Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 2, 1952 · Page 2
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 2

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 2, 1952
Page 2
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2----NOtTHWIST ARKANSAS TIMIS,, Arkon.o,, , Monday, Juno 2, 1952 iimiiiniijiiMimimiiiiimmmiiiiHriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Miss Keith Weds In Home Ceremony Guests At Harding Home MRS. KATHLEEN DOZIER 1 INIIIMIimiMMIIliiiimiiMiiiiiii iihiiiin.iiiiiiii Illllllliiiiiimiin of,', · Daily Calendar of Events · Tonight . . . Hi Si Club, Cluhroom. 7 1 arrr.inr.ton LrMpr, Farrnlnglon Masonic Hall, v.:;0 Kv-p'Irviilp I'll, t r i r l Nur'o:. 7::u, Fiyuip-.-iilc- l.o-l t p 7-iri. Ma.'.onic Hall, fl T Head a}' . . . Roys Club Ro.irrl ,,f l.uic.clors. F.-ri'y.-on'. 7 TO a m Wrnn-n' Ci\i. Club Hiurrt. Cluhroom. :,..·':(, ,-',' m ' Lion's ( Ini-,, Fcrcu! oil's, |;; K,·....-.:,i { !ut). Wai-hinstnii Hotel. 12 ?i!l: r.rti Cluh. S:ig C.-|tp. 7 N.'r-a: li'-j.i-rve Co.n|.ir;ile fml. K.isr.n Buil'hni.-, 7 Washington County Medical Society, W.vhmKtcii, Hotel 7 Sporlsmt-n's Club. Cluhhouse. 7:3,1" Sf'f.lh Milil.-ny (,'.,.prnmiMit flroup, 112'i West (Ynler 7-'.fi O. E. Matonif Hall. K . ' '" Vows Pledged By 'Dinner-Reception Miss Tetcr And To Compliment Max Newport .Herbert Burtons Thf weddinc of Miss M a r y T d - j Officers of tiie Air Force KdTC fr. daufihtcr of Klder and Mi-f. K. "' M. Tetcr of Fayctte.', llle, to Max Newport, ,,,,, t ,f Mr. ami Mrs. Har- MO^VTM"'-'TM"" vcy Now-port, was performed But-.' will 'hi= helrr'nt'thc''hnmo'of "l"t" urclay rvrninr. at n o'clock at the Col. and Mrs. Hay W. Allnr.1, (lie home of dip brldr'a parents. The dinner will follow at llcinic'l, ·I.;: . . I ' M i - S I , , , - -.'i'i , of Mi. and i.i:'l K e i t h nf : : , . - . - : . TII!-.;,. I '".Idem, i,f n:. I t o W:,v,,,- V,lli;in, C;ilviM W | K.ip'r.i ('him l , I "I r lU'il.v. I Mr- I'aul \V.,.,.|iuff .-,-!, -,,dr-d . 'I..- bud.- ;,-, IMI.I-I ,,f ho,,,.,. Mi-.S I' ' ' ' ,' ·' ' Al. I !''.C1'I, · - · : ] III.- f.ind!.-- . ' : · · : : , " : . A h . . Al:-. Ti-nni-.,,,, ( I - " i ;.:,!. ..i.d 'l,.i,,,,.v K-i'li " ; " · · · ; . I " - , , , i !':,ul F. V.'.io.lruff · ' I V - I .'I' 1 I j - '· i-i.-ii,. 1 Th" L i , - : . - v - i:i;idu:i!r-d from ! : . ' · .'·',: IN;'-|.I:-- i;:; i, .-:|-:i.,r,| jo jllfjlj ·'· I · ' ' K - . , ' Si," w;.'. 1 '., ',",-,"! 1 ' : ' '· · . ! - - . , Mil iii:,litrr of r.ll.i · ','.',' i I '·'., M: I;..;,,.juian w:i'-. : i-.-...|u:i'.-d f i . - . - i , th,. F a v e t l t - v i l l e ' · ! " . - · : · - ' . ' I I-'' I'll',. Hi-'.vt.-ndr-d ; II..- AI.-...I;. .: S'.-.te T,-ai:l,.-,.s Ol- ie;,r- ·-! ( ..·!; ....,-·, and I'niversM-,- ;;' A ' · : ' " · - . ' '!'· ."-I'.rrl w i t h the ..-··'"i.d A:',...,,-d divhinn and in K...-'-, ·- i t h I',,,- MR Field A r t i l l e r y !..!:.,!ioL. A r k a n s a s National ! 5owell-Newgenf s Mary l e t - | Olficers of tiie Air Force Ki iTC and Mr?. K . ' S t a f f at HIP University will honor Wpfifl fif] ArlnflllnrpH Hie, to Max '*]*· ··"" Mr- '"·rhPrl ?·· Burton . U U I " a A n n O U f C e a dinner p;ri v . The wrrldiiirj of Mis Marvella r officiated at thp dou- Rteak House. le, to Klmcr Sowell, Oklahoma y. .-r.ii of Mr. anrl Mr- Nea] Sowell nf Min.-o. {)kla.. was per. i i"l vest Enrolls With Summer Art Group . 1 Mr. and Mrs. W. I.. Stir, or and son have recently -moved to Fay- eltcvillc Imm California. Mrs. f). n. Henton of I.onnkc, is u.-.itmi; here w i t h her son-in-law anrl daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Floid Uirrl. I.I. Col. and Mrs. Hay W A l f o r d l.avi' returned from a VIM! w i t h their p a r e n t s in Fort Thomas, Kentucky anrl Utira, Ohio. F.:irl n.vcss, manager of the . S o u t h w e s t e r n Gas and Klc, I ic : Company, is in C'lcvcland, Oriio, : on business. j Mr. and Mrs. A. I'.'S'evcns hnd ! as guests ovei tire weekend t h e i r ' ' son-in-law anrl daughter, Dr. and Mrs. A. M. Davison. anrl sons ; David and Jay. of Little Rock. i Mrs. V.'. F. Sor.neman has re- .luinerl from two weeks in L i t t l e . Rock, where she wns the e,ues! of | her son-in-law anrl daughter, Mr. l a n d Mrs. Charles Craig. ! Mr. and Mrs. Arrnin E. Henne- borcrr anrl family of r.131 Park! Lane. Dallas. Texas, have been . the Ruesls of Captain anrl Mrs. ', .Tohn J. Henn^bcrger, 722 West . J Maple. I Michael Fields. d;uehtcr of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Fields, has enrolled as · Mudent at the University .Junior A r t Center, which will have ; .,,.. .-. .., ,,. , , , Miiricm at me L mvor.-qty .Junior A r t C'enler. which w Ifr.'n^^mo^f's'n^^cpor;!:^ - " TM ' TM . conducted by AU S us, Freund.ich. ; i i r c _ _eli-iMo (o attend the six rrttt,Li nf i i /i "irV," " " " ' i i wui luiivi i a vvpr-i: - summer course, thp bssir- Thompson ' '""' « · - j''cqim-enent bein;, an interest : , uii.n-i i.iui'T oiiicinicn at the dou-. formed vf-trrdav afternoon -,t ·) . ' an ° Mrs - "Oberl Harding--Puska TIMESFOTO Aiten*."t S reTMmrmbcr,, 1 fthn!j;r^r,XTos, l :f7«M r h;ii!!!: ^"'^'"'"''.!""' s ""^iReceptlon Given In Honor t w o imnipdiatc families. versily and will leave for ,l,,- Air ~\L I A 1 1 1 "-'IIWI ^tnt^rrA 1 ,:-,';;; ^: Confederate Cemetery Ut Lt. And Mrs. Harding Services Held ;..-:;ories. Her flowers were a cor- lUe ot p i n k rosebud;;. hrldfproom, a veteran of the Kor- William W. Mai.",-,'nd' Mrs' d.'v,allenio,,n, ,-,,, c,.n \\ar. ,s a sraduatP of Inc. Cyrus H. Vance, ("apt. ,,,,,, Mrs dicncr I,-,ud Cm Faimlnjlon Illjll Senool They arc .John ,1. llpnnpbp,,.,., (·,-,,,i .,,,,, pin Cim,r,ii,,.- , now makinrr thpir homp in Fay-.Mrs. Oeorce H. Parsons, ,,,,,| L t. -""I imprcssr.p , SI!f__ i ; " 1ri Mrs. Onrcc A. Daw.-; a n - . Mrs. Hohert HardinR of Ellington ' Rrva'n ^Ir^'ll"^;' 'c''lc'i'on S ' an- Air Force rinse, Houston, Texas, Wehb Willi'ims -ijid" .Mrs I in which ricd in a ceremony performer! Ma; ; There La., San Antonio, Texas and Mcx- i f Jl" L ico. In San Antonio, she was the 17611110 ICll cuest nf her brother, Clinton ' '"""""*'" 7'; on -- iWill Conduct Barbara Barrett, daiighler of i - Ihp Paul Barretts, left Sunday \||mmOr evening for Xew York and N'ew '. JUIIM MCI Brunswick. N. .J., to be the E ,,est | ..- .,,,,,, ,,,,. Is flnnp lre of Dr. anrl Mrs. .Lewis Webster : ReRistralion has l;ecun for the more cnp.-ible child becomes' iso .tones and their daughter, Bar- -'TMior Art Group summer course, l-ttc-d anrl ,-it the same time, 'he 1'ara. ; ur-rirr the direction of AUMSI child who is loss capable/,' h«- l Frcundlich. Children wishina tn comes frnslrated by the rornpe'i- naymond A. P/iipps. seaman, | onrn " m;1 - v a l'P'i' at the Fine Arts t i r c- slanri.irrls thus established." ton Hall, completing its second '· xi P fl - ^ p causc of this need. Mr. school tcnchers \vorking with t l - e " art. Classes arc offered ir, a va'r- i icty of expressions and media ' u-ilh no attempt to single out the exceptional or talented children '· slates Mr. I-'reiuidlich, who his found that "v.-hen this is done, the · Hall, completing its second tour of duty in the Far East. , Guests in the home of Mrs R r | lalely IS" , Bird are Mrs. E. K. Ellis nf Slvevc- DENNIS THE MENACE . - . - · - . . . - .....iii-ss in wnicn i "-.i in .1 ceiomnny periormerl May ' There were .ipnroxi'm'rlv H" Bird are Mrs F v Fir r c i ' ' '" asses , l" ,.,,,;jh,-,,,,e,l "d-M-nti.,,, to hish 'I, nl Austin. Texas. She was the ' guesls who % He, oe wee he ^" t. Ta and Mr, M .rhn ('re" "^"^ "^ r uTML' f vX r;!^^^^·'-^! 1 ^" f ^^^^"· 11 ^^^ '-"i"' ""h""S ( ^; TMTM ' ,"" .'here for a few days before return- " " l ' " r """ '""jMiss Sharp Is Bride Icnry Alevandcr presirird anrl the lie-,-. William Shcrnian . chap!;iin. i M i ^ c. r'. Varrinxt.,11 lerl t h e ' I choir, aciompanied by Miss Nancy (If Hr I P jCh.imhlee. Hymns sung w e r e ' W I ul · ·*· "· llho.-e wilh whlcli soldiers of the c . , . ·in,-, v/ri .p fnni j|i. lr in m pcl- ; .'^"''"Srialp-fSperiaD-The mar-. · - - ' riace of Miss Claris Belle Sharp ! 1, i,so. Texas and K S Hn Air Force Upon-,,, mp ;c,,,,n of Mlmmr ,. prepared a class room children are Mrs. Robert Tra-:?~ icean early in November. Wilson.'' Miss'' Jewel Caudle a°H meetmz cnch Saturday, thildien Mrs. Mn-k Young of Lover*" "--"'"-·""d into four aseerno,,,. Mrs. Ally I.vnrh and Mrs. Ai'-e :achcr responsible f«r R,-lt of Bates School; Mrs. Fre'd -hmcn at the University. Ar, K , ' ith no tuition chai-ge. ' dinator for the children's actM- * '" '?. ! lies. KmU( , So|ln( , man , c f ( |hj; - noon for Little R 0 rk, driving down : with Ann's mother, Mrs. W. C. j I Hcntonvilic-(Specia!)-Mr. and Mrs. n. A. Mills- ot Minneapolis, jHOTC S t a f f Members i Attend Camp 1 to ! land. He , lainljlcnu .'dchool IHI ' J. Dm ing 'in; will be J-'ive nicnibers of the Air Force ''' 'I" 1 intc.' famous j miner camp rlulies. m-ii'i'lcr of tl,p time lie \vill have from the Air Force p r i v a t e lessons w i t h the noted r ' Thursday evening in the office of , ter-in-law Mr and Mrs Gaslm \ .... , , , " ' ! t "' 1 l )l - ^eorgp H. Parsons n ,,,C Kdinonds. l-.nclaiid. wi:l sponw.r i ne hM,i,.-,.],.,.| was crad'.iatpd ('apt. .John .1. MonneberKcr fur a concert to be civcn by Mi. Smi'.h I I rum s.-hool jn Minneapolis, , camp at Ma.-nill Air F o r c c ' B a - c "" Scp'.embcr 4 in the city athcn- i Jin*I i" n m'tuhi.'ii' i df f*n) tri- r'ni_ 'i'.,,,,,._ r -i~ . -, , ,,. . ,, ' ' -K-um ' . . , , . c t ir orce R.v r . of Cottey Col-, Tampa. Fla.; Lt. George A. Dawc.' ·'""" 1 ,' , , ' fm c ' amp al K!lin R'P" Air Force w ' ls n-ailuated from . Base, Houston, Texas.-.M S"t l f, *· · j H T M , i ,I.M-, rinnsron, i c.xaj.* M S"t * '^ 1 ' 1 i ' .r\ iiri*. pi.inisi in movie. ( l '";"' :n ' ['I "":'' School w i t h the Lawrence w. Becksle.-ui and T ''iidm. and cona-rl slaj-.e .'an-.e, will ' ' ..'··· "t anrl is now in Jus S.ei. Itohcrl H. Jlpi,,,- for camp -it apppir as guest snloisr w i t h the .luiiior y e a r at the Universilv. Luke Air Force Rase Tucson'.''"" c r s i t y of A r k a n r a s Symphony ; wl-i-ie hi- i m.-ijoruii; in (-leclrj- A r i y . ' ' ' Orc!ies!r:i during the first h.ilf , cal ciitineeniif;. A i r Knrr(1 n ,, TC M , nullrr ,..,,,,,,'of a concert scheduled for Frhru-j ( Mio wo-idmi; will I,P an event for caripls of thp 1'niversily will ;ir . v ="- T''C rcirauvier of the p r o - j '.'l-''''^__ .. - b e helrl at r.'issa Air Fi.rce llase gr-i'" v.-ill consist of solos played. \ County H.D.'Ckibs ; Announce Schedule ! ^ ! \VriF}iinc?nn Cmititv HOIPP Doni-' ! onsii ;ili"n t-l:ih -.vill meel this ^ . work us si'hcflnlfri' j ! Wrrliippdny. S;ivnv. Community | j build]np, 2 p.m.; Thursdjiy, Kich' IHIT-], MJ-S. TV C'. Amunrirn. noon. ^ ! ? . t t . Comfort, Coir.niuniJv Hou.-o. Walnut firnvi*. (.""nmmuni'y Hou?f. *. ' Frionrily Nnchhrr?, Mr?. Do! ; .Tollp..-nn. Durham, Cunjmur.ity ' C'hntvh. 2 p.m.; I Frirlnv. Skylich*. Kvan?villp. ' K : d i p I 1 oi.'-!'.;il], 2 p.m.. Min- rr;ii Kpnnp^, Community ]louse, 'i · 1 p.m. THE IMPERIAL WASSKJVCEH SEDAN FIAI) IT It s twn many ypjrj since n new car has raii-rd .v much t.ilk as torlay 1 . din-slur Imperil! has. What ymi may net r.-alizo If. how long it's he,-,, Mnce » car gave ra mn*t rrntaiu fur exnicd talk n5 ,hi, ,, Mr . .May we invite you i,, ,\ mr ani) ,,,^ fhp tit.'! nril innr/ i/o'/l. n- .i,», ; ,,,,,.,,,. ,,,, May we invite Jm , ln h . 1ni || 0 ,, 1( , «.;»( n n ,J t«t,,i ,,,,,,,:,, ,,·*,,/ m MI.I. 'net, at the inom,.,,r.' (Chrysler '» /,,(/. ttme J'owrr Steering.; TIIA\ WfVE IIEARD!.. m.inv focf I.'-N thin niiiiT i-irV (Chry^rr r.mTrll,: : kr-M WP ji:vit.- V-MI t n.Ji- inn.ii-lc df dir t)r:i!-i\« w l n - h n n !y f d n - l f T - h n ' i i r.irs h:ivi'?' ImporuJ . . . nn.l"lo ; i rn h d w ' m u c h yuu'cl anotiirr .-nr loihy'wjthrfm knowing this "fn 1 first? W" . . . and Imprriul liv Ohrynler aro al your scrviiv, any tune. LER THE i IM:ST CAR A.MiiRICA HAS Yi;r |'R()|H::Kn PHIUIPS MOTOR CO, INC., 620-628 North College Ave. Announcements · Grppn ^'alley C'luh | Memr-cr? of the Giecn V.illey ( Club will meet ir.morrow a f t e r - [ ,110011 at 1 o'clock in ,hp rity Park, ! for n c o \ c r e d dirh hmchcon. i . Rural Builders. Son's t hnpel j The Tue'.d.-iv ir.cctun:, Si-bcouled ! · f o r t h e HIUMI Builders of Son's'' Chapel, h:is been .-.-ircelcil. Sirjnifl Chi Mot'icrs ! And Wivos Club i I Si.nm.-i Chi Mothri-s ,-in.l Wives i i Club will meet Wednesday ,ifter- · : n..011 ;,t 2 Sn o'clock ,-i th'c ,-h.ip. I . I.-: h i - i i f c w i i l i host,- ..,-. Jlr= w j j \V S.-rocqui.-- and Mi ; . A. F. V.'olfe. ! Order O( L'aslsrn Slnr j I The (Irder of K.i ; rn ,St.,r w i l l ' . meet lou-orrow ;,: ;] p.,,, , n-, t;,,, . i M.'iMinic Il.dl for ,i r.-.cct- , i Wlrclns Cliurcli W.S.C.S. | The W S . r S . of I he Wiccins ' rhurch will h.ivc n ,-ov- cicd dish luncheon Wcdni-sd.iv ,-,| IS'.in p. in . ,it the home of M,s i I n. Huff, llichw.-iy Ifi A projr.-im will follow the luncheon l-.our. KCM up *llh the limn--rnd · the TIMKS d.llj. iike totHev In t'V: ·*» »?· Food in the home free^ k'like money in ife link ;* ready "to be drawn out... a convenience for the entire family. : '- ' : ~ . " Save for a rainy day!.shop when it's sunny and fill your, a trip when the weather's bad. At (he same time you're saving money because you can buy in quantity when the price is right. You "save" flavor too, by storing gnrden-fresh vegetables...fresh fruits and meats in season because food in your home freezer is always "in season." Selectman electric home freezer today at your appliance dealer's. t. J. DYE8I, DIVHIOM MANAGE!

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