Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 2, 1952 · Page 7
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 7

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Monday, June 2, 1952
Page 7
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Top! rack Men Point For NCAA Meet And Olympic 1 rials New YorV-(/P)-Am*rica'! t o p ' collegiate track if?r!ormers pointed toflay (or the N.C.A.A championships in Berkeley, Calif.. June 13-14 as the first bit hurdle 16 . clear to win a place on the Olyrp- ' pic team that joes to Helsinki in I July. As usual tht Unittd States u-il] have a powerful team. It will be i the first to meet Russia in direct athletic competition. But r i g h t ) now it looks as if America will tit-1 pend more on its coll«|e g r a d u a t e s ' than on the undergraduates. I M a n h a t t a n e a s i l won the 130-1 ,·-! l.C.A.A.A.A. championships Saturday and Illinois shaded Michigan in ihe Bi? Ten in f i n a l tui:e- uns for the nationals. Bright college performances nf thp weekend, all pointing in possible Olympic team placps. w*r n : James Gcilliday, N'ortl'ivestTn. 100 yards in :09.5; Stacev Sider:-. Illinois. 880 in 1:51.2: W a l t Dav-s. Texas A. and M.. hic.h j u m n in fi-9'5: Javier Monies. Tcvas Western, 1,500 meters in ^ S J . S : Gilbp-rt Borjpson, Brown, h.-immrr. '*'« ! Kansas Stale h.s timej nf .(W.S fnr', '· A m f r h - a n v"«rn?. t h e mo and -20.« f«r :he KQ. Dun I ,-i".n. f i . n n r r l y nf W i s - · ."ir.ii'h .if Texas hll a h r l j h t : i n 3 ' Ora'ls Th" -on : p i forrr.'-r ir.C'"r.- a c i'i1 3 MIS in the i in I,:"'don. hut he · i Bnt.-nn's Bit! N.-.nke- H- r;m;hl in 3:49. r [.(ss.ihi!]ty in : I ].: n f ,i i for the 10() m e t r r s . anrl P,nj! \\!i« of Ol:l«homa A. and M. has : 1 0 4 fr.r the H'O jnrt :20.(I (or t h e :i\' ; meters. Ollle Matsrm. I:SF. lonk.« in he i th- i ' n i l f d Slides th» belt nf the collegiate 4111 }»rd ..··II;.- ti-nnr. is Genrge ! men w i t h :4n.9. re:.A. "v.o has hit 2 f l : Thi first M.X men in each event .o ^rn.-i--! j u m p . at the Berlielry n a t i o n a l cnne^iai? 1 * n-':riin.-,".l ' p n r t p r h a s q u a l i f y (nr t h e f i n a l Olympic t r "l T h i n " H,ikrr of mil. in l.ns Ante|p .lunf P7-21 ^ SPORTS MAI.M..JAS HiNfcj, layalteviiK, Arkanun, Monday, June. 1, 1952 Cardinals Win Two Mangrum Takes Western Opssi St. Louis-(/P)-Lloyd Manjrum,* nonchalantly showing the gallery what makes a great pro, wrapped up his first Western Open Golf championship in a $2,403 check yesterday by stroking · 174. 72- h0 -!?, t0ta1 ' ' St. Lnuis-r.4-.-The St LniiU * The steady Chicago veteran fin- Cardinals, on the b-t of old pro Ished 6-under-par. the only entry Enos Slaughter sque-zpd on! a to oeat the regulation limit. first gam , w i r i i 8 _ 7 ov?r ,,,,, y f ... To do sn Mangrum scored a npw York Giants yestprHav. thr-n competitive ccurse record, touring jumped on f l o n t p K r n n ^ d y fni ^ n the stubborn Westwood Country easy 3-2 romp in the n i g h t c a p Club in a six under 64. The record ! The double loss dropped thp camt on a lazy 5-foot putt that G i a n t s out of first ph'-p barely dropped on the 18lh green. The second (ame w a s hatf'l s f II. -'" h ' S seventh birc "' °' t h e ler seven and- a half innincs because of darkness. The two dcfpg!s nr-r!pd 'V third and fourth revprra's f n r Pu- rocbei's men in their hst fh-» Dairies and nut them a f u l l jvime behind Brooklyn. Slaughter, the "nld W-irhnrsr" for the St. Louis team, hp'tp'l a ninth i n n i n g romp run w i t h tu-n out tn win thp np?ncr. M,T,-i?r r Leo Durochrr used Ifi men in tN first game in an e-'firt !-i "-MI. Wild "Vinegar Bend" Mizell s t a r t ed for the Cards and ai'n-.-e-l t' p Giants a 5-2 edee riurins hi:, s'.ay on the mound. | Rut the Cards fought b2"!; ."Ssirst Dave Ko;.!o and pullrd ' a h e a d in the seventh. The G i a n t s knotted the count in !'·.? pich:h. · Two wore out and tv.-o nn in jl-n ' top of the n i n t h when A! Bra-'e . was called in. He i direr! t'-p . Giants' pinch-hi'.ter R-iy \'"Y and gained ths victory on Slaughter's Corner. Gerairl Staley. in r.olcMnj !·!:· ninth win of thp year, had t* ;i:r- vive an p.arly s f r r a k nf \ v j l d n r - ' ; e\ a n fa «3j !··-. f ^ w , n %: f '· ·' · - i 1, ; U '·' a A' u!.,ja :n fe"' ' Mure Thau 7.000 Golfers Can Now Say. "I Beat Ben Hogav" A i en n t .'in i n Ihp r.n-idr ·v ha- '"trill a hn Ocean n^ar Gu,i fppt deep. »ays the ijr.tphin Society. i. 9 ·^ 5ox Liciqe White Sex On l_J f~) O O ! icrnc. -JJH.W-Z ? * . round. .' The previous course record I 6;i carded by Ralph Guhdahl. Bobby Locke finished in second placed with a 232 total. Johnny Palmer of Charlotte. Is. C., was third and tied for fourth wer« Dick Mayers. St. Petersberg. Fla., and Do\v Finster- v.-aid of Athens. Ohio. Dutch Harrison of Ardmore vas behind Ihe first ?0 on rounds of 77-71-72-71 for 291. Pels Use Bats To Gain Ground In Southern -·a i. 1 ; u s.iul i;, Ci::c:riv ( yiTi to post the win in thp s"?-mri same. The Cards had l i t t l e tr"i- ble with Kennedy's delivery. Ued Scheendienst priced the srcor.d game's only homer. Wcs Westrum. of th« Giants, and Solly Hemus. nf the Cards, hit home runs in the first Esme. It Louis t, Ne» York 7 FIRST GAME . N«W YORK ST. LOUIS »h r h ah r h W i l l i a m ? . 1'b 3 1 n Hmvjv « '1 .T 1 (By the AiAoclated l* Irish Danny Murtaugh's victory Jormuia for his power-laden New Orleans Pelicans: when the pitching falters, slam 'em with the fhilltlagh. The lormula worked to perfection last night. While a constant parade of. Pel pitchers tried with varying success to stem Mobile hit- ter», Murtaugh's muscle men produced sufficient bat-havcc to squeeze out 7-6 and 9-8 decisions over the league leaders. The sweep pulled Tht Pelicans to within a ...... __ _ _.. half-game of tht Southern Assoc- j;" r ^» n ' J \ ; J S' h 9 r p !p , "* : : iation top spot. Atlanta fell into third place, de- spitt f 15-0 conquest of Birmingham in the only single, fame of tbt ^ay. Thi other twin bills also i produced sweeps. Nashville bounced Chattanooga 7-5 and 8-7 and : Little Rock topped Memphis 8-2 and 1-0. Rockies Altx McN«ilanc« and John Weiss turned in top f l i f h t ' mound jobs as Littl« topped Memphis. The nightcap wtnt an extra inning before t j eb outfielder Johnny Grice counted on Jim Atkins' fly fcr the only score of the game. Weiss thre"' a 4-hitte.r in outdu«llmg Tom Hurd of the Chic!;s. McN'eilance yielded five safeties in the first game while his mates raked Woody Ri~h and Don Robertson for a doztn. White Sox Are Kind To Kinder BoMnn i.-l 1 ' K l l i s K i n d e r , who n "v.- i! -.x 1!! rn-.sPcTivp p i t c h i n g :,,,-,:.,.,,., ,;..-,,,· th,. CHrasn W h i l e Pnv. i ·!·:!··; hi-- l',n::tnii Red Six ,...-.. ,. · . p - ' t h j r f,ivnntr ba-pb-ill "f i ;,n r'-Mionilin- t h TM tune when '·':'.' '··:'· I i-.'.'l-i ' i n -.-as hold my , | -.'i ' ; - ; i '·'··'· W h i Si.x." K i n d P r . «-.'-. ' h-.i .'W m-v n u i - i i h . ri'callrd S 1 l / - ' i r M r r i ' v n s I was m l v P-I wi : i v-n V.'hiie s-ix In inifi-47." :.'·.,'. ·:»·-, ,-i«iin-.t t h i - m . old Ellie u i i " . I . i s l-i'i Chicapu .··etback as J u n - - I . I f J I C . K i n r r M i l s K i u b f l i i i n d e r s I ' - M i r n i ' ' ! - '·T'i-Rai]ih Kiner's ^ MI *«-.- j n n i n ^ h'inie run dff Fhil- .i'!r': !u i's K.-irl Orews in ye-ster- ; I'.-r.'.-. i i - ! i t n p VMS the P i t t s b u r g h I n - ; . - , . , · · . . spvciitii hnmer of the ·· · I - T · · ! n n r l h.i:; s i x l h off r i ^ h t - h;iiul(i-s. "I it:l- Wn" Wins Aitain ' ''"iii'iV . S'.nn l)ie;n. Calif., de' ',!".| Mi: Pat Tndrl, I ..- .Inlla '.'.-I'M . S-ii. li-.i, fi-t. in win the '--.ini'y (i.-;:-- Cnurt Championship h'T!- vpstcrriay. i Tli-? Sr.n'a G r p l r u d i s breed of '··"i"!!' is said in hp t!ip only b " c f , I . I ' , ; ! P hreerl de\p|nppd i n I h e : ' Ne\i- Ynrk-'ATi-Who sud Bin Hngan r a n ' t h» b e a t e n * More t h a n 7,000 Rolfers. niost of tliem l u s t d u f f e r s or weekend «n!fers. can say today "I did " Nearly all of them, however, rlld it w i t h handicaps But l-.frp were a few t h a t topped Hojan's score of 71 w i t h o u t a handicap. The Nat i o n a l open champion t u r n e d in ! his par 71 at t i p N'orlhwnnrl r n u n try C l u h course in D a l l a s where he'll defend his title starling J u n e 12. A t o t a l or 7 . M l nf the I F - , nortpd in the heat Ben Hntfan N a - tion?! Gnlr nay S a t u r d a y turned in bettor cards t h a n the mighty mite from Texas. j All who participated paid »n ' entry fee of Jl in the event spon- : sored by the Professional G o l f e r s ! Association and Life M.ija'lne j with all proceeds Roini; tn the Na- ; tional Golf and II.S.O'. funds. | John Haine. 79-year old Tres ·· Finns. Calif., plaver bid th« low- ' «t. He 'hot a 74 and with a · h a n d i c a p of H t u r n e d in a HO. Etehl-yfwr-oM riiaup Wilson of Kan-.nri City had « 117-tB--69. Gp.'ier?! nrv!Iiv. head of Ihe j o i n t chiefs of s t a f f . «rnred an 85. which was reduced to 74 by h i s h a n d i c a p o f I I Sen. Fnbert A . T u f t ( R - O h i n l had « I\4-\K 7«. : There were nine, holes-in-ime repnrtpd. The whiskey with Are ^/ o~-·· /;/ its flavor. . · - V . - . J The Straight Kentucky Hitirfiin fit "lioiihlc A' hosts. Used by thousands tn reductrji lieu--Junge'i Roman Meal nreid 11-U-lf 1 Keep ·» run tkt Umtt rmt · *» · ilf.ll/. I «6 PlOOf A N C I f H T AGE O I S I I U I I J S CO. FtAHKFOtT. KT. Lilltn to tht NfWS, y, ·! 7!*30AM7a'v»r KO*H " :"3ND C.'-.IE R Pin'n' "b Ellintt. If Dark. 5 s Mueller, rf West rum. c CHlho'FOB Noble, c Dierin;. cf K«*!n. p allofmin WiJhclm. p Linicr. p Spencer, p 1 t - - oi :iurn s ,n 4 1 1 Musii ! . r f it 4 fi .1 Slaughter, rf 4 n (i H n; re . if C f 4 0 0 SU1-r. ib 2 3 1 rniavlsno 0 0 n Migfins. If l n " Johnson. :i 4 0 9 D Hie*, c 1 n » Mizell. p 1 ii 0 Pn = k-i. p 0 0 n rU.nvrrv ft n 0 Wcr'e. p I 0 J IStankv 0 0 0 Yuha; p .1 i 4 l , i -T i' 3 0 ] n 0 li 4 n 4 ? i n 0 u 1 I 1 n 1 (t n 'i w s. Aa"i.*r J'i"i US Totsls 3-1 7 PTotais .14 ; Hodges' Homer Helps Dodgers Nip a--Fnultfd out for Ko^n In 6 ' h b- -Singled for Lanier in S'h c--Appeared at Bat for Westrurn in Sth. rl--Sinflsd for Presko in .iih *--Hit inlo double p l a y fnr Si?!or in 7lh f -- D o u b l e d for Wer'e in S'h New York "!0 o 1 ! n j o -- 7 St. Louis . . . f!12 oil i n i -- 5 £--n. Rice R B I -- E l l i o t t . I o r k m ,?i R Thomson. Dark. Hemus ?. Kchoeiv!- irns' 2. S l a u g h t e r 2. \ V e 3 t r u m . Hi = !:·-·'· , H Rics 2 2B--Schoendiens'. Elli^-' 1 I -S'snky .78--D Ri?e. L o s k m i n HR 1 Hcmu'. W f t J t r u m . Slaughter S--Koslo DP--William;. Dark »nd Lurk m a n j Werle. p. R i r t ind R Tlir-r.. 1 son. W i l l i a m s and Loekmin L r f ; ' New York 9. St. Louis fi. B B -- K n r - i n 4. Wilhelm 2. Mizell 4. V,'er n YuV-- ^ , * * 2 SO--Kosio 3, W t l h e l m I. M i z - l l 4 Cltht ? 7 W f t r l * ' "O-Koslo 6 in 5 mn.ncs. M i - VsUfyS, )-/ zdl 4 in 4 i 3 : Pr^sku 1 in :,. V.'TI- ' .1 in ~: W i l h e l m ? in 1 ' - . L a n - e r n 1:1 Chicago - W. - Gil Hodjes' two- ^az1?" C m ' '"R^- m'.-Ko" lo" run homer during a three-run sec- Mirpii s-. Preskn n-n. \vcri- ?.-? v:,i- ond inning was all the Brooklyn Dodgers needed to defeat the Chicago Cubs. 3-2. and take over the National League lead yesterday. Joe Black came on for the Bums In the last two frames to pitch sterling relief. The third-ploce Cubs, held to one hit in the first sevtrt innings by former mate Ben Wade, rammed across two runs in the next to last frame and knocked Wade from the box. Brtettlyn ). Chicago I ·ROOKLYN CHICAGO ab r h ' Morgan 3b 3 0 0 Mlksis. si * f) 0 Retst. S3 3 D O Ram I'll. 2b S 0 1 Smd?r. c f 4 0 1 H*rm'ski. r f 4 0 0 Robinson. 2b 4 0 o Sauer. If Pajko. If 4 1 1 Atwell. c Hortgej, Ib 4 3 l.Fondy. Ib rurillo. r f 4 1 1 Etrtna. Jb 4 0 3 Jtrfceat. c f liars, 4-3,3-5 he'm 1-1: tinier 0-f. V u h i = Spender 1-1. W P - - K n s l i W-: i?-0i L-- Spencer iI-,V r - ·»rt. Guglirlrm. Gnrc. Conlon T · tICOND CAME York IOT n i n nrj-- ? R Si. Louit son mi IX--A ; · Samber«r '1-H. Wilhr'm K e n n r - i - · n«J Westrum; Slaley 1.2-31 and D Rice How They Stand AMERICAN LEAGUE W I. Prt P^iiladelph-a 5. P T v.-!i r.'FiTjT C. PHILADCLPiilA no : r, A- h b u r n i-' ^ ^ ' f;v jn. 2b i : i- V v r c j l p k . rf J i i F n n n . 1! :. ' ' piTTSSur.-:.': Cleveland Boslnn j ·' " Chicago .. J J ] New York 3 0 0 S t . Louis Wad«. p Black, p Totaja 3 0 0 K h p - l f n . 0 0 0 Hacktr. p aCav ratta Ltonard. p » 3 7 Totali 3 1 1 1 0 0 2 0 0 1 0 1 « 0 « .« 2 b 25 21 22 22 - _ . 1 8 .20 ·--Tripled for Hacker Brooklyn . . . . Chicago E--MlkJIt. BUck RBl-H»ai«l !. Reese. Cavarrelta 2. 36--Cavarrelta Philadelphia _ . _ _ _ IB Detroit 13 Sunday't Results Washington 4-3. Detroit 3-6. Boston S. CYiicaso 2. Cleveland at N'r-'v York, port- 1 8th so ooo wo--3 po^ed. ram. BOO ooo 030-^ St. Louis at Philadelphia. 2 post poned. rain. Hit--Hcdfes. DP--Retst, Roblnsen xnrl Hodg«i. Left--Brooklyn S, Chicago 4 . BB--Klippilein I. Wad. I. SI--Kliop- N A T I O N A L LEAGUE W I. Brooklyn . . 27 10 New York . .. 27 1? Irooklyn s, Chicago __ __._,, I. Wad. I. SI--Kliop- atein 1. Hacker 6. Wadf 7. Black 3 HO . --K!ipp«t«ln 4 in 1'j inninga. Hacker I In «',: Leonard (I in 1. Wad« 4 In 71,. . Biaek l in p,. n En--Kiippmin ChicaRn . 21 r; 3-3. Hacker 0-0. Wade 2-Z. Black o-o. C i n c i n n a t i _ ?(l -1 1 L*nnard o-n Wmn*r--Wade H-2i ci r n l l i- ~ on TO Lwer-- Kllppiteln i.l-4. U-W«rneke SL., j , ... --- ^ -^ Oonr. Da.coll and S.c.ry T-2.2! A- Philarlclphl.1 1ft .'! 4«..m. ' Boston . 1 4 2 1 : Pittshursh 11 34 . Sunday'i Resulti St. Louis 8-».. New York -, second gamp i-allod er.ri nf bhape TOT Title BOUt innings, darknejs Brnoklvn 3, Chicaco 2 Atlantic City, N. J.-OPi-Heavy- £L n f in , n f"i.- 1 ". 4 ' f 1 "- 1 "' 1 n '* wtlfM champion .Jersey .foe Wai- Philadelphia V I . Pittsburgh cott is one pound over the weight ht.hopes to carry into Philadelphia's Municipal Stirlium Thtirs- Mobile 31 21 Uy night in his title defense. New Orleans i. .11 :!2 ·gilnst Ezzurd Charles. He'll try ; Atlanta . SB 20 lotting some of that today in a Chattanooga .. W 2.i workout before the w a t c h f u l ' N a s h v i l l e . 21 J4 t!ifM-m«n Pennsylvitila S t a 1 1 ?!. rmin .l h ». m Athletic CommlisioPi. ''·=·" R'l Will !«?!';:n Welcott, Charles Near For Title Bout SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION ,T; T'.-s f H a r d flrili li Littlr Rock In HMrby PlMMntvlIlt Charles'JJ,*,^!? R ,, K0«s through hit lilt sparring ses- " · T ' - - ul " ··ion today In preparation for the .1-7. Atlanta 7-8, ... ... Little Rock 8-1. Memphis 2-0. NVw Orleans 7-fl, Mohile C-ft OKLAHOMA TIRE A SUPPLY CO The ONE REFRIGERATOR "··p. *«*,,.,,,,,, r^T "°°'°* ^'vo^vt: 1 , -^T;^ "^r- 1 »* bn. """ '"' *- . A d i c r t K r In HIP Tl'il.s.. It |:: *HOMI OP UTTER VALUES*

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