Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 23, 1952 · Page 9
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 9

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 23, 1952
Page 9
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f Atomic Test Site LEGAL NOT1CH NOBTHWBT AJKANW TIMH, fayMtov.1l.. Attorn. F,Moy, M«y «, 1H2 warned to appear in Mid Court within thirty i30j dayi and answer the complaint of the plaintiffi WITNESS my hand and eeal on thte 23rd*day o.' April. 1952. Richard B. Greer Clerk of Chancery Court Hy David J. Burleson. U. C. 2 May 2-9-16-23-SO-c PROPOSED C O N S T I T U T I O N A L A M E N D M E N T NO W IB n REpDi.VBU « the Senate ot the Star* ot Armn-.i and ey the * u .*» Ol R *DrMematlvet. · Mamrlry of i\n thf Members Oeeled to E»eh ' LEGAL NOriCES ·urplui collection! of the two (2) mill j TOH salvage. J ' . .r., - , - - - - . - - - · - - -, ·- - , - --. -M..0 . :tG itondard Chevrolet building fund f^x remamine m any . Johnson's Ksso Sumcc. N o r t h Colyear after there has hern set jmde | tpyi- a sum m f f i r i e n t to service the said ' ~ outstanding Fayettcville School D I B - | 19j)B ENGLISH Fnrd. Com! rnndltlon trict No. 1 of wtiihinfton County. Ar- __C._ n(V J i n i M'Tbt-. 1132. kanun. 2C and 2V.- Construction ' V F R Y nt"-c "·-.,"'» ,\nr',r piv,,,,.,.7v, TV ,'·'", · Bonds, dated November IS. IMI. nnd , V only "hoi n".ilTM si iiMdo co- . : luBstYnttal nw. llscoui and brand on any interest paying d a t e t h e r e - I \voit 'cYntrr' Sire after, the bonds of t h i i itme may b e ! -· -- * callod at the oplion of the pl-tric-. ,,, | p Af|( A j?[).W|| I VC 'THE UNINHAIITED Monte Belio fisiandi will be scene of test of an atomic weapon, British Prime .Minister Winston · Churchill has announced in London. Type of weapon and date of the test were not disclosed. The dozen Islets and acbres of coral shoals total Jess --- ArreelnB Thereto: That the Is ntr«by pro oosed 11 an amendment to the Con- stlMitlor. O f thf state of Arkanaat. and upon oefnfi auhmllted to the elector* M the State (nr toDrevu or rejection ·t the ne*t general flection ror Reere- senlaffveff and Sen»tori. If · maturity i of Ihe electors vottn* thereon, it j ''uch an elertlon adotrt turh amend- I rnent, the same (thall befome a eart i of the ConRtttitttnn o! tht Slat* of | SFrTTON 1 CommlMlon Created-, Mem be ft-- Powtri. There l* hereby created a Stale Htrhwa? Cnmmlimnn which shall b* veiled with all the nrm-eri and dutiei now or nereifter Imrmseo bv law tor tht ndmtnlltra- tlnn of the State Hlshwav Department. tiffetheT with all oower* necrsxary or proper to enable the CommlMlon or anv ot (tf officers or emolnv^ei tc carry out fully anil effectively inverse numerical order, at r. . accrued interest from any · f u n d s . I The Board of Directors, w i l l p r o v i d e ! resolution t h a t th? District area than D;'?tr:.t rf C.i!s:,-rh:a. reeulatlor.5 ahd ly ant laws relatinx to tht JAPANESE AMBASSADCR- lEikichi Araki, above, has been mamcd to the first post-lndcpen- fience ambassador from Japan to ithe United States. Araki, 61, a [former governor of the Bank of Japan will be . formally appointed as soon as the United States approves his selection lor the post. NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES C L A S S I F I E D ADS| . Ratm 3 cents per WOM sine I* \m- ·crtlon. Three consecutive InsertiOall ' 7 centi per word. Minimum order 43c. Classified arjj cash in advanct-- not taken over the telephone Deadline for classified adr K'M -· m daily: 9:30 a. m. Saturday. Corrections and rerun cheerfully tnade after first insertion. No corrections or rerun made after ad has expired. NOTE: Advertlting - copy for other pages ii due at 12 noon the day pre- cceding publication; 12 noon Saturday tor publication on Monday State Hlchwav Department SECTION Z Qualification and Ap. point mmf ot Mtmbera--Termt of Offlca of Pint CemmiBSion. Within ten dayi after th* convening ot the General t Assembly nf the Slate ol A r k a n x i ? fn ; Ihe vear 1H53. the Governor, ny and 1 wilh the advice and con«ent of the I Senate, nhall aonofnt rive nenons who are ouallfiert electnri nf fhe State to constitute the Slate Hlghwav Com million fflr terms of two. four, six eight and tpn vearx resnertlvelv Phe terms of the Dersons so apontntea shall he determined nv lot The Commission- ers» tn h* aupnintert from the S t a t t at lance; provided, nnwever. ihat no two Com miss Inn em Khali he appointed from any slncle Congressional District. In the event of rejection by tht Senate of a persnn whose name has been so suhmltled. the Governor Khali wtthln five davi after receipt of writ. Jon notice from the Secretary of the senate of such rejection submit th« name of another appointee to fill such vacancy In the event the Governor Fhould within five days thereafler f a l l to appoint or fail to suhmll to the Senate for confirmation the name of any oerson to be appointed, the Senate shall nroreed to m a k e the appointment of Its own choice * I SECTION 3 Terma ot Office of I Membtn. Upon the expiration of the , mrrRning terms of catd CommisBloners, a Riirressor shall b* appointed by the Governor in the manner provided for In Section 2 for a term of ten vcnrs. \ h t c h term of ten yearn shall thrre- *fter be for each member of the Commlasion. SECTION 4 R e m o v a l or Membcri --Hearing-- Review and Apoeal. A Com- mlssloncr may be removed by the Governor only tor the sam» causes as apply to other constitutional officer? after a hearlnp which may oe reviewed by Ihe Chancery Court for the First District with rifeht of aprwal therefrom fo Ihe Supreme Court, such review and appeal to be without presumption in favor ot any finding by the Governor or the trial court, and provided further, tn addition to tht* r l r h t of confirmation hpreinahove re- nerved to the Senate, the Sennte mav call for prior payment ihe outjuanii- ins Faycttevillc Srhnol District Nt.. l of Washington County, Arkansas, l'..';and 2*~r Canst r u e lion Bonds, dated . J a n u a r y 16. 19Sn. and the n u t s t s n d i n R ·Fnyettevflle School District No 1 of : 2*4^ Conitruction Bonds, tiatort N'n- vember 1C. 1951, only if nt the unme. lime it calls for prior payment In thf same proportion the construction bonds of this tazue. The bonds will not be subject to convenion. The District will pay all pxp^nsrt j n hr issuancp of thr honri^ inclndinj! thr app^nvinif opinion nf the f i r m ot Rose. Meek. Houw*. Barron Si Nash. nd the purchaser may name the iw- ing affent. TruRtee. and the bank to certify the bonds. A cashier's cherk In the ium of $5.200 must accompany the bit! nr hi; n deposi t w i t h the Stale D« p n r t lent of Fdurstinn. to be thr DIs- I r i f t ' i liquidated damage* in ra^c the bidder fails to make good its bid. nnd to he npplied to the purchase pricp | j If it Rets the bonds, and otherwise to be returned. For f u r t h e r i n f o r m a t i o n , c o m m u n i - cate with Virgil T. Blossom. Super- i n t e n d e n t of Schools, Fayettcville. Arkansas Herbert A. Lewis Secretary of F n y c t t c v i l l r School District No l of Washineion County, Arkansas. o-is-za-c Sales -- Service LYLE-BRYAN MOIOR CO Phone 666. 208 North Block - 3j -----=·., ONE Model "M" Famuli t r a c t o r equipped w i t h d i i t i l l a t e a t t a c h m e n t , wheel weight*, etc Price $2^000 (JNK! --10-A B foot t n n d u m due h n r r u w p r l r p 5210 CO ! ONE H-M-llM row midd.ehutt«r w i l h » No 794 rnw p i a n . i n c a i l n c h m c n l | Price cnmplcu. 542500. Phoni* 1021; week dayi H n m to 4 30 p m £6MP~LEfE VprvicV'loT six". HnvViand r h m a . IndU'ling dinner pin ten, salad pl.ilfR, hrs;id nnd b u t t e r p l n t c t . cup*. nrl Uv nti « a i v no MI: VD-CT.O » A I . f c -- H O M f c N E E D S ! 4 I J P R I f i H T Cable-Nelson model t e ! r v i S i - n . Ftnr used 6 months. Springd Wrst A l l o n . "" itmhen In a d d i t i o n , e x t r a p l a t e r $100 Can lr seen CV R.inrh. 9 miles caEl on H i g h w a y 45 or phnne STRAWBERRIES RHIN'G y n u r r o n t n m e r , pick y o u r r n n t a i n c r * . plrk j niir own. Carson l l i g h w u y 45 r a n t . Phone WE" HAVE |.!.-ino. Table " r " : pncL rai'-Kc. ! .... V hie 220'j. 211 I LAST r h a n r r tn buy like-neu ; pal equipment tin ' j p r i c r One Hrirpo'nt. douhle-o' elpctri- PSTATK BATES REALTOR . GLAMORENE the New Rug Cleaner LEWIS BROS. C0.,.lnc. Wo Deliver. Plione 246 'im- year old. S22fi on. one 20 cuhir f o u l Wi-sl ins home pommereial it vie two dimr 10e hox No d r f r o n t i n g ! 2 y r n i s t.M. $35nfin. nnr 12 cunie f o n t K r l v i n n t n r . 4 r n m p n r t m ' f n t ice cream t y p e fri' I f n k U 400 pnund fro7f-n f o n d . S?00 W Can he sften at CV R a n c h 9 miles F.-ist on 45 or "You'r« to qu!«t, dearett. nerer know what jou're think- " USED Srwintf i n a c l i i i fins rangvs ( _ _ MERCHAKDISE" " u-- I r c n i . .. SI,"' _ nthT (Trie ~ "year" " oTd"~!)*s Cotdsnot freezer S175 fld W n s h l n g t o n Transfer W A K N I N C OMDEM " In The Chancery Court Of Watninfton County, Arkansas IjOis Rtratton P l a i n t i f f vs. Dayton Frank Strait on D e f e n d a n t The Defendant Dayton Frank S t r a t ton ifi warned to nppenr in this Court w i i h i n t h i r t y days and answer t h r complaint of the p l a i n t i f f in the above entitled vause. Witness my hand and seal nf Ihis Court this J S t h day of May, 1952. (SEALl R i c h a r d B Greer Chancery Clerk E I r r t n r nmccs I r n m . S2." -%' V a c u u m elf-inc-rs from S^n Oj J O H N HMODLS A F P I . l A N r r S 31 N o r t h Block 1'tiont; Wl\ ^Voi,r_KelvJ_nnlnr D e a l e r ' 2 Wl-MTE e n n r n f l Jrc'~ h'r-x'fS. 2 vc}\\\C h s i r h t - n is n ^cs. "J ijFed Inwn mo\v- _££s ; _an BOH'! cuinlitii'm l'jione_2nrij LJ=;\V"IK'' 1JHOR." BAtJEMEXT Usnd F r i p i r l n i r r r e f r i g e r a t o r S 4 n n ALL metal Used Serve! ;-n* r e f r i p . T n l n r S fi9 00 \ they la^i llst-d (.",i: i-'fc-ti-.r r c f r ; K e r n l n r . . S Hil Ofl j J l i l t n n f Ust'fl I n r p e Serve I giis r t f r u ; - i Siorc c r n t o r $]fi.-, nn Used Jlentiix n u ' o n n t i r \vaFhcr i i!) r (; I'^-it Mtmiiidmrry Ward washt-r S i a f i n r-si-i C;K \\.-isiier . . . . s so no t ! so(i fh.-ipi-r w;ishrr . . . . s !:· oo ANNOUNCEMENT ! I ! ETT H.'imsdnll cosmeltps now Kohl exclusively by Fuller Brush C n n i p n n y . under new trade n n m e nf D e b u t a n t e Cosmetic*. Fuller Brujh Dealer. Uoyd Mills, 520 Lindell Piione 1S1R. SPECIAL lawn clihir.^. $4 IS. while Open cvinmg3 u n t i l 0.00 ros. Drive-In F u r n i t u r e hi 1 June G-c NOTICE TO whom It may concern: J am can- relinn my listings wilh all rcn! est a t e dealers. Go] da Gentry. West Fork. A r k . R o u t e 1. LEGAL NOTICES COMMfSSIONKR^iTsALE * NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN. That In pursuance of the u u l h o r i t y and direction* contained in the decretal order of the Chancery Court nf Washington County, made and entered on the zist day of April. A. D.. 1952 in a ·certain cause (No. I2716J then pending therein between John W. Cnmphe.ll Plaintiff and George' W. Jett a n d Marietta Jett, hi? wife defendants, the undersigned, as Commissioner of said court, will offer for sale at public V e n d u e . t o the highest bidder, nt ihe west door or entrance of the County Court House, in which »id Court · Is held, in the County of Washingtqn. w i t h i n the hours prescribed by law for judicial sales, on the 3rd day of June. A D., 1952 the following described real estate, to-wit: Northeast Quarter of I he North- « west Quarter of Section 4. Township 14. North. Range 29 west. TERMS OF SALE: On a credit Of three months, the purchaser being re- ber or members of the Cnmmiwion should oe removed therefrom, proceed, when in session, to hear any and all evidence pertinent to the reatons for removal. The member or members whoie removal ta BO requested thall be entitled to be heard in the matter and to bo represented Defore the Senate by legal Counsel Th«e proceed' Ings conducted bv the Stnafe thall be nubile and a transcript of the lesttmonv so heard shall b* prepared and preserved in the lournal of the Senate. The taklnx o* evidence either orally or by deposition thai! nol b» bound bv the formal nilei of evidence. Upon the conclution ot the hearing, the Senate. tMtlnc as · body in executive stssion, may remove said member or members of the Commission ov a majority vote conducted by secret ballot. SECTION 5. Vieanclia-- Filling. Va- canciei on the Commission due to resignation, death or removal shill be filled By appointment of the Governor for the unexplred term within thli ty dayi from the date ot fuch vacant: Uoon f a i l u r e ol the Governor to (ill the vacancy within thirty days, the remalnmi Commlsulonern Khali make the appointment for the unex- plred term. .SECTION 6. The Commission shall appoint a Director of Hurhwavi who shall nave such duties a; may oe prescribed by tha Commission or br statute APPROVE1J: March 20. 3851. Sectary of ·*·»· C. G HALL quired (o ex utc a bond as required hy law ant! the ordei *aid Court in said cause, wilh appi security, hearing interest at the of G per cent per a n n u m from Notice Of Sale Ol ftcheol Bondi^V PaycttcvHIt ftchMl District N*. 1 Of WashiniUn Cvunty, Arkansai Notice is hereby given that Fay- cltcville School District No. 1 of Washington County. Arkansas, will sell for rash at public auction to tlie *~' - "~ " " if its FREE HOG FEED APPROXIMATELY 20 ^relx waste and hatching pggs. Cnil 3129 Arkansas Broiler Hatchery, ri o r t h Gregg Street. ·AAnAA^^v^w^, MONFY TO LOAN FHA HOME LOANS Low interest, long terms UTLEY AND COMPANY, INC. Phone 2203 HELP WANTED--MALE MAN OR BOY with cnr'~for n i t e r noon motor route around Spring- dnle. W r i t e or apply in person to C i r c u l a t i o n Depar._n.tfnl. ".TIMES. WANTED" IMMEDfAfElY WE need a man who is neat, ambitious and hardworking hut through no f a u l t of his own has uot had the opportunity to advance. There will be in the very near future, nn opening for nn office, mnnogcr who can make between $750.00 nnd per month. If these figures look too large, please do not apply. .105 Went Dlckson. Between 8 and 9 HELP WANTED--FEMALE IXPERIENCED WAITRESS APPLY IN PERSON. WASHINGTON HOTEL. EXPERIENCED waitress. Dis~hwnln~- cr and kitchen helper. 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Route 1, Fiirm.nfTin 50 ACRES BOTTOM i FERTILE l«nd 'or n i ! l i \ * t i o n Jir, ' acres for $3.:oftfO J^.^oo i n » n p a v - ' able 1500 DO prp m r a' fl"- ma-, hf · *sumeri Twfl gnoH iprmitJ ' find · m o u n t a i n c p r e a m * 2 i r n a t i h^rr.-« f a i r l y new l ' a miles of hit;hway n'n · null and irhool hu.» route M u r h . more t h i n you will rxpeol for thr "'"NEWLIN REALTY WEST FOHK ARK. Phnnf UF11 Extra Special Bargain Good Terms LESS ! rot SALT-- EgAL »8TAt« R E A L T O R Pronounrfd In two syllables. "REALTOR" Is t term oe- 1 cymbril whirh can b« uj«r|* only hy members ot tiie% Nilionil Ajiociitton o( Hiil^' E«lai» Bosrdi. T/« term wasr- coin«l In I91B by the Min- nftapolix board and adopted by the National Association. Thr symbol U used to Iden'lfy thnse Jlrmj In tha R*al Estate bunnejs who arr» ast'fMmn members and who a r » thereby pledged to ahn» hy the high standard of ethics as adopted by th* N o t i o n a l AssorUtlon. ' R p j l t n r ' f i r m s are lla'.sd on pace J2 in the yellow clajsi- tM p^jes o[ your telephone directory. -- :Fayettevi!!e Boarll of Realtors r - I h A n r : (lron I So ivooo no Nearly N t r u r t e d limr J n u t out nf r of M i x G r n i able in t h l * ly f u r n l n h f d · at , i l » r e S. N In l ^ n -!oi t f you rie-,| n hm "CATTLE RANCHES"" acres. 4.10 !h?"' Bt-c^nd home N o r t h THK K v r r y i h i n v d r M r - n u . f . W o u l d r e n t p a r t - n-jnth* Owner iird.'iv. innrnmi* B r t l r r tec OPEN HOUSE EXCAVATING -- BULLDOZING -' ONDS - ROADS - CLIAflINO OLIN KARNES AND ELLIS WILSON "" · WJLL do baby sitting in m n f l o r 6 p m. evpry day. Phone 2851-L-2 6 p m. evpry (fay except Suna f t e r 5:30 p m Corner West Mountain and . Streets. Phone 12. ron Yotm Hooriwo NICDS Cftll H. L Btcwart Roofing Contractor Also. Asbtitoi »idlni Home rcpairi. 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Made To Order "' DAY SERVICE-PHONE 277« Tfl.1 40fi cren ONE Duggar-Brown MATTRESS CO. 120 South Emt St. J. W. HILL ELECTRIC CO. Phone 14, West Fork E X C A V A T I N G B U L L D O Z I N G Crovtl, Fill Dirt, Top Soil D. M. P A T T O N Phont 149 SUN-TILT Venetian blinds and aluminum window acf««ni' and aw Free estimates. Gibe Cocpei Snulh Lorutt. Phonr 101K ONE Poland China'bred giit. jhbwl.i' _ J l£l : Johnson, phoni-':«M2Ri."~ " " " ' heavy. Wayne Gate. Pi M65tAt [lucklingr, DAY old goslinjs. Pekli. ,,_, . baby guineas. Weekly hatches. Cun-1 £LJ'_li?' torn hatching. Ancell I.awson Goose i EXTRA "hi. DUTCH hny~rii«h! Thrn inch hiishe*. tfircr or four Phone 773M. Inch. Hatchery. 3600 Gateway Urlv lin. Mo. Jop- SALESMEN WANTED Pl|s_300M4._o. T TWO whCf-1 tra 56.-. 00. A p a r t m v o n n i n f f llRmpshfrr _ tirca -13-2. _ Williams. like" new Terry VU- I2'i'" r ) per annum from date payable semi annually on the f i f t e e n t h day of January and July in each year, and maturing on J a n u a r y 15. In the years 1953 to 1970. inclusive. The bonds will be secured by a Pledge of .-, b u i l d i n g f u n d lo be created hy resolution of the Board of Directors of the District, which w i l l direct that the amounts required to pay the principal of and Interest on I ihe bonds each year be paid i n t o the ' b u i l d i n g fund t h a t year out of 1he surplus nf the proceeds of a b u i l d i n g f u n d tax of f i f t e e n ( I S ) mills con- t i n u i n g a n n u a l levy duly yotert at the hool PART TIME MEN men Work 5-9 r v r n i n R n . earning. Must have rar Clark. Mountt Friday. employ ed See Mr if INCH _window cooler CAMKR'A. ::a MM AFKHS A m:i=' for ; our v;u-.)tnn . i l i c l f pmjprtnr. Phono 31.14. n t i i r a l i-olnr. NIL'E f r o n t liedrooni. private entrance 30j East Spring^ Phone 2570R. 2 BEDROOM "apartmfnt. lijrge" lawn ^rgfliionable^ JPhone _ 1830J. NICE room for~"hu!lneBii ~ir(rl. Very ronvenJjint ]ocatlon. Phone J759W. FUnNJSIlED apartment. BHir~pal(i'. 3 BEDROOM modern suburban or cHv. _ H r f o u - n r c s W:itr Hov K-Ofl. ^Time'x. lin Inn Hotel, 7 p · I'Oil Kt»od q u ' t l i t y o.ik "flooring · H e a t h Hardwoori Co. Phone 2C5. SALESMAN WANTED j H i i i i u n i si-iuii)] election of September i pAf (lOnflra! X a l f l C lA/nrl/ Notice is hereby given that there has 37. 1949. remaining in each year n f t e r I ' VI U C M C I 01 J u l C J V V O l K been filed in m_y office, as Clerk of | there has been set aside an a m o u n t j s u f f i c i e n t to provide for the principal i of and interest on the o u t s t a n d i n g I Faycticville School District No. I of _ office, as Clerk of the Chancery Court of U'aRhinston County, Arkaniai, ihe Petition of Lonnie R. Snow and Mary Gladys Snow. GARBAGE CANS Best quality heavy weight. We Deliver LEWIS BROS. CO. _ 2 OKUROOM IMi(tne_ 222J _ 5" ROOM . norlheant section. __ rifnrniifi'eri h"oiW~nn~Norrh _CoMf«e_ Acini t« Phone 725. 3 HOOM ( u r n l f t h ^ d apartment ~prK-ate b a t h , u t i l i t i e s paid. 2m Went Spring jStrr G ROOM _____ _ modern house. 41.1 South _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 2 ROOM n p n r t m e n i . $2300 m o n t h Call frr.m 1 30 t i l l 4 or a f t e r r, .If) Phnne_319fiH _ F U R N l b H E D a p a r t m e n t . Near A f l u l l . i Phone .187. . R06 North Coll(?jje P a p i r t Phone Excavating - Bulldozing Disking - Brush Rake Ponds - Roads - Clearing H. H. JONES, Contractor 537 E. Lafayette, Box 443 U. Sta. Phone 1486, FayettcvlUe FQK ESTATE ishand and wife, for Ihe and confirmation of t i t l ne quli in Ihei luletlng ·m to the following described real estate situated in Washington County, A kansas. to-wit: The Southeast Quarter f S E ' i ) of the Southwest Quarter (SW., I of , Section Eighteen [ 1 R i , Township Fifteen (15) N o r t h , Range Thirty- two (32) Wesl nf the 5!h P. M., r n n l f l i n i n R -10 n Thnt. nn TVcen.hfr .10. lil.'O, one D. L. Moore, then Count y · Infltpn C o u n t y Arka Wash- Irene LeMarr, Deputy Cierk. forfci'ted and certified the above described renl es- »nte to the State of Arkansn* for payment of tnxes for the year 19.16: t h a t , on September 7. 1942, ihe Chan. eery Court of W a s h i n g t o n County, Arkansas, quieted and confirmed title to said real estate in the Stn'.e of Arkansas: and t h a t , t h r o u f t h mesne conveyances from the State of knnsas, l.onnle n Snow and MAT.V · Gladyfi Snow, hunband nnd wife, ae- Quired title to laid rcnl citntc as f o r t h In their P e t i t i o n tn Quiet and Confirm Tide filed herein. All persons who can net up any right to the above denrribed real est a t e »o purrhaied in consequence of ·ny informality or any I r r e g u l a r i t y connected w i t h such nale t o - t h e State of Arkansas, or r o n f i r n m t i o n In the State of Arkimmm. nre hcrcJiy ril- rertra to show caine at t h e f i r » t term of thfl Chancery Court a f t e r tho p u h l i c J i t f o n of thin n o t i r f why *al«l · hove described re»l estate should not hf quieted iinrt c o n f i r m e d in p l a i n t i f f * The Defendnnli. A. r, Tmvli and Hannah Travii, hukbMnd and wife. *"_ , _ _ l i n h n n w n helm e x r r u l o r n . or BMlgns. nre hereby Washington County. Arkansas. . j , of Z'"f Construction Bonds, dated January 16. I9."iO. m a t u r i n g t h a t year and the nevt six months' interest, cjut of Ihe surplus of the prnrppHs of a b u i l d - ing fund tax nf two (2) mills con- t i n u i n f i a n n u a l levy d u l y voted at the annual Brhnol election of .September 25. 19,11, r c m a i n i n c m rach year a f t e r . I her i- has hern sot aside an a m o u n t j f f i c i e n t tn provide for t h o prm- I Some experience desirable. LEWIS BROS. CO. P I . S N T Y d( RAy,| M r ; . v , N n r l h . '.. nii'/e Wci'i' S p r t u R n AH Dirk M'nrtrl :. h a l f n ol i,rt-:itncii . SoiHh I)iuir.iii " n n n e o R r a p h . n l - .onihR Also s l i p -s inr-iijd.-il Call --- I _n??_ n . e _2 4H -_ 27 mi, i apartmcnt- SITUATION WANTKI) l i k e M A L E I r n v r l i n g T. C. H cipal of and i n t r on the o u t s t a n d - ! se would " ' · ' ] 8 * E a R t Spring". ing Fayetteville School D w i r i r ! Nn | I of Washington County. Arkansas. 2 r ; and 2 hington County. Arkansas. 2 r ; \ PLASTIC .T-TTX m*r«.. n AM) FOUND Conatrurtioi Novemhcr IS. 1951. i ih : lated rar and the next six mon'hs' and from any other legally plodtfrnhle Income, »nd will be f u r t h e r s r r u r e d by a mortgage on Its real p r o p e r t y , fixtures, nnd equipment, s u h j o r t tn prior mortgage!, ami will m n u i r c in the years and a m o u n t s , roper:ivrly. Ar- " follows, hut rallable on (he tern'is hereinafter specified: $ H.Sno In thr year 19.M; tll.SOn In the year 1!K4 $14.50fl in the year la.Vi; $1.1.500 In the year IUM SI4.000 in the yenr r.i. r ,7. S1P.OOO in the year ]Ji.',«; Slfi.OOO in the e n r i».w. $17.fM)n In the iMft; Slfi.flllll In the \ p a r 1 0 R I . Slfl.AOO in thr \ r n r l%2. Slft.OOfl in the year IJWH S1S.WKI in the year l%t; $1.1.00ft In the year ]U.l; $M.!WO in the year 19fifl; $12.000 In the year 1IW7: $12.500 In the .vear 1968; $14.000 In the year 19fi9; $1*1.000 In the yenr 1970. rimmrd gl«! c.T«e. lost ncnr F a y e t t c v Srhool. George Unhcrt CASH PAID FOB DEAD ANIMALS ·*--· *-»wi mi Joplin K h J O H N lj, F U R M S M K I J and u n f u r m n h e d a p a r t - ment!. One hnlf block of Unlvenltj-. _Phone M* · - ! THREE:""vrrv"niV?~Trrfef^ roo"m" 'lipiTrt- l r i m e n t u Kach w i l h p r i v a t e b a t h , new _ k i ' i h i - n b i n l t m v R e n d i x f n c U l l i A s . fool h i c h l y poh.he,I florri »nd etc See I r.r t h f - m no-.v and t f l k e o u r choice, '^il .1 HOOM « p ; i r t m e n t 5.1. r ) flO m o n ' h h ( t i t,. I R(JOM np.irtment JS nn per week :!HAMMOND REALTY CO: BY OWNER--Good live-room houi« and new two-room home with natural gat find electricity, rlty wnttr nvaHihle. on 4.41 acres, food garden, bui »ervlce. rirgi properly weit ot Ogdcn'n Store.-Tom Pnrk«, 02 Hiih- w«,v__weit RANCHTYPE" Wilson A d a m j A d d i t i o n ONE of the nic« homci in this coveted new addition It hull central heat attached (nraie and a (tvtl lawn (hit's l.v.l, ^th p|«ntln«. It's. charmlnc l"rle« Hi.Ht. Eorly American pus on paid pavement 'and direct r i t y bus l i n e If, e x c e p t i o n a l l y h u n t and has 4 rooms and attached *a- rage w i t h e*tr« storafe. I t s on a h e a i i t l f u l Inwn and has low interest f i n a n c i n g Location Is also convenient to Leverett School and County and Veteran. Hospital. Only I4,tM. Neor Campus. AND city hus route, on paid pave- m e n t : » n-arly new home w i t h 5 rooms, service porch, finished hast- «£'-iS$sr (Ur ind "°° r "»-, 6 Room Brick $10,500 ON one floor. hi( fireplace, c e n l r a t f u r n a c e , level lot. paid pavement Convenient w a l k to most everv. ! Four Bedroom) ·HIST h a l f block w.,hin t ton A v e n u e on paid p a v e m e n t , h l j l l v l n c room ' and n t m n « room, las fired f u r n a c e i An a b u n d a n t home In a top loca- i tion. Bargain. | TELL us w h a t you w a n t and If we ! THE nbove ranrhi** »rp n i l ncrded tf perm infill pan tin*-., W a t r r e t l In Inrse aprlnRji cootl f e n e m a . I n c a ' e f i i on «nori road* Any of thf ' m f n t l o n p r t ranches will r n r r v l ^ o ' catll.' Yniir rhotre. S.I.* o n n m i "1'frm; , hy Owner " Full ItUnrniot:nn l u r n G. R.Crandell Real Estate' 11* N o r t h Ens^Strcct Pjione_jiS96--1223 I FURNISHED HOUSE j WE CAN wr*ng«. q u i r k pnMciiion on ; lni» well furnlithert home Cimtiit- Ing of four roorm nnd h u t h Larae I n t - - i f i f t x l 9 n i »mrt (in? garden »pnt ; Lotiterl only two block* from u n u i r e Can be Inspected «t 2(14 R College' : SUBURBAN TWO ACRES j RIGHT on 71 H l n h w u y . 11 » f. (m.* i Mil mnclern two hprirouni horni- and '· h«n n n l u r f l l jfns n n f l clt' w n i e r j Fully plmterni i n t e r i o r nnd tnn- ' v t n l e n t h u i l t i n x nnrt rlosei* Buy ihla | equity nnd piy hni.-tnrp »t irm t h a n ! rent. Only S« (W p.-r m o n t h 321 EAST MAPLE STREET WE W I L L give I m m M l a t e poMr-mlon on ihtii lovi-ly o!fl home P r o p e r t y c o n R i H l N of. r room niodc-rn reii- d c n r r . hrri'/ewnv. c e l l a r w i t h u t i l i t y house aliove, nnd K^rtifn Also fln'r prden (mil penche*. p l u m i . g t r n w - htTrlrn. Mnd raiipherrliu The lot ii 75 f»et hy 1A7 f f f t «nd ·»·-·· i plenty h e a l t h y iii Let MA nhow ·nd shade. I'hr shrubbery. Hammond Realty Co. Kv*. Phoni* H. D Hammond 1372 iew home M 133 Vlrflnii AV.V nuc w i l l b« op«ri (or your inljtte' (ion from 4 p. rn. to A p. m Thu/i* d.i. M n y 22 *nd Trlday, Miy 23 UTLEY COMPANY, INC. UKALTOnS LE.VDEKS INSUROftl Call J 3 Pyeatt 2JOJ, R*l M H . _ L . UUgy 2503. Kfg. 1M7 .^ N K W 3 bed r corn hornet "by bultMr H"«t conntructlon. Ccntrii htatfin. mtached rnrafM. Reilrict-td adBT- linn P l e n t y builtinj and HvUM HI.-U-B 3M«-H JT BV n*ner. 15 icfe*. modern 4 ImDrovementa. Clote tn II3H4 200 ~ Years of S«rvle« 20,000,000 Pollcyholderi 20% Saving* MUTUAL FIRE AND AUTO INSURANCE "Savings for preferred riiks*- G«t lh« Faeti The Rifter Agency oan» R« a l Eslal* 14 East Center WA8HrNGTbN""Srhnorrli«l'ri;u:i lovely 1 room h i i n i a l n w : I m l h . hrpnk- : f n « l ronm. stiri pnrrh. hnscment garage inrj Invindry ronm; Aiitomixlc ; gas (urnnp*. t\rf p l n f p weather ' strtnped nnd I n s u l a t e d . 2 rholre lots; i hnllt tor ihc years, modern as to. morrow A ?17,MV1 value Sl'EC'tAI . I.Y PRICED. One lourlh w l l l ' h a n - ! CLOSE ln-« room h u n g u l o w w i l h sun ^ P L U M B I N G HEATIKIS room, n t l a r h o d gar«gc. nnd laundry ; r*."\ . room: Insulated t h r o u g h out, Ideal \,\J. . H0ira p 8", x e-J"!?i'"' s V?TMh « -^s.' 31 ° N - Wert Phone til nuiviE o acre irar! on hlgh\rfty~jaQ»'i =--·---._..;.-...,. . . ,.. ,,.., .,,., , ^ in. 5 room bunjjnlow. l-ia.h,Mii«rvta« ; porch, ffnrate nnd worituhop;' i r t - j iulited weJlirr ·iripptri. ««« heal, j TI»* d S w ^ f * ' C * ' 0 p r n r n t - " :!5 ° EX * J. D. Eagle, Realtor. PHONE 2.11 FAYETTEVILLE AUTOMATIC APPLIANCE Ctt A Btlin Plic« la Buy ^ "tfutpaint "o^'.n M. Block DEALCT Ph. ftt CLEARANCE SALE 1949 PonriacS, 4 door 1951 Henry J. Deluxe 6, 10,000 actual miles. Radio, Heater and overdrive 1949 Buick Super Sedanette. Radio, Heater, seat covers . 1948 Chevrolet Fleetline 2 door 1947 Pontioc 8 four door sedan 1946 Chevrolet 2 door sedan . . 1941 Pontiac 6 four door 1939 Chevrolet 2 door 1938 Chevrolet Coupe WAS 1695 NOW 1485 .$1395 $1175 1695 1495 1186 995 1195 995 807 695 395 295 295 25.0 195 100 With many other lote model cars and ^ pick-up trucks to choose from. '." HATFIELD PONTIAC CO? CORNER OF MEADOW AND EAST ST ·" PHONE 303 : PHONE 7»1 NEW DUPLEX j AT.I. l.irK" r.,o y ! r j inr. ! r;i_.| ·..·.·Icill I'll.,11, 21j.lW_ . l.'.vfVKIlSn V A p n r t r n f n K / f i i F i ii'i.'ui n U M r d tor summer nrihVd n s l i H r n l i BATES REALTY FOR SALE OR TRADE ON FAYETTEVILLE HOME lhc MshM far nn^ ! ! LOOK ! ! This Week's Specials 1951 Ford 2-door. Radio and hsolcr. Two 1950 Plymouth convertible!. 1950 Ford convertible. 1950 Chevrolet 4-door. Studeboker 2-door. LATH, lor i I MIR. In-nnl ' · f, fuM Kni'h IH'. 1272W. I'AIIKVIKW a|iartn7rnliTliirn'l'a)TtT~nr iintnrnNhr-n lii-nflix Inunnry si Ir" I'hnnr. JT07.I. I ] . 1M TR1 DEtTA ALLIANCE S nprr o t«le of of lrnr-r*\ rtrcuUtlon In thr or. n n l l r f pub- , ,, . , , . , n«ws- I V 4 9 M«rcury 4-door. l n B ^ ^ t l o n In n ._ ....... _ ay* before the date ftf"*cilii n n- erne n u m r r i m i order. At pur »ni* . Interest, on «ny t n t e r e t t up to JOS7, on M. J u n * Inir dAtr. up to «nd inrludlni: »ry IS. 1DS7. only from *ny surplus ill»cllons ot the f l f l t t n ti.1l m i l l h u i M I n f Mnn ttx r f m « l n l n « tn »ny vc»r «Mr thfr« h*s he»n Ht mlttp * j rim « u f f l - | r n l to l.rvlrf thf SMlrt n u l - 1 ^ t n n r l i n f F n y o t t r v l l l * Srhool D l s t r i r t So I of W,!«Mnj(lrin County. A r k J i n : .«*. I 1 .'; nnfl 2'- f o n s t r n r t t o n ttonfl' I dated Jinuiry It, 1IM. nt tram IAJ 194B Chevrolet 4-door. 1947 Dodg» Club Coupe. 1946 Mercury Club Coupe. 1947 Ford Tudor. 1950 Chevrolet Pickup. 1949 Chevroltt Pickup. CRIDER BROS. Highway 71 florid !·:-· . . , i _ W l l i ' »".·(.I 2 W M K K I . l v , « i r . l l r r ItONK. t n ' M l pr.i! HM, I.c-wis I t i i ^ C r i . Im TU'O wtirM Ir.nlcr. J'ln MV.II ,,tl.r ; I C a l l I . I . l / . M l f . l l l J A N K S | _ ,. ?3 *' _ l 'V'r-NINiS I "Don't WRTN;:""Vottr"nVnal 1 tlINO 244 for WANT A»B." SKRVICFS OFFERP.D J Y A R I ) (ir « » r d r n work Phnno T O U V ' DIIEjiSMAKING. « l l r r » t l o n « r p w m v I '.nil Mrs A f Brlnt Mr« II J , Sn'.-mi: I'hono BKM ?i 4 N o r t h mock H A r i l K I . S Hnil Ji'imi- h»1 mover! to ]:'.·. N o r t h K«.t SlrrM M.ikc rholcr nl r n n m i ( . i r l v l.KT me Imlr J ' M i r li'ny l h l y»ar~wllli \ v j r p Wflvnc C u t o rhonr 2?r,AM4 l . A W N S mowffl u l t h power mn*»-r l.v hour or r o n t r i i c t {.'nn ulso h « n die wcril riittnn; '/tll Hr-x. :^W r A I ' K R - H A N O t . N G 'ind p « l n t l n i rflf- f - i c t i l l y (lonf Krre p.ttm.tes Her- ticrl U A l b e r t s n n plume a^^^I.; T. V. A N H f l A P t n R K I ' A l t l l N O ~ r w MAI.* I I K A S O V A I I I . K f h ; i l « e i . If: ex- li'Tinne l l r i n f r.dlfi. to 714 South C l i u r r l i or mil 23.WW Ir.r . e r v i r e _ r V r r n e r l y I)»)Ks Hiidio S«-rytre "" ItlfCII niQGiNCf rOOTINGS~w n t e r. f.l and HW« cln.ri.i, ..pile tink holt. Dl««,». ·0,1 h.r« nillni Call 211* Irre* MNVI. A - 1 rARI'lSffrn. An.-iinon."repair 'tf- modplln; llest rcltrcr.ces c L. Me- Danlrl 2I11J. Who's Who For Service Consult You' Classified Service . o« _ j -* 80 Acrev unimproved. Ideal for development. Mil* fronlag* bolh sides No - 23 Highway, 4V: milei north St. Paul. Natural qa». Near REA 50 acres farm land. Needs clearing. Price $7,200 . ARTHUR PETERSON 1407 NORTH GARLAND - f - - ·- "SlcOth*. flpenrer Cors«tt«r« 127 South Unlv*rsl'.y St. I I A I I . I N O (·MAT I I J W load, or any k i n d if. lont or lor«] Phonu 7 or i or I MOMK LAUNDRY ., »TOHT8 HOMF. I A I I N D H Y AUTOMATIC ind wrmier machinal W«l ws.h and drylnc 71 North. near Crelihtnn s Dnve-ln Cafe l a m In I f . m. S.turd*/. I a. m ui noot. S A L E SEWING MACHINES Desk model electric machine . . . $79.50 Electric portable model $29.|KJ Several good treadle machines as low os. . . .$15;6C We must dispose of our used stock. Come early and get the best bargains. Easy Terms. Singer Sewing Machine Co. 18 Southeast St. Fayertollle, Ark

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