Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on September 20, 1974 · Page 6
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 6

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 20, 1974
Page 6
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As Grocery Prices Continue Upward Spiral Home Preparation. Helps Cut Food Bills f ,. ,, . s . . - . · . . . · . . · . . , i ;'·'.· / '·,.,, -. .-'Y/' J .;·.··: :--\»fi N - t · · · · I k *, f ···".,,, Graduates And Instructors By MESCAL JOHNSTON GOOD BUYS POULTRY - Fryers, e g g s , turkeys. PORK - Hams and picnics, shoulder roasts, sausage, neck- bones. BEEF - Ground beef, chuck roasts, round steak. Others - Milk, cheese, liver, bologna, franks, tuna, frozen fish. VEGETABLES - Irish and sweet potatoes, turnips, cabbage, lettuce, squash, celery, carrots, onions, corn, dry beans and peas, rice, canned vegetab- es. FRUITS - Bananas, apples, pears, grapes, plums, oranges, grapefruit, fruit juices. It doesn't take a degree in economics, or even a lot of outside information, to know that a return to liome preparation can help on today's food bills. Anyone who shops For groceries can readily see that all types of processed foods, especially those that contain sugar, are The Practical Nurse class of (lie Siloiim Springs Division of Secjtinyah Practical Nurse School will hold their graduation at 2:30 p.m. Sunday in the Assembly of God Church in Siloam Springs. Graduates standing top, left-right, a r e Janit Johnson of Westville, Okta., Carolyn Cheatliam and M a r d e 1 Durnal, Siloam Springs, Una Dawdy, Gentry, P h y l l i s McLain, Stloam Springs. Center, left-right, are Carolyn Sikes, Gentry, Dorothy Hood, R.N. nurse coordinator, Ruby Birch, K.N., instructor, and Carol Granderson, Siloam Springs. In t h e bottom row, left-right, a r e Carolyn Sixhiller, Siloam Springs, Kalhy Holcroft, Wosl- ville, Barbara Brown, Siloam Springs, and Cindy Blackwood, Westville. rising in price at a more rapid ace than ever before. While t's not practical for many 'amities to produce or preserve i substantial portion of their bod supply, some increase in lome cooking is possible for most. NEW APPROACH NEEDED Meat, milk, and egs have :raditiona|ly taken about half of the average · family's food dollar. Shoppers learned to give special attention la- these purchases, knowing that the numerous choices that took 1 the remaining part of each grocery dollar were relatively inexpensive and not likely to change much in price anyway. It's been a new ball game for the past year, during which time overall meat, poultry, and fish prices have decreased while prices of dairy products and eggs have gone through ups and downs. At the same time, prices have risen rapidly for fruits, vegetables, sugar, and cereal.'Now that the less expen- Hints From Heloise-Survival Kit Helps In Wait Dear Heloise: During the gasoline shortage I made up what I call "Gas Line Survival Kits," and gave them to my family and friends. It was an attempt to make waiting in those long lines a little bit more pleasant. Included in a transparent plastic bag were a magazine, (old ones can be recycled), a note pad and pencil, folded paper towel, emery board, candies, moistened paper towelette and the following note: No longer need you sit and wait, and stare at cars ahead; just reach for your survival kit, and read a book instead. Jot down some notes (your grocery list), or munch away on candy; file your nails, or dust your dash, everything is handy. There isn't much that you can change, so don't get aggravated; enjoy yourself, relax and read, you may be glad you waited. There are many other things that could be added such as crossword puzzles cut out of magazines and newspapers, recipes, any special articles that might be interesting to the person to whom you are giving this kit, writing paper and pens, (stamps too, perhaps). In this way, time isn't really wasted, and by the time we got up to that pump, we migh still have a smile to offer thi gas station attendant. Dorothy Nagle Dear Heloise: This is how I · keep frorr having difficulty finding fooi in my upright freezer. I bought wire bicycle baskets 12x18x6 (could be any size tha fits your needs). They kee packages from falling out of th freezer, and can be remove to find the food you need. Vena Gilber LETTER pF LOVE Dear Heloise: I read your column every da and, of course, am alwa; gleaning another helpful hint o bit of inspiration from it. B this morning it dawned on m that your column serv another purpose, one just a important as the above two: You give people a place write to, and share their inge ious little ideas. How fru trating and empty life is wit out these outlets! Maybe no one at home car that Susy White figured out b e t t e r way to clean h ild fish bowl, but she in write to you also know jhed within five years, I try 1 dearlv. God bless you. Jean Hall And you can bet your bottom liar that her hint (also, your ,'eet letter, angel) was appre- ated. As I say at the end of each lumn, I can't answer each dividual letter because of the emendous volume, but you an be assured they're read, nd if the hint hasn't been pub shed wilhi nfive years, I try print as many as possible. I do appreciate each and ,'eryone of you and love you od bless you. Heloise ear Heloise: My husband never had the me or patience to return all lose cans and bottles (he uses or shaving, h a i r grooming, eodorants, etc.) to the medi- ne cabinet each morning after se. The bathroom looked essy. plus the cans left rust )ots on the vanity. A plastic caddy, generally sed to carry household cleaners, -holds all his things and stowed in the cabinet under le sink. It's the best 50 cent invest ment I ever made. Must be...he uggested I write to you. One problem solve Dear Heloise:. Here is a hint for spreadini jutter on a hot, boiled ear o orn. Spread quite a bit of butte in one side of a slice of bread ay the ear of corn on th Head,and roll. Even childre ove doing this. You kill two birds with on tone, so to speak. Buttere bread and buttered corn. Eas -- yummy, too. Hazen Fansle Dear Heloise: I'm from the class of '70 an here're some tricks I learne in college that may sound od but they work beautifully. An not as a "Letter of Laughter either. I'm serious! When you get an apartmen try to get a home-ee major o domestic type to live with yo It helps to have one person wh knows what she's doing. Plan a menu for the wee days and make your grocer list. Divide this part of the gr ceries equally. This will elim nate the inevitable "bad apple who doesn't want to split tl food because she didn't com home for dinner. Add any ext da or snacks onto the bill of icever picked them. Decide who cooks and cleans , and which nights. Dish- shers will claim the cook dir- ed every dish in the place, the cook cleans her own ess. If you're no cook, maybe e expert will let you do her undry and take your night. If you are a cook, many times ou can find an apartment of uys who will buy the food if ou will cook it. You can gets ts of expensive meals this ay. "70" Now, don't you all laugh xmt her last remark because know it works. My own ollege daughter and her friend ave shared an apartment now jr four years. They bake, won- erfully. Usually too much, so icy send some to their neigh- ors (natch, male).' Only last weekend, one of the entlemen bought a whole goat nd shared it with them and leir friends at a barbecue. It's ice to put meals together. 'ariety...and just like '70" says, X?Z!$$"! Love your letters, folks, a.nd less each of you who are riling. Heloise ive loaves of bread cost almost as .much as the loss expensive pounds of meat, the total food budget is due more careful attention. SOME INCREASED SUPPLIES From now until next spring, most fresh fruit supplies will be near usual levels, but canned, non-citrus fruits will be relatively scarce, and prices will be well above those of last winter. Fresh vegetable supplies are considered adequate, and canned vegetable supplies have been fairly well replenished this summer; but for various reasons, these prices will stay above last year's level. For a change, processed tomato products are expected to be heavy. Also potato supplies a r e increasing seasonally, and price is dropping; but not to the level once considered normal. Frozen vegetable stocks are about one-third larger than those of last summer,, chiefly because frozen vegetable stocks were not depleted last spring to the extent that canned foods were. As a result, the prices of frozen fruits and vegetables may compare more favorably with that of canned products than they have in the past. HOME-GROWN GREENS The first half of September is the ideal time for planting win er greens, but a few days of unny weather can still germi- mte turnips, mustard, · or col- ard seeds. These greens planted in flower beds now, can be larvested from mid-October in- .0 December, or until the first lard freeze. Even then, turnips hat have grown below t h e pound's surface may be usable well into winter. In Arkansas, the peak period 'or commercial spinach harvest is February. This then, is a vegetable that could be harvested from home gardens during winter months if s e e d s are slanted by the end of September. PLENTIFUL PEPPERS Pepper plants bear from early summer until frost, but late summer is the time that the supply is largest. S w e e t peppers are available in grocery store* throughout the year but the price is usually w e l l above the present price for home-grown ones. Because peppers have a longer storage time than most other green vegetables, it's easy to find high quality ones at this time of year. Good quality sweet peppers are f i r m and glossy. Most sweet peppers are bell- shaped, but odd shapes are equally acceptable for all uses except stuffing. Sweet peppers usually marketed while (CONTINUED ON PAGE 15) Announcements Zcta Tau Alpha Alumnae will entertain pledges of Epsilon Chapter Monday, Sept. 23, at the home of Mrs. Bill \Vhitfield. Highway 180, with an informal buffet supper beginning at G p m. Co-hostesses for the event are Mrs. Mahlon Gibson and Mrs. Bill Breazeale. A short business meeting will follow, according to Mrs. Joa Kretchmar, Alumnae president, to formulate plans for the fall and winter season. Members who have not been contacted are urged to call Mrs. Kretchmar, 521-3603, for details. Fayetteville Evening Lions ,adies Auxiliary will meet at 7:30 p.m. Monday in the homo of Mrs. Paul Long, 2555 Manor Drive, for the first fall session of the year. Later meetings will be held on the fourth Monday night of each month. W Simra ./or OMEN 6 · Friday, Sept. 20, 1974 aiii iiniiiiuiniiiiiimpJiiiiiiiiiiiMiMnn iniiMiinim nrani in in in mm [iniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiifiiiiiii nuiiitiM Daily Calendar of Events Tonight NWA Retired Officers Group, Wyatt's, 6:30 p.m. I AVE YOU NOTICED: That the zipper hangs more ften when you are alone... Ghost Jon SMITH'S Communication 2-Way Radio Your 2-way radio headquarters IB eiecfronlcs *ino« 1K« 550 N. College 443-2222 For Your Prescription Needs See Us QUAKER DRUG » E. Center - 442-4248 City Parking Lot In Rear -· THE LiGHT TOUCH by Gardenhire's A .little exercise can make a big difference in your life. Such as a ia short walk down the aisle. * * * The Lord obviously intended us to listen more than we talk -or He would have given a us two mouths and one True concentration is a the ability to do your 1 child's homework while |j he's watching TV. § * * * EJ In today's world, about | the only thing that can m be reached on foot is @ the garage. 1 * * * tIJ A fair weather friend is one who appears when lie needs you -and disappears when you need him. Monte Carlo Skirt A model displays an outfit designed by Danish inventor Karl Kroyer who calls it the Monte Carlo Skirt, so named because Kroyer thought up the idea in the Mediterranean city. The skirt can be described as a pair of shorts or tights with an attached skirt. It was one of the outfits introduced at the Scandinavian Fashion Week. (AP Wirephoto) Saturday Farmer's Market, Old Post Office Square, 7 a.m. Vaterans of World War I and'Auxiliary, Community Adult Center, 12 noon Alcoholics Anonymous, Wiggins Methodist Church, 7 p.m. Al-Anon, Wiggins Methodist Church, 7 p.m. Dudes and Dolls, Asbell School Cafetorium, 8 p.m. We're always here at Gardenhire's Jewelry |] when you need a thrill- ~' ing shower gift, reasonably priced. Top-of-the-stove, one-pan recipe. no-bake Macaroni 'n Cheese Stir it up; boil 10 minutes. Add the cheese and let it stand. r^/ONE PAN MACARON AND CHEESES 1 can (1 Qoz.) cream of Silsp. dry mustard celery or cream o| mushroom soup 2 soup cans milk 1 soup can wpter 2 [bs. margarino YA isp. pepper 2 cups uncooked American Beauty Bbo-Roni (8 ozO Vf\Q. sharp chedtiar cheese, diced 1 can (4 oz.) mushrooms, pieces and stems, drained In 3 quart sauce pan, Wend aQ ingredienls except Bbo-Roni, cheese and mushrooms. Bring to boil, stir in Elbo-Roni, relurn to.boil and cook uncovered, 10 minutes, stirring ftequentfy. Add cheese, stfr until melted, add mushrooms. Turn off lieaf, let stand on burner 10 minutes- Makes Scuds. iflmericcn Beauty Antique Car Show FRIDAY AND SATURDAY See Over 40 of the Area's Finest Antique Cars On The Mall. hwe/t an/a/ Plato So Near. So Much · Over 50 Stores · 3,000 Free Parking Spaces · Open 10-9 Only · Hwy 71 Between Fayetteville Springdale GARDENHIRE'S JEWELRY b.E. Corner of Square Fall Favorites Cos Cob can help solve your fall sportswear problems with their new positive-negative group in burgundy/ camel. Featured here the V-neck sweater in burgundy with fine-line ribbing, matching poly pant, and lovely leaf-print shirt. Plaid pieces to coordinate, also. Biouse $15.98 Vest $10.98 Pant $14.98 BUDGET FASHIONS STREET FIOOR

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