Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 22, 1952 · Page 10
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 10

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 22, 1952
Page 10
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- : MOtTHWBt AKKANSAS TUMI i, Ark«fiM* Thursday, May 22, 1952 Choice Recipes By CECILY BROWNSTONE Meat Balls With Fresh Tomato Sauce Ingredients; ] /nwHum-sizecl onion, 5 small (about 1 pound) | tomatoes, 2 tablespoons butter or . margarine, !£ tenspoon salt, 1-4 | teaspoon sugar, freshly-ground pepper (to liKsfn), gonc-rous dash 5 ; allspice ;ind orcgmin, '^ pound ground chuck beef, 1 tablespoon flour, 1 tablespoon fat, lea- spoon jijjlt. Method: Peel onion, quarter, and slice into thin ti trips; there should be ] cup (loo.ncly piK'kotl). Peel lomiitocs ;md dice; there should he about I l k cuns, iiiriuriing juice. Melt 2 iablcfipoons butter in mecliuin-si/pd Kkillct; add onion and cook over moderntely low heat, stirring often, until yellowed and willed--about 5 minutes. Add tomatoes. '£ teaspoon salt, ISTARKISTTUNA..No.ican29c Fancy Chunk Style. Make* Summer Cooking Simple. IJello pkg. 9 Scottissue . . 2 rolls 25* I Diltclcui FliTon. Tough, Boil, Sinliirr. Cretin Style Corn 2 s .: 35 Instant Tea, 2'/roz. jar 37* I Gmn Glint Bnnd. T«nd«rl«if Bnnd. June Peas No. 303 can 19* Shortening. 3-lb. Cfn. 63* Libbr Brind, No. I B!«Ti. Humko Brind. KIM MILK 3 tall cans 29c llroporated, Non-Fat Milk. Ideal for Cooking or Coffee. Chopped Ham ",,: 51* Tree!... 12-oz. tin 39*1 I Armour Stir Brind. . Armour Slar Brind. | Vienna Sausage V; 2I ChHi Con Came ' 46*1 i Armour Bier Brind, Armour Stir Brind. iDcviMHam ",V," I8 Tanules, 16-oz. glass W\ Armour Itu Brind. Armour Stir Brind. _ Mr CHUCK ROAST . . Ib. 69c SiH Meil, first cuts.. Ib. 19 I LMn Cull .Ib. 2»e Sliced Bicon . . . . Ib. 39 Cudihr Wicklow, Trir Pickid. Pork Liver . . . . ib. 29 I T»ndir. Hutrllloui, Economic*!. Ground Beef . . . . Ib. 59 I Krogn Midi, Frith,, Pun. Holly Franks . . Ib. cello 55 I Fn* I« Box Bag With Etch Pound. Holly Bologna . . . Ib. 49c Finn! Quality, Sliced or Piece. Piece Bacon, first cuts. Ib. 35 Puritin Brind, Conteri ib. 45 C Spiced Luncheon . . Ib. 59c For Dilicloui Sandwich.i. Ocean Perch , . Ib. pkg. 43t Krog.r Frn-Shori Brand Fillels. Pure Lard . . 4-lb. ctn. 59c CipUil Prldi Brand. FRESH TOMATOES Large, Red, Slicing Quality. In Bulk. Beets . . . . 3 bunches \k I Homegrown. D»p Rid Color. Grapefruit . . . . 3 for 25l I l-Sli« Duncani, Full of Juic.. English Peas . . . . . Ib. 19 1 Will Flll.d Fr»h Calilornia Pan. I Florida Oranges . . . doz. 29 I 111 Sli.. Copfi9H \tt1. Tk« Kroq.r Co. I Ib. 25c KARO SYRUP tin) Llbll IV'j-lb. loHle 22c $ Utt JOtf CUT RITE PAPER Hiivilr Wixtd LUX SOAP lath Sl» S P R Y All Vigilibli Shorlinlng 3-lb. Tin 85c NIAGARA STARCH For Laundry 12-01. Pkg. 22c I sugar, (rtshly-jround ptppcr, ill- jspico, and orcgano. Cook, stirring i,flcn, about 5 ininutps; Mt slide. Usinjj a tablespoon of meat for each, shape beef loosely between palms of hands into 14 balls; do not press down or make toi- com- jinct. Roll meatballs in /lour. Melt 1 tablespoon fat in 8-inch skillet and brown meat quickly on all | r'des. (This will take about 5 min; utes; meatballs should be cooked uiinugh so centers are barely pink.) Sprinkle on all sides with Vi teaspoon salt. Meanwhile reheat snuce; top with meatballs; do not ! ,-idd fat from skillet in which meat was browned. Serve at once. Makes 2 servings. Maple Cream Sundaes Ingredients: 1 cup maple syrup, 2 tablespoons butter, 1-4 cup undiluted evaporated milk, 1 quart vanilla or coffee ice cream, pecans (called or plnin). Method: Put maple syrup and butter in small saucepan. Over moderately low heat bring to a boil, stirring' until butter melts; boil 3 minutes. Place pan in another pan containing cold water until syrup is warm to touch. Stir in evaporated milk. Serve maple cream sauce over ice cream and top with pecans. Makes 6 to 3 servings. (This sauce will be thiii.) Add salt to egg whites and beat until stiff; fold into gelatin mixture; beat until iponge holds its shape. Pour into mold and chill. Unmold and serve with custard sauce and salted almonds. Makes 4 servings. Sauerkralit-Tomato Juice Cocktail . Ingredients: 2 cups sauerkraut juice, 6 cups tomato juice, parsley. Method: Pour sauerkraut juice in ice cube tray of refrigerator and freeze until firm. Chill tomato juice. Put a sprig of parsley in each glass. Makes d to 8 serving The practice of burial 1 churches or churchyards was un known to the earliest Christian Cone In and See Us About Our Easy Payment Plan on Re-Modeling Your Home, Building New Garage, Chicken Houts or Milk Barns, etc. Clifton Lumber Co. Mien* 27. W«t Fork, Ark. Quick Peanut- "hocolate Cookies Ingredients: One 14-ounce package cookie mix, '/4 cup warm water, % cup peanut butter (ai room temperature), % ' c u p semisweet chocolate pieces. Method: Empty cookie mix into mixing bowl; sprinkle with water Add peanut butler and beat until smooth. Stir in chocolate. Drop by level tablespoons, about 1 inch apart, on ungreased baking sheet. IJakc in moderate (375F.) oven 12 to 15 minutes. Makes about 48 cookies. Deviled Cheese Sandwiches Ingredients: One 3-ounce package sharp n a t u r a l chcddar cheese, 1 tablespoon tomato paste, 1-8 teaspoon dry mustard, % teaspoon Worcestershire sauce, 6 to 8 thin slices bread. Method: Allow cheese to stand at room temperature to soften. In small mixing bowl, with wooden spoon, blend tomato paste, mustard, and Worcestershire sauce. Add cheese and beat with spoon until smooth. Use as filling for 3 to 4 sandwiches. Cocoa Sponge Dessert Ingredients: 1 envelope u n f l a v - orrd gelatine, 1-4 cup cold water, 1-3 cup sugar, 3 tablespoons cocoa, 3-4 cup milk, 1 teaspoon vanilla, 3 egg whiles, 1-8 teaspoon salt, custard sauce (made with remaining 3 egg yolks), salted almonds. Method: Sprinkle gelatin over water to soften. In mixing bowl s t i r sugar and cocoa together. Scald milk; gradually stir into sugar and cocoa. Add softened gelatin and stir until dissolved. Stir in vanilla. Chill until syrupy; beat with rotafy beater until fluffy. Richest of all coffees gives you 10-15 more cups per pound ...yet costs \6ur Preserves Will Never CUT OUT THIS STRAWBERRV PRESERVES Wh»n yeu'rt putting up preserves, choose your sugar as .-arcfully as you pick your fruiu Y o u ' l l f i n d D o m i n o Sugar brings out true flavor and protects color. Follow this recipe for sweet, natural-tasting strawberry preserves . . . and sec why D o m i n o is America's most popular sugar I 2 qutrtj fully ripe Mrawtwrrie* Vi cup knwn jvlce 7 rap Domhm Extra Fin Bring to full rolling boil. Boil h a r d I minute, s t i r r i n g cons t a n t l y . Remove from heat, stir in liquid pectin. Skim. Stir 5-10 min., to make sure fruit is suspended in liquid. Pour into hot, MeriliKd, 6-07. jelly glasws, leaving Vi in. space at top for paraffining. Cover at once wilh Ji in. layer of hot paraffin. Mikes about 9 glasses of lus- cioiu strawberry preserves. For (It your cooking and baking, depend on Domino Sugirs. Vi rap UqM ptctta Wish berries ; hull ; nush. There should be 3 14 cups berrici. Combine in kettle: berries. lemon Juke nd flit-dissolving Domino Extr* Kin* G r u n u - luted Sugir. AMIfcrCA'l LAROIST MUINO SUOAR! Ib. ADMIRATION COFFEE Flour :-L 25 Sure-Jell Baby Food Syrup Hershey s DailtiCS Marshmallows Wesson Oil Box Chocolate Heinz or Gerbers Can "· -x c Cream Style Del Monte Corn Apricots Salmon Crackers Peas Roast Beef 2 Whole in Heavy Syrup No. 2!^ Can Fancy Pink Junge's Tall Can 2-lb. Box Very Young and Tiny 2 C.A.T. Product of Argentina j 12-oz. I Can ' NSLEY'S SUPER MARKET 306 Thompson Ave. John D. Anderson Springdale Jim Haiw

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