Veeck, attired traditional!; runner hy a CON- steps, but Paige was a'- ady rn his way to lhe shade. " was reliaoly reported Hist the , m( ane e s ( ' ornc ' from the Pitcher, him- Hamaw 1'ad been done. ' short-sleeved shirt, appeared to be . vet?ran Tame is workinc on an a more genial and friendly person nndorramled pitch to use when he A'-, the erlce. in the flesh than even his pictures Kets too old to throw over-h-in';- Satchel Paiu and writellps would indicate. c ^- f' 1 ^ information i- said to , m d blanked th He has a hi? smile that obvious- ha y r ly makes friends at the drop of a hat. His interest in the Browns is almost all-consumins of his abounding energies and he v.alch-- ed the double-header bet' een lhe Browns arid the Tigers with a careful eye. sn-l S'-'er l,(-fl~-Xr\i- Yorl: ·! SI l oif* R. nB--Mno'lf n. I.anifr 1. nrrrh"fn 1. Wrr'r 1 SD--rir?rhern r. Prr.'kn .1. HO--Mteli* R in fi Innine-:; Br-«ch95n 4 in .1: Prepke I in .",: Wrr'f , ^ in :: Rraz'e fl In 1: I ante r 2 in 2. R A- F.R-- M?slif .5-4: Br-chprn r-1: Prp-ki 1-1: Wprlr 0-0 I.«nlrr fl-0: Bra7't 0-0 HB n --I3y nrtchTn 'R1- . Motl : by MlgHe (Johnson!. PB-; M'p'Tum^ko ,2_^i L- M^sr'l" |.1-ii 1 T -- C o r p . Conlan. S'"»-ar:. i CUTI «?!nii T--:.2S. A--n.793 ipiifll. A's Homers Beof Gorver nvIadfilphip-f/FVNed Garver nf I!T St. Louis nrov/ny rnntinuep '.n pitrh finr ball with a Fingul^r lark nf .^urrcss. Last nieht he !n.«i to Ihe Philadelphia Athletics. 2-1. IK ] jCncur the A's mnvertod tu-o of their fivp hitc into runs" \~ia the nver- Ihe-fenrp mr-thorl. Kdriie .Innsl ^nd Gus Zernia! racii hamnirrod h^?es-empty homers to «ive the iissenipn in the A 11 f r i c i.eaguf. ; F.vcrr-. 31. laid up with an ji:ry .-di s?rnn mill 1-isl n ( spark^rl the Tigers' prnnfint ;in 1950 v/jth i .323 average. ! Reynolds And Magiie Possess Best Era Marks New ^*nrk-i^?i-Allip nrynnld 1 -. ' vhn?n c'ulrh hurl inn is k-?pi^m (Ho jv, v York Y.-'iik^rs \\-jlliin ' i rtrikinc riistancp of :'rir forirlh ' sti^'cHt Americnn Lrv^ur n«-n- nanf. i? leading earned run pitrh- AveraE-^s released today by (h" . As^iri^trd Press disrlnsrd th.'it · ReynnMs has allowed only !2 : earned runs in 80 inninqs fnr n , · 1.35 average. His 2-0 victory -nvpr ripvelan 1 "! yr?stp''fl;(v rn r \'rd thf 1 Yank.-rs the first Hjv'r'nn. In Ihe Nqiinnal Lonnue, Snl MaTlie of tho N'ew York Hinnts is still tbr. mr.M pffn-iivo mounHc- H man. alt linugli last ITS'it Pt, l^oui' lianderl h : m his firrf defert* of the srasn'i. Maiilif, a n'Mn-T.nme win- ' as Mirrrndp.rrd 14 r-ju-n^rl n Pfi innings fnr a I.-17 m, Rnih HcynnM- arul Mn-lJe. ^ fa-cd r^r'i n!h-r in t* 1 " * fr n C^.tip ,.f the 1051 World Sri wil! havp in cnmp up \vi"l »n; the rxis ( i nc n ?u'ncd-run rrco' 1 l^ncii" rmrk. single hy J)rm \)\y 'I men nn first and ·(i Holromhe ^'.-a^ nrtlcrfd to "/rilk n P.;My noonmnn and LfnhBrHt |Strpnerl tip !o hreak up the hall in. 'pnme. ish'. i ^'iHard Nixnn. vho hns been bjri sirle'inrd v.-lth nn ,'iilinr shoulder, vrnt lhe rontr fnr the Rn?tnn ; Irnm and nairT"! the win. in* 1 |nlrh"d Ihr f'hiragn Cnhs tn 1 a fi-1 u in over thf par*-p*[tind Hrnnklyn Di-rlRns. Rarn^lrtl camp tn in thf firs! inning in rrhrf of Boh Kcltcy and blynk^H i.hf Rumx ihe rest of the u.-.y on HX hits. ftnmsflell. m nntrhlnB his hr:l .win of the yeki. t r u f \ toi ei^ht, fnnned Dodtjrr J.^cljip Hn!im- son (wire ;md tne nruj^r-r sprntj.-| !i Snv imk a fnur a: eman pmt^^ie.d thr joi-riml i-(i.c o \ c r t h e slrikrout ^. viRomusl., thni he wac 1( - nn ihe :'.r^iiRth i flaked tn le;ivr ilif /(ame by Um- The Inrlian*; l o r t ' p i r e Lurry Co^t?. ' i rk Vankres. whn j Hal Jpffpo;it polttri N l-.vo-run ! i pri-j-s lhe lend| homer in the srmnrt to £"t ihinjc- . jtjiiinc fnr the ("iih;. Rill Sfrrn;) h,*.'! h'l a rounrl-tripper -vjlh none o n , ypir, 'n j hp fourth and "a ·'« Kaurr ; j p ' 2 hpn^cd his !Hh homer of [he year ; m; t n the f v p n t h ' ! lop nf ! Hilly Lnps. Clem I.;ihine and ! Ho: - fhrit Van Cm k pitfhH for ihp ' ire nn ! Hrookiyn with Loos r.bsorbins his : sf-rond loss of the rampai^n aRPin^t . flvf wins. ilcit'iibc, \v h t 1 M'i K.I:TT I : this Iwe his first '· j i; \vl" n hi; Ihf iito«KLTH *b r h. Mori«n. Jb 4 I J Mlkili. » ' ' ah r h 4 0 0 BOSTON ah r h Snldirr. rf nnhininn. ?h Brid«*n. !h Pifko. If Hodfcj. Ih FiirlTlo. rf Witker. r Loei. P : i m « . " 3 0 litter nvikl rf S 2 l n o n ! fl 0 Cuj-k. p n n n * fl 0 Siiutr, "if' (1 ft 0 Mxvrll. f 2 0 0 Tandy, ih 3 0 O'Vrtna. II 4 n 0 .Uf'fnm r * 0 I x*tl.v. p 1 o n umidell 1 n Volliii-r' 1 1 h!'icrT,Tl n i ",'nod. " ni-r tn 7!h i'-r In lO'.h. nt N'lunn i c w i t h 0-2 ? 1 i 4 n l · TotnU n2 1 fi To 1 ait 33 f K s--Struck nul for Ln« in Jth h--Strurk nut f«r Lihlnc in 7th r-Slngif-l for Van Cuyk In Ith fl- Ran for Rhubh in 9.h Bronkivn . im non OflB--j i:hic»o no MO iox-* K--RtmirteM. Rohlnion, Lthine RBl --IIodnBi. Alwff) 1 . Jeficott t. Srrrni. . 2R-- , Jfffrnit. Srr^ns. l.pft -- lOtli : roun! . V h i t c i i .n., B , t , ....... _, 3S_Sanf. Hh. K»ucr. S -- Keei» m. Chlr«|io «. BB-1. llly 4. SO~Ixe^ *tmrt«1l *. MO-- Lthinc 2 in :: Kelly 11 * 'n *'·· Vin cuyk -^*« -«· tihine l-i. ll " V '·'· n«m"»«" "-0 (P ft f k n, WIMT- r,rrn,qufi fox . n rt ' ?«·«·, T -" Senators Trim %rs f r i Out Of F r s t l n AL Frc-dr'ie pchupn. alro of to^- Gi.-inf. ic nn\ vhii- it,,;, i. r .,:,- .,rrt i,!" ' t n i F"A , i · ^n rn,,'«ii«i :· f A rqJn!lfi '" tnp Am " r 'TM» lie\-ed Gn A's a f t e r ' For l.?a«l The St. I.ouis Cardinals ap|-e-:r to have solved one of their mo-' niTonins probler-.s--that of dr:! bdsc. Dick Sisl?:-, veteran of the Cincinnati Reds and the Phila- . ST. LOU:S . St. l PHILADELPHIA r h ah r h .1 II 2 .T^nM. j.; .T I 1 1 " l K« IPv The Associated j M"-t folks think a favnr'te food is- f'sh. I W^IT" (he Ne\'.- Or)r-)ns Their f a v o r i t e di'h ^ I cia'tv if it rorcos fi-iv- J The r»ls hn-.-e Rear; Qaoior; ,ind '-a\-e i-iii of the SniilVrn A.' r'o-.vevp-. t h r \ - 4 vi Wa : :hiii(ton - f/Pi - Third nlnce. \Va---|in!: : 'in moved lo within one l.i.-l !ii?ht h.v trinpinp Detroit, S-2. C r a f l v C-mnie Marrero was credit"'1 v.-;ih hi- f i f t h win. The TUibby Cuban Marrero .-.'·.·it''-|-rd nine hits in handing A r t ' H'lUlifinan hm- seventh loss. The I'iters ni'-ked r^e Cuban for runs in the rir-t and lasl iiininE and t h r e a t e n e d in betwppn. but never in.'liviorv! to (.[.t j,, ,, IrllJnj hlow W; ' thr _.. ToYiclorv i Over Reds, 4-1 I Cincinnati - l/Ti - Max Surkont j was "rlj^ht" last ni;ht ns h*» pitch' «ri the Boston B-n'-pf l-i B ^-| victory over th C'in'-'nnaii Reds. Die , Max allowcrl Jiirt four h'ts «nd stt I II Rfdltw down via tht Ktrikf- out route. | Oforjf Crow struck thf sump's ' bis blow for the Trlbt. homprins j-with ont on. Bubha Church wrnt down to thf defpal. Grady Ilatlon spoiled Surkont's hid for a shutout by hitting a home run In thf laM of Ihr ninth ______ ·«»·· . ClVclR : *O1TON .,,,,,,,,.· r , '", r0 | Thorpe, rf D.inlrlv ^1"I". C rowp. . Slstl - " Surkonti ................ ^ ..... ,,. . ,, n rcf,,e,l twice in both \ TMX. alfa CINCIHHAVI , 1or , k , , h «'J ,, S 0 0 Adtin- "h 4 c J J S ct . 1 0 0 n n n W f - l r k c ' .1 1 I Poll. K .1 1 I PH' 4 1 2 Mrf.t-Mnn. t ii 1-Church p 4 0 ! HjuJHIfttl. Nnxhail. n 1 0 .1 (I 0 f i r - l .-.nn Mxth to sew up the 'Boston . 001 .wo 000-4* rri-isn^"-. i CinrlnnJitl ftrm oni) oil-- 1 I E-Crow*. Adamr Cooper R B ' _ . Crowt 2. Cooper. Jcthroe. Hilton ?B Dfrell J WACH1HCTON Stanris - "''·' "periene and hat.m,; rDvck. 3h Mir-i-n. n ,,._,, L , * ; pi'· ·! ndvt neipen pacr the te^m hSchmees SrHSIS o\-pr ac^in. - - ' _, . " The Brown.- and f.ird? an h.v, - Thp nrivati! roost atop the uoper inq a difficult limp of it over n rie.-k h.ick rf hime plate at Spo'ts- hunch of photo-munlage-mur;]!-: mnns (ark- is a hr,d snot to that Rill Ve-rk hid inrlalled over w.Jtch i, hall same from. \Vith e x - ' t h e rlo.vnrlsirs ronc^^'o-] nands 3 n n : 3 Wi-'chiirrh 3. Hiu,?'^ i. Snrkom II I ' l l HO-Chlirch 7 in JI, Innin- H«Mi. . 1 2 2 sind I In 4 ' ^ . Nuxhiill n m I h fr ER 4 I 1 · - Church 4-4, HiMt«M«rt fl-0 .V.|h« : l 4 0 1 ri.n Surlir,nl 1-1 WP-H«u«llad \V_ 4 r, | ",,irk"nl ,].j, i--churrh i O - n IJ-. ; i! ^ n n" i T! ";""A n !i n ,'i,"' ri " :k " na Gor 3 n n , - " : SOUTHEBH ASBOCIATIOM . it surely would ··ho, e spo' But for our ev,,. un- ac.-ustomed to In-kms slraicht rto-n at the field, the fhei looked lik- hits and the hits looked a; though they should have open The pirtu'e' are of bri'-ht mo men's in Brownie baseball" hirtorv r . over : years and iclude top- · P'-'-'i" rv notch Rrn-rns plavers o! past and · '· ,;" f ' ' '" ' -- r -"-~- ' prr;ent. Th" Card;nals, v.-ho rent the nu '- s - ,, Part from the Rrowns, didn't l ; ke Jim Rivera, the highly-touted all the free publicity ti-e Bro-r.' rnofci.-- outfielder of the Brov.T.». · v.ere (e'tins vhen !ho Ctrds 'ver- made one of the most ignoble the home 'team i there i~ a hot bubblss we've ever seen on a . f^ud for patronape right now) so] diamond in drooping a t'-c.y covered the pietiirM '"ith rod nish, short fly tn renter field. And hunting. was mfsorahly inadequa'.c a t - The landlords. Ycerk and .Co. Ihen sr.i'l they di-in't like that. Hut nobody s*en-cd tf knov.- just '.vhn had what rights in 'he situation. The C'nrrts Mirre|,e-l thnl Ihey i-o\-er «o-ne of the pictures K r e a t | \vlih pbotos nf !he:r n-,'-n players. be. Thr Bro--ns b"in,7 the owner:-. fro\»-nefl on that ;rlea A! !,i?t report ho'h rluhs \vcrf fill) ficurinc on ---hfit fteps ID t a k e concern.nfi the ma'^ 1 - -hut nobody- \va« rioinK much of ,-;n\thine about the oxutir.c s t a t e of affair:. Sunday Ihe Cards ri.-r.e back to town, hut the Rro-.'nie murals v.' unshroudefl. And it would seem hkelv that bat. To top that off the fans wero ^n him for vapour reasons nr.rl that imrjuestionahly makes it harder for him. Rrou-ns irnnacer Rrper Horns- '.-·· cave the TCI. star ; l 'ii ! dup and that, too, r vorkinfi to a oisadvantaRe. We vere interested to note that | pair of co-vbirds have taken oort imrler Bill Veerk's penthouse "'X. Sn Pojo isn't Ihe only one ith thai k:nd of trouble. .The WK mn;nrnt In the Iwln- II between the Rrovnx and the ··Irnll TlRerj eume tn the last nf f 'irsi came when "Satchel" |W w«s summone.fl frnm lhe ipm tn put nut ,1 fire lhat 'hi" . fr """"' pilll ' ll(t «'»s . ; s a r f e " een im »- ·- - mrinnai e s , ur- t ouis, .-, N'e.v York ."15 ln lunal' 1 . »nd lhe St. Louis grand jury over ed four one-hitters !n the last four, Bnston 4 Cinclnniitl 1 be venfrahle Negro smhled I some t» x matters. I seasons. ' I Only names scheduled Frfd Saish will steer cler.r o! additional IPJ-I difficulties viev. of t difference of opinion that Is nivv he.ini; shared be!" een him (nnnd R lo their likini; i ?.nd nlace, iu*;t onr nc 'c Orlenni . . _ A t l a n t a Mobile Chattanooga Nnshville Birmingham Little Rock Memphis Rrliilts Atlanta fl Birmingham 1 10 inning f, N'n«h'. ille 4 Memphis 5 ! i'H ! New f)rlean« n, Mnbl'.t s 10 In- · nines ny thousands in reducin lifts--Junce'n Homtin Meil nread Bv The ,3«ociited I'rcs, AMERICAN LEAGUE W I. St. l.ouis Detroit VMtrrilsy New York Rfston fi Chi'ac'i 7. 1 Philr.deiphia 2 St. I U'nshlncrton s Detroit 2 NATIONAL LEAGUE Cage Slar Arrested For Having "Hoi" Fur N'ew Ynrk-i/V'-The winner the Na'ionM Invitation ball Tournament'' mo«t player a v a v d \'-as arre«t nifiit on n '^;T'!f o' rereivinc 'in Thn snoif. »'ar. William .1 soie:. J7, of Fort N J . w.'.- picked up bv police who s a i d he -."orkcd with « fxr.fnl four fur thieve; Kot.'orer won ba;kethall rerog, r.ttion whiie playing u-ith St. .John's University in Brooklvn Police said Koliores criminally reieivetl Sfi.onn worth of furs stolen in a $23.000 fur compariy holdup her* Ap; i] 1ft. Hrnnklyn New York Chicago St. Cincinnati Philadelphia . 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Umplrtl cnited It off »t the end ot DM* M. , nlnm In · 9-9 tie bec»us« tin »t- : tins tun w«i to *trcn( It Winded ' Ihf hattfrs. IN THIS BIG Father's Day Contest Use This Ballot · · » · · * · » · * * · · · · · «,· » 9 · » M OFFICIAL BALLOT « MY NOMINATION FOR NORTHWEST ; AR..AK5AX' "MOiF POPULAR POP" · (Fothfr'i Nomt) (Hii Aridresi) (Your Namtl · · · · · · « i « « . *~»t=**mmmmmmmj VOT*; AJ Many -TIMES AS YOU WISH FOR ANY N'WKWEST ARKANSAS FATHR 14 Wonderful Prizes For Father Receiving the Most Voles Contest Closes June llth Winner Will I* Announctd In Thie Paper Jun* 1M 'UST CLIP OUT THE BALLOT -- DCLIVI1 YOUR VOTE IN PERSON TO ANY OP THE FOLLOWING STORK: FayeHeville Drug Fairwiy Hirfoirt Hall Tire Co. Wird'j ke Cr«M Cy Cirney Appl, Co, Ourk Ckmn Price-PaHon Fiy.Plb|,4HMNi|Cl, 'Fiyefleville Kirdwire Girtoiliira's Jnrilry Tuck's OuikerDrug \

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