Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 29, 1952 · Page 13
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 13

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 29, 1952
Page 13
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Execution For Murder Decreed At Fordyce Guilty ; Verdict Is Quickly Followed By Sentencing J^iX A £ AS, iTthe j h.',!'ri'"A^rfVn «!], ^ ni Arkansas electric chair for the ' l"" 1 ?- l? Ki antl »» persons de.inng . Mareh 2fi slaving nf a n n l l n t -n,,n- ! ._..' " f ?' A .'." . r «!ard thereto may "Id City; thence In i Southerly direction parallel to and 300 n, equidistant from the center-line N *,h ; vtr "» I" « point .100 It., North of the South line of Mid twenty acre tract: thenc« Eait to the point of hcjinnlns; all t h a t port of Lot. 22. 23. M. 27. 41. 4». *"· *", a n 'i » of Jackson Heilhti Addition to ,,ld city, lylni and TM ? "' a ''"' P« r «"el 10 and MO It . equidistant irom the cen- !5r! me ol Minion Avenue (St. Highway 45, in , a id City; the Mirth 15 li.. of Loti 7 and a In ."I .MTCS,, ST', 1 ! ft"",'," 0 ,! !$· .'*· "· ". 13. 20. 21. '28.' 29', 30. .11. 32. 33. 34, 3S. 36. 3? 38 39. 40. 50. 51. 52. S3. S4. 55. It! i "1 Mi B ° ""'' *' °' «»'i Jackson HeiRhtB A d d i t i o n to the City o' Arkansas"" 1 Washin «"" 1 County. "'rITM S -"-. I ''' p " ml "" «'"' MONET TO LOAN FHA HOME LOANS Low interest, lonn ternu FOR _8 ALB-AUTOMOTIVE MOKTMWKT MKAMlAi TlMtS, fay»n«v!rV ArlwiMi Ifcumtoy, May 2*, 1WJ KALR--MISCELlJlNKOrm i-iuw miriest, juiijr; icrm» -- .-------.S_JL _ . : . . " · _ _ · .· · .·*····· UTLEY AND COMPANY, INC I V K R Y n '«'" 2 """r Plymouth? Driven Phnn. *ns r.?J?. 3 ;. M0 . """ SI.09500 ca.h 507 MOTORCYCLE. HO 41. 74 PerJeet CAS ran«e. uwd Maelc Chef. J4500 jur,nln|i_con(lilion._ Phone 37.T.1 j _ 428 Dirkunn. phone 1242 . . Wen Center Street. FKATEKNAI. NOTICE . M a r c h 26 slaying of a Dallas Coun- ! ippwr "afJaia" heS Ih " ty farmer. Wilson Wright, 19, w a s ' '" witness whereoi i nave :onvlcted of first decree murder J51.f ns '..!!! nd ""* »«»' i'« 281 Baldwin Commandery No. 4 K.T. Thurs., May 29 7;30 Temple Degree Refreshments Will Be Served.) LOST AND FOUND ronvicted of first degree murder · JfJ late yesterday by a Circuit Court "~ Jury here that deliberated only 21 ninutes before reaching a verdict. IVright waived the customary six- day waiting period before sen- en-e, and Judge John M. Golden lentcnccd him to die August 1, t Wright was found g u i l t y of the Ihotgun slaying of Farmer Allen j , SEAL! hereunto z«ih aw of Court o[ Arkansa* 5-1?- I.OST. large white dog. brown spot over «arh eye. Name "Spot " K LOST, large airednlt dog, maie. J u l l bred, 910.00 reward. Name, R u f f Notify Pralcr'i Store, Brentwood, Ark PACKARD-WILLYS Sales -- Service LYLE-BRYAN MOTOR CO Phone 666. 208 Norlh Block FOR SALE-- LIVESTOCK " ~ i p i i i i ' r c "pl(s""lt I d Durne cross ' HOUSEHOLD furninhlnfi. Terry Vil ill. Will be home 2 MONTH old Ha months old Poland mm ^mui.- L-, _ pJKs. Hnrncc I..niflham._Goshen. KEGISTKHKD"~Herc(ordfi: One "hull. 20 monihfi old. Hnzlorrf and Riipert "'«,«" s av'z-r-hi i--ffi'*^ii:;5 5 a "'^s- Wanted, good wheel barrow. Phone ~WlfKEL""'furnJlui ilic. building 26-4 _»fter jp. m. WACION, tf«m and harnen. liny mke, Mfidpl G, A J l i s Chalmers .r«cinr *nri alt equipment, deep well pump. cur ratlin, ·nddlp. 15 hens A t v l n Anarewi 2 l.h.rkB south of pon office, Fflrm- _jnflon. TOMS lunch bar§. Candy hnr«. Prince AUTOMAiTc~w»te7 "lyjlcm "i?" ino'd condition. Hmvy duly, deep w e l l rnlrhimki-MnrM* p u m p u i l h 1'j h p. 110-221, volt motor. 40 gullon pressure t n n k . 2111 f t . ;·· gaivimizrd pipi* and woori rod 350 ft. capacity. E K Monprr. Townihip Hond -4 mile east from Cnntle Courti. High"' north, phone "" , old by Baca A. II Karpe NOTiet OF iA 2 L« J cT' *"'-- ' HELP WANTED-MALIt .AND TO PAv nstB-ra * ' * "'mi'W «k"fcr.i»V LAND TO PAT D»T* Notice i! hereby given that al'Ad- "Qistrator nf the Estate of William anws Dnllrnan, deceased, w i t h the M Green Roberts in a vacant house I on the 21.1 day ' O i j un(! . uj 2 ,,' " t near Sparkman. Prosecutor James fj 0 ",' door "' l h e court House ol Linrlcr introduced a *\tn,A TMn. r-if,. i 1 !*!?" Si 1 . 1 ?.'. 5 :' Arkansas, in tht i Under introduced a signed confession by Wright that he shot the farmer so that he coulrl rape Roberts' daughter. Judge Golden ruled * that the jury could not consider the confession to rape intent except as a possible motive for the shooting. * The married daughter told of the shooting and her subsequent capture by Wright. She escaped from her abductor in a woods near the house, and was shot in the hand by a shotgun blast as she fled. She identfied Wright from the witness stand is the slayer of. her father. * Wright also was charged with ·ssault with intent to rape, but this x ch«rge was not prosecuted. 'Injunction Against Picketing Job Issued Blytheville, Ark.-W)-The strike ·of the AFL United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners local here to gain 20-cent-an-hour wage boost received a set-back vpstpr- »d»y when^a Chancery Court injunction was issued against picketing a hospital construction job. The carpenter! local is striking at Mississippi County Hospital construction sites, both here and in Osceola, against the Bald-' win Construction Company of * Little Rock, contractor on the jobs, aeked. County Judge Faber White said ,·11 efforts to seMle the strike failed, before the injunction was Judgment For Damages Won By Gravette Men Johnnie O. Russell and Bodie ^McAllister of Gravette won judgments in United States District Court yesterday in a damage suit filed against John Shields. Enid, Okla., insurance man, w h i c h re- ·sulted from an accident on Oklahoma Highway 3 last May 18. P.ussel, driver of a truck owned by McAllister, won judgment of $10,000, and McAllister judgment of $2,800. They were represented by Joyce and Joyce of Fayetteville. C "V of fa.vcttevllle. offer for sale at public auction tn the hlghcit bidder lor cash or tor one-fourth calh and balance \vithin thirty day!, the following land, to-\Vit: Thirty-eight 1381 acres of (qua! and uniform wldlh off of the East side of the Southwest Quarter isw'.i of thp Southwest Quar^r ISW',1 of Section Thirty (··), Township Fourteen ( M i North. Hange Twenty-nine (2!lj West of this 5th P. M . in Washington County. Arkansas. Purchaser at such sale will be required lo give note with security to be approved hy me and a lien will be retained upon said land to secure the payment of the" purchase money Randall Roberts. Adminlstmtor of the Estate of William James Dollman. deceased, with Ve will annexed. 29 June ft-12-c LrflF Hrtlet--W.tie. T. illdtri Sealed bids will be received by the University of Arkansas, in the offico V .-'· E - Pomfret. purchasing agent. University Hall, Room 111. univcrsitv of Arkansas. Fayettevllle. Arkansas u n t i l 1:30 p. m.. Central Standard Time. June 2. 1952. on vehicles as specified in this notice, at which time hey will be publicly opened and read. 1 only (wo door sedan, slandard model, with heater, and all standard accessories, dark color. 1 only truck, , ton. flnt bed, no stakes. Trndc In the following cars: Car 32-B. ism Chevrolet. 2 door sedan. Truck 21-B, Fcrd, 1947 model. 1 ton, flat bed. These cars will be available for in- spcrlion from 8:00 a. m. to 5:00 p. m. on Monday. May 26. 1952. Price should be FOB Fayetteviltr Arkansas. We can lurnish federal ex- else tax exemption certificate. Please Include specifications for ynur vehicles with your bid and Rive delivery date. The Universlly of Arkansas reserves the right to reject any or all bids and aive formalities. UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS By J. E. Pomfret ' ' ' 22-29-c "DOORMEN" APPLY AT AT OZARK THEATRE AFTERNOONS or EVENINGS MAN for service and repair work. Experience not neccxsary. Will t r a i n . ARC between 21 and 45. Apply in person. Singer Sewing Machine Co., Fayettevillc. EXPERIENCED dozer operator. Phone I486. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . _ . . . _ _ HELP WANTED--FEMALE WANT secretary and Dome ~boofckeep : ing. List qualifications. Write Box EXPERIENCF.n beauty shop opera t oT Call Mr«. Stnplcton, phone 76fi for intervew. BEAUTY si^irop^ratorsrExce»lpnt~op~ nortunity f o r right persons. W r i t e Box L-5. %Tinieg. ONE woman to wash dishes and clean j in k i t r h r n . CaMle Cafe, Highway 71. North. SC.5000 A. II Karpe bull. Also n few row* with cHlvos hy side. a n ,j (tome yearlin? hrilers. arc nfl.Mrn.(.. rnn.i- are not. Alsn have PWPS. ngc 1 nnd 3. porno older. 2 rcglstorcri rxtr» sond Suffolk r.-uni Carman Drug Slorc. Prairie Grove.^ Hereford trows "with rO« SALK-- REAL ESTATE STOCK RANCHES 1» ACKtS strclr-I in grii · bumlance ol p a n t u i r . m.Jrr t n»nm modern tn\:n* . ( r u n ; n r *x'ir« Urge tirn, equipped v.iin · ·tancnioni. rnncrc,» iioor. ».ie f i» h i f f i w i y n f * {-thriving io^n m j| 115 ACHES, part ( r r t i l f f r i v , r t',\ lurid, htilam-r p j i n i r . . a.i.o-in-.i-.-t. water, jj.iod j*rni nomc. u r g e n o.hrr DuiUHnO. t-it n i l v . f « J ro»d near uni.i town, nigti scfi lermn if dcAirrr. SUBURBAN BUY o w n e r * f ^ u i l y in t h l i v e r v t r a r t n f h n r n - . nm sui rxtraii n/ a n f w nnmr- , ,rn,»: . :n in», nmortth pmnirr. r.nrii'.Mititi f.r. · t m m p n gnrajtp, inrat- 101 w n h *r lawn, on jnvcnio(U ciuic in. *i w i l t h«nd _ _ ^ i t "triiTfrr-- fpringu. hitch, larpnulin. $M fl ."i t h . fl!6 Ernest Wilson, Route one DAY old baby g rt~KOfiiin^7 juinoiis. We .. PeXin ducklings. . ..'eekly hatches Cu«- r. Ancoll L.TA - 5on Goose . 3600 Gateway Drive. Jop- FOR SALE--IIOME NEEDS N6ftG*E Vbie~iop'4" hurneVK**~] Sjt.von. Cnmp Nril M.irtin. C'oiJClirrli'.-iir wilFslip rnvrriC*.. ,,,,- IOR table with sk'rt nnd stool, electric roast IT, rumour choir, b a t h room hfntrr. study Jnmps, end table, Phone 22fiRR D E M I N G IVa TfK SYSTtMS SAVE MONEY TIME and LABOR EXPERIENCED waitresses wanted. Apply lo Mr. or Mr5. Ray cole, Blue Mill Cafe. 2,1 Norlh Block. FEMALE recept.tjniit in physicians of- fire. Must b* able lo type and preferably take short hand. Write qualifications to Box_I,-n, r^Tlmcs. WANT a middle aeed"lady "to "\vnrk~Tn vJy^^jj^^x^^g?;.,. 14 * 41 * 3 - SALESMEN WANTED Purchasing A|[e_nt WANTED, AT ONCE--Rawlelgh Dealer in West Washington County. Write RawleiKh'-i. Dept. AKE-130-F. Memphis. Tenn. ____ WE are in B position to place 2 men in business for themselves with no investment other than their time. Our product is nationally Advertised and selli fait. If you are Interested in profits of more lhan $100.00 per week, write P. O. Box 411. Joplin. Missouri. Fig. 2090 Morvti fellY. S'-'. * f.Dll HOUR week oVd chicken...' :J5c Vjich' _Phonc 1477M.^_ USED trnmhone in~~(food~rondliion" Music hook inr.iid.-d. $.W on. Phone 1,|*12J_ or_see mis ^Wcst Center RUMM'AGE sale. CentrnPprt-VhVte' Church, corner of IJirknnn and Si --.- hn _ r - 1 " 1 _'. Sn ! ur(| ay mornitiR nt 7 a in 2 WHEEL power t u r n e r bnler," 9 h p motor. One horiu drawn rake, hu Hike. Mrs j.-iko D. Hurm, B u r n TOMATO_pjtint»7~ph'ont' a 151 M.1 J6 FOOT RcVnVvee^illiny~~].Vke~'hoa" l 1C UP B h i f t motor, custom h u i l i winch loading iralier. nice nrlcet to nrll. Prlrp Service S t n t l o n . GRAVEL. -yard~ro'8d~^deliv.?red".~~JC __Phone_ rtlVfi-J-l. LOCKER rnrtons. mrai paper, '"KOBilTfY" Sliver?" Call ELIZABETH JANES 292 EVENINGS J4_JNCU^wintltiw nuiHc'r'^Phonp .11.14 told" dally/TKont RAINBOW TRO gdale 320 Johnson. Springdale 3201. Ozark Trout Farm ' Near *~" ANNOUNCEMENT ! ! I DAGGETT A Ramsdell cosmetics now wild rxrluilvcly liy fuller Brush Company, under new Dchutante Coametif- Dealer, Boyd I'honc 1S4H. trade name of . Fuller Bruah MilU, 520 Lind*li, IDEAL MAHRE5S CO. Quality new mattr«i$ ond matfrtsj rtnovating. Phone 3036 401 WEST OICKSON SPECIAL ALL nvlsl lawn chnln. $4.15. while Jhfiy last. Oprn evenings u n t i l 900 Hilton Bros. Drive-In Furniture Store. CORNER 1-ook siii-lveK. S6 So" 2 piece | A a66D~ . AMNINQ ORDER In Th* Chttnctry CtHirt Of . WMhinftkn C*unly, ArhanMt I Jack Arney, Plaintiff vs. James M. Slaughter and Kathcrine Slaughter. Defendants The Defendant.! James M. Slaughter and Katherlne Slaughter are warned to appear in this Court within thirty days and answer the romplaint of th4 Plaintiff in the above entitled com*. Witness my hand and deal of this Court this J 4 t h day of May, 1»52. (S3ALJ Richard B. Greet Chanrery Clerk 15-22-29 June 5-c NOTICE SALESMAN WANTED W» have an opening for o good salesman in our. men's wear clothing department. Experience preferred, but not necessary. Age between 20 and 45. Permanent position. Good opportunity for advancement to ] STUui6 U cr?ut the right man. Apply in p e r - j s " t !;';;, dl ' oc " vc;rcd ln """' '"' son. T. H. Chaffin. Montgomery Chll) t-ll air. sold thpestry . vy Q j ' t-l"b rocker, brown vclour $136.00 F A Y E T T E V I l l E Plumbing Heating Co. 310 NORTH WEST PHONE 730 SJ^S J. wn "W^' 5 TM Sunie rjiso Slnllon. Corner Wn.t Mounlaln and Schnol Streets. Phone 12 WANTED TO BUY USED power bruBh^c'iiTtpf Theodore Fisher. Genernl Delivery. Fnyette- jt SALB--Atrroinonvi SAFETY-TESTED U5ED -., C A R S - · 1951 Super 88 2-door tedan, wilh a n^w car guoran- ; fe«. Cona'ivfened air htat- I er, deiuxa radio. . .$2595 1947 Oldsmob.le 76 sedan $ 795 1941 Chevrolet 2-door..$ 295 1949 Buick super convertible WADE" FINCHER, Realtor : ^ ^^ TM» l lirei. One own«r. low [ mileage SIJ95 1941 Oldimobile !«don.$i95 . 1 9 4 9 Chevrolet Aero ...$1?95 · 1943 Jeep J j?J 1948 CMC Pickup $ 793 :'1942 Oldsmobile 2-door 1 295 i 1938 Chevrolet 2-door..J 245 I 1947 Oldimobile 98 i tedan J1095 WHITFIELD MOTOR CO. OLDS -- CMC Sales and Service 15 Norlh East FOR BALE-- REAL E8TAT1 ", Arcafle Blrta on l.incr I'lldnr FOR YOUR ROOriNO NttDS Call H L Stewart Roofinf Contractor Alao. Aab«atos Sldllll Hom« repairs. Phona_lQ WHEN ynu to nn vacation, place your pet with me for dependable cjire Make reBaTvatlons early. W. P. Bo- Kard, Wlnslow. Arkansas. HAY balini. wire tyln«. «utom«tle. Alao mowing, raklni and haullni. Mohan Crouch. Phona J8HL4 WILL wash and stretch curtains. Phone 107J1. * ^ARU or garden work, f'hone 1791W. T. V. AND RADIO REPArfiTNCT' C. W. DALE REASONABLE charnes. 29 years experience. Brlnf radios to 2H South Church or coll 23.WW for service. Formerly Dale's Radio Service. DITCH DIO01NO f OOTINGS-w · t e r. ( as and Hwtr dllctiu. septic tank holes. Dlilini and back fllllnf. Call ^n«. Brace _D»vla FXCAVATINO""^ ¥0'LLDOZIHi -' ONDS - ROADS - CLIAH1NO - J1.IN KARNES AND KLLI8 WILSON Je?5 »IH Excavating - Bulldozing Disking - Brush Rake Ponds - Roads - Clearing H. H. JONES, Contractor 37 E. I.afnyette, Box i« U. Sta. Phone 1488, rayettevlllt F A Y E T T E V I L L E ' S BESF BUYS N E W thrro httiroom on J u v r l y sna'.-") Ini in t*xrcllcn! lot-aii'm 1. a r c c living rp(irn v.-iih f l r r p l a r c anri i _ r ' . » v p n u i i l m n . *cpnrftlr riirnn.? room. pan imsrn.pni l\ u n )m.n !.v.-. inndrrn runch m \ ]f ANOTHF.R N E W ' r;mrh K!\ !c thrT living ri-Hiiu. I . I I K I * I'cdi'.MN*:, "an.j ·ppnrale r l i n i n n mum. .iri-pl;n .* sn'l r r n l r a l heal Wm ni:ty h*w y»:jr rhmcn of DIPM- l«o t m c rmnn-'i. »· onl.v S14.50^0:t nn;| lioxc then, dt-c- omtfri to j our t,nte T H H K E nlreiirl.v {manct-l U \ r ronn, h u n f f f t l n w * «-ci] lorn If? I n n r i n c a r i v nrw. GI I f i n n s nr? not now nvailarji'f in hctiffr h u r r y r \ o r nnd h u v onf of ihcso w i l h ii Km.ill r l i m u p a ^ m i r n t *nd nn Iiiflu conti A V E R Y nive Min-f lirnrnrm) h u t u p rinj.r in on p a v r m r n i J i n n n nlrlrr mump but in t h p \ r r y bPM of rr-n- rtltton A nlcr ynrri, R»ragi- mid s'cr- «*e room A b.ujxam n t oniv $* 5ittj orj FOUR berlronm nr thrrp tii-artjoni find iturty, new unrl t r u l y I n v r i y *.\ pry- Jnlnn you would wnnl in · truly line hume at only j n (too lyi RITTER AGENCY Phoiw 11)9* IB R center well-built home in thole* location flt i l l Church iuett, pMHity floor ipsre, ilaxittj In porch, earner. i' - 1'ijin m 9i'feet Anothtr t*'o brdrocm. r*nrh style at 134] 0«k- CAMPUS front-Thrrn Unll A p a r l - i mtnl Jloust s rooms and Imlh Urn I floor; Two noils 2 nmjm tarn, ihsr- j Inn h a t h : larnt^, a i i l n m a l l c uni hr-ai construction the h;-«l lot Tj oy 2(Kt' Irteal for homr ami inronie SPE- C1ALI.Y PRICKD-J125IM MI. ,'"', s r "" m l o n 5 hlinjulow w i t h hath. «, n , hc«t; 8 ar«gc »,,d ! workshop. · lot 7:, 1,1- 150 KXTBA : SPK(:iAI,-S4.450. You w ||| n ,,, ^ a ] . this value i N i^ ^^'^'r" nc °\ J. D. Eagle, Realtor, 1 L-7, ! WANT TO RENT l i v i n g mom miitu, 322.50' wninul 'desk and rhnir. 524.50: 7 foot FrlKldairf, Rood coiidilion, $4^.50; fl piece Jnnhog- any dinins room suite. 544 SO. ward- . . . . . rtibe chpBt s:r,.so; Montgomery Wnrd ^ OR n room furnisht-.ra'pari'meni for washmB mnchinc, S4U.OO. Lloyti'H , ndiiltg for lumrn only ' SALESMAN WANTED Sia sn $ 7.511 V 7.50 2497R 5 = ''° 5 TM m ^"" '"'Wn . r . h . If " dl » lrl(:l - Permanent. MATTREH R E N O V A T I N G Cotlon Mattresses Rulll Into Guaranteed Innersprlnis HQOM able ra pnrttncnt amT~balh. reaTon' tes by June firm. Adults Bentonville Births Reported Bentonviile-(Special)-Born to: "Mr. and Mrs. Delton Cumpton, a boy, Delton Wayne, May 23; Mr. and Mrs. Carl Rouch, a boy, ,. Thomas Randy, May 20; Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Bassnhm, a boy, Michael, May 2B; Mr. anrl Mrs. Morgan Ennts, a girl, Susan Ann, May 24; Mr. and Mrs. Lucas Eu* gene Arnctt, a girl, I,a Ronda Kaye, May 26; Mr. and Mrs. James Alfred Townsend, a girl, Linda Kaj', May 25; Mr. and Mrs. George Day, » girl, Connie Sue, May 24. VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL June 2-13 | For General Sales Work Some experience desirable. LEWIS BROS. CO. Bethel Baptist Church 631 Mission Street Bible stories, memory verses, music, handcraft and treats. Fun. 8:30 to 11 A.M. 10 Days For oil Boys and Girli, Ages 5 - 2 0 years . NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES C L A S S I F I E D ADS Rate: 3 centu per wor? Uriel* !·· ·ertion. Three consecutive insertions. 7 eenti per word. Minimum order 4Jc. Classified idi cash in advmct--not taken over the telophont. Deadline for classified adi: W:M a. m daily; 9:30 a. m. Saturday Corrections and rerun cheerful^ made after tint insertion. No corrtc- tions or nrun made after ad has expired NOTE: Advertising copy for other paffs is due at 12 noon the day pre- ceedini publication; 12 noon Saturday l o r p u b l i cation on Monday LEGAL NOTTCES N O T I C E PAUL'S GARAGE Moved one block south New location 1010 So. School "BLACK Market Trqil Winslow Tholgr. SITUATION WANTED MALE nurse wants position as tru~v~rN mg companion. Experienced. T C Holiday, 18 East Spring between 8 " ~ ond 12. by h CAHPENTEhV work by hoiir~o? eon- t£acl.^C L L McDanicls. 213IJ. CHINCILLAS NOW available llmlttd suppl quality Chinchillas. Registered N. C. B. A. vintora welcome. Free literature. ^Se^aJi^Clyde Tlmbrook. 518 Guntcr. DOGS--CATS--PgTg r y E E . 2 1 i l l l e n s . 865 Fafrvieik-' FOK SALB--AUTOMOTIVR . . NO trpip/issing on :ny fsrm on High" way 71 aouth of Wlnalow. Mrs. Petr Land. FREE HOG FEED APPROXIMATELY 20 UlTels waste and hatching eggs. Call JI29 Arkansas Brmier Hatchery. N o r t h Street rRANSrORTAITON O-FFJIRFD CAR Ifiwin* for Southern California about June ^. onn take 3 BASIC niters Phone I535W. : LEAVING for California Friday or "-' J - -'" ---^ ' pa^cVucers. Noticd in hereby given that there nas been filed in the County Court of WashlnRton County. Arkanxas. « petition for th« annexation of certain territory to the City of Fayettcville, Arkansas, to-wit: Pt. W',i N W ' t SE 1 * Sec. 10. TWP. 1« N , R. 30 W.. of 5th P. M . beginning 300 ft., North of Southeast corner of said iwnty ncrei iraet and running North is ib_ thence West 2io ft. thenre N»lh 330 ft., th«Mce Wr.M lo point 3W ft.. Eait r ,i the center-line of _MUaio n Aye.. fSt. Highway «i in CASH PAID FOR DEAD ANIMALS Phon. CoUeet 11S1 FirtHerflle, Arkinu* Joplin Rendering Co. FOR GOOD USED CARS SEE ABSHIER-BRYAN MOTOR CO, 19S1 Chtvroltt Conv«rtiblt 1,000 Miltt -- Just Lik* a N.w On* 1950 Ford V-8 Pickup 12,000 Miles -- Fully Equipptd 194« Ford V-8 Pickup Condition -- Prictd to Sill COME SEI YOUR FRIENDLY FORD DEALER '41 CUSTOM DrSoto. Good ronrtition By owner. Roasonahle. See nt \ V n l t * Welditia; Shop. Highway C2 West 194B CHEVROLET 2 ton;"2~spced"axTc; jJt^w «:25x20 t.rM^hone r _30S_2W. J941 CHEVROLET Be^n~E^^~mm^r' _cheap. 3091L3. j 194fi""sfUiEBAkER. 1949 CheVfoTftT 614^ Aagcmhly Rond._ Phnne_ 2.WSJ TA~RT~~~ Reduced Prices 1950 Plymouth Speciol Deluxe was $1445; n o w . . $ 1 3 2 5 ^·.'". 1947 PORliaC, Was $825; ! FoVler'dnys" - PC blue tapestry livins room suite Slump Furniture Co ran W. Oickson I'lmno 311 ^'.i FOOT NorKC rcffigcrntor"fi( : e be -flt'JLjiJl'- nt_J42_ South HllL PHI LCD . REFRIGERATORS AT BARGAIN TRICES One a ft Srrvcl Gas Hefrigurator Speed Queen Washing Mnuhinei KASY TF.nMS CLIFTON LUMBER CO. 3 BEDROOM modern a.ihurhan or city 'erencM. Write Box K-90. T,Tlmt» ° j ^9^. J^ r .^ T ---WSCELTLANEOU^ Z · NKWLV (l'ecorHtcd'2 bedroom"hOUSc NFARI.Y new oak dinettV set fc- friscrntor, Maying iliiirh oven r;m»-. Siniinons couch, platform rockrr n n i i q u u hpd nnd tnhlc. J3ed rmn- plrte iniiL-rsprlng innltrf"::-', drcsst-r, _ otlirr nrlirles. Phune 2.'t91t:j. 2 BUR NEK BIT, hfil plfiir. power I:iwn mov,-cr, neitrooiii suite. A lew c|j*lu-j ·nd picfurcs leU. John K. Woodrulf, rarnilnRton. Ark. 24 FOOT house trnller, Priced __ to sell. 6KV_ Norlih_Lovcrtlt. NEW iionie frrcre deep (reiver, 16 I cubic feel nnd new (.ihsou tinelor with n i l crtuipincnt. h n t h at less tit"-- ' " ""' prices I'honc 27G7 _ . _ _ 4 ROOM extra rnnl iniTula'teVriipitairii npfirtment. Stove nnd refrigerator fumlched only. U D l i t i « B paid. Adulta. _Ph_one_30(i. DOWNSTAiiRTTroom 'fTfrniahed. prl~ vntc_ bath and cnirnnt'C SfiRlJ APARTMEN'T nv.iilabic June i" 3 or 4 ronms, 116 Watson, phone 109W _artor 4.__ NICKLY ~?iiVn'.B"hPrt~fl^nrrnwnf ""Junr 1 Good locntion. nil ulliilies paid _^? l _Ll 2 ._ ll l t *r *_"'clock. 3 ROOM furnished npartmeht "utTli- tir«. l a u n d r y privileges, private bath, private fintrnnce. Phone 2693J after ^ ^ FIRST Presb FURNISHED" npaffmenf'""private biiih __»tni1ici( paid. 203 Went Spring 2 BEDROOM house." 736 Gnrland Avc- --"J.T-- Ph°ne J3B7R. njHNISHEn fourVoimV modfrn npari- mcnts. Two efficiency apartments, garage*, hnrdwootl floon, vcnrtinn bliniln. gsrbnite dinpmtaln. automatic washer, privnte h a t h . Orrupanev June 6 No dog« Price S4?i in $fl.l U t i l i t i e s paid. Event Campbell Phnne 190 . . . . . . .- ... . ; OK lesse. f u r n i s h e d 2 bedroom house, .vtcrian Church rummage ftlntsed Iront porrh Phone 3104 ·Ui.}-, May 31«. Jicllin-. j VACANT lot. "corner ' Mountain and . Duggar-Brown MATTRESS CO. 120 souih Ian St. J. W. HILL ELECTRIC CO. Phon« 24, West Fork *^JJTJNO and paper huniiinY Phon* SUN-TILT venttlan bllndi and aiumi- num window icrtens ant 1 awninti Free PiUmatei Gahe Cccper 441 _gojit h LOTUS I P h o n r 101|.. " E X C A V T T T N 6 ~ ~ B U L L D O Z I N G Gravel, Fill Dirt, Top Soil D. M. P A T T O N Phon* 249 * ROOMS mortem. Isr*. pus. 4.2flO. $50.00 moniii.'"il,^ro"iio 4 ROOM modern. 3 porrh,-.. , L .w r r ap. pavfm-nl paid. 53.300 South Locust N*w hnlisr. :i hMiooirn ([onfl rnn · Irucllon. HIA. c o r n e r ' J u t , Norlh of Campus. le.SM ROOM limno. all iililllie. In (, acre lot. S2.H03. ' Addington Real Estate . Phone IIWI JUST LISTED THIS nfttrly new two btdroom bom* is HI cute *i a little flrl'i playhouM ·nd haii nil the txtra (taturei you wnttt in a home of your own tn- clii'lins fl nlrn livtnf room with pic-* tun* win.1f.w-. dinlni alcov* with chins riipboarrt. modtrn kitckea v:,(h p l u m b l n c for waihtr and pantry Located on pavement neai uni- v»*r*!iy and lhe price t reasonabla u i i h FHA Loan in force. WILKINS REALTY CO. IX» North Coluo AT«. . _ inwM ITU _ ASSUME" F.H.A. LOANS I 1. ALMOST NEW 2 twlroom rtnw, tlnivfr.ily ar«a. Larjit llvlni r«*rru ler lot. | dlnlnK rcnm. breakfast spact In kitchen. rVnirale utility room. L4tjp» rloseu Attached faraft. F r l e * SH.OMioil SJ.1M.OO to handle, sewer and 2 NKW n BKDROOM inmt. Washlnj- FOR MEN ONLY .. i^ ,, nr.uniju^i irimr, vra.iuna;* ton aehool District. Larit shady !ot. Nice kitchen. Laric llvlnf room- (llnlni room combination. Til* bath. Plenty of closet «pac«. Autonutie licil Car-port t*rract. Prlct 110,' wn no I2.IUHM to hsndu. 3. 2 BEDROOM FRAMt, North Mellon. Attractive home for amalt family. Well-arranltd kltchtn wUh dining area. Separate utility roam. Z Jloor furnaces and separate facace. Prtc* «8 (lixioo. {3.21100 to handle "-·· ·" "· ^ u i i n n i e IV. . Llvlnu room, nedr'ncn. k u r h e n - d l n : Ml Inf room a n f l hith Hign class : excellent hestlni. llihllni and ventilation. U t i l i t y expense very I low. Virtually no housework neres- ' ntTvq sarv other than a mile r o n k i n t ! dlshwai,hinn and a few other minor I lhln«s like t h a t . Modern carafe with l a u n d r y space«r. level lawn excellently landsopcd. McCONNELL REAL ESTATE Second Floor ICason Dulldlnf WILL TRADE 4 BEDROOM home, screened In ni-r--h hardwood flnors. 2 halhs Tn.s h-.rne s well planned for residence and income. Trade for smaller home or farm. The Broadliiirsl Co. 10,11 N Culleg^ Phone 2487 « HOOM f r n m r houif. l;.lh. iLiniwno^ fl'»"r». jgaraKe. I.n, 60x100. 105 Douj;- _ las Slrret BY ownrr, SCP thli i.ttrartivf .1 room nnd utone h u l M i n g on hack, on «canlc Mt .Sflniioygh Mnderatflv priced. Includinc 3 (not deluxe r«- frjjivrfltor. Mn»lc Chef r.mgr. dm- «M«, bedroom ind llvnf rnoni f u r n i lure and ru(. V'?ry nicr ztKJ HEW 3 hedrboirT"hcni-9""hy~fmtldef Beit construct.on. Ontral henimi. aitftchcd garagci. ncxirlctcd adrti- tion. Plenty hull tins and living ·P«CB. 3148-H. A BCAUi SALE--URAL ESTATE -lie. Sat... Shoe Shop 600 POUNDS hfiiricryb ' i i t a socd 12c _pnuad. Carpon Brus I'hunc .'HMWi. RCA Victor record playing ntiat-h- _ nicnt. Jt«fU. _ 3 PINT pressure ca'nncr. nj '~Wc7i "FOOT N*orKp'"ri?iri"Kc"raifi"r G oTTd ·happ. S.SO.IHI B i i i l d m x 43, n p a r t m r n t 2, Terry VlIlaRc. owner, lot fiSxHO"rorner. Phonf 9'J7. -- a i m r t m c n t Conveniently located Phone J997W. __ 8 ROOM hoiiw"*iicroai~atrpat from BY Levorrtt School. P a t i l y f u m i n h c d . Hfis new GE r f f r i g c r a t n r and waih- IT\K mnchinc 70ft Garlnnrl Avt-nuc _CaM_Paul Lewis. .12-1 a f t r r B p m Kt/HNIsTlEIJ. to " q u i c- t rr-pon- Rille n d n l t R . plr-nnnni lWi-i-l)p(lrot.n, hoiiKp f i v e blurks nr,rth nf I.'nlvrr- Bttv Pnrklng apa^ Largft n h a d y ynrtf Tennnt pays n tuition. $53.00 m n n i h R21 Storrr North. North Willow. P. Rnit^ra, ^Ark. A BARGAIN, onu'blork nm-th M h'iih- i W E hav(l ·-"- ···-- »\r,ri Jor ia! A BEAUTT/JJl, pfur*."'lar~»~wT:n home .Hut d u t r i r j o my Hn-.^. C wntcr. , , - i t u r n l «i- p i c r i r i c u . . *h: J_r*|«._$?..'.on I'hinN M1UV2 ACRK i^rin. very wHl "imv^ O. C. K l i r r . 3 mJle» Nc/n Praln* Grove - -./ner, 15 aeret. 4 j improve me nil. close 11.1114. In lox i2fi -1 ..FARMS AND"RANCHES'" interested in buying or nH.fni contact us COMPANY __ IMI a R048.T6 DOWN i thii brand n*w 2-bc4r«am dw^ltlnc. InAulittd «n4 wtithcr- ·tflppcd, Venetian ihid*fl. autoiiWUe hrat, attached f*raf« a«d uttllty room, located on Mv*d ·ttHt.ftot 75 feet wldt THE MOinVLY VAY- MENT INCLUDING TAXES A* D INSURANCE IS OPfLY |U.M. ^ Ulley Company, Inc. REALTORS LENDHI INfUKOU Call 1 I Preitt nn KM M*. H L Utley 220^ «. 1»»7 200 Years of Service 20,000,000 Policyholdtrt * 20% ; Savings MUTUAL FIRE AND AUTO INSURANCE "Savings for prtf«rrfd riiki" Get th» Ftict» The Ritter Ao,ency .Loans Rfal Estate 16 F.ast Ctnter modern Phone _ NICK front bedroom, private cnt'r · N O M C f TOP prices for vnur f u r m t n r e , et W ^,^x°^^; s^n j t «'- f i*:"i*---'»!»·' . M'^h^or ^Sr' ttf--^" J?TM JSK»"S "iSff " Sale every Sniurdny. Call 1770 Hilton ! 5 ROOM mnrlern hniise, aiuichetl gn Bros Auction Hojise ^ race, near Purrty's Store. I 5 hon e v r r l n . i l n o l',hnnn "loll n » . . . J HOI mrlf K VUTMrl 'r««^.' ~ 'nt.n^.r " ('belli $500 "DOWN, $36' A" MONTH FOUR room hnrni- «nri two loin C,n- ra.iv. Looted hlnrk from stores sr- Poit O f h r e Totdl prirc $I,7W. Jfles) lor business location. RUSSELL REAL1Y CO. HOIISifKKEPIITO "room" MOrir'HN 5 room Von Phon rinck porch. now 1948 Buick, was $950; now $ 825 1941 Olds, was $500, now $ 450 1946 Chevrolet Pickup,was $750; now . .$ 625 1941 Ford; extra good; now $ 450 1946 Pontiac Convertible; was $825; now. .$ 725 1946 Chevrolet 2-door; woi $825; n o w . . . $ 725 ' U.-UGAGK, 1949 CMC l'/-ton; was $950; now. . 1948 Chevrolet IW-tonj was $935; now. . .$ 825 1948 Chevrolet 2-ton ; . wa» $825, now. . ,$ 625 1946 Chevrolet 2-ton; wai $750; n o w . . .$ 625 Earlier models to choose from and also the tlickesl used Cadillac in town. $ 725 "KTM rr Iril-ir.itor. $20 of). 22 Norlh Duncnn. 4.1 South Greitg SI X. Phone Mrs". ! _TM!_HunIsy'liii^'s OR would sell 5 room modeWKouse located on South Colle«e Avenue. _ George W. Gray, phone 7!fn_4 i HUOM "lurnllhM d u p l e x "apaftmenT Klerlnr refriRerator. Private h. ( h A v j u l a b l p June f i r s t . 2 room f u r n l s h - erl npftrinlent University. 530 00. ILLINOIS BOTTOM 100 ACRKS 1st and 2nd bottom B.I aere. for r u l t t v a t l o n All sown tn permanent trasses. Well painted a!- Iraetlve hiilldlnli On mall, lehool bus and milk route J70 an tore. You'll have to like. It NEWLIN REALTY r ^ p h r r r u M t h a i hrnr orlrttri of ))rr- r i f j th:s f ; i l l c:it potlurt pl.-inti nonr Kjirnirr'^MarkiM. .Salnrrtny. Mny ;il. .^AC'RIt K.T. mint nvive. nl) jifn/.y nrw A r v i n lirrnkf.n* ^ o t . K.II ruiiK", ! I n t e r n a t i o n a l Hnrvesier rediKiTntnr, i il.ivrnpnrl !;it,|p Pohiu- 1.71 M.I ' i fi A N T I Q i ' h d l n l n n room cha.r.,. some in nrpil nt rcpnlr. Hfl_00 Pnonc W\t, \ i . I K E new. two twin Mnjrlr w a l n u t I f m i i h hcd» nnrt n n t l r c u r t . w i t h pprinn*, w n l n u t (iood ex ton- Kifn dminit tnhlc. Phone 206NJ. 714 FAYETTEVILLE ' PLUMSINJ3 i HEATING CO. 3_lf_N. Wrat "' Phone 7M AUTOMATIC APPLIANCE CO. A Biltit PU» ta Bur For Service Consult Your Classified Directory OKif !fl( W. Meadow -Phone V02 Mjchlnele«i_Mso. Cold vi'»ve IS 00 " ! " ~ ' i , M i i t ' . niift, H-4 bus* font" ForkVri'. . O nit* rnr?\ l r f f .. . i t o l l o t k l t n , etc A rompleir nne $ 850 i n A M P T q N ^ A n M Y S L ' R m j s STOHE i l.ATK mortfl refrnpr.itor,' mimt lelf. cheap Phnne "" MIDDLEBROOK MOTOR CO. Hlghwoy 71 Sculh, Fayellevillc _____ _ APAriTMrNTR and" ""' nlr "' TYPEWRITERS" AND ~~ ADDING MACHINES New and Reconditioned, Portable Typewriters. Rental. D«pondable service Cash or Termt if denied 34 years in the business 0. B. WILLIAMSON CO. INC. 'f West M o u n t a i n St. K.iycltcvillc, A r k . Phone 2178. L«rr y Mnlone, M «r. ' "^7^",,^. 3 HOOM iinfnrnlKhed ApBr't'rnenf, ren"- irally loratert Wellington S c h o o l _ r h s t r i r t Phono llfiBJ 2 HKDHDOM hiHWf. .',71 M.,rtji" Walmit Show n hy Apptimtnent only. I'hone BKAUTY SHOPfi r i l l t N i a H t n roonn. conveniently jn- r.Ttcd Phfin** 29RJ OUT whirr H i quiet urid rool.~heVi.':- nil virw. nn a p i r t m e n t von will l l k r Avnil.ihlc -lunr f i r n t R^.-tcwood ___ApnrtinM.1ii. 29iJ ..^SAVK ON FLOOR TTNIRHIKO "" DO tht» work y o u r s e l f w l l h n mndflr rcntrd f r o m Wnr.l* Only $1 M * Any MoNTOoMKnv W A R D Phone 21 3 ROO;"\rnfiii'nr«Wd~Tp«tm7hT"*t J.l.'i'·«! innnlhly. ri.'KNISHr.l) "pjirtment for eouple. All tit Hi ti*-t pnid $?n m o n t h l y I HOOM, l l f h t hoiuekenpinr |SOO Otcl BKAUTY SHOF HtlJAlLI WOMt HAMMOND REALTY CO. Phone M.O()lt pollihar and arrnhher, $1 Ofi p^r Meaii , .lohn.on Pluniliinr antl flav. i i n « C o . corner Sprlnl ann _ Xehnol Plinne 1IWO I I N I V K H K I T V appirlrneh'u. FNr~nirh7(i"or u n f u r n i i h e r l for ninimtr Undent! Phone ::,WiR. _ I ' A l l k V I K W »|nrlmfnTi."f",irriiKeTTr nnfiirnt.hen Rendla l a u n d r y »erv- - ....~..,. foundatlonii. l u r g i c t l iup- porta. V t v t n n Oreen. ?2 yctrt i*rv- jr*_jn)onr 7»»-J. 21R N. K.'t "Mri J ff~Mc~GeTee"' Corintdri 7 South U n i v r r e n y g HAC7UNO C'.AT si.rx) innd, or i hiultnf. lone nr lor«l 2t N.__B[ork St NEW THREE'BEDROOM' HOME FOR $10.500 TIMS lovely new home hus n ipac.OUl l i v l n j room w i t h large p i c t u r e v inflow, f l i n l n g rnnm nrci! y h'ti-hf n with h r e ^ k f i i t arr:,. iVrr-* n i t-r-ts- rofirn* with rornff ^indnw.. t"r «»x- tr« ventlUtioi.-. inr«« h n t h v, l i h inowcr over tub. plnnicr \\n}}* vArniiherj gum t r i m . mmple!r!y m- ·ulfitefl. nnd thf jjirjir a t J a r h f l d jr.t- rngi* ht* p l u m h l n n ( f ir flu'omiti" winner »nd ronni for your v.-r.rfc h*neh I.nratrd on Jrvri lot wi;h ea»t f r o n t on pnifl p ^ v e m e n 1 v*-s the total price U 110 Wt nnd - i n n · · · A · ' hoiiRht w i h a m a l l rlown nt-.m»n! · f f i · i ·"·_ _ _ _ · · 1 i WIIKINS REALTY CO.' TTOtpOUlt ·02 N Con el e Ave * -.. *"""*'_"?'· "·" n.- N-iehi Mi K. Block DEALER Ph.~U» SPECIAL S P E C I A L SPBClAL FISHERMAN'S SPECIAL" $40.00 to ? ? ? ? AND THEY RUN MOST ANY MAKE OR MODEL VACATION SPECIALS ^ 1950 Rambler Station Wagon. Fully equipped. : ' n kh Phong 7 or KOMr I.AIINPRV HOMI LAIINI1RY ., OMI LAIINI1RY AUTOMATIC inn w r l n f t r mac-hlnM w«t wuh and d r v i n j 71 N o r t h near Crelchlnn'* Drive-in Oft i i. m. in T p m Saturday H a m kind of i'950 Nash Ambassador Hydramatic 4-door. 1949 .Nfish Ambassador Overdrive 4-door. 1946 'Nash Ambassador, 4-door. I-H » WM« M Htl» 1946' Nash 600, 4-door. MODERN MOTORS 125 W. MOUNTAIN PHONE 252

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