Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 22, 1952 · Page 11
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 11

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 22, 1952
Page 11
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BAT DRIVES BEARS BATTY - Bear tacts of bas,oall are earned by Baylor University's two Mexican blaek bear cubs as they show up for spring traimng. Everyone on the Waco Tex campus ,s wondering what's bniin' the three-month-old infants as they roam about on exploratory tours .«*THWUT AiKANtAS TlMg. taytMvflfc Mmmm, ThurWcy, ftte, tt. ran and several of his colleagues, who then denounced Dilworth »s a probable subversive. In addition to Dilworth. Thomas McBridc. one of the most respected leaders of the Philadelphia bar, also appeared against McGranery. McBride testified that McGranery was totally lacking in judicial temperament. As evidence he offered the enormous number of reversals of McGrnn- ery's judicial decisions by the Federal Circuit Court. Among the McGranery errors cited, were such really fantastic rulings as the denial of the right of counsel to a j , defendant in a criminal case, and l a charge to a j u r y grossly confus-: ing the nature of "reasonable; douht." ! I Evidence was also offered t h n t ' j after the Clan Ma Gad «iw\ Mc-| I Granery sought to use his judicial power tn revenue himself on Dii- worth. through one of Dilworth's clients. I Peculiarly enmiKh, the minority! members of the Senate Judiciary Committee who opposed McGran- ery's confirmation have suhorrtln-| atod these really shocking charses' that McGranery tried to misappropriate funds and is a legal incompetent. These Republican senators voiced their Imidesi dissatis- f3i'!i:] w i i h McGranery's com-' menis on President Truman's steel seizure, and with his e x p l a n a t i o n ; of his role in the "Amerasia". pro.'r-rution w h i l e he was in the J u s t i c e Department. The explanation of Mcflranery. 1 both as federal judge and as attorney general-nominate, is simple! enough. When Senator anrt Mr».i Truman first came tn Washington/ Representative and Mrs. McGran- 1 ery wen- good neighbors to them i In short, McGranery It another j Truman crony. He li alto a man of considerable surface charm. But whatever the rights and wrongs of the Dilworth and Me- Hrlde testimony, the evidence cert a i n l y does not «ugse«t McGran- ery can be counted on for the I great ciran-up of the federn.1 government, which he has said w i l l ; be "as easy as pie." STRAWBERRIES ARE HERE! In the parlance of amateur radio I operators i "YL" is i young laay i who operates a radio station. I M A K E JAM AND JELLY WITH SURE-JELL' PECTIN TODAY! ·A nit.r.l fruit pMtta prrtwtl Matte* BY JOSEPH AND STEWART ALSOP Washington -- James P. Mc-,one likes to sue a .'ederal judge i STO-S! ^c,rtS;!r of theIOT -d th - : Uan Na Gael claim until the Clan retained Dilworth. i Dilworth brought suit against out the corruption in the govern merit, has been confirmed as attorney genera] of the United Slates. However, this event is! McGranery on the Clan's behalf : n j likely to turn out to be another! 1 9 * 8 - Despite his offer to Vizard,' jolly joke on the American people.[ McGranery now alleged that t h e ; The peculiarities of the Mc-i 53,000 he was holdng was really Granery record have not yet b e e n ' f h o """""·"· "' "·- ·"·'--'- " u:1 - publiched because the chairman CONSUM of .the Senate Judiciary Commit tee, Sen. Pat McCarran, carefully closed the when the the property of the Clan's Phiia-i delphia chieftain, McGarrity. Me- 1 Gaerity had died in 1940. McGran-' cry had never made any attempt to acknowledge his supposed debt STORE No. 1 S. Side Square Phone 94 U nuaeu me neanngs wnen the "-·"·"· more curious evidence was beingi 0 ' S'."n to McGarrity's estate., given. Senator McCarran seems to| McGranery's signed receipts to the' have a fellow feeling for the a t - j c l ? n Ks Gael wel ~e entered i n j torney general-nominate, which j cvi(i ence. Hence the court order-i perhaps derives from their com-i c r l McGranery to repay the $5,000 mon friendship for Pan American' ° the clan Na Gael, less about Airways. " j 51,200 of expenses he claimed to The oddest testimony, now re-. h a v e incurred in obtaining Bus- leased on motion of the Judiciary! seil ' s release. S U P E R IGA MARKETS PRICES ALSO GOOD AT PUBLIC'S IGA MARKET, SPRINGDALE STORE\ No. 2 : 300 W. Dix«h Phono 240J a u j l I l l L H U l 1 , C M C U I U - l ] n i e P ' l l l l i c a i i-r- -r · * - . v v - i u * * » , i . 7 enemies. Yet Dilworth's testimony | hard| . v attempted to answer Dil- was buttressed an elaborate except to point out that apparatus of photostats and court! D i l w o r th was a member of Ameri- j records. And it cannot bp lightly 03115 for Democratic Action. This e main facts a r e ' £ rea "- v outraged Senalor McCar-l dismissed, since the i not disputed. In brief, in the summer of 1939, \vhen King Gcorpe and Queen Elizabeth of England were due to visit this country, an Irish revolutionary, Scan Russell, came here with the avowed intention of as-, casslnatin; them. He was prompt-! ly picked up by the t~. B. I. The. 1 Clan Na Gael, an extremist Irish I group, thereupon persuaded M c - i grancry, then 3 Democratic m e m - ' her of Congress, to try to get Rus- tcll released. And at McGranery's: request, 'President Roosevelt a l - ' lowed Russell to leave the country after 55,000 hail had been posted." This $5.000, raised with great! difficulty from rich members ofj the Clan Na Gael, was deposited! with McGranery as surety against! Russell's bail bond. Part of the 1 money was transmitted to Mc-i Granery by James McGarrity. a ''· Philadelphia chieftain of the Clan Ka Gael. The rest \4| handed to: WcGranery direct by a Clan Na ! Gael officer. James Brislane. Russell left the country, and i n , 1911. the Clan Ka Gael began to I ask for its money back. By 1944.' although there was no proof ofj Russell's whereabouts, his bail bond was dismissed. This remov-! ed the only pretext for McGran-1 ery's holding the S5.000 of suretv j money, and the Clan Na Gael grew more insistent on being re-' paid, · ; No less than seven lawyers a p - , plied, at different times, to Mc: Granery. One of them, Thomas M | J. Vizard, testified tliat in 1913 McGranery offered him a deal,, whereby he v-.-oukl give Hie C l a n ' Ka Gael half the money and keep half himself -- thus, in effect, acknowledging the Clan's clnim. Meanwhile. McGranery hsd first j been appointed to a high Justice Department post, and then, in 1946, had been named a District Court Judge. 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