Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 2, 1952 · Page 6
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 6

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 2, 1952
Page 6
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· - NOtTHWBT AMU|SAi M.nd.y, J ttM J, 1952 [Fugitive Arrested Following Wild Car Chase In Oklahoma t Tulfa, Okh.-MVA wild chasr j on trafflr-rlnsgpd U.S. Hijjhwny ,-J!4 near nixhy rrsultod in the nr- jii-cst late Saturday night of a man SiMemi/ird liy Highway Patrol of."- flrials as n cnnvirUni kidnaper nnd ·"Arkansas jail fugitive. Slate Trooper 1,. K. M o r n n said j ;.--* car driven b.v Harrv I^ro" M u r : .,;: r». v , 39. drnvi- through a h i g h w a y ! patrol cherk puint and refused to :--stop until Moran chnsed it and fired shots over the careening auto. The two vehicles reached . speeds as high as 100-mlles a n ' hour. Murray was identified as a n : 'escapee f r o m the Fort Smith, Ark., county jail where he was serving a ID-year term for armed robbery. He also Is on parole from the LirKvrnwnrlh federal prison where he was sent In 19.17 on a 25-year sentence for conviction of kidnaping at Fort Smith. Moran said i n autos -.vere forced off the highway during the chase and there were three near head- on collisions. The officer found two small caliber revolvers, a hoi tie of whisky, cold beer and n box of ben/erlrlne tablets in the car Ownership of the a u t o was traced to M. L. W i n f o r d of Tulsa who had reported it stolen. Briton Is Named President Of Mother Church 15,000,000 Said Purged On Chinese Mainland Washlnicton-(/pi . Retired Adm. Charles M. Cookc, Jr. quotes Na- Chiang Kai-shek's guerrillas dur-, "The Communists execute anv- the past 14 months. Tractor Replaces Mules In Farming; Passing Mourned Washington - (fP} - The mule, » Southern consressmnn observed j Saturday. Is going to the dogs. In · fact, most of them already have j Hone there, as dog food, at two cents * pound. i Rep. John Rankln (D-Mlsj) de-! «erlb«i to a reporter sadly how I talent scouts for pel caterers have twnrmed Into the cotton hell and : toted awny the hard-tailed ornaments of Dixie's mule harm. I The mule, he said. Is o casualty I of the machine age. It took on the i tractor, and the tractor won. The i new South can hardly spare ion j room for a hammer-headed hybrid j whose carburetlon system burns timothy and oats needed for nn expanding dairy industry. Hep. Clarence Cannon (D-Mol whose district tailored a speclnl heavy-duty cotton field mule to planters' specifications, confirmed that the tractor had almost completely displaced It. "The bottom has dropped nut of the mule market," tho.Missnurian mourned. "For a majority of the farmers in my country, mules vtrtt once the big cash4-rop. Now the mule Industry has practically disappeared." FMllngi Hurl It was difficult to determine who felt worse about the passing of the mule age-- Cannon, whose grand- lionaliM Chinos, sourc o» as saying CookeTformer 'u'"""s Seventh i b0dy Wh ° mif!hl be thou * ht lt ruthless Red purges on the China Fleet commander in the Far East ; su PP° rt guerrillas." r n i i i n l a n d have taken 15 million said the purges had reduced t h e ! In an interview in the weekly I ' IVf "- j numhcr of active guerrillas to news The admiral, who recently re- I about half a million, turned from two years ns techni-: Cookc said the figures on exe- '·al adviser to the nationalists on j cutions may be exaggerated, but rormosn, said the Communists j he believed the deaths number in- have executed one million of i to the millions. He added: Simple LT. COU JIOBEKT ELLIS KEY Boston-(Snpcl-il) i t r'nl n i rl FM , Knv , I ' 1 ' I i- ? ," i J Lnntl " n , ttiRland, !? day w ' ls mim " 1 p 'TMTM' of The -- , e r a n - , father before him raised the ani- ! !? day w ' ls mim " 1 p 'TMTM' of The mals, or R a n k l n , who as a youth ! M o l n c r Church, The First Church followed old Heck around a cotton I Christ, Scientist, in Boston at patch between the handles of a ils »»nunl mrntinj; attended by middle-buster plow. | Christum Scientists from all over Itnnkin conceded that the r-co- 1 the world. Colonel Key is us notnicE of modern day f a r m i n g sodale editor of the Chri'stl.-m give the tractor a big edge. I ,s dc nce religious Science pr.i"- A tractor doesn't cost a darn thing except when you're r u n n i n g It, he pointed out. "But you've got to feed a mule all the time." Hep. Bichard Boiling (D-Mo), whose home town of Kansas City formerly was one of the world's prime mule markets, pleaded "Let's not slander the Missouri mule." "Look up the record of the mule in World War II," he advised. "Find out who built the Burma tinner and has hem an authorised learner of the religion since 111.17. j He first became active in Chris- , t i a n Science more t h a n 40 years, ago. His appointment was announced ' by the Christian Science Board of Directors, who said s p i r i t u a l understanding nlonc ean pierce today's corruption in government and world confusion and nnu oui wno built the B u r m a ! lu w m m contusion and lead Road and who hauled the artillery m a n k i n d to lasting safety and se- over tht Italian mountains Re- curity. About 7,50f) Christian Scientists ns e- member that no mule has ever s e engaged In a dormitory raid written a singing commercial." R.F.D. Seven ·y JACK CARUUt Last Thursday there was a norl r - n f "Guernsey Fair" at the Jack Hall farm. Jack Is next to the last customer on RFD Seven so I ·topped to see what was going on. -There were a lot of fine Guern- iey« being shown, but I don't know very much about cattle, no I" headed for the refreshment booth. The good ladies of the Buckncr H o m e Demonstration Club were furnishing the eati and they really had nome fine nand- Wlchw, pin, calces, etc. I ordered · cup of black coffee with my (·ndwkhn, and you should have »een the dirty looks 1 got from all .$hoie cows. It made me feel to tnnn that I went back directly and drank a bottle of milk--after I found out that Jack was furnishing the milk for free . . . f And if you like fried chicken, be fure to go to Sulphur City tomor- tow night (Tuesday). The V.F.W.'s ire throwing a big feed out there lor the benefit of their building fund. I am sure that all you candidates will go. You can get all the fried chicken you can eat for 65 cents and meet a lot of fine folks to boot, W. F. Brown's dog. Huff, Is back home again. He followed some fellow home from the Coy Fraley sale a couple of weeks ago. I found out that one man had one dog too many and that Mr. Brown was short a dog, and after I found out It was the same dog, the problem was practically solved. Ruff was in this column a couple of years back when he sot mixed up with a copperhead snake. The milk business up Middle Fork has picked up so much that the company had to arid another truck. eyes arc not what they used to be, and he gets most of his news and , from throughout the world beard the directors' special message. The directors said t h a t h u m a n ingenuity alone will never solve mankind's deepest problems, nut thoy added that the means for risht ad- W. A. Drain's battery radio took I Justmcnl are spiritual and are im- ' out on him last week. Mr. Drain's i mediately available. i "Not numbers cor h u m a n might but Truth--spiritual understand- j entertainment from his radio--as he sips his black coffee. To make matters still worse, he also ran out of coffee. However, I had him fixed up In a couple of days with a new battery and a can of Maxwell House. Raymond Reed's wife asked me to remind you folks who are interested in the Reese Cemetery to be out there for tile memorial service next Sunday. As this or- faniiatlon li relatively new and the date is a little unusual, she wa« afraid that some of you folks might forget. H. A. Barman, who lives just two miles .out E. U, has sold his place and will be moving away shortly. Mr. Barman is a retired ing- the power that will mold . the world's destiny," they clared. de- checks which are Incorrectly addressed. I hnvc folks HF'D j Seven, and some have been on the route for three years or more, who · still have checks coming that h a v e j the old address. .lust a postal to i the source of the chock will usual- i ly straighten everything up. Why i not do that. " i . . . And speaking of gelling | government checks, I am remind- i ed t h a t the newspapers have been ! saying that the Postofficc Depart- i ment had gone busted and ' \ve i weren't going to get paid u n t i l : they got some dough. I hope it ' ",*J ^" .^iiiinr u u u f j l l . 1 nope I t won't be long, for I don't believe ! my "Times" check will last ton long. ' There Is such a Iliinc as being I too lucky; take, for instance, t h e , case of Gene Goff nnri the w e l l ! he drilled out there for his railroad man and hasn't been here- r ery long. The mail order companies are ending out their summer sales catalogs now. And I notice some items are off quite a bit This often cauL vour mon h 'y TM kc ' hcf V" lcrhu " ( ' 1 '" d r i n k ' A t i statements to arrive late, o even ! ?m m lh.' 7 H , *?' ", " 1C ! to be returned If vm,r hm » 11 ' m thc ° M abandoned WC I1 a t ! ... i d i .(washing, and other "rough" · we also gel a lot of government purposes. | AirrowAtw 9AS WATER HEATER DEAD ANIMALS REMOVED PROMPTLY Quick Sanitary Service Fayetteville Rendering Service Call Collect No. 1819 K«+p Your Form and Ranch Sanitary S100 REWARD We WUI Give $100.00 Reward For information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons found guilty of shooting and smashing our plate glass windows. Hobson Graham HAILEY SALES CO. High Way 71 North Phono 1689 magazine "U. S. News _ World Report," the admiral said the United States should help] ·""·"" /*. l .,j l .it.i\i*t Chiang recapture the mainland. j OUICK UOIlllOri j ^ -- I ^^ . . i . _* ' * af . A resolution of Independence, was adopted by the Colonial Coun- j cil, July '2, 1776, although the ; Declaration of Independence was; not made public u n t i l July 4, 1776. Mrtrtite la the TIMFS--It pin. es Bertie! NOTICE to ill Ciliieni of Northwut Ark.niai: BEWARE OF CHEMICAL POLUTJON IN FOOD AND WATER Are you awiire of the new D r i n k i n g Water Menace and the DANGEROUS CHEMICALS THAT ARE PUT into our food :ind water supplies? B E W A R E OF THE NEW FLUORIDATION SCHEME now bcins advocated by some citizens and public officials. Sodium fluoride is a deadly poison. I3IU C H E M I C A L INTERESTS ar,- f l l l l n j the n u t l u n i leading masa- /incB and newrp.ipers w i t h mlslrading propaganda. JT IS TIME FOR AN A W A K E N I N G L'larn how to live hesllhy In a, poison world FREE INFORMATION This a.J was sponsored hy the O R G A N I C G A R D E N AND HEALTH CLUB CLYDE L. BAHR, DirKlor Expert D i r l i l l M n - H ^ n an N r t r i l l o n Consultant-Organic Farm Technician Mcmhft- ol Health Freedom League of Arkansas Phon. I392-L2 104 w«.l Second SL F«yett«Till«, Arkiniai GOSPEL MEETING Church of Christ Farm ing ton, Arkansas JUNE 1 through 10 Daily 8 P.M. WORLEY FERGUSON Bentonville, Ark. SPEAKER JIM SIZEMORE FoyertevilU, Ark. Song Leader EVERYONE WELCOME Please accept this as a personal invitation to attend these services each night ....L.;\ ...M'MM Worley Ferguson » - ·* ·* v -v -w -v ^v V v V w v )* V V V COOK'S G R E A T SEMI-ANNUAL A F T E R PAINT CHUNGS, WALLS AND FLOORS TWICE AS MST...wifno COOK'S-KOTER ROLLER APPLIER SET Eliminate* Brush Marks . . . Unsightly Laps! EACH SET INCLUDES . . . · Easy-to-use, 7-inch Paint Roller Applier. · Sturdy, all-mefal paint tray . . . instructions. FLOOR COVERING BUYS STEP LADDER SALE GOOD STURDY LADDERS MADE OF KILN-DRIED PINE OR FIR · HANDY BUCKET SHELF · STEEL SAFETY RODS ·4-FT.SZEa,»33? 7. FT 5|7F R «g If) 08 I I I . JILL 1344 IVlEA. COMBINATION LADDER ' 7-Ft. Step Enrendt into 13-Ft. Straight Ladder. J-ight Weight, 9xl2-Ft. RUG? ISSOftrED DES/GNS sTiJI Reg. $4.95 ' k Colorful, 6x6-ln Plastex Rubber Tile 8 DECORATOR COLOR: ALL MARBLEIZED 9x9-IN. DEEP KENTILE COLORS ALL PERFECT QUALITY TILE! tPre-Woxed-Ready to Walk on! FULL '/s-IN. THICK Vour Choice ol 7 Lovely Co/orj SALC MICE EACH HEAVY WEKKT-fEU BASE ^ YARD GOODS 79c VALUES! CHOICE DESIGNS SAVE! Pabcowall Wall Covering IDEAL FOR KITCHENS, NURSERIES, BATHS. EAST TO INSTALL I EASY TO CLEAN DURABLE 54-IN.WIDE SAlf PR/Cf I HANDY PAINT GUIDE Metal Easy-to-clean ffor trimming sash, my trim work. M E EA. Point Windows and Door Screens with a Jiffy Screen Painter Easy to Use ONLY I EA. Curved Boct SCRATCH BRUSH WIDE . BRISTLES Firm for removing old point. REG. 98c Stlt rrici 50! Keg. S9f 2-GALLON P A I N T POT Made of cold- rolled steel. CLOSE-OUT 'EA. Pint COOK'S Reg. $1 SPECIAL WAX and .09 Value. APHIER WJTH 4-FI. HANOI* NO BENDING-NO RUBBING! Room Lots WALLPAPER MANY PATTERNS TO CHOOSE FROM-BUT ONLY ONE or TWO ROOMS of EACH DESIGN 3 SALE-PRICED GROUPS YOU SAVl AT UAST 50% OW EVERY LOT! CWOtJ MHSffl o,,,, color, THEY GO! Per Room lot $ 'LOT LOT 'LOT ALL NON-FADING COLORS! . .MANY WATERFAST! COOK'S PAINTS (Ju Your Credit · NO DOWN PAYAriENT . (J p ,,, 36 Month* to Pay! East Srde Squart Phong 526 WSCOWTWUW cotOM HIGH GLOSS Fine Quality C L O S E - O U T 20-FT. EXTENSION LADDER Regular *2O 40 VALUE LIGHT HANDLFj MADE KILN-DRIED SPRUCE SIDE-RAILS, f HICKORY RUNGS Excepfionoffy STRONG! CAN BE USED AS 2 10-FT. LADDERS SALE PRICf TOU « «HOICI WAS $398

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