Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on September 21, 1974 · Page 3
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 3

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Saturday, September 21, 1974
Page 3
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'Si ./or OMEN Saturday, Sept. 21, 1974 · 3 Hints From Heloise-Laundry Need Not Hamper Energy MEATLOAF POTATO PIE . ..o//ers a smart solution to the "meaty" problem and outsmarts high meat prices at the tame lime One Way To Cope With Meat Crisis Is Delicious Pie Trying to cope with the soar,. ing cost of meat has reached . . crisis proportions in many "..; households. The family threatens rebellion at the sight of another omelet, and Mom does ·' undercover kitchen w o r k dis- .. guising the baked beans. '-',', The beefy "crust" for Meat'." loaf Potato Pie requires only 3 ,i poujid of ground chuck to , serve and satisfy four to six . meat-eating appetites. The secret strategy calls for stretching the meat with oats and bar..'. beque sauce and pairing it with a protein-rich pie filling of Ii'oz- en shoestring potatoes, eggs ^'. and cheese. Combining m e a t , 1 meat substitutes and flavorful .. French fries means the family gets great taste and Mom gels ,· a nutritious dish with a lot of j" e x t r a milage for her meat - money. The money-saving merit of Ibis great main dish doesn't stop with the meat, either. Cooking with frozen shoestring potatoes is one of the most economical and ingenious methods any cunning cook can use. Frozen shoestring potatoes cost less to use than their made- from-scratch counterparts, and they're already peeled and sllc- so they save time, too. So, the next time the hungry clan complains about those meatless meals, let them eat tneal! MEATLOAF POTATO PIE 3 A pounds ground chuck 1-3 cup quick-cookin'g rolled oats, uncooked J /z cup barbecue sauce 2 Tablespoons chopped onion Egg Teaspoon oregano teaspoon salt Va teaspoon pepper 3 eggs, beaten 1V4 cups shredded Mozzarella cheese 1 tablespoon chopped parsley Vt teaspoons salt I package (12 07.,) frozen shoestring potatoes Lightly t o s s together chuck, oats, barbecue sauce, onion, egg, oregano, salt and pepper. Press ' into a lightly 'greased nine-inch pie plate. To make potato filling: Combine beaten eggs, cheese, parsley and salt. Fold Frozen shoestring potatoes into egg mixture and let stand ten minutes. Spoon filling evenly over meat crust. Bake In fl preheated 375-dcgree oven 3545 minutes or until egg is set and meat loaf is done. Cut into wedges and serve. Makes ap- Dear Heloise: When I fold clothes at the laundromat, I use two clothes baskets. Into one go all rny clothes, in the other, my husband's clothes. On top ot one basket I put kitchen towels, linens, and tablecloths that are kept downstairs. On top of the other, go all things that must be ironed and therefore also kept downstairs. I unload the top half of each basket in the kitchen before carrying the rest of the clothes upstairs for us to put away from our own basket. Saves a lot of running up and down. ' A.S.D. Reader proximately vings. four to six ser- SAILOR DIES OF CANCER - JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (AP) · -- Timothy Nun ley, a I9-year- * old sailor who for months tried -' to convince Navy doctors that » his illness was serious and not ·· imaginary, died Friday of can',, cer. S, Nunley was flown to Jackson.- villa Tuesday. Ironr Bethesda '\-. Naval Hospiatl near Washing- V ton, and admitted to the Jack- j sonville Regional Naval Medi- I cal Center where he died short"; ly after midnight. ' "What's left of Tim Nunley -. got home," Mrs. Robert Nunley · said when her son returned · from Washington. "I didn't ; think I'd get him home alive." j Nunley and his parents filed ;' lawsuits seeking $6.5 million ' from the government on i grounds that Navy doctors at '*' three bases failed to diagnose · his illness correctly until it wa · too late to operate. '; In April, the Navy issued a · slatement admitting Navy doc v tors failed to diagnose Nunley'!. ·"· condition and saying that "ap « propriate disciplinary and cor '. rective action has been taken. " Mrs. Nunley has accused " Navy doctors of treating her ' son like a fool when he begged : ; for their help. "My son was humiliated and degraded. When he went to the iniiiuiiimiiraip EXTENSION HOMEMAKERS CLUB n i P n i T ' 'i i? r i SALEM Eleven members and a guest, Mrs. Fred Lawson, attended the meeting at the community building. Mrs. Velma Lewis led devotions. Mrs. Essie Wier was surprised with a shower on her 90th birthday at the covered dish luncheon. A cake was baked and served by Mrs. Mary Elutchenson. Hostesses were Mrs. 'Faye Skelton and Mrs. Lewis. Mrs. Wier won the mystery package. Pajamas for the Crippled Children's Hospital were cul oul.- Navy there doctors they told him was nothing wrong, was all in his head," Mrs. Nun- · ley said in an interview earlier : this year. Nunley enlisted iu the Navy :· last September. 5 ' P. 0. FAILURE UPSETS CAREER SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) -- Robert Chapdolaine has a sad story to tell about how he ended up in the U.S. Air Force because the Postal Service took 356 days to deliver a letter ., across town. And when it finally arrived, - the letter came with two cents postage due because the rates .' had gone up during the y e a r Chapdelaine was waiting. Having failed to get the job " which he believes the lost letter - would have brought him, Chap -" delaine signed up for a four- year hitch in the Air Force. ." No(v he wants out. " The story began when Chap' delaine, then 18, applied for a S3.75-an-hour job on the service - desk of the California Highway Patrol. His goal was to become ·: a patrol officer when he reached 21. Greek Archbishop Goes On Trial JERUSALEM (AP) - Greek Catholic Archbishop Hi I anon Capudji went on trial Frjday ac used of gunrunning for Aral uerrillas. The defense de manded diplomatic immunity or the prelate and challenged je court's right to try him in isputed Jerusalem. A few dozen Arab and Chris ian nuns shouted encour gement to the archbishop a e was driven from the court ouse in a police car. Police de ained o n e of the demonstra ors. The bearded black-robcc Jergyman stood e r e c t in thi efcndant's stand as th. harges were read out, accus ng him of making thre muggling trips from Lebano o Israel carrying arms and ex Josives in his limousine. IVlsgr. Capudji, 58, is the mos enior churchman Israel ha :ver put on trial. Most of the day was spen vrangling over the legal statu jf Jerusalem and the questio af diplomatic immunity. Th hree judge district court ac ourncd the session, saying vould rule on the two issue Tuesday. - He passed the and was mailed written test a notice on June. 21, 1973, to report for an oral examination. By June 12 , 1974, when the notice finally . reached Chapdelaine with post age due, he had long since been scrubbed from the list of appli · cants. He says he joined the Air Force because "I thought would fce a good way to get police training. But I want to he t highway patrolman, a civilian.' But Cliapiiclaine's sad tali may yet have a happy ending. - Since the story of his long-de layed letter appeared in t h e Sacramento Bee on Thursday Chapdelaine has ' been rein tlalcd on the list for oral Inter , vi«w* for the patrol job. Scouts To Organize Bowling League The first Scout bowling leagu of its kind in the nation wi be organized in Fayettcvill according lo Mrs. James V Rohrbach, Scout coordinator. The league will be open t both Girl Scouts and Boy Scoui of junior high age and up. All interested Scouts are in vited to attend the organizatioi al meeting at 4 p.m. Monda at Ozark Bowling Lanes. Th group, will adopt by-laws an elect officers. Participants will play on fou man teams and will play tw games each week. Scouts wl are not already on a bowlin team will be assigned to one. T h e National Bowling Co grcss notified Mrs. Rohrbai that the proposed Scout Leag was the first to be sanctiom in the nation. Dear Heloise: Just a hint to those who buy hard, unripened cantaloupes. Try letting them slay in a paper bag for two or three days before you put them in the re frigerator. I have found they become very ripe and sweet. Elvia Thompson A HOT TIP Dear Heloise: On short notice, I Invited an out-of-town good friend for lunch. Hot fresh bread with the salad seemed out because time was short. I decided to try to thaw out the frozen bread in the car as I made my rounds at the market. By serving time the bread was billowing in the pan, baked in twenty minutes .E'iTER OF THOUGHT Dear Heloise: After reaching the ripe ol ige of 82, I have finally dls :overed a truth that others much younger may have been ortunate enough to discover: arlier in life. j If we really put our mind to t · and are not blinded by esentment, it's entirely possi- )le to find good even in the most malicious criticism. It may take a little doing. ut take it from an oldster that VICA To Install Year's Officers Vocational Industrial Clubs of merica (VICA) Cosmetology lapter at West Campus elect- 1 the following officers for the ming year, Mary Buj-lingame resident; Wilda Dorsey, vice ·esident; Lynne Byers, secre- ry; Suzie Bobbins, treasurer; ebbie-Wells, reporter; Kathy ing, parliamentarian; and ilda Dorsey and Gail Bachan, social chairman; Shirley ilpatrick was chosen junior veelheart, Mary Burlingame, enior sweetheart, and Wilda orsey, outstanding student. Elected to serve on commit- es were 'Kris Barnes, and eeda Gooding. Installation will be held at a amburger fry next week at the ome of Mrs. Ruth Tune, spon- and the cool. air-conditioned house Anne G. Johnston Dear Heloise: I use squares of nylon nei to scrub my face. I have oily skin and the nei cleans the oil and dead skin off and I really have a rosy glow and a great feeling. It's less expensive than tin beauty grains. The nylon net could be sewe to a wash cloth and used fo feet and elbows -- anywher dead skin is apt to form. Bridge News Jane Zoc lonn'g. Now wait, I'm not through .fter washing it all. I storei he blade in the basket, rlgh p against the grinder base anf opped it .with the, funnel par o it hardly takes up any stor ge space at all. A Fan still .here! willing to learn -- it's Grandpa A. 3ear Heloise: With the camping season coming up, here's a little hint and space saver: Those little prescription pill jetties are handy for many tilings. They are just the right size :o divide deodorant, toothpowder. cream, lotion, etc., for .ndividual use. Saves taking along the big amily-sized containers. Ruth Rose Dear Heloise: I find that one of those' two or three ring wading pools (plastic) makes an ideal temporary playpen for a small baby. It is easily cleaned and keeps baby from taking a lot of unnecessary bumps and faUs when he is first learning to sit Margo Logue up. FAYETTEVILLE Joe Scott and Doug Dorland 'ere first place winners in Sun- ay afternoon Duplicate Bridge luh games at the Legion Hut. ying for second and third laces were Mrs. J.A. Laner nd Mrs. John McCarty with dr. and Mrs. M. F. Graydon, ourth place went to Mr. and Irs. Roy Barbee and fifth to Irs. Alex Cinder and Mrs. Norman McCartney. Al Witte and Leon Marks won irst place in Monday night's ames. Mrs. Ralph Williams nd Mrs. Joe Rodman won se- ond place, and Mrs. McCartey and Mrs. George Roller, hird place. ADULT CENTER Verral Ellison and Hilda Ver- ver were first and second place vinners and other winners were }scar White, Earl Thornton, Ima Maille and Mildred Allen. Anyone 50 years of age or is invited to attend the Dear Heloise: When I was making jelly yesterday, I couldn't find any cheese cloth. I just couldn't dash to the store, so I started looking around. I found an old nrghtgown made of nylon tricot. I cut a large piece, washed it and went o work. I lined my bowl, put n my fruit, gathered the edges and squeezed. The results were amazing. I'll never again spend money on cheese cloth. The juice slain will not be absorbed by the nylon. It can be washed and used over and Dear Heloise: This year, I have six beautiful 3hlox plants by the door of my mountain cottage -- thanks to nylon net. But for the past four years, just, as the buds were ready to bloom, the deer (drat them!) would come into my yard and eat the buds. So this year I hoped to fool them. I made green nylon net bags to slip over the plants in the evening and take off in th morning. So f a r , the deer haven' figured out what to do about the nylon net! Kathryn Seese Dear Heloise: Some time ago I purchasec a new mattress and box spring "or our bed. The mattress ticking was nol to my liking so I bought niat :hing floral sheets and pillow cases. I put the fitted flora sheet on the box spring am either a white or solid color 'itted sheet on the mattress and then top it all off with the flora sheet. It certainly makes the be attractive when the bedspread over again. Dear Heloise: ilder ctivilies of the Adult Center, ''or further information call 443-3512. Births fflin ran ninniinniniinniiiinn mm REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER Mr. and Mrs. James B. Ter- lune Jr., of Fayetteville, a daughter, Sept. 17. Mr. and Mrs. David L. Ellis of Prairie Grove, a daughter, ~ept. 17. Mr. and Mrs. Rex M. Bertschy of Bentonville, a daughter, Betty is removed. Rita Schurtei An ordinary .envelope often makes a perfect wrapper for newspapers or magazines to be mailed to friends. Cut off the sides and slip the ungummed end inside the newspaper. Roll the whole thing up, moisten the gummed part of the envelope and seal it. Then you're ready for the post office. A Friend Dear Heloise: I always wash my hair i the shower. I brush in the firs shampoo with my hairbrush then rinse and comb in th second shampoo with my comb Then 1 use only one-third o the amount of hair rins recommended and comb that i too. By combing in the rinse it does a much better job a_n only one-third as much i needed, making the bottle las three times as long. Nancy Irhi Dear Heloise: When you fry eggplant, afte dipping the slices in beaten egs roll in potato flakes for th crispiest eggplant ever. A bit of minced onion in th potato flakes adds a zest iept. 17. Mrs. and Mrs. Jackie D. Cagle of Fayetteville, a son, Sept. 17. Dear Heloise: My food grinder stands on four legs, and I had the prob- lern of flying bread crumbs while 'grinding. A gallon-sized plastic fabric softener jug was the answer. (Any plastic one will do as long as it is almost rectangular in shape and comes up at least six inches before the handle bit starts -- but plastic milk jugs won't work.) I cut the bottom part of the jug off right below the handle. Then cut out a piece of the side of the jug so it would fit under the blade real snug against the base of the grinder. It worked beautifully. There was hardly any mess and it made a basket for the crumbs. I took the top part of the plastic and used it as a funnel breac Adds To Fruit Flaked coconut tastes good sprinkled over fresh fruit salad. WATCH HKPAIM ' ' ' · ' · / W. S S W \' V S W I F T S n Ntrth Wnrtt «. 51/4% 5 3 /4% 61/2% 6%% 7'/2% We have · savings program ·nd Interest rate to meet your needi. Fayetteville Savings Loan Association 201 N. East Arena* lavor. Mabel Dav Dear Heloise: Here is an idea I used i our church kindergarten. Cut off the tops from tw lalf-gallon milk containers (th square ones), and insert on completely inside the othei Cover with adhcsive-backe paper to make play blocks. If the child happens to bo one of the others in play, n one is hurt. Florenc Polka Dot Pajamas Model displays crinkled cotton pajamas with flared pants and harcil midriff in polka dots last week as Halston in- troduced his rendy-to-wcar collection in New York. T h e cnllcclioii included loose dresses and skirts and t h e wide hclt that cinched !n th» waist of women during t h e liloO's. (AP Wirephoto) Mrs. Waits Speaks To Garden Club Iris Garden Club members let Wednesday afternoon in the ome of Mrs. C. F. Gorman ·ilh Mrs. Robert flursh serving s co-hostess. Thirteen mem- c-rs and a guest, Mrs. Victor Vatts, were present. Refreshments \ve»c s e r v e d rom the dining table covered ;ilh an ecru hand-embroidered, mported Belgian cloth centered vith an arrangement of pink oses from Mrs. Gorman's gar- len. In the absence of the program chairman, Mrs. James R. Coup er, .Mrs. Hursh, second vice ) r e s i d e n t , introduced Mrs Watts, local daffodil grower vho gave ; an informative an interesting talk on daffodils. She ihowed slides of idividual varie jes and classificalions grown n the Watts garden. The president, Mrs. Curtis Crouch presided over the bus ness meeting and announced hat the Fayetteville Council o Garden Clubs will meet al 10 a.m. Thursday in the City Lib rary. The daffodil show to be held in Fayetteville in March ,vas discussed. Mrs. Helen Mill er, subscription chairman for National Gardener, announcec that Iris Garden Club is listed as 100 percent in subscriptions and has received the Nationa Gardener's citation. Mrs. T. E Shelton, chairman of table de corations at Geriatrics Cente at City Hospital, reported tha 'all arrangements have been placed on each table in the din ing room. Get-well cards wer sent to absent members. Mrs. Crouch announced tha the October meeting would bi a potluck picnic at her homi with husbands of members a guests. Reject Name Change MACON. Ga. (AP) -- A mqv to change the name of a ne\ Presbyterian denomination fo the third time in three day was squashed by the genen assembly of the nine-monlh-ol group. Robert Cannada, a lawye and chairman of the judicia business subcommittee, sug gested that the new name, th Presbyterian Church in Ame ica, was lop similar to th Presbyterian Church in th U.S. The new denomination brok away from the Presbyteria Church in the U.S. last year i protest of liberalism. Cannada said the similaritic in name might lead to a sui The general assembly voted o Thursday by a two-thirds rnai gin against Cannada's motion. OTfflnnraniiMiiiiiiiiM Daily Calendar of Events Tonight Alcoholics Anonymous, Wiggins Methodist Church, 7 p.m. Al-Anon, Wiggins Methodist Church, 7 p.m. Dudes and Dolls, Asbell School Cafetorium, 8 p.m. SMITH'S Communication 2- Way Radio Tour 2-way radio IP Brtctnintcf *3nc» 199 520 N. Gollegtt 443 For Your Prescription Needs See Us QUAKER DRUG tt E. Center -- 442-4248 City Parking Lot In Rear Sunday Duplicate Bridge Clnh, Lcgkm Hut, 1:30 p.m. Alcoholics Anonymous, VA Hospital, 7 p.m. Al-Anon, VA Hospilal, 7 p.m. ^ Announcements Modern Literature Club williPrairie Grove. The public is in- eet at 3 p.m. Tuesday in the me of Mrs. Sam Siegel, 16 orlh Sang Street. Mrs. Marall Wood will review "The mcrican Condition," by Ri- ard N. Goodwin. Play-Learn Drop-In Nursery First Baptist Church is open om 8:30 a.m. until 12 noon onday through Friday each cek. All ages of pro-school hildren will be accepted from rth through five years. Fur tier information may be obtain' d by calling Mrs. Bettye Blew t 443 2073. Please do not cal he church office. vited to meet and talk w i t h county and local candidates for office. Marion Chapter, Daughters of .he American Revolution, will lold its opening meeting of the 1974-75 season at the home of Mrs. R. J. Brightwell, 345 E. Prospect, at 1:30 p.m. Thursday. Co-hostesses will be Mrs. Richard Grcer, Mrs. E. P. Douglass and Mrs. A. F. Casper. Mrs. Werner Jarchow of Eureka Springs will be guest speaker, reporting on the 83rd Continental Congress. Fayetteville Council of Gar en Clubs will meet at 10 a.m hursday, Sept. 26, at.the.,.City ibrary. ·.;,·;.-.; .",.-.,-.·; i An informal "Meet The Can- idales Night" will be held ·om 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. Thursday I Lalta Barn, Battlefield Park EVEREST 4 JENNINGS WHEELCHAIRS FOLDS TO 10" RENTALS t SALES Fajcltevllle Druf E. Side Square 442-7345 The TIMES Is On Top of The News Seven Days a Week Want Answers To Problems? Hear BILL MOORE at Church of Christ 2480 Old Wire Road September 22-29 Sundays: 10:50 a.m. 6:30 p.m. Weekdays: 7:30 p.m. Another FAMILY WEEKLY Exclusive - September 22 /aw* (v ,, Weekly I ^d- BmJ John ton's "A I I Iittn c" Specials YfW O n Sf id th Warnn[.nnclliir« TfacL lo Ptaiurr'l Willi 'Scanned Rkc" Cop/ng With Loneliness: The New Life of Lady Bird Johnson "Pleasure yourself in Itille ways. Dare to do something lltat may seem trivial to others but has meaning to you." This week FAMILY WEEKLY reports on the activities of Lady Bird Johnson, former First Lady and widow of former President Lyndon Johnson. Learn how she fills her days with challenging projects that keep her traveling about the country. Vivacious and energetic, she offers some advice on widowhood that keeps her outlook positive. In your copy of tha

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