Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 30, 1952 · Page 7
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 7

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 30, 1952
Page 7
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LEGAL NOTICES PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL at n KKsfnS M i N T N ° * |f« State' ot ArkBn7M lh anl* l tfV i H . nu " o» He D re»efilat.v«. · Mi]o,,. o' A" !he Member* Elect.* to Eaci "£u« Arr-jeint Thereto: mat the fo.lmnnf n ntreby pro- Djiserl at mn tmefitlrTieni U the CCTV- smimon o» the state ot Arkansas, ana uotm tvinjp «uhmltl«l to tht *lfr · .£* *'* for «ftroval or f»1er »' f ne next frnernl elertfon for R'.. , irntJitlvM anrl Senatori. tf a malniHry of the eirrlnrf vnllnr thereon ai rnenr ""h * lpp " on " rtnirt * U(%n »"ienrt' Constitution ol th« Stalt » Ihr . Prairie Grove TtM.fcmuel Carnahan family had i reunion Sunday. Eight of the 10 children of the late Snm- · uel and Frances Cook Carnahan gathered it the home of Herbert Csrnihan for dinner. Attending were Mr. »nd Mrs. Clarence Curlee of Joplin, Mo., Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Carnahan and sons of Tulsa. Okla., Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Car- nshan of Tulsa, Okla., Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Carnahan and son rtf Muskogee, Okla., Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Carnahan and daughter of · Viney Grove, Mr. and Mrs. Woodrow Carnahan of Rhea, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Osburn and daughter, and Mrs. Emma Sceley, all of t Prairie Grove. Mrs. J. C. Caldwell of Rtillwa- ter, Okla., and Mr. and Mrs. Ian Caldwell of Tulsa, Okla., were . Sunday guests of Mrs. Jeff Sharp and Mrs. J. R. Blakemorc. The late J. C. Caldwr-ll was one of the first superintendents of the Prairie Grove school. Mrs. Walter Johnson of Pawhuska, Okla., Mrs. Irene Tarkington of Claremore, Okla., and Mr. and Mrs. Martin Banco of t Tulsa, Okla., were weekend jruests' of Mrs. Hattie C u n n i n g h a m . They attended the decoration service on Sunday. j A district officers t r a i n i n g course was held Monday at the Methodist Church for members of the ^y. S. C. S. from Lincoln, . Farmington and Prairie Grove. Lunch was served at noon at the church. Mr. and Mrs. John Pearson of Tahlequah, Okla., and Miss Bess Pyeatt and Mr. and Mrs. Bert Pyeatt of Siloam Springs were guesls of Mrs. D. N. McCormick Sunday ·nd attended the decoration services. Mrs. Lilly Ocletree, who has been the guest of her cousin, \Valter Dodson, for the past week has returned to her home in Kansas City, Mo. ' Nadine Neal. Jane BlaH-more, Kf^TtASS. c ° Doris Jean Smith, Buddy Horah | ~" J ~ ind Buck Jones drove to Clarks-| ville Tuesday to visit the College . of the Ozarks. Mary Bell Thornton and Edward Delap left Wednesday for Kansas City to visit their uncle, Darwin Delap. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Lasiter have returned from Marshall, Texas, where they visited Mr. Lasiter's brother, Bob, who has just returned from Korea. They also stopped in Greenwood, where they visited Mrs. Lasiter's parents, Mr. ·nd Mrs. Charles Bell. Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Strawn have returned to their home in Electra, Texas, after a visit with Mr. Strawn's sister, Mrs. Lake Han- · nan. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Floyd of Parsons, Kan., were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Lake Hannah and attended decoration services. Mrs. Joe Wood and baby of Long Beach, Calif., are visiting her uncle;, Lake Hannah. Arkanias. in-wll: SF.r-nON I Cemmlltlen Created-- Membn-i-- Powers. There IK hereby crested « state Hiehwav Cnmmlsmn »'hlrh shall be retted «ll finwirs and duties nnw or nerenfler trnorxea bv law for the artmlnlstra. Ilin nf Ihe Slate Hlfhwa* IJenartment, feelher with all powers necessary or ornoer tn enable the Commission or anv o) its offirerj or emnl lo carry OUT fully and effectlvplt the retnilatlnns and laws relating to the Mate Highway Oebartment SECTinN 2 Oualiflcatlona and *». ptJlntment ot Mtmbtrt-- Terms of Office ot First Commiislon. Within ten lavs "Her the cnnvenlnf of !·» General Assembly of the State ot Arkans ear IBS. Ihe Governor, bv and . the arlvicf and consent of the Senate, shall appoint five persons who are qualified electors nf Ihe Slate to constitute Ihe Stale Hlenwat Crnnmls- Sinn for terms of two. four. six. eier.t and ten veart reaper-lively fhe terms of the persons so appointed shall he nptermlnert bv lot The Commission. ers to he appointed from the Slate at larpe: provided, nrtwever. thai no two Commissioners shall he appointed from any sincle Coniresstnnal DIs- trict. In the event of rejection by the senate of a person whose name has b»"i -o- submitted, the Governor shall within five dftvs after receinl of written notice from the Secretary ol Ihe Senate of such rejection submit the name of another annolntee to fill such vacancy In the event the Governor should within five days thereafter f a l l to apppfnl or fall to submit to the Senate for confirmation the name of «ny person to be anpolnled the Senaie shall proceed lo make Ule appointment of Its own choice SECTION 3 Terms of Offlct of Members. Upon the expiration of the fnreeolnu terms ol said Commissioners. a successor shall be aunomted by the Governor in the manner provider! for In Section Z for a term of ten years. which term of ten years shall there. after ne for each member of the Commission. SEcnnN 4. Removal of Member! -Hearing-Review ana Apoeal. A Commissioner may be removed by the Governor onlv for the same causes as apply to other consntutional officers alter a hearlna: which may oe reviewed by the Chancerv Court for the Tlrst Uislrlct with rleht of appeal ourt such quired to execute a bond as required LOST wallet between California by law and the order and decree of ' Drive and 7:o South Locust strret said Court in said cause, w i t h approved security, hearing, interest at the rate Cr.r aininR larfitlhuin 01 i n n n t y over -- --. -. .-- hundred dollars J25 (10 reward of fi per rent per a n n u m from date " ' " " ~ " of sale u n t i l paid, and a lien brine retained on the premises iold to «·-1 LOST. lorte n.rcdnlr do,, male of the p u / c h t » j |, rfdi j i o m i rcwiir ,| li, mf R u f , N ' f l l f y Prater's Store, Brentwood cure the payment money. Given under my hand this 7th day of May. A. D.. 1952. Richard B. Grecr Commissioner in Chancery HWKMD-c He-turn to A r l h u r Goorlinr .720 South 1-ocust strcrl. K a y i - t U ' v i l l e rrdnlc do,. maleT fuil D E M ING warm SYSTfMs Vacancllt-FllllnB. Vl. duc to C L A S S I F I E D A D S * Rate: 3 c*nt« per wor; ilnflt !· ·trtlon. Three consecutive iniertioai i centi per word. Minimum ordtr 42c Trim With - Gay Color By Sue Burnett An adorable little play set for the mips of three tn twelve with throe pieces she can mix or match as she likes. Conl as a breeze, and colorfully Irimmefi with hold rir rae. Pattern No. 8470 is a sew-rite perforated pattern in sizes 3, - fi. 8, 10, 12 years. Size 4, skirt an. top, 2M yards of 39-inch; shorts W yard. For thl» pattern, send 30c for KACH, In COINS, your nnme, ad- dr«s, sizes d«ired, and the PATTERN NUMBER to Sue Burnett, Northwest Arkansas Times. I ISO Ave. Amerleas, New York 3(1, N. Y. Basic FASHION for '32 is filled with Ideai to mak* your clothe* budget fo further -- tlme-siivlnji and economical rtwljtns that are *«iy to MW. Gift patttm printed rfvlpw and iDD«l to oe without ort- flumrmnn in favor n( any ftnrtmt Dy the Governor or the trial court, anil Provided rurthtr. in addition to the Merit of confirm!(ton hereinibnve r» served to the Spnate. the Sennle m a r upon the written request ot at least rive (5) of its members that a mem Her or mpmhers of ths Com mlirlor. ihould oe removed therefrom proceed when In seaucm. to hear inv and " evidence ptrilnenf to th* re i son i remflvai. The member or members whose removal 11 *o reouested ihail be entitled to be heard in the matter · and to tf represented brfore the Senate by legal Counsel TTiete proceed- infi condurted by the Senate ihall be public and a transcript of the testimony to heard ihall be prepared and prncrved m the wurnai of ihe Senate. The takini of evidence either orally 17 by depontlon *ha)l not M bound by the formal rule* of evidence. Upon the cwicluiton of the heartnu. the Senate, imtnx «l a body in executive leiiton. may remove Hid member or memben o* the Commls- ·ton bv a majority vote conducted by aecret ballot. SECTION I. ... canciet on the Commiwion reiiynadons. death or removaF nhall be filled by appomlment of the Governor for the unexpired term within thirty days from ihe date of such vacancy. Upon failure ot the Governor lo fill the vacancy 'within thirty day*, the remaining Comrnmtlnneri §hall make the appointment (or Ihr une«- pfred term. SECTION 8. The CommlsUon inail A D k A w e A C Tiiicc "PPJ* 1 " 1 · Uireclor of Htichwayi wtiQ ARKANSAS TIMES ihal] nave ouun duuei as may M prescribed Dy the Commlsilon or Dy atalule APPROVED: March ». 1931. S«cr«tar of 14«t« C. U HAU. WAftNINQ ORDER AND NOTICE In Th* Chancery Ceurt Ot Waihingt.n CMinty, Arkintw Rolnin A. Jenkint and Sadie D. Jenkins. Plaintiffs vs. Dcnton-L'oleman Loan and Title Cnm- pany, or its Trustees. Reerivrrs, As- slRns or Successors: Paul B. Levy. Maude A. Allen. Uefendnnts. The Defendants, Denton-Coleman Loan and Title Company, or its True tees. Receivers, Assigns or Suc- cesiors, Paul B. Levy, and Maude A. Allen, are hereby warned to appear in this court within thirty days and answer the complaint of the plaintiffs. Notice is hereby Riven that there lias been filed in my office, as Clerk nt the Chancery Court of Washington County. Arkansas, a pelition for the ronfirpiation of the title to the following desrrihM lands situated in Washington County. Arkansas, to-wit: The Northwest quarter of the Southwest quarter, and the South- half of the Southwest quarter of the Norhwest quarler nf Section 1(1. and the East twenty-six and one half acres of equal and uniform width off the East side of the Southeast quarter of thr Northeast quarter of Section nine i9) except two and one half acres in the form of a square in the Southeast corner of said last described tract: all in Township 16 North, Range 29 Weit. containing in all eighty-four acres, more or less. AIs.T part of the Northeast quarter of the Northeast quarter of bcrtion 9 Township 16 North. Range 29 West, described as beginning at a point 20 rods West of tht Southeast corner of said f o r t y acre tract; thence North 39 feet; thcnre West to a nnint rliir Norlh of the T. A. J r n k i n s residence: thence North 8 feet: thenre West M yards: thence South R feet: thence West to the West Line of Baid forty acre tract; thence South ,19 feet; tlinnce East to the place of beginning; Also a part of the Southeast quarter of the Northwest quarter of Section 10 Townthip 18 Norlh. Range 29 West, described as beginning at the Southwest corner *f said f o r l y ' acre tract; thence North* 35 rods; thence East 8 rods: thence Southeasterly to a point 13 rods due East of the beginning point; thence Weit 1.1 rods to thr p n i n t of beginning, containing 1\«'o nrrrs. mnrr nr less. And the quieting of the T i t l e to the finme in petitioner* therein. All persons claiming said lands 01 iv interest Jhcrcin. are hereby warn- 1 tn appear in this court w i t h i n sis werkt from the date of the flrsl p u h l i r a t t o n of this Notice nnd *huu cause why laid t i t l e in said lands fthnuld not be tillnneri. Mrtlw Of Fllinx Ot T* Quiet Tilt* A*e1 Warnlni Order In Th* Chancery C»wrt Of WMhinftwi CMiniy. ArkantM Lonnie R. Snow and Mary Gladys Snow, Husband and Wife Plaintiff* i vs. A.'jL. Travlt and Hannah Travis. Hus- barid and Wife, and Their Unknown Heirs, Zeeuton, Adminiitratori or A(- slgni, Defendants Notice is hereby given that there has been filed in my office, HI Clerk of the Chancery Court of Washington County. Arkansas, ihe Pelition of !,on- nie R. Snow and Mary Gladys Snow, husband and wife, for the and confirmation of title in them to the following described real estate utuaied in Washington County, Arkansas, to-wil: The Southeait Quarter (SE':,) of the Southwest Quarter ( S W ' ( ) of Section Eighteen (18), Township Fifteen (15) Norlh, flange T h i r t y two (32) West of the 5th P. M.. containing 40 acres. That, on December 30, 19.19, one D. L. Moure. then County Clerk of Washington County Arkansas, by Irene | .eMirr. Deputy Clerk, forfeited and ·erlified the above described real es- ate to the State of Arkansas for non- aymcnt of taxes for the year 193G; tint, on September 7, 1942. the Chan- cry Court of Washington County. Arkaniai. quieted 'and confirmed title o laid real estate In the State irkaniai; and t h a t , through mesne onveycncei from the State «f Ar- :ansa«, I.onnie R. Snow and Mary JIadys Snow, husband and wife, ac- uired title in said real estfile as set orth in their Petition to Quiet and Confirm Title filed herein. All persons who can set up any Ight to the above described renl cs- 10 purchased in consequence of . informality or any irregularity onnected with tuch sale (o Ihe State f Arkansas, or confirmation in the tate of Arkanum, are hereby., di- ected to show cause at the -first erm of the Chancery Court after the ublication of this notice why said bove described real estate should ot he quieted anrl confirmed in laintiffs. The Defendant*. A. L. Travis and annah Travis, husband and wife. nd their unknown heirs rxecultirs dminlstrators, or assigns, are hereb.\ arned to appear in said Court w i t h in ihirty (30) days nnri answer the complain) of Ihe p l a i n t i f f s WITNESS my bund and seal on this 23rd day of April, J953. (SEAL) Richard B. Greer Clerk of Chancery Court By David J. B'lrleson. **). C. 25 May 2-f)-16-2;i-30-i Ark^^_ JlELi* WANTED--MALK DOORMEN"" APPLY AT AT OZARK THEATRE AFTERNOONS or EVENINGS EXPERIENCED operalor. 1 1486. HELP WANTED--FEMALE SAVE MONEY TIME and LABOR Fig. 2090 Marvel Siiri girls 18 In 2fi nihirrs. Apply Thraicr bcfA'cjcn in person. Ornrk 2 and ft p m. WANT secretary and BOrniT'hnnkke'e'p- ing. I.'fit qualifications W r i t e Brjx EXPER1 h-:r' T b"h?Hui7Vn^.r operator Call Mrs. Stapleton. phono 766 for intcrvew. BEAUTY shojrop7r3torHrEx7eT)7m"^p- i D r t u n i t y f o r riKht persons. W r i t e _ .os L-5. __";,:TimCB. WANT a tniildlc agcfi'TatTyTo"work in SALESMKN WANTED M E N WE nre in n pn-.ition to place 2 men in business for themselves w i t h no I inVCGUncut other 1han t h e i r time. I pur product is n a t i o n a l l y Hdver- j ti:-fd and rcl!s fast If yoii are interested in p r o f i t s of more than I SlOO.on per week, write P. O. Box j 811. Joplin. Mis ' $136.00 F A Y E T T E V I L I E Plumbing Healing Co. 310 NORTH WEST PHONE 730 "1 don't know whr iem« fu ·r* t batty. I wouldn't b, 1 had itripet." WAHHIHC ORDER In Th* Chvncery Court Of WathingUn County, Arkintn Lois Stratton P l a i n t i f f vs. Dayton Frank Stratton Defendant The Defendant Dayton Frank Strat- Ion in warnert lo appear in ihis Court I within thirty days and answer the complaint of the plaintiff in the nhoVc entitled rnnse. Witnfrsn my hand and deal of (his Court thi« ]5th day of May, 1952. (SEAL) Richard B. Greet Chanctry Clerk _________ 16-2.1-30 June R-c NOT1CB BIG SPECIAL SALE OF DAIRY CALVES SPRINGDALE, ARK. 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Phone Z69W after 725 .$ 825 I .$ 450! ! .$ (525; sale. Saturdny, Mny _Rhop Shop. 600 POUNDS 'bfnrkeye utHIliet palrl. Zfl3 West Sprint 2 HEilRObM hniue. 736" Gi'riiinrt Ave- I nup. I'honr l.lfiTR. R SALC--KBAL ESTATE t ROOM houjMf, rack cpJInrT'hnV hrTiTT^ garden, l«r« lot. iiorn rntini Thir.i hntii.* 'South nirkoy Lumber Viird. _ NriHe M c K i n n w y . Llnroln, Ark LOCATKb'ON C r i R N K R LOT MX HO nne hliifk »rom WHshingion School ; P«W Pnvlnt. THRRE J3EDROOM HOMR. larnfr i f v i n f t room, i h n i n g fnom, ktlchen wilh plenty of h t n l ' Irn Nnd brpikfftit r*')ok I H U H U Uorrh, HARDWOOD FLOORS IV of rlowl inicij. ALSO. Tl ROOM rrnrrKNcv APARTM w i t h privnlr i-ntnmr." on i; rout, 4 flnor w i t h tnromc itf SIO Of) prr i n r ) n i h . rrritrnl hciitina plnnl. Urge i. pi'Ti- THRKE rwr.NT A L SHAMBLIN REALTOR _ _ RCA Victor __mcn_t._ nwiI 9 PINf"prc -_ . . record "playing" ' attach __ _________ urc canner. J23 Went FOOT NorRo 'rcfrU'crntor. G n o d j|h«pp ssoon B i i l l d f n n 43. n p n r t m c n t '"Kid emu. PAID DEAD AMMA15 ic-rt in aatd pc Wftne9« my hand M Clerk oC the Wftihington "Chnnrcry Court nnd the Seal thereof on thli 29th d«y of May (SEAL) Rii-hard n Grocr Clerk .10 .June (M.1-20-27 J u l y n-c eOMMIfllOMtR'f IALK NOTICE 1« M K R K R Y GIVEN. Thni In pvirnmnrf of t nriloni r n n t n i n r d i t h n r i t y xntl In thr dccro I order of Ihe Chnnrrry Court ot W*i (niton County, made and entered , thr JIM day of April, A. n., 19.12 in certain CJIUHP (No. I271R) then prndn.- Ihrreln be.wern .lohn W. P n m p h M I P l a i n t i f f iinri Gpnr*p W. Jeit a n d Marietta .tt. hi* wife dnfendJinU. the mdprtlffned. no Cntnnilxitlonpr nf nald cnurt, will n f f r r for Mir M public vendu* to Ihf hlnhMi bidder. «t ihp (Vent door or pnlninrp of the Couniv Couri Hnme. in whlrh ixid Courl hfld. in (hi* County of Wanhinfirn. vlihtn th* hoiim prpmlrd by law Tor Judicial Mir*, on the .Ifd day of June. A D, mi ihe fniiowtni dp- rnbeil real emaif-, to-wif NnrtheMt Quarter ft the North- w*«t Qutrler of VrKon 4. Town{hit li Norlh, Rtnte n WH(. TthMll Of RALE On · credit of thrH month*, itM ^urchaatf beinc re-! VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL June 2-13 Bible stories, memory verses, music, Ijandcroft and treats. Fun. 8:30 to 11 A.M. 10 Days Bethel Baptist Church 631 Mission Street For all Beys and Girls, Ages 5 - 2 0 years N O T I C E PAUL'S GARAGE Moved one block south New location 1010 So. School I " B J^,9 K .... M "/'"-''_.R"'ll"' 1 : Or-P'n i 1946 Pontiac Convertible; was $825; now. .$ 725 1946 Chevrolet 2-door; was $825; now. . .$ 725 1949 GMC l!i-ton ; Was $950; now. . .$ 850 1948 Chevrolet 1 H-ton ; was $925; now. . .$ 825 1948 Chevrolet 2-ton; was $825; now. . .$ 625 1946 Chevrolet 2-ton; was $750; now.. .$ 625 Earlier models to choose from and also the slickest used Cadillac in town. MIDDLEBROOK MOTOR CO. South, Fayelttville N O T I C E TOP prices for your f u r n i t u r e , ron- lifn your f u r n i t u r e lo our S n t u r - dny nuctlon \vhrr» vp have buyers for q u a l i t y merchandise at all Inn*" 1 -We sell cvcrythinK for your home Sole «vpry Saturday. Call J770. H l l u m Bros. A u y l i o n House. M K M O n i A L " Day" fU)«-crs~rcsh and cvprlaBtinj.; .73:iS. Bcrrj a FJower.t, (.1 _South Gr«g« WKKK old RO;linR», SI 2.1. Phone Mrs Foster, 131 flays. Osifb rcfriterator,TM$20 W. 22~"Nofth Dunran. VERY nice 's only .TOM West Cent rrHoor Plymoutn7Srr«n mile.*. $|.6SS.OO cash 507 LAST chanco until f a l l to iet thoie ncniatlonal new pverljearln* red raspberries that bear nd riles nf berries this fall. Get potted plant* near j**rmer'» Markel.JSaturdii_y. May 31. mint move, all" neai'.y hreakfaxt lot, us SACRIFICE, new. Aryi , . International Harvester refrigerator, end lablei, I maple bedroom «uiie. davenport table. Pohne 67IM3 _ PACKARD-WILLYT" Sales -- Service LYLE-BRYAN MOTOR CO Phonej$66. 2 08 North Wock FOR SALE-- LIVESTOCK " PIGS. $10.06 taeh!" Oren - ff) Pl"n_ *-a*l nr_Winilmv at Suntet. MONTH "old HBm'piihire pig§r'"il ninnthi old Poland and 13uror rroii nuts. Hnrarc r.ringham. J^nihrn RKGISTEHKD "lirretarti*: brie hull 2(» months nlri. Hazfnrr) .nd R u p e r t fine brccfiing; iwo bulli 8 and g monthi old by n;tfa D.ikr HiMh i, b r o t I I P r t» ])uk- L'n-l 1hf JtM.diiii A. H K a r p r h u l l Also n feu- uric. «rul Foin" _ rnr.r. HOC. rr.r,n APPROXIMATELY 21] lj.-rcli and h f l t r h m x tifn. Call ,T12(t A r - i kaniai tlmilrr Hatchery. N o r t h . GrefK Sjjci-1 TRANSPORTATION OFFERRD CAR Iraving for Southern C a l i f o r n i a ahour .tune 1. ran take 3 pamrnKom Phone I.-.MW. Store. Pr.'iirie (..rov. J" HKCJIsfi;rm~Hprefor,t Vows calvr"; Kincj.1 \Vllton. Koine DAY old rr.xitr.KV. "l r -\im~ d~ii7l liriliy 1,'itincas. W c r k l y h.-Mrln-s ton) h.'itrhing A n c r l l r,*w»nn Hairhf-ry. 36UQ Gfileway IJnvp lin. Mo FOR SAI.K-.IIQMK NFKHS WE w i t h One, INSTRUCTION TO 1U2 HlKh Srhnol f i i a d u a t e i ! ('· X r a t u l a t l o n n ! Wr i n v i t e \n\i to v i nur RChnnl w i l h n \,r\: ' t r , f - n r . . | l n for a r r i u l u r courM' J u n e - 2 M f m and time Inveiti-d in »p*-rml tnn f n K '.vnuld r e t u r n Ki-cd i l i v i d r - n t U thr mr»nih« ahead rayeticviile itu^ Co I If K r HAVE GLAMORENE Ilie N«w Rug Cloanpr LEWIS BROS. CO., Inc. We Deliver. Phon* 246-' « ANTIQUE dining room rhalra. tofno UJUGAGIE, Buit"ciisesV foot "locker^ brief caios, B-4 bam, O'nlte cnwi, toilrt kits. etc. A complete line. HAMPTON'S A R M Y .SURPLUS STORE TYPEWRITERS AND"" ADDING MACHINES New and Reconditioned. Portable Typewriters. Rentals Dependable service department. Cash or Terms tf desired 34 years In the business 0. B. WILLIAMSON CO. INC. 12.1 West M n u n t d i n St. Fnycttcville, Ark. Phone 24"8._ Larry .Malonc. Mgr. W FOOT" ·Vmi-vfe u t i l i t y lake boat; w l n r h londing t r a i l e r , nire. prior d Irf »rll. Price Service Station, East __ KmmH A v r n i i f . Sprlngdulf ·1-y.ird load delivered. "$6 7f.-.l-l "NOBII.liY Siiv-r? ' C.Tll KI.IZM.KTH .IA.\p;S _ K V K N I N t ; s _ RAINBOW TROl.'T so!rt M:nly"'phone .SiiringHalc .1201. Ozark Trout Kam Nrar Jnhnion AN.VOlINfTKMKNT ! f '. riAflOKTT K Ritmvlfl] roMnf ir« now K"t'] f x c l i l f - i v r l y bv I . i l l r r BrimJi C'urnpftny. u n d e r nr-,v tr.'id" n n n n - of l l r t m t a n t e Cntwitr* J - u l l t r Brnih I)*«ler, B'.yd M I I U . ZD J.lndtll ^Jf*ngnc_lS» IDEAL "MATfRE5"CO. Quality n«w maHresi ond mattress renovating. Phont 3036 401 WtST DICKSON SPECIAL Al.f, mi-tal lawn I'hmr.v |4 1(1. four room modern ap«ri nu-nta. Two efficiency apart m r n t u , gnraxen. hardwood floon, Venetian )linds. xarbaiie diiponali, automatic wanner, private bath. Occupancy June fi No dogi. Prlcn |45 lo 165. U t i l i t i e i paid. Evertt Campbell. _ _ . _ _ OR leane, furHiJihed 2 i«droom KlD.i:cd front porch. VACANT loC cofni-r College. Phone 997 U N F U R N I S H E D ani-rlm _ ipnlIy_locnted._Phonp _ __ B ROOM home a'crow* itrtet from I,cv«r»tt School. Partly f u r n l i h c d . Ha» m-w GE refrinerator and wn»h- injt machine 708 Garland Avenue. _ till _Pj»i_i! !,«vl». 324 _nfler f, p m NICE front bedroom, p r l v n t e entrance, _. 2fl l ^IL^.PIIPS- Phon* 1 2S70R __ 6 ROOM" modern hoiisc nnrt itarBRTTin. H . _ ._ . . . . 5 ROOM modern "hoime, atta'ched " J ' "· MODERN TAYETTEVILLE'S BEST BUYS NEW three hciirtvim on lovtly ihtded lot in excellent location L a r K · living room with firtpiict and crow v c - n t i i H i i o n . lepintc dinlni room, part Imsrment. It tf a long low modern ranch itylt. ANOTHER NEW r«nrh itytt thr**.: hedronm fetturlnf an *xtra Uri*.. 11 vine room, I*r«e hcdroom* an.±- f p p i r n t c ctininf room, flr.*yl*e« in4-- rrntral hett. You mar havt youav* rholre of thtu two (in* homti »t°; only 9t4..vo (M and havt them dto- rtr,ite-i to your Ustt. THHKK already financed tivt room huniftilnwa well locatvd and n«ar,r ntw, GI loans are not now avtllabl* no Iwtjer hurry ovar and buy cmt nf theie with a smalt down pay tot nt and no loin coita. A VERY met three btdroom hom» cloie In on pavrmrnt. ]f| tn Old-tf hnuii* hut In the very btlt of C9A*~ ·ijtion. A nlc« ynrd. faraf* acid jtor- aiA room A bargain at only W.IW.OO, FOUR i5»droom or thr«* b*4r«mi sn4 ·tudl 1 . n«w and truly lovaly. tvery- thinR you would want in a truly fine ham" at only (17.00010 RITTER AGENCY £ ! Phona 1MI Kei. 122IW or 4 . THpphnnP 241 or 2M( LIVESfOCkTMRANCH~ WO ACRES. Hftn nrrr« open and culll- ' i^^^^. -,, vnlcd mf«dn»' and p,nl.ire land. CO F A R M ? A M H D A M ( ~ U C C acres flral hollnm. plrnly of walur ~r\r\/V13 A V I N U (\ArNV»ntj.. fi room homt. larcr liarn Ioca'«^' ^' A*ve farms and rantj "' --"-T f rom pnvemrnt I'risa J22 * ·'*·» ' or "·'* or tradt. ·frcam on ii£iiu!S«4ciLi '»l«r*ul m b M a . RUSSELL REALTY CO, 2t N. Block SI. om mndirn In. rhone R E D U " C " E D $1000 . _..,,. ,, ,,. ABUNDANT HOME In a wonrior- rafc. near Purdy'a Sloro. Phont i 'ul, cpntral location. Has four bedrooms, 13 flown stairs and 1 upi, large d i n i n g room, ronvonicnt k i t c h e n , big front porch, lots of - room house, hack porch, j Ml HunUvllle Slreet ' I U!"S«;vllj!L.?. r « l . __..'. .._. . r a b i n o t j »nd itor.w ipsr, Lari; would sell S room modern house. I bilirmrnt wilh CSS fil'rvt f l i r n B r l - "r«e w" (friiy, h pfnnc *'imi'""' \ n n r i ililomMic. t a n k . I,-it pugar OR OUT where 'flVqufc^nS^'^-nMT. j "'"I' 1 ' 1 s h n r l « ;lnrf I"''I . ful view, an apartment von win Ownor goins f.'ir ,'iwav. A h«p of like. Available June flr»t. Rockwood ' ' " Apartpnenis. 25J. 8AVF ON FLObR riNISHINr. DO Ihe work yniinrif wilh » sander renled from Ward" Onl' S3 do a day MONTGOMERY W A R D Phone 21 3 ROOM u n f u r n f i h e d $.15 W monthly. ~iip8rlmer.T Tt rtlRNISHED a p a r t m e n t for rouple. all utlllliei paid, jsn ninnlhly I ROOM, light hou»fketpin«. js no HAMMOND REALTY CO. PHONE_ 7H_ poli»fitr ·nd'" 'ficrithhp'r""$f M Johnion Plumhlnr nn$ o . corner Spring and School. Phone_IQfig UNIVERSITY apTrtmrntii. tumfZhZTZj unfurni*hed tor lunimcr K t u d r n t * Photie 25SOH. p ARKVlEW »partm*-nt*~!fi]rniihrd Tir unfurniihen. Bendix l a u n d r y irrv- ICP. Phone 2107J. homp for ONLY !?!] fini NEAR. NEW SCHOOLS ' On n t y hu;: rniilc. J | ) ^ fl r ' l t i r t u l.irfic uisfsMl .in |i..rrh, v c n i - t i i n fhaHn. w a l k in haspmr-nl, f i m r h e r i ; I n i f p f r o n t p u i c h , liircf u i i l ' i m . i t i " I t a n k , floor fiirn.T-c. l i b e r a l l y f t 1 n;incpd w i t h lo-.v i n l i - r o ^ l I l i r - p lr,\ w i t h nice f h a d o and paid pavement. Neighbors are .Jrlcndly m " All This $8500 BATES REALTY ··indctf Realtor--Telophonct 100 . ·in dm- SI 250fw 200 ~ Yean of Servlc* 20,000,000, Policyholdtri --20% i Savingi ~ ·- MUTUAL FIRE AND AUTO -·' INSURANCE i. "Savingi for pr«ferrtd rliln""" Get th* Factt The Ritter Agency. Loans R«ol 16 East Center 8KRV1CES OFPERKD rn. .1 parches S-l-nfl snu If..KM iv. all Who's Who For Service Consult You' Classified SPECIAL -~- ^ er ^l£--PJI?- c -t°IY nf Camput ROOM ho arrr lol s; Addington Real Estate Phone 10M '·· FAYETTEVILLE ''PLUMBING HEATING : CO. i 310 N. West Phone Tip AUTOMATIC APPLIANCE CO. A Bttlsr Pl«e. t* Bur . Itotpoini: U N . Block DEALEH Ph. UJ BKAIJTY SHOP*) COLVAIIDS B£Xrjtv~sTiTiF 2ni W. Meadow--Phon» .ton? MarhlnHen $3^0, Colrl_»ave UOO ' ' . until ft 00 Furnltiiro MONKT TO IX)AN TIM HOME LOANS Ixw Intercut, lonf ttrnvi UTLElf AND COMPANY, IVC. rhoni !CC1 I K\ li pii-in' iwai.z ClillNF.II 'linnk - M.irdwonn Co. iMmnn JSS In I,,,, 4 |,,, r ,,,. r ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,. «h,.| Mi 2 ..iri-f il n...iTi a m i r . JL7 ». u n m i l rirK r h m r . \;\ M. 7 foot K r u i M m r r . l miuhll'in. SC.VI. « pirft mih««- d i n i n g inrtm mjii*-. m Sfl u-arfl- rh«l «:«S1. M'.nicnrnrry W n r r l hin*. tin m l.lo FOR SAI.K OR RFNT 4 FU)OM nirxlt-ni li',ii,. 1M n:\rit I'.liK Run'! l»hi,np :;(|4'I.I. f'dWMI lawn niim-cri .S.inic fjii Cnrnfr Wen Mininlam an Hrhnol Struts. Phon« 12 TO mrt IISI'I) jmwrr hn n/VVf i'"" 1 - -"'"IW'V " S f u l h : Fi.lirr. Onrr.i near T U M S Slorr. | v i l l r Thnna lit 'i^J. 0 ? 1 N n r « l % . r ''l'l«'T«i(,r K ^ i r i o - i X cioivti li-ltacni (or« 1 p. m at 14] aHulb Hill. »Tlm»a. ih r u t t ^ r Thro'lftrr D"livrry. K a j f M ^ - w Wrlle Hftx L-7 N btAUTY SHOP KtUABLt WOIIK BIock Phora 7H rORNKTIRRE (wru. V i v i a n Irr. 1'hone 731 Mri j fr. Mr(;7(Ti.« Sptnrrr C'nriallerr 127 South t.'nlvanlty 8 HAULING C'lAT t t j f r t toad, or any kino" h a u l i n x , lone or local I'hona 7 ?17a-R HOMr STOUTS HOME L A U N D R Y AUTOMATIC and wnnor marhlplfl W»l waih anil ilrrlnn 71 N n r i n nnr r r « l « h l o n , nnvr-ln Cal« I « m. lo 7 p m mturitay I a. m *" »^H llSTm TfWvlaBjlT . l^l t WMM At ·«!· VM |Tb*«r SPECIAL SPECIAL- FISHERMAN'S SPECIAL " $40.00 to ? ? ? ? ' AND THEY RUN MOST ANY MAKE OR MODEL VACATION SPECIALS 1950 Rambler Station Wagon. Fully equipped. '-; 1950 Nash Ambassador Hydramatic 4-door. T 1949 Nash Ambassador Overdrive 4-door. 1946 Nosh Ambassador, 4-door, 1946 Nash 600, 4-door. MODERN MOTORS 125 W. MOUNTAIN PHONf

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