Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 23, 1952 · Page 1
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Friday, May 23, 1952
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1A PAGES TODAY Read by ovtr 25,000 Doily $nrtf)toest Tftt Public Interest Is The Firtt Concern Of Tn/i Newspaper IOCAI FORKAST-- riyeltfvill« ind vlclnlt*! Hor'r cloulv wilh thunrttrihowiri aod ccoi- ft tonutht. tomorrow partly clauCy with rliln« temjxsriturei. U«ht h;,l l«jt nijhi wuh nn rt»m5i« 3 a Inehei riln.Ml Tempenturei Hllh ynter- ri.y si. low i»,i n |,ht M. noon t«5» H SunrUe A 01 ·. m ; luntet 121 p m. * VOLUME 90, NUMBER 258 AuociatMi Prnt Ltawd Wira FAYETTEVILLi. ARKANSAS, FRIDAY EVENING, MAY 23,' 1952 AP, King and NEA F«atur« General Ridgway Reports To Senate Committee PRICI HVI CENT! Production Loss Lashed Full Control Of Camps By RayburnFa TM Eighth At my Is Ordered Clark Plans Force If It Is Needed Tokyo-MP)-Gen. Mark Clark said .oday he had given orders to the J U . S. Eighth Army "to obtain un| contested control" of the United | Nations prisr.ner of war camps at f-'usan and Koje Island. i The hard core of the rebellious lcode"! at rusan already have ! been isolated from the other prisoners," the United Nations com- j mander said in his first interview j since taking over from Gen. Mat- Tackett Opens Campaign, Hits McMath Policies Three Others Tolk At Dermott; Holt Schedules Address Medal For Eisenhower Little Rock-(/P)-Four of Arkansas' Fix gubernatorial hopefuls took the platform yesterday and ! two of them centered their fire on 1 single opponent, Gov. Sid Me- j Gen. Mstthow B. Hidgway, new Allied European military commander, testified this week before the Sen- ! tnew B. Ridgway. ite. Armed Forces Committee in Washington. Sen. Richard B. Russell (IJ-Ga), committee chairman, is at "The prisoners' flagrant disro- the right. . gard of our instructions will not. vr ,u K ' "· , ,, . be to i eratcd , ,, clarkl | Math ; wh " « completing his sec- said. "It was an intolerable s i t u - ' - tvv °-- vpar term and running ation. The prisoners of war have! Saturation Bombing Attack Made By Warplanes Of U. N. Seoul, Korea-WP)-UnitedNations j Rain squalls sweeping down [right," said Capt. Lynwood Clark, wnrplanes smashed a huge indus- I frorT i Manchuria blotted out the taiget area late this afternoon. ·The Fifth Air Force said it trial complex southwest of Pyongyang today in the culmination of what the Air Force called the j into the strike" 'fheVurden of The greatest saturation bombing at- I attack was carried by F-84 Thun- of Delhi, N. Y. He flew both days. "We went in and got their flak yesterday morning. "Then we threw every type of plane it had I came down on the buildings. It . ' t p r m ' . 9 onErcssmsn Bo :' d Taekett, certain obligations and we expect 1 . yongrcssman Boyrt Taekett, o f - I them to comply. It was in further- flclal 'y. opening his campaign in a ( ance of this policy that I ordered ! S P CCC " a ' Arkadelphia, accused, tho 187th Airborne Regiment l o ' M c M a t n of "going over the s t a t e ; promising to pave this, t h a t and Ko.ic Island." , The famed paratrooper u n i t ; ? v(!ry . nl . hr road J u s t as he has j Gen. Dwight D. Elsenhower admires the Medaille Milllalre presented went, to Koje last week after Red j bccn domf! slnce he TMtered the lo him on his retirement as SHAPE chief by Premier Anlolne Pinav POWs had held Brig. Gen. Francis 1 ra L P f o r P n ' crnor n 1948." | d u r i n g ceremonies in Paris. Mrs. Eisenhower center and Mme Vin- T. Dodd, former camp commander, j Tackett--first of five aspirants : rcnt Aurinl, wife of the president of France, share the general's Jubi- t;,ck of tho. Korean War. The attack near the North Korean capital began y e s t e r d a y clerjets of the 49th and f i p, h t e r-bomber wings. 136th They to some of the rail missions we've been getting lately. They had no a hostage 78 hours. His successor^ f n r f n e Democratic nomination to lation. Brig. Gen. Charles Colson, won his j hit lhc political stump--promised j release by promising concessions. I tn t a k c Highway Commission ap- First Dodd, then Colson was re- | pointments away from the gov- ' ernor if elected. "Just another administration or two handling the Highway Department as it has been handled during the last few years would be . splashed the area with bombs, morning and ended at 4 p.m., t.i-i rockets, jellied gasoline and ina- dri.v. Nearly 800 fighter-bomber | chine g u n - f i r e . sorties were target. flown against the Burned and blasted in the as- Supporting the ! were the Eighth Wing's F-80 Shooting Slars, the 18th Wing's Mustangs; , __ ...... _____ = _ j . eault were a Communist hand gre- j Corsairs and sky raiders of "the ' . nade arsenal, the 'surface works of a coal mine, storehouses and nearly a half mile of machine 12th Marine Air Group and Australian meteor jets. During the night,' ti-2(is After the Reds' ground guns were silenced, fighter - bombers dropped 500 and l.OOfl pound bombs, rocketed the area and splashed it with napalm. "Almost every plane over (he target emptied its machine guns j i n g the blazing wreckage," Clark con- said. lieved as Koje commandant and assigned to other posts wilh the Eighth Army. Clark repudiated Colson's promises to the Red POWs. Clark expressed hope the POWs disastrous to our state," he said, would "comply with our instruc- F° ur Are Heard lions so lhat force won't be neces* Before his formal speech at Ar- sary." But if they do not, he ! kadelphia last night Tacketl join- n T m . v ' TM ed Atty. Gen. Ike Murry, Judge Army commander, has or- Francis Cherry of Jonetboro .«nd dered guards to use concussion ' Republican Jeff Speck of Trench- tear gas and riot squad i man's Bayou in speeches at Der- lactics. shops and warehouses. They were j tinued bombing the area. The at- On the ground the Reds threw a ' along the north bpnk of the T a e - ! t p c k i n g planes were screened b y ' s a t u r a l i o n artillery barrage at a don- River between Pyongyang F-8fi Sabre jets. Ismail United Nations sector on and Us uort^ciiy, Chinnampo. "It's a l i t l ' n hell up there a l i i the western front Thursday night. Nine Children Killed In Fire When Lightning Strikes Home Missing Child Is Found Safe In His Bed Heavy Rain In Area Recorded Lightning, Hail- Storm Strikes mott. Speck is unopposed for the Re- House Rejects New Cuts In Foreign Aid Washinglon-fflVThe House re-* jected today moves to deny military and economic aid to .Spain and to cut deeper into ecSnomk help for Austria. Amendments to do these things .. were beaien by two-heavy votes publican nomination. The others i as the House drove for a final vote are bidding for Democratic votes j today on the administration's al- m _the July 29 primary. | ready-battered $7,900,000,000 for- Ml Investigation Into Negligence i Speaker Says Air Superiority Lost To The Russians Washington -HP)- Speaker Bsy- hiirn told the House today "we have loft air superiority'' to Russia and "the margin of our atomic superiority . . . is daily disappearing." He said that .clogged American wnr production lines resulted Jrom "criminal negligence" which should be Investigated. Hayburn left the speaker's chair to deliver one of his rare speeches Mn support of a 56,885,100,000 for- 'etgn old program, for next year, which the House is considering, nayburn attacked opposition demands for foreign aid cuts up to j one billion dollars and opposed a partisan approach to the bill. This ! "Is not election year in Soviet i Russia." he said in his prepared | speech. "Every time we reduce the j defense program of our Allies, by j so much we reduce our security. I "If Ihe price of freedom i« eating hoecake and molasses, I'm lor that." At another point he said th« price of freedom has always been high, "but the price at defeat it death and slavery." "I'd 'rather see my party 'go. down in defeat and never arise if It should attempt to deceive the American people by holding out to them false promises of a reduction of their burdens based upon the false premises that ihis government has done, and is doing, all lhat it can to assure the security of the nation," he declared. Hayburn referred to · testimony of Gen. J. Lawton Colliru, Army chief of staff, that certain typei ol ammunition had been rationed because of production shortages. This subsequently hat been denied, moit latently by General Rid/pvay. The ipeaker said It it "outraf« oua" that "we can't supply our soldier's with adequate ammuni- i tlon. It Is one thing for a man to | fight with n fighting chance for report Ihis morn' in this immediate' Bureau Issues Storm Warning » Tnhlequah, Okla.-Wl-Nine chil- I dren burned to death when light- nine set fire to their home here j Vll"_? n ^27 dh °^ n ds for Gerald earlj^ today, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol reported. Another child, ,ind the parents; mother There ing of a Cumberland, R. I.-W)-A search ' ?TMl ion - hut thro . u f, 'f ni « ht and j by local and state police, volun-! u m o r n m K a t o t a l of more than *- . ~ . . . three inches of rain fell, a light-1 ning storm hit, and considerable preM!ru .. hail fell. A "severe storm warn- he was reported missing. Gerald's ins" for the area was issued by I i band, from P 1 and flags to a hill-billy Delegations are expected Russellville. Little Rock, Clarksville and other points. Murry hinted at opposition to three inches' of rain felfa "light-1 his ambltions b V supporters of the present administration. It closed ranks against him, he charged, several months ago when he ruled stale officials could not do busi- aid program calls for 86 millions in aid to Austria. Defeat of the two amendment End To Western Union Home Care For Some Polio Cases Suggested Washlngton-W)-Home care lor selected polio cases--instead of ·hospitalizing n e s r l y everyone went into the bedroom to the Kansas City Weather Bureau slorms and possibility of lorna-' Johnston, does are expected in that part of. Oklahoma east of a line fronv R p n r Is Wichita Falls, Texas, to Tulsa,' ~* Okla., from early this afternoon until early tonight." Little Damage Caused By Tornado In Kansas Lawrence, Kan.-WPJ-A tornado! flipped into Lawrence yesterday '· then swept eastward uprooting trees and wrecking farm buildings- i At least 13 persons were injured.! nono seriously. j The twister caused little damage i In this Kansas University town. Most of the damage was in rural areas het City. 25 mil. The loniadic winds dissipated in rain nncl hail north and south of Knnsns City. Bentonville-(Special) - The sec- n ' g h t ' No reports of damage from , Ihe storm were reported in ROR- . ers, but l i c h t n i n p struck Ihe rec- In Village Of i ond degree murder trial of Ralph iShradjr, 29, Mundell truck driver. ' w i l l open here Monday m o r n i n g ' reatlon b u ' l d 'ng "f Camn Joyzell. ! before Circuit Judge Maupin a K ' r l s r a m P lncatcd n t Monte Ne. : Cummings. Shrader is charged """"east of here, and set the | with k i l l i n g Paul Bowman 42 i n : nmId "''Z "n f'ro. The Rogers Fire : a fight at the Prairie Grove sro- .Department answered a rail t u r n - rcry east of Rogers lasl N'ovem- , m hy Bl " nr ' d S". Jr.. carc- ber 1. Bowman died in the Rogers : t a ^ r r of t h c rsrn P a n d w i l r i t n r measure in the Senate. Speak At University r n rf v v ,11, v Gowanrin. N. V-l^i-Youngsters at a nearby children s home were eating bear meat today after po- . Memorial hospital at 7 p. m., t h a t . day. He had hccn stabberl six , times with a pocket knife. ! Upon arraignment before Judge a ! d nf a hu * ct brigade of local dtize ns confined damage to the rr '"' nf 1h h "''rf'"K. The r a m p is owned by Mrs. Iris Armstrong, of ln Armistice about two years old. Futkcr said black hears had he damage was in rural , ··' *' '""· n r a r s nan (~ i r-s- i ween here and Kansas! lwn f c n r , wm ' 1 . v ^ the country LfOWd UlSpBrSed niles to the east. ' ^" rJhr '«N '"'1 he never before: K By heard of one venturing into thc village. Dawson Family Used To Winning School Honors Poultry Market -- The poultrj market today at re- "awson is r u n n i n g for scholastic ported by Iho University of A r ; honors In Marked Tree, everyone, knnsns Instiiute of Science a n d ! ''Isc Is seeking second plare. ' Technology and the Dairy a n d ' C y n t h i n Ann Daw-son, 18 w a s ! Poullry Mnrket News Service of j named v a l e d i c t o r i a n of t h e ' h i g h th« 0. S. Department of Agrlcul- school g r a d u a t i n g class here this tur *- I week. She was Ihe last of t h e ' Northwest Arkansas m a r k e l seven children of Mr, and Mrs. barely sleady to weak. otferiPts! Dnwson to win t h a t honor, more liberal today, most supi es Mr. and Mrs. Dnwson disclaim moving freely nl 26 rents n In..! any credit for their children's demand f n l r to good. Broilers or 1 achievements. "We only naked iV.vrrs nil weights (j.fjo to .1.25)'lhal they give t h e i r best In any M-J7 cents a lb., mostly 26. I undertaking," the parents said. Munsan, Korea .... gates today agreed to a three-nay recess in the t i g h t l y deadlocked Korean armistice lalks a f t e r the Allies' new chinf delegate told them, "our stand is unshakable-we will make no f u r t h e r conces- D u r h a m , N. H.-l/Pi-The formal- | sions". ly chosen o u t s t a n d i n g male s t u - i N o r t h Korean On. Nam II, who denl at the University of N e w ' n a s hpcn ' I f m a n r l m K d.iilv meet- Hampshire. Robert N. M e r c h a n t , ' mRS at f n n m u n j o m , agreed to thc the student government, hal'ted a l - , . , , r "* V " , . lingerie raid on girls' dormitories| Lhllflren POUnd Dead In last n i g h t . C l i m b i n g atop an automobile, Merchnnt gave .100 male raiders a tongue-lashing. "Grow up nnd slop wnsling your lime." he told them. ferring to him as "Sidney." Would Cut Commission The Nashville congressman ! " called for a reduction in size of T I n r i i i i -w the Highway Commission from ' O C K C t t b C h e d u l e d 10 12 to an unspecified number of members. "Bui merely lo reduce the n u m - ber of commissioners is no solution if they are to oe appoinled by Ihe governor," he added. Tackett ·ugiestpd t h a i commissioners be appoinled lo staggered lerms by "the slate's constitu- j tionnl officers." All would have to meet qualifications fixed by the legislature. Tackett said he supports the . f i u r a l Elertriral program--"Sidney doesn't know public power from private power"--and prom- i- Red rlele- ised not to seek a third term. Among Tnckett's other pro- posnls were a m i n i m u m teachers' salary b e g i n n i n g nt $2,400 a year, a reduction in administrative con- dications of swift action on the .eral a u t h o r i t y to increase tcl I rates. legra 'Management Receives i 2. The part must be r a t i f i e d by f i nf i the m e m b e r s h i p of the AFL Com- ! COmfC Ol mernal Telegraphers Union. A I union spokesman said such ratifi- I Washireton-l/Pi-The Army wai -aiinn is in rloubt. [ t o return f u l l control ani opera- A n n o u n r e m r n t of Ihe agree-1 tion of the .i.ition's rillroadj to mrni was made by Cyrus China : thf '' r private owners at 2 p. m. to- .id nf t h e Frd'-raf Mediation da - v ' Undersecretary Karl R. Ben- hoduled to speak to- service . nnri o f f i r s a l j of the union dltfln announced. The action wiU Student Union ball- ilnri r o m n i n v end 21 months of Army possession, interest of his candi- ' '_. · ' , j control and operation of the rail Rep. Boyd Tackelf of N a s h v i l l r . a candidate for governor of Arkansas, is scheduled t night at thc room in the dacy. The appearance, one of n series, is sponsored by the Polili- cal League. The t i m e is 8 o'clock. Hunt's has thf right gift for your graduate. ( A d v . ) : transportation systems. They were seized in August. 1950. by direction of President Truman, to avert a strike. The crowd dispersed. Tn Hear Oil fllspntr The Hague. The Netherlands'/Ti-The World Court Oklahoma Undecided What To Do With North Carolina Gin Students Who Took Part In Norman Raids Spellinfl Bce winner Norman, Ok1a.-WP)-Umversity of Oklahoma o f f i c i a l s were compil- trol of schools at the state level, Ing a list of known p a n t y raiders' removal of the Education Depart- today and m u l l i n g over what di«- mrnt imm partisan politics" a n d ' » rciling on taxes at present levels McMath Plans Opening Speech In P!ne Bluff Abandoned Ice Box Snugiis Mass -I/I',- I r e n e Forte · ' M a t h ' s ' T f " l , " ' h "i!". " " "'rcSMTIn rndonlV'"' «7«'«n.'ior n?n£UrT Ice box last n i g h t , eight hours I £? m ,T" nn w " h " " wrh al pin(1 a f t e r their parnnt* hart reported ' "'"" '' unf 28 ' lln]n * h1 Changes them missing. i nis ·fhMiilp. he will he the lasl of Police said the children appnr- I " vl 'ont'nders for Ihe nomlna- entlv hnd rllmhed Into the box In I " nn '" ' campnignlng. ... . nnnonnrrrl ,, neighbor's yard while p l a y i n g McMath also openM hu lH4ft 8 In lh» AM 1 , 0 fr. nB un" r n ?. IT ' hn ;i"' "."" lho drKir « l a m m « l »hul, | «nrt IDMi campaign, for governor !) in the Anglo-Irnnijtn oil dispute. , suffocating them | at pine niuff. c i p l i n n r y action should be taken. "If I can fmrt the ringleader, I ' l l do plenty," said Paul MacMinn. dean e.f ciiirtrnu. One male student, charged w i l h mnlcslmg n fire truck called to quell the Wednesday night no!, wax frer on $.10 tinned over to t h e University. Several of the roisterers weie placed on the black list because "will bp no announrrmrnt" of riliripllnary action, it any. at the I'niverMty as a rrsult of ''pan- t.v raid" Wrilnrsday nlcht hy male nludrnt*. It u-it Irirnrd lhat *rvrral ntudrnln «rrr jum- monrd out of rl»M ypntrrday by Hnlrrnlly officials, hut in answer lo questlnnx today It was declared a I'nlvrr.ltv rule r«lli fnr no announrrmpnt of dlaclp- llnarjr aptlon, and "Ihcrp will h* no deviation from this rule." Dean M.irMlnn of Oklahoma said he would de:-ifle later w h a t officers got t h e i r u n i v e r s i t y Iden- to oV w i t h offende lily curds d u r i n g the forays for In order lo prevent a similar Washington-l/Pi-Dons Ann Hall, i 1.1. of Hudson. N. C.. who refused to be discouraged by bemjj : spelled down last year, Is the new N a t i o n a l Spelling Bee champion. She out-spelled the runner-up, Marjone Koliart. al«o 13, of Oration, 1'a.. and 41 other state chum- pions yesterday to win top pUct and first prize of J500 «nd » (rip to New York. Din 01 InjurlM West Memphis, Ark.-(ilp-Henrj Pennington. 53, state Highway Department employe, died In Crit' Icnrien Memorial Hospital of injuries suffered when nit hy an automobile f i l m y prizes in women's dormitor- Ici. UnlvenltT nf Arkinun offl- lah nnouncf4 today Ultra performani-p at Oklahoma A. It M. CViirBr, campus police wtrt reinforced hv nearly inn men. Of. f i n a l s there MM n* ~ would h« (olorntci. Ark«n*«s--Cloudr wM mtteM thunder»how»n thli itMmoon, to ·l«ht and tomorro ·ttremt northwnt 1 cooler In thl orrow.

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