Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 2, 1952 · Page 1
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Monday, June 2, 1952
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10 TODAY Uad by ovir 25,000 Doily Bortlitucst 10CAL FOMCAJT-- itoudy and wftrm tontght ; ro* High itm»fitu:9 ·--- noon today II. low lii night I rue 3:04. luilMt T;J* Tfct PiiWJc Interest Is Tfce First Concern Of Thfi Newspaper ·VOLUME 90, NUMBER 266 A»oclotod Pran LMMd Wlra MYlTTIVttlE. ARKANSAS, MONDAY EVENING, JUNE 2, 1952 AP, King and NEA F*atur« ptta nvt cwn Steel Seizure Outlawed, Strike Called . .------- -----· i ._.· n_i_ 'JustkesVofe UN Ready To Apply Force ftecessaty At Koje Against .Tanks Used To Batter Down Red Banners Prisoners Decline Order To Give Up Wounded POW : Koje Island, Korea-(*J-U. S. ' " tanks and infantrymen today bat- ' tered down and burned Commit- i Immediate Retirement For Eisenhower Slated South Korean compounds, and officer shot and Slaughter On The Highways Sets Record For To Be Civilian Holiday Period, Goes Above Predictions When He Speaks At Abilene. Kan. Nobody Was Getting Much Of Anywhere Chicago -UP)- Mounting returns | traffic accidents--about one every : i, the Memorial Day weekend 14 minutes during the 78-hour i period from 6 p.m. Thursday unwounded a POW for tauntinj? h i m . ! slaughter on ths highways have: fa m j dn ; g ht Si : nday The council The United Nations Supreme Surpassed the previous record : had said the toll might reach 310. Commander, Gen. Mark Uark, three-day Memorial Day - Now a council spokesman says, visited this riotous island and de- ; °^. ay ,, ]t might b( , as nigh as 350 ... , clared. Exceeded the National Safety The previous high {or a three"Tho maximum amount of force advance prediction o f ' day Memorial Day weekend was necessary will be used to make! ? j , jn 2H rccordod in ,949. The all- rebellious prisoners obey orders. tra{jjc accidents . , rccord sctyin 1950 . during a four- lie said Lommynst truce:nego- Reached a , igllre from whioh ! day Memorial holiday, is 347. tutors at Panmunjom had dim j g h t , (0 m a |,_ time ; other forms of violent death, in- \ Dwight rj. Eisenhower's immedi- rected tne uprising here and tne j recQrd {m (he season . s t r a d l l l o n a i, eluding 78 drownings and 58 in ; ate retirement, promising action 1 a variety of accidents made the before he leaves the Pentagon to- 334 persons died in , holiday toll this year at least 470. j morrow f 0 r the political wars. ] M a j . Gen. Floyd Parks. Army I information chief, said the former | supreme commander in Europe Will Retain Rank, Pay And Allowances; Has Full Schedule Washington - f/Pt - The Army I cleared the way today for Gen. j outing. ! At least disobedience'' of POWs. The prisoner was shot behind the double barbed wire of Com- j pound 60, which holds some 200 j FOWs accused of war crimes. Fel- I low prisoners carried him, bleed- ! ing, into a tin shack inside the compound. U. S. medics, headed i by Capt. Jim Miller, Washington,' D. C., demanded he be given up for j medical care. ' In answer the Reds sang songs , nnd shouted anti-American slogans under the urging of a cheer leader. The shooting took place just after the inmates oE compound GO, smallest of the 17 occupied enclosures on Koje, had stoned and I shouted insults at a passing column of South Korean soldiers. Three Shots Fired Eyewitnesses said the South Korean officer goaded beyond r o n i n payments to its- trol, broke for the outer barbed , f, _£.,,., «,, ._i...... ,,,, !,,_ I Postal Service Workers' Pay Held Up No Checks On Order From Washington, Says Postmaster 'Baptist Church 1 To Have School ! With Fourth "R // : 'definitely will be on a retired j status" when he leaves tomorrow : for Abilene. Kan., and his first out-of-uniform speech in the He- j publican presidential nomination . ! race. I Beckley, W. Va.-OP)-A Baptist j Orders transferring Eisenhow- i Church whose members are dis- " to inactive status, after 37 years j ! turbed by the lack of religious j in uniform, will be handed to him , teaching in public schools is open- j at a brief ceremony following his i ing its own four-year hi([h school. | report to his military superiors on , The first story of the planned | his second supreme command in i two-story four-classroom building j Europe. already has been completed at Mt. I Tabor, in the southern West Vir: ginia coal country. Officials of the The Fayettevilie ' post office is'.Ml. Tabor Baptist Church hope to Eisenhower will retain his five- j star rank as genera] of the Army ; and his 518,761 a year in pay and ·wire fence and fired three shots force of about SO employes on in- allowances. Eisenhower said he! the school next fall. [will resign his commission, how-i The pastor, the Pev. Ben. Jen- ever, if he gets the nomination. In i office De- i nings, said the church wants to : that ease, his pay and allowances, j , "; add a fourth "R"for religion--to | as well as his uSe of three army i rj"; the traditional- three R's of educa- a j d es, would cease. ' i tion. He said "sin has ceased to be in the educational system, and th partment, pending final congressional action, Postmaster A McAllister said today. Tn Washington the AP r t u u i i e u , . , ,, the steel seizure dispute in Con- | rell «' on « _'«norcd. up paychecks due/' from a caliber .45 pislol. One bullet hit the POW in the leg. He twisted ana fell. · The compound returned to normal 20 minutes later. The prisoners still held their wounded com- . "KOJB'S compounds were quiet to- , today for about 400 Ml) postal cm- ! U UB .l re ij» Turn Alii Af nicht after the U N show of | P'oyej and some other government! nUHUICUl IUIII WUI «» force todav with tanks and a com- j workers. The Post Office Depart- pole in compound 60 while foot ; But the legislation is tied up in committee over House refusal to 9 ; to run the er agencies for the remainder ners and set them afire." Thai''-' "" * : --' " J: " '"" '" operation was carried out in an almost eerie silence. Prisoners in a thin", compound, | accept a Senate provision which on orders, tore down banners and i would prohibit use of special ap- a statue of a North Korean soldier, i propriations for operation of the Moscow-Directed ! seized steel mills or other private General Clark said that "with- i property. j . . out question" the riots and other j The Senate tagged the same pro- i wun disturbances by Red prisoners of vision on a House-adopted resolu- r e *. war in Koje were directed by . tjon which would allow the Post : S P P ^ Communist truce delegates at Pan- , office Deparlment to continue ; wa In 8 ^°. ' munjom. The United Nations Far ; pa j Tri erks until June 16. Now this: mcnls maae Fast commander asserted that the ] st op-gap measure Tias been sent ye-'ternay ua. Red truce delegates "directed the ba ck to the House Appropriations uprisings here and the disoherli- ; committee . w h i c h must act on the' ence of" camp commander orders.' senate seizure provision. "They care nothing for the Hves; In a d d jtj o n t 0 postal workers,] _ . . A , PM| |J °P fined for the opening of the City Park swimming pool and kiddie 'wading pool for the summer. The facilities were opened at Full Schedule The five-star general started his last full day nf active duty with · a call at Walter Reed General Hospital--he's been s u f f e r i n g from conjunctivitis, or pink eye, but the ailment has been responding to treatment. At the hospital he called nn Gen. Hoyt S. Vanrten- berg. Air Force chief of staff, who Today's schedule included Inherent Power Black Writes High Court Decision, Vinson Dissents Washington-*/?' - The Supram* Court ruled 6-3 today that President Truman's seizure of the £M*1 ndustry wn* unconstitutional. W i t h i n minutes CIO Preiident Philip Murray called a nationwide strike of his 650,000 ite«l- workcrs. In a hislorir decision jtrikinf down Truman's claim to vast "inherent power" under the Contti" tution, Ihe high court upheld tht rulinc o! U. S. District Judge David A Pine that the president act* ' ed illegally In seizing the «teel ·· mills April R to head off a strike. I This meant the government must obey Fine's order to turn the : mills hack to Iheir owners. It also meant the Truman administration could not carry i through its promise of a wafe in; crease to the steel workers while the mills were under government i ownership. · Today's high court decliion »tf ' written by Justice Black. Chief | Justice Vinson and Juiticet He«4 .and Minton dlMented.. Concurrinf with Black were Justicti Frankfurter. Clark, Jackion, Doujlu and Burton. Black said for the court tnijot- l l t y : "The president's power td tmw 1 the seizure order mint item either i from an act of Confrtll or tnrn ' the Constitution iticlf. There li no Statute that expMUly authorUei , the president to take poMHlon o« j property an he did here. I "Nor in there any act of Con- Igreu to which our attention hai I been directed from which iiuch · power can fairly he implied." RUirfi On WF-B Pnrmla ! in l»uln» hU itrlke mil today, 1 Murray at the urne tim* aiktd i the steel companiei to return* col- i lertive bargaining. But Murray al| no made clear that the union itill i ulanrin on the termi of the W»gt I Stabilization Board recommenda- . lions of a 2« cent an hour "package" settlement, plua a union «hop arrangement, He »»id: "In the ab»*nce of a wage ' agreement our members have no ! alternative other than to cea« · work." Murray authorized local union officers to make "satlifactory ar- runjementi for standby employe! .,,,,,,,, ,, : ' to protect the properties of the ith North ' T r a f f i c on and near the Square Saturday was tied up in a day-long jam as Ihcsc pictures indicale. At; vi)r i,| 5 companies during the per- uos and : l °P. a stalled line of west-bound t r a f f i c waits on Hast Center Street for one of a steady succession o f ! ind of stoppire." noon and remameo open u n u i j 0 ^ n e r s a second V j s ji to President snarls on the northeast corner of the Square to clear. East-bound cars found it difficult to enter the i. n.., and were in use by good- ; j rum ' an a ' t the White House and street at all. The lower picture a typical jam on the norlheast corner of the Square, with each drlv* ed crowds most of the time. j a noting with secretary of State cr forced to wait on the man ahead of him. ' (Cart TIMESFOTOS) t was the first time the new Achcson at 2: 3o' p. m . (CST). pool had been in use. It is | Th(1 ^ Kcncra ]' s home-coming ~ ' was D e e n n u,e bee^ n u e ^ operated on tne same oasis B mi [r Europe yesterday same watcr supp . y « the | pure|y mi ,f tar ? a f f a i r Th[ , A r m Fayetleville Saturday Traffic Piles Up To A Near^fop pool, and a c a v p' h i m t n c f u ] I 17 . R ' un welcome on duty at the rcscrved for m jiit a r y mong the improve-; ·ior tn the opening' "*" " ^"» c »' installation of hot water facilities in the showers. , ?P"" al 'f P'."* .'»«*«* .lown . yS h , ay ? of these prisons s here, so they . ps V' hec 'k s "ar c helcTup' on'work I t o 9 fare willins to direct them to do , do ^ e a f t e r May 15 for Small De .! noon to 9_p._m. - all kinds of things that barrass. and have embarrassed us," Clark declared? ^ Diamonds And Fun Stolen In Kansas Cily Kansas City-«P)-Three 1 fense Plants Administration and | -. the Railroad Retirement Board. \ Atomic Blast Seen And i ! Heard In California Fayetteville's fouled-up t r a f f i c ' lion was strictly every man for fie moved nt a mail's pace, situation reached new heights himself. Intersections presented City hupes got so f;ir behind ' _ . . . - it. t h e worst r t i f f i c l i l t v , especially srhedulf t h a t the company was half hofnre . ' S a l u r d n -- l o PP' n K cvpn thp «*"- where two lines o f . t r a f f i c move . forced tn eliminate some runs end " 5tr '- a , ; lar Saturday jam. Cab drivers,.; ; n opposit- directions and general- i tirely. One complete rnunrl t r i p otn * r . . . . ,,,,,, National Airport, yesterday. Sen. I w h o "" f i n d t h c i r W ' 1J ' thro "Rh ly at cross purposes. i between the Square and Univer- w c " Th * P°?]f. T.'l^.^T".TM!! 1 : Robert A. Taft made a 'foreign '. almost any t r a f f i c j a m , reported . .^ . . nationwide takinc 20 minutes to travel three streicnon n IPRP Avpi blocks on tho Square. And the c trcot mnst of the day. Thfi same city hu? company raid it took . .situation existed nn North Eapt longer for a bus to travel clock- wisp around the Square from the Washington Hotel 1o the. east side of the post office t h a n was required for Ihe Fayetteville-GrcenUmrt run. On t h e Square and ori| the 5!rent? leading into it. the siUia- rnrrn CUlMM »7 Ti ··· ? Today's decision Wi* of ovsr, riding importince in the controversy--as old as th* American republic Itself--over how great a» the powers of the presidency. , Truman has repeatedly claimed h* ·h;is inherent power under th« Constitution to seize « private in- torn of week durine the summer. .. .. wee* ^ policy address over NBC radio hookup. Tn a hot race ; A-ill he 10 a. hours are 12 Las Veeas Nev -/P)-A , atomic blast' jolted and i with lisenhower for the Kepub- 1 i c a n presidential nomination. Taft called for a foreign policy that would combine "security, peace anri solvency." U. .S. foreign policy, he said, must t e p t on an Air Force strong enough to protect this country and able to de- · Little Rock-i/Pf-The Arkansas', liver atom bombs on Russian ! Supreme tourt held in a 4 to 3 s cities, strong ' opinion today that striking CIO oil i He jabbed at Eisenhower by ;cited workers wronirfully picketed the j name over air force policy. Taft ss purposes. eween e q - , of halted automobiles ' sitv was canceled in an effort to na '» na ' *TM. }'... },,,.,,,.-, from the Square to Col- K ei hack on schedule. i ^^power *ta to St enue on East c'cnler i Fayetteville , wasn't alone' with : '"'''^s power beionjsio^^ * r ~ * na "' " TM."" ' ' after te ftZKt ^i "^E^t^^ Picketing Of Chemical Plant Held Unlawful ex Oil said: "There has heen a steady dei our comparitive air- began while Gen. City residential section last n i K h t . ' fi ar ,h and sound 400 miles over to the lower court with instruc- Eisenhower was chief of staff." Mrs. Burnett is the former Miss mountains and into California linns for it tn iSFue a temporary 1 Gen. nn»-'« MacArthur came Marcelina Pcndercast. daughter n f . f r n m the Yucca Flat test site. injunction acainst the picketing out openly for Taft in the hotly- rendergast. T h e , Two thuds loud enough to' Chancellor W. A. Speer had ref us- contested South Dakota primary. men took diamonds ana lurs vain- ,CE j dc nts over wide areas of cncmicai piam 01 me uion un .""'_"· ed 8t S81,40n and S500 cash from Northern and Southern California Company at El Dorado. The court There has the home of Mr. and Mrs. William ear i y yesterday. An atmospheric reversed a holding of Union Chan-. tcrmratinn mo E. Burnett in an exclusive Kansas q u jrk bounced the bomb's brilliant eery Court and sent the case back power, which the laic T J. El Doradn, Ark.-(^Pi-Striking . CIO nil workers say they have bepn "Incked out" nf the Lion Oil ' Company's chemical plant here. pressure nn the part of in Sprintfdale were reported na- . . ' " . . , ·_- _. »h« urn* drivers, was limited to a few bent tionerv for as much as 30 minutes ·· cuion--while sayinf «_ uw «.^ ^end_ers, lar^ly bec^e .,1 ,,.,._,,^._ __ 'TM« c " 0 ^ 'c« "Te'Tw,^ i powers to ict in an emergency. ! Dent i sts Find America's Greatest Jet p«"*«»» »· «-»"»*" "In the framework of our constitution." Justice Bl»cli said, "the president's power to see that th* jaws are f a i t h f u l l y executed refutes the id«a that he is So b* a lawmaker. -The C'onstitutisn limiti his , f u n c t i o n in the U'w-mikinf precea Not Settled But Workerj Cry "lock Out" Worry Adds To Ace Reported Dead Their Business Montreal - (/pi - Dr Piinmunjon. Korea-i^TVA Comm u n i s t cm respondent Mid he had seen photngr;iphs which Albert T,.i- confirm the rieath of M.'ij. George and Army radiological sjfety mon Pusan, Korea-(/P)-Gen. Mark Clark today told President Syng- i Poultry Morket - Washinj;ton-(/P)-Pre3irient Tru- Ncw York-(/P)-A stroller In m i, n declared today t h a t every day Central Park yesterday came upon (h( , Hnmf AflKy , pa55 ,. lW O f'a bill man and woman il»r n y'situa l tion.'" nhVsaid'hr".,;: j The poultrj m.rket today · ft- ' lyfnR fe!" tell apart. Police found sured the United Nations Far East ported by the University of A r - ' O n the bodies two notes written on commnnfler there would be no re- i kanjai Institute of Science «nd | one sheet of paper. Both were to mnval of ironps from Ihe Korean , Technology and the Dairy ind ' the snme effect: battle front in connection with the i poultry Murlcct Newi Service of, "Cannot live Inurlhcr »nrl are pnliliral crisis. ' lh e U S. IX'purtmortt of Afrlcul- not Rolnc to live a p a r t . Hope we , passed by tho Senate a f l e r « mine The president threw Korean p o l - i , ' . will he hurled together as nno. 'explosion in \V»1 Kranktort, I I I . Him Into nn uproar May 24 wh(tn : Northwest Arkansus urea; M«r- ! A M r " lll "' r " u t o n l » l i c P'« l n '! klllM mnre l h » n 1M persons-wll k*t «hout stendy; nm»nri «ood;i "-p ftn ,[" »«lrl It appeared th«l to Rive the Rovernment power to enforce mine safety s t a n d a r d s "invites f u r t h e r disasters." He told the a n n u a l Conference on I n d u s trial Safety a similar measure, i ing the workers hack to t h e i r job.-. He said the strike had not been settled. The BOO OWI1I members walked . off their *ohs SI d;iys ago in connection wi'.h the n a t i o n w i d e r.trike of n i l w n i k e r s in a waRo dispute. They were followed by 2MI A K I . Machinists, also s t i i k l n R In port of .1 u age demand. lol to dri w i t h the dental mortality rate," he sairl, Pope Calls For "One Great Cry Of Peace" Italy Often Public Display Of Armtd Hight . prmMMMl policy fn » m«nner prtKriM prenldent. BlMk uld th« IXVMT of Con- ftn lo iitaft "luc-h iwMlf ffti Rnmr-irt'i-Itiilf paraded tnd«y {r | n n the** prorUlmrd hy »B» the- bigRfst piihlic ( l u p l a y of her | prniiim'l ortft li k»yool qwtt II,,, nrmert mlsht since she tnro up th* peace treaty limit* nn her fifhtlni force. Tttr three hours she.rollfd dn\»'n the ancient way of th* 1m- prml forums h* proclaimed martial law around Puian, thr provisional capital. , Slnne then 12 national as«embly- men hive been arrcitrd. Hunt's ha* the right (lit for your grnrfuatc. (Adv.) Hircelon."fc) S p n i n -'^'l- In | f i n a l f o r m a l ceremony of the 3Mh j I n t e r n a t i o n a l FJich.instir Conare^s »L- W««fk«r I rnrc ^" ls "" r; '" p '' '"' n '* nt ' or ** "* "one sre;il cry of peace,'.vhlch may niosllv new war material mw:h af nave a lot of lives and prevent i Arkansas - Parlly cloudy I h l f : be heard Ihe world over." i t ,tm ylimptd "U. S ' Atmy* lot of injuries." afternoon, tonight and tomorrow.; i| P sp nke hy rndlo from Vatican Overhead roarwl AmrrkMi fur- Truman recommenited t h e Widely rcatlerert thuntlershoweri : ritj tr, hundreds M thoimnrts «f nlshed planw. Ov«r tlw )an*4 measure, which also has the hack- In the northwest portion lomor- pilgrims crowded Into Popt Pius | illhmiHt* of the Kom»i CnloiMMRl hrol'lers n'nrt fryers, all welihls, i two 'knot's- and '(lien"kiii'ed hinwfi l»* "' .'"hn I,, t^wls' United Mine row. Not much change in temper-. Jtll Square to receive th« Pontl-; »hrl*ke«l ni|M *IMr .fl|IM_ of Bl* ·It tan autrwtii* ' ·Ivatt profwrtji fw ran nukt law* int uri annui m«ni), IICIII«MU »-".,. p ft || ct ,,,rt it appeared t h a i offerings reported liberal at some IjOU |, R| Mrry . about 38 and mar pnlnls, idequnte others; price* r | rf ( i had ' killed Mrs. . l u a n i t a ' paid f. n. b. farm to 2 p. mji: Rivera, a divorcee about .10. with broilers and fryers, all weljhls, i two shots and then killed himself JVi-3.20 lb«., 25-29, mostly 25. i with a «hot In tha mouth. Workers. ,, .. «trram nf rriattonihlfn 1 -- k - «r ta ature*. 1 ith-typt Vamptn j«l U|M*nk

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