Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 27, 1952 · Page 7
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 7

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 27, 1952
Page 7
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MOtTHWtST ARKANSAS TIMES. foyt«»v!I!«, ArkoiMM. T.wjdoy, Moy J7, 1MZ Iftt VEAE Junior KVKBT WEE* A WM*IT DtBarlmenl Mlted to Jim t.yelltvllle Hlih gth»«l Jo.rnallHu c^fT New $C Committees Students Enjoy Banquet, Dance, Picnic Dr, Bent To Speak Announced For '52 "No one is to blame for your chids in the Moonlight." The ban- f a i l u r e but yourself," said Mr. quet closed with the entire group Clint Walden, speaker at the Jun- singing the Alma Mater. Following installation of Slu-.' or " Senior Banquet in the U a r k ' The Junior-Senior Dance ,, fol- dent Council officers for 1952-'53| Bnwl Ma .v 22 . 1952. Mr. Waldcn's i lowed the banquet. Decorations President Jon Larry Starr announ- ' to P' c xvas "it's Not Paved." : for the dance carried out a colonial ced the following committees j T »«imaster for the banquet garden theme with a colonial which are tentative and subject to was Stanley Williams, president mansion in the background change in the fall: j °' the Junior class. The Invoea- : The following day, Juniors a n d ' Al Commencement "Laadinhlp" To to Subject Of Addrtu To 129 Senior! Dr. R. K. Bent, of the Educaton By-Laws: Val Ann Watson, secretary, in charge; Rosemary Henbest, chairman; Carol Carson and Jimmy Blair. ; Alan Adams and Ronald Morris ; mud. The would-be fishermen had ; played "Dizzy Fingers" in a piano: "fisher's luck." except Mr. Gwalt- General Party Committee: Bet; duet. Thc Junior Triple-Trio sang ' ney, who fed ty Sisemore, vice-president, i n ; "Moonlight and Roses" and "Or- all afternoon charge; Clyde Carroll, chairman; Kathleen Johnson, Dennis Massey, Kussellene Gibson, Betty Stewart, and George CAle. Party Committees: Jon Larry! Starr, president, in charge; Music: Joyce Anne Osburn, chairman; worms to the fish Donna Yoes, Claude Carroll, Mar- velyne Rise. Games: Patsy Anderson, chajrman; Donald Duncan, Mary Jo Davis. Margaret Myers. Ping Pong: Dick Smith, chairman; Pat Fleming, Jimmy Snyder. Decorations: Virginia Stapleton, chairman; Clyde Carroll, Pierre Blon- We Leave To You We, the students of the senior The End, "30" ture junior high students the Well, here's the last edition of i over. , building wjiich has been fondly j Lucifer has been banged madly called i'HS since 1908. Our only in last minute corrections and is reservation is that we be allowed . now beginning to oil his joints to keep the memories we have of teachers have read and re-read the building. Memories of. . . the last stories for okayj--the last j The traditional "My Own Amer- | by the Girls Chorus, Faycttcvillc School District No. 1 w i l l he discussed by Virgil T. Blossom, followed by the presentation of the class by Mrs. Bunn Bell. Mr. Leland Bryan, president of the School Board, wi!! present ihe diplomas. The "Sons of Farewell" by Richard Kountz will be sung by the Girls Chorus followed h y ! the Alma Mater sung by all present, fiev. D. L. Dykes will j p i v p ' the invocation and benediction, j Thc processional and recessions] j will be played by Mrs. £. H. Sonneman. The Reverend Mr. William F. Cooley, District Superintendent of ;ave the Bac- written by the i Methodist Churches, g . . · -· , · - . . . . » ... t . .-in j · ...iuo na.-i JU51 Tin IS hOd i Th(* Fa vottpvillp H i r h ^ohnnl ! A^aS TM^h^! .Tod?, ^ 'S'o^asf ^ i S«r'L!t4^ho! ,-r^n ^cetd ^| Alo^S^^ or^rVSk a,,!~n^rb- ^ I these people and many more, for| R e v e r e n d Marius Lindlotf, Rector j Dear lay- (he successful paper we've had 0 , st . Pau ,. s Episcopar Church.! Gibson, Kathlene Johnson. Shir- . us through. . . ley Davis, Helen Sandlin, Sidney' we lonve to you Miller. ! c t t c v i l l p Hieh" w i t h the hope t h a t this year through their help. " Usher Committee: Don Lewis, your memories of its as "Junior, In journalism lan s u»*e. .he ^"suoerlmenVenl'vTr^i'Blostom Alex Scarborough, Buddy Ritchie, High" m n y be as pleasant as those number t h i r t y means "the'end"- *_ d ^f" m £?£.Sonneman , f a " Eugene Henderson, Eddie Short, | we take w i t h us. j so--thanks, and "30." : ' bonneman p l a Pat Fleming. Thomas Dockery, I FHS Student Body Jimmy Snyder, George Cole, Or- : -- · ville Hall, Greg Payne. Ivan K i l l , ] "fVLLL. U.. Freddie Miller, David Siuhhleficld,.; l/lHlll, Ply Shirley Whitehead. Carolyn Dun- j lavy, Shirley Davis, Lavinia Lee, i Barbara Barrett. Lynn Hunting- ! ton, Mary Roberts, Rosemary Hen- ; best, Betty Sisemore, Val Ann : ' Lu Wrny, J[j|y Margaret Huttgcns Editor, JUNIOR TIMES ''All work and no play". For f i f t y j u n i o r nnd senior girls, this NHS President For '52-'53 ' cd the processional and the reces- ; i sional. Bulldog Waggins The FHS Band will be minus 10 valuable members come Ma.v 30. Those graduating are La Joyce Anne Stiles was elected presi- I Patrick Smith and Russell Hawk- Edward, Rhonda Rhodes, Eliza- - . - , . - - M y i n s is . almc)st _ truc - Msrching : dent of the_Socratic Chapter of the ins, clarinets; Gilbert Arnold and practice for the Peppers will be- J R i n J u l y 17 at Harmon Playfiold beth Carstarphen. National Honor Society of Fay- elteville High School for the year '52-'53 in the last meeting of the I mer. The number of practices a year. Other officers chosen were Elizabeth Bridenstine, vice presi- j dent, Carolyn Dunlavy, secretary, i At the first meeting of Ihe now ! Alan Adams, treasurer, and Don i Pep.iers, merits and de-merits j Lewis, historian. | were read and explained. Merits ' These officers were installed by | are given for attendance at out- Ihe out-going president, Nonna j of-tnwn games and for any special |Kennan, who surrendered her of- I contributions to the activities of | fice to the new president, Anne Well, well, here's my 1952 y e a r - j the squad. De-merits arc cession workers will be announced in the fall. Jim Stubblefield, trumpets; Joe Richardson and Margaret Hudg- pns, drums; Jerome Johnson, yax- aphone; Charles Bogan, Ray Giles, and Jamii Cornette, trombones. Bunking partie?, bridal showers, parties and darccs rrc occurrjnsc quite regularly now w i t h ;cniors trying to squeeze all they csn out of thsjc la^t f-v.v hish school i^ys. A common sight in almost nny book, senior year in hieh school, j for absences from meetings o r ' niony the new president closed t h e , senior rlas.; i.- ho "siiowjng off" Think I'll take a look at that class. { games. A Pepper who accumulates ] meeting. | O f ncv; jfrnduaUon ^ i f t s froiii" 'i-n. . . Here are PAULINE and M A X - , ten de-merits is placed on proba- i During the past year the society; ily and friends. Senior boys ro- I N _ _ PASCHAL, twins -- n e v e r - t i n n , which mean? she has no vol- i has sponsored a number of activ- ceivcd ti? clspps and the sir's could tell which was w h i c h -- r e - j in^ power; if she gets five more, j ities, among them are the book! were presented w i t h gold "52" member both of them in dramatic? she is released from the squad. ' exchange, Play Day, Honors Day. | pins and smr.ll ccoar chests from and- Driver's ed. class--wonder i f , Scholarship was also stressed as , Amethyst Service Award, Randall ' local firms. they still look alike. , . Here's an- j being important. The Pepper's ; Osburn Award, Tutoring Service. ! .-^.-. other girl, EMMA MAE SKEL- | grade point averages 4.00 (B a v: Courtesy Committee, and Career Some *cniors have been h e a r d ! TON, real friendly -- she helped erage), although a 2.00 (C aver- j Day, the new project for next · regretting tli:.t they are grsdu- ating this year because they wanl out on the yearbook, in the library, , ape), is all that is required for { year, and was in Is T HS--haven't seen her ' membership. Next year the group in years. . . One of the Amethyst i hopes to make the average even \ A u t O Q f O D h H o u n f f c Service Awards that year w e n t to higher. '· »,-, . THEODORE RENSHAW- remem- , » her he worked on the t r a f f i c ! P M ^ Prniarti/\n Carvi/ squad-had senior Enslish with j." 3 [TOiecnon SCmC him-- JOHNNY TEAS, taii fci- \ Ends Yeor Of Activity low, think he was in homp room lo go to the new hich school. Well. they will have the satisfaction of i A . i n r i i i ^ ~ : heins the last senior cla;.-. to E r a d - , At I V D ^ AmethySt Party uatr from this building, w h i c h 1 "Oh. no. is that me? Do I real'y ·;r:td'.ml2d its first class of 14 in j 1011. Forty on? yr.-rs later the I look like t h a t ? " "Look at this pic- ' clars of '52 will receive 120 diplo- ture;" "Will you sign mine. mas. 20--remember him in bookkeeping j Some 100 films have been shown please?" Cries such as these were ' and shorthand. . . Fellow in the j by (he Projection Service soys ;' heard from, Root Gym yesterday ' "Mv hM's ^cnna f r l l off and class of '52 said he liked lo eat al- j this year, according to Mr. George j afternoon when the '52 Amelhy.-tp ' "This ('.'line's ton hot" were senti- most anything--that was TOMTvIY | Freeze, sponsor. The pictures have ' were handed oUt at the yearbook · ments expressed Sunday night bv STOUT; took D. O. -- w o n rt e r , been shown to the D. E., D. O., I party. Each person received his : the '.=,2 seniors as they pin on their where he is now. . . JOEL WHITE- i Home Economies. Health, History, book and either dashed off to some caps and jjowns for the first time, LEY--he sure did like to swim-- : Physical Education, S c i e n c e : corner to look at it, or battled the j for Baccalaureate exercises. They served on deck his senior year, j classes, Agri.. and Shop. ' crowd and went "autograph hunt- \ are allowed to keep theni at home think he entered pre-dentat at the; David Aldridge. Norman Aid- ins:." University -- guess he is a first ( ridge. George Davis, class dentist by now. .. V I R G I N I A | Frederick. Orvillc H a l l , Jerry NEWTON was n short black-hair- | Hayes, Billy Johnson, Marion y:Johnson ·--saw her just the other day. . . JOAN TERRY, she was a blonde until graduation in H---!-.- to have Leonard The confusion was maddening, pictures taken by which to rebut fun. One student got so mixed ; member the event. A f t e r May 30. up he signed his own book and the caps and gowns will he stored ed girl--kind of. shy but friendly ; Johnson, Robert Kincaid, Phillip gave it to someone else. Fortun: away for next year's seoiors. Mhoon, Brian Miller, Davis M o b - j ately his mistake was discovered' -· ry, Wesley Morris. William My- i and all's well now. | T hc JUNIOR TIMES was edit- In home room 20, think she be-: ers, Joe McGee, Bobby Pearson,] The yearbook party was o r i g i n - j ert this week by Emile Sonneman, came a beautician. . . Olless I re- j Max Powers. Fred Rose and Lynn I aled to give students a chance to '. a member of ne'xt year's staff. STic' member more l h a n I thought Wafie arc on the Projection Ser-j get autographs while the w h o l e ; was assisted bv Clayveiia Duvali about high school days. Believes Newsprint Cosl Issue National Problem i nf nrwsprint n nntional problem and said Congress should help this country develop its own domestic sources of low -cost newsprint. Case proposed that a joint corn- Washington - UP} - Senator Case mitlcc nn newsprint study the sit- ff , - , nation and make reenmmenrla- (R-SD1 today called the high cost , ions , r , |h( , ncx , Come In and See Us About Our Easy Payment Plan on Re-Modeling Your Home, Building New Garage, Chicken House or Milk Bams, etc. Clifton Lumber Co. Nien* 27. W«t Fork, Ark. he would on resolution todaj Congress. He said , er a concurrent to this effect. · · Sugar Hill Cemetery i Group To Organize Persons interested in the Sugar ' CHILD I voi makes thli , iDcciaUzcd ·tpl- rln co eaiv to Ukft. Tablet! ara U ftduU doM. 3M REN",,? STJOKPH ASPIRIN FORCHILMEN NOTICE , i The Retail Merchants Committee of the Chamber of Commerce Requests That All Feyerteville Retail Stores -CLOSE MEMORIAL DAY Friday, May 30 1 I student body is together. Hill cemetery will meet Sunday j at 2 p. m. at Lincoln (o reorganize the Su;ar Hill Cemetery Association. It is planned to employ a caretaker and improve the condition of the cemetery.. West Fork Mr. and Mrs. Ed Sample had as (heir weekend guests, Mr. and Mrs. John Sample and children, Amelia Ann »nd Samnile, of Fay- ctteville, and Mr jind Mrs. Max I Sample and children, Pam, Jerry ' Lee, and Mikic, of Sprinjrdale. C. J. Hickson of Fort Smith is visiting Bud Carter this week. Robert Glover of Plummerville, visited his wife and friends Inst weekend. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Vine anrl Mr. and Mrs. Adolf Webber sprat the weekend in Commerce, Okla., v i s i t i n g 'Mr. and Mrs. Weblxr's son-in-law and daughlor, Mr. nnd Mrs. Marvin Johnson. The Webber's son, who was Injured seriously twn month* a*o In an aulo- mohile accident, was (akcn from Hillcrest Hospital lo (he home of his sis(er, Mrs. Johnson nt Commerce. Mrs, Webber remained in Commerce lo he with her «on *ir- I n j hi* convalescence. Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Curler »nd mm, Bud and Jick, w i l l le*vi Thursdny for Buion Route. La., where (hey w i l l vlmt Mr. »nd Mrs. ' Cirler'n son ind dnuchter-ln-litw, ' Mr. and MM Bill Curler. Misn Re- Rinfl K i n e ' v - l l l accompany them. They plun lo si.iv · week. Mr. and Mrs. T. K. named hnve ! and Marvelynr Rise. just returned from Key Wen, Fl.i.. where they spent the past three weeks visiting (heir son and dflushter-in-law and grandson, i Miss Edna Phillips of Winslow visited friends and relatives Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Caudle, Jr., »re in Little Rock on business. I I Mr. and Mrs. Joe Fay Moore and | : children of Rogers, spent Sunday ' : with C. C. Stockburper and at- j tended memorial services. i Mr. and Mrs. VI. F.. Phillips and ; granddaughter, Kath.y, Mrs. E l i / n - j beth Smith and Miss Oussie Phillips atlendcd memorial services at · Elm Springs Sunday, ; Mr. and Mrs. Paul Goforth of , Fort Meyers, Fla., arc visiting : ' Port Goforth this week. | Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Phillips aod ; Mrs. Ehrabelh S m i t h had as t h e i r guesls t h i s pnsl week Mr?. Phillip" sister, Mrs. II. C. Fool of Bn- martam. Texas; Mr«. Font's oj.iugh- , ler. Mrs. Wayne McMoans and , daughter, Eli7abelh A n n , of As; pcrmonl, Tex»«; nnd Mrs. Phillips brother, Glen A. Smith of Munday, Texas. They left Sunday. MiM Hernlcc Kurnes of Fay- ettcvllle spent Ihe weekend wi'th Mim Rae Smilh, Memorial service* al R u p t l c t ford und Friendship w i l l he hcM Sund»y, June I »l 2 p. m Rev De«n Purker will he (he speaker ·I Bipllut Ford. Mr. «nii Mrs. Delnmr S m i t h of Tuls», Okl».. visilcrl M r s . Kvn Smith nnd Mr. and M r s Ed Wnl- e r f l r l d o- er Ihe w e e k e n d . Counselors Named For U. A. Men's Residences j Kir 1 . CM i-oun r!nrs l scivr i n ' U n i v t - i M f y men's rpsidpncc hail? d u r i n g the ll)r2-n:i srhool f r : n . have been a p p o i n t e d by John K. Shnenrik'T, dr.m ,,f nu-n. W i l l l n n i Jurncy, r n f f e y v i t l o , ' Kan., v.-lll br senior roimselni i n ; Orcijfnn I j . i l l . !lc lias served i n c ' V-i,.- ; · · ,..,,;;...,,!,,,. j , , | ( n , n ,.| ,-,,.;, I H a l l . O!hcr nieqsnn counselors! \ . j n ,'C r.f.-nnn Shirley, .Jr., N o r t h ' i.itlle Rock; How-aril Sclph, Mansfield, and Reed Donncllv, Altoonn ' Pa. ' | Lawrence l.ulhcr, Q u i t m a n . : who has been a nmnsplni- in Ra?n r h n r k l i a l l . v i l l lie senior r n t i n - selnr there next year. He w i l l lip assisted by Temple Brown. h c i ; ; Springs, nnd James Bran, H a r r i - ' son. Frank Presson. Hot Springs, vill be sonic;!' ( n,ii'..r - ) , - ;.] , . ( , * · : , 1 . ; , ; ; ^ 1 where he has nac! previous experience as counselor. O t h e r I.inyr' Halls coilPse'nrs '.-ill I:" Cnor^i·'· Templcton, L i t t l e Rock: BiqcUw Brown, L i t t l e Roi-k, and David Cowden, Van Buren. j Boh Mcfhesncy, end on Ihe New York football Giants, works in an alrrr.-ft p h u t in Long Is- ', land during the off-season. Pace-setting StudebakerV-8 sets the pace in style and value A Commander V-8 beat all competing eights in actual gas mileage* in 1952 Mobilgas Economy Run! Newest of the new in "iwept-back" modern styling! Sensational 120-h.p. zip and pep! Needs no premium fuel! Rev. Cooley was was introduced ! CHICK SPECIAL each 8c HEAVY MIXED ARKANSAS Broiler Hatchery r. o. ·» in or Tekph*rM 3121 P*yittcvlllt, *OVI«OfilvE, OPIIOMAI AT I X T I A COST, WAS gl|D. Pace-setting Studebaker V-8 paces the 500 mile race AT I N D I A N A P O L I S , MAY 30 twdt»«litr Cemmvnrftr V-l (flnvtrf- I»l* will IH Iht Pec* Cer In fhl yier'i r **1 SOO- mllt r«ct --*n hantr «tt«rd*4 tturftbehir ··cewte ·f ttl eutilendlnt centrlbvtleni I* melerinf · WESTER MOTOR CO. 441 W. DICKSON STMIT, fAtmiVltli, ARKANSAS ONLY LETS WJ HAVE A NEW Setvel IN YOUR OWN KITCHEN for tt of SUPERIORITY ·D JDRT DROP IN --on PHONE us. Tell us you wtnt a new SERVEL in your kitchen. We'll deliver it, you hand u« one «mall dollsr -- wid we If-avc the proof of SERVEL'S «u- pcriority squarely up to you! It'i the no-moving-pirta refrigerator-- the miracle refrigerator with the PEHMACou) Freezing Sy«- SIMPLE as a Porco/ofor.' ilmpl^ No tnonni pnrt* in t h v «c»iinf nr nvflt«n rnconft-ciothuig to wt»r or noi**-evtrl MODIL l l . H I WORLD'S ORIATttT COMIINATION OF INTHIOR riATURIl -r Bvtftr Cvnrflffencr 4 D«w-4ct!«i fniktnm ·d A^/»if«M JWktl ·ti Ntw-Oiiltn Our Hinllt -B ,1 tnlt,ltl C*l*r I Otltmtut tern. Even a change of on« dtgnt Umperature atarti the tretasf action. And there'a nothinr me* ehanicsl about SERVEL'S Freei- ing- System -- nothing to wear, «Uy» permanently ailent. Prow to youraelf that SEKVEL la best for only one dollar. Com* in -- h u r r y in --DO IT NOW! LIMITED TIME ONLY After this 10-day Trial Offer--if you desire to return the Serve!--your $1 payment will be refunded. SEE YOUR SERVEL DEALER L RKANSAS ^/ESTERN (JAS COMPACT "Helping Build North and West Arkansas 1 '

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