Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 22, 1952 · Page 16
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 16

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 22, 1952
Page 16
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V |lj i i MOf1M*»l AMCAMtAS TIMil, P«y*Hvim, ArtoMM, THurUoy, May M, 1952 Brighter Buying Future Said Ahead For Arkansans; Prices May Decline Just Keep Shooting Earnings In State Increase, Survey Shows Economists Report Living Costs May · Decline Some ; By HOWARD GRAVER Little Rock-W'j-The buying; (u- tujpe looks brighter for Arkansans. 3An Associated Press survey shows cl prices arc declining, earnjn are up and industrial employes are working more. The cost of furnishing the »v- home shows no tendencies ing the past year from $41.36 a week to $49.98. "The employe is now working 40.7 hours » week in comparison dag* nome »now» no lenaencirs. TM-' ii"u's n wcuiv in l u m ^ m j a m of advancing, according to « check I with '*·' hours a year ago," Mis. 1 Ferguson sairt, and the hourly wage is up from $1.08 to $1.12. I She added t h a t total cmploy-i serve Board and the Bureau o f ; ment in state industries has f a l l e n ! Labor Statistics believe general! 0 " w 'th the lumber industry n o - j living conditions costs may drop! 'Icing the greatest loss. In 1851,1 with furniture, household and dry goods wholesalers. Economists for the Federal Re 313,000 people were in Arkansas industries with only 301,800 employed now. Applltneeo In Full .Supply A Little Rock electrical appliance wholesaler, Frank Lyon, reported the cost of refrigerators . · ··/',', ' :;·;, """ ",'j"",'",-- Is down about 25 per rent. He said have fallen off, he said. "Prices,| severa , m a n u f a c t u r e r s have dra- per cent in the nation. Afi a whole, food prlcts have dropped from two and a half to three per rent in this state since last year, L C. Baher, managing director of the Arkansas Chain Stores Council, said. "Pork, poultry and citru. prices TONITE 7:45 - 9:45 ·ouble-Borrel * * Action * i - W T B TOWIER . THEYCOMEi · Wqw* MOMS * rtHNu fOJTtt * AND CHAIN GANG ·* JCINNtOY · IOHD STARTS FRIDAY 2 Day. Only Bloodthirsty Adventure! They battta! th* tarn* war- (Mlntad ApachM they tried to MM ogainit Mch otherl THE LAST OUTPOST R*iMll REAGAN Rhonda FLEMING - · ' with BRUCE BENNETT BILL WILLIAMS NOAH BEEHY PETER HANSON Color by TECHNICOLOR In general, are leveling off a business i« more compelitivc. "Prices In « great many I stances are held down by 0] ceilings, but many items in Ar anfas are KeHIng below ceilii prices." Baher said supply and deman Is in better balance now. CIlM Black Market · W. H. Humphries, secretary the Arkansas Wholesale Grocer Association, said: "Food will eas a little when new crops come i Most of the fresh vegetables eai en in Arkansas now come from out of state." "When U. S. No. 1 potatoes wer taken out of regular channels be cause of Office of Price Stabillza Ion ceiling prices, they were pu on the black market," Humphrie idded. "As a result they are sell ng at wholesale ahout two . t hree dollars more a hundred." He said the wholesale prlc markup across the board is 13 pe ent as compared to 115 per cent i ear ago. OPS Monday okayed hikes o rom one to two cents a can on ertaln canned food items. Bu lumphrles reported that whole nle and retail prices of canned oods In thc Arkanun trade area re already below the prcsen eiling prices. Vrfkly Earning Up Miss Grace Ferguson, Arkansas eprescntative of the Bureau of abor Statistics, said a recent alewide survey found the aver- Je weekly earning* of the pro- uction worker has Increased dur- !4 GALLON Vmilli ke Cream 6k NEW GARAGES No Monty Down Up to 31 Months to Rtptr DYKE LUMIER co. Ml IL Outlet W A T C H T H I S S P A C E For Daily Bargains FRIDAY VALUE SINK CABINET WITH POKHAIN TOP Regular Price $14*5.95 FRIDAY'S PRICE $1119.95 SMITH RADIO APPLIANCE Gallup Claims Poll Business Booming Again But Mr. Truman And Taft Chairman Hit At Whole Idea Washington-(/P)-George Gallup says his poll business is booming once more after the tailspin into which poll t a k i n g was knocked by President Truman's 1948 election victory. G a l l u p lost about a fourth of his 100 newspaper clients after ed their factories because of an over-abundance of refrigerators. He sairt the recent suspension of credit Reuulalion W would help some, although there has been noj ., · · noticeable effect yet. t h e volors u P s(t predictions four The Federal Reserve Board re- .TM' rs .J'S 0 th "i Republican candi- ccntly lifted the regulation which called for high down payments and a short time to pay on autos and household appliances. date Thomas E. Dewey would de feat Truman. Truman, v.'ho . - has frequently chiricd the pollsters for their 1948 Lyon said diswashers, garbage mistake, indicated in a Saturday disposals, automatic washers -- I nlfiht speech he still doesn't think and even the conventional wash-! much of polls. ers -- have declined in price during the past year. Lawer PriceH Keen Eugene Smith, sales manager of -row-Burlingame Company, said tirftfi will decrease in price within the next fiO days and that car bat- erits will be down by June 1. He *aid he did not anticipate any reduction in other automobile accessories. He said raw rubber, which cost up to 87 ^ cents in November, 1951, is now 4B'/£ cents, wholesale. "There is no tendency toward n advance in prices of furniture," J. H. Thompson, vice president of 'ones Rrns. Hardware Company, aid. "There has been a genera] ·veling off from the peak reach- d in 1951," he explained. "Most coplc are buying close to the clt." ulii May Colt L«M Government economists say here will be a (I to 10 per cent ut in men's fall woolen suits. C. Boyer of the Berry Dry Goods 'Results in state primaries held to date give the lie to the Gallup Poll," David Ingalls, chairman of the national Taft Committee said in a statement. "They show that despite t h e tilted score Gallup racks up for Gen. Dwight / D. Eisenhower, the elear-cut. choice of Republican voters is Sen. Robert A. Taft." Inpalls said that in nine GOP primaries, the Ohio senator has got at least half the five million votes cast, with the balance scattered among other contenders for the nomination. Ingalls called Gallup's methods flimsy--in drawing conclusions from sampling the opinions of be tween 1,500 and 3.000 people- compared to the actual vote of five million. Truman, addressing the convention of Americans for Democratic Action Saturday night, recalled that the Literary Digest folded after its poll indicated Re- THIS NEW CAMMA developed by th» U. S. Army Signal corpi can take 10 picture! m Svt leconcls find each time a photo ii mapped th« film advance! automatically and cock» the camera for the next shot. It can take 50 plcturei two and one-fourth by two and three- fourth inches on each roll, and if fewer are wanted, the film can be snipped with a built-in cutter. Fully loaded and with four-Inch lens, weight Is only five and one- half pounds. (InternatloialJ Springdale . _. .. _., _ publican Candidate Alt Landon 'ompany said there is nothing to would defeat President Roosevelt ndicate a lower price in denim I in 1936. arments. Professor Quoted OPS announced the Monday ispension of price controls u,, aw cotton and practically all tex- les, Including; those made of 'ool, cotton and synthetic fibers. Mrs. Elois Martin, head of the adies - ready-to-wear department f Berry's, said items in her dc- lartmtnt art priced the same as we years ago. The cigarette smoker received a ow Monday when OPS announ- ed that Arkansas cigarette rieal- rs may continue to use prices fixed by the state's fair trade law. he Arkansas Cigarette Sales Act In a copyright interview in the magazine U. S. News and World Report. Gallup q u o t e s Prof. Samuel Stouffer of Harvard University as saying polls constitute the most useful device ever developed in a democracy. "Polls can discover in a matter of days, even hours, the state of public opinion on any issue . . . Gallup said. "Polls help to'deflate the claims of pressure groups . . . Polls can discover what proportion of any group is for or against any major piece of legislation. "If it weren't for polls, no -one 1951 put: cigarette prices at 6 I w n u l d have any conception'of the er cent above the basic cost to sizc of thc inricpcnd( , nt voie _ no one would know with accuracy how younger voters feel, no one would know the preferences of other major groups." Gallup said any criticism that vtascow Admits Some Little Reds Cheat London-^i-Moscow Radin ad- polls tend to influence public opinion was given a body blow in rnitted that some little Reds-just i i 0 4 B He concedcrt l n a t the ,,_ like some l i t t e eapHal.sts - arc sters may have i n f i u e n c e d » ver . given to chesting on their school confident Republicans to Slav exams. The broadcast said this be- | away from thc 1Is , n , 948 b ,; t apparent when some chil-| b y tnE same tokcn ne said ' D ; drtn who received marks Rood I crats resigned to defcat also , enough to graduate from primary schools went on to flunk their entrance exams for the technical colleges. Everybody's Raving about -"I WANT YOU"! "One of the year's best!" Leonard Lyons Soys: --Coroner "A fining succession to 'Best Years'!" "Movie of the Week!" · --Quick Walter W/ncnelf Says: 1 " 'I Want You' is a ten"Picture of the month!" der picture which makes --Red Book your sighing audible!" "One of the most im- Hedrfa Hopper Says: portant pictures of the "Another solid hit from yeor!" Samuel Goldwyn. You --Parents can't afford to miss it!" SIMUH l . l . i n W r N ,,,,,,,., _L 0± 1 Want £ 4 ·m r · t s ^ «K Vkfeii \» U *W -vr · ibv You \ A N D R E W S - M c G U J R f . G R A N G E R · D' FRIDAY and ·ATUBDAY lilt · litl . i:]| 7:» · till U»l Tlnwt THURSDAY SOMiTHINGTOHVf fuk Tonite · 7:00-8:55 I Moil daring "inside" Criminal Operation of all timel THE UNKNOWN MAN Wttni ANN IAMY flPCtOM · miHHJtC · SULLIVAN ·Ntws 0 Color Cartoon · PALACE LAST DAYI I JOAN DAVIS I "HARtM GIRL" I Friday 1 Saturday All th. Thrilli of Pony Expreii Daysl KEN CURTIS In "RIDERS of Hie PONY EXPRESS" PLUSI You'll Y.ll With tht Exclli. mtnl In-- | "POWER DIVE" Richard Joan ARLIN PARKER AIM! t*ct«l and Cartoon ed away. His big mistake in that election, Gallup said, was in stoppine the poll two weeks before election and f a i l i n g tn catch the shift of opinion, particularly in the farm section. G a l l u p said he has been right in every t-ii-ction since 1948. Since he started in business in 1936 his polls have been right nine times out of 10 in 500 cases, he said. G a l l u p predicted 55 million persons will vote in next November's Mrs. Virginia B. Smith presented her advanced piano and voice pupils in a recital Tuesday night at the First Baptist Church. Students who played in the recital were: Alice Lea Godbold, Lela Mae Guss, Linda Cox, Phyllis Ann Rainwater, Leann Hitter, Marilyn Cheney, Frances Patterson, Joyce Warren, Barbara Bailey, Carolyn Tisdale, Eugene Patte. Reland Harp, Sue Bragg, Neva Cram. Margaret Johnson. Rose Mary Patrick, and Dweilla Rigcs. The Victory Home Demonstration Club held its regular monthly meeting Tuesday afternoon at thc home of Mrs.. Howard Anderson in the 7,ion community. Josef Braun, son of Mrs. Percy Braun, has gone to Reno, Nev., where he will join Al Donahue's Orchestra for a five-week engagement at the Riverside Hotel. Later he will go with the band to Bermuda, where it will spend five weeks at the Bermudiana Hotel. John B. and Paul B. King, twin sons of Mr. and Mrs. Gillis King of Springdale, seaman in the Navy, are stationed on the amphibious force flagship USS Mount McKinley which is operating in the Far East. The Lutheran Women's Missionary League 1 met Tuesday afternoon at thc church on Thompson Street. Mrs. Ella Vierheller and Mrs. Melvin Kenn were hostesses. The Wesleyan Service Guild of the First Methodist Church met Tuesday night at 7:30 at the lounge of the church. Hostesses were Mrs. Bertha Tonne and Mrs. Betty Womack. Alter the program a social hour was held and refreshments served. C. B. Michealson. general agriculture agent for the Frisco Railroad. St. Louis was a guest of the employes of the Springdale office Wednesday. The newly organized auxiliary of the Episcopal Church met Wednesday afternoon at the home ol Mrs. Roy Bowman, 309 West Grove Street. At the close of the meeting refreshments were served. Mrs. Elmer Gordon, Mrs. Maude Seeley, Mrs. Maude Barrows. Mrs. Lacey Draher, Mr:. Ruby Elmer, and Miss Lena Cannon of Springdale attended the First District meeting of the American Legion Auxiliary at the Legion Hut in Fayetteville Sunday. Mrs. Dallas Smith of West En Street has returned home afte spending several days with h daughter In Wichita, Kan. Chapter a of p. E. O. entertained members' husbands with a picnic supper Tuesday night at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Lockwood Searcy on Johnson Avenue. Mrs. j Paul Cummings presided over the business meeting in the absence of Mrs. E. L. McNally, the presi- i dent. Members voted to hold t h e j October meeting at Cottey College ' in Nevada, Mo. There were about 15 couples present. Mineral Springs Memorial Day services will be held here Sunday. A special program of songs has been prepared by the Young People's Chorus under the direction of Mrs. Dyca Darling and Mrs. Serena Limljay. Mr. and Mrs. Bud . Payton of | | Oklahoma City, Okla., are visiting j ! E. A. Payton and Ralph Malonc. I Mr. and Mrs. Robert Buckner i and son have moved here from Fayetteville. The Greenland school will hold I commencement exercises' Friday night. Graduates from 'this community will be W i l m a McGee, Jean Malone, and Billy Gene Kerley. Mrs. Walter Riddlo of Fay- | etteville, the former Eula Mae j Rieff of Mineral Springs, will also j be a member of the graduating j class. Eighth grade graduation ex- j ercises are scheduled for Thursday night. Mineral Springs students completing the eighth grade will . . be Nancy McGee, John Paul I Davis, Brooksher Marshall, and i Donald Wood. j Mr. and Mrs. Ervin Camp have ! completed a new broiler house and will go into production this week. Mr. and Mrs. Charles May are having their home wired for electricity. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Young of Des Moines, Iowa, have returned home after spending a three-week vacation in Arkansas. While in the state they were guests of Mr. Mrs. Bob Rome. PILES ·art Like Sin! But low I 6rin Ort icedf relief from raiiery of piles. Amazinr formula developed by fmraoui 76- rMr-old RrcU) Clinic hrinfs f»st. pall.ntive Tclief frmn naicint pain, itchinc, sori- nm. Hclpi nature Bhrinl( iwHlinr. iwftrn hard parts. Make lift wtrth JMrif tfiin -- f f t thr TncHaVmtion prored b- ex per ie net with 70.000 clinlr pnllrntn. Get Thornton Minor--In ointment or euppository form-from your druffiit today. You'll discover blnird relief at once--or your money refunded. 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