Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on September 17, 1974 · Page 12
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 12

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 17, 1974
Page 12
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Page 12 article text (OCR)

12 · Northwest Arkansas TIMES, Tues.. Sept. 17, 1974 FAYETTEVILLE, A R K A N S A S DENNIS THE MENACE No Frog Legs AMSTERDAM (AP) -- A pro lest by a Dutch animal protcc TRI-LAKES ANTENNA Sales and Service New Used Antenna* Color · Black While Boosters · Towers Fre« Estimates 751-7927 751-8*9* ' 751-0257 lion society has forced cancellation of a frogs' logs party planned by a student group at Leiden University. A Parisian chef had been engaged to prepare tho delicacy for celebrations of the ICOth anniversary of the University's Minerva Society. The TIMES Is On Top of The News Seven Days a Week UNA RUSSELL MY FIRST OPPORTUNIir TO REAUY 1ST MYSEIT GO! I WENT CRAZY AND LOVED IT CONTINUOUS "DM Open 7 p.m. Fcl. -7':45 Sun. Mat. 2 p.m. NEXT: BUSTER BILLIE Open 7 Fel. 7:45 Sun. Mat. 2 p.m. NiXT: "SUMMER OF '42" 1PG) HtiMlllil.MM.ll CHARLES BRONSON Open 7-Pel. 7:45 Sun. Mat. 2 p.m. "DEATH WISH" He's Judge, Jury and Executioner Open 7 Fet. 7:45 Sun. Mat. 2 p.m. Michelle NEXT: "BILLY JACK" Open 7 Fct. 7:45 Sunday Matinee 2 p.m. DON'T MISS THIS HEART WARMING STORY By Ketehom personal Factors. To Control Decision SAN FRANCISCO (AP) Sen. Edward M. Kennedy says his decision whether to run for President in 197G depends largely on personal considerations. Kennedy disclosed in weekend interview that he has slud- iecl Ihe political situalion and concluded: "I think I've got a good chance lo win the nomination- and a reasonable chance to win the election." lie did not talk about Ihe personal factors that will go into liis decision. But they presumably would include the concert: that members of his familj have expressed for his safetj should he embark on a pros! dentuil campaign. The Massachusetts senaloi had been Ihinking of a targe Today In. History l!y The Associated 1'res Today is Tuesday, Sept. 17, .he 260th day of 1974. There are 105 days left in the year. date of sometime in 1975 to an- iDiincc his decision. And during a U'i] to aid campaigning Cnli- rorniti congressional, candidates, Kennedy disclosed lie will make the announcement late this year or early next. Conceding that "the election will bo a tough one under any Today's highlight In htstoryl | On this dato in 1787, the Constitution of the United Slates was completed mid signed by a inftjrrily of delegates attending the Conslilutional Convention In Philadelphia. On lliis dale -In IGliS, a bubonic p l a g u e broke out in London. In 18G2, in the Civil War, Us- ion fodccs hurled hack a Con- 'edcrale invasion of Maryland in HID Baltic of Anlielam. In 1939. the debut of Hie radio program, "Major Bowes' Amateur Hour," started a trend toward talent coftests in American radio programming. In 1939, Hie S o v i e t Union invaded Poland in World Wai n. Is 1%7, U.S. Air Force j e t s Kennedy said much heed to political events and poll results at Ihis stage. circumstances," he isn't paying *THISISAWWEODlM3 PICTURE/ 'IsTHIS SKINNYQW HELEN HELP US By HELEN AND SUE BOTTEL Smoker, Drinker Should Swear Off To Keep Love IDW^ Advice o our "Vices" please: ' smoke cigarettes, but I dont drink. My boyfriend drinks but doesn't smoke. I don't approve of ditto of smoking. boozing, he .von't allow me to smoke front ot him, and yet he feels he can drink in front of me. Fair? -- A.B. A: If it's "sauce" for the gander, it should be smokes for the goose. That's equal rights. BUT-Since you each strongly disapprove of the other's "vice, 1 will smoking or drinking behind your partner's back really solve inything? More likely they'll kindle fights. We'd say to you: either swear off or accept and, of course, the safest route is-- develop healthier habits-- HELEN AND SUE P.S. Read on. Perhaps your boyfriend and our next corres pondcnt think alike: NOW SHOWING Open 7:30 · Starts Dusk Anthony Quinn in "ACROSS 110th STREET' attacked a highway bridge ii North Vietnam only sevei miles from the China border. In 1970, open warfare broke out in Jordan between King Hussein's army and Palestiniai guerrillas. Ten years ago: The Unilei States disclosed development o wo weapons systems capabla f jnlcrccplinu and destroying rmcil satellites circling tho urlh In space. Five years ago: Preparations verc being made to withdraw 5,000 more American troops rom South Vietnam before tho end of the year. One year ago: Sextuplets vere born to a 34-ycnr-old La- tcwood, Colo., woman who had been taking fertility drugs. Today's birthdays: Ballet choreographer and director Frederick Ashton is G8. General Motors President Edward Colo is 65. ^ Miss World-U.S.A. B1NGHAMTON, N.Y. (AP) -A 5-foot-8 brunette from Da.v lona Beach, Fin., Terry Ann Browning, is Hie new Miss World-USA. Miss Browning, 20, was selected from 19 young women to represent Ihe United Stales in the Miss World pageant in London in November. But take hope, friend: more ban half of the U.S. population over 15 does not smoke, and I think that percentage will increase- These days, it's more 'in" to have quit lhan lo be hooked by the h a b i t . Even down in junior high school, smoking no longer " p r o v e s" you're grown-up. If you're allergic, tell your date. An understanding girl will leave her cigarettes in her purse--and a truly interested girl may decide you're worth throw- ig them away x for.--SUE ENDS TONIGHT Opens 7:30 · Slcirts 8:00 YOU WILL GET ALL YOU CAN EAT AT The Farmer's Daughter. She gives you a hearty appetizer, fresh brimming soup, crisp green salad, hot muffins and biscuits and a garden fresh veg- table with each steak, fish or chicken dinner that you order. She promises that you will never leave hungry. Call her at 521-8686 or come by her location on Johnson Rd. between Township and 71 By-Pass in Fayetteville. Summer's here again. RAP: Have you ever counted the number of women who smoke? In almost any gathering, female smokers outnumber male smokers and Ihey light up more oflen. This is especially bad for me, as I've developed an allergy to burning tobacco. It's counterproductive for me to date someone who smokes, and that limits the field considerably! I've been reading the arguments between smokers a n d non-smokers, and I agree with "Breathless" who wanled lo throw out her tobacco-saturated husband, along with the stinking draperies, cigarette-burned furniture, etc. Those who said she should "love him for himself" and accept his habit would be the first to howl "inhuman" if an asthmatic correspondent wrote lhal her mate brought home bouquets of ragweed every night. I'd say that if someone loves you, he or she should 'be considerate of your misery. Which brings me back to where I started: How come women smokers deem to be multiplying at a time when so many men though not "Breathless, " hus- )and) are trying to quit? There must be a lot of guys like me who not only don't like to see women with cigarettes in their mouths, but are--Allergic ALLERGIC: Male smokers still outnumber female smokers, but women are lessening the gap. Among teenagers particularly, Ihe number of girl smokers nearly doubled between 19158 and 1970 (alllwugh tdere's been a leveling off since, then, for both sexes). Women also find it harder to kick the habit. In a recent survey, only 25 per cent of females, compared lo near 39 per cent of males revealed they had quit after four ir more years of smoking.--HELEN AL: DAILY PROGRAM LISTINGS Programs subject to change without notice KTEW, Tulsa, Channel 2 (Channel 8 en cable in Fayelttville) KYTV, Springfield, Channel 3 KFSM, Fort Smith, Channel 5 KOTV, Tulsa, Channel 6 KOANI, Pittsburg, Channel 7 KTUL, Tulsa, Channel 8 (Channel 4 on cable in Fayettevlllet KOED-TV (ETV), Tulsa, Channel 11 KODE, Joplin, Channel 12 KUHI, Joplin, Channel 16 [Channel 9 on cable In Faycttevltle) WARNER CABLE of Fayctteville 103 W. Mountain St. -- Phone 521-7730 Complete Home. Entertainment Cable Service All Area Television and . . . FM Radio Time-Weather-Special Events TODAY ON . . . Starchannc! _ PHONE 521-7730 1974 COLOR TV NOW AT ENTERPRISE Sight and Sound 2333 N. College 442-8575 CLIFF ROBERTSON JOEL GREY A Robert Mulligan/Richard A. Roth Production JENNIFER O'NEILL · GARYGRIMES · JERRYHOUSER W;;tl«nby p.cducerfb/ Directed by HERMAN RAUCHER RICHARD A. ROTH ROBERT MULLIGAN MICHEL LEGRAND ONE ONLY! MALL TWIN CINEMA #2 PHOENIX VILLAGE #1 (n.smiih) STRAND (Clarksville) OPENING FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 20 (Pass List Suspended) Check Theatres for Show Times HWr. 62 W. * FAYEntVlU STARTS WEDNESDAY Opeen 7:15 · Starts 7:45 KTERFOflDA SUSAN BEOflGE UlllTVITOY OHftZY UlltltY HEARING AIDS SALES SERVICE Radioear, Electone and Acousticon Cords, Batteries and Accessaries M. WARD HEARING AID DEPT. Evelyn Hills Shopping Center Fayelteville, Ark. Phone ·113-1591 A MOVIE FOR $1.00 .AND THE WHOLE FAMILY WATCH Buy Your Carpet Direct From The Local People That Make It. Where You Get The Best And Save The Most. Lawrence Carpel Hills, Inc. SPRIN-RDALE, ARK. HIGHWAY 68 WEST 751-7981 GET OUT OF TOWN Drive out to Hickory creek Rec. Area and djne at THE BARN 2£4 Esst off Hwy. 71 Steaks and stir imp, homemade cinnamon rolls, relishes, and salads, Family style fish try Friday. Bar BQ Rlhs Saturd?/. Open 5-10 p.m. Sat. and Sun. 12 no an-10 p,m. Closed Mon. and Tu^, Come ««e us at beautiful Fcaver Lake. MOVIES ON TV Tuesday Night 7:00 p.m. Ch. 2 -- "Silent Night, Lonely Night" (1969) Lloyd Bridges, Shirley Jones, Lynn Carlin 7:00 p.m. Ch. 3-5-7 -- "Terror on Ihe 10th Floor" (1974) John Forsythe, Joseph Campanella, Don Meredith 7:30 p.m. Ch. 8-12 -- "The Sex Symbol" (1974) Connie Stevens, Shelly Winters, Jack Corter Wednesday Night 7:30 p.m. Ch. 8-12 -- "The Day The Earth Moved" (1974) Jackie Cooper, Cleavon Little 70:30 p.m. Ch. 6-16 -- "Tick... .tick... .tick" (1970) Jim Brown, George Kennedy, Fredric March OZARK HOME AND GARDEN CENTER · Shrubs · Seeds O Insecticides · House Plants " · Landscaping Service 20 E. Township Rd, Vi Mile West Whit Chevrolet "We Give Yourj Green Thumb A : Helping Hand" TUESDAY EVENING* 5:00 _ News .................... , 5. 8 "ruth or Consequences .......... 'i To Toll Tho Truth .............. 3 Ancly Griffith ................... 6 Sesame Street .................. 11 Twilight Zone * 5:30 - ' News 16 2. 3 5, 6. 7, 16, 12 8 --Bonus Feature-"VANISHING POINT" .......... . , Truth or Consequences * 6:00 FBI .............................. 2 News .......... 3, 5. 6, 1 8. 12. 16 Making Things Grow .......... II * G:30 Concentration ................ , . 5 Family Affair - ... .............. 7 Canadian Travel ............. , 11 Treasure Hunt ..... ............. 12 Felony Squad .................. S Let's Make A Deal ........... .' 3 Jlogan'.s Heroes ........ . ...... IB * 7:00 Movie .................. 2, 3, 5, 7 Al Onofrio Johnny Carson Movie 11:00 -Wide World Special 11:30 -Wide World Mystery 1Z:00 -Project Tomorrow Good Times Happy Days America * 7:30 Mash Movie , 8, 12 6. 10 ,.,., 8 12 Eye io Eye ........'..'..'.'.'.'.'....'. II * 8:00 Hawaii Five-O G, IG Jeanne Wolf 11 * 8:30 Performance 11 * 9:00 Marcus Welby 5, 8, 12 Barnaby Jones 6 16 Indians for Indians 11 Police Story 2, 3 * 9:30 Today's Yoga 11 * 10:00 Washington Week Tn Tlevkw .. 11 News 2, 3, 5. C, 1, 8, 12. 10 * 10:30 -Perry Mason i ABC Captloned News 11 121 Concentration 2, 3, 5, 7! Gambit 6, 16 Winning Streak 10:00 - Ilijjh Rollers Now You See It ... All My Children .. * 10:30 -Hollywood Squares . 2. 5. 7 2, 3 5. 7 " " ... Z. 3. 5 7 * 1 : 0 0 -Oklahoma Forum 2 WEDNESDAY MORNING-* 6:30 SMS Forum 3 Farm-Ranch Report 5 *.6:35 Inspiration 2 News Z * 6:50 Light of Life 6 Today in Agriculture 7 *.G:55 Harvest Time Tabernacle 5 Moments of Meditation 8 Project 6 7:03 Timmy and Lassie -- . 12 News G, 10 Today 2. 3. 5 7 Country Music Timo 8 * 7:30 - Lidsville 12 Captain Kangaroo 6, 16 12 8 Brady Bunch Love of Life '·A- 10:55 -Coffee Break News * 11:110 Jackpot Mike Douglas Tne Young aiid Resjless .. Muskogec Fair Parade .. Password 11:30 -Celebrity Sweepstakes Search for Tomorrow . Split Second ·k 11:55 News 2. 3. 5. 7 8, 12 6, 16 rice Is Right 6. 16 Another World 2. 3, 5. 'I General Hospital' 8, 12 * 2:30 :Tow To Scirvlve A Marriage 2. 3 5. 1 Today's Yo#a n One Life To Live '.....'... K. 12 ^latch Game 0, 16 Sesame Street Cartoon Circus Oklahoma: Wednesday ... ...... « '* 9:00 Name That Tune .. Sesame Street 2. 5, It's Your Det 12 Joker's Wild * 9:30 3 5. 7 3, 5, 7 ... ._ 3. 5, 7 WEDNKSDAY A F T E R N O O N -12:00 Ail My Children 8 Phi] Donahoe News Tabletalk * 12:15 -16 Minutes with Carol * 12:30 -Let's Make A Deal Jeopardy! 2, 6, 7, 12, ie 5, 8 12 2. As The World Turns 8. 16 * 12:35 Melody Mnlinee * l:W Newly wed Gamo 8. 1 GuildinR Light 6, 1 Days of Our Lives ..,,,. 2, ?, 5. Girl In My Lifa . Edge of Nishl ... 2:00 - 2. 3, 5. 510,000 Pyramid 8 12 Sesame Street 11 Tattlctales G. 16 Somerset 2, 3, 5, 7 * S:3II - Mcrv Griffin 2 Gomer Pyle 12 Jeopardy 5, 7 Uncle Zeb 8 Joker's Wild G Dick Van Dyke JG Name That Tune 3 * '1:00 Wild. Wild West 6 Gillifrin's Island 12 W i n n i n g Streak 3 Gomer Pyle, USMC 8 Fugitive .. 16 I Dream o( Jeannle 7 Mister Tiojjcrs II Bonanza 6 * 6:00- ·T3I , nsidc Oklahoma Education '. ' ll * (i:30 - iollywood Squares Concentration '.'. felony Squad Grand Master Chess logan's Heroes ijj Little House on the Prairie 2, 3 S 7 Sons and Daughters 6 'la That's My Mama a' 1' Zoom if * 7:30 Mo v ic jj j g Great American Dream Machine li ^r X - 01) - Lucas Tanner 2, 3 5 7 Cannon G ' IG n * 4:30 Partridge Family 12 Electric Company 1 Lucy Show Beverly Hillbillies Beat 1hc Clock * f:00 News 2, 5 8 A n d y Griffith I Amly Griffith t mly ruth or Consequences To Tell Tho Truth ! Scs.imc Street 1 Twilight Zone 16 News .2, 3, 5, f, T. 12 Truth or Con-sequences WEDNESDAY EVENING- IJoarding House * 9:00 Petrocelli 2, 3, 5, 7 f,, \Q s 12 II Manhuntcr Gel Christie Love Festival Films ... * 9:30 Today's Yoga ll * 10:00 -News 2. 3, 5, 0, 7. 8, 12, 16 Wall Street Week :.. ll -k 10:30 -Perry Ma.son 8 Wide World Event 12 Movie , 6, 16 Johnny Carson . 2, 3. 5 7 ARC Captionod News 11 * 11:30 Wide World Event a * 12:00 - Tomnrroxv 2, 3, 5, 7 * 12:30 Project 6 ·k 1:00 -Today's World 2

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