Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 22, 1952 · Page 5
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 5

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 22, 1952
Page 5
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i Golumn By HAL BOYLE · N»w York-(/P)-The art of bawling out the hired hands is becoming a lost art in the American business world. In the old days when a boss saw ·omething he didn't like, he'd let .out a yelp and dress the culprit down on the spot--in burning language more memorable than grammatical. - But today most bosses seem to hove lost the gift of tongue-lash- Jng. They have f o u n d - i t cheaper, by and large, to hire a psychiatrist to find out what is the matter ·with a derelict employe than it is to hawl the fellow out themselves ftnd end up explaining it all to the V. S. Supreme Court. So many employes know their rights now that an employer is hesitant about pointing out their wrongs. Therefore, it came as something 6f a surprise to me to get the fallowing letter; "Dear Sir: "I have a problem. My boss bawled me out last week and I have a feeling he's going to bawl ine out again this week. "I would quit and get me another job except it's such a nice place to work. The management «ven puts gin in the office water cooler. What can I do? It makes me nervous when the boss bawls me out. (Signed) A Terrified Young Man." Well, Dear Terrified, your problem was so unusual t h a t I took it up with «H the oldtimers I know who can still remember being bawled out by their boss (there are only a few of them left). Here Is the summary of their advice; ' Build up the drama of the situation. When the summons comes to go see the boss, walk into his office with a look of utter happiness. . Get it? You make him t h i n k you bavo no idea of what is going to happen. He feels like a cat playing with a near-sighted mouse. As ho foes off on your misdemeanors, don't make the mjstake QL listening to him. You already know more about what is wrong with your work than he does. Concentrate on your acting. Let the smile fade from your face. Replace it with a look of amazement, then horrnr, then abject hopelessness. Don't make the mistake of arguing with him about your rights. He wouldn't bawl you out in the first place if he hadn't already consulted a couple of attorneys and , the National Labor Relations Roard. And don't interrupt him. Egg him on. If he gets tired of denouncing the faults you have he knows about, tell him a few he hasn't discovered. As he launches out into a fresh tirade, lift your hanging head and let him see the tears in your eyes. Let the tears fall on his desk. 'The main thing is to keep him attacking you as long as possible. Just remember that bosses are like wives--after they wear out their temper they feel ashamed of themselves. Highest French Honor Awirded To Eisenhower Paris-(/P)-France conferred its highest honor--the Medaille Militaire--on Gen. DwiRht D. Eisenhower yesterday in a tribute within the shadows of Napoleon's tomb. The supreme commander of Allied powers in Europe rerelv- ed the award from Premier Antoine Pinay in the court of honor j of Les Invalides. j The last foreigner to receive this ! mark of France's highest esteem ! was Prime Minister Winston Churchill in 1846. Two hours earlier, Eisenhower became an honorary citizen of I Louvedennes, the village of 2,400 | inhabitants in whose area SHAPE I headquarters is located. I Two Ship* Collide I Block Island, fi. I.-OP) - Two freighters collided in a fog early yesterday near the Block Island huoy about 15 miles off this island in the Atlantic. Both ships, however, reported they were in no immediate danger and proceeded to port under their own power. NMTHWBT ARKANSAS T1MB, fayrttovlH. Thgrwtey, Mo r M. I95J Writer's Wife Wins Divorce In Arkansas West Memphis, Ark.-l/PI-Mrs'. Igor Casfini has brtn grantrrl a j divorce from the New York nc-.vs- j paper columnist known as "Cholly ; Knickerbocker." I Crittenden County courthouse records show Mrs. Cassini chare' cd the Russian-born writer with j contempt and neglect and that he was openly insulting to her and rendered her condition in life intolerable." Restaurants Asked To Take Spuds Off Menus Columbus, Ohio-(/P)-The Ohio State Restaurant Association today asked its 2,800 members to take potatoes o f f - t h e i r menus "be-I Keep ip wHfe cause of the black mrrkel." ' the Timts tally EVERYTHING M nUMIINO and SUm.HI FAYETTEVILLE WON and METAL CO. OOVWNMINT AVI. THtY'U KMOW THAT GLENMORE KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOUKION GLENMORE DISTILLERIES COMPANY lilt.ll to th. NIWS, Mich wtekday, at 7:30 AM, ever Motion KOftH OKLAHOMA TIRE SUPPLY CO. When he f i n a l l y runs down his vocal chords, reach up with nne hand and brush away your tears. Peach out with your other hand and grab his hand and say; "Thanks, chief, thanks. I know I'll be a better man for this." Then, as you go out the door, turn and look at the family photo he has on his desk and say: "Gee,' chief, you've got a fine- Jooking family. Why do you make me cry?' 1 This will bring out the father in him. After all, isn't the office just like one big happy family, too? He will feel so puilty that next week he will probably quietly give you a raise. In any case he won't bawl you out again. He will be too hoarse. Frenchmen Not Unusually Great Lovers, Actor Contends,- It's Same Everywhere By BOB THOMAS Hollywood -(*)- Several years Bgo, three struggling actors named Jean Pierre Aurnont, Louis Jourdan and Claude Dauphin were living together in Paris. Whenever the phone rang, they would jest: "If that's Hollywood with more n.ore centuries as a people, and we have developed an attitude toward sex. It is taken for srantetl. Every French boy learns the facts of life when he is about eight, and he adjusts his life accordingly. "But in America, there is much dwelling on sex. Open any maga- Biovie offers, tell them we're not j zine and you will see it on many Interested." i of the pages. It is talked and whis- Today, Dauphin is the 1 h i r d ! p e r e d about to a great extent, member of the once-struggling America is much more sex-conscious than France." Remarkable Career Dauphin's Hollywood activities climav a remarkable career. The trio to find fame and fortune in Hollywood. Having become a star of the Krench stage and screen, he made a hit on Broadway as t h e . ,, .^..,,.,,,,,,,, ^,.^. ,11= romance-minded father in "The j son of a famous French journalist, Happy Time." Now he is m a k i n g I he spent most of his 20s as a set love to Doris Day in "April in designer for plays. He was 29 be- Paris" a,nd he is slated to appear fore he ever acted on a stage. He In Bing Crosby's next picture. I was a last-minute substitution for 'I chatted with Dauphin over an actor who became ill--just, the lunch and he hastened to correct the common U. S. beliefs about Frenchmen. way it has happened in dozens o movies. I e. I Dauphin became a reigifing star * "I think you might say that dur- women more tenderly than Americans. We have a great concern for Radio Protection Bill the little courtesies, such as the | n Missouri 1$ Signed tpririintx nf flmuorc ' Jefferson City, Mo.--Gnv. For- of flowers." IVron? Impressions .nmciauu ^nj, IMU.--UUV. r u i Many Americans get the wrong rest Smith yesterday signed a bill Impressions from French post- j to protect Missouri radio and tele- rards and saucy French movies, vision stations from libel suits re- be said. j suiting from political campaign "We think much less about sex | speeches. No station would be lia- than Americans do. I think it is ble for damages if a political can- becausc we have existed many ! didate got sued for saying some~ thing libelous about an opponent ·Now Many Wear- FALSE TEETH With Little Worry Eat, talk. · laugh or sneeze w i t h o u t , fear of Insecure false teeth dropping I H i p p i n g or wobbling. FASTEETH ' TJnifo in a radio broadcast. If you thought you had been libeled, you could sue the man who made the statement, but not the radio sla- · i i v \t i ii K yi wuDoung. rAaie.E,l*J boldi plates fir.-ner and more comfortably. Thil pleasant powder I irms Ordered .,,,,. ,,,,. ,,.,,,,,,, puwaer ,, as no The Hague, The Netherlands-W) tummy, gooey, pasty tnste or feeling -Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethi- £on ! -acld!: a chccks ai '"prate I odop* l ''(d"TM " pia h n s " rriorcd 18n ceremonial lure breath). Gtt FASTEETH at any uniforms for the imperial guard Brug itor«. | from a Hague firm. THE FARMER'S FRIEND COOK CHEMICAL CO'S STOCK-BARN-GARDEN INSECT KILLER r== l ,25% CONCENTRATE S . 1 2 ;°o D . D T . · 1? ,° 0 CHLORDANE -OK rHfMKAi -t TTTi EASY TO MIX ECONOMICAL 1 QT. MAKES UP TO 24 GAUONS Of SPRAY OR MP ·A/NGS COSTS DOWN TO AS Unit AS Sc A GALLON EQUALLY EFFICTIVt ON fOLHTHY, UVESTOCK, DOGS, THEIS, SHRUftS AND FARM IUIICHNGS When Ui«d According to Dlracllom You'll find a Wide Selection at OTASCO! Won't rt!«, nx or take a jet! New, live iciion for the utmmr enjoyment. Sram- leii steel guides, comfortable coik grip ·nd locking reel Ktt. 3 fi. SEALTUFT" Quilted RUSTIC Complete, 7-Piece F I S H I N G O U T F I T Famous Shakespeare C A S T I N G R E E L PLASTIC-COATED FIBRE COVERS COACH or SEDAN · 2-Piect Cine Polt Gorgeous partem* and colors to blend with any cir interior . . . tn add new life and color for cooler summer driving! So ewy ro 1ce*p clean . . . just wipe with t dimp clorh. Masterfully tailored to fit your cir perfectly! · Fiihing line ft Plutic holder A huvfaomc, Jrtooffi-runnm/t red built for »xunte osting. Level- wind. Green inodiicd ?mi 100 yud apiary. INSTALLED FREE Everything you need for Iciiurcly fishing sj-tn over Decoration Day! S E A T C O V E R S HOOK the MINNOW without touchiH it! Nylon C A S T I N G LINE Cool ri«nc S t t t r i n y Corel Cir Window V E N T I L A T O R S tic wroop to pick cm up. hold them in handle without cniih- o r d r o p p i n g . Custom-tailored for '49-52 Chev. Pomiic. Olds, Ford and Plym. '52 Mercury, in long- w e i r i n g S A R A N PLASTIC! Only SNILLID HOOKS Cud of 6 « f t . S T R I N G E R $1.25 a Mtokt P l a s t i c I U G D E F L E C T O R E X H A U S T E X T E N S I O N with jewel 00 r ··' «""' Fills City, 10 Qt. MINNOW BUCKET i River Runt, Lucky (V). Luy Ike, BIAZV Bee. Deep B i l l , ere. at M O N E Y - S A V I N G PRICES! Wen, trim, well-tailored. Made nf platrjr coated c i n v a s , over c u r v e d metal frames. Easy to instill on any car. Sturdy 2-piftre con«nic- tion G a l v a n i z e d steel. Vi'iil not ruit 1 .·..uS'.'^vV ;; MOTOR OIL . Savage 15-inch. J-bliuie Wilson "Peanuts Lowrey" F I E L D E R ' S G L O V E Plus a flexihle POURING SPOUT LAWN MOWER Grass Catcher , pre-turmed tti fund thnvr 'hr on-\ ' Leather «vrb f u l l y o:icd to trep jjlnve pliable and comfortable A r«l buy! A dependable lubricant fnr your car Change to summer weight now! Genuin* Wilwn "TRAPPER" 1st BASE MITT $11.49 cm VIM irdfi »rtH metal hortom Fin moti standard hind mowen I A S I I A U I A T mhhcr mbr. reinforced *-nh cotton cord* and nmed with corrueitrd rubber. tl CO J O F T I A L L «AT J l' 07 OMwn · Iw H S»« Side Square Phon* 161 S YR. GUARANTII RUIIIR HOSC. SO ft. S5.ll "HOME OF BETTER VALUES

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