Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 21, 1952 · Page 7
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 7

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, May 21, 1952
Page 7
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Jensen Leads Senators Past Browns, 2-0 St. Loui«-(7P)-The Ja-.-kic Jen-4 sen-Bnrky Hirrls tic hot is sv/crp- JU3 the cnunlr;'. f i n e ? th?v opened new hradrr..:rtcr: a' \Vcr,j-].*:£- ton, they've vm more ckle^s'-" 2 than Ei«enhov.-er and Taft combined. With impish delight in the embarrassment of the ri:ii New York Yankee*-, v.-ho lit both men go the public is g M t i n n a hick out of the ! fiufgr of tr.2 underdogs. Second n'.acc may turn out to ba i an over-ambitious perch for the Senators, But "hoy are looking up not rlo'.vn-- at th" mnmenl. Only two Earner, behjr.d Cleveland a f t e r ' last nighl's J-0 dcrijion over S:. Louis, the Jensen-Harris ticket is ; in the mtoci to claim a pennant · on an early ballot. I Jensen rapped Tommy Byrne for j s perfect 3-;or-3 night. Since ing Washington, 1" Barnes Jc-nsen hr.r, hatted .373. Return Of Evers To Bengal Lineup Still Is Uncertain Lookouts Take Over Lead In Southern Loop (Bv The Associated rnttl D*troIt-(yp)-M»naj!er Red Rolfe. who's b«en letting bad news in Mlpkttfulli, jot some mor« to-lay Outfielder Hoot Evers. the Detroit Tigers' big rope for climbing out of the American League cel- Ur, won't be roady to play for some time. Nobody ean guess ju.'t how many days or weeks it will h*. Evert, a lanky, blond righthand- ·d hitter, broke his t h u m b in an exhibition game April 11. Doctors told Rolfe he should be ready tn play in four to «lx week-. It'll be six weeks this Friday. Arkansas iimrs SPORTS Sound Film Will Be Presented At Central Presbyterian Church NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES, FayetlBville, Arkaniat, Wtdnssday, May 21, 1952 i A premle«e showing of i 75- I m i n u t e sound film, ''And Now Tn| morrow." rill be (I. en it the Ontnl Presbyterian Church Friday al 7:SO p. m. Thin showing if JAT'K a part nf a simultaneous premier arc j being htld throughout th« coun- Tent | l r y May J3 when the movie will m i n i _j i have it« world premitre at Car- man Cfded t h ? e f r Northve-.t ro drred hv t h « frir-lderi. i ; i r t e hf hvl \,r- - ' - b u r n - - ' v o son ·: m'M'.'i !r, a n r v r pion»rr( ,ind r'herol lessee John f ' h , - i v K - r'ho*' to C : -attmo-?!i climber! alop the : Evers. who batted ",21 and drove aso. Southern Association for the f i r s t ! ' " 1M rur s in 1350 and then That : time in nine years last night. The ' f' um P*1 last year, tried to holl a "·' an* -win- it day before yesterday. The pain was too great SPORmOUNDUP Senate Committee Report Might Be Titled "Baseball Confidential brnurht his reason average up to '· Lookout? took the lead from Mo- S;^ffi^fc : £ v iwsS r; "i^Si^iSI 1 ·»-- T -- i-·"»«*- -- 1";S, basked in a ne'.v-icund : Chattanooga sol only one h i t . spring showed marked improve'- ew 'ark-iiPi-The t i t l e on th*! 'he reserve c!?u«e. which hinds 8 v. -altri of pitchi.-'R. He opened the "ft" lhc lhir 1 innins ar.d Al S'ma , ment over last summer's 224 hrov ' n P a ' 1Pr j a r ^ e t of this thick, j plnyer to one club, is unconstitu- scaoa v - i ' h Bob Pcrt-r.'icM airl ' nsd to tighten up often to pitch !average and Rolfe hoped Hoot: throu-mg-r-iz- publication from ""--' l of m l i - : i n m l l i l o l i 'lie \\'r-.l a hope for the besi. Ko-x he can j t h p victory. hardly wait for a chnhr.? lo pitcil-| Birmingham's scran to Mkf Spec Shea 13-0) again?! his oid ! fn'^t ni\'ision berth sot thre* he Yankee mates. Connie Marrcro, the chubby little Cohan, did the sliutou 1 pitcn- ln.3 fcr Hairis last night with a four-hit'.cr. Mnrrero's per.'e.t 4-0 | record was a divert turnabout : 1 would join Vic Wcrtr and Johnny ; Groth as one of tht league's hest 'he Kovernm«nt p r i n l m t office j n i Actiinl!y. t h a t part nf thf bonk I neglf Hall. New- York nty. he- j fore the 164th General A«scmhly sionin pjnrcr-r of the Preshyienan fhurch. USA. from th- forrr.-n The occasion is the celebration of lipr;mre '-f i.'i ir the Scrjulcentenninl Annlver»ory of thf Board of N'atlonnl Misi.ii-,Kj (1H05-1952I. 4 few churches In each of the Synod/ throughout thr- c f i i l n t r v h.v.'e been chojen tn p.Tr- ticipnte in t:-.c pretnieie. Thrie ]. no charpe for admission. An n f f c i - ing for national missions v.-i!l he received. The showing foi the public will folio..- a covered dish d a v : ··« [eri Hint lh|! |. m n .,. and t h a t Dinner for the congreiallon ,it (l:,in p o n u n i t f n r th-c i r-onle of F«y- P 'J? . i ctlr-Mll,. to s^e In n mnvini way The picture to whidi Ihe public thrwqi, ..,,,,·,,! nn .| human sWlrs 1« mylies. was produced in l l n l i y - ^ h m h the w n m i p r f u l hisinry of the fd up It iv inc n mile-, f - i r t h " c h n r aiul i n t r ( .V:isk;i t - i , ; i r . r t ' ^ worr! of Or! t n t h a t tmp:v"'l w i k l c r - nrr.s. It it. i h r t t o r v . r f men .iml v/oMK-n r.1 (v.iirnjfc- ; ,nr| F"lflp-. ( I f u l l f i n t h a t binds U'sethf., t h o p i c t i i r r . Th" Hcv Ftl O r u h a k r - r 'aifi to- makes « , , . , p ?;,r:r4 X X lie Rock and injuries to olayers | fil.' "ini'^ob^bH-'b " 'w k Dale Lynch and Jim Dickery. I and coull bM'.vr weeks or more " Wash'nston is. \ \ i l h wonHcrfu] snmr l.flfin restra-nt. "Studv of Monopoly ! di.'li r'.id^';. norms of hlith hase- Power." But don't l»t t h a t throw ; hill figures and Inttrmtml wood with an outstanding cnst in- ' d a u n t V Commircril Rafjfog, Sale 01 Fish Approved Little F)ork-rVP)-The Arkanaai G a m e ,T| f,,h Corrto-.i.'sinn ii foing i': 'iraft regulations permit- 'ir.j · i.Tfr-rrlal productlonY|ntl ro.irketms of "rough" fish. Ac,nnunr;r.(t this today, Got}l* mill on 5»-re:»ry T A. .-.alrl f-e prr.vui',-., .'-,r fith firth- Ing --,-ji-l n 1 ilt-cr the state's ir-a-.r fl»h regulators. T f c f ; ,.h far.Ti'.rz ·.·-·ill be eofi- lrollfi-1 hv :he eommlssion, McAmii S l i d A xrvip of Lonoke County TM-.i.'" -MI apr-e^ed before the · ·H"- - i ; " n . ' u«' ";cr* seeking --..-ift'on n' fish farming, Srorfe- n e n si!d ;r.fy v *re opposed }.o ion un'ers i; v/as cch- ihe rnrnmlsifin. · '·:id r.ii'T.rr fuh iOT i'omrner'i.i! purno" 1 ^ '.'".nld* he re* s'rirtM to Yfi-nplcrclv 3rtiflc.a8y i'nnounrlcd ".Hers designed for producing fish.' 1 j Doctor Says Palienl /; Deserves The Truth "" ··Ucll r)n rt r-1 lrol)»'l hv McAm.i prctly cludinj; Han DeFore Hal«. Jr. and Alnn I,, Lynch is rertine comfo-;».bly -'ter i:eing heancd by a Jo'in fastball. He will be under obser- · vou n f f - · ' s'nnder« anpc^rcd hefnre the com- ' to know what the laic rn '" p? . ""1 iMr fr^tlminy wai Jack said the bone "was "hacflv Sam "*'·'''"'. then nu-ner cf (he d "' y r( P or l spllntere-!. " · St. toy's Canilrc'j. «afd tn C n m - 1 Hoot is also the key to the mlsti-ner Keneaaw M. Lamlfs it a ', W h a t t h o al the t'me. hearing didn't bring ' from his spotty form bac'-t home i v ation f o r a few days. Dickery Ti « ers ' difficulties in making a .In'nt lesrru- meetinif hark In 1H2!1? "'"· apparently wns t h a i fie corn' · · · -- = -- · ' - - - · - · · · · !tr»ri» Want to look hehind the scenes a t : m i l l r ! n3(1 forced the men who Cube, '.vhci? his failurrs were 1 severely bruised his left ankle. t s i k ' o f the'v.-inter league sea- i Birmingham's loss · was in the . I .'' ( ?| U '?' *? r a n ' H u "I"?* 1 aho "' down - 1 ' "f swli baseball conclaycs? · r u n bareball to disclo«e their In' """' ' " ' ' " "" ** "" * "'" " Have you ever vonrlercd how '"ITM" 5 ' "· rrtt * fr " m rl '«r back much the National Lcnquc spends ! ^f."l'" .f"!" '^ ho " k ' on *" Bon. V,--hinstcn 2, St. Louis 0 WASHINGOTOW ST. LOUIS ab r h ab Yost. 3b 3 1 0 Youllt'. -b ^ b ., , cf 4 ' SE .' · - . rf 3 0 3 R i v e r ) , c! Vil-on. If 4 I) 1 Ni-mvt. rf 4 n 0 Dnis-nc. If 3 0 1 i ch2C!'. Sh 3 n C ? n 1 Courtney, c 3 0 1 4 0 0 .:r-!lrtk!. Ib 3 0 0 3 0 l 3yrn". p 2 0 1 3! 2 9 lolcls 30 0 4 v.ntiirig"iori~ 7~~ or. 010 noa--2 S: Loui. fico C'jr) 000--0 K--None RBt--Jensen Wilrop. ?Q-- Einhy SP-.I-nrpn S--']odfr-~in D? --Marion. Youn? flrM Kryhojki: Courtney and M i r i o n . Mlcliac:?. Youn? and Kryhc.ik': You.if. ?l:irir)n and Kryhofik: L e f t - v.'ai-hinpinn r. 5* Lmn«.r F.B--M.irrcm 2. Byrne 3. SO- Marrcro 5 Byrne ? P. A- ED--Eyrn? l'-2. Win I nrv--M-Trern r^.O 1 LDECT--B;. rn" (3-3 lone as Hoot Is out of p." said General Manager i h H-ir.p? '. r.s Hori'lctn. ^h Totals 'irst game of a doubleheader. In ! ,w. f' lhc nightcan the Barons came back Chirlii lo win 12-8 but still lost ground , "We - 4 ;,;; ; in the race to overtake Atlanta. : will be available to'us.' Wc"d"!iite much a pennant costs ( S I O O i l o o A t l a n t a defeated Memphis S - l ' t o Icntvv because that will a f f e c t ' HW much e«ch of Ihe mator 4 0 o J ? , ! e t h i r d P' ace ' rom New : our " M!ls in trstling. Also. Evers. league and principal minor league 4 , , Orleans. New Orleans and Nash- can t figure In any of our tra'e clubs has made or lo«t in each of · """ ville were rained out. · '·"" u " - "- -'" u -· ·- ··· -- m « : a i i n r , Dramatic episodes show the f u l l aiul t" r"iiii:i v h.-it i» r, tn- timher, the moving, expanding of ml- inn"n lo^/l'.T'ihr. frontier, the Indians, the i n l a n d , worrl nf nod In t -r tplrl'tisll- waterway to the bleak strelche.i of d e s t l l u l " of Ami-rki. Tho ex'^n- Al»?«i. Through war and peace' jion oi C h r l - t l a n i t y .inn ihe co"-l the slory Is told of the parallel! of Chriil in n i l how much h. ftlr tou ''l service each vear^How i t ,' 1 " lr mfel1 "*' '"«· »mong other I lc TM s " y«!erday are m a d e ' r e l e - j ahieri""to ,.e the ' ,,., ! '''ingK. to present llemizert flnan- vant to t ' ial reports on every team and on the two league It is in the -appendix. In Ihe Clcv:Unr|.!;pi-Slimild a _....,,.. tell a patient he ha* cancer, tf ihr pl'iystrian h wu'^erl the quejlfoo? Dr. John W. Cline of San Pntl- '·'"co. president of the Americln Medical Association, «fly« yes. · At t*e inntinl mr-eting erf trie Ohio State Medical Assoclatlim )B«t n K h t . nine was oueried pn wliether the physician should *]· way/tell the patient the t r u t h . ' "If the patient put? you orr.HW snnt," he answered, "you have,.*o ,,.,., · . . . .v i": l "'·· i ' i ' - » i ' n more rinhi to lie to him, uven !£ he a»Kf oday and the queaUon, clearly Nnrl find the in«pir»iirn t o - v n u 'do I have cancer"" big league i: 3 '"'" 1 «' the course to be taken plan for the future. We ho;i,i that . !.!!__ '_; many people will avail thcmselvcn ' n r n t n n t ohjfcti'.T. ; developmenl of church an6 n a t i o n , 1 service in all IN impliratlni and the key role played by t h e . has hcfn the con church In Implanting strength of; Wh-n you see tlii h ,., n ,,. c character and spiritual fihcr In the film of the heroic f h l r w n r ' i t . of srov/th of the nation. The p r o b - ; t h e early missionaries -mj ar-.'TM- How They Stand NATI'/NAL LEAGUE Brooklyn ________ ._ 19 Kcw York _________ IS Chicago ... ...... _. 16 Sain Pitches Yanks To Win Over Chisox 1 Chicago -I/P\- Veteran Johnny : Sain, the New York Yankee's win- ; ningest pitcher, weakened toward I !he last but was strong enough to 1 register his fourh win of th« season in stopping the Chleago White .' Sox. -'-3, on six hits. The Yanks' 10-hit attack on two I f ' n r l GOI)-odd paeea. that the re- i "^ : talks because no clubs want to the past ~3()'years'" 1 lake a cfhance on him u n t i l h-'s " ; sis?r-r ind they "" hmv ho ' s · "«n , hl ,,."., hon h . .,, ,.«,, r, '.r'^/.'r.rT zszsr Gehrlnger hss already imicated "·*·« "' »· » '» the most thoroueh n.e mor, 1mTMruli l. m "" r "'' , that all the Tigers except third *"· '« many r«pect». the most inrs for morr. r M, K u baseman George Kell and some o f , faseinatlnc Inside story ever done " " ' Ihe pitchers are available in the nn baseball. trade market. That's how bad the I What the bulky tome purpor'- to be is a report of the h e a r i p v from Among t.-ie eolsooVs are stories i of this chance to nee "And Now ofjvlarcus Whitman -- who pre-i Tomorro Tigers need help. field Completed For National PGA Chicago-(.T)-The ISO-man field i held last summer and autumn a' j Washinfton b e f o r e C h a i r m a n Emanuel Cellar's House subcom- if reproduced from strnnirraphir reports. Scores of lo'ler,. previously to .erret. Members Of Feuding Expeditions To The Wreckage Of Liner Flown Out Of Jungle top hftie. and Four Bodies FwnJ . Afler Yachting Tragedp Bfllinghnm. Wash - f^Pl -,^IB* wake of one nf Puget SolSS's worst y a r h t i n e tragerilfs hara*- vealefl the hodin; of four of Cijgn persons who were aboard tht3l- foot sailing r.lnop Prelude wriftfi^t vanished Siinriiv evening. Att"«- lenslve search for the other 1 i mlttMjnvWIwlln, charges'thM ' uSuals" rmh " r " !in « c "" in l .'!!« ?.?.*.? °- nc b ^ one lnda ' oul " f r tMt* da**. for thf 1952 Professional Golfers Cincinnati ________ 15 it. Lo'jis _________ __ 14 Philadelphia _______ 12 Boston . ______ ..... 11 Pittsburgh _______ 5 Yesterday's Results All games postponed, rain. Competition for Positions Seen As Key To Cubs Surge Bostoh-fPl-Lew , been around major leasue who',. AMERICAN LEAGUE W I, Cleveland ..... ____ 20 Washington ________ 17 Boston ____________ 17 Npw York ____________ 15 ..... 14 _ 11 1 :::.:,·. .Mphia D::roit . . . yesterday's Results W,Tfhing:on ?. M. Louis 0 night New York 4 rbir-R^o 3 m^lil ; Bn?ton at Cleveland, postponed T_9!aj s _ rain :i~G? Philadelphia at Detroit, postponed r a i n I there on he had iiis troubles, but ' ! weathered ihem to post the win. New York is po\v three and . ' ··'Jo Bauer, rf .500 Rnziito. *s , f i , Msntlo. cf Borra. htadquarters assembled 1)al! fl ? r a lon s lime, t h i n k s h» SntTIP Mr\rQ C\f 1 the leaders in 30 sec-. knows why the Chicago Cuh'. last" Ju " lc '»H-»re VJT That Old Two Platoon Pet - .731'Rot hurlers included four singles ! Association tournament "at Youi's- .731 by Mickey Mantle. I ville June 18-24 was complete to- .552 For'Sain. long-time ace of the ! day with the addition of 104 sec- .536'Boston Braves in Ihe National tlojiaj qualifiers. .4«.,' League, the victory was the 110th .444 in his big league career and sixth ,-,,,,,, , . . . . -- .423'a.i a Yankee. He retired the f i r s t , I!,., n - t M . i an " oljnepri : vctir F N a t i o n a l Leasue t a i l - e n d : .,«, - -ncn in order b e f o r e . w a l k i n g ! re u l^hX SSTnTi, ,T^' Sson" d ° in « ""^ *'"" ^~ I-.dcnc Robmscn in the fifth. From centlv had ths top score -"»TM- , Metr., of Arkansas Cltv. Kan.. ' t i " e M ' vi " f ^ CB " S " " TM«P'U- shot 66-156-132 In the Oklahoma 'TM " m " n * ^^'"^ "" l h e L'tih sectional meet at Enid. That was · OB '' r Pet : half games out cf firrt place and ' nn! stroke more t h a n Rod Munday 'onseca is an old-time major : .G43 on lv tvn out ii l'" 'ost column "' York ' Fa " r ecorderi last y e a r ' le »?"e stnr who later becann . 5 % : New Y.rk 4, Chiogo 1 ' ' f ° r the all-time li " ' = (!7 NEW YORK CHICACO mark, 131. ' nil r h lib r h .1 1 I Fnv. n, 4 0 ! ' 3 1 I Xsrilla. If 4 0 0 5 I 4 Rod'quet. 3h 4 1 1 - . S 0 0.Robinson. IhS 2 0 .423 wtioriimg. If 3 0 l Coleman. cf 4 o l : 25f) N'crcn. Ib 3 0 0 Mel!, if 4 0 8 ·'"" Mt-n'.ilrl. 3b 3 1 0 Sl»«lv. c 4 0 0 ; ' ,* rr r« n .« Mirltn. 2b 4 i i ? c » r - q u e l . i i J « i ! · gerr, Fonseca says: Sain, p 4 o l a s t f U a r t i n o T ',t-4-\^ T) r\e~\. If The hlcge^t reason A.OCK J V . ; cess is the fact t h s t everybody haf . . . , , , , Rio De Janeiro, Braril-i/m.. inside oneritTor, t 7 f, *"}'"'' I , Mcmb r f! ," two ' eudi "U "peril- ! in the Sprlnfl a |. High S"'-ocl inside nnerntion of baseball ,-, laid | tioru to the wreckage of a Pan hand and the chc-i lc,^r for th. some of the exhibits . American Strstocruljer were be-' criming -car S ·? vl'i he a r-·«» in . n w ""«- now presumed . '-' - the Renenl «,TMi',!y of tri. /on- ^, in j' boal '» "·'"'·Kag* is ^.. .. . ,.. , Inr Girls al i The bodies of Mrl. Ellen-'nt. each other prisoner. The b i j a r r c i '"',' "X Jlp '",''"'"'· I - · . . sequel lo Brazil's grim air d i s - ' Thr Rl ' r - "· M - ' aster appeared to be ending hap-1 nf the First M^hodist rhrrch Plly after an aerial shuttle a e r v - ' h a s announr-erl t h s t he has ,1 the. thick Bratlilan jungle whei ·.,. r _ , r, . , they had been taking turn. h n l d i M R 1 ' TM " TM "' n ' 1 '" h ' otTol dyce. her son Kenneth. 12. 'WiF, jn'itor ; ,fuk« and Mrs. Donald W. C»rd were found yesterday in "the waten betwren here and Orcas Islind, pome is mlle« to the tOufh- wsv Only Jukes was not wejr- Ing a life preserver. Still mlsslni! are Paul A u M i n . Texas . ,/pj . A p i n c h . a f ' m s" 1 ''' 1 - '"'' * pi " rn ' hi111 '''' in remnants of 35 or so armed mem- i hemi if t - V r ii«. \ . i l l !.'··«; i ' Sltl1 m '5-""l! "" Paul rordyie, hers of a private expedition fl- lh . rh , 'V" . i n i ' e ·· I "" . the owner nf the yacht, DoiMM nanred by a wealthy presidenllal ^ Church. lrs;ons -ill he at [. ard » nd Mrs Juk j, . ~ prospect. i ' h e morning anrl evening worship ------*- .1^. I-atest reports said B!| hut twn | S * r v i ( ' c " 1:n Sl ""l a 5'- Early birds of which loHllt.1UfV* of the official parly hav. been! Mr. .-.nrl Mrs. Monte M. Hen- . been found had long, reptll«-JJk« hauled by helicopter back to their drlckmn spent Ihe weekend in the ' t a i l s nnd teeth '^ base at I.agoa Grande. Still In Ihe home of Mr. and Mrs n n Pat- -- - "~ |J"nill».5*re Bra/ilian Air Force '· rick nnd daughter. Hnsen-ary. : Ma), miranda Correa and Scott ·r- h( , v v . fr , ., 1 Ma-ness, U. S. Civil Aeronautics ,-.,,,,*. .,;.!,.. Authority official from Miami, Cna " v ' n " f who reportedly were hrld ho Head Coach 35 1 .I Holcomb*. Stobbj. p 2 ( 0 34 3 6 J . _ unded out for ~Corr Jsqu«I in ti-r| prour.d nn'l when it rams Dei- ..uc- sue?.' t u r n a«nin .lohn Andre b a t '" J " " first to hustle to hold his job [ know Little Rock -OP)- A 26-year-old because it happened the .enrnc way led for through him and got on a fielder's choice. college student who's never held SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION Chattanooga _ Mobile Atlanta Kew Orleans 23 Birmingham firingdale L i t t l e Rock _. ________ Memphis . 9 Yesterday's Rrsirlts The Wlnaomt Sunday School Class of the Pint Baptist Ciurrh met Tuesday nlghl at the home of Waylanrl route to the West they p l a n to make ; their home. Their pp-vioiis home I in Wels, Austria, wlinro they were employed by tho armed forcei. ; Miss dura Bell Todd was taken ; lo the County Hospital by Caill- | p o n - S i s c o ambulance Monday I morning a f t e r suffering a heart ! attack. ; (Jlcn Alforil \vas rcturnerj from ' Ihe Cn'in'y Hospital to iiis home j on Kri (; t -Knini,-! Avenue over the : '.veek'-nM by r.-illrun-Sisro a m - , hl'.lailf'-. 11(/ had been a patient for · Used by thnuunda tn llett-- Jimge'3 Roman Mtil 11-19-U Mrs. Myrl Fanning Avtnue. Mrs. W. A. Hardister, : =urgury. date president, wa« In ch.-.rge of Sixteen guests were present the meeting Mri. Claude Ruat was | Monday at the notary Club luncn- -!el*et«d as memberihip chairman I corl - Thl! "ucst speaker was James and Mn. Espen Walters personal :o - Chryne. Fred D. Watson, r n - mlnlstries chairman. After the I I" m ehairmar, presented the businesa meeting Mr«. Van-e Ed- japcaker. mundson of Fayettevllle gave a ' *" " talk on her experiences In Den-! Sharp Rise Mad* By ho'.ved pictures taken : -Wch 3 f 1 '' 0 ;^'^ '""f." monStCT 'i'r,"T947'-4e";"nd"Fu"rman UnTe"! I .Little Rock «., Birmingham 2 - ; ;£££*?£? ln ^ ^ i-^ $££?%$% ^^ · ,.,,,, . ,, . ,, , sn " 3 nrason behind and the word way. H« will complete his studies A M . o IT , o h i l e 3 n a ? mme to mean any fantastic for a bachelor of science degree; A t l a n t a 3 Memphis I idea. ! this summer, and take over h i s ! Kew Orleans at Nashville, post-] · . i new job next September. poned. ' ' - Major league Leaden The XI Iota Kxemplar chapter ' of Beta Sigma Phi sorority which - a s recently oresr !?prl. held Its Come In and SN Us Our Easy Paymtnt on Re-Modeling Y«fer Home, Building Garage, Chicken H or Milk Borni, etc. _-_' Clifton Lumber (c.,- Mi*n» W. WM4 Fork, fit. mark and there. At the cloie of the program rafreshmenti were aerved by the hosUiE to Mrc, Don Hatfield, Mrs. Hardltter, Mrs. Garland Trlpp. Wholesale Food Prices New York '/Vi-V.'ho]cf.;i!e food · prir-es this weeU marie t h e i r sharn: CHICK SPECIAL 8c The reindeer was domesticated ! Pearct *»' d h « had no P 1 "" for lyn, .350; Ennis. Philadelphia, .345; Tst mceiinc nt Lake A t i l a n t a in ! Mrs. Cordelia Foe. Mrs. Edmtind- | Hogcrs on MJ.V 15. in rei»bratlon I son, Mrs. Leslie Buchanan, Mrs. B\TTINr, F n h i r - o n " V t r r r t i Exemplar Dpy Officers of the I Claude Ru«t, Miss Betty J a n e u.* i i n \ u - noDiR.-on. liroolt- new chanter are ' ·" ** By The Auoclaterl Press NATIONAL, LEAGUE t' Dun and Rrad- , . . . . , in lhs Olci World in prehiVtorVc j l h e f u t u r e ' tn the Tinirs--It naya times. I The whiskey with ^4ge_ LaMolla Confident Of Win; Hairslon Favored Adrork, Cincinnati, .341. RU.VS - Lorkman, ,\r-v ·v- m lts flavor... ?2: Adams, Cincinnali. 21; Robinson, Brooklyn and Thomson, New York, in. ! Rl'.VS BATTKn IN - S a i l e r. l Chicago, .j- 1 ; Thomson, N'ev.- York, Detroit - Ifpi · Former M i d d l e : - 8 : Klu:vo"..-ki. C i n c i n n a t i , 21. weight Champion .'ake Lamotta HITS - Fnnis. Philadelphia, 3!i- has been talking about an e».=y Saucr. Chicago 37- I3aun-,ho!i/ fight and even a knockout in ris '" irago and Merrnn, rittshur«h' i ID-round rematch with F,ii§ene 35 ' Hairston at Olympia Stadium In- oot'RI rS But trcsidcnt; Clvrem (rlent; Cha''otte Black r'ork, Marr/arct TlonaM I.uella Rogers. [MO street food The ind Ask for "dwfileA" t Straight Kentucky Roar/ion t for" double A" liostt... PSOOf. ANCIINT AGI DlSII.llNf. CO, FltAhKfOItT, IfV. M u f i a l . St the jn-vesir-nld I.^mntta ' 1 0 Tmm' a m f ' * r ?' Y " rk ' "' who now has an eyo on the light- . , hs " rh ' ::1; ' n n. Ne heavyweight title, is rated a slight S; Aclf ' r1r ". ' i n r i n n a t j . underdo?. Rom* of the b e t t i n c gentrv have made Hair?to'i a fi-S favorite anri !hf 22-year-oH rVeprn was exnecteri to be at leas' an even mor.ey choice by fight time. S p. m. iCST". The bout will be t e l e c ^ t t and York ' H'lMF. RU\S - I ' a f k n . a n - l Saner, Chicago, fl; Roston, 7, extension o f f i - cer; Tcmito Pus-nil, recording secretary: and llnrnthv Turner, cor- rerponrlinr' Tcre'arv T 1 -" meeting '.'·fts called :·- order bv the president. Mrs. Rnt»rF. noH each member signed the pcti'ion for the charter. f n r u m i t t n n e a p p o i n t e d '.-^re- Srv-1-i! rnd .V.'iivs and Means I.-i'iir-pn Cnnijiton and Clyrer.e Hall; Mi-mlvr'hlp. flvrene H a l l ; I'rojiram. I.n Vonne Moore and M.-irinrir 1 .Io!-n-on: Service and · CnurtC'y. M-irie p - v t f t Vonne Moore; Putjn.-,!..- Turner; and 'M--|l.',;'' orris, Mn. Waltcrt. Mrt. W. T. ! «,fj :f, last v i c e n r p s l - i p i t u , jr., and Mrs. Stanley Jor- lrTasur»r; fa n Mrs. P. J. Moore of Sprlnfjo'alr 1 is visiting her son and daughter- in-la-.v Mr. and Mrs. Lon Moore of Wichita, Kan. The Women'! Society of Christian Service of the First M e t h - odist Church held an officers' training day Tuesday. Several rhs- trict nfficers were prr^cnt The meeting vas a combined mer'.n-; of three of the afternoon circlr*.- of the WSCS. A cooperative l u n r h r r j - e to S8.4S frr.m i "k and w?ii at the ! '·eit levr! finre mirl.March. It s fl.fl per cci : t below the year- ,' i i n j ' ' x n,' 57 17, howe\-r'r. I each HEAVY MIXED '· ARKANSAS Broiler Hatchtry : f. e. *« inv . : Mariorie . - , . _ . ,, _ - .fohnson. Membti-B present for the r.\ RA.-.F.S - Fonrly, ( h i - , i n i l i o l meeting v : .leihroe, Boston, Rpp^, n and Mays. N'c was Fer\'ed at noon. Mrs. .Ie;sie ind I Cill«tr«p. district president, an-l Dorothv ! ""· B " sl « Andrews, district promotional secretary, of R e n t o n v i l l e were teachers. Carl R u n c h broadcast on a national network, f - PITCHING C; qbts Last Niaht (Ry The Associated Press) Los Angflc-5 · Pinion Kur-r.te.-, lifl, Los Anrelcs, outpnintel Bsbby Jones, 147, Oakland, C a l i f . Y o i k . M.iplle. Xe-.. y,,:-V. .inhrton 7-0. l.l.nri: r,"'- and I.nej, [;,,,,,k- flo-nr- · lyn, 4-n. i.oon. ,,,,,,,,,; Dorothv Turner. K f f i e " a sped- 1 qties Tl-r A ^ I K R I C A N B.VI : I M ; - M i l r h e l l . n e v e l r . n r l . MP: DiMalrnr,, Huston, ..11.1; F'i7- 2u;.o. ,\".- York .112 R I I X S - D i M a c n o . Rr-Men. 2 i : A i i l a a n d R o f e n . T l e ' r l a n d i'O ' nrrvc.i, ni:ys HATTED IN - R o s e n . ho r *mi Sacramento, C a l i f . -- Freddie Rahe Herman, H?, I.ns Anreles, I C l e e M n d , 21; Drnpo, outr.ninted Wood," Harper. Hfl. | "°"\'' "]« v "J'nd and Oakland, Calif., 10. - - ,, were La Vonne I L " arl H I J " r h °' S p r l n c d i l " l« Moore. Laurent? fompton. Tennie ' manager of the Stceic C.-innir.g Mfirle ri'kiri. I.uella I ^orth second Street in Kojcrs. New equipment has been installer! and operation ha» begun. K«nne!h Vantant. «on of Mr. and Mrs. H. L. V a n ; a n t of spring- dale, li spending a 13-rl.y leave from the Navy here He h.'is h-cn i t l t l e d , "Tree t o ' aboard the USS Caprir-ornus frr picting the j Ihe past year. He Is to report back of t u r n i n g tree« into tim- | to his ship May 23, and from t h e r e 'onvllle Lions f l u b h»ld i's wr-eklv d' r.vr-tmi! Monday n i t h t at Ihe civic r n |e r . A f i l m on l u r n h n r i n r , 1 , ' " O ' Newark, N. J.-Ch»rlie W i l l u n f , ' 183. Newark, outpointed Clarenc. Harbin. 148. St. Louli. «. . London-Don Cocktll 177. ] , n - ' HITS - SImplon, c; ?ob r - c n . Chicago jr ·lew York, 41. nni.'Bt.KS . Leprio. B o . i t don, outpointed fUnato Tontini, / r , l '' dy( ; D " ro11 " nrt M a r i o n , 177, Italy, in. "' *' Silt Lake City--Oarth P j n t t r , Jiytnn. Ohle, knacktrl out Floyd Rlchirdion, ·lanrt. -12; to Rlzzuto, '·D"i'ied nrgductr. L'on i will b» lent to a culinary t r a i n i n g school Incited In New Jersey, MlM Jce Elian Wation. d a u p h - t«r of Mr. and MM Carl Wation. nnHr.n, prf.ident Owrge W i l k i n s read a \ e r n o n . i e t i r r f rr , n1 ,).,,, A r k a n i a i R nomic Council, u r g i n g civic clubj *He-t n project and conduct a i hai bt»n rthnsan as v n r t h v art- contest in c o m m u n i t y accomplish- visor of the Order of Ramoo-.v ment. One gueit, Kuell Palton, at- for Oirli and vat InHailed Mon' " , tended. , and ] .. rlPV "' inrt n r, -' * V " "' M r f · I Scientlttt meaiurt the life of Iny l»rm« by photmriphlng them hrough the mlrroicope ; Advertlae In the TTMES-- It Und, »; Werti. n»troit. T. STOLEN BASKS - R U n i ' n . New York, fi; Thornehcr,-y. nor.ton ir .r| Avila. Cleveland. .1 PITCHING - Marrero. day n n h t at 7:Sft at the Ma.-omc H a l l . Mitt Wat.-on i . maioretu The Gamma Chapter of Alpha ?lta Kappa sorority met for the historian; and I/vi Kva Douglas. May meeting at the home sirgftnt at armt. A inriil hour wat halrl, and r«fr»lhm«nH were wrved in Ruhy P»d«n and IMI Fl « 1( " Thursdiy evening Officers went reelected as follows Dorothy Hicks, presl- ^jent; .lane Gregory, vice preil- dent; Leta Smllh. recording t»c- . I n f t n n , 4-0, 1 Ofin. G r o m e k . r i c \ e - - rMHry; Heiilah Shlnpaugh, cor- «ecr"tarj': land, Shea, W a s h i n g t o n , ,1-n, l.oon. rlrickr.on. tre;r.urer; ; Jewell Fields, Eva Douglit of Rogtri; Reulah Shlnplugh 4nd Dorethy Hlckl ni Oravtttt; K t t t Utility, I.ul* Turntr, Leta Smlt'n and ,Iew»ll Fields »f Bmtonvllle. Merle of Rogers was a guest. * SPECIAL DURING COOK'S SPRINC *= COOK'S Famous Quality HOUSE PAINT and SUPiRWHITE PRIMER VALUE SALE PRICED $ ^^B ».rOa4W« It Goes on Easier * LooJcs Beffer Wears Longer * Sfays Whitol COOK'S PAIN U.-o Your Cr»«t at Cook'i IAST SIDE SQUARE--PHONE 526

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