Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 31, 1952 · Page 2
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 2

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Saturday, May 31, 1952
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2---*K»THW1ST MKANSAt TMeWI, fayttttvlH., Manm. Solurdqy, May 31, 195J t Churches Schedule _ K W I 1 Of Vocation Bible Schools fnro "' cJuriid Friday nijht with corn- Included in the curriculum will mtneemenl exfrclsw (or the chll- n d a i l y children's chapr.1 srr- drrn. Parents will thr.n be invited vice desisnerj io'teach the children '"'see the work completed hy t h e art of worship. C h r i s t i a n mils-! 11 " 1 children d u r i n g the week. The Iwndirr.-.ff, and workbook r x : exercises w i l l lie in charge nf t h e en ivs v.'ill lie r c u u l a r l y f o l l m v - | ""'· f; - W- Morrison, pastor. i I'd hy filin-.',lrt|i viMi.'ili?alions of Daily vacation Hible school will j Ihe l i f e ;mil tract-linns of Jesus. j lie held at Christ's Church ( f : e n - i ClasK", w i l l convene in Ihe e d - ! l r ; i 1 C h r i s t i a n ) , June 2-1.1. Mr' I in t h e ! n TM TM Receives Degree |iti.r . K l n n s wl " Plfl ' rnm " I" 11 o'clock mi-nls c o m m l l l c e - and M , . u- ] ' ' church The theme for the work this year w i l l be "Thc Church." Each age croup will be studying areas of the Church nnrt its program related to thorn and t h e i r responsibilities In the Church. The nchool will be open to all children from \Camp Meeting Scheduled At lOzark Academy The a n n u a l ramp meeting for. Seventh Day Advontisls of the , stair's of. Arkansas nnd Louisiana.' w i l l convene J u n e 2-7, on t h e j campus of Ozark Academy six I miles north of S i l n n m Springs and . three miles south of Gentry. The major meetings will be held in the a u d i t o r i u m of the Academy church; the Academy chapel and thc old church a u d i t o r i u m will be a v a i l a b l e for miscellaneous meetings. Youlh and children w i l l have special services daily. To Conduct Services ,,, | v "i , TM' ' C J l i b l e history- Mrs. A.! v a r i '-'l program of projects and IVicri.m, h a n d i c r a f t ; Mrs. F. A. a c t i v i t i e s w i l l be provided The-e --_ ;!rif Ci ""' M r ' "· J " k *' cni'drenwho^^TTrr J7 j ^. Gib.on of FayeUevH.e, re^ """" '" """^ «-*'«" va-k'n, f u n h c r informa'uo^M "nda^A^iiTSirt ' .'"''' f o r ''' n l '" n " illl(! " i h"nl w i l l bnirln !''' '"'""' '' I;1SSK M " mla - v ! " lh " ·*'«·!,. Mr" l 2221-W. Monday morning, at 9 o'clock. I »£!,"",,. "swim* ^j'" Mrs. Charles Dodd. Mrs. J. H . j D M o a. m. and c o n t i n u e Dt-wec'sc and Mrs. Tex WasRimer! 11:30 a m Thc schmil" will be in charge of the kinder-! cimdueled cad, weekil.iv gallon £Cf.Flon on "Happy Times] S n i u r d a v for a period' J n ,,° U r n C u U r '' h -" i WITl "- ' An - v ·"''' irre^n, Mrs. Ruby Hudson w i l l be In, church a f f i l i a t i o n , f ......... · . TolUI-a from three throuEh i n person ' - Mcxico-M) - Fourteen Han College, Abilene, Texas. He has acceptel the work of preacher and song leader at Lampnsas, Texas, where he w i l l bc^in his. work nt . t l , r o u i r h i - m n . i i u w l V ', '', hl "' r ' h s '' 1 "'" 1 '"' c w e r n m e ' 1' ""?' . '^ SP '" i " ris ' Mm ^ -r! , y f "" n " ln " a - m ' '° '"'' Ml "' ""'"' " U " V| "" 1 · t . . . . , " i".-i.M»iih \vrre K l l ec la! eligible to a I tend 21 were i n j u r e d when ll-n nul n .. nn «; nn ., . . . . " * - « "IILI1 ...... ,,,,,,,, . . -ere k i l l e d last nisht and · '"morrow, by sincinj; and assist- not attending . train hil i n R , 1 - , ---.,...^« " n u n a u a i n m i t h e i r bus at a grade crossing 45 miles northwest of Mexico City. At New Orleans, the bottom of the Mississippi River -js several I flPt Wisher t h a n the level of the down-town streets, says the Na- W. McClunK, minister of Select From This List the Church of Your Choice... Then Attend FIRST BAPTIST UHlTARIAlf fELi OW.UTD «^W ^ X l L C l l U WALTtH I, JOHNSON, Patter n.MlT^* .^f*!r?;T 8HlP . ELKINS COMMUHflTV ruttn^u .*...* FIRST BAPTIST WALTtH L JOHNSON, «-. 906 a m Sundi* School 10 65 a m Mornln* Wonhip Sermon: "When » Good Man M n k r · Mistake" « M P m Bipttii Tntimni Union "··30 p m Evenlnc Worship 6*rmon: "Joihtit" ·f CENTRAL PRESBYTERIAN C fcDWARD BRUBAKJCR. Putor William It Glrwon, Minuter lo Itu fl 4* «. m. Church School 10 5ft a m. Mornlni Worihip A n t h r m ' O h fl« Joyful In Ihf Lord 11 -Wood Sermon: "Whiil * the Point?" fi-on p m High Srhool Wcitmrniter Jcllowsnjn, tmejts at University We«t- IBiniter F illowahtp B:00 p m U n i v f r i l t y Wpctmlnitar Fe.lowsnlp, Weslmirifitfr Houi« riHlT PREBBYTERIAN JAMCS W BUTLEH. J R . PMtOT William t. GibMn, Mtnitt«r to Stu- tfcmt S);45 a. m Sunday School JO:15 Mornlni Worihip Anthem; "Junt for Today"-Srnvrr Strmpn: "The Tempi** In Our Orferlnt for th« Helmut Srrvlrr ».,.,, '-"J P- rn. Junior Ftllowihlp *-- 4;30 p. m. Jr.-Hl rellowihip » ' ·:» p. m. Weilmlnitfr FelTowBhJp. :. ^Student Center "...Vlt'nlfcn Vacation Bibl* School. Firit - -ChriiU»n Church. Monday at 9.15 a. m. · Beiiirm Mcetlni. Monday nlfht »( T:30 o clock Annual Sunday School Picnic, Wednrwlay, 2.30 p. m. ST. PAUL'S EPISCOPAL MARI1IS J LINDLOrr. RecUv Pentecott «;«) R. m. Holy Communion 9:.1ft a m FHmtly Service IIM · m- Holy Communion and Bftrmon CENTRAL METHODIST O t DVKIS J R . p»tor 9 00 a m. Holy Communion 300 a. ni. Wrulcy Foundation Co/I«e Hour i'.20 *. rn C h u r c h School 1045 n. m. Morning Worship ServI'relude: "Larfo"--Mantlnl A n t h e m "Thp C r r a t m n " -- R l c k t t r O f f e r t o r y ; ' 1 Lrnta".~Fri,nck Solo.--Ida Weir Sermon: D L Dykr*, J r 6 00 p m. Wesley Foundation 6:00 p m Y o u t h Groinii 7:30 p m E v r n l n t Worship Rprvicr Prrlurte - "MPdltniTfn"~ly(«horf A n t h e m : "Comr U n i o Him" H a n d r l O f f e r t o r y : " A n d a n t l n e f -- F r a n c k Koln Richard Crccr Bcrmon D L n v k n i . Jr. Bniadcaiit over KRHH CHARMS D A V , '. JO.OO a. m Sunday Srhnnl K + --..,,. GROVE CHURCH Bundny School 10:30 Faycttcvillc Church of Christ,! .·Mid R^n W p p t i n in a revival meet-; i n.i at Lfi m pn sas. Air. JM cCl u n K ' w i l l pronrh cJnily, tomorrow' ihrniiKh J u n e ](), d u r i n g w h i c h ; limp his w i f e and d.itiL'hlcr w i l l ! visit in A h . l r n c nnd Ansnn. TPN-HF. ! let W. M.I- U. Fourth Friday CHRIST'S CHURCH "RED HUCKKLDURt Pmtor 403 Weit Rock Sireet ·7, ,5 *· m s »nd"y firhool IU:W a. m. Ulble «chooi 11:00 «. m Womhlp Scrvlc* Cnmmunion Brrmon ··45 p m Chilrirnn'* Mpoliiig \o»n.t IVnple;. ciiriiiinn Kn-irn :HUBCH or THE NAZAHENE . O. COHOKLL. I'a.ior aouth Jxic'iiit Slreti KQ'R'H '° ' :IS "' '"· " nd ° 1ro * r « tt:4i ·. m. Sunday firhciol 11:00 a. m Morninf Wonhip JM I) m. N. Y. P. 8. Prayrr Moal- J:4S P m. N. y. P s. Pnmrnm «:4S p. m A d u l t Prayer Bund 1:30 p. m. Evannelhmc Service 7:30 p. m.. Prayer Meet Thuriradly, 7:00 p m. Vliltallon FIRST CHRIBTIAK RORERT MOFFETT Pillw . 9 ^5 a. m Childrcn'i Day Sunday Sflmo] Asicmbly JO.On a. *n. Sunday School Clssnes 10:50 a. m Mnrnlnj Worihlp Strmon: "Brnlherhood Unlimited"-International Convrntlon Report Service of Dedication of Parents of Bmalt Children 5.00 p m. O. S. F. 6:30 p m Chrintuin Youlh Fellowship and Chi Hho Fellowship §T, JOHM'S LUTHEriAH A r k n n i a i and Dirkion Tel Ml or 372 r R K D K R l C K OIIM7-. Tasifir 9:30 a m K t i n d n v School 910 a m. A d u l t Bible Clan 10:30 a m N u m r r v ortf-ni JO.46 o m K i m r l n v Worship . Sermon, -stir Up the G i f t w h i c h la in Theo" Choir A n t h e m . ' I f W i t h A l l Your Hearts"--"FJljjih".-..M«ndp]s»ohn BiptUt Ford Cummunlty Church Firnt SunrtBy iroo a. m. Rev Utmn ^Seconrt Sunday 11-OOka. m R«v. D. .j 1 ''^ Sunday 11:M a. m Rov Alfred Whlteltj fourth Sunday: 11.00 a m Rev. V. C. Erwtn 10:oo a. m Inch Sunday. Sundny Sahool WEDINGTON METHODIST CHURCH A. L RIGGS. 1'antor ID.on a. m. Sunday School 11:00 a. m and 7.30 p m P r r a c h l n R S«rvicei on Fourih and Fiflh Suntlnya WEST FORK BAPTIST R II REED. I'aaiur I.4S a m. Sutulny School. 11:00 a. m. Mornini Worthip. · M p m B a p t f n t T r n m l n B Union 7:30 p.. m E v e n i n g Womliip BETHEL BAPTIST CHURCH ROY W. REEU. PnMor 611 MlMlnn SIrcct 9:t.S ·. m. S u n d a y School 11 00 ft. m fclorninf Worship. *'3" p ni Tralnln* % i F n n n 730 p m Evonini Service Midweek Pray***- Service-- W n d n c t day p. m . 7 CENTRAL BAPTlSr JACK OBJ\N. I'asiur 9 45 a m titindny Erhnol 10 M « ^m M o r n i n g Worship 7-Ofl p m Biipnm Trainini: Coune 8 00 p m Evening Worihip H:00 p m. Wcdnenday. Prayer *er TttM WILSON. P i i c f n r ID mi n. in S u n d a y Hrhno! »nJ : Thl? rt a-ncS;.""" 1 S '^'' " 1 4- SECOND B»PT18T N V DHAAE P«,lur »:4S a m Sunday bchool. i1:4f. a m Mornint Wnrihip ' "" J in. n.ipllx Training Union " C O ]i. in. EvcnlnR Wornhip WnlnMtlnj-. 7..10 p. ni.. Prayer Meel- WEST ronic ASSEMBLY OF GOD HHANIIAM ,md STEKLB. Patlori 9:1S a m Sunnay School I I . n o Mnrnlm W n r j h l p I'M p. m. Christ Ambaiiador hervlcu J M r- m.'Junior C. A Service '·SO p m evnniellallc Scmca OTHA TACKETT. I'.nlor 10:l«) a. in Minna* ichool t n nu a. m Sermon J:30 p. m. Eve.ims Scrvlc« ».oo p. ni. iTldny mghl, uiult atudy and priiycr mcetlnjt WIGG1KR MEMORIAL METHODIiT A 2 N °|' D KIMPSON, Pa«lor South Cnurch nnd Third StrMta i ? TM m ' Cnurcl1 School 11 » a. m. Mornlnj Wonhm }:w P. m. Voulh Fellowihip i.311 p. in Worship WF.ST FORK CHHISTIAM JOHN ASIIEI.I.. M i n i s t e r H:4S a. ni. Churrh School ITuiching every firn n d tluru ,* CHrtIST Bible study Worship .Service ' ·,,. KVP 5'"« Cia "'" Worship . 8.00 p. m., Prayer M f p l - i«irj- School Sunday. 3:00 Study Many artificial lights are defi cient i n t h e blue end o f t h e s ~ trum. A. L. Ham P- m.. Watchtowcr CALVAPIY TABERNACLE ·IS £««! South Street BLRYL T,. BETH. Pa.lor 5 : ?S ,,*· m - " " n i n « Service Praje. Dcllveranct nn d 7:« p. m. Kvsnielisllc Service. S«rvTMe, P m «""""»)·· Tarryrs Scrvlct " m S'l""'!. T«!lmon ,1 WEST FORK PHESBYTERIAN : m ' (·vcnlng Worship 7 :.TO p m . unday-Rev. Vlrjil or 10. (Ki a ll» i! u Wrilncsdny illR SOU'S CHAPEL 5 MILES EAST ON HIGHWAY U 930 a m Sun Joy School Mncrlnli'ndcm-- Turner Brown. Auxiliary every lourln Monday 1:00 p m. FARMINGTON BAPTIST 1) M KIIK1S. I M a i o r 101)11 n m Sun,ia School I I . I K ) n m M..rni n(1 \Vnrahip . . ,,. Sunday School. " S P. S SSfflS Irrl! c c2 + , BAPTI9T E , M TJSTEH. P.amr J : J° « m- Sunday School ?-m " m ' * lornl "« Wor.hlp 7 : m S '"· i?"" 1 " Training Union 7.30 p m. Evening Worjhio je ttedn csd . y 7:M p . ,,.. ^ vnli J- CENTHAL ASSEMBLY OF GOD 61.1 South College H I., UAYI.ESS. 1'ajtor ·:« a. m Sunday Schiol. 11.00 «. m Mornlns Worship 6.211 p. m. Young People, meeting 7-w " ""· J v " n f«ll«lic Service. mt P "· Thursd ". Pr «y« meet+ CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH - Three Churches To Conduct Union School The fourth Uni-in Vacation Bible Schoril In be held by three locil Chiirchos. First Christian, the First Prosbylnrion and Central I'rrshv- t r r i a n , will beein in t h p First C h r i s t i a n Chrrch t h i s cnminj? Mnnrlay fnr Iv.-o nnly. \\-ith sessions ench \\eok day pxrppt Saturday ending at 11:45 oVlnrk. Chiklren froiri four ye-irs of a^e and i n r U i r l i n g Ihnse \viin have f i n - ished the s i x t h jrade will he eligible in the Beginner, P r i m a r y and .Junior departments Tho in- ' v ""''" 1 --' · - ·»·*··· " -- series ..' sfd.'" i v " l l " n n l services at 6:30 p. m. Bew i l l be nrcd and each rlun-'ch w i l l ; l TM!;TM.* ^[i, 0 -,^ ^.f]^' 31 Pastor F. O. Sanders, conference president will deliver the opening address Monday meht at ~i:M o'clock Other guest speakers o u t s i d e the l o c a l conference ministers wil! be Paster A. L. Ham. for many years Ijesd of Advestist work in I n d i a , now of ^ , Washincton D. C. and is a vice at. I): 15 a.m. It will last ! president nf the General cnnfpr- weeks in the mornings · enee. Pastor L. C. Evans, of New York; recently elected president nf Ihe Southwestern Union confer- fcrcnce staff of Fort Worth, will be present lo assist in this gather- injj. The d a i l y proRjain of this con- K - a f i o n w i l l be bejrin w i t h de- The Rev. Clarence L. Lumpkin, Baptist evangelist, will conduct services tonight, tomorrow morn- inu and evening at the Gospel of Peace Tabernacle, 421 Park Avenue in Springdale. He will be assisted hy the Rev. A. F. Harris of I Fort Worth. The Rev. Hoy .Muri rell, host pastor, states t h a t Mr. Lllmpkin is l i v i n g proof that " f a i t h and perserveranre can over-; come obstacles nf poverty, home', environment, and prison life." i inp Ihe church at 2:30 o'clock. Swimmine contests, with prizes,, will be a part of the program at I the lake. Each person or f a m i l y ; brings t h e i r own picnic supper. The eold drinks and ice cream are furnished by the school. Transportation will also be available at [the church for those who cannot IV/rof is THE ATONEMENT? Jim was nevsr quits clear on what his pastor meant by f-» "atonement." '7°u see, Jim. ifi t h l j wa- ·· Mid Itev. Jghmon. "By birth all men are at odds with God and God Is at odds with them' "The thins t h a t atanda KE^ TWEEN them i« man's ii» T,. " f , a i S i. ' r ° ur '"'l'itles"ha;., «enarateij between you and your "Now, Go.l In His merer va. cater to forldse the gap between J-Iimseir and us. And so H% f o n t His Son Into the world to I'rtns about a perfect reconciliation. "Tin Blblo tells ua 'We w«r. reconciled to God ny the de3'h of His Son. By taking our nurf i R h m e n t upon Himself Chii^ paid lh« penalty of all our lni and now w« and the Father are -Of Jesus the. Bible savs: 'H» lii the propitiation (the'rccn.v fir'our" onlv°° r "'""' ^ "" Bins of (he whole world ' "Vou tee. Jim, t hat what we- mean by Christ's ATOXE. i ". *^ 8 P a J' n ient lor our The Lutheran Church Arkansas and Dickson Kether. It is being he'd n week '· At 11 · · - · earlier than in former years to ro- j evangelism will be given. incide w i t h other Vacalion Bible j Thc afternoon program wil] vary ! Schools and FII a? not to c o n f l i c t w i t h yountf people's camps and conferences, which becin early in some instances t h i s summer. Children v.-ho are not in n n v Sunday School or whose churches do nof have such a school of this type, are welcome to attend. . ·« « n-.. Simda). Srhool 11:00 a m. Mornlnr Worship 6-30 p m Training Servic« 7:30 p m Ivcnlng Worship · CHURCH Of CHRIST. ·CIENTIST 9 ;» a m Sunday SrhTM| J l 00 a m Sunday Service 6 45 p m KGItll S u n d a y Radio Wednesday. 7 45 p m m e e t i n f , Fradlng Room m c n u r r h open each flay except Sunday and holiday*. GREENLAND CHUhCH OF · CHRIST ...OHIS SALYER. Mlnlaln 1000 a m Chuich arhooL a m Sermot ; 11 «1 · m Communion S«rvlr« ' M p ra Son» Servlca and Bible . AViidy I ·*· i ·T. JOSEPH'S CATHOLIC j »ATHEK K D W A R I ) II MAU1Y P»«tor i Sunday Mas§c» fi no and 10 on a m Thurrday. 7.30 p m Novena Mann Tk*vonon! Weekday Mail. Monday t h r o u i h ', 7 Snlurday Mas* 7 po a m. I . riral Friday Maaa. I w a m. i rirat Salurdaj Main. 7 00 a m. ; Confrisions 7 no to 100 p ro a n d ' ·Wttr. all Maiiei FULL GOSPEL TABERNACLE . TOMMV GIBUS Tailor ; 10 00 a m Sunday Scimol. i 11.00 a in Prrnchme. 7 IS p m Evanfcllatlc service i Wednrtriay, 7.30 p m MulweoK I Prayer Service i Friday. 7-30 p m PYPA Servlr i BLACK OAK BAPTIST , HOWARD I M I i n i A K I J I'aalnt 1 10 fin a rn Sundny School : 11.00 a m PrenrhlnR Servica | 7.00 p m Tralnlnv Union R 00 p in Prcnrhins Servio* f Thunday 7 30 p in Prayer meetlni GOBHEN METHODIST S M VAN'CEY. Pn»tor 10.00 a rn Sunday School. 11 00 a in Mornlni tVorihlp Evening Wnrinl 700 p FAYETTEVILLE BIBt.E MISSION 000 IJl.llCK SOUTH Cul.l.Klifc. I n t c r d e n o m m a t i n n n l H O M K R MOUT'l'KT. Pnstnr 9 4.% a m S u n d n y Si IIODI I I 0(1 a m M t i r n m u Womlilp Yi i m p I'toph's Sprvlt-ex 7 30 r. ... Wednesday p ni H.iplisl Training U n | OI jinRrlisiic Service I P m. Prayer Meet + FAHMINOTOK METHODIST A .. KICUS. Pnnlor IC'10 d in S u n d a y Schoo: . II 01 a m. and 7.30 p n: !r»vhi-.i . Scrvic e on First. Second and Third ! biillil.iyi i CHURCH Corner Duncan and Stont i n s ? 5. m , Sll " d "' School 10.S.S Morning Worjnm s ,°TM"n- "ChallcnKo of Lire- son S' '" ""I"'"' Trnlnlnk Union « HO p. m Lvrnlnn Wr.nhlp sermon: "God-j Super Man" «rrtncsrta.v, ;:30 p. m . Bible Sludj- FIRST ASSEMBLY or OOD DONALD W A L K E R . Pallor ,,,£ n- m Suni *ay School. ":M m. Preachlni. f 00 P m y. p. Cla»a. ' .^o p. m. Evanreliatic Servlcta. J:.10 p m Trlday. Bill], atudy ':M p m. Tueaflay. C A- atrvlo very l i t t l e from t h a t nf Ihe forenoon. Every day's program will close with prenrhing services in Die jictitlcmy church auditorium beginning :it 7:30 p. m. The churches and the academy's best mu:;ical Inlent will be present at .-ill services. Bc?idrs the devotional phase of t h i s encampment, the hurincss session of t h e conference two year period w i l l be held. Officers for Hie nc\t conference year \vill he Central Prcufb.vtman Churrh chosen. Some 1000 delegates will fireles of the Central Preshyte- he there to represent the 45 rian Church will meet Monday as churches of thc two states. Thc follows: j conference president and the Circle one, Mrs. F. E. Palerson. i treasurer w i l l rentier reports. The Green Acres, !:3f) p.m.; . d e p a r t m e n t a l heads also pive t h e i r Circle two. Mrs. W. R. Spencer. | reports. The manager of the Book S I R Lafayette Street. 2:30 p.m.; ; ami BiW( , House will give Announcements The Lutheran Church Offers A VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL Which Is Thoroughly BIBLICAL CHRIST-CENTERED June 2-13, 9:30-11:30 Arkansas and Dickson · - " -- ·· - ' ill 1C! U J I I H I ; i]uu:-t; \\ i n {iv u d T6- Cirrle four, brr^ikfast. Mrs. El- j port of t h p , H l n nf Bibles ;md othci . lurch, llaskell Hcishts.! rcliffioos litcratur j OAKLAND BAPTIST ' rnrr Whitrh 9:30 a.m. rirrlfi thrcr's srhctiulcd picnic has boon pnstpnncri. First Baptist Churrh Circlps nf the First Rapti?l Church will mcrt Monday, ns follows: Circle two, Kducation Building, 2 p.m.; Circle thrcp, Prayer Roam, 2 p.m.; during thc past two years. It is exported that thc plans commjttrp will surest plan fnr an a££re.sivf prnsram of rvangplism by various methods. Seventh Day Advcntists have pioneered teaching rdipinn throtich the mail; also the rad-io, televf^inn and litera- t u r e have hern u?ed very success-, f u l l y to the jjrnspel. H e a l t h - i welfare renters for all major cities of rtev- p ,]] ; W l ' l l H I L ' H'lllt.'!* I U I i l l l I I 1 . I J U I l l l l l ' . S Circle one. Mrs. T O Hpicer ' !o " 5si?t not " nly in TM ses nf rtcv " 970 Rush Drive 2 p m - ' | lislation by the elements but to bf Circle four. Mrs. ,I. A ' W i l l i a m s I rt '''" 1 . v for ! " 1 v emergency in case S0!i Vandervci.ter, 2:30 n m . - " of war. The public is invited to all AS.EM1LY SA.MIir.1. F. HHdCE. j » 0 n n. in Kunn-.y School 11.00 » m Serinun 7 M p m F.vftngeliatlc Service Tuesday. Voung 1'eople a C A S«r Pros ,'30 p in 1'rlday. prayer Service. 7 4 p m. + PAHKSDALE BAPTIST H K N N K R I I A V I i , . I'.ulor A R I . K N MOSTKI.I.AR. AaMaUnt Pallor 1000 n m Kmidny School 7 .TO p n Kvangrllitlc Meiiaft ' y . 7 3 0 p m. Prayer Meei- i n K rruijiT. ini-ftinf. J.30 in oo B. m Suiidsy"School. H 00 a m Mornin« Worahlp, 7 30 p m. BYPTC B:30 p m Evening Worship Uednciday. 7:30 p. m Prayer meei- ng, FROVIDENCE BAPTIST WALTER .IF.SSER. raitor t H i g h w h y 16 Wttt) 10 00 a. m Sunday School. U 00 * m Mornina Worihip 7:.TM p m. T r a i n i n g Union « IS P m Evangelistic Servlrp 0 m. P*ople ' Cl P o u n i t i r (.'hoir will twd S;i i m VrtlnrndM'. 7 30 p ni . Prn l\ird.iy at irr M*ot- CHURCH OF CHRIIT '.FKEp McCLUNG. Mtnliier Wp»t Center ana Norm Ltxm 9 4i · m Bible ·tud^. ··' I0 ^, Srrmon "Whut Kind of ·; 7'00 p m CUttet ·_ ' * Sermon "Pumblf of * :SO . Werlnfifliy. 7.34 p m WMnrldny P r a y t r **tlnf and Bihlc S f u f l j (or nil AIM SUGAR MOUNTAIN BAPTIST R K - F M O R G A N . I'IIS'IM A I M , I f MOSTFI.I.KK. A « t i M . i . i t I'/.sior 10.OP M m Sund.i.v Schdii 7:30 p m FvHng'rliMIr M r s u n K n Wednftdiy pmrr mretinii «t 1 3D P m. t h r j H i a H L A N D COMMUWITT in.M i m Sunday u-hooi niblf M 11 . m Hnrntni Wonhip Wednesday night. 7-» p m.. Prnycr ·ervirtii ! - Worah,,. ···v«hlp JOHNSON BAPTIST CHURCH E M l O C I l ' K . 1'IMor I d l K I i, m S u n a n y Si-lionl I I (HI n in W u r i i h l p hoi vlrpa 7 i»i p in Tranuni; U n i o n s i» I" m K v r n i n i Srrvirf Urilnradii). 7.30 p m . T r a v e r Heel- inu SEVENTH DAY + ADVENTIiT 3? M C I I ' T H STIiEET S A T i m n A V 10 Wl n ni Snhb.iih Srhonl 11 IW a ni I ' t i u n h Sorvirft Turaiiay. 7 3D p m ITaytr mrrllni SALEM MISSIONARY BAPTIST W R SIIAHI'.V'nMnr Six Miles n o r t h w f f t t tfi tm n m Sunil.iv School 110(1 n in M i i r n i n j Worship '·I*' p ni F.\rnlng Worihip Hnlni-ailay. 7:30 II. m.. ['r a j t Medina 1 4- CHURCH OF JEBUS CHRIST OF LATTFR DAY SAINT1 J A M K K H.C.TfHKIl. riilrr H l u i l r n l U n i o n Mine Honm 10 30 a 111 .Sunila; School WpdnesHay. 8 p ing Friday, 7:30 p. I T r o n r a m I M o n l h l y 7 p m . ! lowjhip Supper, M. U. Meetin m., Priycr Mcet- Vnuih Musical Third Friday nrothirhood Fcl- and GREENLAND COMMUNITY HOB C O R N E L I l ' S I'astor « « a m Sunday School II iw a m M o r n l n u Worship stMH l ' dr "'"H' 1 ' V n 7 ' 5 ' m i d w e e k Bible S t u d y and P r n y r r Service APOSTOLIC FAITH CHURCH NEOI.A MOORE. Pa.'or Highway 71 South 10 on a m Sunday School 11 00 a m M o r n i n g Srrvtc* 7 W p m tvangellstlc Servlte. ' S0!l Vandervci.ter, 2:30 p.m. Business's Circle 'Mrs. ; services. Jack Roberts, 524 Shady, 7:30 p.m. St. John's Lutheran Church Lutheran U'ornnn's l.engtie, gro'ip j ' Iwo. of St. .John's Lutheran m t I n: Church, at the home of Mrs 11. O. j ^1311 AlHlUal NCIIIC Davis, 124 South Church Avenue, j First Presbyterians FarmInffton Churrh Of Christ Special services, h r g i n n i n g SUM- rtny night nt 8 o'clock and c o n t i n u - ing thrugh June 10, eich e\'eninjj, will he conducted nt the Farm- Thr Sunday Srhnnl nf thp First Presbyterian Church w i l l have its a n n u a l picnic next \Vertnesrtay afternoon, beginning at 2:30 o'clock. Parents and friends are always in- 1 ·ited to this a n n u a l a f f a i r . A hay- j First Baptist Church College and Dickson Announces VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL Monday, June 2 Through June 13 8:00a.m. to 11:00a.m. Program will include Bible Study, Creative Handwork, Supfervised Recreation and Music. ALL BOYS AND GIRLS AGE 3 through 16 WHO: i. 2. 3. Are members of First Baptist Church Not members of any church Not members of churches conducting Vacation Bible Schools. WELCOME injjton Church of Christ by \Vor- jririe will he available for .m mm ley Fprg-.isnn of Renfonvillo. · 'wnnt it, to Lake Woriinjrton. l e a v - j Pallor 1030 a m Sunday School. II 30 a m Morning Worahlp. 5 JO p m young People'. m«ltln« · 00 p m Cvangellitlo S»ry|M. ·T. JAMES METHODIST INwo) A I. B U C H A N A N Pallor "··"" · « a m Eunda; School 11 00 a m Morning Wnrahlft 6 4ft p m Vouth r»ltnw.hlp. 7 M p m. Night · IL. L. r r ""'"lay ncnooi. , W p m . N |, n | «,,,,, Allenlion! Boys And Girls! You Are Invited To Attend VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL JUNE 2 through June 6 8:00 a. m. to 11 a. m. ALL FREE! Biblt Study -- Handcraft -- Fun Mu»ic -- Rtcrcation -- Refreshment All Children Invited, Agei 3-16 IMMANUEL BAPTIST CHURCH Garland W. Morrison, Pastor Corner of Duncan and Stan* Street* FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Dr. Wahtr L Johnion, fatlsr "WHEN A GOOD MAN MAKES A MISTAKE" Morning Worihip Hour 10:11 (Brndoil OTtr Suilon KQHH) »und«r fchocl lilO Tnlning Union 1:15 "JOSHUA" Ertnlng Worship Hour 7:« The Nursery it open at all lerricei WELCOME

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