Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 23, 1952 · Page 5
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 5

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 23, 1952
Page 5
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NOtTHWKT ARKANSAS TIMIS. FovctMvin*. ArkonM* Friday, May ?J, 1*51 V Showing Next Week At Fayetteville Theatres JuneAilysonThroughMoking Bad Pictures, Husband Dick Powell Says; Hits At Studio By BOB THOMAS \Bentonville HoM.vwood-W) - Now it's Dick Powell who's toying with th« idea! of ending his acting c«r«r. Re-i cently the story was tagfted onto : Mr. and Mrs. William H. Fox o f . Mrs. Powell, known to the m o v i e - j P i n t Bluff left for their homf wo( ,|(cnd to m n k c ihrir home goinf set as Junf Allyjon. She Sund»y following a visit here with SprinRfield. Mn.. where Mr. was "reported is being rtady to her brother and sister-in-law. M r . ! Mitchell has an-entcrl « position, chuck her movie career in f a v o r | a n d Mrs. Virgil Puckett and l a m - i M r s i jn ,i )a .1. S h u m a t e a r r i v e d of another one «t home with h e r i i l y . - j Wednesday f r o m Wctumka. Okb , two children. | Mrs. Carl Johnson accompanied (n visit her d a i i R h t e r , M r s . Vir- the Misses Mignon Little, S u p ' e;inia Searr Army Air Force, who spent t h e ! Kent in th« Veteran* past month here visiting his j there, mother. Mrs. Nola Do Lauie, and his sister, Miss Sally De I.Hiiis, left Wednesday for Camp K i l m e r . N. J. Sergeant De Lauis has received orders foe an assignment , by her sister, Mrs. .lames Kdriy nf t h e y a t t e n d e d the sta overseas, and wil! leave,for f i e r - j A u s t i n , Texas, Mrs. B. E. Srolt . n f ( n( , i.jnns C'tuh many so,,n. , and Miss Alberta Scott .)! San An- Bn ,,. r W | l l ,, 1 m s ' m:in , tfl J;.i k Lmvrev of K a y e t l e v i l l e tonlo, Texas. · r h . l m h r r o( ommon-e ai was here Sunday visiting his f a t h - ; Paul Mahnney of K n i t S m i t h Texas, w i l i a r r i v e K n r l n v t er, .John D. !.owre.y. j returned home S a t u r d a y , a f t e r Mr and Mrs J. K Mitchell and ' spending the past week in Ben- f a m i l y will leave n e n t o n v i l l e t h i s , tonville on business. 1 Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Sands and The word Mrs. Ray Prynr went to Fort a vcrh. nut H o s p i t a l ! Smith Tuesday, whTi- Mrs Pryor therp. r-ntr-rerl tho Camp C h a f f f ? Hon- Mrs. R r i i r p W i l l i a m s rclurnpd · pita!, mul underwent m a j o r Mlr- rpcpiitly from Pan*. Texas, whrre lirry Frirlny. shr had bofn v i M t i n c Mr. W i l - i Jamr.i Hiirr aiul .!. .r Rucll l o f t ll/ims. She was acc'irnpnniwl home S u n r l n r Inr l l n ! Sprinc-;. :.':rii- convention nf the PIM«. the weekpnd here w i t h Mrs. W i l - liams. mind" was originally nn;:n Come In uri to Us About Our Eaiy Payment PUn on Re-Modtltng Year Home, Building N«w Garagi, Chicken HOUM or Milk Barnt, etc. Cliflon Lumber Co, Phon* 27. WM) Fork, Ark. "I don't know how that Flory "QUO VADIS" "The Most Colossal Movie Ever Made!' "QUO VADIS," Ihc mightir-t of screen achievements, plays at the ! bad pictures. got started," said Po'vell. "June ha? never said she would quit making pictures. But I'm sure of one thing--she's through making "! can't understand this studio (MGM). Here they have the out- l^tru u c l l i l m i l l i t-ltl U M l l u n . l L Wei* UllTl- .Yl'EirS in me m a K i n g ana P ( Q r , H i n « farrolo atll-.rtinn nn ih* ,cost in the Millions. "QUO VADIS" has been acclaimed by all the slandln f fema J? "traction on the ··· · · ·"· · J | screen today; the polls have prov- j ts j ed that. And yet they have no pic- splendor is the victory o [ l«ve over terror and tyranny! She was a tures lor her. " OZARK Sunday through Tuesday. The picture was filmed in Rome with thousands in the cast headed by Robert Taylor. Deborrah Kerr. Leo Genn and Peter Ustinov. It was three years in the making and ,cost in the Millions. "QUO VADIS" h critics and by millions of movie-goers Its story is that of an era! Its drama is t h a t of nn empire . . . my! She vn Christian and he was a pagan--and their love was a conflict between faith and the flesh. A great human story unfolds in this epic of an era told with unrivalled splendor. In fact three fiery love stories are set against the flaming background nf M n f u l Rome. Seeing is believing. The entire f a m i l y will enjoy "QUO VAD1S" \vhen it shows nt the. O/.ARK theatre Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. ."THE WILD NORTH" Thrill- sacked Adventure Drama. Stewart Granger, who fought the heat ynd dangers of .the African veldt in the memorable "King .Solomoals Mines," fight! another " t h r i l l i n g b a t t l e against man, beast ind nature in the sub-zern tern- u e i a l u i c s nnd frozen wastes of THF, W I L D NORTH." the spell- )inding adventure-drama which .ilays at the OZARK Wednesday 'through Saturday. "June has gotten t,i the point where she rJoc-sn't care. She has a year to go on her contract. But I'm sure she would just as soon spend it at home -- unless some- Johnson, Carrie Troutt. Charlenp ! Frank O r a v e t t e . F. N , TVS Williamson and Vickie Evans to ; N T avy, arrived hom" Salimlnv t'i Rockaway Beach. Mo., to spend | visit his parents. Mr. and M r s . five days. The group left Wedncs- j Kept G r a v p t l e nf C p n t p r t n n . Frank day afternoon. I has been on sea d u t y in P a r i f i c "Butch" Walker of L i t t l e Rock ! w a t p r s for t h e past vpa.r. and ' was in R e n t o n v i l l e on Wednesday a'fternnon. Among those here to attend funeral services for Mrs. Russell Dickson Saturday were Lt. Col. Dwight B. Dickson, Maj. Lon R. Dickson. and I'.. M a r g u e r i t e Dickson. They were guests in Ihe home of their a u u t and uncle. Mrs. Raymond Davis and __ Tom McGill. t h i n g great enmes r.lon?" 7 ncy a]so visited a n o t h e r a u n t . Powell indicated t h a t he would jM r 5 | p orr y Arthur, while here, be willing to 10i. in his makeup colonel Wckson is in the Coin- kit. I don't genev.illy t a k e such m9n( ) ant ) General Staff College ·'. The exciting screen play was , (motivated by the files of the ·/! Northwest Mountee Police and the nersonal memoirs of constable : Albert Pedley. The story tells of '"Ahe exploits of a Mountie (Wen- Sdall Covey" and his prisoner * Stewart Granger) who is being irought back to civilization to *'ace a charge of murder Intrepid adventure after adventure befall the two men as they make their way arrnss the frozen wastes, fighting off wolves, narrowly escaping death jn an avnlvinehe. enduring through cold and hunger. The heroic exploits of this ill-assorted couple, one captor, the other manacled prisoner, makes for a d r a m a replplp with action, suspense and tense excitement throughout every moment. "THE WILD NORTH," filmed in beautfful Ansco Color, opens at the OZARK Wednesday. "DEATH OF A SALESMAN" Year's Most Extraordinary Film. "DEATH OF A SALESMAN'," Stanley Kramer's screen production, which open? nt the UARK Saturday with Frederic March in the starring role, adds new dimensions to the screen. Seldom has a movie probed so s k i l l f u l l y undpr the skin of h u m a n emotions. examined so compassionately find so fullv the rich complex of man's behavior and his relationships. "DEATH OF A SALESMAN" is a biting portrait, tempered with pity, of man's illusions. "DEATH OF A SALESMAN" is about Willy Loman. a salesman who believes t h a t genially, being well-liked, can cany a man along to success. He inculcates this belief in his sons instead of establishing in them an appreciation of more solid values. Willy's sons never quite grow up and accept responsibility thereby being a disappointment to t h e i r father. Willy himself is vaguely aware that he has only himself to blame for the failure of his sons. Even worse is Willy's knowledge mat lie ma.,a one shattering mistake, seen by one son thus iffilcashmg the over- Dowering «urge of his dramatic, e n t h r a l l i n g story. "DEATH OF A SALESMAN" plays at the UAIiK Saturday through Tuesday. ."ON DANGEROUS GROUND" 9 The Screen's Strangest Love Story. Drama of an unusual kind per- I varies VON D A N G E R O U S [GROUND." the starring vehicle I for Ida Lupinn and Robert Ryan, "which opens at the UARK on I Wednesday. remarks seriously, since actors are always planning to get out of the racket, but never do. Those who make th^ move, like Fred Astaire, change their minds later. But Powell seemed serious about his intention. "I've been in it 2.1 years," said ! the actor, whose youthful appear! ance belies the years. "1 was five years in the east and 20 out here. That's long enough tn be an actor." He admitted that getting out Lo f Angeles, Calif. ' of the acting business is a tough assignment. "It's tougher than setting out of musicals, and you know how long that took me," he spid. "But I won't really be ce'tinx out of the business, just into another field. I want to be a director." Powell nearly achieved his am- at Fort Leavenworth, Kan.; Major Dickson is stationed in the headquarters of the Army Aircraft Command »t Colorado Springs, Colo., and Lieutenant Dickson is in the Air Corps, nov a w a i t i n g assignment. John D. Lowrey has rpturned from Russellville where he visited his wife, who from a three businpss ' just r e t u r n e d from several m o n t h s ' a s s i g n m e n t m Hong Knns. C h i n i . l Mr. and Mrs. Nnih Gibbon* of i Tulsa, and Mr. and Mrs Roy G i b - bons of Harrison were recent visi- j tors in thp home of thp Rev. and ' Mrs. J. C. Gibbons. Mr. and Mrs. E d w i n n. K i n r a i d and son. Wallace, nf W i c h i t a . Kan., spent thp weekend in TVn- tonville and Deeatur visiting rel.i- tivps. Mrs. Max Richard rpturned home Thursdav from Kansas C i t v , Iry it-you 11 know why its the has just reunicvi weeks visit with relatives in San Francisco and Mrs. Bill Murdock anrl daughter. Deborah Jpan, returned Sunday from Tulsa where she had been visiting her sistrr and brother-in-law. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard A n g l i n and family. Mr. and Mrs. J. I.. MrKoenan and Mrs. Virginia Scarcy went In Carthage, Mo., Sunday where they attended church, and were d i n - bition recently. He had n friend.; ner guests of Mr. and Mrs. GcnrRc Writer Bill Bowers, whip u p ^ a screen story and they fold it to Paramount, alonjr with Powell's services as director. But when the script K°t no action at Paramount, they arranged for RKO 1o buy it. Then the deal hit a snag. Jean Simmons was cast into the picture, and- her contract apparently called for director approval. Powell was aced out of the director's spot. But Rko has promised to let him direct another one. "They've already sent mf three scripts, but I turned them down," I he remarked, "I want my first fling at direction to be good. If I finally do it, and if the picture is a hit, I t h i n k t h a t will be the end of acting for me.'-' Meanwhile, Powell's acting career shows no signs of slowing. He is currently appearing with Lana Turner, Kirk Douglas, Walter Pidgeon and Gloria Grihame in "Tribute to a Bad Man." Powell is also wound up in television. He and a partner are preparing a TV film series which will star Powell and thr*e other bifr- name players on alternate weeks. "I'm sold on the f u t u r e of TV films," he said. "William Paley of CBS told me that TV will be needing 4,000 hours of entertainment every year. That is six timer as much as the movie industry has put out in any year nf its history. Filmed shows will hnvf to Bell and daughter, Patricia, and Mrs. Fannie Moore. Sunday a f t e r noon they all drove to Sarcoxie, Mo., and the McKeenans and Mrs. Scarcy returned to Bentonville that evening. . Frank De Lauis of the U.S. whrre she had spent thr^e wenks as a pationt in the Thornton- Minor Hnsnital. Mike Malnney of Litlle Rnrk was in Bentonville on business Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Smtt and daushlor. ,Jan, retnrnpH home Sunday frnm a v.-u-ation t r i p spent at Darrianolle w i t h hip narents, Mr. and Mrr. T. J. Hatfield. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Craig and d a u g h t e r . Barbara, r p l i n n r d Sunday night a f t e r snomlinc n wenk in New Orleans La., whrrf they visilorl Mrs. Craig's sister and brother-in-law, Mr. anrl Mrs. Charlrs P i l t o t . F r a n k Grnvotlo, 1!. S. Navy, .lack Grnvctte and f a m i l y nf RPII- t o n v i l l r , and Mrs. Christine Crnupn nf Ontortnn spfnl Sun- flay in the home of t h r i r parents. Mr. and Mrs. Keel Gravelte. Dan Pickons left Wednesday for Asbury. Mo., where he is now employer!. Mr. find Mrs. Frrrl Phinney and Mrs. D. \V. R a n k i n went tu Fayetteville Monday, whore they visited Mr. R a n k i n , who is a pa- IIAND THE O L D S U N N Y M O O K C O M P A N Y . 1 O U I S V I L L I . K I N T U C K t Miss Uipino portrays a blind | supply a large amount »f TVs rl who is devoted to her young - - - - · - » brnther, n mental case, nnd Ryan two-fisted detective is cast O.T ·· » , . who meets her in the course of his professional duties, and comes to Ircalizc that his bitter outlook on ' l i f e is all wrong. ' Both favorites t u r n in realistic, forceful characteri/ations in this. :h(! screen's strangest love story. I needs." tween pilots -- that's a known fact." The 34-year-old pilot from Pittsfield, N. H., shot down eight German planes in World War II and has destroyed five MIGs and damaged five in Korea. Communists Using New Tactics In Air Battles With Allied Fliers Over Korea Tokyo, - (/P)-Amcri-;i's newest] in-d by Russians pilots, Thyng re- let ace said today the Communist j plied: recrntlv ho^.in to use a "When we MIG ·nme up against a new foul weather defense t a c t i c ! real hot boy up there, we get the that has proved effective .-laainst: impression he's n Russian. You see things ome f u n n y things up there. Sometimes we pet close enough to rnemy cockpits to notice differ- U. S. Sabre jets nnd bombers. Col. Harison H. Thvnc. commander of the f o u r t h Fighter Intercept!* Wine, "id the fast Russian-made SlIGs are controlled b y 1 ences in size and types of clothing, radar observers on the ground nnri; Sometimes we'll be shooting at dive out of heavy overcasts t o 1 one guy nnd t h e guy nn his right strike Allied planes. : 'von't do a n y t h i n g about it to help Red'pilots only recently hegan j h i m . They must have d i f f i c u l t y in flying in bad weather, he nrided. : t r a n s m i t t i n g instructions -- there The colonel dcrl.irerl MIG pilots must he a language barrier. ar« no longer trainees. \ "Some of the p i l o t s may be Rus"They are using t h e i r best pilots ,,i;ui s ^ nt \ possibly some of the in brand new planes," he dcclar- i,,, V s nre Polish nr G e r m a n -- f i g h t ed. j ing for the pay. We have heard Asked if some M l f ' , s are m a n - ' Russian used in exchanges be- Don't bargain with your HEARING- I CHALLENGE Every University Student and Citizen to Hear Sermonettes Over KBRS at 7 A.M. Sunday Morning "THE TRUTH ABOUT THE RAID" Evang. Jack Taylor ( H««r t«rmon«H«» tach Sundoy, 7 a.m., KM! A hearing aid chostn for low p r i c e p r o v e s e x p t n ? i v e i f Kuesswork- fitting and unxit- isfactflry results forrf you to buy n b f t U r on« Uter en. SUrt with the best- see SONOTONE first! SONOTONE - TM KMt X KMrtw Hearing Centtr Monday, May 26, 1952 Washington Hotel 10:00 AM to 7:10 PM JOHN I. ANNIWt, lonotwii of F«ft Imllh 100 Horth IlKlh^lrMi Tlltphoni Hi? Lowtit prkftd In iti field! beautiful n«« ChtvToIrt I*' Air IIiH lot l**t any e»»por»Wt wodfl In Hi (Uld. (Conh'nuoffon »t itanrforo' ·4uipm*nf and trim lltultroltd it O»- ·*ni«flt on availability of maliiiol. Whift ildiwoll titit *t Mfrt CMt rfiM t*of(tbl»,J th All these Big-Car Extras with the Lowest-Priced Line in its Field! EXTRA WIDE CHOICE of Styling and Colors Fleetlioe or Slyleline . . . 26 colors and combinations . . . Ihe widest choice in the low-price field ... u i t h De Lux? color-matched interiors. EXTRA BEAUTY AND QUALITY of Body by Fithtr The graceful, flowing lines of Body by Tisher t!ing . . . \\iih rr/ra quality .tnd liner w o r k m n n s h i p in every detail ^tnd appointment. EXTKA SMOOTH PERFOKMANCE of Ctntarpoitt Power F.npinc rides flexibly Mnprnded-- centered, poised, cushioned in ruh- hcr to "*( rrru nut" vihniliun and power impulses. EXTRA RIDING COMFORT of Improvtd KnM-Action Chevrolet's famed Knee-Action ride is 1 smoother, softer than ever. New shock absorber action levels the road, smooth) the bumpi. EXTRA STRENGTH AND COMFOtT of Fithtr UnliUtl ConitrtxtlMi Steel wtlded to iteel-«bov« you, beneath you. around ypu-te farm a one-piece unit of massive itrcofth and rigidity. EXTRA SMOOTHNESS of 9v*mftok AutomoHc TrMimlnlm A cnmplttt power learn with Utrt- IXTKA STOrPINO fOWEK of jumbo-Drum Irokei Chevrolet J u m b o - D r u m b r a k e s htve full 11" drumi-biggest in the low-price field. Hnndcd linings lut up to twice M long. EXTtA STEERING EASE of Centic-Poinl Slmring Steering control i\ cenlcred hrtH-rrn the front wheels. You steer, park and maneuver with wonderful case, little, wheel effort. EXTRA PRESTIGE of Amirlco't Mot) Popular Car Make yottr choice America's choice, Pnjoy the s.itisfxtion of owning the ihni leads in popularity, year aflct \car. MORI HOnt WY CHIVKOIITS THAN ANY OTHIR CAR I p o w e r f u l Vslve-in-Heid eBfjn Automatic Choke. Oplionil IM D» Luxe modeU at exua coil PRIC10 SO WWl Green Chevrolet Co. 17 E. Meadow Phon. 255

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