Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 27, 1952 · Page 12
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 12

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 27, 1952
Page 12
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fj,--NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES,, AHumM. Tuesday, May 27, 1952 Oihrerjfy Faculty Members To Conduct Research In Laboratories At Oak Ridge Selection Of M-Functloning Superior! Landed Without Five members of the U n i v e r s i t y faculty will report to Oak Ridge. -Term., early in .Tune for three months of rcwarrh. Thry arc N. H, Barncttc, htvid of the deportment of olcrtncn] onRineenntf; (.'. chemical engineering; Paul C "Shfirrah, atf-nciate profr.-: for nf physics, and P. M. Johnsvnn n n r i : John A. Sf'ilfindor, assistant pro| fnsr.ors of zoology. B n r n r t t e will i,c associated with i thrr experimental reactor division of the Oak nidge National Labor- alnry. and will engage in electro- m u g n c t l r inrtnimentatinn research. ' ·rf' · ; · · h"pn as!a:ned to the s.ime divjsinn for rhemiral en-1 Dr. Sharrah, who did research | i In. e t summer at lh*» National L n b - j ' or.itnry, will ':ontinue neutron dif- j fraction studies there. g f f f m|lrdf , r tr|a] nf R M p h f i h r ., r i _ Both Dr. Johnston nnd Dr. S e a - j e r , 2B, Mundell milk hauler. Benton County Jury Continues More Veniremen Are Summoned; Plea Of Self Defense Seen Bcnlnnvllle-fSpprialj-Sclcrlion of a jury (f) hear the serrmd dp- Mishap At Tinker Field As Help Stands By Oklahoma Cily-(/f'i-Twelve Sup- | cleared for the landing. Ills le: ^rfortress crewmen escaped "with-! ""^ front wheels touched 1 h out a scratch" in a crash landing ' s r o u n d and lhe cra " s P cd down at Tinker Air Force Base yester- ! Then""^ right 3 Raiding ^ear' ADD A ROOM No Money Down E«r Monlhly Paymenlt DYKE LUMBER CO. HI Si. ChttlM PUKES ARE BORN HERE AND RAISED ELSEWHERE Qp«n Each Evening 'Til 9 CWM Hrt mri br*ww ·nwntf. Htr ttnni. liny (··rhltii. * * M .""iiii35i BROS. DRIVE-IN FURNITURE Innder will work in the laboratory of Dr. C. L. Cnmar, director of the ngriniUunU research program of the U n i v e r s i t y ot Tennessee nnd the Atomic Energy Commission, Dr. Senlander Investigate the effects of temperature stress and acclimation to high and Jow temperature upon phosphorous turnover in f»t and filand tissues of the w h i t e rat. Dr. resumed at 9 n'rlnrk this morning. Circuit Judge Maupin Cummings of Faypltevilln orrlrrrvl the clerk to summon ?.\x mnrr ve.nire- men after the regular panel and a special panel of 12 jurors wore: exhausted by close culling fmrn I day. The plane had circled the field all afternoon preparinfi for the landing a f t e r Maj. F. W. Ilaincs of San Fran-risco, it.s pilot, Uscovrrod his right landing gear '.vas locked shortly after he took off from Forbes Air Force Base, Tnpeka, Kan., at 1 p. m. The crew voted to ridp the plane down and refused to hail out. At 7 p. m., v.'hile fire (rucks and a crash crew stood by, Haines dropped s!ow!y (o the runway O'Mahoney Says Plane Buildup Dangerous the Air Force Finlettcr. He quoted |to acheive maximum sir power be- the secretary as opposing the I fore July 1, 1057. stretch out. Finletter, O'Mahoney said, cau- Bnh Ccrv, rookie outfielder for tioned the subcommittee t h a t 19 the New York Yankees, has three billion would make it impossible sisters who are Softball stars. Will Seek Expanded Funds For Pushing U. S. Air Power v.-hich was lorked half-way out, buckled and the wing dragged on the runway, t u r n i n g the plane in a circle to the right on to some grass. Sparks and flames appeared momentarily from the friction and Washingtnn-Wj-S-nator O'Ma- Air Force personnel watching the h n n p v m .,, . ~-" dlur u - wa landing held their breath. The , ' (D-Uyo) today denounced main hatch opened and the crew- as J u s t lo ° Dangerous" admini- men made a quick dash outside, i '(ration plans to delay ihe b u i l d u p WHO F!XES RADIOS? We've Been Serving You Since 1929 SMITH RADIO SHOP * , 1-aving the fire crews to spray the smoking engines v/jth foam. both sides in an all-day session yesterday. Eleven jurors wcro selected Johnston's j from the 33 questioned yeslcrrlay. project will attempt to show whe- Twelve of the men wore cxcusu] by Judge Cummings whon they thnr thr-rc Is a correlation between phosph'l IIP Ufilskc and hypertrophy o f ' t h e GolRl system in the columnar absorbing cells. A diet containing radioactive phosphate will he given the white rats used in the experiments. Guardsmen To Train W:ishlngton-(/P)-The Defense Department announced 210,000 officers and men from 3,500 ground units and 10,000 men from Air National Guard units would be in training at various times in more than fiO taten or territories. , Not white, not when, not rye, out · flavor blend of ill three-Junge's Romin Mel] Mreid. 11-U-tf they would follow the instructions [patient of the court if those instructions ' were that the defendant "inflicted mortal injury when there was an opportunity to withdraw." ShrnrJcr is accused of seropd degree murder in the death of Paul Bmvrnan, 42. Bcntnn County road supervisor, last November 2. Bow- ' in a Prairie Grove" hospital. Mr, and Mrs. Rex Watson and son, Johnny, of Lincoln, Neb., have moved from the Ed Fallen place to the Roy Gore home for the summer. Mr. and Mrs. O. W. Frost, Miss said they bad "fixed opinions" about the case. The defense ox- cuso.l six prospective j u m r s on peremptory challenges. The };tale excused four. In a murder trial the defenre is allowed eight peremptory challenges in which no cause need be fihown~1o excuse a juror. The state is allowed six. From the questions that Defense Attorney Vol T. Lindsey of Bon- tonvillc asked the venircmen yesterday it was evident that Shrad- cr will be based around a fielf-riefcnse plea. j Lindsey continually queried' prospective jurors on their views about when self defense was justified. Prosecutor Ted Coxsey of Bcrryville asked the venircmen if man died at the Memorial Hospital in Rogers of slab wounds. Florida Votes Again, Russell Favored To Win Kefouver Figures In Second Primary To Name Delegates .Ida Mae Frost, Miss Alice Osborn, I Billy Jack Frost, and Hubert Lee Frost, spent Sunday at 'memorial series at White House. · The revival at the Baptist Church will begin next Sunday. The evening service will begin at 7.30 p. m. The Rev. R. A. Hill, state evangalist, will preach. Keep op with (Be tl the TIMES daily. ·read of U. S. airpo-.ver from mid-1954 te mid-1955. O'Mahoney; w h o ! heads a Senate Appropriations j Subcommittee holding closed-door I hearings on the armed forces money bill, announced he will lead I fight to cancel the proposed I "stretch out," and will ask his committee to recommend expenditures of not less than $21/00,000,000 for the air power buildup the fiscal year starting July 1, instead of the 19 jillion voted by tha House. "I do not believe that because we are engaged in a presidential election campaign we should let Russia get the idea we aren't KO_ to provide adequately for the defense of the United States, and all it stands for," O'Mahoney said. He spoke in an interview after hearing testimony by Secretary (Df WATCH THIS SPACE For Daily Bargains ZEPHYR GAS RANGE Regular, $164.95 WEDNESDAY'S PRICE $129.95 SMITH RADIO APPLIANCE ... And the talk of the town is today's low . price for a BIG'52 DODGE Outvalues them all for roominess, comfort, safety,, visibility. 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Estcs Ke- i fairvor of Tennessee. j More t h a n 5no.noo voters in this I state's second primary were ex- ' prctrd In make their choices from a scrambled list of 04 candidates : nn which 28 had pledged to Ke: fauver and 41 were pledged to Russell. Fifteen others were un- i pledged. j In addition, one candidate was ' pledged to support On. Dwtght , D. Eisenhower and another to i Gen. Douglas MacArthur--both Republicans. The big threat to Russell was fhe fart that he had a top-heavy list of candidates running as'Rus- sell supporters--a number of them generally regarded as "fifth columnists" seeking to weaken the Georgian's fight for delegates. Three weeks ago, Russell defeated Kefauvcr in a presidential popularity poll by B2.SOO votes. This was a test of prestige only | and the outcome was not binding | on the dqlegatcs to be chosen to- I day. Most political observers be- i lieved Russell would bag a ma- I jority of the deleqates. In the first primary the Georgian won I all but nine of the state's 07 counties and won a 54.5 to 4 2 3 percentage victory on a state-wide basis. Any Cbnvenient Amount So/d only in 36' iq.-ft. rof/f. GLEAMING, LOW-COST FULL 41-INCH WITH OH/,, 8 SQ.FT. PABCOWALL RIVALS THE ATTRACTIVENESS OF CERAMIC TILE-YET COSTS FAR LESS! Lovely Decorator Colors · EASY-TO-APPLY · · EASY-TO-CLEAN I 54-Inch Width · OPENS TOUR SAVINGS ACCOUNT The important thing about saving is to START. Here, you can get your name on a savings passbook with any convenient amount, and once you have that passbook, you'll find that it's a wonderful satisfaction to add to savings regularly. Your savings are insured to $10,000, and we pay liberal earnings twice a year. Next Dividend June 10th. Will You Share In It? FAYETTEVILLE BUILDING LOAN ASSOCIATION OTer Thirty Y«ri of S«vic« lo Thii Community. CONTOUR- P L A S T I C WALL-TILE Not Chip, Crack, Fade or Warp! . . '. LOOKS IKE EXPENSIVE CERAMIC TILE ,, 15 EXOTWG, HEW COLORS Sulphur City Mr. and Mrs. Dorsey Parish of Arlington, Va., visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Vnlight, over the weekend. Mr. Parish is being transferred to Treasure .Island, Calif. Other guests of Mr. and Mrs. Vaiifiht Sunday we--? Mrs. Mark McCahe and son of Moun- tainhurg, Mr. and Mrs. William Vaught, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Vaught and son, Mrs. Lucille Cook and dautrhters, and Mf. and Mr;. Clifford Vaught and daughters, all of Hicks. The Community Builders Home Dcivonstration Club was to meet with Mrs. William Roelh Tuesday at 2 p. m. Mr. and Mrs. \V. L. Harris went to Prairie Grove Sunday afternoon to see Mr. Gardner, \vho is a Nature has smiled upon this fine whisky! Rich, light Straight Kentucky Bourbon with that old-fashioned flavor.. ."Mellow as Moonlight"... Cascade is all Whisky, Straight Whisky... naturally good because it's naturally aged... Try it today! httM t! HI. t. IICIEL IISIiLLIK OWHtt. iHkrKII. Kf. · II "l»f. 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