Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 30, 1952 · Page 1
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 30, 1952
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O PAGES TODAY (tad by or«r 25,000 Doily lOCAl FOMCAST-- FxrciTrvillt AM vietmtj f*lr 1o partly cloudy t«I«y. tOAlfM »nd tomor- tov Little 1 chinrs fn :-mp*fatur» Hifh t«mp«r*ture yettertiay 7S low 44 J j » m today 72. ftunriH 9:03; ·unMt 7:27. Inttnttlt The firtt Concern Of Tft/i Newspaper VOLUME 90, NUMMft 264 PrMi Win FAYETTtVIUf. AIKANSAS, FtlDAY EVENING, MAY 30, 1952 AP, King and NEA f*otuf« PIKI HVI CINTS Bullets And Rocks Used To Smash Windows In Area Business Houses Phillips Motor, Hailey Sales Firms Damaged Russians Tighten Up Springdale And Elm Springs Concerns Hit With Bricks : Plate glass windows in a series of Fayetteville, Springdale and . Elm Springs business houses were shot and smashed out last night in ivhat Sheriff Bruce Crider said was apparently an organized piece of vandalism. In Fayetteville plate glass windows at the Phillips Motor Company and the Hailey Sales Com- j | pany, both on North College Avenue, were shot out. Windows of the Charlosworth Pontiac Company and Springdale Roller Rink were smashed with bricks at Springdale, and three buildings were damaged at Elm Springs. There was no immediats estimate of the damage, although it appeared each of the damaged windows in Fayetteville will cost well over $100 to replace. At Phillips- Motor Company three large plate glass showroom windows and a plate glass door were broken by .22 caliber bullets, apparently fired from an automatic weapon. The gunman's aim "/as poor, several bullets striking the sidewalk or. foundation. All three plate glass windows at the Hailey pany were broken by bullets. Here, as at Phillips, bullets drilled holes in the glass. The sheriff said TWO large showroom windows at the Charlesworth Pontiac Company in Springdale were broken with rocks. Four windows at the roller rink were shattered with bricks--taken from a church site at Elm Springs. In Elm Springs, windows were shattered at tho Elm Springs Feed Company, a service station and cafe. Here all of the damage was caused by rocks and bricks. Apparently no shots wore fired. Springdale and Fayettpville, city police wpra aiding in the investigation today. Shaded lines trace the border bet Tokyo Demonstrators And tym*fan Polish Clash, Two Killed Fire Opened After Warning Is Issued Eisenhower Hit In Advertisements; Borkley Willing Northwest Arkansas Men In Germany By The Associated Press A frontal attack on Gen. Dwight : D. Eisenhower's record, launched j by Sen. Robert Taft's forces in South Dakota today, heightened the political clangor greeting the general's imminent arrival home. The Ohio senator's supporters bousht newspaper advertising space !o assail Eisenhower, due in Washington Sunday. The advertisements underscore the bare-knuckle nature of the Taft-Eisenhower duel for South Dakota's 14 GOP presidential -nominating delegates to be chosen n a primary Tuesday. Citing- Tart's stand' on lop issues, .he ads said Eisenhower is on record for universal military training and the draft of women in war- ime. They linked Eisenhower to vhat was called the Democratic administration's "plan for unnec- . cssary foreign aid and wasteful! spending." i UMT and administration policies ! are unpopular in heavily-Republi- i | can South Dakota, where the mili- | tary draft has taken many youths j off the farms. | Eisenhower backers campaign- i ing there have contended Tart favors "some kind of UMT but not Crowd Throws Acid And Stones; Nearly 100 Arrested Tokyo-/P)-Two persons w e r e killed today in Tokyo as Communist Martyr's Day demonstrators clashed with sleel-helmeted police. The two died and another wii Injured when police opened fire on « cro-.-d of about 200 dem- orstrntors who advanced on a p.ilice box in i northwestern suburb. Itubiihl. · Police had warned the crowd they would shoot if the demonstrators advanced any closer. They had reached a point about 10 f«t from the box. The crowd surged forward, throwing bottles of acid ind stones. Police nnened fire. Tht crowd scattered. Small demonstrations wert reported throughout Japan Latest race the border between East and West Germany where the chief of the Red Secret Police of East Germany was directed to strengthen his forces. The Communist order said the action was taken otor j A number of Northwest Arkansas men are on duty w i t h the M2nd Field -ittion at Chicago. Taft got a boost from Alabama yesterday, when a Birmingham convention completed the state's It-vote slate. The result: nine for showroom I to gfsrd against spies, saboteurs and agents. Allied military m ,, .,,. Sales Com- | patrols also were kept from the Autobahn that runs through the East! T a f t ' f o u r 'or Eisenhower and one iy bullets, i sector from Berlin lo the west. Solid lines indicate the routes used i uncommitted. This makes The As- the small: during the airlift _which.supplied Berlin during the 1948-49 blockade s ° c 'ated Press tabulation of dele- are Sfc. Charles W. Edwards and Sfc. Arvil Dill. of Berlin by the Russians. City Swimming Pool To Open Sunday Noon Senate Delays Final Action On Controls Bill Proposal To End Curbs Defeated By 52-18 Vote 25 Students At Cornell Suspended Ithaca, N. Y. -(/P|- Twenty-fii-e | Cornell University students who! gate strength -- based on concessions, pledges, instruclioni and avowed preferences -- now read: Taft 411, Elsenhower 388. GOP nomination requires 604. Veep Ready To Run Big topic on the Democratic fide Eight Killed, 17 Wounded In Koje Island Incidents action on a bill to extend anti-inflation controls has been put off seized a university radio station and broadcast fake war bulletins have been suspended for The Faculty Committee on Student Conduct announced night Koje Island, Korea-WP)-Eight* Red prisoners-were killed and 17 _ - . w o u n d e d in incidents at United was. Vice President Alben Bark-1 Nations prisoner of war camps! ley s announced willingness to be ! on Koje Island and on the Korean ' a presidential nominee. If nomin-1 mainland yesterday and today. · a ed and e ectcd, the spry "Veep"! Prison camp authorities said no i at 74 would be the oldest man i u.N. personnel were killed o r ' ever to become president. I wounded in the outbreaks. : narRioys statement _ t h a t ; The killings raised the toll of .1 ,. a . canttlri . a . lp '" thE1 rp K- i reported deaths from violence to Pacts Are Held Aid To Peace , v t *-?.- ; i r j j u i icii in ill i is 11 i i f i i v j t i M M i i t* HI uiar sense, h B would accept Dem- ; 245 prisoners. The Army said 115 ncratic year. | f neers from supporters touting him as a harmony candidate. "TM_ iria l io " -- b r ." u 8 h ' i of these died at the hands of fellow .prisoners after drumhead trials in compounds dominated by Barkley has 28 % delegate votes until Wednesday after overwhelming rejection of a proposal to .iunk wage-price curbs. Off today for .1 The City Park swimming pool \ holida y weekend, senators will will be opened for the season Sun- i t u r n to consideration of other lee- day at noon. Mayor Powell M. ; l s l a t i o n next Monday and Tuesday Ehea announced today. F,. F. Sta- I and th(n tackle (he controls mea-' t e ~d partici'jation pleton, park superintendent, will ' K u r e a s a i n Wednesday under an The fake broac - - - agreement l i m i t i n g debate. | pe,n cities had been bomJed'and Tne agreement is expected to an air armada ., . asl ! recorded lor him in The Associat- the suspensions would take I ed Press tally, including 26 pied- Thursday, l a s t day of | red from his home state of Kentucky. Sen. Estes Kefauvcr, who leads the Democrat! effect classes. Ter. students, wearing masks, controlled the student -' operated station WVBR for eight minutes Wednesday night after overpow- enng three student staff members. Another 15 students admit- Communist POW's. · in charge. The pool has been painted and the surroundings cleaned up and put in first class shape. The pool for the younger swimmers (or waders) has been hooked on to was approaching North America. Names of the students were not bring about a final vote late Wednesday and send thc bill to the. i House, where committee hearings' disclosed. In the group were n n a companion measure have sophomores, juniors ,~nd seniors. the purification system serving i been completed. : The faculty committee said ali i the main pool, and will be opcr- | The only vote yesterday was on i could laltc examinations and be! atcd' with the same sanitation ! an amendment offered by Senator' c r e d i t e d for t n p year's work. The' mensurcs in effect as control users j Dirkscn (H-II) to end wage-price.- seniors will not he graduated un- ! controls on June 30, the p r e s e n t ; ( l i June, 1953, and the other slu- ' expiration date. The amendment ' 1ents ms ? not register again until was rcje.icted 52 to 18. Voting. l h a t fa "' thc ~°mmitiee sai.i. aga;nst it were 40 Democrats and . , 25 apologized publicly 12 Republicans, it won the support of 16 Republicans and two Democrats, Senator Ellendcr o f [Louisiana and Senator Gillette of Iowa. I The bill submitted by the Sen- Wisconsin Dells. Wis -upi-The ? (c , Bankin K Committee would ex"flower of the Confederacy" w a s ' , wage-price controls until to be claimed again tod.iv'by the Marcn '. 1953. President Truman South with the raising of the Stars aslc d- t n a t 'hey be continued for and Bars and the honnie blue i t w o years beyond June 30. ", aR o ^' Cr t, th 5 r ?f c rovpred R"ve; President For Extension of Relle Boyd. Representatives of-i ,,.. .. . , the once-divided nation were to! president also urged a two- join in honoring the, memory of j ytiar extension of rfnt controls and the famous Southern spy, w h o ' authority for the allocation of died here more t h a n 50 years ago!scarce essential materials but the and who was buried with military j committee hill would continue honors by her old enemies of t h c ' these powers one year Grand Army's distinguished Iron j Dirkscn argued' pric Brigade. ! with 85'* follou-ed by Mutual Se- said huro-1 curity Director W. Averell Harriman with 8514. Nomination at the Democrats' j cidcntallv during July 21 convention in Chicago requires 616. of the larger pool. Wisconsin Grave Of D i x i e Spy Is Decorated statement yesterday. Smackover High School i Badly Damaged By Fire i Smackover, Ark. - l/Ti - Fire believed to have been caused by faulty wiring swept the Smackover High School last, night, causing estimated damage of S40.DOO. The fire broke out about 9:30 p.m.. and was brought under control about 10:30 by firemen from Smackover, El Dorado, Stephens Athletes Among Group Of O.U. Suspensions price controls, Hunt's has the right gift for vnur ' CONTINUED ON PAGE TWO graduate. (Adv.i ' ! Four North Korean prisoners were killed and 13 were injured yesterday in a brawl among captured personnel moved recently from Jojc Island's massive prison c tabulation, also got | C amp to a new compound at "i . nomc - 5tale P«sh. Tennessee ! Yongchon. 60 miles north of Pu- pledgert him its 28 votes for a na- , san . temporary South Korean cap- tionwide total of 150. Georgia's : jtal c -- Richard Russell is second j One North Korean prisoner was killed and another wounded yesterday by bullets from a U.S. soldier's automatic rifle, fired ac- guard change in Compound 66 on Koje. Koje authorities said the four North Koreans killed yesterday died after one member of their work party attacked a U.N. guard during a rest' period. An official Army statement said "in self-defense the guard opened fire on his assailant and killed him. In the Norman. OkIa.-f/J')-UniverKity: of Oklahoma officials today an- j nounced the suspension for one year of a group of Soonor athletes. They declined to reveal names or i reasons. However, it was report- ' ed the suspensions were brought ' l\»\* IVlMallAlt Hparff on by a nanty raid on girls' dormi- JlfllC ""'WJ"'"' 1 ' nCaPi lories on the campus May 21. The suspensions came upon recommendation of Counselor of Men 0. D. Roberts. Those suspended have appealed to the university's Conduct Committee, which is composed of students and faculty members. The committee could void the suspension. Several members of the university's Big Seven championship football team w e r e reported among those suspended. Acheson Returns From Europe Washington-'/Pl-Preslrient Tru- A traffic signal light has been installed by thc city of Springdale at the intersection of Highways 68 and 71. replacing a yellow, blinker light. Mayor H. R. Sharp j mnn -. greeting Secretary of Stale reports the city put in the light'· Acheson at National Airport, de- anri oporatc-s it, but that it was^'f 11 "*^ today t h a t pacts allying installed only after "permission"j West Germany with the western was granted by the slate Highway anti-Communisi bloc has made a Department. "great contribution to the peace of the world." Mrs. T. O. Spicer. 970 Rush Achcsnn said agreements jlgn- Drive. has a lily garden of pome p(1 in t h p P ; "' week at Bonn and nirrow side streets. Two policemwi ind three MWI- iwpermen were injured it Shin- jultu. About 16 dtmonitritori were · treated there. Thli morning police loudspeaker* wirned the demomtritoni to dl«per«e within 30 minutei or b* domed by itre«mj of colored witer from tinki on lire enfinef. Tb« colored water euily would identi. fy anyone ctuiht in the itrum. Kitionil rural police said that up to 8 p. m. more than «,000 perioni hid fathered in 22 placet in Jipin to mark the anniversary of « Red rioter's death in a 1K8 May Day demonstration in Tokyo. The newspaper Asihl reported that demonstrators at Kobe, about 370 miles southwest of Tokyo, slapped and bruised Life Magazine Reporter John Dillie earlier in the day, but did not harm Life Photographer Margaret Bourke-White, who was in the car with him. One demonstrator was killed and, 1,200 were injured in CommunUt- inspired anti-American riots on May Day. proportion this year. She reported i today she had 150 Suspension Ordered For Colorado Warden Paris will mean "very ilies in bloom. i | h ( 1 security of our nation, allies and all the free world." Thc task now, Acheson told th president, is to proceed with leg Teacher Seeks To Force His He-Employment fracas one other POW w, and five were wounded. Two of the wounded died later at thr hos- ; pital. No Americans'were hurt J V W HI . ! Denver-MVRoy Best, who has I held thc post 22 years, was s;;s! ponded yesterday as warden of the i Colorado penitentiary at Canon City, Best, president of the Prison Wardens' Association of America, Thornton ordered 11 ouster ; Germany, charges filed against him. j Best was suspended 17 m o n t h s ' / * - _. · , ago while he was tried and ac- V-ODSpirQCy 10 M u r d e r quitted of charges of appropriat- '· DU-- I. ~ ing state property for his own , ""66 IS use. He will go on t r i a l in U. S. much to i mlr | Little Hock-(/Pi-The Little Rock I School. Board faces court action I for its failure to renew thc con; tract of a mathematics teacher islative action. In the U.S., t h a t 1 " w ' st Sifie Junior High School, means Senate consideration of thc I Thf teacher. Hugh Donoho, 24, agreements which have been com- I filed ' t u i t m Pulaski C o u n ty pleted and signed but which must ] Chancery Court yesterday, charg- still pass the test of ratification ' m S !hst ' n! brard failtd to re ~ Acheson signed the German peace ! PjTM^'TM..' '" : " ""··"'" contract at Bonn, observed the ; ot signing of a European Defense Treaty at Paris and himself «ign- ed an amendment to the N'nrth Atlantic Treaty broadening ^e- c u r i t y guarantees to include West iis activities in helping organize Local 1149, AFL American Federation of Teachers, here. I He seeks an injunction forcing the board to renew his contract ,'or 19X2-.13 year on the ground that the board's action violated the state constitution and j t i t e law?. I District Court here June IB with other prison officers on charges of violating the civil liberties o f , rons P'nng to r - ' charges they were tortured after riot last July. South Washington'-'/Pi- On. Dwight six rnnvirls. The g o v e r n m e n t ' dr%nt Eisenhower's campaign - - - · "- ·· tcrs reporled today the head of every s t a t e delegation to the Republican n a t i o n a l convention liar Gold Brkki Sloltn been invited to call nn the gen'Id ' Sudhury, Ont.-l^pi.Police report- b.'forc the convention to learn his ed that three gold bricks valued at views on Jie major issues of the more than $80,000 were stolen lat day. night * mall cart on a rail- Clwvd By Tiftr Thousand Oaks, Calif.-(jp)-Anl- mal Trainer Edwin Blair Trees wafi recovering today from three . deep garhes suffered yasterday assa.smate l resi- wnPT , ^ e was flawed by a tiger at r.-iiK"i"i Rhee and other the J u n g l e Compound, an animal Korc-nn le.idcrv the Home training center. Pusan. Korea-t/Pi - Eleven per- fons have been arrested on charges Ministry Announced today. Eisenhower To Come Home, But Not To Campaign P«rls-(/P)-Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower disclosed today he will fhed his uniform next Tuesday but flill will refuse to campaign for the Republican presidential nom- wclcomc "healthy arguments over honest differences" but t h a t "bitter quarrels for quarrels' sake are bad for the country and I deplore them." Asked If he would comment on whether the election of Sen. Roh- ln«(inn. Tisenhower turned his post as supreme commander ,ert A. Tafl would have a discour- nf Allied powers in _Kurope today I aging effect on Europe. Elsen- hower replied wilh « chuckle: "I most certainly would not--I to Grn. Matthew B. Rirtgway. Kin «nho«rr return* to th» United ·lain tomorrow. The gpnernl, · leading contender for the OOP nnmlnitlon, Implied In his f i n a l news conference he- Jet Airliner Piloted By The Queen Mother I.onrlon-l/Pi-Quern Mother Eliza. ' heth confides t h a t she piloted a I resignation as Army officer will j Comet jet airliner last week at A spokesman said the l a l k s will way station platform here. be held In Abilene, Kan., New " York and Denver. "They'll be g i v e - a n - t a k e .tensions." he said "The delegates cm ark the general a n y t h i n g they want." Six Die In Fire Anchorage, Alaska - I/Pi - Four small children and the mother of two of them died in a fire which destroyed their home about six miles southeast of here yesterday. Tht WiotKtr A r k a n s a s - Fair this afternoon and tonight. Warmer this afternoon. Tomorrow, mostly cloudy with widely scattered thundershowers. » he In thp hands of the president. Eisenhower declared at the conference a few minutes before turn- Ing his command over to Rdigway t h a t "Europe must u n i t e far more closely or Ihere Is no settlement for our difficulties." He said t h a t "in spile of cynics nnd sophisticates, Europe is miking greit xteps am «tlll In uniform." He repeated · nt.itement some weeks «»o Ihut "If I am called as slandnrd-hf-irrer of a forward. | "There lit nn mud* i preventive w«r.' Mich thing M * hi Mid. "War I* more t h a n 500 mile, an 'hour' Ei«nhOWer-ColleCted members of the royal f n m l l v , she' , , , ,,, , explained vesterdav In a t e l e g r a m ! I/n ' nngcli».(ff'i-His(orlcal relics to the City of London A u x i l i a r y ""--- u " "" L ' " "- Destruction Of Film By Cambridge Police Is Charged Cambridge, Mass -/P). Member* greatly increasing tn* difficultin ; ptpw Iditor« tnd exwutivt «ditar of staff of Harvard Umverjity of the police." . of the Louisville. Ky., Couritr- undergraduile newjpiper, The Philip M. Cronln. president of Journal ind Timei. hid wrlttm Crimson, yesterday were described j thp Crimson, said last night that Ready asking why polic« h«d "Inns Irresponsible boys" by Cum- "Harvard University police ind I terfefed" with Crimson new» Cambridge s p o l i c e chief but the I many Cambridge renld*nU «re er»» of the riot. Squadronjif the Royal Air Fo Slriltht (;, AMI London-W-A top Ilrltith *ov- ernment ncifntlsl predictJ n i r planes will he designed «onn to fore leaving Kurope that he would I l l t k a l parly, it that mnmfnt my war. and thr only thing worse for room straight up on lakeoff and the re* world t h a n winning » w , plummet straight down for land- would be losing It." ,ings. collar-ted by Gen. Dwighl I) wili he placed in a suem In be built in the general's 1 Eir,- mu . president of the Crimson charged the police destroyed a roll of film , from the camera of a staff photog- prepared to testify that th« Crlm. son newsmen were conducting Ihnmselves In an orderly manner. Cronln said Patrolman Wllllim the I cnrnemtonp laying n f x t Wedn»«- day, said Weiton Rrckel. supervisory architect, who announced plans yeMc-rrtiy. Rrrkel Mid the one-ntory mule of n a t i v e stone. T»J» Th* rtfulir n»wp«p»nn«« took cm not tn interfere with p»- Her in thr performance of tMf duty." Rendy s»ld. 'The CrtoiMB reporters und ph«t«pipH«r« on th* other hind, wtra blued In behilf of th* Twfnty-iwvfn Chief Palrlck F. Ready loid.Slorey deitrnyed film from home tov.-n, Abilene. Kan The T n p Associated Press two Crirr.ion i camera of Frederick Goodlng, general Is expi-cled to ittrnd the ', Pnrtogriphcrs lnd three report-;Cnm«on photographer. er« prwent d u r i n g I M»y u clash "If Chief Ready dnfj not between H a r v u r d Mudentj a n d : (he film wan dentroyM, »·· h«v»l with" dl'iturbiiif' tht police In Harvard Square were : pictures ind wltnmni to pnrr* th« I nn rnnttft ind pi 'nrnlllf tn police ind onjerllon. .contrary," Cronin said. I iuip*ntet by court iblc In manner. Crimson photog. ,lim»i s. Popf, chilrmin of th« I turh«n» mult«d trewi I raphers Iri neveril Inttincn got In | TrfHitm of Informitlon Commit- mack pniMmlltl »lb »» thc wiy of officfr.imiklni«rr«it«,|t«, Amprlcin Society of N*w»-1 Squirt for I comic seum c (my

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