Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on September 22, 1974 · Page 9
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 9

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 22, 1974
Page 9
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Tkis'n That About Town . . . Hy MARY ALICE PEARSON The mini is finl! .i, 1 ^''·"',· s 8 i f t to lhc W0l ' kl ° r women's fashions, Iho mlnl- sKiu. is U n a ly gone - a f t e r hovering near hip-level heights loi the past ten years, is the fashion word from London. we II gel the word on wlml's new in FaycUcville on Oct. , ' , , 1 f a " and winter fashions will he modeled i n f o r m a l l y Ht I'aycUcville Country Club at a morning coffee. At work on tins a n n u a l event arc Kdwina Cummings and Andrea Homine, chairmen, who will have lots of help. More about it later. j n i ,, , llle , Arlington Hold in Hoi Springs today as official aeiegiiii's to the stale Hospital A u x i l i a r y convention are Velma Jones president of Wasliingon Regional Medical Center's Auxiliary, Vera McNair, past slate president, and Joe Ellen JMcKim of Sprjngdalc, acting secretary of Hie local auxiliary. Also attending are Jan Moore of Springdalc, who will lie in- elalled as president, Carol Lilsinger who will be corresponding secretary and Mary Ryan, now director of volunteer services at Washington Regional Medical Center. The meeting, will end Tuesday. 1 he Arrowcraft Shop of Pi fiela Phi announces an Arrow- C1 , *,,,, g " eonlcst for handwovcn articles. Three awards or 5100 cacli will be given, one to a Pi Phi and two to students or craftsmen who are not Pi Phis. The deadline for entries will be Jan. IS, 1975. Further details may be obtained at the Arrowcraft Sale at the Pi Phi Chapter House on Oct. 8. Shirley and Bill Murphy are home after a vacation with tneir families at Buzzard's Bay on Cape Cod' and a visit wi h her mother, Mrs. V. Snyder in Boston, who is 95 years ..... 1 } Ial 'y Susan VVilkes, daughter of Mary Lillian and Wray Wilkcs, is attending the University of The South in Sewanee, l e n n . , now that its co-ed Cadet Steve House, son of Gretchen House, was among the more lhan one hundred members of New Mexico Military Institute's cadet band, drill team and color guard w h i c h marched at the head of the 1974 New Mexico Slate Fair parade held last Salurday in Albuquerque. Missed by lots of people will be Dorolhy and Doug Dolson, who are moving lo Dothan, Ala., early in October. Doug has been a member of the TIMES staff for several years. Mary Patrick, who is heading a drive lo purchase a ther- mography machine lo be placed al Ihe Cobalt Center at Washington Regional Medical'Center, said the "first $1,000 mark has been reached and the money deposited in the Beta Sigma Phi 'Living Memorial' account at the First National Bank." This vital machine, expected to cost approximately $27,000, is a sophislicaled screening device used in Ihe early detection of breast cancer and in the early detection of tumors in soft tissues of both men and women." Contributions may be made to the fund by a deposit at the bank or by contacting M a r y or any other member of Beta Sigma Phi sorority. Pearl Galloway is chairman of Ihe Beta Sigma Phi C i I y Council, local governing body for Ihe five Fayetteville chapters'. By invitation, Mary and Dottie Wood are available to speak before women's groups and civic organizations concerning the machine's use. Dottie, a registered nurse, wears a number of hats with the Washington County Unit and the Arkansas Division of the American Cancer Society. Debbie Davis, president of Washington County Legal Secretaries Association, and vice president of the state organiza- 1 tion, and Mary Ranz, who also holds a stale office, director of public relations, are attending the fall meeting of the Arkansas Legal Secretaries Association at the Sam Peck Hotel in Little Rock loday. They went down yesterday. Gueets of Jean and Charles Kirchen are their niece, Mrs. Richard Fraser and children, Patricia Kay, Karen and Mi- cbael. of Hillsboro, Ore. Next week her husband will fly in and drive back home with his family. The first two in the schedule for public showing of Sir Kenneth Clark's beautiful "Civilisation" Film Series will be "The Frozen World," the dark ages, with the disintegration of t h e Roman Empire, and "The Great Thaw," the emergence of medieval Europe in the 12th century, at 3:30 and 4:30 p.m. on Monday and 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday in the Audio Visual Auditorium at the University of Arkansas Library. The series will continue through Wednesday, Dec. 11, with showings every Monday and Wednesday afternoons. The third episode is entitled "Romance and Reality," Ihe fourlh "Man, The Measure Of All Things," and others in order are "The Hero As Artist," "Protest And Communication," "Grandeur And Obedience," "The Light Of Experience." "The Pursuit Of Happiness," "The Smile Of Reason," "The Worship Of Nature," "The Fallacies Of Hope," and "Heroic Materialism, the 13th and final film of the series. Cyrus A. Sutherland, head of the Basic Fine Arts Department at the University, is in charge and invites the public to attend. Shirley Bone, daughter of the Stephen Bones, has b e e n named to the 40 member A Capella chorus at Abilene Christian College for the lOT-l-TS school year. A 1969 graduate of Prairie Grove High School, she is a senior music major at ACC and will sing second soprano in the chorus. The Norlhwesl area of Arkansas annually sponsors many Arls and Crafts fairs and exhibits during the weekend of October 19-20 and one such evenl is the Rogers Art Guild annual fall show at Elmwood Junior High School. The purpose is to exhibit the many talents of native Ozark crafts as well as Ihe crealive works of art of Arkansas and new artists that have moved to Arkansas during recent years. .The Art Guild is a non-profit organization which is working very hard to promote the arts and make this area one of the art centers of the United States. Rosita Lyon is publicity chairman for the guild. Home after a wonderful trip to Alaska are Sylvia Swartz and Maltie Cal Maxled. Mimi and David Quinter have returned from their a n n u a l trip to Mexico City with a side trip lo Cucrnavaca. In Mexico City they attended a performance of Verdi's "Aida" in the Palace of Fine Arts and also the Foklorico Ballet. Back from a two-week visit with her son. Lt. Col. Luther S. Cammack, his wife, and their four children in the Washington, D.C. area is Virginia Cammack. She also visited Williamsburg, Va., and went lo the Amish country and Gettysburg in Pennsylvania. Art Exhibit To Open Monday ·loppy To See 'Xlcnsivcly on occultism, is iappy lo see Ihe bright light of icntific research being fo- used on the long-shadowed area of reincarnation -- a Uico- y in which she f i r m l y believes. "I don't tbink Ihe explanation vill come through mysticism: I hink it will come through science," says the British-born voman w h o claims that siie icrsclf has led many previous Engagement Announced Mr. and Mrs. John E. Vaughn of Sprlngdale announce t h e engagement of Ihcir daughter, Rebecca, (o Donald B. De- Fretce, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. DcFreece of Bates- villc. Miss Vaughn graduated from (he University of Ar- kansas where she was a member of Zeta Tau Alpha sorority. Her fiance graduated from Arkansas College at Bafcs- ville and attended (lie University of Arkansas School of Law. A Nov. 23 wedding is planned by the couple. ·Noribwrst Arkansas or MEN Sun., Sept. 22, 1974 3B Research. On Reincarnation NEW YORK (AP) - Sybil ,eck, astrologer vho has written and and psychic lectured research programs ives. "Serious are going on now and science vill provide all the answers hat we have not been a'ble to ind." adds Lctik. a u l h y r of a new book, "Reincarnation: The Second Chance," which re- ales case histories she insists cannot be explained in any other way. A bright multicolored caflati enveloping her ample figure, her short reddish hair pulled back by a pink band, Ihe author detailed some of her previous incarnations in an interview here. In 2001) B.C. she was a young boy looking 1 after birds and reptiles, declares Miss Leek, who wears an enameled snake ring In 30 B.C. she was a .student of herbs; in 900 A.D. a barber in Yucatan whose lask was lo keep priesls clean-shaven; in the 15th century the older sister of Pope Sixtus IV; in 1510 a in the early 10th back to help me. And when I races, all nations, all cuUurei doctor, century a witch in Galway. DON'T R E M K M H K K "We don't always remember our previous lives clearly but we will remember purls Uint are necessary in our present lives." .she says. "When I wrote a book on herbs and was in d i f - ficulties knowledge from that old incarnation seemed to come was in Yucatan I could walk around in the dark among the ruins and never stumble." New advances in the sludy of rcincarnalion a r e being m a d e through use of modern methods such as tape recorders and video cameras, Miss Leek ?oinls out, adding that her own last lives came out in taped regression sessions with parapsychologist Hans Holzer. Even the voice is different. One pact was in ancient Egyptian -- it you hand me $10,01)0 1 couldn't translate it. Names, dates and places were checked out and research cslablishcd thai my recollections were au- Ihetilic," she says, Though currcnlly gaining increasing atlenlion. Iho subject of rcincarnalion has appeared Ihrough tiie ages in philosophy, history and theology and has been a constant theme in all Hints From Heloise-Remove Felt-Tipped InkStains Dear Folks: T got a newsy .tablespoons of mayonnaise a n d ' m a k e s rubber gloves realize one for y o u ' a large spoon in my mixing that every time they package lhat today -- so many of you are bowl. I dice a while, then stir, a pair of rubber gloves writing about getting fell-tipped-Result, no discoloring. "--' --'-- --·-" '--' fountain pens on your clothing. Erma W. Allebach Well, I wasn't about to mark on something good to really try Dear Heloise: it and the lab was out of scraps _ Tell the girls to clean the of materials, but I happened upper pails of walls with to accidentally mark on a beau-'clean sponge mop. liful pair of white double knit No climbing and they'll like the population. That extra glove slacks. Awful. ^e results. ' s a great help for right-handed 1 told a manufacturer of these J. Gronert wearers, but what about the extra right-handed glove thai they are discriminaling a g a i n s t every left-handed housewife in the country. Of course, you know I am a one ol these housewives, which number a large percentage of pens about all the complaints rest of us? I was gelling in the mail and Dear Heloise: he said lo use ink cradicalor Those of us with preschoolers bul ONLY the kind that comes sometimes find it a bil of a in one bottle! hassle to shop al Christmastime 1 tested it first on a piece for those tiny stocking stutters, of an inside seam which 1 had Celia Brown The little 8"-foot benches that can be purchased for small children for getting up to the collect s i n k to W ash hands and many Sweet Adelines To Present 'Harmony Well-Seasoned' Sharing is caring! More t h a n , 24.000 members of Sweet Ade- lines, Inc., a women's four-part harmony organization, dedi- c a t e d , to the teaching, participation .and enjoyment of this unique North American form of This can be bought at dime |,ox, 'cause if you're u n o r g a n - 1 stores, folks. Real cheaply.! i ze( i as i am yi ' Good to have on hand. Great ]o se a t least s'om for a good many things such as scorches IF applicable on ,·· u , ; day, in haste. I grabbed . you 11 no doubt Hie little bench to use to reach snmp nirprMnns l - ,,.._ , i , , , . . - ' Ucs on Uie , II ' 5 " mazin S. but these little can see " frcc " toys K Gncrate a better lhe '°P ( " a " "c . "bought" boards! top cupboard shelf. Now I and all religions, she notes. She attributes its growing lopular appeal in Ihe past five 'ears lo Ihe fact that "death, las replaced sex as a taboo word. People who no longer lave lhc old faith they had- in ·eligion are looking for sotne- .hing that will take away that biting pall l h a t hangs oyer MESSAGE OF HOPE ; "There is a message of hope in the theory of reincarnation in that people won't see death as the absolute finish and full stop, nothing more," she goes on. She defines this theory as 'the indestructibility of - t h e ipirit. In short, there is another life through Ibc spirit after death and then a series of lives, the experiences of which .will keep on adding to one another. We come into each life with some -- maybe only a fragment -- of past experiences with us." ;.' Miss Leek, who has boon an astrologer since the age of 8 and bad her first book published al 16. did not realize as a child lhat she had extraordinary powers. Daughter of a Russian father and Welsh-Irish mother, she says every 0116 in her family is psychic. "It wasn't until I got out into the yorld that I realized that not vcryone knew in advance what vas going to happen." A widow who now lives in 'lorida, she says her two ;rown sons, both professional iholographers, also have the amily trait of second sight. "But I have a scientific, rath- 1 than a romanticized ^approach to the unknown. I want know why," insists Miss k, whose closest approach o a crystal ball is the giant crystal pendant she wears, vhieh once belonged lo "her grandmother. "I welcome skep- icism in researchers as long' as hey do their job properly. ~ "Tho best way is if we could lave more universities or foundations where people couM without embarrassment, . or 'aha, you think you're Napcn eon,' where we could do regressions under scientific and controlled conditions -- no par,y games -- and have researchers check out the results. ever welcome ^ u b cents to 50 cents, it's nice lo to start saving. J h a v e - in the house. The kind a that comes in two hollies ir music, be raising their , voices across the United States, Canada and the Panama Canal Z o n e during International Patients in hospitals, senior Share-A-Song Week, Oct. 1-6. citizens, shoppers, school children and civic groups will be the audience for the more than iOO choruses who will celebrate he eighth year of this annual event. On Oct. 5, the Beaver Lake Chapter of Sweet Adelines is jresenting its annual show "Harmony Well-Seasoned," at the Rogers High School Audi- J" st llever kn °w. lorium at 8 p.m. Special guests B , 111 , fm '^ h 1 n "' cc ., 1 ? 1 ' lh . is for the performance will "The Cracker Jacks," comedy men's quarlel from Oklahoma City, the Rogers men's barbershop chorus, The Rogers Mountainaires, Richard Ncwberry, soloist a n d cameo performers. ore using it. You spenl a rea , r o r l u n e on l n e m . what is .going on on shelves of my cup- wc have worn this one lo Mrs. D.H Points To Check not the same as ink eradicator Dear Heloise: after all, we must buy the 25 cereal anyway. Now is the time Dear Heloise: The potato chip can that lube-shaped is good for storing Pat Collins; "Nobody . . . . _. .... death with ooen arms but I'm not going to let it cloud my life. Every action, every moment' is meaningful and I'm not going to waste any of it," declatcd Miss Leek, emphatically -ex- nressinff the belief that slic will have oilier incarnations. "Whila I have no pact to make m y ' f u - ture presence known, my 'o'liil- tlren will know.". that comes in one bottle. left-over biscuits. They are kept Try blowing if you forget lo I love to get a spot out that turn on the water when steam they say 'can't be done. Heloise vessel, while Eioldiug on the lid. Dear Heloise: Blow hard! ! Apple salad is a favorite at ' That's an old (rick from my my house and I make it in grandmother when r u n n i n g lo ., , · , ., . , ., large quanlilies. II distressed the well was running water. Always check thoroughly _ t h e ' me l!la t the first of the apples E. Yankey me, sometimes we may eat ten biscuits, then again maybe five ' · '' ·"·' -'luminum foil for saving biscuits. Mrs. C. B. Campbell pleats in a new skirt before were'tu'rning daVk"before"f had Ihe last ones diced. But they LETTER OF THOUGHT? buying. One should always choose don't do it"any"morc.' pleated skirls which have their pleats put in exactly along one vertical thread of the material. The pleats should be the same width from top to bottom. JCPenney The full circle skirt. Soft, smart and flowing about everywhere. *27 ; "A Point of View: The Education of an Architect," is the title of the second art exhibit to be displayed on Ihe second , floor gallery of Hie Vol Walker Building at the University of Arkansas. Beginning Monday an exhibit of drawings and photographs of models by 40 students in a seven-year-old program from the School of Art and Architecture at Cooper Union in New York City will he open to the public. The . program is under the direction of George Sadcl, the dean of the Cooper Union School ol Art and Architecture, and Rice Plentiful WASHINGTON ( A P ) - In one of its periodic "food'mar- keting alerts" directed fo supermarkets and other big-volume merchandisers, the Agriculture Department called attention Friday to the huge U.S. rice supply. Thus, the leaflet said, rice will be plentiful and should be featured lo consumers in Oclo- ber. The alert included definitions of rice types: long grain, medium grain, instant and brown, (or example. .. The 1974 rice harvest, soon lo be completed, is estimated at a record 113.5 million h u n - dredweight, up 22 per cent from 1973. John Hejduk, chairman of the Department of Architecture. II. Gordon Brooks, a visiling professor in Ihe School of Arch- ileclure and gallery coordinator, said a feature article in the New York Times by Ada Louise Unstable, Times architectural critic, labeled the exhibit as dangerous. "Because," Mrs. Huxtable said, "a fast curve is what this New York school is throwing the archilec- ".ure profession, educationally, at a lime when the training of the architect is in a state of revolutionary upheaval trying to plug into a changing so cicty." The show, sponsored by the School of Architecture, is touring the nation's architectural schools under the sponsorship oi the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service of Washington, D.C. It will stay at the UA through October 11. Additional information may be obtained by telephoning 5753805. Give It a whirl. Our Dacron® polyester shirt dress with lots of skirt, button and zip front, self lie. Aqua, red, black In Exercise Gunnery Sgt. Jack Robinson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Robinson of Springdalc. has participated in "Cabinet Agger" a training exercise conducted by Marines and Army forces at Fort Bragg, N.C. Robinson serves wilh the Second Air and Naval Gunfire Liaison Company at Camp Lejuune, N.C, Shop Penneys Mon., Thurs., Fri. 9-9 Tues., Wed., Sat. 9-5:30 I start by putting 'Dear Heloise: several i Does that company thai UNDERCOVER FROM GLAMORIZE All stretch bra with back formed with glamor-flexy, the natural rubber latex powernet, nylon lace cups, sizes B38-46, C38-48, D38-50, DD38-52-- $5 and $5.50 "Glamor-Slim" a ptr- fect garment for women who wear panis, Trims bulges from waist to calf. White, sizes 30-46 $8 "Golden-Touch" Lycra powernet, with light con j toured fiberfill, cups, concealed garter hooks, sizes B36-48, C36-38, D36-48 $11 MAIL ORDERS PLEASE ADD 3% TAX 90c POSTAGE Specializing In Fashionable Sizes ,12'/£-26'/£, 16-22, 38-52. Open 9-5 Monday Thru Saturday San Jose Mo nor, Springdale EXPERT WATCH MEPA1M . ' S TM g^TP^!^\ ' r ' SWIFTS a North Tom H.ndrick. M^, Bill Cannon -- Evelyn Hills Shopping Center -- PUT ON A NEW PERSONALITY* simp to it! the proper pant shoe Personality, SHOES FOR WOMEN Shining example of the mix-master... the shoe you wear with pants, the one that comes to mind for a suit, that says "yesl" to a skirt and sweater. 5 ' / * 2 A t o 1 G 2 A 1000 '"' AH B to 10 B lo.w Black--Navy--Carmel REMEMBER..' At the Shoe Tree we specialize In.., Quality Shoes at Moderate Prices -- with friendly f and relaxed service. ,

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