Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 29, 1952 · Page 6
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 6

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 29, 1952
Page 6
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fr--MO«THWBT AIKANSAS TIMES, hiytttavllh. Mamm. Thunday, May I*, 1951 LOOK! THE BEST FOR LESS F- at "..MI rt. FOLGERS GRIFFIN MAXWELL HOUSE COFFEE Ib. 69c Complaints To Post Office Department Not Increasing, Neither Is Delay Of Mails ··*f ''*i- ·*'·/ CRISCO 3 Ibs. 69c DEL MONTE Catsup, 15c By K O H K R T K G K K i K R W H F h m R t n n - f / T r - A n a i r m a i l Irl- trr from Sen rhi trough, in Northern England, rr.-M-hH n New Ynrk City a d f l i p s t . f,-is(oi lh;tn a k-tlf-r 1" t h r p;tmp iiddrcss from only owhl n n l f p ,-iwny. Why? A lnisinf-s: ori^nizfitinn rc-jiu- !;nly m a i l s p.'i.v chocks from Nrw York In W.-isliiniMrin fninloycs. The chcfkn ;nc in hatchr-s, in i-rp* n r a l r f i i v H - i p f s h u t n i n i l c d ; t f the KIMIIC liinc. H f r t - n t l y OMP pnvi'lnpt 1 ;irrivpH 3fl hours a f t e r the- f i r s t . DEL MONTE Tomato Sauce 5c DEL MONTE Crushed Pineapple No. 2 can 25c MRS. TUCKER'S Shortening 3-lb. Tin 59c PETER PAN Peanut Butter 12 oz. 25c Why'.' M a i l look right hnurs by fit a go-coach from LouiKville In Frnnk- fnrt, Ky., but now sometimes re- n u f r r s 24 hours. Why? .Such arc UK- queries that roach t h r desk nf J N ^ I m a s t f r General Jesse M. Donaldson from Ilic public niul t h r o u g h critical newspaper and m a g a z i n e arijvles. DnnnlHp'jn concedes tlio answer? i to mine questions place the postal service in a dim l i g h t . But he says delay mid m i s h a n d l i n g of m a i l s aren't any more frequent t h a n they wcie 1(1 or 15 years ago. N e i t h e r , he .says, arc complaints. Ke .says the hiKgeHt problems in- day arc h u m a n error nnci the facts lhat the railroads 'have discontinued approximately ftt per cent of m a i l trains in the past 25 years and t h a t service cuts have been made to t r i m the federal budget. !Io\v a l i r t u l letters fmm overseas that reach addresses faster t h a n one* from only a few miles a w a y ? Donaldson cites as an example an a i r m a i l letter mailed in Stockholm, Sweden, before 0 p. in. It will reach New York City (ho next mnrning at a r o u n d 7.40 o'clock. Schedules are such t h a i it would be delivered that day if addressed In certain s t a t i o n s in New York, the next day jf to residential ad- the overseas delivery seem faster ; t h a n it actually Is. | In the case of the English let: ter l h a t beat a New York letter In n New York address, Donaldson says postmarks Indicate each let' ter w.'tfi received on the fourth ' d a y . Without being f a m i l i a r with : a l l circumstance*, h** Bays it ap- 1 pears to him Ihe English letter ! should have arrived a Hay earlier and the New York City letter ; w i t h i n 24 hours. i "If there was a delay, the New I York letter was mishandled and ' the delay is not a t t r i b u t a b l e to anything else," he naid. The story on th* two New Ynrk-to- Washington Jetton;, h e i says, probably was much the same -- h u m a n error. The Post o f f i c e Department j plan?: to restore a l a t e pickup ser- j vice in residential areas where it w i l l speed service and cost won't | be excessive. Plans for this have I been in the m a k i n g for about a I year. Donaldson says some othor I problems can't be solved so easily. i They mostly concern stretching in, come to meet costs. Labor Group "Condemns" Little Rock School Board For Not Hiring Teacher Little Rnck-(/Pt - The Arkansas Federation of Labor condemned (he Little Rock School Board in a resolution lasl niyhl for alleged ''flagrant discrimination against orfiani/ed workers." The federation charged that the ( board refused to hire a younfi I teacher because of his activities in ; helping organize a teachers union ! here. The accusation was denied | by Fayl y. G r i f f i n , president of the School Board. Federation officials charged that the contract of Hugh Donoho, 24, mathematics teacher at West Side f Junior High School was not rr- i newcd because he helped nrgan- ! ize AKL Teachers union local j I I 4 f ) . R. F. Palmer, prrsrtlent of j the local, agreed. "I can't t h i n k of [ any other reason of the school not i re-employing Donoho except t h a t ; he was instrumental in organiz- ing our union," said Palmer. School Supt. Dr. Harry A. Little denied t h a t Donoho't union i membership figured into his dis-! ' m i s s a l . CHffin said Donoho d i d j not get along well with pupils: and parent;;. Donoho and seven' other teachers, were not re-e ployed. Griffin said. Donnho said he knew of kno reason why he was droppd fro the staff. But, G r i f f i n said he ha , talked with Donoho and they ha i discussed his alleged woaknefse ! The federation also charged th; ! the School Board had consistent, refused to meet with Donoho an ! the AFL representatives, and urg ed all union members "to take du notice of the resolution and u. 1 every legal means to rectify th injustice and see that such an in justice does not recur in any sec tio of our state." · Keep o» wlta tk« ttoim--fmj «·· 'i "MM ttUt Farm-ln-A-Day Prepared As Irrigation System Opens Moses Lake, Wash.-(/P)-An army* of workers swarmed over a rough ' LORETTA Grated Tuna.. 19 ) GRIFFIN WAFFLE) Syrup, 5 Ibs... 55 Jack Sprat Peas 2 cans 35* i But any letter mailed in New ' York City at 6 p. m. cummt be delivered In business .n- resident i a l sections u n t i l the next morning since there is no regular delivery .service al night. The letter would remain in a post office u m i n i m u m of 14 hours and be delivered at the same time RK one from Sweden pout marked M the name hour. However, Donaldson points out t h a t the s i x - h o u r time difference betwflrn New York and Stockholm --it's earlier in Stockholm--makes JACK SPRAT Pork and Beans 2 cans 29c LETTUCE 2 Large Heads 25* Tube Tomatoes F a n c y . . . . % GALLON Vanilia Ice Cream 63c Holland Bret, locker Plant Preacher's {Fast Causes Concern Cherryville, Mo.-(/P)-Officials of the Assembly of God Church expressed two-fold concern today over t h e f n s t i n p Ozark preacher whose self-denial now enters the 3!)fh day, by his own count, Tha Kev. ,J. J, I vie says he has not taken fond since Sunday, April 20, and explains he plans to con- 1 t i n u e the fast u n t i l his prayers fire answered for a religious R w a h e n , in# in the world---or until death comes, i Ivie, 57, has lost about 2(1 pounds, his f a m i l y said, and now weighs 120. Occasionally he has sipped wafer, but has been shaken by «pells of ret chin jr.. He has signed a statement to protect his family from legal action should he die. He also has banned physicians from his home. The Revs. David Hustle and H. K. ha-.vson. o f f i c i a l s from the chinch's national headquarters at Springfield, Mo., plan to visit him ioday, l.nwsnn said the church was p a r t i c u l a r l y interested because it fen red the publicity might casl a had litfht on the church, and because it felt it was obligated to help Ivie himself. The Rev. .T. P. Myers, pastor of the nearby Stcelville Assembly of Clod Church, spoke and prayed | w i t h Ivie yesterday and found him "very rational." Myers said the church does not sanction a sustained fast which does bodily harm. In a recording reportedly made In the third week of the fast, Ivie s-.iri he had failed as n minister and was n wait ing word of his mission from the Lord. , New Ceilings On Food Items Are Provided OPS Ruling Goes Into Effect Monday Allowing Increases ;SKS,"S,S:='"» ^s^s's.rsz and dusty piece of land near here ! early today to turn it into a going farm in less than 17 hours. T h e i r $75,000 farm-in-a-day | symbolizes the coming of irrigation water to the first of a million acres of fertile sagebrush land In the Columbia River basin. At 12:0! a. m., a rocket bomb signaled the start of the operation. Floodlights went on and workmen with center beams and studding for a modern seven-room farmhouse moved into action. If everything goes on schedule, Donald D u n n , his wife and two | daughters will receive the keys to their new farm home, equipped with sprinkler irrigation, cows. r c e inn the irrigation water from a , TV , mv ,- r ir ms ,, rar , 0 ,, :,,.., lateral ,,f t h e huge Columbia basin i cr/e^M,TMlav The*Office o Price .mrat.on network onto Dunn's stabilization 'issued ari order list Stabilizer Ellis! estimated the margin hikes will ,-, , , night a u t h o r i z i n g increases rane- Dunn won t have to pa.v a penny ing up to 25 per cent in the mark- for the farm. A war veteran, he | ups retail food stores can applv was flooded out of his M a r i o n , ; j to their costs. OPS said this Kan., farm last summer and was i average* about a Drnnv an item chosen by the Veteran., of For- j on the seected lisTo! food* IT eign Wars as the most worthy to I f c · · ' receive Ihc 110-acre f a r m . All materials and labor were donated. Fifty-five building con- increase food tractor, sent men to build the by from 100 million to 150 milHon house, machine shed, cattle shed dollars a year. Foods subject to and chicken house. Kach eon- bigger markups include itei tractors crew will mrtall piuces j this wide range of products- which they have prc-cut, and in | Breakfast cereals, coffee con- many cases, pre-stained or nre- painted. The men expect to be working on the roof and rafters of the per| fabricated house w i t h i n the first | hour. Hy dawn they will go to .,,,,,.,,, ,,,,,,,,· cilnnea Irul , s ]a I work on other farm buddings as: and jellies; canned meats, except I well and the 100 construction luncheon meats; oleomargarine- workers will be joined by farm pickles and relishes; many canned experts to smoothe out the ground, vegetables; vinegar and cheese centrates, cookies, t o a s t and crumbs, except crackers; processed fish, except tuna and salmon, flour in five-pound packages or less; frozen foods, except juices; many canned fruits, jams , ditch the land for irrigation and OPS sa a a c u a s e l i n g plant lawn and shrubs around the ! prices might not be raised on marv house. uf ti, L , ilcnis aid that actual selling Buckuer Grapefruits White, 6 for.. 29* Ballard Biscuits lOc FANCY FRYERS !b. 48c CORN KING BACON Ib. 39c Ground Beef Ib. 59c Richest of all coffees gives you 10-15 more cups per pound yet costs only 2 cents more DOROTHY DIX -- We Reserve the Right to Limit Oitanfi/tes MISSION STREET GROCERY S2S MISSION ' ( PHONE 117 rONTWUED FROM PAGE TOUII another argument. I am a f r a i d if I can't stop him now, I never w i l l . L E O N A R A S. D. Answer: Since your fiance is nlannlng to establish a f a m i l y of his OWTI, his first f i n a n c i a l responsibility is to his f u t u r e home. Me bus certainly been a fine bro- her and uncle, but his sister should not expect his generosity to continue unabated now t h a t he is c o n t e m p l a t i n g marriage, ( i n the other hand, you cannot expect him to ignore completely these ymm?- sfers to whom he is e v i d e n t l y mosi attached. He has played f a i r y jrod- fattier for so Ions t h a t he cannot end the role a b r u p t l y or com- iletely. The best way to u n t a n g l e your financial problem is to sit down vitli your young man and pi:t your entire budget on paper. Let h i m just how much n home vill cost, and how l i t t l e money w i l l be left for extras. On this budget plan, he can a r r a n g e to continue some help to his nephews, if only to buy special clothing for them. I repeat again, don't expect him to slop a l l assistance to his sister's f a m i l y ; the sacrifice entailed will do you both flood. HP t h a n k f u l you ,-ye m a r r y hip a generous man. Sometimes we may t h i n k philanthropy is carried 1o extreme. 1 ;, but at its most e x p a n - sive it is much, much better t h a n oven a touch of miserliness. Although the w h i t e potato is a n a t i v e of South America, it is believed t h n l the f i r s t potatoes ted i n t o the U n i t e d States came from Ireland and hence are called "Irish" potatoes, says the National Geographic Society. i Uied by thousand! in reduclni JleU~Jun«e'i Roman Meal bread. u-19-ir Mrs. Eula Osborne and Mr. and Mrs. Claud Atkisson were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Lester Atkisson of Rogers. Mr. and Mrs. Vcrlin Napier and daughters; Mr. and Mrs. Ballard Drake; Mr. and Mrs. Ed Counts and Mrs. Emma Sharrock altend- od Sunday memorial services at Drakes Creek cemetery. Guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Fry Davis and their daughter, Mrs. Myrtle Wagner, were Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Black and daughter of Bentonville; Mrs. Lela Mae Thomas and son of Greenland; and Mrs. Maudie Burns and son of Cuba. Mo. iy Brown, grandson of the Rev. and Mrs. E. J. Counts, has returned from Los Angeles, Calif., o join his wife. He has just been discharged from the Army a f t e r r e t u r n i n g from Germany. Mr. and Mrs. Davis Clark and meiicernent exercises Sunday at Arkansas Tech, Russellvilie. Art h u r was a member of the grad- u a t i n g class. Mr. and Mrs. Lairiamore and d a u g h t e r attended memorial services at Charleston Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. .John Wilson were luncheon guests of Mrs. Virginia Priekett of Vayetleville' Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Chester House of Harrison were weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. Otto Drake and Mrs. Cardia Drake. The Rev. Jake Drake of Faye t t e v i l l e will preach Sunday at 11 a. m, at Buckner Baptist Church. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Caudle, Mr. and Mrs. Bon Drake, and Mr. and Mrs. Dillard Drake attended memorial services at Winslow cemetery Sunday. j Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Lee and children of Tulsa, Okhi., were guests of Mr. and-'Mrs. Jack Couch Sunday. Mrs. Chine Boyd and children were guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Starr of Fayetteville. Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Andrews and sons of Farmington were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Ed Richrll of Springfield, Mo., Mrs. Bill Soil, for the past week! Robert Leon Benson of Spring- j dale is the guest of his aunt I Mr. and Mrs. Parker Rushing ; and son spent the weekend with 'Mrs. Jessie Rushing of Harrison. Mr. and Mrs. Buford McClun and sons of Oskaloosa, Iowa, were ick Hughes. Weekend guests of Mrs. Rhoda Mhoon were her daughter. Mis Velrna Mhoon, and Capt. W. Rob orison, both of Texarkana; M and Mrs. Frank Swift and Mr. an Mrs. Donny Hammontree of Farm ington; Mr. and Mrs. Sam Couc of Springdnle, and Mr. and Mrs Himme Mhoon of Buckner. f---| T H E F A R M E R S F R I E N D ! '·?] STOCK-BARN-GARDEN INSKT K I I L F R I UK f n M U1UM « OTUT » TO MMCTWNt Ml POMf*T UVWOC*. I, OAMMM AN* MM tUMIHOI Two Killed, One Wounded In Fight With Knives Little Bock-(/Pj-Elvis Van Buren , of the bridge and Cecil Aldridge , cooperage workers, «nd Wright Eldridge, 56, wounded in a k n i f - I on the north end. Elvis Eldridge j lived in Little Hock, ing here yesterday in which two j was found in the shack. * " men were killed, was reported ' Deputy Sheriff Tohin said the in "fair condition" at Baptist Hos- | Eldrige brothers were transient pital today. Killed in the fight on i a Fourche Creek bridge were Cecil C. Aldridge, about 50, and Negro Eugene Wright, 39. j Deputy Sheriff L, B. Tobin said I the stabbing took place a short f distance from a shack on the'. banks of Dixon Lake where the j brothers had been living The ar- | gument apparently was over bucket of fish bait. Tobin said witnesses told him that Cecil Eldridge and Wright I were fishing on the bridge when the fight started, and that Elvis Eldridge ran from the shack when he heard' the struggle. Two fishermen, who witnessed the fight and ran to help the victims, said Wright was lying near the middle ·.. ^^ «··*· wp m^i^p %P 1M U W ' Outdoor Meals SK RECIPES AND MINUS »Y JEAN ALLEN IN,THE NEW JUNE ,'SSUE OF, We will be CLOSED FRIDAY LU.X F L A K E S 28c PALHOLIYE SOAP 2 S!L h 23c CASHMERE BOUQUET Toll.! 2 25c

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