Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 30, 1952 · Page 5
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 5

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 30, 1952
Page 5
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Another Jingling Finish In Indianapolis Race Possible Indian Batters Sparkle, Tigers Go Under 11-4 A year ago the boys were lambasting Greenberg for kefoing Simpson (.J2?) and trading Minnie Minoso (.188) to Chicago. Now Minoso la way down yo'ndtr In the .230s. riding the bench because of an injured foot, and Simpson is blasting extra bas'ers with a .308 average. . of Simpson's four hits was a bases-loaded ho.-ner that greet*d reflefe.r Ken Johnson, making his first appearance of th* vear ifi 4ha «l»hik · ' ' : ' * : ! eighth M I batted home runs with two doubles and Indi»napolis-m-Freddie Agabashian of Albany, Calif., flashing a white-toothed grin ht inherited from Armenian ancestors led the fastest 33-car field to the itarting lineup today for the 18th annual JOO-mile auto race. He was shoe-horned into a red . and yellow race car only 29^ inches high, a Cummins diesel special that was the first oil-burner to win the pole position in the Memorial Day classic. Back in ISth position was the first foreign driver in the race since 1946, European Champion Alberto Ascari of Milan, Italy in I V I 2 Ferrari. Alongside Agabashian In the front row. in positions they won with fast qualifying rune, were Andy Linden of Los Angeles in a supercharged four-cylinder Miracle power special and Jack McGrath of Pasadena, Cali'f... in a Hinkle special. . The consensus at the pre-race drivers' meeting yesterday was tr-at McGrath. Agabashian arid Ascari will be the men to b?at There also was considerable en- t'-usissm for the rebuilt Novi V8s piloted by Chet Miller of Glendale, Calif., oldest driver In the race at 49. and Duke Nalon of Fort Worth. Texas. Qualifies At 1SS.OJ4 Miller set a qualifying record of 139.034 miles an hour in his long white beauty a; h made his run on the third day of the trial!. He had to start beck in 27th position. The tail-ender in the starting lineup was Johnny McDowell of Venice. Calif., in the special, only car In the race nam- . ed after its driver. ' ' ' ' ' The biggest and youngest driver in the lineup was Troy Ruttman, 22. a 250-pound' sprint race ijtar' from' Lynwood, Calif., in an Agajanian special. ' ' * Miller, veteran of 15 previous ' Memorial Day races, was pushed . for longevity honors by Connor of Los Angeles, starting for the 14th time, in a Federal Eti- j , Rineering Detroit special. ' i .'ohnny Persons · of Sherman i Oaks, Calif., driving his 1950 winning car, the Jim Bobbins snerial yas the only former wiijnfr In the lie-Id. W-Ilard Recovering Of other former winners line* I World War II, George Hobson is I dead, Mauri Rose has retired, Bill ! joni Holland is under suspension from ! _,,.., ,. ,, ,,Kf' t»-e American Automobile AssOci-! -- * "^'' atlon and Lee Wallsrd. 195i win- a-struck out for Lti tier is recovering from racing in- "^""--"""' "" "" Chief Steward Tommy Milton o' Detroit, himself a former "500" ·winner, reminded the drivers Thursday that th? pace has grown too fast for "cowboy" or midget racing tactics. Milton promised that any driver who doesn't give the' right of way to a faster car will be penalized With a field full of hot cars, any of which might win, there was a possibility of another tingllni finish like that of the 1937 race in which Wilbur Shaw, now the speedway president, detested the late Ralph Hepburn by 2.16 second*. Kiner And Dickson Put Skids On Reds Pittsburgh-OT - Ralph Kiner's fifth homer and Murry Dickson's pitching reversed Pittsburgh's backward motion to wl)ip Cincinnati, 4-2, yesterday. Dieksonheld the Reds to four hits and Kiner, walked purposely thr?e time* by Harry Perkowski hit 6 two-run homer in the seventh. Spectators Get Only Brief Glimpses Of Race At Speedway "500"; Owner Of Vast Place Loves And Plants Numerous Trees Boston Edpes Senators 10 To Break Tie Boston - (f - Wildman Maury McDermott, erratic Boston Red Sox lefty, has joined Bobby Feller, Bob Cain and Art Houtteman in the American League's one-hit club. For years meDermo:t alternated Br OAVLE TALKnr between heing a new Lefty Grove race was being run stands Idle on every ot;iev day of the year. There is, as a natter of fact, nothing flse you could hold in the place except possibly a for hunt. Scattered throughout the vaat infifld there are hundreds of towering trees. Spectators In the long grandstand on the home straightaway get only brief glimpses o f j one. Mel Hodcrleln's single with one out in the fourth wined out his hopes of matching Virgil Trucks' no-hitter. A basr- on halls to Clvde Vollmer and Fred Hatfielcl's triple gave Boston it» 1-0 win in the sixth inning. They collected 10 lilts off lough-luck p i t c h f r Bnh [SPORTS Fish Production ! Rules Set Up Friday, M.y JO, Wl NCAA Lists Yoder Among Top Contenders For Olympic Spots Los Anseles-OPi-Competition Is still wide open In most events, but of 1052's performances to date, it appears that such established athletes as shotpulter Jim Fu.-hs, roaring buggies attract twice as many sofdatori as the Kentucky Derby. Some of the more delirious i fans began parking their cars a t ; YOJ! si, the numerous' entrances a week I Hod'ieln. ago, making certain of choice ·'"""· vantagf oolhts in the infield. Ban Locked Tight In contrast to Louisville's pride and joy. most of tliem see the race, . , too. This bfing a national holiday, Indianapolis locks it? b-rs and liquor shops tisht. they claim, hov.-- a--Grounded out for Pnrt^rflHd in I n Washington 010 noo 000-- u Binlon 000 Oil OOx-l r.--R'tmt" n^i--HvfieM. rs r field. DP--Stephens. non.ln"n a" n n jsiijgie'as thrindiaV?h«w Arti"? ? hlv "f, (l , YJ" 1 ."""I""'" **\S$°*XJB°TM£»^: Hotm»mSn ann ht,n« ik.'i.l ! Barney Oldfield shored his red mbtt l. Por'-mud 2. n t.. Eli--porter- ever, that thrir pre-rgce parti«s A! Rosen, league leader In runs! rivt .U n ' numl * r snd hospitality itted in and home runs, drove 8 n ; ! s s?en ln K«"tuckv. Racing c«rs have shrunk fince we shivered with arfm'ratlori Je'nit.;.. Wi'son. L, Vernon. Ib Runnel*, n Marih.' It Klultz. c aSnyder Tota!i 1. Wwhi-igtH I '·HRTflN " IVSTON " b 2 0 »' TMa io .·"' o "! 2b s o 11 Goodman, ah 4 0 1 3 0 Oi .«nhirdf 3 0 0 , -eph«n«. i , rf · H a t f i e l d . Cb l»rhos. r ; ,, S , "·»·»»». · 21 0 li Total. 1 ( 4 0 5 I 0 I 3 1 0 runner Fred Wilt end 400-meter runner Gecrje Rhoaeri. The statistical bureau of the National Collegiate Athletic Association issued I!* latest roundup of | bes performances marks Ihis arrly of stars continued In lead the field in their respective events. Here's a run down of some leading marks around the nation: ·roadlump -- Cieorse Brnwn UCLA, 28 J 1/4; F. Morgan Taylor. Princeton. 2S 2 J ; Neville p'rire, Oklahoma. 24 9 1/4. 23«-}'frti anrt 200 meters·· Paul Wells, Oklahoma A. and M.. ZO.O I nieteri; Horace Ooode, SMU, 20.8: ; from Red Richards, UCl.A. 20.»; Thane ~«ker. Kansas S'.a!«, 20.*. (0-yard and 400 meters-Charles Moore, New York A. C., 50.9 raelers; Boh I Vinney, Knn- 15. and Lff Yoder, Arkansas, 'J',4.* unil ISOO-melsr relay Rtquesf To Raise Game Fish For Sale Rejected I . I M I e Hn-it-l/I'i-Th" Slalf -,amr ^nri l-'i.vh Cnmmiltf 'Tn vpsterfiav t / * n t a t i v f l \ - unnrnvrd n prrinn«n! to nrndiir* «nd jell rnmmorfini fl«h in a r t i f i c i a l rr«rrvn(r--. Hut tHp comm'^slon rfrnird a r^ollp?t hv "flOi f.-irmpr" in raise gamp f k h for .nif T. A. MrAm l i : . rnmint^Kion 'prr»-- lar.v, i-plencrt a pet of r » c u l n t i n n c «ovrrn'n«f thp nrndur-li'tn n' ''orn- m'rcbl fielv THp Mil '·fiv« f i n n l unnrm-al I r-ni'l rc- f-o full 9 0 0 34 I 10 Hputtem^n and hung the' loss on ! °* r , n *- v reliefer Dick Littlefielcf. Bobby CnH 5 tle Feller coasted home after a rough Parl tr8 start with a'nine-hitter fifth win. around the \vshlng:on al El tss '- "?'n^ » h ^ -.· btt i. . Held 1-1. M A Drrmnti 0*0 W ( nnT-- Mc.Otrmot' I.I-EI. Locr-Por:«ffleld CLarviLAHB «b r h Simpson, rf Aviia. 3h Doby;':f Mitchell, if Frtdley. » Ealtah. If BMrti. u Comn. is HeiaK. e · U I II · I'Prlddy. Jb ' "4 5 j g rsaT*?- lb H? Dime IT Vi4'Prlddy. * b r " 4 I 1 " ·' 4 1 _ ,,_ 5 0 2 . IVtrtt. ff 2 o iiMdiun, if j 1 1 Mapfi. ef Jo ?· .in'bjrf. 1 0 i Lipon. » 2 IjHoutt'min J 2 fl,iSourhoek White, p Johnion. a for his i alt P'» ne - Th ?V aopear to be faster ! loo. The biirge-t par In today's ! classic, a diesel Job. stands only 29Vi inches off the track. H has no spark plugs, so what keeos i t ; ' going? They offer all kinds of ex-1 vtt.' L r --Bcrrv. prnin- · Duffy. T--MS. A--1B.OSB. Honochlck. J i l 3 l i 4 1 1 e 3 0 1 4 0 1 p 2 0 (I · 0 0 0 r i 6 B Luck Assists Yanks In 3-2 Win Over A's In oil. Vi drivers, mechanics and i spectators hav? pefn killed since! thf "rst Memorial Day race w a s j I run back in 1803. They q u i t car- , New York-rP)-The New York rying the second man after thn ' Yankees had to use » little "Yan- ! , le , 37 ^ v ""' which wss costly ° - i k e l u ^ k " '" get past 'Philadelphia life. There are charts of the speed- ; 3-2, yesterday, e'ven with ' Vic »or Llttl»fi*Id ' 9J ° tn 7th way showing where each fatal ac cident occurred. , , c : Saschl, the A's jinx pitcher, on the ------- ..... · . today, lifting I -Occidental, 3:13.0; K.nsat, Ok- May 27 »nj ' l«nrf. t , »;H.I. ' Giri Flyiri Set For Powdir Puff Derty Santa Ana-(4^-The first ot more t h a n SO c:;»d c'omprtllors ias; cnbrcd tbf si.-ifi annu?l Po'.vdir F'uff Derby starrm hfre Julv 4 and ending flvf :?;.-.; l a t«r in Teterboro, N. J. entrant Is Doris Johnson Eacrcl of Klko, Nov.. who will pilot a Cessna Pat'rollcr in the all- womc'n's trari'scohtin^nlnl air race. Closing elate for entrants is ,lunc 20. Marrto Crane, clilarmsn of the racp comniluee, said p(irtlcipatln|r alrcrpft must bs Im :oui)fi*d at Orange County Airport here by July 1 for convilcte inspection b?fore tie race?. Plon-s must be slork models. Contestant ryce against advcr- .is;d speeds of their plants In the handicap clash v;hich llmitf en- glncs to 300 horsfPPWfr. Trjey will lot be allowed to fly at night. Slopoverji on t:i«. !.M5-niutical- mlls [light include Blythe, How Thty Stand NATIONAL LEAGUE New York .. __ Brooklyn Chicago Philadelphia "'.".." Si. Louis Bo«'.on .. _ Pittsburgh ... Thursday's Results Philadelphia « New York S Brooklyn 7 Boston ) ntlsburir/i * r ; n:. : ?naU 2 AMERICAN LEAGUE W L 25 15 IS It TravsReetAs Jinx Strikes Champs Again \ (P.-' Thf AModiM mm) ' i f.' i Little Hock team has ev« ; raptured two Southern Asiocla) ,' tlon pennants In * row, and th 1 13*2 Trav edition i« reeling un i der a i»r'-« of heavy blow! by th ' MO-rfprnt llnx. . Dfsplt» he«vjr player relnforc* ; mrnts during the p«»t w«*fc, tr* ' dcfi'iKling c h a m p i o n s Jl»y, driipi-r.1 four str.iisht game*. Thi FliK-kv imlli'd t h a t rlpfenslv* rarl- i ly, a pl,iy, on tiKtijsiv. nluhis thi« week in Blrmln|haa and li«t both games. ' night old man Jin* l*nd« a h.-iymakPr. Thr Travs ttcvtlt . i-Ulit run-: in the third inning Utt P'lllllilnrl three Mobile pitchers f« i i n hit-, hut in«t. i,i-in, to UN leiieup Icndm. The rev«ra« l»(l them nine s.-imcs off the pace mi S'i Ic.-'sths bfhind flxth-pl«« Na.-iivllle. l . i t t l p Rvk aont 13 bstlers tc tl'r p!st- for 10 hits In the big in- nlnsi. hut tSe Bruins r*«cted n i i l c ^ t v ..'i-h a pnlr In their half oi T'P t!irri snd s»\-m nn Inning lm?r In snlte of th» awesome 37-hit tmr-":«, neither trim managed a '·i ~vi V,',-!. Browning, thirel got th* vie- t o i y . hi^ f i f t h of the «aion Of '·"· f'i'ir I.ltlle Rwk throwert, 'cMeilnnre was tagged witi) HOWL FOR HEALTH Bcntort BowUng Urw--AJr, tls«l hy mouMnd. · Muda* l*ta--Junirt'i Homasi MHI brwd. 11-lMf 0«0 n. r ... : WOW «e.ltn - ';."Vell, I r'r" v °" *' m " " 1 lln 1. ?·--Roaftn .. nwnt. nm.--. son. Mullln. S--KelloWay DP- Prlddy and Kolloway.' Left--C'.i-vr ana 6. Da:r6lt S. SB -F«!lir 4. Houtte- m.n I, Ultl.tiala i. White J. Johnaon 1. SO--Feller S. Houtteman 3, tittle- Held 4. Jonnaon I. HO--Houttamtn J In 4', innlnf?: Llttlefljld J In }';·. white 1 in '.,: Johnson 3 in l* s . R A: IR--r«Uer 4-4. Hout'temtn 4-4. Littie- ficld 2-:. White 4-1. Jihhion 1-1 WP --White. Winner--Feller s-3i. Loser-- LittlefieM' 10-11. U-S»bl), Hurley, " T-2:SI. A- Cleveland . Boston .. Washington New York . Chicago - Leuls _. . . i mound. An jishlh-lnning e)'rror by I phVcn^aVd'"fu7aDn''AH^Tri' s ' ---, There were fears before today',, sub first baseman Bill Hitchcock I Su" N M F p'aio oH««»" Phllldelphla ESSiKS* i ^i'sr:b,±=iffl^|«.!i5^ ·tn^firld eijd St. Louis, Mo.; 21 . 20 . 18 . 19 pion a. · "v 1 " 1 - ·"»'« *.»»«.i\uj/». t i i turn q u a i l - pise Wlin I l'^",!" I ' yin) trlil11 ' tne drlv « rs h »d been ex Kellner. P_Keu; Sping a little too f«t-faster then | With the help of Hitchcock's fumble of Yog! Bern's grounder, Ranschi ran his lifetime record against ths A's to 23-2. some experts thought the track would stand for. There hadn't been a death in the race for two years. Dodgers Whip Boston ^-^T'^^WIftllpiliiiB Philadelphia Snaps Giants' Win Streak H a u t f , .. Wheeling. Ohio, ~,i. n , v , on |n- and Halflfb'rf, Detroit Pel. .125 .689 .55« .349 .500 .482 .408 .314 The small Yankee Stadium crowd of S.692 got a Inugh w.ien the umpires came nut to work in , civilian clothes. Their bngsnge had | bean delayed so t h p u:np called the plays in fiuch varied finery as i a double breasted suit, a natty blue ,, . . , _ , ! slacks-gray snm-.s i.oal comblna- I!rooklyn-(fl)-Celebratlng th»ir I tion, ten oxfords and flowery-pat- escape from Olant pitching, the tcrned neckties. I Philadelphi-m-Tb? New Y o r k ; , I Giants' seven-game win streak ; tiurd ? tt f' Pafko, Jackie Robinson, j J I was snapped yesterday by Phila Pee Wee Reese, and fill Hodges nil snc( the Giants' Ka- on to stop tfjem onf run short Karl Drews wa$ the winner over reliefer Hoyt'Wilhelm. Boll, Minjrum Tli For Wislirn Open Golt St. Louis-Wi-LIoyd Mfngrum of Chicago and Tommy Bolt of Durham, N. C., each with a two- , . ., - unricr par 68, held the lead today Cleveland U Detroit 4 New York J Philadelphia Boaton j'Wi-shiniton o Mobile -- .. New Orleans Atlanta .. .. Chattanooga _. Wlll:ami. Jb 4 3 J'.Vjhburn. cf , l u Lockman. i( I o l Aifhner. it 4 1 ; . Thoml6n. Jb 2 l l WyroHek.' rf l 1 i i ,,»,,», 3 b j j ij^.i,. P i j i!^rp:M!H . i : ; u! " ? rii Co" 1 "'- U"-?h: afi-lohia . ? . N "*' v Ynr! «· B3-Kellncr 2. ! ' , ' · SO-- Xellner ?. Ratchl : n , The two old pros and newcom- 4 6 1 1 f r Earl wlld « ot Rock Island, III., 4 0 0 , with a 8}, were the only mem- ,, , bers of the IJO-man field It) win o o the flrst-roun'd encounter with Westwood Country Club's loni, 11 troublesome par 70 course yesterday. Most of the entries itttled for scores in the low an;l middle 70». They included S«m Snead, who with seven others wound up with a 72. good only for an ighth' place tie after 18 holes. Birmfnfhjim Nashylfle Utl* Bock Memphis . . . . Thursday's Reiilta Naabvllle 8-0 Birmingham 4-1 Mobil; 13 Little Eock 10 AMOCIATIOH I'ct. .817 .583 m .622 .m .41! .273 If you've tasted todays SCHENLEY · · · you know it s the best-tasting whiskey in ages B i t f i n t n H Moor n r u r m sri«ni. : S C H E N L f Y OISIHIDUTOIIS, INC., H E W YOUR, NEW Y0»« . . t tR-- eT-SM- - 000 000 0.. _ - ·"-·^"·" -. ftnO O^O 2Qlt--4 E-Bartiromt. Weatlake. RlI-Ko- l »!?.£,· %' G J tc £ K , lnep '· M'MUIah. K?n.^ «.?.T,?° sho Jl k -. A ' lm! - H «- Mnfr. IHcMillin. SB--BirUrem* Kn "- -.·-··-.··-·u amu [horek. S-Koihorek. DP-Kosh'ortk "f ay ln *'"· fem C p'e'^nd* n prt" pi TM m J! : e.E '"'"' I KtV Yo?k "" '" «'i 4, Plttlburch 7. BB--PerkowikI I Philadelphia . nl^tlAn · Cr^ n.-i ..7 - iTTT.* 1 V__T«MB*n U7MH --.-~i--' 2 - SO-Perkowiki "j.' m n , ," E *-'erkowikl 4-4. ion J-2. Winner--D -Perkowskl a--filed out for Koilo In 7tn. h--Rari for W«atrum In at n . -GrnuTided Into force out for Ken.!? .»'!··. . _ npion in 9th. 102 000 M2--S .. 110 OiO 20x--8 _ --j.,,.. Williams. RBI--Thomp- aon, MuMltr. Lackman. Thomaon. Wytt.- ... hamnnr. tJUrieji. .«yl:\yros- Uk. lur|e». Wllllaitj?. DP-fiwhition. -- --· -leknjan; JonM.-|y« n i^-Mlw YoVI?'j, Thil- lansin 2. wim«)m IrtliidV I, - -... . ... Loier-- Kellner I3-4) 'u-- T^-"-' ; 2 * ATM 1 " ffl'i Or " v ^ " nd Sttv «nl. . Western Track Meet Openg »::G e rS5 nd d, 8 d U V u0 , r ft . 0 r h ^f,", ili ;n' ;h 9 11 , i /"" Arbor. Mich.-W-About 2SO ono no 000--.^ ot ' " finest at'f'ctes -n the Western Conference launched their bid here today for honor? in the ftZnd Thorpe, ftobinaon. Rseie. Tlodaex SB --Robinson. S - V a n Cu-k. DP--S'stl Hartafleld end Crowe. Left--Boston 4 Brooklyn «. B8--Surkont 2. SO-Vnn Cuvk 5. Surkoht I, Black I. Burdel e I hO-Surkont « in 4', i n n i n f r : Johnson 0 in l a .,. Burdetlp- .1 in Z. Van Cuyk B in : B'.ack 1 In 4. n A £R_ Surkont S-S. Johnson 0-0 fl-jraette :·'!. Van Cuyk J-J. Black 0-0. Winner --Van Cuyk 14-21. I-jr.r--lurkont i:-n U -- E n j a l n . Jnraa, BbMeis, Piiie:il. T --5:1«. A--S.M» Kwti Of «ltti lk 'Mr: dali W GALLON Vanilla lei CraiM 63c Holland lr«. leticr Plan* Junior Legionnaires Taki Couple Of Dimes Makes Shaving So Muck Evier! Try It I In l' '1-1, ^iiBalm fi. K*hTM ! The Junior American l.tjion ^ W *''nti?bSwr D .7i.' ' ba " club Wfn ' rfi!l *" ns t h ' J '·- - ' * ' week, defeating two onpnnr'itj-- The Boys Club and Van The yMing Lcgloontiire! clowned the B.C. team. 8 to i, at tV F a i r Grounds last M o n r| » v, , n d Wednesday night defeated Van Buren. I I to S. In Monday's gsme. Bogan pitched and Bronson r n u g h t for tho L*gl'-n while Dozifr pitched for tne Boys Cluh and J e n k i n s w o r k e d behind t h e hot I n Wednesday night's game, TisHals and Bronsrn w'.re batterits for lh« the I.«glon team: and D. Johnson and Daugherty for Van Buren The Leglnn youngsters play in Fort Smith Sunday afternoon startlni tt I:JO o'clock at Andrews FltlL Stranohon, Ward Lead Brit sh Go|f Tournty Pre,stwick, Scotland-f*i-rrank Stranahan of Toledp. Ohio, seeking his third title, atjd young Har- vli Ward of T*rbor, N. C.. gained tM «4jn)i-'inal Teund of the British Amateur Golf Championship today with pnf-iidW victories. $tr,«nahan wall?»d Charles Carlew of Seotlird, f aijd 7, while Ward prevail»d'e.v»f l*ile)w c»un- tryman Jim MeHiIt »f Philadelphia, « tni I. I from lie*kly»' \neuntti turn. have lugstad M UIMB Thnt U » trtf/l ((host ' Of toft p!«nt»U) iroduclnf cooking j u th* Garden WORLD'S FINEST WATER PUMP THI RUTH-pERHY Shalle*--D««ii WjU In »u«jp A new application of the centrifugal p u m p with if! principle. A simplifie-l de. sign with only one moving part. ELIMINATID AU ·k LOSS OF PRIME it B U R N E D OUT SEALS *WATE» LOGGING *CONT»OL DtVICII ' . r«i J.t Pti|aa» DEMONSTRATION INVITED LIMITID NUMII* Of DEALEKSHirt AVAIUUI IN N« Arkanm k Eutfra Okltktri* r«t NfernalKm 0, Mini* H WrIH _ M t. W, HICL, DISTRIIUTOR ***** m W«i| r»k. Ark. Jwafional Newlt f US ROYAL Pow.r-Skid --Tir« MiU«|« mn* Icenemy TAYLOR TIRE CO. Highwoy 71 North FAYETTEVILLE PhontlaliS

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