Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 24, 1952 · Page 9
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 9

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 24, 1952
Page 9
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nORTHWIST ARKANSAS TIMiS, Faytttovlll*, Arkonwi Saturday, May 21, 1952 OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williami HAH.' A NICE ·MAMP NEW ONE-BOY.', IIIHIIIIB MEVER MIWP THAT-- \ WE'RE GOIWTD USE THE OLP OWES UP FOR PIPE CLEANERS, CAKE \^ TESTERS,TOOTHPICKS I AMD SO FORTH BE- / FORE WE START ON /I TH 1 kJFWnuFS' J BOBKl THIRTY VEAR5 TOO SOOK1 Valley View Club Meets With Mrs. Neal The Valley View Home Demonstration Club met Thursday with Mrs. Luther Neal. Miss M a r y Jfinc Raider, assistant home demonstra- [ l i o n agent, talked on the impnr- j tance of n balanced died, and I plans \\ere marie for a f a m i l y pir- j nic. The mystery package. \yas won by Mrs. Earl Tucker, j Mrs. Albert Miller led the- rtev tiona!, a short sketch of the of Joel. T jree guests were present, Mrs, Benny G-abbard, Mrs. Earl Ward and Mrs. Miller. The next meeting will be a* the home of Mrs. Henry Gabbard. CAMPAIGN W I L L -- I "ONKV TO LOAN FHA HOME LOANS Low interest, long termi L'TLEY A N D COMPANY, Phone 31^03 CO.MTINUEP FROM PAl'.E O.VK spend $50.000 on advertisinc. "The newspapers charge c a n d i d a t e s a UTLEY A N D COMPANY, INC. little, h i f i h e r rntc," ho H r r l m o d . ' I | don't blame t h e m . But when t h e ! -n-f^r,-.--«- J vv^%^ ^ ^ J ^^x^x^-^^ J ^^ J -uxn J ^ campaign is over a nisli nf editor- j HELP WANTED MALE ials w i l l p.ppear c r i t i c i / i n g i h e '. MAN~Tiir wY~~wi7n" rnr "fnV""a"fiV'r"- r;mdidates for s p e n d i D C F' m u c h ! noon mimr route .ir-umd S p r i n g money on a campaign." He 1 ; : ;tir! j [l^ , i W r i t r n r ai ! ply m ,^TIM^C Io he expects Ills t e l e p h o n e b i l l tn he I i r t u ·' lon c p n r . i n r n , , t $15,Q(tO, his pound rtjiiipmont e:~ ! "*~*~*''~* u *~~*~^- f ^*^~* M ***~*- perise to reach $2.0flO. hi* Inn-M I " LLP "ANTED--FEMALE _ · expenses Io h i t $10,000. "There is j EX1 {*. E ^. IEN J' ) 5 O . w a l l r M S "'anted A'p- * vo ~ · no wav YOU ran nrike a rhe.'mrr ! .r.l'.X,-,/. 1111111 " 1 l l n * nn b- . '. ' . ' ' W o M K N wnntprt for s u r v r y work in " |1K j c a m i i a i c n -- n real c a m p a i g n -- i n n:y Cunmmvcri Si i« MI h o u r u h n · Arkansas,*" hf» f = a i r l . "'Hint is tun i»mu M«»t he ap(pnniiB. .inn Hillside Adventures i By FRED STARK " I Love, loyally, honesty, t r u t h f u l We've got four a r t i f i c i a l l y sired! ness and a batch of those old vir- Jerscy heifer calves k i c k i n g up j tues t h a t , seem to many moderns ficial are hard to take. He points out that artificially cured hams are not cured at all, hut embalm- ;Mobley-Box Marriage Plans Are Announced Rogers -(Special)- Mr. a n H Mrs. TCoe Mobley of Rogers a n n o u n c e the engagement and a p p r o a c h i n g marriage of thoir daughter, M n r y Ann, to I v a n Box, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Box, Sr.. of Sprin/jdale. The wedding will be an event their heels in watching- them thinking about how much of our .""fly s our cowlot. While i to lie a bunch of tripe, can't very frolic we fell t o ' w p l l be substituted. As long as by them he can stand . whole set-up here in these hills of lot of this other artificial stuff are becoming more and more arti- | such as grub and the things peo- ficial. There has been a lot of arti- I pie do to themselves to hide their ficiality in the world a long, long j wrinkles and unprettiness. time, but it has been slow to in- | ------ · - vade the back yonder places. Most people who saw the light of day for the first time around the turn of the century remember when most things were n a t u r a l ; even the faces of our womenfolks. Jbituary Em men William Luca* of late June. Miss Mobley. who was g r a d u a t e d from Bentonville Hi^h School w i t h Arkansas,*" hf» sairl. " T h n t is m u c h tn sponri, but t h a t is the s i t i i n t i n n . 1 * HP nitcrl t h a t "prriplo j j r u m b l r a b o u t R n v o r n m n n t . hut u r t v.-nn'i t u r n out fnr p-i!itirnl r.TiJies." HP said it costs money j u s t t r y i n g tn got people i n t e r e s t TM 1 . HP reported t h a t as a congressmen! |-,p receives an average of 215 letter;; a i l n . mopt of thorn g r i p i n g a b o u t some g o v e r n m e n t a l j i c l i v i t y . bui cmph;i- si/eM t h a t , in t u r n , people r l r u t ' t appear interested in h e a r i n g t a l k s on public queBtionp. Asked if he had nny Kupgestions about the. present p a r n l e ;;y?.1em in , Arkansas, he declined t o n f f n r n n y j proposal for a change. "I h a v e no | M u i t he ne.-ti . . :'0 io HS y r a i f of n^c See Mr'1, '.IIS N n r l h Kns I Slt,.pl f r o m H to HI 11 m d a i l y . E X I ' E K i K N C E l ) ' VVAfniF:SS~~Af'PLY JN rt.HBON W A S H I N G T O N llpTF.L fJXJ'rJHJKNCt'D waltrt-BS DI5lvvH«ii- f r and k i t r h f - n hplpcr. Gulf Cafe HELP WANTED I M M E D I A T E p l n r e m e n t in (WTiphy»l- cal work, bo In ro^rnrch and field. Permanent position* open for G r a d - uate Electrical Engineer*. Geojosnu anrt Petroleum Knjitnecn. Also po- Hltioni open 10 men who hnd upc- ciallied r n d m or electronic* t mining w h i l e in Service. S.ilnry corn- pet it ivc. H e a l t h nnrt l i f e Inttirance curried ?"urni3li colicee trnnscnpt w i t h f i r m letter to Scinmograph Service Corp . Hox 1530. T u l n a . okln. SALESMEN WANTED inn n t h e r t h a n I r v i n g tn rn- | _ _ force tho 1,-uvs ns t h e y ' e x i s t . " lie ' SALESMAN w n n t r d io n-ll irl. Referring tn several cnses tnrngr p i n n t * and r n n v r y i n g m.i- h i n f r y tn f a r m (·xrltftiiRci nnrt I r r l - lltzpr dpalrr.i In nil or pans of Ar- ine iron eiass. is now employer, a s ; w h r r e mnvicteri criminal.; h;ivr iltor drnlrrs in all or pan, of Ar- e r ator et b? e the C R e o r re" C DaH'-"Lv 11 ; J hc '" 1 lct ° ut of P" mn TM !" rln " Rhs I SSTM« '.ft''"."! TM*^ r £!F =;ho mni-oH * R n n i n n i - ' H f nm or Pf'rjnns, ho slid, "Vnu t j our equipment olonfi w i t h present or it i n n \ f i in r j c m o m i n e i r u m ^ f o l k s foi-p-nr lnr-,V(v] i i t i If v n i i ' ]'»· Wl11 i n t e r v i e w prrtMjftris in Ar- Prairie Grove three years n°o. KCRP I O I K S I O I O . P i n c K c r i up i j m k H i i R . i s d;ite. w n t o M i d Mr. Box is a member of the U n i - ^P^t 1rl r p h a b i l i l a t p t h e m . ;UH] j , l a l P Mat-hlncr.v c» . 359 Kan Mnin Mr. Box is a member of the' U n i - ^P^t versity nf Arkansas senior class! said, and \yill be graduated in Juno. During his senior year in SprinK- dale High School, hc was president of tho Springdale r h a p t r r of the N a t i o n a l Honor Snciot.v, and, secretary of the senior class. Lawn Picnic Held By Baptist L L. L. Class The T.. T,. L. Class of the First r e h a b i l i t a t e them," ;unl iniiybf? tlio gnvernor i » t n t p Mat-1-.inerv _Strc-c!. Decalu Cu . 3!i9 Ka I l l i n o i s np n f t f r i n f ! How f»,, do t h i n k f r a · · e » n (row anyway?" Emmett William Lucas, 92, for- Baptist Church met Thursday cvc- I recall thft time when they first mer rebiderit of Fayetlevillc, died · ninjz for a l a w n picnic at the home began to use a little t a l c u m t o ' in Wichita Falls, Texas, Thursday.! of Mrs. L. L. McKeehan on High- pretty themselves a l i t t l e bit. If A resident here for 50 or 60 years, they got on too much of the pow- he moved away from here about der, somebody was sure Jo accuse 1 10 'e ar s ago. He came here from them of falling in the flour barrel. | Neosho, Mo. TM- 45 cast. Co- hostesses were Miller Mrs Walter Artificial ice is practically new. H p 1S survived by two sons, H. ; £ p r S' id ed! C Mr,. | J n p BeinR fcpokc ()n hpr cxnori . pnces as a C h r i s t i a n . Mrs. . . . It was a whale of a job to lower I A - 1 - ucas nf Waggoner, Okla., and . d j n P i w j, 0 j s moving tn Little Rnck the milk and butter into the well, or tote it out to the spring, but Frank Lucas of Muskogee, Okla.;! I , . two daughters, Mrs. Otis H a y n i e j f r o m the class. ; n tlie season, received a j there wasn't much else a body i of Wichita Falls, Texas, and Mrs. could do to keep it cool enough to I R - E - Lee of Redwood City, Calif.;! Use. | anc * ° ne brother, A. C, Lucas of Miss Marlene McKeehan was a I remember the t i m e mother Springfield, Mo. Funeral services will be caved her egtf and butter money long enough to buy an ice box. Once a week she'd send to town for ice, usually a Saturday. We'd have ice cream Saturday night, and ice tea Sunday, and thought we were living in style, and I don't know until yet but w h a t we were. One Saturday our uncle from ducted Monday at 10 Moore's Funeral Chapel Rev. Edward Brftbsker. con\. m. in by the Burial Personals thought tlii'.v were cipserving." Explain* Pmvrr Sland In rojily tn a f|iip::tion conrrrn- ins his p t n n d nn p u b l i c powpr, he sniri hp vnlrd to b r i n R RF,A to Arkansas, h n s voted for REA ap- f p r o p r i n t i n n s , favors P E A . b p l i e v r - · in t l i p ro-opcrifives which arc nperafprl by groups nf frirrnrrs .'Mid ; are "just as much private i n d u s - t r y ns nny bushirks." I If p n i ' l hi- , v n t n l to bring UK A telephones If, . A r k a n s a s , ?.nrl rnmparecl the REA ! to the R F C -- b o t h , ho din-lared. arc. j formed for tho purpof-e nf Ii?nd- i n R monry to small business. "Tho, I RF.A has nn miu'p pn\vpr nvpr UK '· pnwer i"i-njs t t u i n tho RFC door j over thr? businesses tn w h i c h H j makps Innns." hc a:;;:prtod. Hr r=aid ho is a c a i n s t the fcdrral government o w n i n c nnd oprr.'iting 1hp ir-ivi-iina m m i co-ops. "When you tal:p m a n a g e - j T ' C ! H n i i d n y . ' i n r n t iiwny from thr f a r m r r rn-op .''""""' · UIjL or pnrl t i m e N» r x p r r i e n r e neccitsary Must ho tippenrmg GURran'cefl good r a m i n e whilr In trnininc. See Mr. McDonald at 21fi N o r t h ERRl Street, Apnnmenl J. 8 io 10 a rn. dally. SALESMAN WANTED For General Sales Work Some experience d e s i r a b l e . LEWIS BROS. CO. FOR SAM5- ROOM modern house. Road. Phone 2040J. PRACTICALLY writer Rcimngt ^aj^arui or phc lew portable type* nn. Elite. $50.(H). 160.1 no 757W. SITUATION WANTED POWER )awn mower. En«j- Spin Drier washlnc ninrhlnc. w n l n u l hcdronni suite, Bovcnil hrtnfl p n l n i r d w a t r r colon piciureB, nm! p i c t u r e f r n t n c i , l i b m r y tnblc. odd piece* si a UN ware. Al .Inlin K. Woodruff's. Furmlngion. STRAWRKRR1RS. you pick t h r m . 10 rents q u n r t . 4 tniki Norlhenit on Wire Rond. A r t h u r Ballry. j ZENITH trlrv'ldion W. 17 inrh^iirrre.n. h c n u l l l u l r a i i i n e t . complcir w l i h and hnoslcr Aim Hollywood _ t w i n beds, nlmosl new phone 1776J. SACHllrJCE. mmt mnvri nil n e n r l y new. A r v i n h r c f l k f n d i u r t , Kim ranHe, I n t e r n f l t t n n n l H.irventer r c f r i g c r f i l o r , l i v i n g room inllr. 2 c o r k t n l l c h f l i r n , I ' l n l f o r m rocker \vl1h o t t o m n n . r n f - fce t n h l f , two m a t c h . n g step up end tables. 2 maple bedroom n u t t r s . one w.;h t w i n bedn, davtnporl tuble. ··OR SALE-- MKCr.Ll.ASr.CtV* LATH, for tr'-llls Tiuilrt'snV* t-iri 'ri'-k Ing^ lomain f r a m i n g |2T2'A'. SPECIAL " ALL mrtjil lawn c h i - r i ?l n ·\t\\\ t h r v lost Oprn evn.njs u.-.-ii 'nn M i l t o n KTW D n v r - I n K.jrr-.'.jri r(R SALE OR R F N T POWKH " r«un""ii7'". i r' "s7,7t K ' n l l o n Cr.rnrr V-'i-: M ; . i i r i * School Strerls Pliom; J ^ WANTED TO BUY OR h»vi« bklahnmi' i t r a d e for ncrc.TCr r.r v. I'hnnr lf,7t.t r.-i-.cT'fi Box mi. I : H : % . . M I T V WANT_TO R E N T :i ori'V rr.''ii:V iitin.V ': 2~ilVlHrOM h-iiit/. , v or ruy PhoiiK Ifi'J · photic '.123 ARRVICC.S E X C A V A T I N G ' B U L L D O Z I N G ' Gravel, F i l l Dirt, Top Sell D. M. P A T T 0 N Phone 249 Excavating - Bulldozing" Disking - Brush Rake-.' Ponds - Roads - Clearing H. H. JONES. Contractor !i37 K. t.afayettc, Box i43 L'. Sta. Phone H86, £ ayettevilie - FOR SALE rfjV \T i ""r"-"V B E A L E S T ATE iii,H «» f I Will Pay Cash for farm to run. 15 cows 1 · Jriffcrson School Terms AOjtract. Paul Winters. tt'rit^ Ilf.x K-W7 Care of Times F O R R R N T -- M I S C E M . A V P O I I S | F U R N I S H F U n p r i r f i i i r n l . r l r i n r - - j trie rpfrij(era:iir. gnr. r a n i ' ' ; p r r . n ' r 1 t n t h n n t l c!i t f;inrr, u . i . n i c s ii.'ii'l. i n n F R N ' r u n i - c 01, ll.«h'vi iiy"4a~Ph"n't W I I W . O N E n ^ : """.m ranrti «lylc roi* ho'.iv. 10 toot front porcrK v.n!r-r 1m,* of gfirnft. i.n r -n'c i . i f i v,«*t nf S;in An'.orno, W i l l rnnd'Kr l o r m in AC- in irartp C R V«rnor, Ro'-ft* : ·:.. \V«* JTnrk _Ark __ ^ A N " "hMmV" 'fl""ronm't. N U y n. h a r d w o o d f l o r inn In Of rai nuthuiidlngt. . »Ho r i ' y water ayail- , f i n r Inn-:!. On 45 Kljh- oim r j t y limit* PriCO c-'l _ p:.r! 3 HOOM i i n M i r n 5M 00 m o n t h l y F I T I l N I S l l E I ) » f m ! m » n l f »Mttii Plmry- Mfil iiril np^rVfri''iu D U G G A R A L T Y CO. HKAI.TORS r t,i J a y or Night i ROOM. I'IK'M "hmjAVppmji. $.iw G ' ' · E Q U I T I E S weekly :$l.j":jfiO DOWN' on t h i s "ne-v bungalow M i U U / t U f l nr i I TU rf\ i on Pavement near L'niv«rilty *nfl HAMMUNU RrAl T T CO I n " srhno!i No ,. loiin fosti · nd °^ y J l i 'Hi prr m';l'n. · S n i r h BROILER hnitifK " ni _v|Up__Phnin^^L'3J NEW" 4 room hmisp." Kdrden. ?27 W. l.tL'7 ^JOIL ^ QllTET n part for tit "f fir Inglon. APARTMENTS JTn"d~ Bk'"pnig"~fo"(Vttn .limp Ccpirnl locnlinn. phone 79RJ. rLOOH""pnTli'iiPr"~nnil '*Vnil.h-V." si m I K ERE! Spring. m a n a g e r s and hand it In the £nv- j 1 ^iH£i:^i?__ . Mrs. L. H. P u t m a n was hostess for a meeting of the Friday Social will be in the Evergreen cemetery.! Club yesterday at. a .1 o'clock luncheon at her home on Hill Street. Mrs. Gran E. Kurd Mrs. Grace E. Burd, 50, died at her residence near Greenland this morning after an illness of several up the creek was there when t h e ! m o n t n s - She was a native of Gow- lec arrived. He was powerful c u r i - | c r 1V1 °-' where she lived until she Frank T,pe, assistant manager for Phipps Lumber Company in charge of the f u r n i t u r e m a n u f a c - turing division, will leave tomor- business t r i p to Dallas OU5, and did a good job of looking · moved to Greenland in 1944. She j g n d o t h c r Tcxas ^.^ Rc cxpcct , it over. Even sampled a chunk of j was th e daughter of John and it with his new store-boughten 'Emma Knouse, and was married teeth. Finally he said to mother, M n .Richmond, Mo., in 1931 to "Alice, you told me you wa» git-i Clarence K. Burri. She was n mem- tin' artificial ice. The feller w h a t j b e r of the Baptist Church at sells it to you is foolin' you. I'vejGower. looked it over, and tasted it, and-: Survivors are h r r - h u s b a n d ; two if it ain't real ice, 1 never saw'sons, Rodney and James of the Hone." j h o m e ; two daughters, Evelyn and Once we kept the same set o t s Anna Lou of the home; two broth- teeth we cut when we Fhed o u r j e r s , Franklin Knouse and Charles baby ones. 'Tis true old age often Knouse of Kansas City, Mo.; and to return about June 2. Mrs. Rosebud V. Savage, chief social worker at the Velerans Hospital, left last night fnr Chicago to attend the n a t i o n a l conference ! of social work and the a n n u a l | meeting of the American Association o f . M e d i c a l Social Workers. ornment, th* CO-OpS will f a i l , " he ! N 9.^ "vailahla limited mopl q u a l i t y sajd ' ' ' 1 Chinchilla!. Rc^tercr! f i . C . D A A:;ked why ho is r u n n i n g for governor, he said; He t h i n k s perhaps he could do a b e t t o r job in Congress than as governor, but hc would like to h m o four yenrs in the governor's office ;md retire tn private law practice. Ho declared he has no desire to re- m n i n i n d e f i n i t e l y in politics. Tnckctt was inlrnrlurrrl by Sam Srxton of Hot Springs, who introduced tho sponkor as "the next governor of A r k a n s a s . " We Ihnnlc pre? Card Of Thn»ffs wish to express our i ,-ind app'-crmtion ft nnri t n k c n i i of found 4he old 'uns with maybe one thev one sister, Mrs. Robert Hall of Weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. Jasper Pyentt are Mr. and Mrs. \V a y n e Pyeatt and daiifihter, Sarr.h. of Sc-art-y. They w i l l also visit in Prairie Grove with Mr. upper and one lower, and they j Kearney,.Mo. considered themselves lucky if i Funeral plans, under the direc- they met. Now we have to start t i o n of Nelson's Funeral Home, are j a i ,d Mrs. R. E. Pyeatt. having things done to even the | incomplete. baby ones, and most folks have artificial chewers way before t h e y ; John William Davii start trying to hide their age. I t s , F u n e r a ] s e ,vice for John William also true many sets set most o f ; D a v j S i Sr., 55, who died Thurs- the time in a glass of water, but that's because folks are not f i r m with .the things at the start, a- thowing them whose boss. There's nn end to all the not- natural things you find on the market. Maybe it's a good sign. Sorter gives a feller confidence in the future, because he has a feeling when we run out of the natural product somebody will come along and f i n d a substitute. Karr Shannon, In his Sunday column, talking about this business, seems to think some of the things arti- day in a local hospital, were, held this morning at the Nelson Funeral Home chapel by Evangelist Fred Huckclbury and Chaplain James Burris. Burial was in air- viev.- cemetery. Active pallbearers were G a b e Cooper, Bill Maloney, Joe Tolbert, A. A. Adkins, Floyd Davis, Harry Gilliland, John Baird and Thomas Gaddis. Honorary pallbearers were E. E. Osburn, C. C. ! Shipman, J. G. Holt, Eddie L. Donaghey, T. L. Fox, Joe D. Waldo. Dr. and Mrs. Charles F. Simmons, f o r m e r Fayett e x i l i c residents, left this m o r n i n g to return to A u b u r n , Ala., a f t e r visiting* this week with her brnther-in-laiv and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Emil Ron- neman. Dr. Simmons is w i t h the Alabama Polytechnic I n s t i t u t e at Auburn. i p i l h y nnd help shown m d u r i n g the hricf illnfTR?; nnd di n t h nf our hrlovcH Shnrty Smith. Espocinllv do we t h a n k Nelson's. Frrri L. TVTcClung. m r m h r r s Of the Church of Chrisi. nnd n i l for the b e a u t i f u l floral offerings. The F. E. "Shorty" Smith family and relatives Visitors welcome Free llWature Sec nt Clyde Timbrook. 518 (iuntcr FOR BALE--LIVESTOCK EXTRA nico fipottFd~Jprspy ~~hpffcf. frc«hon i n Dhoiit in dayn Pat and .Inck Johnton _Phone nn42R4. RA.RR1TS. IVrligr(-pd~"wh"iff~Fl'pmluh Kiantx. Amoricnn chinrlllns. hrrd riops. Hrnsnn;ihk- »Hrrcil W. Ah- pjilcr. Morrow. Ark. ONE Poland Chinn bred g i l t . c h o w i n C heavy. Wayne Cnt«. Phono 22K5M4. DAY old gnsTi rigK^ PiikTn d u r k l i n K s , hnhy e"lnr-«fi Weekly hatchtR. Cus- lorn hatching Ancrl! I^nwson Goo»p Unlchnry. MOO Cinlcway Drive, Jnp- lln. Mo. DOGS--CATS--PETS TWO dogs, year old. squirrel ftock, cheap. Also Chihuahua mole pup. Phone 307:iJ. ^--AUTOMOTIVE NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES C L A S S I F I E D A D S Rate: 3 centr per wori ilnfl* !·· tertlon Three consecutive InsertiOBB 7 cents per word. Minimum order 42c Classified adi cash in advance--nut FOn salvage. .Ifi standard Chevrolet Johnson's Es»o Service. N n r l h Col- VERY nice Til 2 dor)r Plymouth. Driven only n.Oflfl. inilnii SI,fiD. r .OO cash. 507 Went Ccntt-r Slrrt-l CASH PAID FOR DEAD ANIMALS Phon* Collect 1359 Joplin Rendering Co. OLD MODEL CAR SALE AT Abshier-Bryan's low pric« on theie older model can to move them outi 39 BUICK TUDOR 42 PLYMOUTH FORDOR 40 FORD COUPE 40 PLYMOUTH TUDOR 40 FORD TUDOR 42 FORD TUDOR Extra Special '46 Ford Pickup $290 17-21 EAST MOUNTAIN ST. truck. Employes Walk Out And Then Back In Again Little Rnck-(^T) - Southwestern Roll Telephone Company announced t h a t union employes who w a l k e d out yesterday "just w a l k ed bark in and went to work this morning."' A spokesman for the telephone company said no conference took place, adding t h a t "they walkert back in just like they walked out --with nn explanation." Officials of the CIO union were nnt Rvalable immediately for comment. Arkansan One Of Four Killed In Accident Opelousat, LH..-W 1 ! - Four students riled in an auto crash about a mile east of Opolousas early to- dny. Slate Police identified the dead as: Bernard A. Hoinze. 23. nf Little Rork. Ark., a ncnlogy student nt Louisiana Stale University; M»r- cus Bnnald Guiriry, 18, of Church Point; Miss Rom« fiale Duplechain, 15, of Opelousas; Lewis Francis Ouilbcau. 23, of Oj-ielou- sas. Police said Heitu* unrt Guidry were killed Instantl.v, and Miss Duplechain and Guilb»hU died In a hospital of Injuries. Invo«1l0f«1inn nfflcnr« said the accident happened when the driven by Helnz« «ttompt*d Io pass a truck on « curv« »nd collldfd hfnd on w i t h lh« cur d r i v e n hy Guidry, bouncM nf( tnd hit lh« Mrs. W. F. Miller, Miss N i t a : Taylor, and Miss Franres A l l o n , ! all of L i t t l e Rork. are here for the. · mixed chorus recital t n n i g h t . Miss . ! Taylor and Miss A l l e n are guests I f of Mr. and Mrs.' Gene Snipr.-. Mrs. , t i f f ' , M i l l e r is the c"^; 01 Mrs. F.lla B. ' Hurst Her son. Fred M i l l e r , a member of the chorus, is also a guest of Mrs. Hurst. for classified ftdr M:M a m daily: fl:30 a. m. Saturday Corrections and rerun cheerfully mndq after first insertion. No corrections or rerun made after ad hat expired NOTE: A d v e r t i s i n g copy for other pages Is due at 12 noon the day proceeding p u b l i c a t i o n ^ 11! noon Saturday for publication on Monday. LEGAL NOTICES LEGAL" NOTICE s Weiss, E.\ Pane and as Plaln- PACKARD-WILLYS Sales -- Service LYLE-BRYAN MOTOR CO Phone 666. _ 2 0 6 ' N o r t h ' B l o c k FOR SAI.F--HOMi: NEEDS 3 ,i UI'RIGHT~t:nT."le-Nel8on pianoTTnb'le ninriel lelr vision, Florence rnnge, iiRi^d 6 innntli:!. SprinRilale 2209, fll West Allen. Sew .u-li rangrx Irom MERCHANDISE from . $1SOO S1000 S 2 50 551)00 Visitors al t h n homo of Mr. and Mrs. A l v i n M a x w n l l this v/r-rk! were Mr. and Mrs. Tlnnald R u r - ! kett of M c d a l l n n . Mrs. Joan P u m - ' alee a n d daughter, Suranne, o f ' S p r i n R f i e l d , Mo., Mrs. Rprt S u g c , ; anil sons, J. B. and John, nf Her- j ryville, Mrs. Frank M a x w e l l , and sons, Mrs. R i c h a r d Ma yes, and FOIL Rickir, Mrs. Jess H a w k i n s , Mr?. J. N. Hnwkin.s and son, m i d ; ' h r r ^ n Mr. and Mr?. A. L. Stover. Mrs. ^ , m! Siijrg was called here hy the- i l l - ' p f t i ness of her mother, Mrs. A l v i n M .^, Maxwell. R. H. Todri. and if dorcasi-d. Tho Unknown Heirs of n. i f . Tr.drl. nrfemian!; Notice is hereby giv*n t h a i then 1 been filer! in thr o f f l c r of C l r r k of iho Chancery Court of Waihmc- lon C o u n t y . Arkansas, a p e t i t i o n in r n n f i r m i n Chark-s Wris.i thf; t i t l f - o th» f o l l o ' v i n n ] ; i n d ^ in sold County: Thp F.i5t T h i r W n u r t h s of t h e '··'A' 1 , of I hi* S E ' i nnd ; ( F i r i p onr rort w;dt- off t i n - WcM «.ide of 'he S E ' 4 nt thr K \ l ' i , nf - h p S E ' 4 . in Sec ;[], Twp :«J N'nrth R.-IIIKC 29 We-;!. c o n t a i n m R lS' t ncr4-s. rnorp *.r less. All person-., including nhnvr nam-'l ICP liox Rcfriger.ilorp from K l c c t n r r.intit*s Irom . . .. Vacuum clo.uitrs trr.m $10 00 JOHN RHODES APPLIANCES .11 N n r l h Block Phone 2021 ___ "X° lir KclviiUilor Qpqlcr" 2 W H I T R " en,-.mel"~icp"K()xVir, 2 white h i t r h e n r,inKi-s. 2 uned l a w n mowers. ;ill Rtiofi rendition Phone 2fir,fl L K W I S MHOS. BASEMENT Used Servi'l fjns refng-rator Used GE c!ccir!r r e f r i R o r n t o r U s c i l j n r x e Servcl «ns re(rlK- t T i i P c ' l ' H r n d f x a u t o m a t i r washr Ksrd M o n t R n n i e r y Ward uasht-r S 4300 $ 6900 $ 89.00 SIM 00 $ 73 00 S 19 oo S 59 00 $ 2000 . mtrrrst ihern ed to appea inj; s iviR or ,-nv I . n n f i r d nnd \v;im- m\ C'nirt w u f i . n ' h.-rcnf n r ;u fl ,r, n ' nd f h o w rni 'ln shouJrl no*, Announcements Modern Literature C'lnh The Modern L i T o r a i m p Chih w i l l inr^t w i t h Mrs. K H g a r W r r t h r i m Twpsday n l 3 p m . Mrs. V i r R i l Adkisson ^vil! bft program leader. ( S K A I . . H i r h a r r t Clerk NOTICE PHILCO REFRIGERATORS AT B A R G A I N PRirF.S Onr 9 f i Serve I Cns R e f r n r e f i t o r Kpi-cd Qm-rn V.'aKhinf Machinci EASY TKRMS CLIFTON LUMBER CO. r 27 Wr«l Ffirk. Ark fion DOWN and t*kr your chftfC* (if iv.o n f » r l y nev/ l«r|er ftv* rowi ht-.T.i?'-. Unih on pavement at «dg« nf town L*vrl lot*, large garden h t M C p . n t t i i f h e d garage and many O t ' T S T A N D I N G new "ihre* bedroon?. p a r t h irrnif n 1 . [ Ityle, lov«1|r n r r n n j t f n i c n t anrl excellent con*B i r u r t i o n . Drltcr hurry. RITTER AGENCY 10 K C c n i f r Ph. I8.1»--1828W--53J ,;I,T. Modern Living Deluxe! L! _ OAK "7 mrsh stniH _ p!il""o(~d7i p o u l t r y w i . nnd pad. Thnj rr isn w i t h Mrollcr. ^ _ DUTCH hny~hnifih. Thrpe nr fo»r~f. inch bushrs. three nr f o u r -Ti a Inch, nl a _hnrgativ_Phone 77] M _ '" * _ FXTRA CFOM_ pigs _ TWO " vvhoei'Tnillef, iTrea "llkp" nru-. $6.1 00. A p n r t m o n t 43-2, Terry Vll- _ _ fin WM n fhit'" *H«mnithirr »pM4._0. T. W l l l l n m t . " " _ ___ ___ __ ^ __ K J N C H window^roolpr Phon«- 31.14. C A M K R A . .l- 1 ) MM Artfui nBtiirnl color. A nitist for your vacation Also bended Rcreen nMdf projector. Good bl- __tinrujarjj _ Phone 3073 J. __ _ GARBAGE CANS Best quality heavy weight. We Deliver LEWIS BROS. CO. PI,KNTY~of good ·trawberrifs M thr ChrndlM 1 . lOc quart, half mile North. \, mile Went of Oretlhouae TWO room N p w l y rircnrnted Throe \ t _rnuar( S?. r "'I Ml M i 1 ! St 2 HOOM "tlirn'lutiril nuit -'".tirnt' li'llii'li _p,lid ^Phnn" _2W.T' _ FURNISHED" ijji-snmrnT'nn^rtin^iir^ N o r t h U n l v p r M t y . »il , :n«i _ . _ _ OR lr»«P. 2 "hriUntViii* in f r o n l pnrcli Photi 2 KOUM u n f i t r n l r h r d .ip.-irhruM R t n l n I.ftrjTff ynrrt w i t h (ihnd NICK f n m t iH'rtrnoni.'prfvnTP '^riirnnre. _20|_ E«»t Sprln;: Phone iTJOR Z'TirnnoOM a p n r l m n i iai'so Inwn. rennonnb'e IMiour Ih^dJ NICK room for huMnm «ir1 V e r y ^ convenlgnl jot-itlon Phono 2759W FURNI.SMED~Rp"nrimcnt." BIHi P*ld. Phong 307^ _Rpfer^nrei. W r i t e !Vx K-'J'l. ' / T l m r « ft HOOM "iinfiirninhPd hour- "on" North _Colle«fi. A d u l t n 1'horLC 725. .1 ROOM f u r n l i i h r d iipanin'-nt. priv/itc h a t h , u t i l l t l e j paid. ?m Went Spring _Slrcg_l B R'OOM mritlr-Tii tioi'ir*. "41S JJoufh _ScJioo1 1M liTTn" . ~ . i THIS in !hf I»!r4t word in mdoern iuh"d n n . i r i m » n t iivmf All of the f e a t u r e i o( con- tPTTiptirary de»nn are fmbidl*d in t f i i B lovely new homn in order to rmphaMz" all of the lateit con- v e n i f - n r f K and comfort In hornet. Fram" ronrtrurtion of CaltfornlK rcdrt-tifjrf. roof itructur«? that wjt| !n^' w M h nny of ih*m Th» roof J* lniu!fl!i**l and v e n t i l a t e d Lovely lit" ing room w l l h n inu!h«rn gift** M podurp. wood b u r r i n g firepi*cR, tfl» floor*, hvillt-lnii and clotcti -^n itbuii'tancf, h a t h with both tub and ihnwrr. gnrbagc diapoiul Weil uglif- ed. well ventilated 2-room bi«- k* tit I A v a i l n h i e f o r ! . in-ni. Kir«g". Iirge corner lot com t n : i n d i n c "np nf the nlceit t vlew to l* fo'HKl YOU MUST SEE IT TO A P P R E C I A T E IT. Th* price H right Ulley Company, Inc. REALTORS LENDERS 1NSUROR9 Call J. J t'yeatt 2203 Re* 89A, . H. L Utlgy 2203. R*i«. 1M7 FURNISHED HOUSE WE CAN arrange Quick pomitton on i h l * well furnished home Conilit'- ins nf four rooms and bath Lirg* lot--'W'xiM ) nnd f i n e garden tyai. Locrticd nnly two bloclii from iqui/e. Cnn U Inspected flt 201 S. ~ " ^fsU,iSr.v^r.p,r m ;.nr 8s! SUBURBAN TWO ACRES Smith U u n c a n I' Z7KILI RK.IIT on 71 Highway. Il'l · anil i i n f u i n i ! i h e l apan- mrnts. One hntf block of Unlvertlty. Phone 2S. NEW ...... I A 1*1.1 Iftrgc room*. oJctra nfr»'*fn W'rrth LOCKER cartoriii, me»t paper, tape. Lewii Broi. Co.. Inc. frerrer - UNIVERSITY i MUST »ell immediately, 7 cubic foot I n t e r n a t i o n a l Harvcuier refrigerai;r TT«etl_* rnonthi. '.3 price. Phone 28fi4 JOH"N I)efTf''~No"4" rriowTrVfi"rn"nrhVne" good rcpnir; Iron wheel waKort: pipe nnri f i l t i n g i ; ahnllow pump, ttond one: 30 gallon n u l o m a i f r hot water lank, new; Montgomery Ward wmh- int( machine, good repair; c o n ! burner circulator heater. Phone 2fiR7M 21 FOOT I n d i a n house Irnller, J700 00. R87 N o r t h Levercll TR] DELTA "ALLIANCE RUMMAGE Bale. H|BO Hood uied men'« clolhlnK. Edlln'n Shoe Shop, Rntur- ji n y. Ma y 24. 6:15 a in. BONE rnraT. peat "moe*. "IniTctfrldr. __L£W(i Brn«. Co. Ihr ""NOBILITY "Silvrr?" Coll ELIZABETH JANES 282 EVENINGS ^ f u r n i t t h i e d ' o r LAST rhnnce lo buy like-new electrical equipment for l j price or less. One Hotpolltt. double-oven Hove. one year old. $22.100. onr ?0 r u h i r foot Weitinjhnuie commercial » t y l e door lea box. N'o d r - f r o e i j n « . 2 yenn old. *350 00: one 12 cubic foot Kelvinator. 4 compartment Ice cream type freezer. Holdi 400 poundj frozen food, $20000. Can be »een at CV Ranch. B mll*i Eait on 45 or i»hone 3054W2. Tioothi. year old 0.1 cubic foot Coldipol freezer. S17SCO Can he teen Washington Transfer _W«rchou3e. Phone 42. RAINBOW *TROUTTMioVd dally. Phone Surinidale 3201. Oztrk Trout Farm Near Johnson, ANNOUNCEMENT ! Vl " " DAGGFTT At R n m i d e l l coimetlfB now ·nlrt exclusively by Fuller B r u « h Company, u n d e r new trade nmr.f "f D e b u t a n t e Conmetici Fuller H r u t h Dr-aler. Bnyd Mllli. 320 Lindell Pnone 154«. D E W I N G Rummajfr Sale A r u m m a g e pale w i l l he hold in thr baspmont of the Central Pros- b y t n r i a n Church next S n t u r d a y , Porsons with r u m m n R f t nre askpd to call 268-J. n. And r. w. ciub The Business nnd l Y n f o s . t j n n a l Women's Club w i l l mc^l Monrlay d i n n e r at fl:30 nt F*r(ju.«on's. Ofifcers-olcct w i l l t« Inslnllori nnd '· Kiicsl «pcnkpr on tho prrisnim will ' be MlJ» Jcannctte Sruridor. rtcnn I | OI! dsou 'a||iA8(49Xo.j 'j[f; uiooy ''6p|g jjSos^iDH 'seBpoH J^Hiil 'JW aiijM jo 'worn JO mz « u OHd 'S||D|9p ||OJ JOJ '36o }O SSQjpJDfi -dJ oinpsj J9ADU 'stijauaq 9?joj J9A6U S L U n i L U a j J ' D p D U D ^ .IO 'S'f) -SOlj »l|( )D JO 051 j p S,JO)3Of] oiji to jo otuoq 40 pmd '^j|iq JOPOQ jnoX JGJ 000'I $ °t c ' n i/od o^iw 'iDjidtou BUI ui oio no/ e|!u,M tji^auaq JOIJID sn|d 'juoppan jo sssu)j5|s ijjoa joj t / O p QJ [ O| d f p J R O f ] puri IUOOJ joj Xop jod O O ' O I S ° ^n ''IH9I SAVE MONEY TIME and LABOR Fig. 2090 Morvel Kim Spring* Servlee The a n n u a l Memorial Day srr- vire to be held Sunday a f t e r n o o n Mny 2S, at Elm SprlnSB Cemn- lery at 2:30, w i l l h u v e the liev. .Teff Sherman, of Storey, ·« the prlnrlptl tpcuker. TO u-h'i /nd uoi|D7i|D|id ' MfBtcr Onirtorv Mnv ?. r i incern I «m Cftn- wllh n i l r r n l f t . rlN C r n l r y . W M t I n l r (Itfllcr* Fnrk. A r K H o u i r I _ " " n u f c HOP.' FKrri"""* APPROXIMATKI.Y » W.Tfij« WMlr nnd h a i r h m i t r^ef cm .T1Z9 A r - k«nm» Rrnifrr JlttrJirry. N o r t h $136.00 F A Y E T T E V I L L E Plumbinf 4 Heiting Co. 310 NORTH WEST PHONI 730 IDEAL MATTRESS CO. Quality new mattr**i and matlr*;i renovating. Phone 3036 401 WEST DICKSQN For Service Consult Your Classified _ Se rvi c e Dj recto ry BFAITTY SHOPS_ " O b f . V A B D s ' n E A I J T V SBiVP 2H4 W. Menrtow-Phnne ZMr Ma_fhlne]ellJ3^0. Cold ·ujave $S M ~~ u n f u r n u h e d f o r tuinmcr Phone 2S60R. _____ _ P A R K V I E W flparlme'nls. "furnlBh'cd or u r i f u r n i x h r n Brndlx Jatmtiry n:rv» HKRVICER OFFERED YARD or garden work. Phni\r 1T31V.' i n g ' Mn A ' d Bruit. Mrs H J. _Swa:m Phone GiG'.t 2JH X r r r i i H!'»rk RXV.'HTI/S Rout" Hmm- ' h u / m - i v p . l tn I2S Nrirth Kn^t Street M n k n rlioicc of ronma e a r l y . P A P K H - H A N t i l N C i tdid jwWin'r. «'(fi'- p . ^ n t l y flonr. Frr-r t-niin ."-« Her- her! H. Atlicrtton. plif)n*_25"7I.'. r _ ,,..,,__.. ---^ H'ADIO HE!~AiRiNri " C W DALE RRASONADI.E r h u r g r n . 23 y t n r i P X - perl»-nrL'. B r i n g raiUoi !o 21-t South Chnrrh nr call 2M3\V fnr icrvlcr Formerly Halr'n HmiHi Syrvlrr "DITCH U/GGING FOOTINGS-w ii t f? r. LMI *nd tewir dltchei, icptlc i n n k rto.'cn DldidnB · nntl bxck filling Call i'S26 Dryc« ! WANT In "hihy'Vii",'"fJny of nigh' M» ' _H»II Strc-t PA1NTINO aiiiT |ijprr"hit.ixuiiv' Pli'.hf 101.T KXCAVAT ^r'"^~lSuri7r)02ilNC~^ ' ONDS -- ROADS - C L E A R I N G -OLIN KARNES AND ELLIS WILSON all mirtirn two hedroom home halt n n m r s l JBI and city w f u l l y p'Aiicred interior and ·ml. biilltlnn ind cioiet*. Buy -- -J ony balance at !«$· ' . - _ J43QO p«r month. 327 EAST MAPLE STREET W* WILL giv thu lovely old homt Property nf. 6 room mod«rn r««I- . drnf-r, hrr^zcwjiy. cfftlar with utility housr above. And fira^ Also fine dnrdr-n and peaches, piumi. itnw- Jirrrli:5. and raspherrlct. The lol ft 7.i fret by 157 fret and there li plenty healthy ihade. ihrubbery, ami grief Let us ihow you. Phone 743. Hammond Really Co. Eve. Prmnc H. D. Hammond 137i" NKV/ 3 bedroom hornet by build: Ue-it cnnitruction. Central heatfl attached garagei Reitrlcted tffi lion Plenty built in* and spare. 31W-R BY owner, i.i acrei. modern 4 imnrovemenu. Close in. WII.I. .io hnby a l l t m c In my tinmt \ · f l r r fi p rn r v ^ r y 'lay *-xr*nt Sun- · tl.iy. rhnnf ?. r i.SM.-?_aflrT^r. '.'t p in TOR YOUR HOOPING NfcKDS I Call H 1. Slcwirl | Roofing C o n t r n c l o r i AI»o. A»li«H58 Sidlnz. i Ilnme repaus. Phnn" I011J ! MATTRESS ~'^ R E N O V A T I N G 200 Years of Service 20,000,000 Policyholder* 20% , Savings MUTUAL FIRE AND AUTX INSURANCE "Savings for preferred ri;Jci" Gel ihs fact* 'The Ritter Agency cans Real Eitat* 16 East Center I l o l b w f . n ' i Her. ?!,v!'- 'In O r d r r ONE DAY S K H V I C r . . - P H O N E r,7i Duggar-Brown MATTRESS CO. South Kni' HRIUKITT'S BEAUTY SHOP mi.IAll.I WORK !0.l N Block fhont 7 M : J. W. HILL ELECTRIC CO. Phoro 24, Wot Fork flUN-TILl vaniriinn hlinrii nn»! num window icrrrn* n.if 1 A Snulh T.r-ruit Phnrn l O l f l n l u m l . t m n l f :r 4(1 1 FAYETTEVILLE PLUMBING HEATING CO. 1 i n _ N Vf?sl Phone 730 AUTOMATIC APPLIANCE CO. A Bettor Plact 1* Buy "tfutpaint ' U N . Block DEALER Ph. Ill ^ CKR foundation!, aurflci'l* u. V l v l i n Grtcn. 22 yein i Phope 7M-J. 2)11 N. Eail. Mrr r~W:"McCl«h« Kptnctr Cor»«tlure ' (.'MAT Sl.^ hfiullnf, 2372 R ·nv kind Phone 7 IIOMR STOUTS HOME L A U N D R Y AUTOMATIC unrt w r i n f r f m»rhin»i W^t w»ih unit firytnt 71 North. n r « r Cffilfhlon'ii D n v r - I n Cuff H · m in f p m Sflturdty. I n. m to nonn. MERCHANDISE WAREHOUSE BONDED STORE YOUR SURPLUS OR VALUABLE MERCHANDISE. LOW INSURANCE RATE, QUICK HANDLING. WE CAN BILL AND SHIP YOUR ORDERS. LOANS A V A I L A B L E ON WAREHOUSE RECEIPTS. AGENTS FOR LIPSCOMBS COMPLETE LINE OF PltOI. INDUSTRIAL WAREHOUSE PHONE 474

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