Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 24, 1952 · Page 1
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Saturday, May 24, 1952
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1A IU TODAY Read by ovtr 25,000 Daily J£orti)toest TAePubf/c Jnteresfls The F/rsf Concern Of This Newspaper LOCAL FORECAST-- ' Fayett*vHle »nd vicinity Partly rkiurjy with ic at tared thundenho*** rn t n n l f i h t ami tomorrow; not much r h i n f c in temprrflMirr Rainfall pi»t M hour* (P IVn-inrratiiOs High '«*- trrrUy «7. U a. m today 66. low last' mutV in Sunrliw 5 flS «. m. »unzff*. 7 22 o n. VOLUME 90, NUMBER 259 Associated Prtsi UaMd Wir» FAVETTEV1UE. ARKANSAS SATURDAY EVENING, MAY 24, 1952 AP, King and NEA Featurts PRICE FIVE CENTS French Snag Talks On German Move Made To Restore Cuts In Aid Fund To Seek Help In Senate Toft Backers Are Successful In Trimming Measure Washington - (/P\ - Administration leacters opened an attack to-; j3 C \vare." day to restore some nf the ? 1.737,-' Big Words Save Trees W,ishinglon-(/Pl-A Pennsylvania farmer whose orchard of Chinese Dionne Quints W i l l Graduate, School To Close Callander, Ont.-f/Pl - It will be . graduation day next Wednesday 1 for the Dionne q u i n t u p l e t s . They \ will be 18 the day they receive ; their diplomas at a special ccro- j m o n y in the playroom of their own j home south of Callander. Nine i other girls their age will gradu- i ate with them. Then the special school, Villa Notre Dame, will BY TED R. WYLIE close for good. · Bovd Tackett, Arkansas con- Papa Oliva Dionne said his five gressman and candidate for gov- j famous daughters will attend some ernor of Arkansas, spoke last girls 1 college next year. night at the University under aus- | * pices of the American Collegiate : Political League. The address was , I,,-- !-one in a series, w i t h all candidates | 11111101 for governor invited to appear. i rfWIIIVI Cost SIM,!, Tackett Says Appears At U. A. And Takes Part In Question Period .·hestnut trees was being damaged: He made a short opening talk, i by careless hunters appealed for , anc i then spent considerable time j help some t i m e ago to the Agri- . replying to questions from the | culture Department. * ' audience--the largest crowd to at W h a t can 1 do," he wrote, protect my orchard?" "to tend similar meetings so far this ! year. Lt. Gnv. N a t h a n Gordon, j Growing Contest He was advised to post signs ( Attorney General Ike H u r r y and j IT AnflAIHIPPn reading as follov.s: ; j c f[ Speck, Ttepublican candidate i IJ HI III Will IV wU "No trespassing; warning, the f n r ROVPrn or, have spoken here | IfngcriHis castanea ^mollissima ; prcv j ous i y . Tackett. who opened his gubcr- linncacus abounds in this orchard. · 400.000 the House cut out of Pros- ne followed these instructions and natorisl campaign at Arkadelphia I The fanner reported bpck t n a t ! T h u r s ( j a y ,,j R ht. spoke briefly last Ident Truman's foreign aid pro- j that hunters are giving the or- gram inr next year. The evident! chard a wide berth, hope was t h a t the Senate would "Castcmea mollissirna linneacus' go easier with the pruning knife, j is the scientific name for the Ch: Overtones of the presidential i nese chestnut tree, campaicn were obvious as t h e ' House chopped the big aid hill from thc S7.000.000.000 Truman asked to 56,162.600.000 before approving it last niElit. The roll call Tote on passage was 245 to 110. Two floor cuts, sponsored by backers of Senator Taft (R-Ohio). lopped 726'4 million dollars from economic aid for Europe and the Far East. The House also approved slashes of $1,010,000.000 in European economic and military assistance made previously by the foreign A f f a i r s Committee. The Taft backers overrode the more moderate reductions proposed by supporters of Gen. thvight D. Eisenhower, the senator's main opponent for the Republican presidential nomination and retiring (foe first in Arkansas, was organ-j commander of North Atlantic j j 7 . c d here by Democratic members j night on his philosophy of govern- | ment, saying he believes freedom I from the action of the government ] County Youngsters May Win Prizes Totaling $250 junior hroiler growing contest Associate Agent Is Named For Work In County Poultry Specialist Is Selected By Special Committee Imagine How You Would Feel Conference In Berlin Held Up At Last Minute Signing Tentatively Set For Monday; Russia Closes Roads ' is important. He noted that Brit- · wl i ain, formerly the leading power in j JjJ.. Fulbright For President Club Is Formed Here J. R. Crocker Is Named President Of Organization A Fulbright for President Club, m Washington Coun- this vear sponsored bv a corn- t t w of ,, n i r U ] d i n g prn . the world, is "four run** down _the I ^^ h a t c h c r y m c n i fcpri dcalcrSi ladder--a fourth rate power. This , a n d procossorSi The program was he attributed to the socialistic form- srt u p at a meeting held at t h e of government adopted in that na- | county agent's- office Thursday. tjon. 'The contest is open to 4-H C l u b I am not interested In wh?' members. FFA or FHA members Russia wants or doesn't want," 1- ' in Washington County. said at one point. He cited the t will share S250. value of individual incentive, a n d ; Winners ' A l l contestants must be active, Lowell Lankford has been selected as associate county F.xton- sion agent for poultry in Washington County, according to an announcement made today by County Judge W i t t Carter and thc Extension Service. Lankforri. former Washington County assistant county agent and former Extension poultry marketing snccialist, was selected Thurr.- day by n Poultry Committee se,t up by producers, feed dealers, hatchcrymcn. and processors. His appointment is subject to approval of the president of the University. Lankford is a n a t i v e of Scott County. lie graduated at the Uni- j Mr5i j-,lborl E. W h i t e nf Dayton. Ohio, sits with her husband after rhe versity in the spring of l!)4fl w i t h i apparently burned Sl.t.SSO--their life's saving.'.--while burning trash. I the degree of bachelor of science | Tht , mnn ey W n 5 j n a m u s l i n bag Mrs. W h i t e u s u a l l y kept tied to her ' in agriculture. Me served as ns- ^-\^. sislant county ngent here from -- -- -- . June I B to September 5. 1940, when he became an Extension specialist. During two years as specialist. Lankford worked with c o u n t y agents and poultrymen all over thc state nnd developed what was termed an outstanding marketing program. He returned to the University last summer and will re- Washlngtnn-(/P)-Aflcr decades, .... ,,.. ,, _, eeive a master's decree in p o u l - | o r fjghlin.- for equality, Southern ! 30. i "P the German?' 10 billion mark i m a n u f a c t u r e r s cari ship th^.r prod- Class rates covered by the order j ($2,427,000.0001 annual cont.-lbu- 4-H Club, FFA or FHA chapter in said this incentive has won two j enrolM^members of^a recognized wars for the United States and must be preserved'at all costs. In touching on state government, he declared that the High- ICC Orders Uniform Class Freight Rates try production June 7. He will begin his duties .Tune i The rulings po into effect May Bnnn, Orm.iny-^D-LaEt min- ut» Frprrh object inns magged t h r r f - p n v / o r t a l k s hero today on mmplction of (he Allied-West Gorman poser contract. A r o n f r r r n r c nf the Big Three- foreign minister* was held up an hour w h i l e France's Robert Schuman received last minute instructions from Paris by telephone. He \ reported to have received the Frenrh cabinet's views on the phrapinj; of the proposed British- Ameriran guarantee against West Germany breaking out of the six- nation Defenw Ornmu- n i t y , ;i l i n k u p closely allied with the peace contract. A l l i e d sources here said the I French vere insisting this guaran- 1 tee be strengthened before they i w i l l consent to ?ign the peace conj tract with West Germany--tenu* I lively scheduled Monday, j Unofficial reports f a i d * French | demands i n c l u d e d : : 1. Strengthened u a r an tees against West Germany pulling out of the six-nation European Defense Community. 2. A revision of the proposed financial settlement in the pe*ce contract. This settlement divides ucts at the same freight r a t e per working with County Agent Carl : mile as Northern m a n u f a c t u r e r s . E. ftopp, county a J. D. Fnrrt. assistant ent, and the Poultry Washington County, and he or she must not have passed his or her Committee b d ° TM J Some two months a g o a meeting Each contestant must make writ- j way Department must be taken , tcn app ij ca tj 0n on a form provided j w .f. s hel ' nut of politics, and pointed to ( n y t he Extension agents or voca-1 blllt .y TM Texas and Virginia as states which |j ona l agriculture instructor giving em; operate their highway units free j the required information by June of political control. He said they 10. Each contestant musHwve the Thc Interstate Commerce. Commission yesterday ordered a uniform "class" rale throughout the? country except wept of the Rock- · ies. It also ordered a uniform sys- Treaty Organization forces. Ilarriman Critical ' the Fayetteville bar this morn- i have the finest highways in the I written approval of his or her par- · country ' ents or le " al guardian to partici- ' H ;."ft^T^£! ^^sss^^K^ held to discuss the advisa- f the Extension Service j t e m of freight classification oying a trained poultryman throughout thc country. to work in Washington County. apply generally to m a n u f a c t u r e d · lion hetv.-oen her own rearmament Roods--.iboul six per rent of a l l : needs and the support oi western railroad freight rates Most other freight moves under commodity rates, v.-hich apply generally products shipped in lies. division in Germany. 3. A promise that France's special problems outside Europe-- iarge quJinU- j such as the costly tight in Indochina--be given immediate consid- The K'C proceeding just completed started in Ifl.lft. ceive [ contcstants must nav? lh ,, ap . dicap Secretary of Stnte Achuson-president. . in his efforts to negotiate a f i n a l ; Crocker said the organization of istration, said the vote will mean , "the loss of European divisions,' aircraft squadrons and naval u n i t s " TM ; tablishment of a sound tax system cannot in Arkansas is a definite need, he pointed out. Answers Questions In replv to questions he said: He will spend $150,000 on his president campaign for the Dem- be started 500 cks before July 4 At that time officials of the Extension Service stated that t h e y ' did not have the necessary fi- j nances for a project of this type, I hut would cooperate with the i leaders if arrangements could be made locally to provide a part of the expense. The croup voted to raise S2.100 to he applied on the first year's salary and $2,400 fnr the second year. Kirk Hale was elected chairman of a committee to raise the funds and work with the Extension Service in the selection nf a person for the posi- Air Victories By Communists Are Announced With U. S. F i f t h Air Fnrec-l/P)- For the first t i m e in thc Korea v.'ar, Communist M I G s this week grabbed a fivc-to-four victory margin over U. S. planes in a e r i a l combat, t h e F i f t h Air Force dis- Death Claims Fulton Oder Suffers Attack In His Apartment New York - UTi - Fulton Oupler, M, aii!h-ir of "The Greatest Story nor after July 10 and be eligible tion. Hale selected Dick Johnston i closed today. In its M i m m a r y for ; Kvcr Tolrl." a hook bared on the for awards. All chicks must be a n d Paul M a r t i n of F a y e t t e v i l l e - i the week ended Friday, the A i r - B i b l e , and a former newsrwper- of an approved meat type breed 1 ' " and variety or cross and from an ! approved source. They must be j straight run chicks. Ryron Moore, Lincoln; Delford R i e f f , Prairie Grove; and John Tyson. Springdale. to serve on the All contestants for awards w i l l ' committee w i t h him. 11FU , t .,.,, ocratic nomination for governor. bo required t o ' e n t e r an exhibit In commenting on thc selection stated , in a resolution j Much of this he expects to get | o f eight live birds at the Washing-. of Lankford. Hale said Ihe county which we cannot afford to lose , - - ; U n j v e r s i t y Law school and The House measure now «°* t n J cl .. dorse d bv the membership, is to the Senate which will resume de: cs , Ar - Kan??r , delegates to the hate Monday on its own $6,300.- , n n t j o n ,, Democratic convention to 000,000 foreign aid program. P TM - ' n p m j n a t e anri support Senat r posals already have been made for Fuln riglit f o r president, cuts ranging from half a billion to t Th( , r e s n ] u tj o n cites the sena- one bilion dollars more. D i f f e r - , or - s past rccorc] n f statesmanship ences in the House and Senate a r t ) | ho ncc d f o r 3 m an of unques- bills must be ironed out later in t j o n n d ability and character in the a conference meeting-. In both \vhitc House-, measures, the sums are only a n - , thorized for the fiscal year start-! Ing July 1. The actual appropriations will be made later. ·af'ted by Den.n Robert A. Leflar from friends and well wishers in | ton County Fair. The exhibit w i l l ! is f o r t u n a t e to get Lankford. Force announced the loss of three F-8R Sabre jets and f.'O F-84 Thundcrjets against only f o u r con- man and nagazine editor, died to| d a y in his a p a r t m e n t in the Hotel : Kavarro of a heart attack. Ollslcr turned nut many books ation by Britain and thc United States. When the delayed conference had been in session only an hour Schuman had to leave Britain'! Anthony F.dcn and America's Dean Acheson again to talk to Parb by telephone. This served to delay a meeting planned for this afternoon by the Big Three ministers and Chancellor Konrad Adenauer. O f f i c i a l s said the ministers had called In their experts for consul- t.-tion immediately after lunch, indicating detailed study of the problem had become necessary. News Excltu Interest Thc contract itself Is intended to ally 48 million Germans with the \veiit, despite Soviet oppdsiticn to the whole idea. It gives Germany key spot in free Europe's de- his home district near Nashville, ] consist of four males and f o u r 1 Those a t t e n d i n g the meeting · action, and he hopes to get $25 000 out : females. All exhibits will be auc- · Thursday were- Kirk Hale, chair- of Fort Smith. The money will ; tioned a f t e r judging as determined ; m a n nf r n m m ittee, Paul M a r t i n . TM,t «« , _j a m c . s n v r l jt P i Fayetteville; Delh f l o c l e s ' ! ! ^ exhibit will ^jS'^g?» J , S ! period. This must be done by S i p n u l t r y m a n ; Kenneth S. Bates, as- · p. m. September 15 in order tn I n s t a n t director, Agricultural Ex- Army To Buy Back Land Al Camp Robinson j Slop-Work Meetings 'Halt Pacific Shipping come from those who want good government, the largest single contribution to date (and he doesn't want any larger offerings) has been $1,000. He has received no ; contributions from any group. The . obtain the needed information o f ! tension Service; Clifford Alston, "oil interests" anri the "power in- ; livability, total weight of flock and i d i s t r i c t agent, Extension Service; terests" arc not financing his cam- ] total feed consumed. iCulls will b e ' an d Carl E. Rose, county agent, paign, he emphasized. He voted against the "John I,. Lewis mine safety bill" in the House because he does not favor firmed M1G kills. , . . In the overall air war. the pic- ar.d magazine articles, m a n y of j fenses against possible Communiit lure was even darker, with seven i which in recent years reflected a i aggression. The EDC treaty slated additional American planer, lost in : strong interest in religion. He w a s ; f o r signature in Paris Tuesday a former vice president and cdi- would put 400,000 Germans into a t n j b l director of MacFaddc-n Pub- United European lorre of a mil- licPtions and edited L i b e r t y Ma?- : | ion mpn azinc (mm 1131 to 1042. Later h e ; ^ f ..^ nf lt)C Fr( , nc t, 5nag ex v a s a s c n i i . r editor of Header';. r|l( , r| ml( ., csl in , hl , capital on ! the Rhine, where the foreign ministers had believed all was clear for the ceremonial signinj slated for Monday morning. t u r n i n g over mine safety control to the federal government. He j pointed "out t h a t Arkansas has a San Francisco - (Ifi - P a c i f i c ; min( , inspector with full a u t h o r i t y Coast shipping was halted today i tn ,-!,,,;,, a n y m | nn nP does not deem as t h e AFL Sailors Union of the; j; a f C] a n ^ the Pacific began a series of slop-; l n o n a tjnnal bureau is suppo Washington-(.'P)-The Army is u -ork meetings in protest against j mal(e suggestions tn the slate in' buy back 3,786 acres of j shipowners turning down their de- i fp ector, carry out education pro:amp Robinson near Lit- , r n ands for wage increases and Sat- ] grams, etc. The federal government can't close down any mine I in Arkansas under the present law, counted as mortality P. The total weight and number of chickens to be certified to by the buyer or the individual who weighs and · counts the chickens. (Receipt o f : buyer will be sufficient 1 . T o t a l : feed used to be certified to by t h e , ''TM'- feed dealer Invoices will be deemed sufficient. The judge or judges will be selected by the congressman declared i county agent and approved by a bureau is supposed to committee of the_sponsoring in- ; Others cooperating in the pro- · gram but unable to attend the meeting are: Clint Walden. president, Fnyetteville Chamber of going land at C tle Rock, Ark., for use as a tem- j u r day overtime pay porary ramp--in case of. a "future j ' · «-- emergency." I To Award Degrees The announcement yesterday ! Magnolia. A r k . - '/PI - Southern : t ion, power would be taken from emphasized t h a t the Army p l a n s ; stale "College w i l l sward degrees t he state and given to the gov- at the camp i to its first four-year students here June 1. Ninety-six seniors are g r a d u a t i n g from the college, which . t n formerly was a two-year school. dustry members. Tiie decision of Commerce; Herbert Lewis, presi- First N a t i o n a l Ban!:; Jim Kays, vice president. Mcllroy R a n k : and W. T. Shannon, Bank of Lincoln. This w i l l be the f i r s t t i m e Washington County has had an to station no troops nt this time, hut t h a t roads, u t i l i ties »nd a railroad spur will be reconditioned in the area. Sing In Park, Judge Advises (he judges will be f i n a l No p a r t i c i p a i i n g industry member can sponsor more t h a n five contestants. Awards to the winers to be he said, but under the bill in ques- m arie as follows: First pn/.e. $100; second prJ7e, S75; third prize, §50; f o u r t h prize. $25.00. ernment to control mine operation, j * "I am not \villing to t u r n over tHi OlSUVtt Imagine the surprise of two newspaper men who were members of a panel for a discussion being broadcast over the University radio s t a t i o n yesterday to learn midway of tPie proceeding* t h a t "since this is not for p u b l i c a - tion we can say whatever we like." One. reported he was so startled t h a t he forgot the question he was about to ask. The program w;^ county agent and also the i i n charge of a student in : class first t i m e t h a t a man trained in I l e a r n i n g radio'procedure -and the p o u l t r y has been employed to : newspaper men derided they km At 91, Gives Concert New York-l/l'l-Pianist Gilslave Becker gave a recital here yesterday, the day a f t e r his 91st birthday, on the 80th anniversary of his first concert appearance. New Ynrk-l.-Pi - Demosthenes, the famous Greek orator, went to the seashore, when he wanted to exercise his voice, the magistrate- said, suggesting Miss B i r u t a Sneiders mght try Prospect Park in Brooklyn, Miss Sneiders, n coloratura sn- prano, rtid not agree to Magis- The emphasis has switched r,,m tr«te Ahner C. Surpless' j.uggcs- raids to reparations »r.d pumsh- l l n n - hut she promised to practice; ment in the lale.-.t campus cra/e- ' - - lingerie lor.img. At some schools action was being t a k e n fol- l o w i n g forays by men students the government a n y t h i n g t h e state can do," he said. "I see no reason in the world to regiment the mines in Arkansas by thc government." Note* "Orumhllng" In his discussion of spending campaign funds, he said he would CONTINUED ON PACE NINE Joy Wins Approval Washington-l/Pi-Vice Adm. C. serve w i t h the agent. Stock Market Quiet With Prices Steady j DlECM. ! lie \'-a.s a n.ember of the Alco- ' , holies Ar,o: ym":s F o u n d a t i o n , t h e , ' D r a m a t i s t s G u i l d , the Authors !GMld. the M:.gici.ins Guild, t h e ! : Players and Dutch Treat cl'.lhs ; Rtd , A d l j To Tension . a n d the r.aker Street Irregulars,UK n r g u n i / a t i o n ol S h c i l o c k j Also adding to the tension in de-otees. l these f i n a l hours nf historic d2- j His hobbies included magic, (cisinns were the s'.cppcd-up Com-* \ ontnloquisr.i. m i n i a t -re hobbies | rr.unist tactics aimed at sabotag' and Ihe growing of. : ,. 1S the signing of the contract, p l a n t s . * n,,jsia cloie'j three roids leading from her zone to West Germany today and ordered two more closed tomorrow. The action, presaging a pnssibic blockade of West Berlin, orought a protest from the British high commission, which accused Canon c,.v, Colo -Yh - Donna' the Soviets of violating the agree- /..-.rnowski. i7, Hums. h u t m e n t by which they lilted thcrf school s t u d e n t , suffered se\ C re i n - ' f i r s t Dig Berlin blockade m ~ u s i a n scare t movement) Fall Into Cave Injures Kansas School Girl Now York-i/TVln t h p f i n a l Satu r d n y snsMori hoforo t h n summer Turner Joy, chief T. N. nrt;nti;tloj- - r c n ^ r . the stork market today war; in the Korean t r u m nognlialKms, ' fpiir»t and prices steady. The Flock market Roes on its regular five- day schedule next week -- v. Ith l i m e out for Memorial Day--and 1 it intend*; lo resume t r a d i n g on a I six-day basis in October. has been confirmed as superintendent of the Naval Academy. The Senate approver! w i t h o u t objection late yesterday his n n m i n a lion to the Annapolis post. Some Students Paying Price For Taking Part In College Raids student who hit.- a lot t o ' learn. It war, she who attempted .,..,, to place the broadcast program juries yesterday In a 200-foot f a l l I The Russian scare tac.ics com"off the record." | m ' r "Bottomless Cave," a deep cidcd w i t h increasing . I ..,,,.,.,,.,,,, r r p v a , f p n p ; i r Ca , K , n n: -soviet troops m their late spnnj C i t v . The girl w.-,s among a group m a n e u v e r ? . ^ ol is Hums students t o u r i n g C o l - j Today's conference mar.cs tnj While- h i k i n g along a ridso' f i r s t Big Throe foreign ministers she lo:t her f o o t i n g and f e l l i n i n . m e e l m ! on German soil, me lasi Ihe rreva^e. A h o i i t ion feet d o w n . hn.c the Allied ministers me, Aft- she u v u c k and di-Mi;od an o u t - ^ n a u c r at the London confer- j u t of rock. She was slopped by a en.ce List November when they ap- n a r r o w ledge at the :oO-foot level proved the agreement etc- where the f a l l i n g rock pinned h e r ' f i n i n g f u t u r e German-Allied re. P r e l i m i n a r y e x a m i n a t i o n indi i i.inons w h i c h laid the ground- .non the cnve w a l l . work for the peace con l r a c t , tion for governor, will - p e a k to- c.lted the n i g h t at a hometo'-ii c e l e b r a t i o n -J 1 "-'- "'"' possibly i Holt Campaign Opening Later At Little Rock j L i t t l e Hock -(/1V r;uhcrna!on,-il C a n d i d a t e J a c k H o l t 'ays he w i l l open his c a m p a i g n 'it a l a l l y in M a c A r t h u r I'ark here. He said the exact d a t e has not been tot. , H o l t , v.'ho is m a k i n g his second j bid for the Democratic n o m i n . ' i - : 1 (By Thc A««oi-i»t«l Prr« her singing not more t h a n an hour a day nnd not at nil on Sundays. The 24 - year - old singer w.'.s j l n w l r te ves- m *° broiiRht bofnrc the maji^r.!e yesterday on the complaint 'of two of her nelshb-.ini, Mrs. Ada Auhl- chon siiti John Cnrr, « railroad r.iRht worker. Bnlh neighbors snlrl Miss Sneid- er» practired five hmirs on \vcck- rtayj (ind acven on Sundays. women's dormitories and sorority hoiises in quest of feminine underclothing. Dnmaee was outbursts from other sections of the country. A privately-owned f r a t e r n i t y house near the Ran Diego State ; College campus was raided l a t e · yesterday and a q u a n t i t y of hoys' I (n w i l h r t r ( i w d a i n t i e s were stolen. Some of the 1.1 college men arrested blamed in his lu.nor at H a r r i s o n . A r k . Thi.- announced y e s t e r d a y i'.s. being his "opening." French Forcigl j.'erc tl five boys entered the school, how- ' tin hoard a f t e r a conference w i t h ever, and the youths fled when C. A. Krehs. D - a f t Hoard c h a i r - \JJae^orn UlVOn Strike Settlement Questioned state college co-eds. Police were sent to the Bishop reported In some nf the raids last School for Girls In the exclusive week. I I.a .lolla. Calif., arcs A couple of incidents were re- ! night when it was reported a Rang ported 'last night In C a l i f o r n i a , ol high schools hoys entered the the housekeeper appeared. At Fort Collins, Colo., one freshman student was dismissed and several others may be peimilled Five Umvcr.'itv of South Dakota students drew fines on rhiu'ges of d i s t u r b i n g the peace. Fines also were levied by a police judge , man. Richardson's memo said . Krebs s t a t e d an e f f o r t would be 1 made to d r a f t every man involved ' in any r a i d . W h i t l i e r students s;tid they had no i n t e n t i o n of doing any ' p a n t y r a i d i n g , a n y w a y . ' At Moscow. Idaho, some 1.SOO i U n i v e r s i t y of Idaho males came WashingU'n-MVFive union locals rcpoited w i t h i n h o u r s a f t e r a s l i i k e f o t f l e t n o n t v';i': signed between Wo«tern I!nion and Ihe API. Commercial Telegraphers t h a t 1 s i i f f o i c i t a broken u S. Secretary of State Ache' crushed pelvis',,,,,, B r i t i s h Foreign Secretary An' h h o n v F.don and Minister Robert Schuman · Klan W'lurd Somht confer with their high comrn » Lco.sMllc. S. C. - !/Pi - Police ..ions for Germany before tnc an searched today Thomas L ' ernoon session with Adenauer. H a m i l t o n , i m p e r i a l \uz.-pid nf t h e , Acheson came from WasmnRioi C.Molmas' Ku K l u x K l a n . The n f - | i n rresidcnt Truman 5 P" 5 TM f i r e r s hove w a r r a n t s c h a r g i n g ' plane. He was accompanied "J r l c f i n M ' i r a c v to k i d n a p anri assault. | bissador-at-large The w a r r a n t s were d r a w n b v i """ North C a r o l i n a o f f i c e r s in connc'c-! j(, t Wtflthtt lion w i t h two alleged f l o g g i n g s In Philip Columbus County, N. C. ·.vhn pleaded not g u l l t v . At W h i t t i e r College, W h i t t i e r , ' Arkansas: Mostly cloudy, K»ti lerod shnwrrs and loc»l thundw storms Saturday nd S*turtU| but thorn were no accounts of new , school. School official* taid only | men, posted n notice on the bulle.- , dren's f u n d . six San Dlegn State , up with n variation. They bought t h e y w n n t '/) reject the pact. One students. Trials were set for six j underclothing, took It to co-eds,' local vote'V acceptance. 'FFA Meeting fift then auctioned off the lingerie a t ; The agreement will be uphold; Magnolia, Arli-i/Ti-Tho A r k a n - ' n'.ght and In »oulh««st poCtM an a l l - n i g h t dance The $.100 in or rejected according to the ma- s-i? F u t u r e Farmers of America Sunday. No important ttmptfal Calif., K. N. Richardson, dean of . proceeds went to a crippled chll- J o r i t v of votes east bv the Sn.onn [ v ill bold their a n n u m three-day j t u r e changes. Monda/ iWestern t'nlon employes affected.iconvcr.tjon hero J'in« 9-11. I cloudy and

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