Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 3, 1952 · Page 7
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 7

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 3, 1952
Page 7
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Meeting Seeks To Set Truck Standards 10 States Included " In Efforts To · Solve Problems Oklahoma City-l/Pt-fienreseMlri- tlv»s of nine stales met here yes- | · terday to discuss the problem of how to unsnarl the complex inter- plate truck traffic s i t u a t i o n . Ari- I 7ons, which was not represented, | was also inclurierl in the efforts to ' . find « workable set of truck standards which all states could follow. The m e 11 i n u endorsed the . formation of » 30-man permanent committee to study the situation. The representatives met at the request of Gov. Johnston M u r r a y , They endorsed tjie proposal t h a t . the governors of 10 stales appoint » state senator, representative ,-inrl administrator to the permanent committee. " Representative's convener] from Oklahoma, Arkansas, Colorado. Louisiana. Missouri, New Mexico. Texas, Kansas and U(;ih. Murray urged the croup In cooperate in revising truck weight and height laws nnd olhor recula- . lions, "so that trucks operating in Interstate commerce can operate In all our states as if in otic." Murray s»irt he hoped to set up · »n interstate agency similar to the · Interstate Oil Compact Commis-1 nion. .Probation For Mothers Who Slowed Aboard B-29 Sacrament". Calif. - t/P\ - Tu-n ynung mother? whn stnwpH away to Guam on an Air Fnrrc? R-2H «'?rc plarrd n n a ypar's probation yr.^tprriay. Fpdoral Jud^P Oli\'rr .r. Cnr- ter agreed with thpir plea |i;b( · thpy artpd on impulsp \vhrn thrv boarded the piano at no;irhv Mt"- ripllan Air Force Base in April . .tfri T. McDaniel, 2fi, mothpr of i · thrpe. and Maxine Allen. 23. v.-ho has one child, plpndcd guilty. They already had lort thrir McClellan jobs. .hid^e Carter dcrrppd thry must j pay the $250 thp government bill- : «t them for the ride. Set. Dewsy Meeks and A i r m a n : Robert T. Quick have been Ft l n» . fenced tn six m o n t h s at harri labor for a i d i n g t h e girls on the trip. Handbag Harmony- ·KMTHWKT AKAMAI TIMtS,«i. J un « 3, 19J1 [ Interesting Textures Add Beauty 'Italian Dressmaker Finds U. S. Women Appear Ageless nr DOROTHY IKIK AT \Vnmrn'« Kdllnr Aiurni-aji \'.onifn n c - i r fc 'r'nv eld. They Inok 'mn^. ;u-! \'nur.p fiM-1 ynnng. po -r..'i!tcr hnw many hirthrlny Ihpy may harp had. Thai's the rnrmriinn ,,f M r s j Mien: h'onlar.a. \'. h*i:-p f;unl!\- lias · been in the die.v.M!.'kin(r iMi.-inp.s^ ! in Italy for 200 jpars. Her? tn launch a new wholesale Imp of woinen's fashions in Amr-nca. Mrs. Kontana said, ihr-mirh an inter- l l v l l v hy M. mrthorti. anri dplifrhtH thai 3n AmcTiran f a c t o r y "lit dresses comiijirahlf in h^r Rnnie s,i!nn in r^Mi I if HP as $7V Shr prrrti-ls hant futurp fnr Italian ·inri imlmtry InrhidmR ·Says shf: "Italv ramp !r hr a Nnu- ihp spirit and arp inrrrdiblr. \\ ar ppnplp, rebnrn." In fmrl ran t u r n f o r n-~ n h r : l - thp are a neu "I KPP nn n!d InHtPK in Arn In Furnpp wr jjrrv.i; old pjiriv · fond, or perhaps just that p\pry- I bndy .teems In have so murh hin all the time, You arc always smi!- ; ing." " j Mrs. Kmitan;i'5 rnnthnr. graml- t n 3 t t j writ her. prpat crnndmnihr r and I 11 ""' What Ofl^S 5 M Bft To Itlfffr Queried roncernind fhi» rurn'ii that thp police had bffn callert to pantaloon raid on a rnllpjp iKi-cat - sreat - cranrlmother havp dormitory, President S|)enrpr of j been making Browns for the Itali- ^'' at:t C e n t r a l cnllpEe [leiempt'ii ily j i i n nobility fnr ccncrations at the "' lf| erpd thp int|iiisitive rpporter i family salon in Parma. tn "mind their ou-n An InsUnl SurrcM Since 114!. Mii-nl and hpr t u n sisters ha'-r run the House of Kon- tana in I, 1 ! the tuns I ' t.'iried w h l l p IR on A n / m an instant ·trdprpd tl to "minrl Then he volunteered the i lion that if the newspapers onlv iniiul their ou-n hn M-hnnls wrailrl have far lev hie. We cannot imer handhafs in new fabrics and straws stress the li»ht and airy look in kerpinc w i t h othtr lasnions. Black linen box hag by Delill (upper l e f t ) with soft contours is itivcn frosting of snowy wime cnaik beads m graceful flower disl/rn. Lucile btf dipper ri«ht) is coul. has illusion of shetr- ncss, Is easy to keep clean. This one. by Tyrolein, is banded in fold plate filigree. Shrimp-colored rtenim (lower left) by Deauville Ukes on dressy lir in this pouch with embroidered white (lower «,??! £'i,.s i !, "'""H 1 "*;".. sl TM H : * lB ' h ' the str » w f " bric aPP«rlnit this year in sepantes, make* suit satchel (lower center) by Kadin that cm be wiped tlean with damp cloth. Just for fun and conversation, there s a white woven wood market basket (lower right). It has a navv blue linen lid with phrases embroidered in silk. This Is a Lou Ash dejlfn. » » n. ,, piue nnen Ihf* f; |MPM'IPtl!'« pf.'iiulfit" Ihflt Knpjt nn in n Irtx-Mippnrtod is tmnf nf n rifu'spaprr's luisinc.':* i N'nr ran WP acrff t h a t ihn h;mprn- ii}S5 n n ,1 t a x piihMr!i7rr| rampux · a IT rmnr nf thp t a x p a \ p i s ' MP«. WP insist thai it is thp rich! j p newspaper tn publish thr · and thai if is thp tight of Ihp i f tn prl thp nrw*. WP dpny I ight nf rvrn a mltr^r prrxi- j tn dotprminp what thp lux- l nf Oklahoma may nr may ' paprr.i will |ct nothing tn rrtd rx rept what th* president u fnr Ih^m tn rcHd In 'he mi;rip nf t h » -, n ;!ri; f t , ppnpjp nf Okhihnifn h ^ - r p-.,-i manv 'tnll,ir«. tn ir-iiMl-m: ;.n/l «r- vrlfip nut P'll]r;il ;nt|;,} pis',! i,! i',n -, And \ - - i f h n;!j[htv fr-r p x c r p ' s -r f'M ll'Pif m.u'i'.-'Mm ^ TV -·)!·( f.:i . phs l irrr'it« nf Ka.* On'- 4! r-i!-.-.... U'l'h (ihiin'if'ini m«nn tht p"'ni!;- 'if Ok!ahnm;i ;ir" pr-'-ud. nf !*·» · "plPtldid jnEiiltfiinni Rut r*e*"i- i thai ppir-nrlr at F^'i Prn'ra! "-,-' · onlv a minor m-tUr-r E^n If :· had HPPH ni'ire «pfinti i ! :t \vn:i ! M ha\-p hnpn pnwprlrc.^ to ni . nr ii in namp nf K;iKt frnlrsl cMipcp. jt ,, ^implv bpvniut thp prjivrr nf ^ flnjpn Mav-dn?rd vhid'-nt^ In m- jurp Ihp fair namp nf a prhnnl \vhnsp t-arpc-r h,i« bp«n so |nn c ;) r,ri illiintrimiF. And tn rirtrrmmr; wli.,! IIPWI: shall HP civpn th*» ir^dmc liijbljr ^ bP\nnr{ Uir pn- A or nf niiv pHur-stnr whn Kite m bis ivn r v town- rnrnplfit-rntlv c ·» ni P m- plalinc hn umhihruc. Doily Oklahoman Cotton has become the !»r|«t ; .,- v t r o p of California farmer*. Km. IP »llh tk« rS dallt. EVERYTHING IN FlUMBIriO and FAYETTEViLLE IRON and METAL CO. GOVERNMENT AVI \jfc?!n a hurry for "f 'ho |WEW YORK~(KEA)--The fabric (hat's used in the making of your summer handbag may be a surprise to you. This year, fashion news for summer is largely centered on the new and adroit uses of old fabric favorites. Handbags since they must f p a m up with ready-to-wear, are in the same trend. Denim, of course, is the big story. Thp slaH of the story was told last summer snd the rest is L-umiiig along now. Denim is dressy, sheer and even expensive in some ready-to-wear fashions. In handbags, it appears in glowing colors; shrimp, lime, t a n , BY GAITE DUGAg NEA Woman's Editor ' shocking pink, charcoal fray and the classic laded blue. It's shown in slim pouches or small clutch bags. In may be embroidered, or striped, or polka-dotted. Whatever, it makes fashion news. The new straw separates have thpir current companions in handbags of real straw or plastic straw. There's variation here: toyo straw, cellophane boucle straw, madagns- rar and wicker straw. And they're made into pouches, boxes, shoulder bags, baskets and hampers. Other new additions to the charmed circle of straw are plastic bamboo and madagascar straw cloth. The latter also appears in, play clothes, is often usrd for oversize or slim suit satchels. It's in navy and stark white as well as the natural color. KeepiMf pace with summer's sheer ftftiions are handbags that maintain the sheer theme. These are in lucite or cellophane straw, the latter in delicate pastel shades. Lucite bags, in box, barrel or clutch shapes, are now being done in mother - of - pearl, irridescent blue, jet, rosy pink, emerald green or royal as well as tortoise and the clear. -rps^. S-.v - :h'-: " A l l f i r , ! i : i l M i W " | P . ' r . - P i l ;,l On' . limo. .-.mi I j.-ippr.::r. thr It;ili;irK 1 fnunrl rtiit thmi::: '\r-ic jli^ 1 ;is K" 0 '! I as thnsp nf Par!?.' 1 I Among rojjular K'' nl nn.i rtisinm- I (TF ini finnip are tlie qnorns nf I Kirvpt, Iran aruj A f aha nisi an. ns i well ns such Frrprn hnaulirs ;i.; ; Ritn Haywnrfh. Ironp Dunne. _ ria Clhriytian (Mrs. Tvronp Tnw- ' r r j . Vivim Lrich and Ann Tndd. Mrs. Fnntana also has hrppd tn \ organize the jrrcnt Italian ^xhibi- nof rprjd. WP deny ihat (her* 1 js lion, "Ma!y Todav." rvhifh oppns any place in Oklahnmfl fnr a n v ! 1 in New York Ibis u-npfc. Hpr own · l -aw-diist Mijcsnlini tn cpn^nr t|-p ' Rome nridcJ. M.irrhPsa l.ornffcmn '»'«^ columns and tn withhnM Tapparelli d'A/.ct:lio. !·= flyine o-.Tr fi' n m thp tax-paying puhhr thr with a dozen Fnnlana prp;iiinns tn npws nf what happen* in a tax be shown nt the fair. tn E Pthpr FUpportrd inMitntinn. · w i t h snmp Lift Ftvlcs rcpresentinsr Rumnr had ft that nnp «»f ibi^p ;m rn1J ' ; "-f. . Pilly pantaloon raids had MPPH ?tngpri at Fa.^t Centra! rnllrgp. her nuilhpi'? When thp city police WPIP rallnd aiif of 10. they rnnfirmed thp report fnnt the 14. hn? hrrn raid had b^pn staged and (hat Ihp t it pvrr sinrp. N'owjbnt Italy is pnlire h^ri b^n j-atlnd in to quirt ' " minor nVtijtb^nre. B'Jt when A a s a.skpd to givp DRESSING ENTIRELY DIFFERENT From tnvDmimi YuHiH f\*r Tiilnd Dtfor-i - «. - WONOERruiLYOtLICIOUS FLINT · Structural Shapes · Pl«fe»-Bar» · Rolled Sheet-Strip IHOI AMD COID! · Cold Finished Bart · Alloy and High Strength Steels r Complete firilities for processing (o your I lie and specifications. FLINT STEEL C O R P O R A T I O N PHONE I-2MI TULSA, OKU. tlin ll;,l, I.pads Buy l.lfp i Miml hauntpri workrnnm fmm Ihp Martnd ilpsisninc at -alinr tranrp as Ihp fountain- mnal lishion. -hi- thp president lend a busy lifp. .Benefit Supper To Be Held At Elkins Church 10 GOP Governors Hit Out At Party Control By Clique I'.ead nf and hpr sisters lend a busy lifp. his side nf thp storv. he rppli Their cnwns are sold almost all -hat it was noni- nf any nrw.i- nv/-r thr ivorld. . p , p( . r 5 business. Whirh mean. Mrs. f-nntana FHV« niXom-marlp that it is no business nf the people I clothes arp IPSF pvpppsive in Italy who pay his rn]lfg r ; nuintpniinre fascm- hills. Thp r-adrrs of thf news- I than in New York. She hnx M'^hmcton-UVT o n B p p u b l i - nvorriding majority wishes ; ' c a n gnvPi-nn]-s_all Eisonhmvpr- Texas, Ltniij-'inna nnd Grnrgia mcn-arciisnri bark- T a f t , ^ n n a t n r from Ohio, am! , p r s of Sen. Rnl.nrt Taft today of Grn. Dwight Eisenhower are I h p Fiipppr "ring In put p a r t v control unrirr . principal opponents fnr the UP- publican votes. Listed as signers of a statempnl u'i're Governors Shern-in A'lanv; of New Hampshire-: C. K l t n e r Anderson of M i n n e s n t a ; !vi-.i-;r-; F. Aril o' K-;r.s;-';. A l f r e d K n n ,..,n of Xe-i- . I c r - c y ; V.'.l'lr-r .1 .Ir.. nf Wisconsin: Lodge of Cnpiifrticiit: Dnusla McKr.v "f Orr ·:··!;; Krrrlerick G. pfsnn of Dan Thnriltoi] ,..· STRAIGHT An nlH-fa shinned will he :held at the Cnmmnn'ily'a small cli.iuo. The governor?' publican piwiripntial "nomination" Pn - vm tnnrph in Elkins tomorrow nitrht. : stafpmrnt OKI not nninr Taft, but The st.-itrrr.rnt put nut Bpppfits will go to buy a power ; * h e targpt.-: nf thnr attack WPI-P " '" '" rr.nwcr. j cle;ti 1\ idt'ntifiod. Tim ^ovprnor? · ; chalk'ii^'d that a wine of the pa--Kruger National Park in finuth j " Jc«pardi70rl cliances »f a Ro- Africa, sometimes cnllprt Ihp larc- pul'lican victory in November bv 'st zoo in the world, is liigger than j ~--'-^^^ · · -- T- - _ Massachusetts.^ j listen to the NEWS, each wtekday, ot 7:30 AM. ovtr ftalion KGRH Althoujrh thp Asiatic fenialp rle- . r phants have small tusk? or nn' - turk?, thp Afriran females h a v e ' - " large tusks. . . hv Hep. ^ n r a s a Cotton of Xew Hampshire, Colorjirtn - sairi that by namme rump dele- i To win in ^'oveme'npr. the state- aatns from the three slates to the ' men! sairi. t:e Kep'.ibliean p.-ir'v GOP ronvenlion, the part: wine ' m "-" "P" h "'on? the electorate with was driving away nntentinl Re- complete integrity." IT IF YOU CM OKLAHOMA TIRE SUPPLY CO. How to Beat Bad Luck Bad lurk ran R l r i k e yon from a nnndred dircrtions. nnd no one i ' ran prevent, it all. But an insiir- : OHM program, professlonallv i prepared hy n specialist, who · kno *« your "ilnation, ran prp- ' vwtmofil bad lurk from crushing 1 jwir bank ncrouiit. \~ "ATLAS-AIM" TURN- PORTABLE 28m WINDOW FAN DODGE t h i p job Brotirnlely, romp f f l y a n d eronomirnlly tnkes "nalysis nf vow expoetires I n bad l"ck. W« list them all in the . order of their importanre. We t-H yon which ones can lie pro- l*fted by insurance. We tell you which "e.xposnrps to bnd lurk" · "n roet you a prral drnl and *hich onc/i can't. Wp t e l l you how much each type of protcc- , lion oeats. Then you deride which chimei* you can afford to '"»« with had luck, or w h e t h e r yo« want full protection acninat ·II of them. e lhi» s l n d y nf your ' * Ottef of 'ho insurnnc! you mm Imve, without liny clinrgc or obligntion * /our part. RENNER COMPANY, Inc. ir«ee of All Kindt" \ Phone 236 An Exhaust, Intake or Circulator Fan Blows hot air out ... draws in cool outside air. Fits in an adjustable steel window frame. May he liftfd oat, and reversed to serve as an exhaust fan, or used on table or floor as an ordinary circulating fan. CREDIT RESTRICTIONS ARE LIFTED... Monthly payments are lower! QUALITY PRICE West Sid« Squan Phont 161 Convention GuicU 32 pn|M--packed with inl«re»(.in» information about lh« conventionB, No tout! Nolhinn In buy! Youra for the uking while our mipply lanla. *HOME OF BETTER VALUES' ...And Look What Dodg* Givn You I 2y- Famoui Oriflow Ride 4- "DoubU-Saf." Brakei Q More Head Room, Leg Room, Hip Room # "Watch»ow«r" Viiiblllfy /· %· Dodo«-Tint Safety OUti 20* Safety-Rim Wheels · M A K I Y O U R I A TIOUIll-MIl V A C A T I O N IN A P I P I N D A I L I DOD«|- HOUSTON TAYLOR MOTORS* 14-22N.CollegeAv«.

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