Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 31, 1952 · Page 10
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 10

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 31, 1952
Page 10
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:1»-- HOtTMWtiT AHUNUi TIMH. tofard.y, M»y 31, FARM AND HOMTNlWS Guernseys On Display bins Over Northwest Arkansas Leave Ample Moisture For Growing Crops H t Brnton County ed barley ripen An outbreak - 1 " nexi thc - 1 ^' oats heari - nf nrmywormr, Northwest- Arkansas Farming By John I. Smith Prairie Grove Post Office Is Moved BOWL FOR PLEASURE S\m Begton Bowling Lanes--Aa-. Not white, not wheat, not rye. out i flavor blend of all thne-- [ Prairie Grove post orfir-o wa; moved In new quarters in the Fid. according lo this week's reports'I in from county extern ion agents t n ! po the stfile Crop Importing Servirc. L. Cr.'iwforfl County Agent E H i · Pritrhett, Jr., indicated t h n t a Bond · ''"" 1l:al '-' 1 " i' dlt D1 ln c cot! early corn rrop is being side-1 W ^f nnd a laic crnp will lie i ,, G " n TM al condition of cattle ,,, , . ,,.,, -- ,,,.. ibcolt County is very m u r h im- ! other fertilizers, as well as ,,-,,,-.,-, 'aslmJu, » Hl [j lcle 'J« en '. said, i'«S in pond and terrace construct s ! lion a n d grass seed purchase?. I To those who see the lime : ., ' '""* "~" iprcariers at work it might appear i K ".n'T r' 0 , 0 ° l ' ul " I "' nt to i h = i n,,, __.:_- , . '.' ' be added. Parkins; spare is pro- whrn soil dries. Some .-.v beans are being planted for hay. Baxter Cftunty farmers waiting for moislui" planted rorn last week. Haying season is in fu licks and flies. Izard C n u n ' t y l ASent C'}ymni-n D: n _ --... . 1 ' ·' dlcr Building Thursday a f t e r .1, ,*cars in the same location on Main Street. For thc last 15 yenrs t h e A A A ! Tho n!w huilding provides 801) has been assisting fnnners in p a v - : moro square feet of floor space '-- for lime, phosphate and some' l n a n riid lhc " ld quarlerf, and new 1 all-metal mail boxes have been installed. Thirty-eight boxes have been added, bringing the total to 268. A routing desk is the only In Izard County. Most of Fulton leaves. The first crop of a l f a l f a harvested !n .lohnron County J. W. Dodson, agent for .lohnso'n Cnunly, said all fall-sown grains are f u l l y headed, though some lodging nrrurred following high winds and heavy rains. Crimson clover in Con way predict a good large crop. Lavaca- oernes are in bloom In north Se- oaslian County, with another pre fiction for a good crop. Strawberry harvest, cut short throughout .the Northwest area )y adverse weather conditions is ibnut over. five generation!; of on tlteville represent. Ov fi«Jd day held at thi Hall farm Wednesday. what these five Guernseys at t h e Jack Hall f a r m si uthcas, of ·,,,-*'four Agricultural Experts From Four European Countries To Spend Week At University Seedman's Short Course Planned At University Dealers, Producers To Meet On Campus ;· June 23 Through 25 : The annual secdman'j short «ourse at the University College 0.' Agriculture will be held .lime t'i through 25. Dean Upper! R. Ellis announced today. The course h intended primarily for seed dealers and feed producers in Arkansas, but other interested P*opie are Invited to attend par! »r all of the sessions. Toplc» to he covered In this '* vit " · ".^.if IIL IIIL-.J.ICK nan larm southeast of r a y - ds at right to display his animals at t h e , -nunty-widc Guernsey,'fnd the ,, ,,,,-,, .,, ,,,.. Irle5 ac / nu^t^ u.. n » . . n - i , _ , 1 kansn^ I r a r n i n n a limit «)-,» * * · · n-iuiiLrs or as CltiL-i-mrs 01 i * , ' son fV,Hih"'"^i,TM 1 . '^/tates, research institutes and soil testing | percent cfectivencss wfth (Photo by Mcfioberts) ral specialists countries will week in Ar- look lo other practices for the ap plication of the federal f u n d s ' . which arc allowed to this county, j 2 a * ert "" '" *»« TIMFS--lt n.yi One farmer said he had killed ",-i' field with lime. To some extent the wrong impression has devel-' oped. Of all our fertilizer needs o f ! 1952. the most urgent is lime.! Land must lie brought to a n e a r , neutral condition bei'orc we can' gel m a x i m u m benefit from either! the fertility we already have in the soil or that which "we nppli MAE MARSHALL'S PRIVATE HOME FOR UNFORTUNATE GIRLS Seclusion And Exptnses Paid Tel. 934 Edmond ' B °* 186 Oklahoma With nitrogen fertilizer thc effectiveness rises from a below 50 j year's course Include rerommend-1 lie in charcc. ?d rrop varieties for Arkansas. | seed treatment, fertilization of i c rice and soybeans, forage and ! TM . , * "*- ^ H I U | J 1 uesrifl.y mornmR's program in- | special short soil fertility problems and how these problems are being met. The group is t a k i n g part in a course in fertilizer materials under the lhe Mutual Se- istry nf agriculture or a college o f , -- ,., ,, ,,,..,,,,,. a agriculture in their home conn- j Percent effectiveness w i t h a ncu-, :J "" "" ' 1001 ncu . -- ^ ... l l l t l l numt coun- I / V - I I I M I viiucmencss wilh a iries a? loachers or as directors of vy acid condition to nenrlv research't"t'w ·«'' ; --.? I - . - "-.iin laboratories. »TT hcm1 ^ or l h e week's study is The Application of Fertilization Principles to Field Conditions and Problems. The first day will be spent at the University studying the teaching and research program m soils and the work of the soil j testing laboratory. The party will I visit the M, ln Experiment Station ... - _-.,-.,., morning, the Livestock and iprestry Branch Station at Batesville on Wednesday, and the i Rice Branch Station at Stuttgart I eludes a discussion of new de- i and liming \-elopments in seed treatment by sponsorship ^'W!!^^ - m sou, and'rlS^^ EBf""^^^ Monday's session will get u n d e r , the group on a to,,r of the campus ' the'united Stni«"!'i" a "'·', T,/" i -" """"" °"" la " ai Stuttgart I ' .,, --- .-- -·-··· -way al R a. m. w i t h a welcome by re; caret, laboratories, and greeiK i an oVien'a ion program'Tn W h"' T (Frida ;: En TM»'o to the branch ' wl11 , " nl bc « in '" replae, I5ean Ellis, and a registration ; houses. ' i, n t n , thi," T ?,T '", a! * h " I sln 'ions, they will study the soils n u a l l l m c ioss from crop, period. At 10. Dr. Charles Lincoln I On Wednesday morning at 8 ! N o r t h ' C n r o i n a College T A g H U n d ihTM!^ -^ -° f lhe "'-"ks lcarhi "8- In other words ,,,, ,,,. U,e entoniology detriment and ; Or. flurdick will lalk on "Hv- r u l t u r c sludving the teachingf S ,c "I Delta a roa^?n'N IP ?n TC Tf e and | S"'ig .backward rather t h a n for,1, n H e i n 1 agronomy briri Seed Production wilhnnl : f TM^ and extension programs in I Dr C T Garev an? A p" S n ' ' "T '" n c u t r a l i z i n S our -w'1. Only d -| arlment will discuss "Effects I Kmascl.lalion." following this, , 5.TM , s »'") f e r t i l i z a t i o n in t h a t state McLean of the ll^' °~ \ {!nn " s c n n a f f n r 1 t o V m ~ I i "/ In ^, 1 T ]n l lm ''" n "' VM ' {! ' "°, rl0rs ''· °' Wartl - s ' nil1 '. B"«liek · %" am "? ""-'»· ^' isit '" Arkansas, agronomv department aTM ''i " ' ?' Se '° rll] ' mr m l i l thc ' ' "« ll- l o p s . Their ,alk will l,e f o l l o w - i and Mr. J. O. York of the ag.'; ^.. «'i" .spend a week in Okia-1 charge of In? ±.TM1 "% '" | "TM »TMd their soil s o i h a t l h e v ; pro n ram , can get maximum benefit from ' tral soil. The neutral position is the ideal position for effectiveness with nearly all our plant food elements. i ^^^^ A check of AAA records of == ~ Washintjton County shows t h a t we have averaged applying only a little over a fourth of a ton of'lime per acre during the whole 15 years t h a t they have been assisting in paying for lime--40 pounds ner acre per year. That amount ?e the an- am /2 GALLON Vanilla Ice Cream 63c Hellond Br«. Locker Plant ADD A ROOM No Money Down Easy Monthly Paymcnii D1TKE LUMBER CO sos si ~ PRICES ARE BORN HERE AND RAISED ELSEWHERE Open Each Evening Til 9 C»me out antf ferawM *rwinri Kny term*, cny pirktng, S H Grt*n Stamps. HILTON BROS. DRIVE-iN FURNITURE EVER-NEW LAUGHS!... * ROMANCE!., U SONGS.' WAIT DISNfcTS Dr. c-fl by n movie Seeds." Monday aflernnon will lie devoted lo laboratory sessions on thc identification of weeds and weTM seeds, and on forage and pasture recommendations and results. Doc- R. D. Stalen and P. r. Sandal of tin* agronomy department will . ,. . "Good Crop ranamy department . Bowers of t h e horticulture their visit to Arkansas k of the ag-':! im 'v "''"spend a week in O k i a - j charge of the' week's and Dr. .1. L . ' *"'»» TMd two weeks in Illinois and tou" Marvin la'TM"n' -ticulture rie-: h r'n rc 'Burning to Europe. Most | soil scientist with the Soli ron'" A us-1 sei vation Service, and county'ex- parlmcnt w i l l give rccommenda- , lr j.," N,,'.'.', 1 '.;; | lions for varieties of cntlon, soy- y.'.', N "' : *''- v . hcnns, rice, corn, sorghums, s u d a n , . =-' .:151£ small grains, -.vinter legumes, and i " " · ··-·: ! :---u:i-jm; crops suited to Ar- j. sma " creamy white eggs Kansas conditions. Lodging will 1 )0 available In nvr I h Th Sl / ^- min fl agents will assist with the studies. WHO FIXES RADIOS? We've Been Serving You Since 1929' SMITH RADIO SHOP versity dormitories, beginning ! should follow Sunday night, and meals can be j riil - v interval; |. · - - - - j ·.··'*- V-KK.-* in the j terminals. As soon as eggs arc I found thc first application should S C H L I C H T M A N ' S BROILER-BRED CHICKS NEW HAMPS-VANTKESS CROSS DElAWARt HAMP CROSS EUiblUhxl Orel 25 Ytin Truck D.llTtri.i to Many Lx.lltin SCHIKHIMAN HATCHERY U.S. APPROVED PULLORUM CLIAN Phon»'347-2B " Tor Pric»i And i Dilirtry DttM BOX B, APPLETOH CITY. MO. more applications at five- to seven- n ...V....1 ...MI IJL- i This .schedule will obtained in Grcgsnn Hall. Hescr- ' Protect the early fruit. Further vation for room and meals should , applications of poison should not le made as far in advance us ' l)c made, or there may be residues possible with thc agronomy de- " r insecticides on lhc f r u i t , parlment. Thorough coverage is essential, and terminals should be covered well with the dust. Farmers Warned To Guard Against Tomato Worms j Unless farmers are careful, the ! I tomato f r u i l w o r m may t a k e a large part of Washington County's tomato crop. County Agent Carl Ilose warned today He said the fruitworm is a c t u a l l y the same pest as the rorn earworm. and prefers silking corn to tomatoes The trouble is t h a t early tomatoes fertilizer. All this does not mean for us t , ; , put on more t h a n lhc test calls for j That is just as bad as nof p u t t i n g . on any lime. "If two tons are good Ions of water. follr ar e belter", is not a good Barrel sprayers that cost less'' rn0 "" w i l h Iimc - Generally your than $20 arc adapted to spraying ' ° l lcrctnt effectiveness of neu- large herds. By substituting a ' soiis ln " 5in K fertilizer be- garden hose with an adjustable ro . mes n sam much less effective HIGHWAY DANCE EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT STEVE STARWYCK'S TRIO BUBBLE CLUB 71 NOHTH s a e nozzle for the regular hose and nozzles, speed and distance are when we over-lime to an alkali condition. Our fertilizer needs Spraying Useful In Kidding Cows Of Hornflies Washington County are RellinR pood ijains catllemen in meat , t n l w n e r and milk production by spraying Us e Smear 62 or the new remedy their animals nunrv ihmo ,,,. ·,,,... E l , ..,.^..,, n . i v t U I M U I I U C arc ' *jiif..*;i iit'i'iiii greatly improved, Rose said One i c be (rratl . v simplified if we filling of n 50-gallon barrel will : would f i r s t neutralize the a c i d i t y , spray 400 head of cattle Four '· of tne soil - Tho neutral or near' pounds nf 50 p e r c e n t wettablt!i n . culral condition will last for a : DDT or methoxychlor or five ' Kciod ·" arl "' a decade, and it i s ' pounds 40 per cent toxaphene ' our No ' ] 5nil Problem. I powder in 50 gallons of water is the recommended mixture. Strains of houseflies resistant to DDT have developed. However it continues to give excellent results against hornflies. Hose said. It's Time To -- Give your combine a test run. Dehorn all late calves which were not dehorned during winter- WATCH THIS SPACE For Doaly Bargains ,r«. M °NDAY'S VALUE SERTA REST INNER SPRING MATTRESS! MONDAY'S "PIS' Priee ' $49 : W , $39 95 SMITH RADIO APPLIANCE The Whole Family Will Enjoy A Drive-In Movie Tim Week-End TONITE 8:00-10:20 FUN FOR EVERYONE GIANT BALLOON SHOWER 500 BALLOONS LOADED WITH PHIZES--ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS CATCH 'EM *""**"*·*· ALSO ~~~w~v · Advenlun of Tom Thumb OKingt Mun Qutrtit OStrial No. 4 Korlpff -"ion ChcmBy Basil Rathbonn OF FRANKENSTEIN H * ir H«is«-- 10:15 For Grinj, Giggles . , Chuck lei and Glee . . . Here'* rh« Picrurt you want to see!! ' · »w» I Wtf i Minichira Tfl DRIVE IN "I SUNDAY NITE ONLY CHICKEN RODEO U-A 0 POULTRY I BE ( BAH for the green wrap and pink market are often fruiting before corn comes into silk. The fruilwonns are attracted to them and heavy damage often is the result. Rose recommends that lhe pesl be killed w h i l e it is small and feeding on t h e terminals. Once larvae get some size and begin boring into the f r u i t , they are hard lo kill w i l h insecticides and much damage has alrcadv been done, he pointed out. Cryolite is the recommended insecticide for control of the tomato i fruitworm. TDK (Dim or Kot h a n e ) may also he used. PDT and toxaphene are effective but they tend lo stunt the plants and their animals every three or four weeks to relieve the misery of hornflies, and finding or loxaphene gives good the flics on beef cattle. County Agent Carl Rose said today. On dairy cattle, however, they are using methoxychlor because of the danger nf DDT residues in milk. Bosc cautioned. It doesn't take expensive equip- EQ 82 to control flies. Mn.-Mnv ui Plan summer shade for the that DDT i Poultry on ranee; birds neert pro- control of | tcclion from the hot sun during June, July and August. Clip pastures to control bitter- weeds. Start watching for oak wilt disease in the farm forest. Plan your fly control program; "' c ' ·n'v.-iiMvt: equip- use 50 percent wettable DDT on to spray cattle for hornflies,! livestock and in farm buildings- in. compressed nir sprayers! use methoxychlor on dairy ani- about three gallons and : mals and in dairy barns, cost less t h a n Sin are widely used, j Mulch a part of the Irish pota- onc t i l l i n g of a three-gallon loes and tomatoes · sprayer will treat SO cattle. I These suggestions come from the th,t Spraying can be speeded up and clogging of the nozzle prevented by reaming out ' outer disk of Ih county and home demonstration agents. More information is e prevene agents. More information is the hole in the available at their offices where '" ' W " nr Univprsit ' C °"*° "' Agriculture .,.,,,,.,,,, ., . ·"·· ."'. · '" ivi.nir u u n i - i M i y uouege o! Agncu ture ·- I gives d 1 i sI .°r"". nal S17 ' c ' This publications may also be obtained. be controlled, they can be used w i t h insecticides. Hose nul. Timing is very i m p o r t a n t he said. One a p p l i c a t i o n of d u s t should he made when petals of thc first cluster of blooms are shedding. The best method of liming to make regular inspections of tomato fields and look for the writable DDT or melhoxvchlor nr three-fourth pound 40 per rent wetlable toxaphene in three gal- I dren between the ages of 5 and 13 ! were enrolled in schools during lhe 1050-51 term, says the En- cyrlopcrioa Americana. · V«ib«n.i. P.tuni.i, Sc»rl«I S«g« and Many Other Flow- ·ring Pljnti Pepper md £99 · Tonnto. Pltnli · Summir Blooming Bulbi Flowtr Sttdi ind A D A M S FLOWER SHOP Phon. 310 J3 N. Block CORK In and See Us About Our Eoty Payment Plan on Re-Modeling Your Horn*, Building New Gcragt, Chicken HOUM or Milk ·ami, etc. Cttffm Umber Co. 17. W«« hrk, Ark. SI 00 REWARD We Will Give $100.00 Reward For the arrest and conviction pf the person or persons found guilty of shooting and s m a s h i n g our plate glass windows. Hobson Graham HAILEY SALES CO. Hiflhwoy 71 North Phone 1689 Advertinf In the TIMES--It niv». Lost - Times Tonite NOW - SHOWING 3:25 - 5:1! . 7:05 . «:SS LAUGHS GALORE WILLIAM ELLOIT in THE KICKING AROUND SHE GETS FROM "Show Down KICKS · THE LID RIGHT, OFF MIRTH CONTROL! OZARK ENDS TO-NITE THE WILD NORTH" STARTS SUNDAY HAPPIEST PLEASURE PARADE YOU'LL w» Bin Go»Wn · JWt Donr«fl Carl Bemofl Rdd · Motu Banti LAST TIME£ TODAY "MY PAL TRIGGER "STANDUP SING Plui Tht Wtit'i Wild*** roldtn rid* again! "TheDoltont Ride Again" NOAH MIRY, JR. ION CHANIY Starring GORDON MACRAE EDDIE BRACKEN

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