Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 24, 1952 · Page 2
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 2

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 24, 1952
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I - NO»THWBT ABCAMSAi TIMtS, f.y«tt«viH., Arken..i. SoturHoy, May U, 1952 Church News Presbyterian Declares Many In U. S. Have No Church '''New Yoik-(/ivN'n m a t t e r how much or lunv l i t t l e they w a n t to ')';/). to church, more Americans lfa\e no diurrh lo go to t h a n at any lime* in nur hlstni v. . This p i c t u r e of ll,,. . H u n t , TM has : lvvn I ' l i l I"-;..iv- ii:c UMih .inniial C.cni-rnl A c penibly of the Presby- 'fl'nnn Oinrrh in :bc V. S. A. lir. ·"·Wihcrt V.'orth Frank, prcsidm' of MrCrfrmirK Tli n nlo{ji'-ai Seminary "of 'Chicago. ;:,-ii(l lh.?t in regard to M n d i n f i R , the church faces "crises fri m u l t i p l e rcRionr, throughout t h e "'More people arc living in communities not adequately churched (fiAn r.l r.iv* t i m e in our history, no* excepting t h e irontier days ' n j t h r i r wildest a ml woohest," IIP ft;*) f .,5iJ--.'.iking I" mnie t h a n 2.(Mil) |PjC5byu-ridan Jc-Tdei;.. here for j t h c mot ling rf the church's top igovcrr.ii:.; body, Frank appealed ·for support of the denomination's pl2.(iOri,ntin h i i j i d j n e ; f u n d dri\-e. lAIfsrallolis Cause Trnuhlp J lie riled nviny areas whr-rc. p.-n- jplo an- worshiping In r n m m u n i l y | halls, schools a n r l p r i v a t e houses. I He said misi.'.tinns tn new ii:dus- | t r i a l and other renters--involving i more than half Ihe u.-rtion's pnp- | u l a t i o n in t h e last Ifl year- had cicaicd the towns w i t h o u t churches. . By m v l a m a l i n n , the .issnnbly , elccled Dr. H e r m a n N. M i , H e of · N e w York as Moi.-c, I heart nf Ihf church's N a t i o n a l M i - ; sions Hoard nnrl a vice prc::idcnt I of ||,p National Council of j Churches of Christ in the I.'. S. A.. succeeds Dr. Harrison Kay Andei- | son of Chicago. i Spiritual SlrknpB/i Keen j The iv. Harrison flay Andcr- I son, f'hir.-ijin told thc opening of the assembly t h a t a s p i r i t u a l r.irk- | npsj--"like a fog"--shrouds edu- I callon, e n t e r t a i n m e n t and other ! fields. | "A moral decay creep; j ls slriw , ,1)111 sure way t h r o u g h America | from thc I H i l p while bouse on t h e village slrect lo t h e W h i l e llnusr in a n o t h e r town." he said. Rut despite ihe s|,ns ,,,, (|, 0 ^devil's side." he (old Presbyterian delegates. "Ihe church is on th march and is winning through." "Kverywhere young men and women are coming forward to I help the church," he said. Andor,,,., Inl'l fellow Prosbyto- riairi t h a i then church, which went i h r i i i i g h a d a r k period of In'-- '. Ing li,"13 members In the. IQ.'tOs, j iiaincd a net total of 273,445 in the HMOs. Ililn "New iKolatlonlsm" At a two-rl,-iy conference prior tn Hie assembly opening Thursday, Hep. Fii'ioks Iln.vs f l l - A r k . ) said' | cburdi leaders he on guard i a g a i n : ! a ' n e w Isolalionism." ! The "new isolationism," Hays said, ii t h e k i n d t h a t would have ' d * i Complacency Of 'Americans Held National Danger edu- eom- Chieagn-f/1'j-A religious cator yeslrrday said "the plncency w i t h which the average American is observing Ihp obvious connections between politics and big crime is amazing and disturbing." The statement was made by the : . , , ..,,.. . . . . . . . - · ; - - ' Ifcv ' Hcrhprl Fezork. president of · H i - l / n H S.-HPS dommatn , h e | the Andovcr-Newlon Theological .'."Hd. He ,aid the new isolation School. Newton Centre, Mass He |i. ."Pin.u;,l' and would w i t h d r a w ' s p o k e at the a n n u a l meeting "f "n* country from the councils of i Ihe American Baptist Convention ..Mi-.n, .ind ,,How ,t lo m a k e global I "Our n a t i o n has become t e .In-ismm; w i t h o u t reference to the ! richest and most powerful n a t i o n ! -ws and aspirations of others. io history, but the throa.enina^dis- integration of the American fami- ! '.v, the rising tide of alcoholism i t h e corruption in public life are M i s t u r h i i i E w a r n i n g signals t h a t at the very l i m e when we stand at the pinnacle nf wealth and power a decay from within has begun. "The outside world reads a v i d l v about our mink coals nnd deep Three Churches Join For Vacation Bible School Following their custom of the past two year.';, the Fir?' C'hrMian ' Ihe First Presbyterian, and the Central Presbyterian Churehrs will hold a Union Vacation Bible. School again this ye-ir It will be held ii, the First Christian Church I beginning on Monday, J u n e 2 a n d ! ending with a Parents' Night program on Friday, June 13. Sessions v.-ill begin each week day mornins. except .Saturday at 9:15 and will clo.;c at 11:45. Each Chorus To Appear Here HIBS ii ·mmmmmmi^^^n£SBami^.£^Zi*im*i'~...!i'-,.·:, ...^K*...-"'-rv - , ·' · : ·^··'-^^ Yrcgr^n _ £ The nationally lamous Bel Canto Chorus, of Boles Orphan Home, Quinhm, Texas, will be presented at (hi Cliui i/.ed in 1940, any lamous bet Canto Chorus, of Boles Orphan Home, Quinlan, lexas, will be presented at (hi Christ, corner of Locust and Center Streets, Monday, May 26, at 7:30 p. m. The chorus organ* 10, is currently on its third national tourr. The group travels in its own commercial bus do* i Dallas busline, and is nictured shove \vilh its director Toy William*:. department v.-ill have a separate nated by a Dallas busline, and is pictured above with its director Tex Williams, recreational and refreshment '==-·---^-/ - -_- -^i_- a-; _ Names For New Circles Df WSCS To Be Listed ! The Women's Society /or Chris- .11.111 Service of I h e Central | M c l l m d k t cnuiTl, will meet in if* jfreezes and tax scandals i n d 7 i i^ws^i-ss^is : .'.CM'cd, nnd reports of the year's! . work w i l l be fi iven. A pledge! The "colors" used by today's peiiod during the morning. The cooperative FCnes of Bible studies will he used and a registration fee cna^d^'Leff-de^'e^ense Tho IBoginni'r department will Arkansas Uniiarians ; ·« n Al Harmon . e , service will ),,. held and names for ; new circles will be announced. ' In color. - -- - -- . . _ - . I (Select From This List the Church of Your Choice... W T BAPTIST military organizations are direct descendants of t h e banners of knights and barons in the Middle Ages. BAPTIST AI.TKH I, JOHNSON. Putor ' ·* * .'10 * m Ktindni School rsjfcss Q rn. Morninn Worship t. ^^pu p in Uuplm Training Olilon , JTtrmcIa)-: · ri2lia 1 in. W M. IJ Executive Com- L Jlil'.lcr Mrriir.s A ; 12:-10 P tn C c n r r n l W M u. M«l- .In^ nntl covered tllrh linirliprin; Circle " 3~IloMos*. Cin.-Ip 2-Projrram ' ·+· = CENTRAL PBESBYrERIAH :C EnVMHD nntlDAKER. Pnslor ; W i l l i a m K Gibson. Minister to Btu- ; IMS n ni Church School ; 10 :.'i n ni Mornlns \Voiship - S f j n i o n : · The Chriillnn Frontier"-- J Anlhi-ni "All Crrslurrs of Our God ! .vim n' n^ i/i e h School W»lmln- J OKI p in U n l v r r c l l y Woslmlnstcr ^ f.-ilinvBjiip. Wpstmlniilrr Home UHITAIUAN FELLOWSHIP Unme room Slu.l^nl Union 11 n. P T r n l n l "K 1'nlnn in Worship Servi r Ir W. M. U. Fmirlh Frl.lny CHHIST'S CHUHCH B-S « ni S u n d n v Schnol 1"' oil n m HihiQ ·school 11 00 n m Worship Service Coinmuninn Kprmon r SlTv . ?HUF N CH QR ° VE COMMU »'TY 1 JEHOVAH'S W.THEHSEi c S cyHSC hoo, r . r, ^x...?»,\r« ui TM N u D n S cH LLE PRESBYT «'AH TOM Wll,S(JN. Pastnr ^ n n n . m Suminv Srhool ''·"V'- 1 , »i Worship Service, First mil Tluict Sundays ron. r Wedn«d«y. 7:31) p m Book u d j Fr day. 7:M p m Servlc. ,..ry "^nooi" " m " Th " cri " li: "'" "" 1 *^ 3:M D ra " W a l c n t o w " PHESBYTERIAH JAMK3 W tHJTLER, J R . Putor ^"William E. GibBon. Mlniiter to 8tu- ,. 9:5 n m Sunday School ; io.M Morn.rut Worship · A n t h e m : "The Sun Shall Be No Worr- Thy Usht By DaV'-Woodwurrt . l rrmon: "The JVrli of Privilege"-*PV William £. Clhion 1 4:.Ti p. tn Junior Fcllowihlp - i:m n m. J r - M i Kellow«hlp _ too p ni W c s t m l n n t e r Kolfuwshlp. iibdtnt Center T n?ncon'B MtctliiR, Thumrtiiy nt 7 30 J. ni. ! V.icniloti Churrh Schnol S t n f f Mcet- jmir. first Chrifltian Church. Wednn- jlny at 7:30 p. rn. V*. PAUL'S EPISCOPAL ftlAItltJS J U N D U O F K RcctOT I Suntlny A f t « r Afccnllon ·s.ito n ni nol.v i.immiuman , 1' .If o in Ftmiily Service [ : I :oo a. m. Morning Prayer and ^ C."U P m. Voun0 ChuTchtijfc^-_V " CENTRAL METHODIflT 0 1, DYKES JR.. Pa«!or fl«0n m We»li^y Kuundntion Coffee » I::i0 n. m Churrh School \ iUviS A rn. Morning Wonihtp Serv fa · · A n t h e m ; "Open Our Fyp?"~Morfnr- \vi.( wllh A. Da ' 7 ' 15 rrrti:l,JnK Kcrvk-o nml · p. m T r n i n i n R Clnns, in K v n i i K r l l t t i r Sprv. + THL -. **. i-.i*ii*j«,ijtj, PoKior South LociiHt Street KGRiS !o 8:1! ». .,,. ,,,,,.,, rroKram- »·*; · m Sunrtny fkhool 11.0(1 n m Mornlnfi Wnrslno e..10 p m. N. Y. I'. S. ProyiT Meet- C:« p m N. Y. P S. Pn.srnm 6.45 p. m A.luil Prnyrr H n n r l J:.10 p m F.viiimclisiic Survicc WerlncBdi.y. 7:30 p. m., rrayor Meeting Thurnlnr, 7:00 p. m . Vlsllnllon -t- Biptiil Forrl Communlly Chuich Firsl Sundny 11:00 n m liov Drnn Parker Second Sunday 11:00 a. m Rev D. i lf_Laudcrbnck m Rev Rev. V. si: Mr. W nl Muclc. J Smothers "Cherubim Sons"^ .· i The J u n i o r Chtilr. dlrecled by Mrs. » .1 Smothers -» [ Sermon, .lark Wlncjienrt ' :, 0:1 p rn Wesley Fiiup.dntlon I . lion p m. Youth Groups . j i K v f i u i i B M-rvice dismissed for High TMlool biieciilaiirc.ile service . llrcurlccut over KC;HH v* C Krwin 10 Wl School SECOND B'.PTIST N V URAKK. PasKjr tn:i n m Sunday School In :, n in Horning Wr.rshtp 7 ..o D m H a p t l s l T r a i n i n g Union « a p in Evening Worship W r d n p s d n y . 7:30 p. in., Prayer Meet- 4 WEST FOHK ASSEMBLY OF GOD I J R A N I I A M and STfcKLE. Pastors It 4S n m Sunday School I! mi Morning Worship (!::![! p. m Chris! Ambassador Service n::.o r. m. Junior C. A. Service .:.1U p. m. Evangelistic Service Wednesday nt 7:20 p m.--Prayer Meeting «nd Blblo Study BHENTWOOD COMMUNITY CHUHCH Pnslors Hev. Othn Tackett and Rev Ili-x M.irgiin 10.00 n. m Sunday School 11:00 u. m Sermon 7:.'o y m Evening Service MO p m Frld.iy night. Bible study and prayer meeting W I G G I N S MEMORIAL METHODIST A R N O L D S1MPSUN. Pallor toulh Church and Third Strwta 9:45 n. in. Church School II 1)0 « in Morning Worship J:ji» p m Youth Fellowship 7:JO p m Worship CALVAHY TABERNACLE .IS East Soulh Street BEHYL E. BKTH. Paslor S : SJ " m -- M " rnl "« Benin P r a v e - "" Dellverancl! Message and ':« p m. Evanicllntic Services Srrvirei"' "" Wetlne " d »J'- Tarry r j Scrvfce " "* S ° lurd) '' T'Jtlmon M + WEST FORK PHESBYTEHIAN UJ1IIOI.AS RREWF.R. 1'aslor First AM ThlM lundays Sunrt».- School 9:3(1 a m Evcnin- Wnrnhip 7:30 . .urth ««n Crook will be Superintendent, assisted by Mrs. Stephen Stephan and Mrs. Bryan Walker. Their course is entitled "We Learn o f . . God's Care." j Tin? Primary Department will | be conducted by First I'resbv-1 terian teachers. Mrs. Gordon Rowley will be Superintendent, assisted Ij.v Mrs, Charles Clinehcris, Mrs. Claude Coger, Mrs. Jesse Henton, and Mrs. Henry I f a l l i n . Misses Anna Catherine ' Gamble. Marilyn Johnson, and Susan J a n e ! Melton will assist with t h e recreation and refreshments. Their course will be "All About Church Helpers." The First Christian Church will have charge of the J u n i o r Depart- . n«« ·ill- And F. Morning Worihtp a m Sunday School 10:.1o a m Evening Worship 7:30 p. m . Walter Franko 'and Mrs. J.'H. Ar- tcrburn. Their course is entitled "Living in Our Community." j Miss Pearl Cate will net as ! Registrar anrl Treasurer of the I .school. | There will be a mooting of all teachers in the First Christian Church on Wednesday night nt j 7:30 to finish plans, set up depart- m e n t a l work, and itemize h a n d work materials for each d e p a r t - , ment. | Parents of c h i l d r e n vhosy churches are not h a v i n g such a Vacation Bibli 1 School are cor-! riislly invited to send t h e i r children to this Union School, as many have done in the past The Arkansas Society of Unitarians will meet here tomorrow, follow-in? the last meeting of the! Fayetteville Fellowship for the! church year. A picnic, beginning r "t I I a. m. at Harmon Playfield! w i l l precede the local a n n u a l j meeting. : Ralph C. R a r n h a r t is president j of the Fayetteville Fellowship and , vice-president of the state society.! Felix Arnold. Pine Bluff, presi-1 dent of thc state society will at- j tend, also Mr. and Mrs. Nelson I Foley and Mrs. Frank Barren. L i t t l " Rock. Foley is president of the Little Rock Fellowship. Invitations to attend this meeting have been sent to Unitarians in Y e l l v i l l e , Mountain Home, Gamaliel. H u n t . Saddle. Dennard, Hartford, Pine Bluff, Bentnn and Hariisburg. A r r a n g i n g for Ihe picnic are Mrs. Delbert Swartz and Mrs W H. Pryor. Disciples Of Christ Convention Hears Plea For Union Of Protestant Churches Paramount Evil Of The Day Said To Be . Sunday- Rev. Virgil Erwln : 0:JW . ,,. "=s i s . Pastoi Sunday School ., 'Third Suhday 11:00 a Alfred H'hittlty Fourth Sunday: IJ.QO a m Sunday Sundny *" T ^ O R K CHHISTIAH ' ! JOHN AHI3ELL. Minister IMS .1 m Church School ll:OJ a. in. Mornlni Worship in i. oiiimunion Preoching WEDINGTON METHODIST CHURCH A. I.. I1IGGS. Panor 10.00 a in. Sundny School 11:00 a. m. and 7.,'lci p m. I'rraehlnc UIU. E Services on Fourlh ana FUlh Sundays WEST FOBK BAPTIST H. II MEED. Pastor 11:45 n m Sunday School. 11:00 a m Morning Worship. 6:30 p. m. Hnptlst Training Union 7:50 p m Evening Worship 4- BETHEL BAPTIST CHURCH HOY w REKU Pallor 6.11 Mission Street 9:45 a. m. Sunday School 11.00 a m Morning Wornlilp H.10 p m Tr.imme U n i o n 7'30 p m tx-enioE Srrvicr Mldxveek Pray»«- Service-Wednesday p. m 7 JIItST CHHISTIAK · I'liEKT MOrTETT. Pmlur J 'J 4S o. m. Sunday School L If 00 H m R u n d n y School Classes t I' 1 :'» n. in Mornlnu Worship [ firrmon "To Choose or Dt chosen" I '- '·'··) p m D S. F. I ' ··'·« p in Cliri'.llan Voulh Fellow- Ji:y nnd rhl Ithn F c l l o w r h i p *IT. JOHN'S LUTHEHAN , ' A f K - i n . n , nn ,l I):,-h,on TH 641 or 37! CENTRAL BAPTISl r i l K D K R I C K Gt.'MX 1's.slor ..-.. -! .":30 a m S.inna. Scliool v in ;, ni. A H u l : Dlbln Class 1.1 M) a in Nursery opens ,, ' I " « a "I .Suntlny V, or,hip ,i * Srrn^on Pcntrcost is I V r e n n i n l 1 by · The H"v v.'nlriemar Hlnck ' . A n l l i e m "Oh for a Thmisanil J ;.oni:uo! to Pins ' (Hykcs? by ihe nuilp every flrn and thin -»- JOHNSON CHUHCH Of CHRIST SMITH. Mlniner in I t i t i l c S'udy in \Vor«hip Service m Young Prnpiu'i classes Worship Service . p e r v c e 1 rayt-r Meeting Wcdnesdny at 7:30 JACK DEAN Past.. 0 i a m Sunday Erhool I05U H m Morning Worship . 7 00 p m D.iptilt Training Course 8 00 p m Kvenlna Worship fl 00 p. m Wednesday, prayer ser. vice · p lri'*4T PWlTnr*54 r\e- /-UBIOT · CHRIST. Sunrt.iy Scnool S u n i i n j Service K c ; m l Sunday FULL GOSPEL TABEHNACLE TUMMY duns Paslnr 1000 A in Sunday School. 11 00 a in Preaching 7 15 p m E v a n K e l K t i c service Wednesday. 7 3y p m Midweek Pr.ixer Service Friday. 7 30 p m I'YPA bervl-H. r ch"o [ ,!n""a n ch d hXIy "'" ·i:iy except Sund.Tj : 4 CHURCH OF B L A C K BAPTIST S.ALYKH. Mlulstei C h u i r h school honj 1 1 00 a 7 on p K 00 p Tliurudn Preaching Servn-o i Training Union i Prc.T.hlnfi Service 7 30 i in Prnyt-r ineeiuiK J I O O . ' m Vcrnlnr. """""'' GOSHEN METHODIST i n n i o n Kervlr« · s M. VA.M'I.V Pnslor Service »nd Bible HI oil a in M u n . l n j S,-noo] II 00 a in Morning \\ - orslilp f + 700 p ni Evening \Torihlp MT JOSEPH'S CATHOLIC · I ; ' A T I I I . I ( IJ.WAHli il MAI.OY. Paslor I- AYETTEVILLE BIB^E MISSION ; S'ltirt«.v Mnisei. 8 no an.l 10 0(1 « m | joo n u ,,- K s . H i T l l CUI.Llut . 1 n.iiwi.iy . 3il p m Novena Masses. ; |nlerrteiioiniiiii'i,.nal ·.'V,,'' CS' .. .. . ' 1IOMKR MOdTTl.r. Paslor · ^ \^. * y M:lrl - Monday t h r o u g h «.4j n m Sundnv s.-n....! SON'S CHAPEL 5 MILtb LAST ON HIGHWAY 41 I* 30 n ni .Sunday School Sioorlnlcnilent--Turner Uruwn Auxiliary every lourlh Monday T:00 p ni. FAHMINGTON BAPTIST I M K1IF.IS. Pasmr 1I m» ;i in .Siin.liii School 1! nn a in M o r n i n g Worship Ii TO |i in U n p l r I r m n i n g Union . 311 p in Evan)..r.|lc Service \\cdiiL-Kclay 730 p ill Prayer Meet- FAHMINGTON METHODIST ' .. I1ICGS. Paslor l O i K I a m Sunday Schoo; I I i.l!l a m. nnd 7:30 p. m Preaching SiTvu-e on First. Second and Third Sundays + NORTH SIDE ASSEMBLY OF GOD S A . M I ' F l . E mulct Pastor m o o n in Sunday School 11 'W a ni Sermon 7 .'u p in Evaii«ellsuo Scrvtcu \ o u n i Peoples C A Ser- S M. TETER. Pi.wr 10:00 a m Sunday School I0:« a ra Morning Worship ! ""'" tTMTM"* ""I 730 m 7.30 p m "* Evening Worship 7:3 ° p - m " Ion n ni ~ -s ""rt«y School. 'i-.y. * m Morning Worship B.3U p. m \ o u n g People's meeting ;;» P ^ Sv.«WI«tle StrvfeV CALVAHT BAPTIST CHURCH .. 7 :io m . rrn*r Scfvlce. 7 i p PAniCSDALE BAPTIST H K N N K I t D A V I i i'jstor A M I K\ MoSTKI.i.AR A ^ i H t a n t Pastor HI M n tn tiumlny Si-hnni " .in p tn EvuPiKdiMic Me»Ai« \Vrlnus(liiy. T:.1u p in Prayer Mu«t- »:45 n --.. Sunday Sch'oo' 11:00 n in. Mornint Worship 6:30 p m Training Service 7 .10 p m. Evenlnu Worship Wednesday at ?·: i p ra Pmvpr Service nnd Bible Study JMMANUEL BAPTISl CHURCH G w MORRISON, p.stor Corner Duncan and Slon* 9:30 a m Sunday School H) .v, Morning Worship «:« P. m. Baptist Tr.inink Union » TM p. m. Evening Worship Wednesday. 7:30 p. m.. Bible Study FIRST ASSEMBLY OF GOD DONALD W A L K E R Pasioi .?«« * m Sunday Schuol. II 00 a m Preaching. S 00 p m V. P. Clssa. 7:30 p m. Evangelistic Servlcts. ':JO p m Friday. Bible study. 7:30 p m. Tuesday. C. A. sirvlc OAKLAND BAPTIST (Six Miles Northeast) 1 S WHITELEV. Paslor lo.on a. m Sunday School 11:00 a m Morning Worship 730 p m. BYPTC 530 n m Evening Worship Wednesday. 7 30 p m Prayer mee First Baptist Church To Hold Bible School The First Baptist Church will begin its Vacation Bible School Monday, June 2 at 8 n. m. Preparation Day will be Thursday, May 29. The f a c u l t y w i l l meet at 2 p. m. anrt boys ;t!:ii .^irls planning to attend the .school will come to the! church at 3:nO Thursday n f l c r - 1 noon. The school is for boys and girls from three through I B and is not restricted to members of the I First Baptist Church. The school will dismiss at 11 a. m. daily. The school will include seven departments w i t h a total faculty of 53. The departments and faculty are thc following. Nursery - Mrs. Bob Thomas., Mrs. Paul Tweedle. Sirs. W a l t e r ; Gould, Mrs. Dale Stockburser, Miss Janet Walker and Mrs. Luther Freeman. Beginner I - Mrs. A r l i n Jones, Mrs. Ralph Ferguson. Mrs. W. C. Whitfielri. Jr.. Mrs. Frank Blew, Mrs. O. T. Greenwood and Mrs. Don Brown. Beginner II - Mrs. E u g e n e Snipes, Mrs. .lack Hcddinp, Mrs. rhiragii-f/Pi-A Kansas clergyman said yesterday "the paramount evil of our day is ignorance." Thc Hev. Thomas O. Parish ' pjislnr nf the Central Christian Church. Kansas City, Kan., stated Christians must use the "arrow of enlightenment" in their battle · against the Communists for the I souls of men. _ j "In spite of our h i g h literacy and ! our great educational institutions ' we nre yet so that ' class strife, racial prejudice and j crime of a l l sorts threatens to I swamp our world," he said. ! "So long as America is content ! to pny an annual crime bill of 25 billion dollars, and a war bill more than twice that amount. I while devoting a mere pittance to j h u m a n welfare and religion, we nre still living in the dark ages." Parish spoke at the annual assembly of the Internationa! Convention of Disciples of Christ. Chicago-f/P)-A Methodist bishop appeared at a national assembly of Disciples of Christ Thursday to speak for a large union of Protestant churches. Bishop Ivan Lee Holt of St. I.ouis told the I n t e r n a t i o n a l Convention of Disciples of Christ: "From time to time barriers and obstacles may slow our progress, but we are too much in earnest to turn back even if at times our march is slowed to a hesitant pace. "I plead with this national convention and your communion, which is historically committed to this great objective of bringing , Christ's scattered flock into one fold, to give unwavering loyalty to constructive plans for uniting our churches." Traces Union Movement Bishop Holt told how representatives of seven denominations, among them the Disciples and the Methodists, formed the Protestant Conference on Church Union late in 1949. Since then a basis-for- union plan has been drafted, and it will be considered further next I are in agreement that this i? the i first real blueprint that has been ' j drawn in 50 years of conversation ; "It is not a perfect plan anrl it | will not be approved in its present form, but the representatives ' of all denominations concerned believe it is a basis of disciippion ! and a suggested goal of our ef- . 1 forts." ; Some Schools "Atheistic" I Earlier. Dr. M. E. Sadler, pri-si. ! dent of Texas Christian University, asserted that any school ' I which does not teach of the I existence of God "is actually teaching atheism." "Our schools have proceeded on j the entirely false assumption that i if they did not teaeh religion, they i would be neutral," he said. "As applied to our education, we · have interpreted the great prin- He commented: "Those who have considered different schemes for a. larger church union in the United States Ex-Missionary Will Speak At Pea I ' M t l a j . ·clinif. 7:30 o m Votng People j S.tiutilfty Mfi* 7.MI 4, m. ! Flm, Krlrtsy Mail. 7 W) · m. ; Firm ^ft^^l^(t»y Musi. 7 W n m I C'nf"..!f)ii«i ' 01 in X W p m a r:HURCH OF CHRIST I fllMn M c C L I . K G . M i n l M c r ' V.'OM Crnin am N o r i n Loruif ! t 4'. n ID Blh'i- «'ii']v ; | r 2 j Sprmon " W n l k i r . i t ' . i 7 :id ftrrmnn: ''Arc You R r i M y . " · I 0 .Vj *, n i . .VcJntsdny. Ln.iiet Oil 7 W p m Wrdn.Miiay. P r a y « r IriMInii iind Hible S t u d y (or ·], a I f L B C I H B COMMUNITY C H U R C H 1 - ! : AMi;S K CARTKJV Superintendent ' ; 10:00 a m Sundny School ':UMBE!U.AHD PRESBYTERIAN ' , 111,1, DAKNKS. P.itor I W7 Dmtfln* Street , - V-4| · m fiiiniliy flcnonl. . ?:(· p. m. livening Worship. 11 Of) n m Mornlns W u r i h i p ft 1ft Y. p in Kv. r ClmU " 1MB Popl ^ It Wodne»dny. 7 30 p in . I'm me SUGAR MOUNTAIN BAPTIST K K - F. M M R C A N Pa»u»i A R L t r MOSTEM.KR. A t M H n . i i l\iilor 10 00 · ni SunI.T\ Srhnu] 7:,10 p m K\ A n t f c t l i i t i c MoaviKo Wrdncurlny prnycr i n r r i i n n ul 7 30 p m. JOHNSON BAPTIST CHURCH i: M I.UOUK. i'.isior HI IKI n ni Sunrtaj Sctiooi * "'.' p ni T n n n i n u Cnlon K v r n n i K Srrvlre 7.30 D m.. l'ra.\cr Meet- J/ HIGHLAND COMMUNITY I 10 XI 1 m StiiKlN} lirhixjl n 15 n m M n r n l n d vA'DTklup Wadneidfiy night, 7:50 p m , LINCOLN BAPTIST CHURCH JKSS; r co..F.MAN I'mi.-r in (W A m K u n d n y Schoiti 11:00 M m MortmiK Worship * 30 p m Training Union 7.30 p. m Evenlni Worihip SEVENTH DAY ADVENTIST ' SOUTH STREET S A T U n t M Y ID ii-.i a m Snhhatli School H IW n ni Ohuid, Scmof Tur.idny 7 W i. m Prayer meeting SALEM MISSIONARY BAPTIST W R S M A P t ' . I'Mlor Siv M U C H nonlnvni HUM a in SUIH.A.V S.'honl n im rt m Mmiimji Worihip 7 ^0 p m F.vcnlni Worihip U'r.liirirtny. 7 30 p m., P r · y · Meeting OF JEIU8 CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS J A M K H n.HTl'HKK. Kldrr SUiilnm Union Ulu* RXm 10 .to ». m Suncliy School. . PROVIDENCE BAPTIST WAITER JESSKR Pastor (HifhWky 16 W««t) in 00 · m Sunday School I I 00 a m Mornins Worship. 7 .10 p ni Training Union p m EvanRollstlr Service Wednesday. 8 p. m. Prayer Meet Friday. 7:30 p m . Youlh Munlra Pm dram M n n t h l y 7 p m . Third Friday Fcl I?, w \. p ., Stl PP (r ' nrothcrhood an W M U. Meetings GREENLAND COMMUNITY non CORNEI.HTS. pasior * m Sundny School 11.00 A m Morning Worflh^ Wrrtnfsri.i.v 7:4.V mldwcrk Hibl, Slutly «nd Prayer Servico APOSTOLIC FAITH CHUHCH NFOLA MOORF,. Pni'or H i g h w a y 71 South 10 00 a m Sunday Schoo] 11 -no A m Morning Service 7.10 p m KvaimelUMc Servlta WcrineiidAy. 7.30 p. m., Mid week nervtcu ST. JAMES BAPTIST IN*«t») 1 W WKBB Paslor 10.10 a m Suntlay Softool 11:30 a m Mnrnlnji Worililp s.on p m Vnung Peoples motl «:(» p m Evannellstlo Avrvlr* ST. JAMCS METHODIST (Nifra) A I. B U C H A N A N I'sslor * 44 · in Sunday flehooi II 00 · m Mnrnlni Worship «·« p m Voulh rsjllowihlp. I W p m N l f h l torvlcw. ..... ··"··i-' Development thc Following Business Firms Dedicote This Schedule · Arkansas Western Gas Co. · Boston Store «Cy Carney Appliance Co. ·Campbell-Bell · Fayctrcville Drug Store ·Hatfield Pontioc Co. ·Hunt's ·5zark Cleaners ·Ozark Grocer Co '··^u. .-^ n »7 Co * W ' G ' Shi P |e V Bakin 9 Co '- lnc - ·Southwestern Gas Electric Co. ·Vlcker'i, Inc. : Jwt»nitriela Motor Co. Ancel Halfiold. Mrs. Marion Mart- rfnx, Mrs. Lillian VauRhn a n d ! Mrs. '.V. A. Brown. Primary I - Mrs. Lloyd Alexander, Mrs. D. K. Sti\Y,irt, Mr?. E. | E. P i l k i n a t o n . Mrs. Alsoy Holland; and Mrs. Houston Dunran. Primary ]i - Mrs. Willie H u n t , Mrs. Rryre Davis, Mrs. T.. Pcarce. Mrs. A. .1. Xunneily, Mrs. Floyd Church Of Christ To Hold Gospel Meeting Clareneo Roles, minister of ihe new congregation of the Chureh of Christ--meeting in the White Oak Srhool House--will hold a series of Gospel meetings beginning Sunday, May 25. with Mr Bill Smith of Johnson doing the preaehinR. There will also be a dinner on the grounds after the regular Sunday morning and Worship Services. You are invited to bring your lunch and eat with us. Sunday afternoon at 3 there will he singing. M a n y sineors from the area are expected to take part in the singing. Sic. Mary's Chapter Rte. Mary's chapter nf St. Paul's Kpiscopal Church w i l l have a called meeting to elect officers Mon- rfay at 2 p. m. at the Paiish House. St. David's Chapter St. David's chapter, St. Paul's Kpiscopal Church, v.-ill meet Monday at fi:30 p. m., at the Parish House for a dinner session. General Auxiliary Board The General Auxiliary Board cf St. Paul's Episcopal Church will Conine, Mrs. T. O. Spiccr and Mrs. Merrill Jordan. ~T ~ " junior i . Mrs. w. E. Mcwimr- Announcements ter. Mrs. Ray Freeman, Mrs. J. A. Williams, Mrs. Mary Jackson and Mrs. n.. I,. Yoes. .luninr II - Mrs. Doyle N u t t . Mrs. Paul McCownn. Mrs. Mabel Massey. Mrs. F.obbye Kinkade. Miss Dorothy Rohlen, Mrs. A. T. Robertson and Mrs. Hoy Allen. Intermediate - Mrs. Dale Bradford, Mrs. Charles Standridge, i Mrs. James Grists, Mrs. Charles] CarfUll, Mrs. J. C. Atherton a n d ; Mrs. Jack Stewart. Dr. Walter Johnson is the Pas- r and James Grigns w i l l serve as Principal of the school. Thore helpinjj in the boy.s woodwork shop will he Cecil Myers, Curlis Powell. Jimmy Jenkins and Jim Tucker. Lutheran Stewardship Secretary Io Preach At St. John's Church The Hev. Waldcmar Hinrk, itewardship Secretary for the Western District of tiie Lutheran Chureh. will deliver the sermon nt St. John's Lutheran Church tomorrow. He w i l l speak on the tilviect, "Pentecost Is Perennial." Recently elected to his present iffice. the Hev. Mr. Hlnrk has erved ns pastor of congregations n Carol, towa. and Milwaukee, Vis. After 3d months of chnplnin- y duty In the A l e u t i a n Islands ho Id extensive graduate work at larmiette Itnlversiiy. Ha, was ien elected stewardship secre- nry for the lown District of the. iilhorim Church, The Rev. Mr. Hlnck Is herr te, rco Pastor Oimii, who will speak nmorrow nt First Lutheran In ort Smith. . Bentonville - (Special) - Dr. ! Charles A. Clark. Ph.D., D.D., of I Pcngyang. Chosen, will speak in I the Mount Vernon Presbyterian ! Chureh al Per. Hidge Tuesday, June 3 at 8:45 p. m.. following supper at 7:30. Dr. and Mrs. Clark served together as missionaries in Chosen for 39 years under the Board of Foreign Missions of the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. Going to Chosen, then called Korea, in 1902, the Clarks passed through two wars and months of guerrilla warfare, and saw old Korea become modern Chosen following the Russo-Japanese War in 1904. Dr. Clark traveled on foot, by rionkeyback, boat, train and automobile, and preached on roads, in markets, huts, poorhouses, churches and hospitals. He helped found more than 100 churches, and saw the Presbyterian Church in Chosen grow to 4,000 congregations, with more than 400,000 members. A native of Minnesota. Dr. Clark attended the University of Minnesota, is a graduate of Mae- Alester College and the Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Chicago, III. He received his Ph.D degree from the University of Chicago in 1929. Since his retirement. Dr. and Mrs. Clark have made their home in Muskogee, Okla. Revival Planned By Sulphur City Church A revival meeting will be held at the Sulphur City Baptist Church June a to 23 by H. A. Hill of Little Rock, state Baptist evangelist. The. services will begin at 7:45 each evening, and the public is invited to attend. eiple of religious freedom to mean j freedom from religion, and have permitted the development of an : educational system which has pro| duced a secularized, materialized , society. 1 "A system of education which I does not teach religion nor · strengthen faith in God would ] have been most, displeasing and · disquieting to those who wrote I our Constitution." To Explain New Plan For Work Of WSCS Five district officers will meet at 2 o'clock Thursday afternoon at Wesley Hall, Central Methodist Chureh, to explain a new plan for the next quadrennium of the WSCS. All members are invited, and members of the Wiggans Memorial Methodist Church will be guests. meet Wednesday at 10:30 a. m in the. Guild Room. PRIDE High on the list of sim which keep men from the Kingdom of Christ is tlic sin of pride. The proud man refuses to confess his own umvorthiness in the sight of Cod and refuses to plead for pardon in the name of Chriit. And yet there is no other way of entrance into the Kingdom. Only the man who has seen himself for what he really is--a helpless sinner--and who, despairing of his own merit, has placed his case into the hands of Christ will enter into His Kingdom. Pride is the enemy of the soul. Robert Louis Stevenson once said 'The most dangerous height I ever climbed was Mount Ego." The Bible says: "God resisteth tlie proud and giveth grace to the humble." Let proud men turn to God in the spirit of the Slst Psalm and plead for mercy in the name of Christ. They have God's promise of pardon. Ihe Lutheran Church Arkansas and Dickson Old-Fashion Tent Meeting WHITE OAK SCHOOL (Near Hormon Community) Starting Sunday Night. May 25 8:00 P. M. Bill Smith Johnson, Ark. Preaching now to attend all these services! YOlCJHLMWHIrtlllJT, X TO BEAR YOUR EVERY BURDEN X TO GIVE YOU PEACE OF MIND X TO SAVE YOU FROM YOUR FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Ot. Walter I. Johnion, Pallor ''THE LIVING GOD", Morning Worihip Hour 10:58 ( orir iuilon KQBHI lundir School 1,30 Training Union I:1S Evtnlnf Wor«hip t»tt\et Dismiss** lor Hlfh School Biceiliurtili Tht Nuntry it O p«n at all MrvlcM WELCOME

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