Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 23, 1952 · Page 7
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 7

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Friday, May 23, 1952
Page 7
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Is Big Question In Wolcott's Fight With Charles Atlantic City. N. J.-IPl-ls Jer-' sty Joe Walcott's age catchins, up with him? Can the heavyweight ehampion of the world, at 38 (?), Leaf back the challenge ol 30- year-old Ezzard Charles in Philadelphia June 5? Those are the questions f i g h t . . ,, fans are asking. Ne one douots ! s '« r L »° D H ro « h « r » nd r "»° nl ' d that Jersey Joe has the heart, spirit and punch to keep the heavyweight title in his native Camclen, N. j., but how about Giants' Kennedy Spins Four-Hitter To Beat Cardinals, 6-0 arti|tt»0t New York-(iTi-Monte Kennedy, New Yiirk Giants' bullpen rtfufee, got t're call yesteiday from man- those legs, his wind, his reflexes? Men of 3.8 don't usually make a living fighting in the ring. Walcott, his. manager, Felix Bocchicchio, and trainer, Dan Florio, all emphatically answer . "yes" to the big question. Then they chorus, "If you don't believe us, come on out and watch. 'Seeing is believing." Works On Speed Walcott proceeded to run 3 ',i miles around the quarter mile Bader Field track. Then he donned the gloves and went six rounds, two sessions each with three partners. The spar mates all were much lighter than the champion and were instructed to jab and run, make Joe work, speed. increase his with t brilliant four-hit victory over tl-e St. Leuli Csrdinsli. (1-9. Kennedy was in centre! all the way while hii matei were routing! Card ace Gerald Stlley wth an 11-''it attaik. | The victory |»ve the Gianti the j rubber game of the three-risme I series with the Cards but left them in second plate, at the Dod- j gers enntinued their . winning · wayi. . i ' Daye v/illiami' homer . a n d I i triplet by Alvin Dark. Willie! Mays and Don Mueller helped win ! for the 6iint». The New York! l ! i -- --- ,-- r -- -; club opened the scoring in the! thorlty go off the deep end over: Late Rally Give Bums Win Over Reds, 8-7 pilch « Bosox Past Tribe, H W« don't know exactly why it* but too often people with au- Walcott, who Hasn't boxed in almost a year, looked good. He was punching sharply, stepping lively ' and his endurance appeared endless. The champion actually seemed ready for the big fight right now. Following his workout, Walcott still had enough left to talk with reporters. Reporter Ask« . . . A reporter asked the eharnp if he found out anything abput Charles In their last light in Pittsburgh that would help repeat his knockout triumph? "He doesn't like .a left hook, said Joe. How did Joe feel about being 9 j to 1 underdog in the betting si this point? ' "I don't care if the odds are 10 to 1. H doesn't matter to · me. Afte:- all. they can only put on? Charles in the ring at a time, not 10. That's the only kind of 10 to 1 odds that would bother me." lecond when May; tripled and scored on Dark's grounder. Two more runs were added in the fifth on Dark's triple, a hit batsman, Lockman's sinsle and in error. Staley, seeking his elght'h win. picked up his second loss against seven wins. Both his defeats have been at th6 hands of the Giants. Ht» Y«rk I. II. trivia, yet stand around with a dated expresilon when a really important problem comes up. During the last war the Officers we nan into could be roughly divided into two classes. The class with the great majority of mem- Simmons Blanks Pirates, 6-0 Brooklyn - (/P) - Brooklyn's league-loading Dodgers came up with an eighth inning rally that produced four runs anri barely Clevelsnd-ffl'i-Maurlce McDer- edcrd out the Cincinnati Reds.' mott pitched and batted his Bos- I 8-7 Hoy Campanella. returning to ! ton Tted Sox raaten to a 3-2 victory the lineup after a three-day r e s t . over thf Cleveland Indians yester- ' following an injury to his hand.! rtay lo gain an even break in the l poled a thr-e-1 -up homer in thf '· two-game settei. I big e i g h t h tn tir ti'.e score. | Wit'i the score knotted at 2-2 In | Reds starter Frank Hiller was I t b r n i n l n McDermett produced a the victim of Campanula's big l single to left field, advanced to blow but r rank Smith came on to ' Meond on i tingle by Johnny Pet- SPORTS NOITHWEST ARKANSAS TIMH, Foyetteville, ArkonMe, , J Friday, May 21, 1*52 HOGAN HAS 74 Philade!phi3-l/P)-Curt Simmons. . IT. LOUI« «b r h NEW VOftK bers was the one that met minor "toTM* "? B '« n . : - °. f TM s .' pickwl problems with great military flourish, an occasional deftly turn- :nm' lose t u e gan-r. Andy Pafko greeted Smith w i t ' i a drive to left and by some d.irini: bnsc r u n n i n g turnrrl h? hit int'i ,-i (Nuble. Duke Snider s:icrifirrri him tn third and Gil Hnnse-s brought him home t w i l h R Hng f!v to Bob Perkowskl.; .Toe Db'.'k. N?»ro rizhthandcr j and fourth DoHsr-r p : t?'.'r-r, w s s ; on t':c scone v/h^n t'-c rally oc- ] it ky and slid bornf with the winning run on Billy Goodman's single. Until he slid acrosi the plate McDcrmott had been engaged In a Conrad, Gaff crd Lead Withes After First Round Of Colonial Fort Worth. Texas-lfl-A light pitching battle with Bob i »l« of Texsn?. tr golfing - . . . ,, j ~ . j who had surrendered hut 1«« »n. and Haymond Gajford or ·ou- were the onjy .ihotrnakeri able tr r o l - 1 beat par over windy, rugged 7,! Dall ed phrase and great presence of; mind. The other, and almost non-' Pittsburgh Piretcf. 6-0. The star existent class faced such minor l! 4 o.o I breeches of regulations with pained expression and marked re-^ Simmons struck out eight play- luctance to ever, acknowledge the' c r " K ? lk ' ri f l v c cnii ncvcr was incident ' cven in danger of being scored 1. '. . , . : on. much less losing. The weak- The first class ihowed great: hmi ,, g and celtor-MAen Pirates gusto m dealing with misplaced w i l h e x . C ardinal George Mungcr «crewdr.ivers, poorly made bunks.! pitching, were out of the ball unshined shoes and unsanitary, ^ me a i m0 st before it started. A!heads, but became a miserable j though with perfect s u p p o r t M u r mass of jelly-like indecision when Igor might have made a real battle fsced with paslng judgment on n : out of it. matter whose importance might | The big moment for Simmons bring it to the attention of a su-! in the sixth v;ilh .lack Mavo three hits and two unearned runs in ei?!it innings. Roth teams scored in the firrt UP in the Army, hurled his second r ,;,- od and'hr'nce" »M r-r'rdit 'or : ^ t h i r r t '"' ll ' 1 * ! - w l t h Umon'i consecutive shutout yesterday ,, | hi ,,,,, , ; j, v , rt _. H e ' »»^"« h ^ rm on° r %e'mmed i Conrad, a prodnc, o' North tor,!,- over in t - r--:', -rivmR uo ·,,,,,. ,,,,, f t m two M r n f d ; Texas Slat-, and Oaffnrri. lean one slnfle at-1 no nms d u r i n g h i s : n m j An frm bv , hnrtllop H i y ; pro o( Norfu-ood C'ph nf Dallas, spell on tne mivnd. | Boone f!lvf , h e BoJOX ln( . |r (|rs( »hol twn-umlT-nar n vesfrdny Philadelphia Phl^rnutp-i thr . a veteran pro." nlayi only nccjvlonrlly «n the PGA tour, led the $no.00n Cnlonla! National I n v i t a t i o n tournament inin Its second round today. lefty smacked an inside the n o m u n t o h e o h i s Clem Lahlne t.irlH for the Bums and gave un four runs nn rP!;t , · i OT( p i r h - fi "" .y-e Ad- peribr officer. The second class, and a one, usually chose to ignore or and Bob Del Greco misjudged it, ! tin Rush, Spahn Trade Shutouts As Cubs, Braves Split Two · a n r j Eddie Waitkus on base. The rare' Phl1 pitcher llhed one tn center . or and Bob Del Gr Slide past the minor Inconsisten- allowing the ball to sail over his *: I cies in Attention tp regulations, but! h ?«d. Sin-.mons rompsd around and adept t t a k i n g I t h ? bases for his first big l e a g u e for a latter of ' ' j measurable significance. In the Sam* manner we believe cork--In t h e third. A d c o c k slammed the ball Into tiie stands with the base 1 ; t'rr'-d tn put the Rods well i n t u I'in l"ad. Brooklyn rallied in the f i f t h scoring three times. Grady Hot- I'ln's hntr-r he'perl put the Reds ahead 7-4 in the seventh r « t t l n R inc stage for t h e c'clit'T-lnnirt; Dodger rally. HrT-ktvn S. Cincinnati T C'H5tHMATI TROOKl-YM b r h »b 2 I M~rr run ap(l a wild throw by Lemon lted in the second Sox t|lly. The Indians produced score! on two walks anil a jingle In bpth the 1 firjt end third Irarriej. ·Ml" 4 '· tlrvttlM k «LIVILAH« i f ! Jvlll. Jb Boonc. il ·b r h 0 E . . .Hflier ' 4 6 fTD'Mly. rf lltchell. If 0 Sh 0 I o o 31 ! r were eager Memphis Pair Lead Pro-Am AtJonesboro Boston-(/P)-What would happened if Chicago's Bob Hush and Boston's Warren Spshn had tangled yesterday is anybody's PUCES. They might still be going-they were that effective. But as ii turned out Rush set the Braves down with four hits in winning the first game of a double-header, 3-n. while Spahn followed to pitch the Tribe to a 5-0 win over Cubs. Jonesbsro. Ark.-f/P)-Nin« p»c- . breaking pairs lined up this morn- have ! in * '" th? finals gf the Jonesbpro Country-Club's first beit ball, pro- am goif tournament. Pro Jake Fondren and amateur Curtis Persons of Memnhls set torrid pace in the first 18 holes the 38-bol* tourney yesterday, scoring a 10-under-par 8S to take the halfway lead. (, Pltkburtlt PITTHUHGH r -- ' - «b r h athlete, are. separated-the good j cigifone! 3b l o o " from th? gr?at. The good can beat. Smith. Jb - - - 1 0 0 Jones. 3 b ah *v,r,gi opponent half to death, jO"". « J ° J «*$·,, " e 4 0 1 H y a h . 2h ( 0 0 Mayo. If j 0 1. \yaltkui. Ib 1 0 0 o o o yet selqo n c'om$ through against; Merjo'n. 2b top-notch competition. The great. g lt . ck .', ou '. h ' ! sthlete plays only as well as he'i B'tirome.'ib rpuit to wit); sliding past the av-! ''Juni'r- p erage opponent, but having that| vfilK. p extra sometfjing that enables hirn i j;FM;(6eraid (o it. That seems to us to be abput the, flb r h 4 I 1 4 I 0 3 n : 4 0 2 4 0 5 4 0 I' 4 1 1 t i 2 i I 1 BV'wcki. If Westlak- cf Sfnvnick. i: M M ' t l D " . M Hl'l«r. p Pmlth. p BB8TOM Ib r P--K-. Jh HltllCd. 3b '""Mfharil,' If 9'ephei". * « Volltn^r. cf l Wnr,,]. rf I Dreno t h Nl-rhoi. r ' M'D'inotl. p b r h 4 0 Z ' i 1 -' HE7"- F* 3 1 1 1 2 ·' J t o b . n - n : i . 2h 1 1 1 I I ? r y r r n - ' l - . r 4 I 1 1 n l 7'aiko. l f - r ! 3 2 2 ,, .. . 3 0 0 .-nlrter. r f 2 1 0 r i r v e n d 101 00(1 000--Z 1 o o ?huhv if 3 ? 2 E--Boone Lemon. Ptiky RBI-4 n i ^uritln rf o n n Mprhcll I. Stephen!. Goo("min S--4 O O H e 1 e e r . l t 4 0 I rjoodmin DP--Coodmln tnd Dropo; 4 f ' l . i l n n r . p I 0 0 ' r , t . r nnd Bnons: Stephen. GpiA- 1 I 1 'AK.ims 1 0 O . m t n anfl 1 Dropo I . I.rft--Bolton 11. 0 0 0 T'Mh r'rr-1 n " 0 0 j Clovelinfi ». 8»-- McDermolt B. I,«mcj 7 SO--McDtrmott 4, Lemon 4 R A In -WcDermoft 3-2. Lemon 3-1. winner --MrDBrmott {Mi Loier -lemon '4-3 1 - U--SumM9». McKtnl«y, Soar. Mono- rhlck T-J:37. A--5.394. to top the f i e l d of 42 p l i v i fitroke. Doug Ford of H a r r i « veteran campi But Conrad, , hud Qalford and by a 1 Y.. a fill Ford five runs. The Chirks bought week flfo f r n m Kew OrMans. Colonial Country Clut rourre Tommy Bolt of Durham, N. C. end r»«d Hawkins, of El Pa»i TSXBS, equalled par 70. Otherwise, the big ihotj of thi golf trail found the course touff to handle. Ben Hogan, the Texai w'-ci rnw registers out of Pain Springs. Calif., and thrice wln'ft of t v e National Op«n chimplon .ihin. took a 74 and compute* that the greens were flow. Cary Mlddl^cotf of Mfmphll Tcnn., the defen^inf ColonJ* champion, had a 71 fnrl was ·( striking dist»:-jct "' Manrrum of Cl t «!oh| with Lloyi 'hlcifo, inothe ? o o Mil 4 0 0 tutir. i 0 0 Kennedy, rf 4 I l Ws«n. c Lemon, p bfridlry I 3 tTatali _ Hnren In Sth ndefl nul fflr Lrmoi . 1 000 001-3 4 i i 2 J f ' where he hart played a year after ' the blf'nimti, wh6 r »l|ii Alt 7J o n . being sold hy l.ltlle Hock. i Charley Co.. the torrnw na j j i Atlanta's victory r.vfr Dutch ' t'onnl amateur' champion fron i » j! McCall of Utlle Pnrk marked t h e ; Oklnhoma City, w«» ttie lecom J J ? i ' l r t t time this yesr the Crackers \ low amateur" for the' op*nini , j j I hav» hiir^'* lori on a starting left- 1 round with §73. s i l l hanrl.r. Two Trackers sent down i Dutcl) Harrl|on, the veteran AT recently from Milwaukee, Earl kansan. now professional at Dor Woolen nml Chuck Tanner, led j nick Hills Country Club of Art Atlanta's I d - h i t In Ith. in three runs apiece. and drove , more, was in » contending poiri . lion with n 73. 1 0 0 1 n o S 10 5th b--Lined* 'out for Ittlbur'g'h ·Iphlf" i« a e S^'Tn l - h ·«« MD 000 00--1 L'Jr 5?i 100 023 00»- B l a c k . ^37 7 IlTolaS »--FHe-1 out for Liblr b--Popped u u t for Ersk .:t In Till. Clilc-nn;M . . . O D » 0 0 : ) 3 P O -- 7 Srook'.vn 000 030 14X 1 E--Roinnion. Ha'ton RBI--AdQo r k I. Sh,.-r.n Hodsci .1. M o r n n . Hilton 2, W e s t l i k s I. CsniDsnclla 3. l'B--Adnml, Pa'ko (JK-Adcork. H i l t o n . .. I. CsniDsnci . . i l . Cimpannlia SB -- Hohlnioh S -- Htllpr DP-- Httton. McM'llin iinrf K!m?.:-wskl. McMillan i: M-Millnn. H«;ton Hard Day For ° H Mted Head Of Backstoppers' Bow N Association was rwrt p * The burly Rush was never in , ·-"··- · Duble as he chalked up his fifth ; tn 'ro 1 of the venture. But wq do take ception to the high-handed man- win against two losses, the last I Lo* score honors went to Ton-1 row. He helped his own j f«n in the pro r.nks with pro: Fort Smith Pro Curtis Collier Another ot'icial is reported t) Memphis Comes Up With Pitcher That Win For Them stein when the Braves Snm Jsthrnc and have declired that thorough in?Cne a i d e d home runs to help I Shrevwo-t. La., and Hot Springs | vestigatior. wr,uH ije made and I ' . O r p C d d l l f U '-"' llr _ . ^ Pt-A rifh ftftllrtf* »nri a m « f » 1 i , - ' ar ,r.r rt r,T-iat* 4 o 4 i A n m . r n i i l f - 1 Ka 4 3 I f - How They Stand J«*nny iSHrr^t^lA'' three team, had Ch'cafa 3, Sos^or^ 0 Jr c, Jonfsboro. had « 6f scoring «8 s were: Hot piRarjiAMi CHICAOO "BOSTON ·b r h- I Mik5ls. i* 3 n liHTtsfield. 2b For.dy. Ih 5 0 0 JethrOe. Cf I! manski. rf 3 0 0 Mathews. 3b Ssucr. If 4 1 1 Gordon. If Srrenft. 3h , 4 2 2 Crowe. Ib Atwcll. c 2 0 l.S;. Claire, c Joffcoat, c f 4 0 1 Thorpe, r f Ra'zzotti. 2b 4 0 1 Slrti. s RuSrTTp 4 0 2"aTorreson CU5!Ck. t S Bickford, p bCr-oper .Tonei. D . To'.als 3S 3 9 Totals appropriate action would en. We present that as the epitome I of hijh-hanje.d bundling of a low- Brooklyn class event. It i? the sort o.' pro- ,\- cw By The Associated Press NAT1OKAL LEAGUE W L Pel .. 31 7 .".-;0 nouncernent lhat conceivably, Chicago'"-. IT would result from the mysterious'Cincinnati _ 15 ' ' t h f . Philadelphia __"_7.V. 14 . St. Louis 15 And to show Just how serious Boston _ _ 12 amateur . , ht , Halr ran become in the mind ; Pittsburgh . . ".. 5 The new president appointed a rules committee consisting of Ben Shiley, W. W. Higgins, A. W. Taylor, E. H. Sayle, and Francis Hthn. (By The A*soel»tt4 f*re««) Appling't ft»tt«r«rl Mtm- Chicks took .''look at the ry. Wcrneke and | staodirjg? today *nd concluded " '"'"" | they would he poorer still if il were not for pitcher Woodrow Rich. The 84-year-old righthander copped hit fifth victory of thf season last pllht Itj th« Cblcki' «- 7 conquest of Blrmln|him. This . adds up to exactly half of th? " tcd i cellar .ridden team's victory talil. Mobtl* iqereued it! lei(u« 1(4 to a Itme and I half o.v trouncing 16-i; Nfw Orlein? Ch»tt»noogl. -S, and Atlanta clipped thf Little Dock Trav^leti, 10-). Be»ld«s Rich, the Memphii hero v/»j newcerntr *loyd Fogg. The litter, who gtti told around if you've tasted todays SCHENLEY the Itfgue regularly dsipite the fact trmt he's ohe of the Southern's better righthinded power guyi, slnmmed l homer and bitted in ... you know its the best-tasting whiskey in ages! I L E N O E D W H I S K E Y 1C f « O O F . ISf G R A I N N f U T R A L SfUITS. SCHEHLtr OIST«IBUTO«S. INC., NEW YOKK, NEW YORK Sorings pro Pete Fleming and ! amateur Barney Osment of Jonesi o 1' boro; Nor ' n Little Rock pro Andy i murder of the eijtlre faculty 4 0 0 Cusick and amateur Willie Me- I F.nglish department. '·* J ' Grotty -.f Litlle Rock; Jonesboro : 3 0 i i pro Bill Martin and 3 o j i George Puryear ol J ° n - s , b ° ra : Lit- j of ,,, ,,,,,..,,, w j pse p,,,,,, com . i YeMfrrtay's' Reiills" M 15 13 1" Ifi 28 .548 .500 .483 .489 . 4 2 9 ' .152 1 o o 0 0 0 2 ft 0 1 0 0 30 o tic Rock pro Johnny Whitten and amateur Ted Darragh of Little Rock, and Fort Smith pro Bud Vernon and amateur Bill Scarbrough of Memphis. »--Grounder! out for Sisti in Sth. ! h--Filed on: for Birkfnrri in Rlh. Chicago O i l 003 010- ,1 BMon . 100 000 000-0 E--Mathcu-p. RB! -Rush. Serena. : Jeffcoru. rB--RuEh. 3B--Serena. DP-- ' R9mazzot:i. Miksis anri Fomly: Crowe. ' Slsll and B i r k f n r d . L e f t -- C h i c a K O 8. - Bor.ton 4 BB--Blckfcrd ^. Rush 1 SO ·· --Blckforri R. Jnnps 1. Rush 4. HO-- B'ckfnrit 0 In 8: JonM 0 in 1. R A ER 1 --Hush 0-0. Blc'^rord .3-2. Jnnfrs 0-0. r W m n r r -- R u s h i a - 2 ) . Loier -Btckford (1-4). U--Jorrtn. Bngr.esF. Pinelli. Gore. T--1:41. SECOND CAME CHICAGO BOSTON ah r h ab r h Miktif. si 3 0 1 H BsTzelti. 2b 4 n n .tnhror. cf 4 1 1 4 o 1 MMhev.-s. 3b 2 1 1 4 0 2 Gordon. If 4 0 1 Rogers Wins Business Bowling Loop Playoff fort i$ in dealing with the non- , Brooklyn 8 Cincinnati 7 esscntitl, one mifn declared t h a t : New York 6 St. Louis 0 the newspapers ire. directly res- Chicago 3-0 Boston 0-5 ponsifcl? for the wlinle outraje. ; rhllarlelphia 6 Pittsburgh 21 is 13 13 The Rogers group, with consistent howling on the part nf all players, captured the Business Bo-.vling Lcasue crov;n last night in winning all three from Stump Furniture Company. Lee 2b 4 2 2 Srott Iprt the winning quintet with I96-S63, vith Mavor R. L. Vogt following -vith 189-540. The Stump damaged, and tSat fcelincs are II- Sereno. 3t 4 o :· Crowe-, ib 3 o o ( Furniture team was led by A. M . , able to get ruffled--hut that fails j5 n f?«t' b rf ! S o Thor : p° ir 'rf c 4 1 2 ;/ in " w i t h 222-589, top bowling for lo lend to the event the j.rinu.«- R\iniki. rf s (i i sin!. «« '« n o both teams. nSmallcv 1 n n ^pnhn. We are of a mind to agree thai j AMERICAN LEAGUE the newspapers helped propogatc' w L this phenomena. But we wonder cl "'e'and ------- 21 12 why thit should be criticized. A Washington newsiaper dcaMnj; daily with t h e ' B o s ' n n deadly sobering business of international affairs and toe vital IF- sues of rVimrstic '-'Olitics ran scarcely he blamed for pr»spinR at the breath of relief offered by a college -'udent's quest of ladies' iaccy lincerip. Wo can see clearly enough that some folks are liable to get h u r t . proper!;- is liabh to Pet .636 17 17 14 17 I I I B 8 21 .5(13 .552 .500 .452 .1117 .276 New York ... .St. Louis . _ Chicago . _ Philadelphia .. Detroit . . Vesterday'fi Results Roslnn 3 Cleveland 2 Washington 4 St. Louis. 2 New York at Chicago postponed rein Only games scheduled Kiip'sti-fn, p 3 n : Totals ."i4 n S Totals 3 0 0 .11 s r "a--Filer) oiil (or Hprmflnflkrin""sth" Chicago . . . . 000 000 0(fl -0 BnMon 200 000 2|X 3 E--None. RBI - Gordon. .ItMhrop 2. Thorpe. 2B-- M a t h r - \ ' » . Serena. Miksn. HR--.Telhroe, Tlmriir R B - M n l l w i s S--Mlkill Left 8. Bolton fi. B--Kltppiteln 4 SO--Spahn 7. Kllpp- noss the University sees fit H bestow on it, as near as i*-e can tell. It s e e m s more 'ikr a product of spring that if .1 de- fiffhtful - h a n ; e from the routine of chilly crises e i 'erywh^rp. Tf wp were forced tn f i n d an nb- iection to the "'ho'e a f f i " - it u-ou'd be o-'er t^* comni*-'* lack of O r l g l n » l i t v rl|sp|»vM hv the ttniv»rj|tv's stiHint;. "VI r-«f»r over the that th«v com* up with snme'hlni; all their 0"'n. And we'd llin prefer t h a t the · University official?, with, th' fire j In Ih'ir eye». divert «om« of t h e i r ; Nats Nip Browns, 4-2; Gain Game On Indians St. Lmils- I/Pi- The Washington Scn.itors c l i m b e d within two Raines of the league leading Cleveland Indians last night by virtue of i 4-2 victory St. Louis Browns. Home run« by Eddie Yost snd MIokry Vcrnon off former Senators C.ene Reardon end a n i n t h - ,,,,. v . . v l l , y .,, v l , inning re.ief trick by Tom F«r- · cnerglej towarcj r«Mllrf th» Ford rick helBM MCilfi Pnn«rfl*lH t/s R i * w i _ . , . _ ].. . '_ · . . . _ .L . Pet .fion .531 .561 .5lil .525 4 7 f .428 .250 rick helped B»b Ponerdeld to his fourth victory. FiphH Loit NiaM B; Tn. AseeeUlet tttm Boston - Tommv Colllfjs, 1J9, Boston, stopped Fa^ls Chtvet, ill, Lot AngilH, 10: Guam Ii the )»r»»it nf the Murl- ana Itltndi and Ii 1,800 mllei etit SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION Mobile New Orleans Chattanooga A t l a n t a B i r m i n g h a m . .. . Nashville Little Rock Memphis .. ... V«l-rday'« Rejulfj A t l a n t n in Little Hofk D Memphis 9 Birmingham 7 Mobile It) Nashulle 2 Chatt.moofi 9 New Orleans 8 Mixed Pattern In Soles , . Report Of Starts Foundation P'«n: or reviling the j old-fashlonfd frsdlng ivitem: 01 ' St. Louli -(£i- Department store reorganltlnr tljt antlouated c'lH- "'" '" t h e El* ht n reder»l Re- room prcetdtire and Ufsch'lng ' »*rve district lax week thowed a ssss s SSM* - ffiffieKHK the lame wMk « \ r a r ago Th» redtrsl Rf-serve Bank of St. Louis reported that u n u s u a l l y cool weather »nd a dlfMrfnco in the timing of seasonal promotion! were partly responsible for the BOW1 TO* HIALTT) Hrn Bentof) lowlini Usfrt hy rhousand« i tn rMucini Uet»--Juai«'i sjemsi. Mesl brnd. "I Want My Boy to Get a Route, too" Il YOUR Son R**dy jar Hit Ovn Kouttf · If RO. Buggeit that he apply tor tr)« n*n rout* op«n in your locality, so that h«, too, can ur.n iom« of hi» dpar* ttm» to eorn, Uarn and xav*--c» 10 ffimf other 9mbltioiu bbyt are dolnnl Cill arral«l« Otyk T17ATCHING her newspaper boy become an alert, reliable ySuoa · · businessman as he serves bl» customers day aftor day. naturally makus a mother anxlouj lor her own son to enjoy the many, r-snefits ol a newspaper route. And wisely so! For this popular, profitable spare-lime "wort ideally Ills a young fellow lor getting ahead in life. ' Fint ol all, it's a tbrillir.a way lor him to earn extra dollars evSt? lek, lor schooling, spending or saving. It's valuable busioee* training, too--as he delivers, collects, keep* books, handle* money and payt bills. And it leaches him two ol today's mott useful iliiUf --Mirvlca and salesmanship! , 'Besides, route) work help* him form ftotilar hoblli and'kmiid"e? htallby bedy by daily ouldoor estercis*. Il also ollm blK many. opportunitie* lo win special ptizei, educational trip*, end euW worthwhU* Incentive* lo excel a* a ocBrtBr-aalesman. NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES · w,"

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