Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 2, 1952 · Page 10
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 10

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 2, 1952
Page 10
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13 - MOtTUWBT AtKANSAI TIMH, Arfcmm Monday, Juiw 1, 1751 RodeoOfTheOzarksToBe Publicized By Goodwill Tour Secretaries To Be Honored With Special Week June 1-7 By DOROTHY ROK concern throughout the country. night by special railway pullmanCharge of recreation and the Rev. car to attend a Grape Growers As-! j,,hn Stephen'will serve as prin- soeiation meeting at Westfield, N. - . ... ' . .. ' Y. Tho ? e attending from here: G ! C ' pa '' A ' c h i l d r e n from five to 15 D. Fox, Lofton Brogdon, Howard j aro irmlea Anderson, R. V. Gay, Clair Jones, | Tne Methodist Church will start Howard Bishop, Winford Need-'-' " s . v '' r '"'li"n church school Monday SprIn»dale-(Special)-E R. n i t - ! The caravan will leave Sprinr- tw, manager of the Springdnle: ,,.,,,, ,, 7 ,, m J u n , 20 K| , Mnevolent Amusement Associa-: . . . . . _ . tiem. today announced plans for ' ' '·""*» .-,prms« at HMO. th« annual Sprlnijdale sooriwill f ) ( h" morninc stops will be tour which will visit towns in t h i s ; Merryvilie. fl-.ZO; Gr area June 30 10 p u h l l r l / r the tifhth annual Rodeo of ihr Oarks, which will he held M Sprmgdfile July 2, 3. and 4. Entertainment w i l l hr given from a flat - hrd t r u c k Rusiners leaders, rodeo committee*, and nogrn:. 3:2% p. m,; Rentonville. \ representatives of the r o m m u n i - . F n y o l t e v i H f , ^ : I 5 ; Huntsville. fi:20: ties visited will l a k e part. Stale I l l n r k r i l l r . (t:SS: nnd Sprlngdale, rouraging June graduates to take troopers and Sprinfidale police gr.-ind f i n a l e , 7:35. i lo secretarial work as a serious will escort the caravan. ! The lour will cover ,1IS miles career. :.---,,. .....-----=----. '--.--r^:. = I T| Aworlitfd prut Women'! Editor \Voodlnrli!v defined the purpose: ham, John Carrey .loe Pin'aUon i aru * conlinue through Friday. Mrs. If you re a secretary, pat your- of the week Ihus: I Bee Ardemauni, Richard Raso w' M - K - B(1;1| y «'»' be in charge of self on the hack next week. You "To honor Ihe American secre-' A. Watkins. Roy Wright, Karl Nail i 'he school. Mrs. Layton McCoy . are Ihe object of adulation all lary upon whose skill;, loyalty' Thomas Rothrock, and Jack A e r - i w i " h a v e 'he kindergarten group; '.over the country. It's in your hon- and efficiency Ihe functions of. ncrite "'" " " « l , o r thai businessmen of America bufjne:.s and (covernmcnl offices; Joyce Perry. 15. daughter of M r . ' ? . ? , ' . . . . ! a n d Mrs. Ivan Perry o f near Son-' w J" "/fV'^' "' S r r r e t a " p s .«TM. has been named queen of the I Week will he Secretanes Pay,' , i){hih , mml Rodeo nqf , hc O; .^ \ Wednesday, June 4. i h v members of lhl , Spr | ngdil | c | Not white, not wheat, not rye. ,ny employer who doesn't b r i n c ; Rjdjnt; Club. A rider since the age i ' navl)r blencl of a " "ret- t,.,.r n ir.,.. ..,, «..tij ..- . u _ . . . . ... n : l i ·· I Junge's Roman Meal Hreaa. 11-19-tt WHO FIXES RADIOS? We've Been Serving You Since 1929 SMITH RADIO SHOP Foresl, : are asked to observe N a t i n n a . 9:SS; and Harrison, 10:1.1. i Secretaries Week, June 1-7. A slop is scheduled at Branson,; The official week, dedicated lo M n , al 13:15 p m ; C'assville, Mo. i Ihe greater glory of Ihe lyping- 1 p. in.; and .Selijfman, Mo., 2:45. J ind-shorthanrj queen, is hacked by Northwest Arkansas points to| \ a r i o u s large organiz.-itions, v.-ilh ^1: he visited in Ihe aflernoon a r e i i Ihe dual purpose of a l e r t i n g bu.«i- '*" nessmon lo the supreme impor- lance of the .secretary, and of en- '-"ad examined. A f t e r :ill, as government huMnpss have concurred, "a gal is hard to find." nf the modern secretary is a happy one--if she knows her business. As lo opportunities, Ihe sky's the l i m i t . This doesn't mean just the opportunity of marrying Mrs. C. II. Miller, p r i m a r y ; and Mrs. S. O. Patty, junior. The ses-. sions will be held from 9 to 11 a. m. daily. | secretary an oichid on t h a t ; n f f n u r i M i f s P f r w j | | or al least let her take two p a n v l h r dl , h ,,, lhe hours for lunch, should have his Springs Silver Jubilee and good Prairie Grove Springdale StJoseph ASPIRIN The Women of the Presbyterian: Church met at the home of Mrs. j J. C. Parks Thursday to sew fnr j . . The True Blue Club will meel ! 'h« mountain schools and r o l l ; the boss; it means a bricht sirl Thursday, June 5. at the home of bandages for a lepers colony, starting out as a secretary in a Mrs. lone Austin. Dr. and Mrs. Peter HobTts Mr big business today may wind up We. Carroll H. Cale, son of Mr. j and Mrs. Paul Jones, and Mr.' and WATCH T H I S S P A C E For Doily Bargains TUESDAY'S VALUE TWO 1951 MODEL TELEVISION SETS TUESDAY'S PRICE $129.95 SMITH RADIO APPLIANCE president of Ihe firm. Shorlate Exist* The national shortage nf secretaries has been well publicized, through appeals from government officials, harried businessmen and , various organi/alions interested in | t h e problem. liecently Marv H. Barrett of Pitlsbursh, Pa., president of the N a t i o n a l Secretaries Association, recci-.'ed t h e bencdic- llon of Charles Sawver. secretarv of and Mrs. H. II. Cate of Springdale, | Mrs. Ken Marvin were dinner recently q u a l i f i e d as expert in fir- j guests of Dr. and Mrs. B. H Green inf the carbine at Fort Sill, Okla. I Wednesday night in StilwcJ! Okla M e . i s a t t e n d i n g officers Candidate- Miss c ]yn Nolson ,,,',,,,,,, Four S prin g da,e boys are par- ^.ni'..^^.^ %£^ l i n p a t m p in the a n n u a l Boys State Jame.. a r t i v i t i p s nt Camp Robinson near L i t t l e Hock this week. The boys and f h f i r sponsors are; Jne Reed, Ki warns Club; Rod KPT FnuFt, Linns Club; Bill Nelson, Rotary Purtlc, American ADD A ROOM No Money Down Elly Monthly Payments DYKE LUMBER CO. Mi 31. Charln THE MOST ECONOMICAL ENTERTAINMENT IiUrt COMMIHGS OZARK Garlman. Miss Lillian Marshall of Portales, N. M., is visiting her brother, Fred Marshall. Mrs. Argil Bartholomew and son, Dwight Arfril, have been re! turned home from the Countv CHOKED ..S.BAS? THANK HEAVENS! M o s t . t t u r k o r e Jusl add inHIKatlon When It ttrlkrs. tsk. Drll.»m Hblns. Thty c o n t a i n in, lisEcsl-actlng medicines known to doctors fnr the ictsel ol henrtburn. gal and similar 25;. commerce, nnd C. Kinc Wood- i ' · ' ' . , ' , L . , bridse, president of the Dicta- 'TM°"' A " ^ h l R h bwhnni '.""-j Hospital phone Corporation and chairman S ' hnDv " Z, t i^^t''^ M?. and Mrs. J. C. Barnett are of the National Secretaries Week Council, for the move to the American secretary. Sawyer termed the offica worker shortage. " a matter of serious the boys will be instructed in all I .. levels of government, will conduct : supend '"? ' h(i w '? ekcn , d w i t h Ms ' glor " 5 ' political rallies, hold elections and joint meeting of "legislature" Smoke Cigarette Hang ''PHILIP MORRJS is made differently from any other leading brand. And that difference is your guarantee of everything you've ever wanted in a cigarette... tasty mildness, rich flavor, pleasant aroma...a dean, refreshing smoke that leaves NO CIGARETTE HANGOVER! i^l ^^^^^^^^^^·^^·i^^a^i^^M^ ^a^lMl^i^i^i^l^Ma^a^a^ajaMl^l^lMaW No wonder PHILIP MORRIS has gained more than two mil- lion new smokers in the past 5 years! Try PHILIP MORRIS yourself. Your throat will note the difference. And that differ- ence is delightlulf You'll be glad tomorrow... you smoked Philip Morris today! PHILIPMORRIS Barnett's daughter, Mrs. Couch of Tulsa, Okla. Mr. and Mrs. Pershing Cyeiger and daughter have returned to their home in Casper, Wyo af- and Mrs. J. Two hoys from the group will be elected to represent Arkansns at Boys Nation later in the year. Evangelist Merle Johnson w a s j guest speaker at both the morn-.' A r- · inc and evening pprviees at t h e ! \,^"' ... Fin.t Baptist Chureh Sunday. The , MrS ' iTM N ' x TM and s y e h a v c Rev. .Jordan, regular pnstor'of t h e 1 re ! Urnc ? h fr ° m ,, «-"mmcrrc Okla., chureh, is on a tour in Europe and ?"% %, '. ,", H h .i"""TM 1 will return to the states the lat- , °' L ' Sh-Velford, brother-inter part of ,!unc. I M"' M ^',"""V ,r Dei-oration Day services were-' ., Mr ' an , d , M ^: L TM " OOTC ?" d ! Miss Martha Elizabeth Moore l e f t : held at Ihe Korcsl Park cemetery Sunday afternoon at 2:30. The nducted by The Friday for Fullerton, Calif., to vis-, it Mr. and Mrs. Lucian Rates, i Rev. Duane Prinple. pastor' of the The J.' "I 3 " lo b1 « one for l h r e e l Te m p,e Bap,i« Church of Spring- j TM k ^ -TM ·£%$·%"% I dale. Mr. and Mrs. Ha,TV O'Neal a n d ^ "TM- T TM as ; a " dlb /' K,-M^- ,, TI,~J-.; r. : ... ,,,,. · Gaither of Tulsa. Okla. Worlh. Texas, and Miss Mary Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Wester of! i Longview, Texas, announce the children of Theodore Drive left Saturday for their new home in MuskmjrV, Okla., where Mr. i . . .r , j u. ,, , , ·"" O'Neal is emploved by the Jones, ?! rth " f a da «?"'«. Deborah Ann, Truck Lines. " Ma . y 26 ;. _ . . . . . .,, Mrs. ,,im Gardner and daughter! ,,^'Spf^cfS ^MonTTM Janet, of Wynne, were guesls in June 2. and continue through the wcek ' the home of Mrs. Gardner's mother, Mrs. A. W. Clavpool and her I sisters. Mrs. Eileen Nelson and I I'"""'. . . _ _ forn Jackson and Joyce Epperson. ..7_"! Mrs. Ray Cornwrll and Mrs. Kit- lhe wil ' he Bu ' j Miss Naida Clavpool. on West En mn Avenue last week. They vis-! "%'HH- Th ' h ilert here u n t i l Fridav. TM n F ? d *' ^" h . ave Ihe juniors. Dr. M. W. Hall and s on. Bniee,! ?! rs uL?il n ... SI °P hm W1 " h a v c ' have rrturnrd from a 10-day vacation t r i p in Mexico City. Brftce was a member nf the lf)52 Springdale graduatinR class and is entering the summer session of school at the University. j A reading course for children j sponsored by the Bonk Committee of the Springdale Library will open Monday. A record of all work Hnne fhrouch the summer must be turned into the library. A party will be Riven during the last week and pri?es will he swarded. A certificate of award will be given tn each child- who reads and reports on at least 10 books. The course will end August 20. Mr. nnd Mrs. Wyatt Sawyer of Madisonville, Texas, announce the birth of a son at the, Madisonville Hospital May 23. Mrs. Sawyer is the former Miss Christine, Neal, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James I.. Neat of Sprinjrdalr. Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Hardisler and son, Eddie, went tn Andorson, Mo., nver the weekend. They visited Mr. and Mrs. .1. E. Wheaton and snns, Gerald and Craip Twenty-five men. including 16 from Springdale, left Saturday Thrill io its ever-new laughs, romance and songs! WALT DISNEYS j^'«- 3nd £* . ilhrarfs «-m^(^' TEMmWOW m WATCH FOR IT! NOW SHOWING 1:15 - 3:20 · 5:25 - 7:2J . 9:30 YOU'LL LEAVE HUMMING ITS TUNES WITH A SHINING SMILE! ABOUT YOUTH! ABOUT SONG! ABOUT LOVE and FUN! ^'1 + -f 60RCflN MnCRAE · EDMf BRACKEN rnnus KIK . VUGINIA GIISON D A I A T E ENDS T H E LEMON DROP K I D K A L A I C TONITE .._. - . "1 "The Doltons Ride Again" STARTS TUESDAY RUGGED^r INSIDE STORY OF THE THRILL-BUSTING RODEO WORLD! "My work is stop-and-go, with 5-ton loads . yet my running cost is lhMllll.nbf,of UreB.S. H.tcb Compinr,' Bays: "Wp hiv* found that you mc't bait t Fmd Truck for (M, oil fttid -|1 DRIVE I H f Tonite Tuesday 8:00-10:15 I THE MOST RIOTOUS- "] I ROMANTIC STORY IDEA I IK! SIDt.SMIIIING 5*GA Of' THf CAT WHO INMtHTfD WJ^^ A BA5[IAIt KAMI fllk CARTOON It NEWS · Fret Pony Ridat · Miniature Golf Court* · Monkty VilUft "We ran this 1961 Ford F-6 Tanker 3,111 milw during the five-month Ford Truck Economy Run," says ---- Kenneth E. Prior. "Our day-by-day eroni* records ahowthat wepiid »164.42 for gas, oil, maintenance and repairs. That's only 5)! a mile For i*op-aol-fo work with loads averaging 10,500 IM., that a real ecooomyl" Only5 c New ruiu ·-" · · - " - - ' f-.iJi of Y-8 or SIX in 2-ton field! _ .. · _ _iv,nr inflflintr 2~t [inuuiK · . f i y° u · ^V^" 238 iV^TVB.r"°S«T^ load . .neeri to U2 h.p.! SKTHIS IOOK MOW! ford off*n two grwt c«tii, ,'or your comfort and convenience This Ford F-l it the only Pickup offering an ,1'iS^, ''^-^'^IOK engine, for *ai savings up to if ^ ?'· "-, m r rp loct "P"TM 5 thlin thc °^ c ' leading make. Choose V-8 or Six power! v Ford Trucks for'5 2 cost still less to run? ABSHIER-BRYAN MOTOR CO. 17*21 Eiit Movntoin Str««t FayttttvilU, ArfconMt

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