Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 22, 1952 · Page 15
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 15

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 22, 1952
Page 15
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ttoAL yoncM NDTiei All ewntri of retl property within th. following dwcrlbtfl Srrttory alt- u»ttl In.ita City o( rayetteville. W«»hi»«ten County. Arkansas, bounded u'follow!, to.wit: Befinninc at a point 455.56 feet · f'i °'' h e Northwest corner ol thf Northeast Quarter of the South- «·! «¥·«« »' Suction ». Toivn- ·hlo 1C North, Ranje 30 West, which point ll the renterline ot Shady Avtnue; thence North 270 feet; thence East to a point on the East line, of the Southwest Quarter of the Northweit Quarter of Section 10. Township 16 North. . Rtnfe 30 West, which Is 270 feet North of the Southeast corner of laid Southwell Quarter of the Northwest Quarter of said Section 10; thence South 478 feel; th»nce .West to the Southwest corner Dftot 5. Block 3. Davidson's Second Addition; thence Northwest acnws- Colleie Avenue to the Southeast corner of Lot 3, Block 13,.of A.. L. Trents Revised Plat City Park Addition; thence West to "the Southwest corner of said lot; thence Southwest across Pol- Jard Avenue to the Southeast corner of lot 5 Block 8. of said A. I. Trents Revised Plat City Park Addition; thence West to the . Southwest corner of Lot 1. Block 7. of said A. L. Trents Revised Plat City Park Addition: . thence Southwest across Park Avenue to the Southeast corner-of Lot n Block 1, of said A. L. Trents Re-' . vised Plat City Park Addition: thence West to the Southwest cor- · ner of Lot 3. Block i, of said A L , Treats Revised Pl.t City Park Addition: thence Southwest across Woolsey Avenue to » point 234 f«et South of the North line of · J n ' Southeast* Quarter of Section u, T . t "TM h 'P 1! North. Ranje SO West, thence West to a point due . South of the centerline of Shady Avenue; which point Is 45S.56 feet W*»t of the West line of the North. vast Quarter of the Southeast Quarter of Section 9 Township 16 North, "Range 30 West: thence North to the place of bellnning jre hereby notified that a petition · h ,". klMn ./J?. d wilh lne en* c| " k of the said City of rayctteville. pur- ° r f lo Ji « n ' d b! ' two-thirds HELP WANTTO I POQg--CATS--PCT8 ,.-.....» .u urr eiiueu oy iwo-tniras m value of the owners of real property Vithln laid territory which petition prays that a loeal improvement district be formed embracing said ter- · ntory for the purpose of fradinj. draining, paving, curbing and gutter- US' North Street from the Center line of Shady Avenue (extended) to the Cttt line of North Walnut Avenue and that the cost thereof be assessed "and charged upon the real property above described. All owneri of rea property within said territory are «d- viled that said petition will 'be henrd at the meeting of the City Counfi _ro be held at the hour of S:(in o'clock P. M.. on the 2nd day June, 1952 ind that at said meeting said Council will determine -whether those sisninl the tame conititute two-third! in value of luch ownere of real property: and at said meeting all owners "' real property within said territory who desire will be heard upon the question. . · WITNESS my hand and the seal of the City of Fayetteville. Arkansas this 15th das- of May, 1152. (SEAL) J. W. McGehee City Clerk City of rayettcvlllc. Arkansjs FRATERNAL NOTICE FAR WEST CHAPTER . No. 1 W A N T E D Full Time and Part Time Soda Fountain Employes Apply in Person COLLIER REXALL DRUG STORE 100 WEST DICKSON NIW Zealand Whites, pedigreed, large type. Juniors, seniors, bred does East of Lincoln, off Highway 62 on _Weding(onRsad. FOE BALE--HOME NEsTOg USED MERCHANDISE Sewing machines from . . . SIS (XI Gas ranges irom . s i n oil Ice boxes from _., j 35$ Refrigerators from sao'tltl Electric ranges from $25 if. Vacuum cleaners from · S2C 00 JOHN RHODES APPLIANCES 31 North Block Phone °021 ^Ypur_Kel_vinotor Dealer" 2 WHITE enamef Ice boxes. 2 'wh'if" fl^SALE--MlSCeLLANBOlm TRI DELTA ALLIANCE RUMMAC5E »alc. aim fond unprl mrn'i MOtTHW.BT AiKAMUl T1MB, ^y^vllU. AAm^m TI,unday, May U, T»5J TOK KNT-- MlBCELtAXEOPg UNIVERSITY a p a r t m e n u , lurntsh.d o"r u n f u r n i s h e d for summer s t u d e n t s ctothin«V'EdTrn''s"'sh"e"'s'hop''"'Vri'di'y' 1 P|K "" 2MOR May 23. 2:30 p. m. Saturday. May ! P A H K V 1 E W aporlim -s. 0 IS a. m. ^ j t i n f u r n l s h r n Bend SCOUT punts and shirt. Roy's hrow ' i r o l ' h " nr 21 TM . furnish . »ize If. Phone STRAWBERRIES your container, pic containers, pick your owi Bios. Highway JS east 31MW1 T WO_jen|s J _JCxlc_priinc 2SI-W. PRACTICALLY ncw~sViwinn hicycl I'hone 19?8. Used £K,r?^£!TM a ' m \ ^AWBERRlEsriSo 1 crale^ I SERVICES OFFE=E!? y o u r ' V A R n or garden work. Phone 17!l]W Carson i D f l F S S M A K i N G aiter:itionI~ rew. i v Phone ! ing Mrs A 0 Hum. Mrs II .1 . Sw.lmi Phnnr ('..'CM :'M Nonll Ulocl; RArHEl.'K Rest Home has moved to · "f r i m i i i s early.' H..Vo '' l f : T m " ll " lc v "" r "i-" ""» ."nr w i t h o c e n , ,,., r ,. ,,.,,,.,,,, Cul( . ph|111(1 2 2C5M Jied Servel gas refrigerator . t 6900 : -«~, in'wTee 'n'A'.',. 'i i'"o "," Jsed GE electric refrigerator | 89 do · 5; ~|--"-- - - -?!!«"· b A R«'l- Used large Servel gas rcfrig- . W E TM erator sis.". 00 ' Jsed Bendix automatic washer S 79 (Ml i . . . , ,.,., .,, Jsed Montgomery Ward washer ( IB.OO | $ l "" i ,!! rr , a ."? e oas) ' "V'nthly p a y m e n t s Knrniei I '· A w fS mowed " w i t h power " mower · n o r t h ' 1V h "" r n r r ""'TMr' C.HI B." '"" I _.1le__wccd c u t l i n . Call Hex-. KM ·· - - a Cable-Nelson spinet pinri' in this v i c i n i t y wo w i l l jell to -,. sponsihle p a r l y for halance due e'~3rf! firo- ome Jsed OE washer Jsed diaper washer Used _bicycle . ;. GRADE teachers needed. California Texas New Mexico. Arizona. Alas- «"· Oregon. ._etc. Salaries. SIUOO- 5.000 starting. Also need H o m e Economics. Commerce. E n g l i s h Spanish. Music, etc. Teacher's Spe- _cialtsts Bureau. Boulder. Colorado MAN' and wife to raise chickens Good deal to right couple. Weekly pay. Give references In reply. Box _K_-M._ Crimea. HELP WANTED--MALK MAN OR BOY with ear for afternoon motor " " ~ dale. Write route around Spr"ing- apply in person to Meets Thursday May 22 at 7:30 P. M. Royal Arch Degree Refreshments Will Be Served. WANTED IMMEDIATELY WE need a man who Is neat ambitious and hardworking but through no f a u l t of his own has not had the opportunity to advonce. There will be in the very near f u t u r e , an opening for an office manager who ?·" make between $7Er.(K and Jt.SOO.OO per month. If these figures look too large, please do not apply. 305 West Dickstm. Between 8 and s a. m. and 5-7 p. m. IOYS for Southwest American news paper route. Call «6 afternoons or HELP WANTED--FEMALE S 59 00 $ 15.0(1 "STOVE-REFRIGE'RATC^R ~ L a r g e Gaffers Sattler Gas Range. Four large burners and grill top, large oven and high i broiler,' alf automatic controls with doc*, pilot lights on all units. On* year old. HOTPOINT refrigerator, 9-foot, with deep freeze top storage. Two doors. One year old. Both in perfect condition.' J. K. JOYCE Phone 1938 day, 1228W night Arkansas. ROLLAWAY _ __ tul's.~.MonlKn,ner.v Warn sn4 ,Z ln f'f 0 . '. WHEEL box trailer will I'hone 31.19M. t a r p a u l i n . I STRAWBERRIES, ilic a" "quail pick them 2 miles n o r t h on' O. A . J o h n s o n . BONK" Lewi peat moss, inserlicide. - Co..__lnc. I TWO wheel t r a i l e r Phone" 24S5R Trier o. At s u b s t a n t i a l cliscout ami brand PHILCO REFRIGERATORS AT BARGAIN PRICES One 9 f l . Servel Gas Refrigerator Spe V ^enwas^ Machines CLIFTON LUMBER CO. 'hone 27 West Fork. Ark. D E W I N G ONE Model "M" F n r m n l l t r a c t o r equipped w i t h ' d i s t i l l a t e a t t a c h m e n t , wheel w r l B h l s . etc Price 52.2511 Ml ONb McCorrnlck-Dcerinc - I t l - A H f o n t t a n r i u t n disc harrow, price S2IOOO I ONE H-.M-IIM row mi.ldlelmstcr w i t h I a No. 79 row p l a n t i n g at!.-chtm'nt Price complete. Myr. O'l Phone lO'l _Wfi'k_ days. _J n. m to :."lf)_p m j COMPLETE Jeivice for six."ififvijnml ! c h l n n . i n c i u d t n R d i n n e r plates, salnd plntes. and I n i t l e r plntes. cups s.iuccr nnd two covered veRolahlo dishes In a d d i t i o n , e x t r a plates S100. Can be seen CV R a n c h 9 wnshlnus in my house on r i g h t from P u r d y j c i r . v _ _ M r s Calvin E d w a r d s ! K A Y r T T n v I L l . K MliSI.VF.SS COI LKfiF KOH t h i s summer', class.!.-., w i l l "ac" | cent up to t w e l v e j.iunijcr s t u d e n t s ! Ol'.oR and p e n m a n s h i p 1 1.KT me raise Ihosc replHcernVn't cnlves o n m y roam O f f e r c n r c f u ) m t e l l i | «cnt cNpcricnccil service w. P. n nlirl pHper~iian«lng. f'iiniic . A N G 1 N G n n d l u l n t i n g e f f i - c i c u l l y done. Kree estimales Hcr- _]"·'! H. A l h e r t q o n . phnne rSr.7LZ T. V."A.\ij n A D l t l ' H E I ' A l R i N G " " C W. D A L E REASONABLE charges. 2fi years ex- pcrlenc,- Hr.nj rarlios l.i 211 South Church or call 2.15IUV for service Formerly ogle's Rndlo Service EXCAVATING - BULLDOZING""^ ' O N D S - ROAUS - CLEARING ?H?., K ARNES AND ELLIS WILSON 2B1IJ USED li iving^~rooni~S\Htc. rfivan i . ln EXPERIENCED waltresl. Dlshwash er and kitchen helper. Gulf cafe AVON representative needed. Two good territories open In Fayetteville Phone for details Thursday Garner. Washington Hotel. Miss BABY sitter and general housework M30I I; """ 5 "' m ' lnd 9 p. m DEPENDABLE woman as a com - gpmon^for elderly lady. Write box YOUR FUTURE STARTS NOW. Wei, groomed woman with pleasing personality, who needs to add JI5 to 575 or more every week to family Income. Car necessary for local driving. Out of town opportunities also available. Age 25 to 48. Flexible working hours. Permanent position with national organization No col- 'j. n A° r delivering. A pleasant and profitable career awaits you Opportunity for promotion. Write now for "Get Acquainted" Interview application. A. L. Kilchcn, Empire Crafts corporation. Newark. N e w York State. NOTICE FREE HOG FEED APPROXIMATELY 20 barrels waste ·nd hatching eggs. Call ?129. Arkansas Broiler Hatchery. N o r t h Gregg Street. BUSINESS OPPOatTXTNITT FEED store and cream store combined, located in new building. H. H. Struble. phone 201. Prairie Grove. TRANSPORTATION OFFERED LEAVINd Friday morning tor Wtl- liamsburg, Virginia. Will t a k e two passengers. Share expense. J. R. _ Tucker, phone 2388. Springdale. INSTRUCTION TODAY BUSINESS OFFERS A REAL opportunity for the housewife who can attend during afternoons. See us any time this week for June classes. Enroll now. Sten- · ographic and accounting. Special short time classes. TAYETTEVILLE BUSINESS COLLEGE Phone 63 MB We»_tI TOckson Street · MONET TO LOAN FHA HOME LOANS Low interest, long term! CTL.EY AND COMPANY, INC. Phone 3C08 EXPERIENCED Bird Cafe. waltrels. Apply Red t. SALE' OR TRADE DANDY imalt town drug store, for sale or trade'for good modern home with broiler capacity around F«v- e - lievllli!._Wrlte Box K-91. r,Times CHINCILLAS 1]% limited luppl - R'llitered R C. - . m-eipome. Tree liter qualltf B. A FOR SALE--LIVESTOCE 42 GOOD (rrade white face cows a calves by side now. one 3 year old Watered bull. Phone 297 days. zfvij .nif ntt. ' A%BiTS~Ptaifr**d. Whit* Flemish Hants, Amtricjm chtncilln bred does. ReasortBhle. SAVE MONEY TIME and LABOR Fig. 2090 Marvel $136.00 F A Y E T T E V I L L E Plumbing i Healing Co. 310 NORTH WEST PHONE 730 FOR SALE--M1BCE1.I.X NE011S . e. DnrrpJl ahier. Morrow. Arfc. ")NF, Poland China bud W Ab, jieavy. DAY baby guineas llt. uhowinf Phone 2265M4. ngs. Pekin ducklings, Weekly hatches. Cus torn hatching. Aneell Lawson Goose H.tchery. 3000 Gatewsy Drive. Joplin. Mo. SALESMEN WANTED GARBAGE CANS Best quality heavy weight. We Deliver LEWIS BROS. CO. flfTV younj Fork. _peviTs_ Den Road. PLENTY of good strawbVfrTe "laying hens. $i.50.~jTr~ gnUon. Galhrealh. West le _ ._ "NOBILITY "Silver?"" Call FLI/.ABETH J A N E S ____ 2?2_EVENINGS _ LAST chance lo buy "iikr-npiv" p cal p q u i p m r n t (or ' a prirc o One Hn! point, dnublc-ovfn one year old. S225 00; onp ^0 ruble' font Wcstinghoiisc commprcinl style twn door ice box. N*n d e f r o s t i n g . 2 yoHrs old. SJ-Bfinn. nnc 12 cubic foot K c l v i n n l o r . 4 r o m p H r l m c n l icr crram ] lype freezer llnMs 400 nnumls frozen food. S^OO 00. Can be seen nt CV Ranch. 9 miles Eaut on 45 nr phono 3054 W 2. USED 4 mnnlliT mio "year o"ld~!Ki r n b i r foot C'oldjpnj freeror. S17:i«() Can br seen Wellington Transfer _»_archou»t*. Phone 42. "n-n DIGGING FOOTINGS-W » t , r. g t , , n d sew.r dllehes. septic tank holes -" n n ,vis h ° ck '"""" c "" 282 * 8 ' yci A-l CATiPENTKii. A d d i t i o n ; repair re- nanlel 2l31j"' rc '" enr '''' C ' L - Mc " *u'rF'iTMr^inirin HfX)M rrama h doors, gtrilf. I8TAT* THK . l torioo M Douj. PEN"H6USE K n*w hnm* At ir-.l V i r g i n i a A i nue u-lll 1,*: npf-n for ynur in»p tion from 4 p m to fi p m T h u day. M a \ U and F f l r t a v . M a y 21 UTLEY COMPANY, INC. REALTORS I.FNDERS IN'SUHORS f.ll J J rye«lt 2i03. Rn 80S H 1. H l l c v 2Zm Res 1M7 ' BATES REALTOR G'l.-F.HA lovely "Equity' p n r r c j , t t r b u n f a i o w FOR SALE--KEAL E8TAT1 roR'vouR n(ToriNC~Niibs" Call H L Ktev.'.rt Roofing Contractor Also. Asbestos Siding ItilJ RAINBOW THOL'T sold dally Ph5ne Sprlngdale .1201. Ozark Trout Farm Near Johnson. ANNOUNCEMENT ! I I DAGflFTT fv RaniFdeil cosmrtirs now anlcl exclusively hy Fuller llrmh Company, umier nrw trade nairc of Debutante Cosmetics. Fuller Brush Pho'nT , S ? S ° yd """· 52 ° "-""*"· SPECIAL MATTRESS R E N O V A T I N G Cotton Mflttrc«*en B u i l t Into C t K i r a n t r e d InnPrnnrinai Hollywood Bods Mndp To Order ONE DAY SERVK.'K-PHONE 2774 Doggar-Brown MATTRESS CO. 120 South East St RANCHES'- HOMES N E A R L Y THOUSAND ncren providing fin abundance of pMturr land anrl watered by nprtnj(i and r r f f k l . also n tnt of n i n r k e t i M e timber, located iip«r psved hi«riway, $15 per aorp. )FVKNTY-F1VE (irre« in fertile valley, live-room hmift*. f«lr hum, othrr lnilldlnKs. Iracior and *qu!pm«nt. finnic slock, Fayrtti-vlll «cnool bn» SR.500 TWENTY icrei n i l nprn (erttl* land l.viiiK nrar US paved h l j h w d y . new livf-ronm hnm«. modern, n a t u r a l to Fn.vt-ttrvlllp and eehoolfl 1NSIDF CITY, f i v e large roomn wilh n l m n r e of h u l l t l n n and clnfftii. wood- h u r n l n K firepliife, Innuliiled. force.1 a i r heal, new roof, bttement fa- i rase and u t l l l l y room, men l«t with ! "hadr. c«n he llh^rally financed WADE FINCHER, Realtor Arcade Bid* on Center Street _ljhone_608 hod room KnnTo by builder IEW .1 Bfsl m n s l r u d l n n . Crnlnl hf»lln«. "Inched j a r n f t , Restricted «ddl- wo ordrn ·o m a n y c . i p ' i v u n n j t fc. . . Uhcrt hirdwo'id ftoori. h m l i i n i . flnor ' f u r n n r f A u mm ^ f i r l a u n d r y f ^ r i i i tip* fn r n r l d i f f d k i ' r h « n porrh H e a l floor plan and * m n r t d c r n r n ' m m F \ r r p t m n n | f n r the price Small down payment 62 Highway Location i DFSIRABLf. 1.10 M (rnntage r, n th:i huiiv h l « h w « i i t i r ,|h: in o n JIM! I w o lilork* we*t nr the two ncv ' irhonln The a U r n r t i v c 4 ror»m t v i n f i - ·Jnw i» i i t i c t i y . modern Scllmi «i o n l y J47!,0rn Complr.elv f u r n U h - H w i t h new f n r n i i u r * m snull a d d i - t i o n n J H u m Tv/o Thousand Dollars ' W I L L p l it ynu (in rn§ ,| to f l n a n r H l : x t a h i l l t x . ber«ute i f i n l H a l l that * required I,, p u n - h a w rnrk vtntrtrA . two n n i l properly Properly Il n · Kood r e p a i r nnd l« well locmed in ' 200 Years of Servica 20,000,000 Policyholden 20% Savings MUTUAL FIRE AND AUTO INSURANCE "Savings for preferred rlikt" Get the Facti i n m - * churchM. |)liRlneMi*a f n n d . Own- Innn Qn The Rifter Agency IX p( » r r,,h, p.r.nn . .HI 1'honr 7»3 Hammond Realty Co. r.v Real fitale 16 Eatt Cent«r Phone .1 II n H a m m o n d 1372 J a r v l s l.innw AUTOMATIC A P P L I A N C E CO. A Better Plict to Buy "Hutpcint II H. Block DEALER Ph. Ill FAYETTEVILLE 3 PLUMBING HEATINJ3 CO. ? 310 N. West Phone Mo USED CAR CLEARANCE SALE NOW ALL metol lawn chairs. S4.1S. while they lust. Open evenings u m l l 9. tin Hilton Bros. Drive-In Furniture store. IDEAL MATTRESS CO. Quality new mattrett and mattress renovating. Phone 3036 401 WEST DICKSON r FOR SALE OR RENT 'OWER lawn mowers! Sultlc blatlnn. Corner West M n u n l n i r School Streets. Phone 12 Esso and WANT TO RENT OR 4 room hnti» Mod Tfi, by J u n e BEOROOM hnusr." mo'ficrn juiburbifn nr city. Phone 769 or n f t e r 5 p. m phnnp 929 J. W. HILL ELECTRIC CO. . Phon ^_^j- Wesl Fork 24-HOUFSERVICE ON Covered Buttons, Button Holes, Tailored Belts and Buckles. Special Attention given Mail Orders. Satisfaction or Money Back. SINGER SEWING M A C H I N E CO. 18 S.E. St.. Faettevll]e E X C A V A T T N T " B U L L D O Z I N G Gravel, Fill Dirt, Top Soil D. M. P A T T O N Phone 249 ij PART TIME MEN STUDENTS or presently employed men. Work 5-9 evenings SSn 00 wee earning!. Must have .--ar See M Clark. Mountain Inn Hotel. 7 p. m. SITUATION WANTED KALE nursfi would like position as traveling companion. Experienced . T. C. Holllday. 18 East Spring "Don't WRING loot ·KINO «44 for WANT ADS." ' CASH PAID FOR DEAD ANIMALS Phon. CollKt MSI r«T«ll«rlll«, Arktnuu Joplin Rendtring Co. OLD MODEL · C A R SALE AT Abshier-Bryan's ·low prices on these older model inn fo move them out; 39 BUICK TUDOR 42 PLYMOUTH FORDOR 40 FORD COUPE 40 PLYMOUTH TUDOR 40 FORD TUDOR 42 FORD TUDOR Extra Special '46, Ford Pickup $290 17-2J EAST MOUNTAIN ST. SALESMAN WANTED For General Sales Work -- i Some experience desirable. LEWIS BROS. CO. LOST Anu FOUND V-TiL" " " "* ·""" ·"·" siwueii ics a i the Chesdles'. IOC quart, half mile North, !i mile West of Grcalhouse Springs. AB Dick ModeTiib mirnobsfipfi"~"~- Write Boy K-97 - - - ...ths. Also slip Core of Time s und pad covers included. Call I 2 BEDROOM Will Pay Cash Renf for farm jo run. 15 cffws : SUN-TIL1 Venetian blinds ant! niumi- num window screcni one 1 awningi Free estimate!. Gobe Conper. «] LOCKER cartons, mrat Lewis Bros. paper, freezer MUST ie]| immodiatPly. 7~'cubic foot International Harvester r c f r i K e r a t - r _^ c . d _AJt^. n J_h^-.'-i price. Phone ?3t"i4. 8 PIECE w n l n u t d i n i n B " r o o m suite with marble top nide board bedroom guiir 314 _West ·TOHN Deere" No. 4 "mowing macbin\ . Rood repair; iron wheel wacnn- tm»- anri f i t t i n g s , shallow p u m p ' pon-I one: n.1 Knilon a u t o m a t i c hot w a t r r l a n k , nrw: MnniRomerv Ward wnsli- Ing machine, good repair; c o n 1 burner circulator heater. Phnn" 2867 M. School riis'rict by .Tune 1. Perma- __mmt. Phone 2244. OR ICSBC. 2 b~cdroonT~i."ou^r xlassed- lH.-Llf 1 .'?' ! jrir ch. Phone ;jj()4 2 ROOM unfur'nished ;ipnrttncnt down" stairs. Large yard w i t h shade. Phone side board. 5 piece I NICE from bedroom", private enTnm? V 4 ._ w . e . sl _ Mount 'l in ' ' 2 01iEnst_Sprln«. Phono ^S70R PLASTIC rimmed glasses case. lol near Faycttevlllf H \ e h rsc Robert Colt, phone i . School, TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS Hardware Stock ot Auction" Thf entire stock nf j " B E D R O O M ' n p q r t m e n t . large _ r( '152na ll !e._Phonr 1830J NICE rnnn, " for hmincss' Kirl ""Vorj _('onw?niont lor.itinn Phnne 27.19W. FURNISHED" a p a r t m e n t " n t l N paid ^hont- 3072. ^ BEDROOM"jiiodc-rn 5Uburb~"an~or"ciTy _R«7rerei]£cs Writo Box K an. '; Time's 2 hknROOM hoiVsi?. nmThpast section _ Phone 222J. Plenty "builtihl" upacr. -1I46-R. "OWNER--Good «nd llvlnf * -- and new two-room hous ural gas and electricity, ' five-room house ith nat- eltv ' , v a i l a b l e , on 4.41 acres. 'good 'garden us service. First property west ot Ogdrn's Store. Tom Parks'. 02 High' _ MO |")ER N "fi good h i p mow, 7 a hay. 10.000 _____ 'home, one o( tno best oof. h a r n . hay fork In res ill lame 'grass and chicken eapacny. mod- · " | ' . . X . ' , . , . S 1 ( 1 1 1 - ern e q u i p m e n t . Improvement firm rlasi Priced to nell. termi By own- J? r ^_Phonc Sprlngdal^^SflS. V WELL enlabli«he"d7Kood folni and paytnii hiujnemt. R l f h t Bet-UD for man and wife. Will nell or trade for ~ tarm. RUSSELL REALTY CO. 2i N Blork St Phone Evening*: S. T. Rt.flMll 2753 K. jy.V_Day L'l3»W M ACRES few mTnntei "drive rity, mail, milk rouit-. city phone. *ri 1538 , acre* level land in oultlviUoh, ance timber and paiture, a room modern dwflllnf. hath. preMure , hath. r rupar rllverdlflcntion. lnf. . , 2.5M brolicr rupartly. S7.Vsb. lermi. 113 ACRES, 7 milei Foyettevillr on half mile hlehwty fronUg"' borders barn*. laving hoimc .Iftxfifl! Thli in onr nf the better furrriB »nd clr- f - u m s t a n p f f B fore*?* sale for lent th*n Jnveilmcnt Prlre |25.ftOO, term*, quirk po.imslon $1195 1951 Henry J. Deluxe 6, 10,000 actual miles. Radio, Heater and overdrive . . $1395 1949 Buick Super Sedanette. Radio, Heater, seat covers . 1695 o^ £ hevrol * Fleetline 2 door...'.' ] 186 IV4/ Pontiac 8 four door sedan ] 195 o 1. Cnevrolet 2 door sedan 807 IV46 Mercury Club Coupe ... , 895 1941 Pontiac 6 four door - " 39S 1939 Chevrolet 2 door . . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . '.'.'.', 295 1938 Chevrolet Coupe ' ''. 195 With many other late model cars and pick-up trucks to choose from. HATFIELD PONTiAC CO, CORNER OF MEADOW AND EAST ST : PHONE 303 9*5 955 695 695 295 250 100 FOR SALE OR TRADE . HOME CHANDLER REA11Y H. H. JONES. Contractor 537 E. L a f a y e t t e , Box j43 U. Sto. Phone I486, Fayetteville FOR 3AI.E-- REAL ESTATE ATTENTION FOLKS H A V E purehnsed the former real estate d l f i e e of J. 1'. Mason mealed by H e n s l e j s M a r k e t on H.ghwav 71 Norlh in Sprlnnrtale. If you w a n t to buy nr sell ary real estate drop I'.v and eel a c q u a i n t e d . Maybe 1 I can h e l p you , ' ASSOCIATED REALTY CO. C L. Petrv Ilrnker Phnne 463 Spnncdale Ark FARMS AND RANCHES WE have f a r m s n n r l r,inrh.. nf all S17I-K for pair ot trade If you are ml,Tested in b u y i n i t or s e l h n K con- 'RUSSELL REALTY co. _ _ _ _ 2 ROOM iipartinrii'f. m o n t h . C u l l f r o m 1 r, no Phone :ti!tfiR " p r l v a t r , 2? N Block SI Phonn IS.IS Spnn8 I WE · HAVE N I ' M E R O U B CHOiCF. I K A R M - C I T y I ' H O l ' K I I T Y A N D EX- Soulh CHI.I.KNT Rllni.'RnA.N NOW I.IST- FO FOP SALE OR TRAHF. IN THIS " f i T O I l ! IMMFniATF. VICINITY W A T H FOR i r ~ B f ! T ! Ol'R AHS D A I L Y DESCRIBING FOR SALE-- AUTOMOTIVE standard ChevTojet F O R palvmr. s a n a r J o h n s o n s Ksso Service. (·hiding p l u m b i n g and oloctn'ral supplies of the Morrison Hard- North c'nl'- w n r p Co. w i l l hp sold Thursday night, May 72nrJ, 7 p. m., at Hilton Bros. Auction House, Highway 71, North, Fay- This Week's Specials '";± I n , h i , M l P w m i ) . n o w 1951 Ford 2-door. Radio and I 16 ' forit dppp fro " r ' heater. I Several new refrigerators, auto- Two 1950 Plymouth convertibles. I malic w °sne". MAY '^Tlh 2i. r .4 2 ROOM . The Broadhursl Co. Phone Z4S7 !0 IW. 4JG V.indcvcnlc ^ p r t l l f i h f r and srrnhbrr SI *· ·l:iy mm lor i l r l i v r - r \ »nn PLi.ill,mil anrl llr.:, o, · ·i S|i-ni« I I I K I Srli.,.,1 f ' . i r r n s h e r l . v l l l e c eilrru 1950 Ford convertible. 1950 Chevrolet 4-door. 1950 Studebaker 2-door. 1949 Mercury 4-door. 1948 Chevrolet 4-door. 1947 Dodge Club Coupe. 1946 Mercury Club Coupe. 1947 Ford Tudor. 1950 Chevrolet Pickup. 1949 Chevrolet Pickup. CRIDER BROS. Highway 71 North "11 ENr.usH~,,r;iVonort SSHfii'oS. Phone lm Morse. 11:12 VERY nice -.11 2 donr'plymolllh'nrlven only JIXXI miles tl.S95.00 cnsh. M7 "PMBiLLYS""" Sales -- Service IYLE-BRYAN MOTOR CO Phone 666. 208 North Slack rtno 1M1 Ar» fti Ul · W»M At Htl» stoam irnnp. r a r l i n s , f;i$ l i c a l o r s , ' electric ransos, R.IS raiiKos, '! Gibson Tractor i w i t h all r n i i i p t n o n t , r- n u k i n j: ; u t p n y i l s . diphp. 1 !, potU'rv. b n l t s sinks, stonls, nails, roofing. Ynii · will f i n d everythinK l i r r p l h a t a first plass H a r d w a r o Stnro s t o c k ? . ' This stock is r l r a n and all f i r s t q u a l i t y merchandise. Also one lo'. used f u r n i t u r e . f~KEE ' :| i.' unh Register for new Philco table 'if-mri Phon model radio to be given as door prize. The H r o a d h u r s t C o . owners. Terms, cash. Hilton Bros., A n c - lionerrs. . i . t i f - s p.ud I,n,- 2 r i W I U N F I i H N T S I I K I ) :i r.inni .-iparttni-nl 0« _.Sinilli Dun.-an I'lione 2 7 i n ' . l 4 AND :. n.nni furoishcfl"ajmrtuienls' I I 4 Wf.M M.)|)le Phone H6I M O l l K K N house (.n H l R l i w n y 4.'.. I ' h u n r finiw. I)KSK «P»"- i n of'rir,.' Very ,!,..,r.,,!r I n e a l i u n Phone I77UV ' .'° 31 ?!-_TM'''« ' i " " CITY "FARM"" !a A C R K n l e'lRe of F n y e t l water, n . i l u r a l Ka-, twt. ! house w i l h Inrcc . losni-ln ..... I porch W M k i n e rtlslnnce of schm, ! Price $.s doo.flti : WHEELER* REALTY CO. J f K A I . T f j H ()7;irk Th,-,:!-r HJ'IK. CO. U.63 REALTOR 2WJ A Good Livestock Farm Z4n ACRES located on itate highway, mail, m i l k and xchool buj route* Not far out from «rtde school, hich ichoo) and tr»din» center. 160 Acren in good paiture »nd meadow Will carry 50 or more head of ca.llf. S room house, has llfhti and propane gat. Good larfe barn, plenty of water. 7 Acres LOCATED w i t h i n four mll« of Fav- ettevilie. All level, imooth productive land F u l l y modern IPM- di-nre, 8 rooms and h n t h full haif- nirnt. natural «ns. wide concrete t. Good barn, broiler house for *"· N "° r REA . , hwoy, 4Vi mllet north St. Paul. Natural "crt, farm land. N«d, cl.arin 9 . Price $7,200 ARTHUR PETERSON J 407 NORTH GARLAND S A L E SEWING MACHINES HAMMOND Phone ?w. J. F. RFAITY CO. Btckilrom HIGH ON "A " HfUTOP SURROUNDED by OMrk sc.nlf hMiny. LarM.Cnlllorrla m o d f r n i ronntry hom» Incatcrt on 20 Itrllle · «rri-s Has everything you'll find In ' c-ity hnmfs ricnrlc itltchrp. r r n- i r a l heal. Iflephnne. wood-burnlni l o r - i r- /. fire place. IMe b.lh. rlos.t an' 1 8 South East St "'oral!, spnc.- «li.r. Also ,1-roon, ! ni'jrtnrn gu^sl hnuse Qutrk flrlvp i __ ~ '"··nt^o ';"""· s t"»*" f appoini i Desk model electric machine $79.50 1 Electric portable model , . . $29 50 Several good treacfle machines as low as . . .$15.00 We must dispose of our used stock. Come early and get the best bargains. Easy Terms. Singer Sewing Machine.Go. Fayetteville, Ark. KINCAID AND COMPANY W H A T K V K K YCH.'R IM1C».1 nf iho si; ink our ;tim is T ]i*tinii c f , n « i n : s «nd u n l i t r ' h.Tlf block N K E I I S - of . \ - i u i S'T OVKIil.nriK H.r hmt Double (t.irase P l e n t y of ftuthiilM- m«i. fenced *nd crom fenced Low ·i-wn p a v m r n l or will t r «rtf RUSSELL REALTY CO. I N Block SI Phone 1HS Kvfninsw S T RussMI 27S3 K W Dny 2M3-W Who's Who For Service Consult You' Classified IIKOnoOM mil 111 new rlnplr-x versily rumpus. "her! ;ip,irlrm.. ra blocks urn- ! une B.14W n f t e r I 'i ;;;; C()LVA"V(ns BEAlTfY~ SHOT 204 W Me..rtow-Phone .VK12 _M«rr,inelM. ny._t.-rM^in, »5 no I K K I M n i l O H rnlshefl i teil W.-nhi in,f.j ice "Hire,. i t h pnv;.t l t i t . lie, I, II .l f l o u r s . ifl t n k e ,F .l.lple, n.n Si-lii,., .Jii npirl h a t h , nev HAHHITS. New /.ealnn.l w h i l e s ami r a l i f o r n l n n s and h u l r h e s Singles or . 'loes^U'llh J I M e r s f'honc 171.11 .STOnr t l x l u r e s Inrluo'lnB f, foot K'irh meal rsse A t l r a c l i v e prire for n m k ssle W V I,.ni1. f« Soulh School M 'FOOT Indur, home l r « l l e r , J7M no *" Nnnh_ t.everelt trellis hiiiirtinj. b*tn'~s'ilrk'i ^t^rnalo ^rrHmlnf 127? e CO. i. 1'Jone HAMMOND REALTY' j I'llONF. Till NEW DUPLEX Al.l, l.irRe ronrriK e x l r s UK * in N u r l h - e;nf serfn.o, Plmne 2.\r,iw n i t e r J .Vi AI'AIITMFNTS (iriil sleepmf " rooms J u n e f i r s t f e n l r n l loranon I'hone A"rAlifMrNTr~«v"»ilaiile"IiMie " f i r s ' . 1 u n e n l l y . I'hone 2SWW ' ''" p * rm ' ' prirr I I M T K I I SKK IT M)W NEWLIN REALTY WKST t-rIIK A U K Extra Special Bqrgain"" Good Terms IVOfmnn I.FSS tl,,,,, |,iiU,lir,K ,,,,, ^"tr,|"hou,A,,',"'|l!i'|','"' "'"s ''""' Just out of c i t v seroivThou.e 's-'i'/nh of Mix O r o n e i v f i v e r v t h l n i r ile«,r · hie In mis home W o u l i l r r n i |,»r|. !· furn.shert for « m o n t h s ()»oer w i l l he it S,,uMav m.,rnin» f r o m « 10 1} o H o r k rtetter se! nils i f v o n need a home Nl:w t ro.,m lio,ne.'h»Mwo"oil"7ioorr " u ' o m n u r h e « t lovely l i u l l l . i n i psvement n«rsaln N o r t h OnrUnrt I hone M I M HR!CKtrn"S BKAUTY SHCJF" REMAssLC WORK S . N B l o r J 1-hont 7M CORrlKTIERr HI-KNCKtl 'iounii.tloSr iT.7«Tr7T V l v u n fireen :2 yesrs hone 7«»-J._J]ll N r,,, Mr. j W SirTiehee Npenor Corsetlirt HOME I.Atl.VDRV . . . "niir» HOMf. J D Y AllTOMATIC tncl wrlnitr msrhin.s Wet wish nd d r y l n t 71 North n*«r Crvlihton'i Drivt.ln Cift I · m to r t a. Silurdsy, I . m. w noon. Your Car Can MAKE or BREAK Your Vacation COME IN--SEE US TODAY BEFORE YOU BUY 952 Pontiac Chieftain 2 door. Tutone Green 1950 Chevrolet Stylme Deluxe 2 door. Radio and heater, seat covers, sunshade. 1949 Ford 2 door. Light green. White wall tires, radio and heoter. 1949 Chevrolet Styline deluxe, 4 door sedan. Radio and heater. Scat covers. 1949 Ford 2 door Heater, overdrive and seat covers 1949 Plymouth Special Deluxe club coupe. One owner. 1950 Chevrolet Vi-ton pick-up. Deluxe cab, heater, low mileage. One owner. 1948 Chevrolet Fleetmaster 4 door sedan. One owner. Radio, heoter, and seat covers. 1950 Chevrolet '/ 2 -ton pick-up. Standard cab. License paid ' 946 Chtyrplet 2 door sedan. 1940 For4"l/2-ton pick-up. Add older models if you need them. These cars are one-owner automobiles, Myrl Fanning Auto Sales NEW AND USED CARS AND TRUCKS Phone 2115 Hi way 71 South Sprlnadale Just North of Murphy's Flower ' L - r

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