Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 27, 1952 · Page 11
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May 27, 1952

Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 11

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 27, 1952
Page 11
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Italy Seeks To Expand Sulphur Production High Costs Bring Industry Decline; Reorganization Set Home-W)-I1al.v has decided to pour nine billion lire (15 million dollars) into its declining sulphur , industry in an attempt to 'double Jbituory , production. Mr«. Ida May Elizabeth Stbeurn f u n e r a l services for Mrs. i r i a I May Elizabeth Sebourn, 63, resident of Mt. Gaylor commliniiy i who died Sunday in her home, will be conducted tomorrow a f t e r - nonn at 2 o'clock in the f a m i l y residence hy the Rev. Dewiit i .Smith. Burial will be in the Mt. Gaylor cemetery under the direction of Nelson's Funeral Home. Charlti Alexander.Brown Charles Alexander Brown, 77, died at 5:45 p. m., yesterday at I the City Hospital, followine 3 \ short illness. He was born at Bov- i or. Ark., April 30, 1875, the son of ' William Merritt and Elizabeth LEGAL NOTICES WARNINO ORDIR In The Chancery Cmrt Of WithlKflin Count,, Arkanwi Frances Jacqijelyn Webb P l a i n t i f f A r t h u r Edward Webb Defendant u, T i\ e , D «'«ndant A r t h u r Edward Webb I. warned :o appear in t h i s Court w i t h i n t h i r t y day, and answer Ihe complaint of iho P l a i n t i f f u, n,e ahoye e n t i t l e d cause Witneu my h a n d and «eal of thil Court thl» 10th day of May, 1X2. FRATERNAL NOTICE Baldwin Commandery No. 4 K.T. - 0 iL5 A iLi A _"I ) A !OTI vE AiKANSAS T1MB, PACKARD-WILLYS Sales -- .Service LYLE-BRYAN MOTOR CO ^ne. jS.TM 208 N o r t h Block FOR SALE--HOME NEKns" O A K b u i f e t , also studio STB A" W'fii? RRTKS~ 1 ne "q i L KSTATK R E D U C E D $1000 -n H i - ',,-': i hi "P'. LEWIS d .Serv.-l 'I OK rel i'd Ken-el One of the world's richest na-l^"" a m M e r r i t t ^ns in sulphur. TlaK- saw it. ,,,.- i h "nmons Brown. A f t e r receiving his education at ,.,,,_ TTU*IK a i i L i i f s t na- lions in sulphur, Italy saw its m-n., ,, . duction decline from almost 600- ,, rece!vi "S his education a 000 tons in 1905 to 77000 tons i'n Hendr!x Co "ese, Conway. wher 1945 despite a wideopen market " wnn t h e mcrisl f o r oratory, h - - - - · · · " n« , 1 , 1 , 1 , , , UCJ.S J | l 1045 despite a wideopen market caused by a world Eulphur shortage. Wartime destruction of the lar- - gest sulphur mines in Sicily were partly responsible. High production coste did the rest. Last year the national produc- · tion reached 200,000 tons, 120,000 of which came from Sicily. In its nationwide'industrial ex. pansion program, the Italian treasury earmarked nine billion lire for "reorganization, develop- , tnught for many years in the public schools of Arkansas and Oklahoma, retiring from teaching and moving to Fayetteville in 1918. From then u n l i l his retirement in 1939, he was a commercial salesman and resided until his death at 14 "North School Street. He was a member of the Central Methodist Church and the Occidental Blue Lodge 436, at Prairie Grove. Mr. Brown arid Martha McClendon were married May 19 1909 in Winslow. In addition to ment, and technical improvement) i.-"" "/ ".' """' '" nuu11 "'" "' of sulphur mines." The hill was! !"* ' M a r t h a - "f'the home, he ' approved by Parliament The costs I If s " rvlved b ? three sons. Charles . -will be paid from the Industry and I , , ' r £ w 'i Jr " Wichila ' K a n - W i l " · - ' Ham H. Brown, Kidgecrest Calif NOTICE ARUNDAM f i l l , r r - n t r a l llc rnf,rt^. '.1 _ f l H A V E I , . t - y a r l Int.d ni* ..17fi-.l · 1 hnn:r- f n r O N I . V ' NEAR NEW SCHOOLS On rilv hir pr.utr. H.I.I S i (·,,.'· rent-, (ninrl 4 mile* Vrrlnni W,,r |,,,:,d. Arlhu: Ha'll," "What your orsiiniyfttinn nerd u in icerciiive, .mhitiou, live- wire, like me." mils! move all inl"^^",.'".!'"^.'.'",;, 1 ''' 1 *"" liv 'is room suite.' * 'enck'nii''!!!'"! p l a t f o r m rorker » i l l , o t t o m a n , cof. fee lab-e. l\vo m - i t r h : n K step u tables, : maple licdrnom suites enport table . - n l k - m nice (rnr.: ptm-h. l a n k , ll-ior (-.ini-u- ml \vi!h ln\v [n i t h met.' f-h;nlo .' 'T.t N'rienbnrs ownrr -- I fgg_g.^«--«»AL ESTATE | ~ ' - - j R E A L T O R '.inr'-rj in \":n syllables. Thurs., May 29 7:30 Temple Degree Re/Yf-shments Will Be Served. NO trespassing on my farm on .1,*,,way 71 south of Window. Mrs. Pete .Land. · rREE~Hoc FEED" APPROXIMATELY 2(1 liirrels v and hatchlnf eegs. Call .7129 Arkansas Broiler Hatchery. N o r t h Gregg Street. ntAN'SPORTATCON OFFERED LEAVING for California-- Friday or Saturday, will take 3 passengers;. Phone 2061. Commerce and Treasury Ministries budgets. Because of outdated mining methods « larje part of Halv's sulphur is lost.. From a total 1.612,000 tons of mineral ore, only 200,. 000 tons of sulphur were collected Cpl. Lawrence H. Brown,' Camp Polk, La.: Three daughters, Mrs. Katherine Logue, Anaheim, Calif., Mrs. Mary Lee Dixon, Detroit. Mich., Mrs Margaret Muir, Tuha, Okla.; one sister, Mrs. Addie Simpson, Fort . Funeral services will be held Thu « d »y »«ernoon at 2 o'clock in cha P el .°. f ?. el . son » in 1951. Modern equipment and l' S '"j Mrs ' Addie Sim P sn ", Fort special oven.-, would double Eu ".| Sn"th:/ne brother. Walter Brown, phur- production almost immedi- ~ s " T " th; a n d Slx grandchildren. , ately. Sulphur experts say the open,.,.- ,,,, , , ,, , , ovens now in use vield onlv 30 ,?* 'T'.°, f N(?l50n s Funel ' al per cent of sulphur" from treated " ome ' B u n a l wl " be at Fairview ore. A modern process could p o - ST eU V% unijel . ^ di «*°n of chics as much as 70 or 75 per cent. elson s Funeral H ° m «- An Italian government publica- - t i n n said -tibhur production will double within the next three years and by the end of 1954 a 40fi,000- lon annual production is expected. _ Most of it ..will come from the rich Sicilian mines. LOCAL car leaving for S o u l h p r n California soon, take 3. W r i t e Box L-l WANTED TO borrow $500.00. six nionths. pav lO 1 :;. Write Box L-4. ".Times. INSTRUCTION TO 1D.12 High School Graduates. Con- gratlllations! We i n v i t e you to visit our school w i t h a view to e n r o l l i n j : for a regular course J u n e 2. Money and time invested in special t r a i n Ing would r e t u r n Rood dividend:; in the nionths ahead. F a y e t t e v i l l e Business College. MONEI TO LOAN Todoy's Morkef-- St. Lout* Livestock National Stockyards. I1I.-(,!P)- (USDA)-Hogs 13,000: fairly ac- tiv«; barrows and gilts 25 to 50 i lower than Monday's average: sows mostly 25 lower; bulk choice ·Kos. 1. 2 and 3 180-230 Ibs 21.00- Births Mr. «nd Mrs. CHirles Huirheo Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hughes of Fayetteville announce the birth of a daughter, May 26, a't the City Hospital. " FhA HOME LOANS Low interest, long terms L'TLEY AND COMPANY, INC. Phone KV3 HELP WANTED--MALE Bruce km Polish FOR FURNITURE, WOODWORK The m.ipJc. O f s i|irone.l M!r . BIIKC Foam I olinh Ku.intntecs new f u r n i t u r e beauty and protection. Rrjists rlust f i n q r r markj. Han't spill. Leaves hicli' slice (.leans as it polislics! "Gallon-of-fo-., |irrsvjrc-lTjc can Prrm, " R K A f . T O R " I, , , fm or symbol -^'hich can be us«d ',[!,'·-· hv i n f i r . h e r - nt th» "alionsl Aiiociilion of Real r m i j Boirda. The ;crm '.f»s r.,fv-'l in n i R bv the Min- r.f/iiioliri hofird and adopted l,v '.ho i V a l i n n ^ l A-,fr,ciation. l h " :·-. rr.hol is mwi : a \-.\f!.\:l:_ Jh'.;i» fi.-rr.s in th» H i . ' i l f:.-'-,'p h!J3;nPSS who i i i f i j T i r n ' i o n memborj anrl "( GARBAGE CANS Best quolity heavy weight, We Deliver LEWIS BROS. C0._ [.OCKKR cartons, meat paper,' freezer --lU'_1._ Lr «'" "ros Co . Inc. _ 'NOBILITY Sliver- 1 " Tall ELIZAHI-rm .lAN'RS _ _ ,-hcit nr d r a w o i pnuttry wire, ·». 1511 feel . hassinet w l l h I . _ . _ 02 .).-- s , 3g , H A I N H O W LEWIS BROS. CO., Inc. TH_^nlo»-_rmjfrr_plione ".ilM. P H I L C O REFRIGERATORS AT I ' . A I I G A I N 1M11CF.S On- 'J f i .'VrM! C:n n c l n c i r n l o r Surcd (]ni-i.|i Wncnini! M u r l u n r i 1.ASY TERMS j CLIFTON LUMBER CO ' - West f o r k . A r k sold exclusively by Fuller Brush t'lmpany. u n d e r neiv trade name of K, u . l " n "n^.S' m ''. l !.-"- Fuller Brt»h standard · a-, a-inpted by lh» A.'soria'.ion. ·Rcalior' firms are listed on p;i,;o J: ir. hc yellow classi-""- 'i'''l P*s?s of your telephone-- njrer.'.ory. All This $8500 , BATES REALTY Fayetteville BoardT ·ondtd RexUor--Trlpphonti 100 ··· ·--·' or Realtors : s ·ondtd RexUor-- Trlrphonri 100 Urban Halland-- Trl« phone JIM BY r.iv N'irili. _Rogrr» t r,.Vv]40 ,-orn'T. Ka»t ! W i l l o w r U llux I.'. II ACRES ln-e.i SI r,aa h a l f i .i»h 1 ACIlllS. iiiod.r Inns, elrne in SI 2111 A C M E S . 2 m i n l l V/HKN you to on va'cation/plaee your ,« "i'.VrS"'," " t,n, .,.,,1. ^.- i j .'! . jvi" 22S ACRES. I n i p l i .17 ACIIFS Imt.r.n M A N Y m n l l a r plar ONE of Ihe Del OFTERFD A r k CAN YOU APFORD TO PAY RENT? ACRES ! \ c n h l e irni-r-n loBi- in. Sl.Rd'. ACUh.S. .K-c.Tliif ImpHH ROOM »II:H| i' lin Razorback Mr. nd Mrs. Vlrtil Sullivan Mr. »nd Mrs. Virgil Sullivan of Springdale announce the birth of a daughter, May 27, at the City Hospital. Mr. ind Mrs. Bill Fields Mr. and Mrs. Fields of | Springriale announce the birth of Noif. 1 and 2 under 225 Ibs; 240270 Ibs full width of choice grade 20.00-85; 280-350 Ibs 18.25-1D.50- 150-170 Ibs 19.75-21.00; 120-140 Ibs If'.in-19.25; sows 100 Ibs dow-j-, 17.50-18.2S; mostly 17.75 up- 'heavier sows 16.50-17.50; boars' 13.00-15.00; few 15.50; stags 140016.00. . Cattle 2,500, calves 1.400; few ·early sales steers and heifers steady; good and choice 31.00-33.25; cows opened steady but trading slow; utility and commercial cows 22.50-26.00; canners and cutters 16.50-22.00; bulls unchanged- a utility and commercial bulls 24.0026.75; cutter bulls 20.00-23.00; vealers generally steady; sorted prime 38.00: good and choice 30.00-36.00; u t i l i t v and commercial -vealers 22.00-29.00. Sheep 950; trade more active than Monday; general undertone steady to strong: several lots " choice to prime spring lambs 29 00-30.00: top 30.00; few good to choice shorn lambs 25.00-28.00; load utility and good light Texas · clipped lambs 23.75, with yearling end 21.T5 and strong two year old end 18.00; numerous small lots and individual head cull to good shorn slaughter ewes 6.00-11.00; shorn aged bucks 8.00. i pital. Mr. and Mrs. Furrell Younr Mr. and Mrs. Fan-ell Yiung ol .Springdale announce the birth of a son, May 27, at the County Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Frinz Adler Mr. and Mrs. Franz Arller of Fayetteville announce the birth of twins, son and daughter, Mny 27, at the County Hospital. IMMEDIATE placement in geophysical work, both research anfl field. Permanent positions open lor Cjrarliiiile Electrical Engineers, Geologisls and Petroleum Engineer. 1 ; Also no-.tion-. open lo men xvln, had specialize-! radio or electronics l-.-aminw while in Service. Salary c o m p e t i t i v e . H c H l l h and life insurance , firried F u r n i s l i college transcripl w i t h firs! l e l l o r lo Seismograph Service Corp., n,ix F.XPERlEcTcED'dozer operator., TYujne 14f!fi. RELIABLE man with L-ar wanted to call on farmers in \Vashinptim Coun t.v. W n o d c r f u l o p p o r t u n i t y . s:n to S20 in a day. No c:\pcnence nr c.ipi- t a l r e q u i r e d . Permanent. Write lo- i day. McNESS COMPANY. Dcpt. A. I Freeporl, III. . | HBU^ WANTED--FEMA Lit j ONE woman to wajh"d"i5lics~and clean in kitchen. Castle Cafe, Highway _ 7 l . _ N o r t h . _ I UXI'ERiENCED \valtretijeTi-nmed" Ap- ! ply to Mr. or Mrs. Kay C'ole, Blue _ M i l l Cafe._23 _North _Block. FEMALE receptionist'in physiclans'oi- f i c c . Must lie able to lype and pre fcr.-ibly t a k e short hand. W r i t e q u a l i - fications lo Boy T.-:i. -:^Tinies. WANT a middle aged'lfiriy to w o r k in home f u l l time. Phone U44!.t WAITRESS. Apply " i n "pcrson."~JIa'- _jcstic n e i t a u r a n l 51!1 We-.l Uiekion EXPERIENCED u a r,TM7T~..::,,,.,,., . ^ ply Campus (JrilJ D E W I N G SAVE MONEY urn Fig. 2090 Marvel IDEATMAITRBSCa Quality, new mallresf and mot:ress renovating. Phone 3036 _401__WEST DICKSON SPECIAL" "" ALL metal bwn chair,. S t l.V while they lam. Open evenings u n l i l 9 00. Ililinn Ktorc Bros. Dr pel w i t h me for dependable cire M a k e reiervatloni carl.\. W. p Bolard. Wlnl(iw. Arkansai. "^"JN^'and ironins.. Public'Tio'ii,: IAY ballnc. w 7 ire""l7-inBrautomaTlc" Aluo mowmc. r a k l n j and h a i i l l n n .Hubert Crouch. Phone 28I9M. 'in'TTi^ 1 "^ and Ilretcn curtains. Phone V. "ANir"RXDio""HEPA7fiTTJtJ~ RCASONABLE charj^'jll year, experience. Bring' radio! to 2K South .-.., -^ w u u . Church or call 2JS9W lor nervlce I ON 5 acre, jround. home h.. eormerlv Dale. n.,n^ Service. I rooms, den, wood burn,n,i 1 . w a ^ sn ,'iOi). f] S.T iflu. si 70V 1 :G.I. - F . H . A . MUST be »een 10 appreciate »u.. , 1, I.-,:, i v , , h-dronm bunillow hi» . t'i i n a n y c a p ' i v a t l n » J e a t u r e l Pollsh- , ul hrrdwood iloon. builtlni, floor . i l i i r n - u - e A u t o t n i t l c l a u n d r y (urtll- . ties i,n encloted fcitchen porch Ideal l l t i ' i r p,an and (mart decoration*, i r xcepiiiKul f u r the price Small .THREE BEDROOM BUNGALOW-i I I -S new on lane lot. and hli ltrn. ,u'h \\''i, 8 "TM*" A" '··"« ""turtiw- 1 mi^ii .T.t h-intwoon f l n o r i n f , Hah'ffd r!,.··!), k p f hen b u i l t i n * Bep.-Jix ·** r f i n n f - c t i n r i i anfl ''tr S'slllnf at o n l y - ! s. ftTfl nt jnri gmrrnui termj cia b« , nrrnf\c*ri : FOUR FINE ACRES fnrin-t. North of ---')« Grove. O w n e r will u.irtt* for Mntr! APAHTMENT lion»r in FflvrM»vil1« Owner will trjirt. f r j r f,ir-n A GOOD. Imprnvrrt W nr-rr-. clear . - - .- , .».,.,,, Ownrr W a n ii fm.IV, hnmc m Fay ; A N T , .-, ( l n - horn* crm»J»tirt« of flv«r riCT/iil ronmi. hardwood floo-Srif ^* "··"rrnus rlojoti. huMKnf md nih*r ^ fpaturpi, mrludinjt *m»rt jitw ir^irini AJ-io farjge, b«rn, »nrj poultry htjuici Only OM mtlt n u nr A n n food road, natural Will trade. NEWLIN REALTY BEAUTIFUL SUBURBAN" I and c,ly water F fOOTINGS-w.i.r. y.-,-.n d ,. w . t dllchei. neptlc tank hole. oTvu '"""'· c " 2 ' 2 ' ^ r «' e WHEELER REALTY CO REALTOR Or.ark Thealcr Bld« Phone . '"plume HIM ° rr "' l ' m tra ilEiP.'m'y'cgiiiy in 7,1 N« sn ST Ic-r pon.vtTtihlr'. I'hone I332.J » FOOT Koeh meaf eaj77'rcT.5W for q u i r k »ale or lake vi- B e:able .-xchiinpc__phone2fi.1f) " " " I I PONTIAC or tMde" "p. B. M. Grove. . "chejp"|ile¥. 20Gf. Prairie NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES CLASSIFIED AD5 Rate: 3 cent* per wori ilncl* !·· lertion. Three consecutive iniertlow i cents per word. Minimum order 42c Classified ad) cash In advance--not en^ over the telephon*. LEGAL NOTICES N»«l« Of rillni~0f PelHlon fT Quiet Title And Warning Order In TM Chanory Court Of ,., Wtihiniten County, Arhantai Walt H. Beacn. Fx Pane P l a i n t i f f 36.00 Ply Carnpus'Gnir"' ""' "'"'· ' ' · ' ' t ' l t V l L L E | nor.DI.EAK hMVTplFtJrTTrnl WOMEN "wanted for "sin^^v "wor"k~in I D l l i m h l n n S Uas^rtM f. I li'ta ' ax3 " lnch " or '" r « cr city. Guaranteed SI oil an h,Z ,,li" r |S « n '«''5y B IieafillQ 10. ^ bonus. Must be neat appearing. ;,n,l . , h n v c Oklahoma pro|»ertj FOU_SAI,K OR RENT | I'OWKR ·liWn~"mo"wcr..^Su7Tle~ISo S'T ,-? nrncr w '" Mountain and I _ jc hop! M reels Phone 12 I WANTEII TO BUlT '''"'"" ~""" MATTRESS R E N O V A T I N G Cmton M«tlre5e Built Into H , G . llilrilnl «d Innernprmid Duggar-Brown MATTRESS CO. South cut st. bonus. Must be neat appearing ;,n from 20 to 45 years of age. See M. McDonald. 218 Norlli East Street J TM " L " L ° ! ? »·_ "· dally- SALESMEN WANTED SALESMAN, hieh caliber, good -closer" age 2.1-70. introduce financial ser-' ice Business-Professional men burnt- traveling. JIOO weekly draw plus bonus to man qualifying. Write ex- WANTElTAT"6NCE-^5awl!ii(h 'Dealer in West Washington County. Write Rawlelgh's. Dcpl. AKE-I30-F, Memphis. Tenn. 310 NORTH WEST PHONE 730 "/ ···· trade fnr acreage, or u-hat hav Phone 1B7JJ. l ~ KOR RAF.K-M??cri.l.ANEOIIS ! WAN:r .. TO RENT_ STRAWBERRIES 1^^^--*'^ J. W. HILL ELECTRIC CO. Phone 24, West Fork " lTi ^ s "^n,is-irui5r. "creens anc- iwnln«. B.H . , , , . . , v , . ^ n f l i c , I n , r t . - W t iSfh" 1 *" ** *"" n "" 1 " W ' wr floor,; iar'ace.'c'h',ck-'n : rURNISHED HOUSE L pavement. Pticc re- /jt,,/.^ ,,r,ccrceir-,,- L ( « l !f K I OSSCSSIOr.. bargain prlco n n f i i r n l t u r " hjMor t h a n averale. K l e e t n r reir.rer.nor an'l bedroom · u l t e alm.-iil ne« Walk out propoll- llon at o n l v ISM|no ln.p«ct it it Ml South Colle,e Avenu, us ph;jw '-on. Phone 7(a. . "'.'mate.. Cane Cocper. _south l.r-ru.t Phom 1016 . «l borfire' Wrdnosd.r.- pir|; !,,,....:,, ,,..;. FOR RENT--MISCnr.LA.NEOUS ^ finnnJi r,.r-.,i" r v,-,j .,. ' T " . ~ * ·- -- -·- -- .losrt.'iv. jjicK j j - - ' · -- - - "" OVI ^-»"^-^» '*'Uft your own berries, llring vrinr cnn- - * " OOM runiithprt dnpicx"npnrTmem , Nov.- Hi-fjund bul, good bcr- A, p i'.', r _ i r,/? fnR '', rnttir -_ ^iv.-,ir h«th. riey. Pat and Jack Johnson i si «ns Defendants N o c e " r e b - v tor* a n d / o r As- iven t h a t there . u,, County. Arkansas, the etition ! 1 "" . , " 1 1 ? Mc . h - praying ( o r the An outstandini flavor--Junge't Roman Mtil Bread. ll-19-tt CASH PAID FOR DEAD ANIMALS Phont Co!l«rt nn Ftj.rl.Till«, Arkinui Joplin Rendering Co. OLD MODEL CAR SALE AT Abshier-Bryan's low price* on these older model cars to move them ouh »39BUICK TUDOR 42 PLYMOUTH FORDOR 40 FORD COUPE 40 PLYMOUTH TUDOR 40 FORD TUDOR 42 FORD TUDOR Extra Special '46 Ford Pickup $290 17-21" {AST MOUNTAIN ST. · --· - ·- - I .--.-o ·". . . . V vestlni!. confirmation and ijuielinj of title in him to the following descnhed real estate, situated in Washington County. Arkansas, to-wit: The Southwest quarter |SW') of the Northeast quarter (NEVil the quarter iSEHl 'of the Northwest quarter (NW'.l and the Northwest quarter |NW'.,| of the Southeasf quarter ol Section Five loi. Township Fourteen (14| North Ranse Thirty-three i.tli West of the Sth P. M., containing one h u n - dred twenty (120) acres, more or less. All persons claiming any interest in said lands or any lien thereon are hereby notified and warned to an- pear in .aid Court within Six 161 ft-eeks of the date of the first puh- Ication of this Notice and thow cause ",f n f 1IW Have, why the title to ·aid lands should not he vested, con-1 w'.Tt -a'a 1 I" 10 '" 1 ln t h = petition, I Walt H. Beach, forever. | The delendanls. Martin W.tson. his unknown heir., ixeculors. adminlslra. lori and/or a.signs, are hereby w.rn- c ° urt SALESMAN wanted to sell storage plants and conveying' ma- I 8 FOOT J'i chinery lo farm exchanges and f e r t - I years Phi. ilizcr denlers in all or pans of A r - i «~A\--norf kansas. Preferably man a l r e a d y con- I,, ,,.,.;,,,. lading this trade who \vnuld sell , i i - - ' -' our equipmenl along v,i:h p r e s e n t ! , K n "». line. Will i n t e r v i e w prospects in Ar- ' 'ITM 1 ''! o.' kansas at later dale. W r i t e M i d - I "I"'""-'-'- » stale Machinery Co.. 359 Xast M a m ! ?1TM1., Street. Dcca!ur. Illinois. m _ Douglas. l-ULL or'"pnrt f,me"".\o eTp"e7T7H?c L Y r ' G , AGEl necetsary. Must be neat appearing , r '. l ' f V a ° M - 1 " :1K - "'"'"' ' ' "· Guaranteed good earnins while in ,,i'V;j' k ^-. ctc - A winplet,- l i n e training. See Mr. McDonald at 218 ! 1 - 1 * M - rTu: l s A R M Y Sl'Kj'LL'S STORE North East Slreel, Apartment 1. S to 10 a. m. daily C..I; n|ia'rimen7n cl a'r"V;nlTM»! 1 |J.' 1 S',m" l u l l s p a i d . A v a i l a b l e now. Phone 7I2J ROOM modern house ah.l garage on Mission. Phone 1BF22 or 205(1.1 i r t n i c n t . E l C A V A T l N G B U L L D O Z I N G Grov«l, Fill Dirt, Top Soil D. M. P A T T O N Phone 249 Excavating - Bulldozing Disking - Brush Rake CipflHiy, ,,,, 1^11 vc.i ducert, or ivlll ira'J DUPLEX LOCATED on Isrp- lot. \!3 71 h i u h - wny. cood inroin* ,,'jilahl* /nr horn* nr liiiMlnfR-i rcn!.-.. 1'rit.T 517,10*) T«rnn w u h r r ; t cjnah.i; p , i j m e n ^ rrutlf ronsldrrcd The Broadhiml Co. I«?.LN . CMiim- '''""-r Ji"!, ASSUME F.H.A. LOANS I I. ALMOST N K W 2 hedrnom frame. U n i v e r s i t y area. Ijrjje living room, I dlnln« room, h r e a k f a i t «p lee in k i t c h e n Separate u t i l i t y room,» t.s'Sn «'r f , r o h( ;;',,rsH,e Pr " : ' ! J. NKW .1 HEUHOOM Irani- U'athlnK- ton Fehoo! Dlilrlct I,»rKe f.hady lot Nice k l l c h e n I.arne l i v i n g room- n m l n g room combination ' l i l e h i m Plenty of clor,et space. A u l o m a n c heal Car-port lerrace Price S i l l - Of)iinn u . i M i n o to handle ' 1. 2 Iir.UnOOM FRAME. N o r t h section. A t t r a c t i v e home lor itmall Limliv i W « l l - a r r a n « c d k l l r h e n w i t h d m i n l area Separate u t i l i l . v room. 2 lloor fiirnacei and nepirnte c /,ra/!e price I SK.mOfKi. M.2».vii|) to h a n d l e w KINCAID COMPANY LOCATED ON N. WALNUT ~ST~ . ' - n . one . Hammond Really Co. Eve f'hon« H. D Htmmond 1371 J A Jarvi* i.stow Y»ar» of Servlc* : 20,000,000 \ Pollcyholdtn 20% r Savings ; MUTUAL FIRE AND AUTO INSURANCE : «-' "Savings for preferred t\ikt" 'Gel tho Foeti .' £. nice hedge on one et*c, i«rB«-uvirz , . :-.!« room Bcrn»» front. i,b3jemen!. «ur- ' i -.,-. ; rounded hy nood hornet, SJOOHna · ooni ? vlll handle, lialanre on monthly i payment.. TIMS 1'ROl'F.HTY i s ' KKUJKC. WORTH THE MONEY. THIRTY MINUTES' DRIVE "'"M^.iyel^cvil!,. ,,,, j.,,.,,, f l m a , pe,lei.a.'.'ir'cli,ir'il Jr'il'i ui'i'l ,','at'.'"fenc- ' ed and no*s lenced \vlth Kn-i-l fenre all a r o u n d . 70 he.vl of ,..,,,,( r , t | lr loin of sood f a r m n i n h m - r v THt. · HOME HAS A n K A I J T I F l ' l . SETTING AND IS NOW SELLING No .' Agency § Real Eitat** 16 Eait Canttr n l i l e . I'nunc JUHF.J. ' ;H It cases. f,,,,t l.ichrt,. A.'l SHAMBLIN REALTOR THrphnnr 241 nr ?r,',\ ~ SUBURBAN SALESMAN WANTED For General Sales Work Some experience desirable. CHINCILI.AR "?S "ISi'i 1 ""*' llm " ci »"PPl q u a l i t y Chinchilla.. ReslMcred N C B A Vl.ltor. welcome. Free l i t e r a t u r e ' --... UBJ ui i^ay, 1U3^. SEAL) Richard B. Greer Circuit Clerk " June 3-IO-l»-24 July |. c W*»NIHO onet'K In The Chineiry c*urt Of · «NlntlM Ciunty, Arkxiin H. Beach Plaintiff H,""" W'ljon. HYt Unknown Heln. Execulor,, Admlnlllrator, and/or as^ "'"'- Martin Wition Defendant ,,j; n 'n£?' (! B!» n . 1 «""" w """"- "'» xnown ..... B . r-xecutnn, A d m i m ...""" *"'' asiljnt D warned to d a u and anlw C ° l ' r ' W '"" n "" r ' y I PI JTtni».'"mF'hV l '" V """"" 11 " 11 ' °'*''*° I ISJ'r'i ' h l * 2 9 l n ""y"' M «)'i IMJ. I inf.AI.I 'Richard B. Greer Chancery Clerk ^7 June ,Vin-]7-e NOTICI ih^°r, C , e ^ """ "' "" P"""i« t h a t the .City Council of Fayeltevllle Ar- SK' "',,'" r o « u l n r m e e t i n g on'.lune ... i , ' ^" r "" P«"lnn of Frank -,,- '«"J1' V l r n i n U I. Illnkle. Gen. Price. Phyllis Price, o t t o (;aie J,,v Onge. Fred I Brown and' Io- -phlne M Brown, ind determine -i-hether t h e alley 20 feet wide ... t e n d i n j from .lohnion Street on Ihe toulh to nuwcca Street on the north whh-h a l l r y »ep»ral*» nioek No !! frnm Block! No. 2.1 and Nn. 24 In Gunter Addition lo *ald City, thoitlrt hf v«c«led i requeued in ind iwtninn. "·led I h l l 2*lh d«)' nl Msy. IMI J W MrGehe« City Clerk jr j un , j. t TYPEWRITERS'AND ADDING MACHINES New and Reconditioned. Portable Typewrilcrs. Rentals Dependable service department. Cash or Terms if desired 34 years in Ihe business 0. B. WILLIAMSON CO. INC. 1-3 V.Y.'! M i , i . n : . i i n si. I'ino'.lc- i i l o . Ail;. Phono --1VH L.-irry M:iloi.r- M^r i I]ATK ! CAS "'r-,nr- "" r ''' 1 '''ph.-.n'e"'i"l:. ji Wards Only ^3 n.-) n MO.NTCOMf.RY *ARD FAYETTEVILLE PLUMBING HEATING; CO. i £ lli.?L_^g t __ Phone istf AUTOMATIC APPLIANCE (JO. A Btller Pltc* to Bur * '"' flotpoint N I C K I . Y ' I t i r n i i h e d 3 room, an~d ' f;".,?,? 1 " "foment. No c h i l d r e n ; '"' p n v Ko d pan ,,,r,1lie. !,,!» of s l n r age «,-. ve,|p,i.-,n ulm-K A cool b u v at n o l y J7.VXI ^.ARne^i^h^oo^r-oorhunV UTLEY C O M P A N Y , INC. ±n ^h^-cJ^rdVnl %% \ "W"!, .^^ gTM$?** : . l o l 5 f l liy 21)0 H ISO } | . II 1, I ' l l r v 2MJ. lie, Kn; ^.S^,-d 12,048.16 DOWN Ph. 1)1 Caniph'-l] ; 2 HOirV .^nrV I/,,, n,»' rn.-h SPKCIAI.!?Y a r f RICEn J u n n ] i ". ir .']'. ^ l 1 K n r t h Srhnnl | t i A R A C K n p a r t m r n t . 2 rr . n u v s'i nt- m i l l J. D. Eagle, Realtor. . ' · ' · *·*· !" ^riivrawr. must sell. . ,--ntmM DAY old~5o."iTnsT Pekin u hahy cuineas. Weekly h a l r h e tom h a t c h i n g Ancell I.awson H a t c h e r y .ir.OO Gateway Driv lin. Mo TOR SALE-- AIITOMOTIVE MOTORCYCLK. HI) 41." 7 I ' c r l e r t r u n n l n i ; c o n d i t i o n Phone 37.1,1 i I34fl "CMKVnOLF.T ' SlyVlfnc ' l)i.|i, x ,. ! cliil, coupe. 21000 miles n.,, k |,, llr f u l l y equipped, ex, e p h o n a l l v f,n;i car. Good reaion for K e l l m g SI t'fi:, n't H O U S K H t H J) s l.'ijii 1 . l i u l l d i n K ^6-J. W i l l a l i r - r 5 p m WAGo.V. t e n n i an't li.irn^- M'.-lfl O. A l l n fJl;,;;j; ; . nl! n n i p t i ) . n l . dcrp \M ,| -..r^lf. IS ,! HAMMOND REALTY CO. '.-;..'.'£' »:'·!?. .T.i'^J'ONiin.'v'pAv. 1 . ( n Ufley Company, Inc. FAI.i-ORH LKNDERS INS!;»OR.S Ca I J J Pyealt :M.l Hei .j» . _ H L_j:;tley ::oi. He» ir,07 S' IA . N '7'" T f SE K A ' l i K A I ' T V SPfif ' F l l f N rirl-.e hy |2 ?S O a k l a n d ST-e' ne idem snilll home Open for in- P H O N F 7R1 tfin Who's Who For Service Consult You- Classified PERSONALLY ENDORSED" USED CARS 1950 H u d i o n Club Coupe, Rodio, heoter, plnslic scat coven. Exlra nice. .$139i 19^8 Hudson 2-door. Healer. Bargain J995 1939 Plymoulh 2-door ..'!»]95 ' 190 Hudson 4-door.'. . . $ 1 9 5 1939 Plymouth 2-door . . J125 1939 Ford 2-door J125 OZARK MOTOR CO. Springdole, A;k. eadow -Phont ..«l?t_CoW wave UOO ·TAMe.1 muvu-iY «»to?" H.OOH per dn I f e a l i n , ,.J^_t hool^pnone tftfin NEW DUPLEX ALL l a r i e roiuni. eitlra n l r . In N o r t h e,.l ,,,.,,,,,,. ,.,,o nr 2VI|W ,T,,77^ Mr, .,., kn v.,,,,l,, v , A l k n n . . - , . TOMA1I1 plan,, p h n i l r j\:.; If, IDOT .eml-vee u l i l i - ^ |,,i 1« 111' . h i l l mol,,i ,, ..... ,, Ni:w ,l,,l,n Iv, re ' ireen. 22 year, .trv- 'M-J. J i n N list J W"~M?(7eh'ee Siienrer Cnr.etiere I?_ South U n l v e n l l r S| r . - n i r . , ..... i addi- m-l l i v i n u '"« ,...ii,,i HAULING I PA ". KVI |tW "I» n rl.nentl."f,,fm.hV,rW C '.; AT !"« load, K l,Al)M)RV my kind of Phnnt 7 or TOR Call 11 I, Stewart Roofini Contractor Al«o. Aiheito SMln, Ilomt repairi. 1-honi 11 , ... "ot;rii IIOMF I . A I I N D K V w.? » T 'iT "J " r m «" "".chines *". Vt'w"" 1 ""''"f 'i NC.MH. near Crelihlon i D r i v f - t n r«fe li NEW .1 t.'-'tr7^tn~l Ben . o i n l r u - i i , , n a t t a c h e d «« r aije tion I ' l ' n l y t.,i " 3HB R G. I. EQUITIES ' J1V.BW1 |,owr; ,. n · p »- '· h ' N'o |,, dn ,.,,,,, .,_,| , - I 7 W per n i ' i n t h J I . 7 M i e n Dfiv;-'; o n i ) , , v . . , ,, ] ] r , of iv,, n e a r l y new |.,' ..,' . .... ,. nini'-s Holh nn p i - in.-Ti 1 ,i( r of iiwn I ?\*) l,,--, ; .,,i c j-, r "'her fliniv O . - t i ' i f r * OI'TSTANDINT. n r x t h r t r hciiro i » r i h t i f n i ' - n t i Hnr |, s . v .,. lrn « ( r « n c r m - n t n n r j f\r?\\ ,,\ . i t r u r t l n n B f H p r h u r r y RITTER AGENCY 1C y. ( V n l r r pi, 15- KOR sale l,v ,iVMi.-r I and * h r c p f , M . l, m -, 4 n u ; f » iron, I . I A M ,, w.i School I,,,, , ,, , modern .S room r u n h s:\:,. r o. k j e n e c r h.,.,.,. ,,,,,, , , ,,,,,,.,, I enu w a t e r , loll ,,f (ami- Li.c.i.ed I.'. 1 , mile, west ,,f .s,,, Am,,,,,,, Te,,i w,|| rn ,,.,,|,-r f a r m In A.-' h a n « n ^ n l i n u e c |{ V e r n o r K V u t e 2. llox 7\ Wr.i h . . I K \ i I; I ' n t l R n A I I h,,n-e a r.-,mn. ' t ; , H v modtrii hiiri|wo,,,| f | l t l l , ' i r e p l , . n '"-autlfw locauon l,,u ,,i |jri* h,d« Ireei . , v e r . , l ,,uli,ull,|i n «., ·prm« wm.r, a!.,, , , · » i - r r «v«ii- " h "'Xj»'r" f i n e I,,, l i ,,i 11 h,«h- _-,:. ?,...'"'-':· "' v ''""' I'nco YOUR FAMILY DESERVES IT Hon lo ho»« running wattt now -- p i « n t y «( a -- at tkt lurn ol «»«ry lauctl, at ««r lim». Thol'i thi WOT t« naif* Running Water Pay -- |i tla« ·aiil -- i n labor ia»«4. In Ihe compUlt D«mlnf UH of thallnw and d««p well pumps and watir sr lh«f It ont to m M | iptclllc niidi txactly. Lit ui thow you why a Bra. ln,j Wat.r Syilim U « ···*· ·fcll InviMlntMt. D E M I NO CAYETTIVIUI nUMM * HIATINO CO. S10 N. Wnl Jhoit«

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