Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 24, 1952 · Page 7
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 7

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Saturday, May 24, 1952
Page 7
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Irvin To Know Monday If He's Out For Season Campanella Bi Maglie Defeats Braves, 5-3, For Eighth Win Of Season New York-i£)-Sal Maglie gain-* ed'his cig'.U'i victory without de- Braves, 5-3. The Giants scored all ; their runs in the fourth inning. : Jonesboro, Ark.-Wl-A ^Memphis* Maglie, who his won the last sharpshooter with a fondness for j 11 games in which he has been in- ' Arkansas |0lf coursei was a defin- | volvedIn a dersioh, started ihak- ' i t s favorite today as match play Uy and ended t.e same way. But I bsgan in th« Jonesboro Country in betveen he was his consumate : Club's annual J. W. Buzick Mem- self and had just enough to get hy j orial Amateur tournament. " the rough spots. He allowed three i Curtis Persons, who teamed with hits ar.ri two walks in the f i r s t : Memphis pro Jaks Fondren yes- three innings and gave up three , terday to win the club's first best more hits in the last inning. In j ball, pro-am tourney, fired a 2. the middle he gave up only one under-par 71 to win medalist hon- Memphis Pair Wins Pro-Am Title At Jonesboro r New Ynrk - Wi - Monte I r v i n . . j s l u i f j m g New V ^ i k CiK.nt rv.ufield- J er, will kno-.v Mnnrlay i f h i i riiiht I anl;lr har m-nrim s v f f i n p n t l y tn · I'?; h i m p l a y 1hi r ?pasnn. | ''I f"rl y r r a t . I t - i n k it's jnini; ' ' I r i lie nkay," he . e aid. | I \o\t Monday the cast mines o f f . j and doctors can tell if the hrokcn 1 bonp has set Gun In Dodger Win Over Phils eingle. Phils,. Reds In Surprise Swap Of Key Players Pnlladelpria-(/n-The p^lsdel- Bratton Given S p l i t Decision Over Flanagan New Ynrk-OVl-Next in HUP for Johnny B r a t t n n . a split d*»rhmn winner nvrr Drl Flanagan, is R Jun.n 18 return bmu w i t h Rorkv Castelhni at Chicago. Hymie WsHm.Tn, f i r n t t o n ' s m a n - ors. The score* of amateurs in the final round of the pro-em also The championship f l i g h t in the · nhia Phillirs hav* Johnny W y n ^ - J a grr. rrvea'ed Hie Chirnpo * l a t p D6-hole tourney t6ed off" at 9 a. m. j tek back in their outfield today · a f t n h r t night'3 M--'1i:"ri S'jir.n.' this morning. A record 87 entries, | but it cost them 15-gam? w i n n e r '* · one more than last year, partiri- , Emory "Bubba" Church to regain paled. | the 32-year-old veteran thry traH- Pairings for the first round of ' ed sway four years a£o. the Memorial pitted: ' Wyiwtck and minor league Bill Ramsey of Shreveport, La., j oitcVr K*nt Prtermn r a m p In against Eaton Elder o; Memphis, the Phillies in a deal romoleted Martin Tenney of Littls Roc'. yesterday t'-Rt «*pi i s e i ""-'. li a:id- against Homer Turner of Mem- ed oitching CHnrrh t" the C'ncin- phis. : nati Reds. Peter*on is be'nq sent r'on nod ovr Fb-in^an. Th 1'oavrr Ca?t?lbni. a I p g i t i r m t r * rni'If!lr\vri.2ht. inx-e'. Bralton March 2R r* t'.i2 Garden. Fhr.nnan pot t h ? vote of Refprfe Al D'_T!P 5-1-1 IT: n i g h t hut B r M - 'cvi ivss named w i n n e r hv boili jtidp?-:. Judge n*rt G r a n t hid flratton on top ft '-. ,!:idsp T oo A^nslln j"3w it r-', IT t £nvp i' In Emm on p n j r H 7-r,. The Al Billy Jo* Benton of \VJUen, Ark., · tn an ss ret . Phillip? 1 ' r z r . l had it 4-4 in favor of Brat- against Willie McCrotty of Little i firm t*?rn. r r n V V v R ^ i H m n r r in Memphis; The Phillies traded Wyrostek to ton. Rock. Bill Scarbrough of Cincinnati for s h MM'er in the winter of 1941. Own- against Howard \Vilcockson of Jonesboro. Persons against Ran Hall of Lit- er Bob r 3 rnent«r admits t lie Rock. I t*i« one dral he v.-g? always f i r r y George Purvear of J o n e s b ^ r o - h e rr^de. ^ot'i CsrnentT anH ^ against Dr. Ed- Allis of Memphis. ma-««-e'*. E'HI? Sr'-T. t- ! H -n Johnny Buzick Jr. «f J»n*sboro · last winter t* pry V/yrostck fnm against Nolan Dodd of Little Rock. ! tv R»"l« hut were unsucrv?'ul. Monte Lopita oi J»nesboro T^"v f i n a l l y jrave ' \"?dnes:^v. Cjahe Paul, f'rtc'r"- : Use Home Runs To Defeat Cardinals M Philadelphia - f/Ft - Ray Camp§- pclla, Brooklyn ralrhrr. may well ! be named the N a t i o n a l Lea,»ii»'- mnst viluiblt player ayain thl. vrar. You can scar rely bt more v a l u a b l e t h a n tha bis bickstop was ' l a s t nig'^t a* he r n n n p ^ t p i l for two horn? run?, nnp w i t h t h e ha e p^ loaded, to account for all t^c i Ilodprr run* in a .1-1 win over thr P h l t a r i p l p h i s Phil?. fionkle Ren Wade was t h r w i n n i n e p i t r h r r over Curl Hrrws. who siirrrnderrrt both homers C n m n s n H l a . who s u f f w r ^ d a ; riprp bruise on the ha^k of his; ; r a t r h i n i ; hand in ChicsRn rpr*»ntly. hit ht; f t r r t rnund-tripper in thr second i n n f n c with none nn. UP came bark in tht f o u r t h w i t h th** bases-lo^dfd Item. It marked hi^ t h i r d homer In a row. as hi* Infteri one Into the glands hi? lust tim* at bat aKAlnttt C i n c i n n a t i two days a(»o. The p i t r h i n R on both 5idp«t was none too good. WaHe( in Rnhiint? his t h i r d win a g n i n M nnp allowed nine hits and walkM t^ree. But IIP WRP toush in tV rlinohes and strandod 11 Phils on base. A single, H walk and G r a n Hammer** double n c ^ n u n t e d for KflrtljtBfBI .MK«i«"«' | iSPORTS NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES, Fayott.vilU, Saturday, May 24, 1952 SPORTS ROUNDUP Cubans Finally Delivering For Nats' Long-Suffering Manager Tigers Dump Chisox, 9-2 ; I r v - j n F.IV.' h f i r r t pamo of th? r r n u f i r searon last nif^iit w h e n t/ie j illiants heat the Br c ~vr. Despite t h p dire prpriirtinnr, u h o n Ir-.'in «-3! injured, the G i a n t s arc in t h e j i£"onh-"ph'liTu'n thick of t i e N'alirari] League race _---i..---.-. t .._... \vitlinut hip Fen I^CF. "I hnj-? to bo piaying b) - mid- J u l y nr early August." he said. "My v/eisht is do\vn. I'm \vatch- inq it by dieting. «, Ptllrtrl SAl MAGLIc rur; h fn B t' a rfir;i P n'n'/' !!ie rt f '' r ' :»=t Bill rfobbitt of Memphis. C-rM nn f-. JtJ ? f - ' h?" i P^'sonf vict«ry v.ith FoBdren ! n a t i cm-r=l mw.r ",«*.·*'* ; n v i · u f v g . I yesterday was his second in less' r- arp entsr. He at* J H , rMc'-cr i a rough «vemng He hss b e a t e n ^ (h an A rk»ns« · Car-Vnter r*n*w»d n i « rfjuct' ' C i n c i n n » U-(/Pl-The youlh- e JnT y iv r*? r°°K C n °^' "' i «ur.t. Earlier this month, h e ! -or Wyrostsk. Tv.-e-tv--r.rr ^,,rs , sparked Cincinnati Reri. relied cept the Chicago Cubs, who fc« tMme(J wjth Dp A!U . , 0 win ,- ne ,,,,,. tb , ,,,.,, c!ubs h ,., , ,,.,, | upon me bsttmg of a pa ,r o f ! annual four-bill tournament a t : In Cincinnati, "isiru'it-on vss the Little Rock Country Club. ! that t'-e transaction msv he c Fondren «nd Persons shot a 6- | forerunner to an «ven h : --«r --i-sn under-par 67 in a driving rain yei.-! bct"'een t^e Peds and Pro"''vn terdav to win both halves of the · Dodders. Thf? rumor is f~st f^e pro-am. Thursday, they had a 10- · Cincinnati club will send Ewell undtr-par 6S a total score "of 130 | Bla-kwell tT Brooklyn for o'it- for 35 holes--16 strok*.; below par. j fielder Carl Furillo or A n d v "sfkn C'panfllfi. "I exrrcise the ankle every, snider, cf ni.^ht. Mo\ p e it up and dou-n one! Bhuba, if h u n d r e d time?. During the day I i ^od't« r /b grt out and cut th? lav.-n and work : a r n u n d the house. That's what the doctors v.-nnt me tn dn. I move n r o ' i n d w i t h o u t a cTine now. BROOKLYN .b r h' Morgin. Sh f i n Akhbu flefie. si 3 fl ft Mamnf Roblnion. Zb ? 1 0 Jonsa. 4 · J Ifinla. 4 « 1 Uplll 3 9 I. Ryan. 3 0 (t Miyo, ] « » Wiltku 4 1 t Drtu-i. 4 « 0 Br«' | \Vid«. PHILADELPHIA · · r h 4 0 1 4 0 0 4 0 1 Ml \ 0 1 0 o n o o o 1 o A o o n i n o .Pihnny I inon. · i t h n 717 in five Iwo framrs. , Tig^r ^ ^ r t , going Into the K m-r- , i b a t t i n g average, drovr» in m- runs tn rq-isl his tots! o u t p u t in 27 prfviou.e rontPfts t h i ^ y r s r Bttrnli 5- Chle*rn I DtTHOtT CHICACr* ih r h ih r h Hanitn. has yet to face. Bis Mav Surkont started brilliantly, but v.-ilted in the fourth. V7Mtcy Lofkmen doubled and Bobby Thomson, and Don Mueller followed with singles. Willie Mays v.-ss credited with a run on fcis deep fly and Al Dark delivered home run to account for the ; youngsters and the pitrhins of an ; old tinier la?i night in gaining a ' ' 2-1 victory over the St. Lori is I Wally Post and Roy ' McMillan, two of the kids on the team, rol- "The X - r a v r . look £0od and T ?All»___-." ' « T J»L«".. _ . 36 I » »vprynr. P t l n n k s I'm KfW tr. he, tSSSf iui ^1^^ « th for W the Bv Ebb; _ ... thft Giant nee for two runs. Bob ' Thirne followed with a single, bu and his f i f t h of the season. The only Card run came in t h e : third on singles hy Tommy Gls*. · ! isro and Red Schoendicnst and a \ drop f l y by Stsn Musial. From '· th(?rp on the Cards picked up onl\ hit. Purvear (13S); pro LI. G. P. Pep- v.w I wonder if I'm enough tn m a k e t!ie tc.u.i I dnuht if I can f i n d a pnot. I ' l l try real hard, tlvmeh." lie r-aid. ,ind never crnrkod .T smile. Irvin broke hi? a n k l p in an ex- h i b i t i o n s-'imp itt f J c n v T r April 2. MP v.-a.- flown bark to H a r k n f s ? P a v i l i o n of P r r ^ h y t f r i n n Hnspits! nnd disroarged from t h r r c A p r i l 25. p;\-pr sinrp he has been .it his home in Orangp, N. ,1., d r a w i n g f u l l pay on a snlnry an.ur.'. S'.'S.nnO \ r H i - l y . "I f e l t pretty had v/hc-n it happened," he s a i d . "It wris my f a u l t A p l a y e r shouldn't a l l r w hi nisei f j to break a bonp. It's a l w a y s player's f;:iili v.'!n, i n that liHppens j In t h i s p;ir'.i"ti!ar rnse I didn't l i f t i my foot up high enough. The coarhing vas perfect, tho fielrl was p r r f T l , and thorn were no routih Pjiots. "FroTi t'r.e way H hurt and from ; r--Grounded out for Knnttti 3th n e l t a S. Himncr. J B -- M i y n . H a m n e r . Pitrkn HB-~Campinr!l* 2 D P -- R y a n . Harmed anrt Wal»km; W i l t k u i . Hnm- K o l l n w n y . Hi 4 0 .' Z n r i l h . If 5 0 1 Trtnrn^i' I 0 1 M*le. rf 5 1 ? Vi"". r . i o n' rr-n. r Tn-fih'n, p [r""n-A'. p . Mullln. If wcrtz. rr K«R"'ah" Groth, el . i n n i ·" n n , 4 ii 1 | i T n i 4 1 ] 4 0 ] , 4 1 2 3 0 1 ft n n . l P n 001 OM o'n-» : By OAYI.E TALBOT New York-'/Pl-Thfre Is t frt»\ flea! nf pnetic jU3ti-ft in the fact t h a t B n r k y H a r r i s h a j been Reli n j ?urh f i n e p i t c h i n g frnm Con- rari Marrcro and Julio Mareno, hit Cuban Pcrfectos. The manager o! th" Jurprlsins W a s h i n g t n n Sen.1'nrr: deserve? something gnod r nm the n-lghhoring Island if ever a mim did. ,, ,,.,,, Bor|IJ . whO| )n , previu , throuf h 1047, suffered t h A brunt of the fittt major Invasion of the hlr IrtRurs by Cuban play- cm. In those days. Just " ;»T a deeade ago, the Cubans wiio could play big league ball were few and far between. But that did not bother either Clark Gririth. the Senator*' vener- al-lr prnldrnt, nor his chief »cc"t, Joe Cambria. Ortff did not potiwa much of a farm ft7«Um and he .tHdom hniiKht player* for money, xn It was natural that he lookfd with t r f m r n d n u x favor upon Cuban athlete*, who rame free. Each spring when Harris optf)«* his t r a i n i n g r a m p at Orlando, Ifla., hf rould count upon finding-, an. «i1#'phl» I I BB--VVnrfe 3. Drew! 4. H n n a e n 1. K o n i i n n t y l RQ--Wad)* *. Drrws .1. M n n i ^ n 1 H0--Drcwi 4 Jn l 1 I n n l n ^ r ; H n n n ^ n ) in ?; K o n n l i i n t y 1 , U--Gorman, n n d B a r l l r k UDnatelll. Hi linn · T--::a7. A--30,323 r e p u t e d l y j f a n ! ' Micciche Stops League-Lead'm^ Mobile, 7 To 0 r i R q u r 1 . Kol'owiy 3 . C r a y , dray ?. Vnv D/*- Roh'nton ·'n-l r«Bque': Prldrt'-. L'p-m r n d KoUo I,^ft- DfroU 9. rhlnro Rovln 4. H n y ^. K r - t l o w Rocovin h f, P H - R o m v i n 9-*. Kris'.- lov 0-n. Cm- 1-? Wlnrt«r--nriiy i.V4i. looser H o t o v i n i,V3t. U--Pap«r?Ma. Robh. Hurley. Paiarplli T--2:ft A-16,524. fi»lder« and pitchers awaiting him. They couldn't speak English and BB""SO- Mucky couldn't Jpeak ' I "« (By The i t t l p Joe ntherwist Prew) adds lustre drab Nashville cd.c New v« r jc 5, BOSTON NEW YORK ab r h ib r h H't-ficid. 2b 3 0 0 William:. 2b 4 n i Jff'hroe. cf n I 0 T ockrmn. 'b 4 I 1 l,Ti!hp-A-«. 3b 4 n 1 Thomson. 3b 4 1 1 Gordon. Jf 4 0 2 Thomo^on. If 3 1 1 Crov.-e. Ib 4 1 2 Mue'l-r. r f 1 1 1 EV Claire, c 3 I I Msyr. cf 3 0 0 Thorpe, rf 4 0 1 Dark, ss 3 1 2 Sis'i, ss 3 0 I'Westrum. c 3 0 0 aTorssron 1 0 0 Maglie, p 3 0 0 f.urkont, p 2 0 0 bDanlels 1 0 0 Johnion. p 0 0 0 ' "Totals 32 3 8 Totils p i t c h i n g staff each time thi clever I r f t h a n d e r toes the rubber. Extra-Base Blows Help Cleveland Beat Browns, 6-3 the Chicago CObs, 6-5. For the . einc;nn«tfj. F!.~ Louli 1 tail-end Hues it was the first w i n , "· Lo y l « CINCI ; in nine games. Reliefer Ted Wilks gained credit for the '-in. j The defeat -as cnarged to relief pitcher Wnrren Hacker. I.«-re JNNATI flh r h ab r h 3b 4 0 1'Trmpk'. ,?b 4 0 n c/ I I ! Adams, ."h 1 n n S'ndirn.iJ. 2b 4 0 1 K l ' z c k i k ' . lh 4 n V M u ; i i l . Ih 4 0 0 V.'es;lai;c. rf .1 n ! If 4 0 1 Porai. J f 2 1 1 Youn* Bob Friend, who has = Sia'^htcr. rf 4 'j i B'rkmvski. r( n o n · - - ri-Wir. n 3 0 0 Scm'nlrk c 3 0 1 2 n n M ' M i l l e n . as . i l l 2 0 n R'i'ber^cr, p 3 0 0 j 0 0 0 Second Round Of of phyinR haseball even for place club. the way the 'crowd flrted. I knew j . . it «-s^ hrrikp. 1 never did look at ! . L ,» sl n ' B h t h * zcroed ls«*u«- it i imeT i' vns h-nd i l( " atllr "t Mobile on five hit! to give "I ::i,re ht-ne I ran m a k e t h e ! " " Vols a '-° ri «lslon and their" he ; a i d ,?s lie v.-atchcd t h e ' on V V1 5 lor ' °' |"' three-game ] noon if the rour»e is considered Giants w i t h evident pride. llnrkr, i f*lr m«n, prohabDr Ii ·orr.v now for some nf the Ihinfi ^ . he »tlil In tho«f fliyt. L»rgrly R O i n DfllaVt thrauih Griffith'! ttubhorn pme- "'*··· verence ind the eon«qu«nl fW- Inhment Inflicted upon Htrrtt, Cn- hin« In Ineremlni numbert »re ^iklnj |[ood In the blc dm* l»« i WMhlnglan d*»»rve*ljr HM «»*rtl ·f the bent. ·;: Tort Worth. Texfts-M'J-The de-1 And lrtmc "' the m , arl ' ? J ''*?" layed second round n/ the JJO.OOQ provenijnt In Cuban Utent 'nj'- Colonlal National Invitation Golf I Tournamtnt moves out this afler- v/on two rti the Pirates' si fames, sta/icii;^ « v/as *relie\'ed in the eighth hy Breche'n. p Wilks sfter giving up two hits, I y^'j^i , which, comhined v-ith an error, | Totals' - Extra-base hit- accounted for one of the Cnh rnr.s. -iahts Last Niaht (3y Thr AModiteil Press ) New Y « r k - - J n : - . r . n . v Br.-itton. series. II was Mlrclche'i f o u r t h ! plaj'ahlp. surcc« since Minneapolis lent him lo Naihvil!* a Itv vctt'st ago. H* has been beaten only once. . Tournament officials »re quite Cirit -jtain possibly can he triced ,to.:.thr Jsct that a coniidertble numbed nf promiflini American, rookie* began playing in the "Cuban league back In the winter, of k e y a f e r / a i n g nights in a St. Louis - (/Pi - Extra-base nit- act-minted for one of the Ci.b r\ir.3. s Louis ting, including a home run by Al U'ilks walked Sauer and then 3iH ; cincinna;i | . · Rosen, ruined what had promised: Serena singled to fcore fvn runs j Musijl^^'ri' 1 -.' to be a tisht pitching duel last j and send the game into overtime, loui'i r,. cin £--Grounded into double play for E'."i In Oth. Bo b ston" led . OUt ..'. 0 . r S U T k ToTO 7 M2- 3 'to^be'a tight pitching duel last i and send the game into overtime. New York . .. ooo 5t» oox--3; night as the Cltveland Indian? pittebiirth 6. Chicago 5 E-N o ,, ,. RBI-Gordon TlJomi.n. j n - 9wned (W St . Louis Browns, 6-3. I --· · 32 I_5Toja!j 29 2 5 dni nnn nno--i ooo on o.ix-: 'ns-. McMillan. I.ctl-S- C i n c i n n a t i 4. B 8 - R n f f e n R - ocrRpr * SO--Brechesn 1, Y u h a p : H«ff(?n!hors,-r 5 HO--Brechsen 5 In 147, f'h-rago, n n ' p n i n ' p d Dpi · F l a n a g a n . 145. St H a u l . in. Phoenix. A r i z . -- C i M r l i ? S a I a s, ; l.'iO, Phoenix, r j u i p n j n f c d C'liarlie : Sa'.vyer, 147, Los Angeles, 10. « r 2B--lockman. Cro i r h 6 1 0 Davli. _ _ __ .._ ... HP-Dark. St. 'Mike Garcia gaintd th* v.-in, giv- . Mlk=is ,, C!a:r... DP--SV Clair.- and Hartlfield; : inff UD four hits He needed help: Fondy. Ib 5 1 liMetKovlch. If \viiliam3. Dark and Lockman 3. Left i . . u _;-v*u *__,,, Q A -, T »mnn '· Il'manekl. rf 5 2 2 c'tfllione. 3b -S33ton 5. New York 1. BB-Surkom ln th » e 'S hth {roln . Boj L '^ on ; Ssuer. If 5 0 1 Enttth 3b 1. Magiie 3. SO- Surkont 6. Mallie 3. Ned Carver, Brownie ace of last Serena. 3b - - - - - - HO,-Surkont 6 in 6 lnnin?t: Johnson V e?r absorbed his fourth defe-.t. ' Anvoll. c J in 2. B ER-MauHe 3-J. Surkont "" ' » :lst ' rtlea '"» " . .i a ff CO at. rf 5-5 WP--Johnson. Winner--Maglie I Garcia wit not lor seven n- Addlt c[ ! D 0 M'C'loulh. c (8-ni. Loser--Surkont i2-2i. U--Pineiii. : nings blanking the Browns nn · R-azzotti. 2b s n n G^ragioia c P.°. r , e .- Jorria snd ^"SSHK T-l 50. A- , wo hit3 He apparently tired in Hatten. p o n o si'cklnnrt. · the next to last frame, surrmder- ab r h |£ nir f : V u h n - n In 2 HBP--Brcchccn 2 0 0 ; °"°- Ra'finsbcrg^r 1-1. \vinnp--- V**4 2 1 ; J? n ^ 5r ?* r (5 " 31 Loser--Brechren (0-2i. , U 1 =mi,n ^ 1 0 0 y.7 nCo S, U "-,. S:e /"'', nuuhrlnw. En- 5 0 1 De' Gr-co. cf 6 1 2 . **m T-1.S6. A-12.235. 5 0 1 Bell, rf 6 2 2 ; 4 0 l Merson, 2b 6 1 1 0 0 M'C'loulh. c 3 0 ro".- against Nev/ Orleans and advanced igiln into second place in tht torrid Southern Assorialion first dlvlilon scramble. The Lookouts rapped a trio of Pelican hurlers for 13 hitt ind a 7-3 verdict. Throe-fourths of all sulfur pro- ' Following tht victory Chattanocga rfuced in the United States is ' boasted a .571 ptrc«nt|gt to ,»68 burned to make s u l f u r i c acid. for New Orleans. Rain washed out Atlanta it Little Rock and Birmingham at anxious about It-- ond so are the .,,., ,,, golfr-rf, particularly Raymond Gaf- " ford, Dallns pro, and .Tne Conrad, [ S:ir. A n t o n i o a m a t o u r . who are ' whenever it may be played, ', leading the field w i t h t w n - u n d t r Kord ol Harrison, N Y., will be par 6S's. ,,ne stroke b a r k of the leaderi. At A g u l l c v - w a s h e r of B r a i n h a l t e d , 70 are Tommy Bolt of Durham, play vcrte,day, rauslng t'mrn.-i- N. C.. and Fred Hawkins of El ment o f f i c i a l s to reschedule the Paso, Texas, while alone at 71 Is second round for to-lay and to ad;l .Jerry Barber of Pasadena. Calif. 24.812. 2 0 0 . n'nrnm?. 1 1 1 "-rifnii. 1 0 ( 5S 5 0 : The Tribe 'concentrated its hit- Rain May Limit Enfries In Race At Indianapolis Indianapoiis-OP|-Sixty race car '' pitched ball. Rosen sis owners and their drivers watched ! n .' nth homer of t n e /' How They Stand BY Th° Asso-i?fnii Pr"ss NATIONAL LEAGUE BOWL FOR HEALTH fim Benton Rowling !.sn«. Ad/, Memphis tilts. round onto tomorrow. I f they can't r*Kv today the second and third r o u n d s likely will he carried into tomorrow with the f i n i l Ifl Six pl«ytr« have 72. They ate Gary Middlecoff of Memphis, Toin. the defending champion; LUjd .. -- . Mangrum of Chicago. Fred Hipt holet Monday. Beyond that, t h e ; of New Orleans, Bob ToiW , pf. tournament o f f i c i a l s don't know | Northampton. Mast.. Jimmy Tbanj* what they'll do. json of New York ind Al B«se- Movlng into the second round, link of Chicago. " ; "? *' f 7 »t, .«3 .l.hih in Sautr !. Bell. McCuUough J. Strlck- , Umi-innati .. ting m the fourth «nd eighth in|and « Dt] Greco tlerm . n ? ki Rmnt ,, Philadelphia Brooklyn 22 N e w York _ _ . _ _ _ 2 2 Chiraso . i; Cincinnati .. 16 i nings. In the fourth Larry Doby ! tripled and Dale Mitchell doubled ' a f t e r Rosen had year in the J i c k s o n . B e i i . McrW : Chicago 7. Pittsburgh Hatton 1. Hacker 2. Friend 4. Kelly 1. Hacker 1. Wilks 2 , Boston . 15 . ._ 12 l . . 6 '« Faults .i.i; .510 .467 .455 .114 .17B cker a in o' 3 _ Pitl^hurjrh 6 Chicago S. 13 inning ,n 5»; R 4; ER n ^««ii..« = i-.-.;i- J.I^L- . last for the 500-mile rare at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway May DobV' cf .3(1. Only seven cf the 33 places in ! Mitchell, the Martmtr lineup were filled last I B?one! » weekend, and three score unquali- | Tehbetts. fied r.irs were nn the grounds. i t^TM C nn r Major league leaders MEN- VooOwelt , toVourface! You Save only one iace wilh Hfhich Id la:s lh« woi'.d. !uit lew drops of GUILDS Alter-Shuve LOTION gives «kin « delighlliil ·Ip, zest and tano.1 Makei your wee fo»l fresh an a child's. Enjoy the. thrill ol olln-jhivs relrtah- Bent. Buy a bollln iodv/1 THI AOOO COMPANION OHILOf DAION ILADIt 3 0 0 3 0 0 4 0 1 4 2 ? Niemtn. r f 4 0 0 .T o 1 Courtney, c 4 0 0 4 0 1 " rlgil*. I f 4 1 2 U K T T f ~ k * T K T T r ' A r ' T T r ' " 1 i Mlchteli 3b 2 0 0 i NATIONAL LEAGUE 4 o 1 iRtPP ' I ' BATTING -- nobinron. Erook- 4 o o Thctnaj. 3b t o o i v n, .345: F.nni-, P h i l a d e l p h i a . .3M: qi " ' ° bK'n-ho.k" f S o" Adcock. Cincinnati. .333. r , DtniM'r, , , o o o RUNS--Lockman. N e w York. Garver. p 2 o o 2fi; Robinson. Brooklyn and Wil- ,,''.';" ', ;. R ^ tr ' S i S | iTM«- New York, 23: Adams, Cm- : '?'"". . ,, ,, M.d,..o.. . o o o r j n n a t i i 22 | T,r,tfrd. 1 .v, Rr,,,It., RUNS BATTED IN--Sauer. C h i - Cleveland 6 S:. Loins 3 I Cleveland Bo-.: on New York I.O'll.' Phi!ad"lphia n 12 .K'7 .300 Total, 3S « S Totals "^S^nVed^u^M.S.o'nTn'.th r^'^T'Thomlin. *" XA. H e t r o i t 9 fh.r,,, 2 c--WalKtd for Carver in ith 20; C a m p a n u l a , B r o o k l y n . 27. . (Inly f a m e s f c h e d u l e ' l Cleveland . - - 000 201 030--6, P h i l a d e l p h i a , 42; St. Loul« _ _ . _ . ..TM".."?. n ;!'..1 : Sauer. f l h i r a g o 41. SOUTHERN A S S O C I A T I O N HOME r(UN3--Pifkn, B r o o k l y n 1 a n d Sauer, Chicago, 8; Moihew?, j Boston and Adcork. C i n c i n n a t i , I -- A r f t . RBI--Doby. Mitchell. KfV- er. Hnien. Bnone. Tebbelti. Kryho-ki. A r f l . Del,ln«. JB-.MHch»M. A V i l a . Dnby. Boont. R a p p . .IB--Doby. HR-Ros-n. Left--Cleveltnd «. «I. Loui, 4 BB--Garcia 3r. Qlrver J. SO--Garcia 4. Ltmen 1. Garvtr S HO--Car- R - l , 1.000; R r t p and Loei. Brooklyn, ria 4 in 7S I n n l n f l : Lemon o in i^' Otrver I In I: Mliflscn C In 1. » A ER -Garcia 3-3. Lem-in 0-0. C a r v e r f-«. Miili,on Q-0 HBP--Carver i R c u a m W i n n e r -- G a r c i a i H - 2 t . Loler--Garv f-0. 1(100; Wilhelm, New York, 3-0, i.nnn. I. 17 18 19 I D n CD Mobile 2 1 Chattanooga 24 New Orl-ar;; . . . . 25 A t l a n t a . 2- B i r m i n g h a r n ... 21 N a . ' h v i l l e ]!i A M E R I C A N LEAGUE Litl'i- ftTM-',: .. IS R A T T I N G -- M i t - h ' - l l . C l e v e l a n d . .MT.'l-'M-s - 111 ,3(iO; DiMasgio. Boston. .31.1; Kell. · Vi-Vrrrla.v'r. R r s u H n Detroit, .342: Rizz-.ito. New Ynr!. · K»: iv i l l e 7 Moline II .339. t'hattiroorj.1 7 \nw Crlcms 3 RUNS--Avila and Ro.'en. Cleve. (Ither g a m f s pnstpnne'1 land. 22: DiMa«io. Bo.'ton. 21 ' · . RUNS BATtED IN t- R os e n. · T p x a n To Prf , lth Cleveland. 2S; Dropo, Boston. p,. cr , ic n .,i a ], Th. p.- \n Bo. n ,, develand. ,nd V.rnon, : ^^.^^ ,^ '^ tolic C h u r p h in Ainri. n-ill a^ n i f n . n r i i t s f *r\ p ire* ;i1 j 12-4). U--McGowan. M c K t n y . *o»r 1 T--2 15. A--9.12C ' p « i d t Ten Seniors Graduated From Pea Ridge High Pel Rldge-(Speclil)-Ten seniors "'· P !" .? 1 i d '* J i H i'* h Sch ? 1 ' 1 "" HITS--Robinson, C h l r i g o . s i m p - celved their dipl»««s it com- fl Cleveland »n'l Rlr.zmn. New - . .. . . nienoemfit exer«ll«» Thursrlay y n r ^^ ^| M o u n t Hebron Melhodlit Church night it th« high icbirc! »udi- HOME RUNS -- R o s e n , Cleve- I northwest of nn^ers S.imliy at 2 . tcrliim. Louin Alh »ll till i-sle- land. 9; Wtrlz. Detroil 7 . P.m. A special song ten-lee w i l l ' dletorltn fad Orvlll* A.h the PITCHING--Marrero, Wmhlni- ' hl»hh«ht lhr rrosrsm Mr Brov n sihititoriin. Otktci who were ton. 4-0, 1.0(10; Gromek, Cleveland h i former rit.'rlent of the n n f f - s frtduitld H'trt Jim Btluln. Dfjn and Shea, Wnthington, 3-0, 1.000. enrntnunlty. He moved to T f x i i I, Jem Kllfo, M l n t t Van- undt.lris Cilsteid, Billie Springs. Morion Sprlgjs and Helen Sennit- Uaeil ttj thnuiinndt in reduclnl lieU--Junfe'a Romaa Meal tl-ll-N In 101J. For U ye«r« he w.n en- pased In ev«n([filitlc work AHvertlM M lh* TIMKS--II para. "I Want My Boy to Get a Route, too" TJITATCH!f?G h^r nev,-;; ij-or boy h^rnmi an alu.-t, rc'iahle young "" husir.eitman nit he r.Tvfr, r.;s customers dny alter day, naturally rnoltes a motlier anxir/is ior her own son to enjcy the many. benefits of a newcpapor rr ; ';;c. · · - -^ And so 1 I'nr pcpn!ar, sparn-timo wo'ri? In YOVK Son Re*ly for Ills Oirn Koute? · II so. cijggem ihii h« oj^ply I".' in* r.oxt ;ou'n op«n In your lo:-i;.ty. so '..'V he, loo. eon urn r^nn c! h;'. rpm« lima lo earn, le^rn and live--at 90 miny oihor ambitloja boyi ait doin'] 1 Call Circulation De?t , Ideally fits a young fellow lor getting ahead in life. First of all, it's a Ihrilling way for him to Kim extra do!!a~re~ever7 wo«lc, for schooling, spending or snvmg It's valuable business training, too- -as he dolivsro, collscts. keeps hocks, handles money, and pays bills And 11 leanhe: him two of today's most useful skills -- «orvico and salesmanship! · - --- - i Besides, route v/ork hslps him form rerpilar habils flnd 'build'a 'healthy body by daily outdoor exerciso. Ii also oilers him many. opportunities to win spoon] prizes, educational trips, and othtaT worlhwhU* incentives to excel as a carrier -Baleaman. NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES

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