Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on September 16, 1974 · Page 15
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 15

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 16, 1974
Page 15
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Ugol Morten lh« '·I- COMMISSIONER'S SALE ··I NOTICC IS .1IEUKUY CilVKN. Thai .1. In pursuance nl Ihe «ullwrily nnd dlrcc- xjnlnliic'l Ja tne decretal orcJor tlmncwy Court ol Washington County, made and entered on Ihe Blh day o( September, A.I)., 1074 [,, a ccr lam cause (No. di 71-518) the pcndltm therein between Kodernl National Mori g a g e Association, A Coriwrntlon ^n'owAaS^pfnlSTf?;,,? 1 ;^" M: Milmird and M n r y K. Mllwn'rd, I... bund and Wile, attendants, the under- ilfmed, as Commissioner o[ Enid court I? ? f I 01 '. , M '° llt |lul)lll vo '« lu " lo Ilio highest blildcr, at iho ucsl door or entrance of I h c County C o u r t ilouso. In which snlil Court Is hold In the County a Washlmilon, w i t h i n Ihe hours prescribed by lav» lor Judicial sales, on Ihe 30 day o[ .September 10:00 a.m.. A.n. 107,1 iho follovi described real estate, to-wlt' ' · ^ N u m b e r e d K10TC " HI! In Block Numbered Two (2) or Harper Addition No. Two (2) lo the City of SprlnirAHo Arkansas as per pint or said AiINKIoi on file In tho office of Circuit Clerk -TERMS Oh- SALE: On n credit three months, the purchaser being required lo execute n bond as require! . b y . l a w antl iho order anil decree o Said Court In sold cnuse, with approver iton-lly, bearing Interest at the rnli of 8.5 per cent JOT annum Iran drvl, « sale until paid, and a lien bclni retained on the premises sold (n sccuri tt« payment of Ihe purchase money. Given imdor ray linml this 5lh day of September, A.D,. 1971. ALMA KOLLMEYEfX . Commissioner In Chnncerj 2Tc 9, I t . r. nnni:it IN THE CIIANCKRY COURT 01' COUNTY Plalnllir Va. · CII-74.7SI Jarkyn Darlena Baldwin · DefcitdanL ' - Tho Defendant Jnckye Darlcno Dalilwl- ii"!"""" 1 lu "ntwnr In lids Court u i l h f thirty days and answer the romnlnln or HID Plalntlll -|n Ihe above S!aiSe Witness my hand nnd seal or Court Ihli 28th (Jay ol AUKUSI, ]07| A l m n Kollmeyc Chancery Clei (SBAL, EV Ka " C "'"«"l °-' 4TCSEPT. 2,9,16.23. Last known address of decedent- S. Faycllovllle, Arkansas t c u c m ' Dale ol dcaih: August s. 1S7-I W 2 S i?. n j 1110 i{h dily n t September,' J97 admltlcd lo prohale as the last wl undersigned has been appointed' csecul 1 Iheroundcr. A contest of Ihe proh! of the will can be effected only by [ill a^ petition within the time provided All persons havlnc claims against th fo lhe m und=Sn b ed "Si "' (rom Ihe dale of the first pubSlo of thlj nollce, or Uiey shall be forcvi barred and precluded from any benel In the estate. . Tills notice lirst published 9 day i September, 1974, Lcln Mac LInclsey Dand (Evecutrlx nn c /o ra\-id BurlD.son, Altornc JT« 9 1» !m ' I; ^ 5cllev " lc . A i l - 'ZTI NOTICE IN THE PHOBATK COUIIT OF 74 " WASHINGTON COUOTV, ARKANSAS IN THE ItATTER 0V THE ESTATE O Charles A. McAnarney, deceased Lasl Inown adddress of decedent: 20 Wcdlnglon, FayeUcvllIe, Arkansas . Datt of Dealh: August 23, 1?74 An instrument dated December 3, 197 was on the l l t h . day of Senlomber' 19; admitted to probate as the l a s t , of Uie above named decedent nnd tJ undersigned has been appointed execul thereunder. A contest of the probn of the will can be effected only by ff * petition within the time provided Itw. ·gal Notlcei-- All porsoni hnvlnif claims aitalnst lh« itnlo must cxlilbll Uiem, duty vcrilled, i the undor»!?/ied within six nionthi rorn the dale of Uig first jiubllcnllorj ( ihla notice, or lliey shall be forever nrred nnd precluded, from any beneni Iho eslalg, This nullco flnsl nuhllshcd Id dny of , 197-1, Robert Joseph McAimrnoy EXKCUTOH Uy; Bot I Mays, Attorney fur lixeculor P.O. Uox FnyeUeville, Arkansas 72701 N TilE UHANCEIIY COUIIT OK WASHINGTON COUNTY, AKKANSAS eler G., Kstcs and William A. Storey J n l n t l H 's. 11-71 -758 ini Colcinan ictcnclant The Defendant Jim Cbleman \s warned i appenr in ihls Court wllhln tliirtj lays and answer the coiniitalnt of the "lalnttff In the abovo entitled cause. Witness my hand and scfel of this Court thfa 23 day of August, 1W4. Alma Kollmcyer Chancery Clerk By Kayo Cbappell D.C. (HKAL) · TC SEPT. Ugal Notice*-- nnd Iho I'lra Department ol Iho City of l-'uycttcvlllc, Arkansas. PcrtOrts dcslri/i« lo take said ixninlnatloni nre hereby nolillcrt thnt fipllcniloji forms fur such ex tuning lion 5 mny be obtulnixJ from the Clilc/ of Police, iho KJro Chlof or tho Secretary of tho Cojtimlislon, nnd Hint such applications must bt executed Ijy Iho app}\emit Jind filed with Ihe Coinnibslon nol ess than Ihrce (3) days before the dale of such exomlnalon. All persons successfully pnsslntt xahl xamlnailotis will bo cur I If led as cllglbk (o t i l l Iho [XjiflJons for whk-h (ho Commission may find Idem qualified. AIL olflcers now serving In cither tlio Police Department or tht Kiro Deparl- ment on temporary apjwlnlinent are required lo lako such examination In order to continue In nucti service. WITNESS THE HAND of lh« Civil Service Commission ol the Clly ol l-'aycilevlllc, Arkansas, Ihfs 12th day ol September. 397-1 Cl'LT OK FAYETTEVILLE, ARKANSAS CIVIL SERVICE COMMISSION Iris Acting Secretary 3Tc 16, 23, 30 NOTICE IN TUB PROBATE COURT OF WASHINGTON COUNTY ARKANSAS n lh MATTBK OF THE ESTATE OF MARY F, McANAHNEY, deceased NO, P-14-18a Lasl known arldres^ ol decedent: 2029 iiigtoii, Fayetteville, Arkansas Da to of denlh: August 21, 197-1 An instrument ilnled Dccojnber 3, 1973, vnh on the lllh day of SopttmlXfr, 1971, idmltteil lo probntc ns the last will 1 the nlKva nrnncd decedent, and Ihn untlcrslgned has been appointed cxeculor .hcrcunder. A contest of the probate of Ihe will can be effected only by filing a pelltlon wllhln the time provided by ~.w. All persorvs having claims against the estate must exhibit then), duly verified, the undersigned within six months from lUe \u Ic of Ui e li rsl publicatli f ( h i s nolke, nr they slmll be fnrcv larrod and prerludcd from any benefit n Ihe r slate, This nollce lirst published. 1G day of Sept,, 1974 Robert Joseph MoAnamey EXECUTOR By: Hob I. Mnyes, Attorney [·"or Executor P.O. Box 33B FayUovillc, Arkansas 72701 NOTICE IN THE PROBATE COUIIT OF WASHINGTON COUNTY, ARKANSAS NO. 74-5; IN rma RIATTBII OF THE ESTATE F nose Ejlls, n-k ; a Rosa Ellis, deceased [.ast k n o n n address of decedent: Fayattcvlltc City Hospllnl, Fayettcville Arkansas Date of death: June 2, 1973 An Instrument dated December 9, 195 ivas on Ilic 29lh day «r May. 1074, nd milled to probnto ns the Inst will o: the abovo named decedent, and the tin dcrslgned has been appointed admitil slralor with will anneised thereunder contest of the probate of the wil i be olfcclcd only liy filing a petition wllhln Hie time provided by law. All persons h a v i n g claims against the oslafo must exhibit them, duly verified to the undersigned within six months Jrom the d a t e ol the (irsl publication of this notice, or Ihcy shall be fore%'cr barred and precluded from any benefit in ihe estate. This notice first published 16 day of Credit Union Formed By City Employees A group of Fayetleville cily employes have filed an application tor a charter to form a federal credit union, according to David Hausam, acting president of the Fayctteville City Employes Federal Credit Jnion. Hausam said an initia meeting was held at Clly Hal last week to elect officers to serve until an official charter s received and an .officia election held. Officers elected in addition lo Hausam are John Tucker, vice president; Larry Poage, seconc /ice pesident; Norma Falkner .reasurer and Sharon Burns secretary. Named to Tiiltee were Roger Doss Car! Springston, Donnie Osbprn Randy Bradley and David Me Wethy wore named to th supervisory committee. 'Hausam said the credit union will allow city employes lo es tahlish savings for themselve and give them a place to ge a loan if they need it." the credit com Dalton Jenkins and Bill Foster September, t974. n u l h E. Lcsti. M.D. Administrator BY: Dob I. Mayes Attorney for Administrator P. O. Box 388 Fayettevlllc, Arkansas 72701 TICK OF EXAMINATION F EMPLOYMENT IN POLICE AND F11IE DEPARTMENTS Notice is hereby given lhat the Civil Service Commission of the City ol Fayellevllle, Arkansas will on the seventh dny of October, 1975, at 2:00 P.M. in the Board of Directors Room of the City Admiiuslrntloa Building, KaycLlevllle, Arkansas, hold examinations for positions in Iho Police Department WOMAN'S WORLD A Convenient Sewing and Shopping Guide for Today's Gal on the Go, 724 WUfi* Whirl everywhere in this swinging topper and cloche. Easy! Crochet panels in 5 colors'of worsted, join into coat All single, double crochet Great in one color, too. Pattern 724: size 8-18 incl.; hat adjusts ·to fit. 75 CF.NTS each pattern add 25 cents each pattern for first-class mail and specia handling. Send lo Laura Wheeler, Northwest Arkansas TIMES, 450, Needlecraft Dept. Box 161. Old Chelsea Station New York, N.Y. 10011. Prim -Pattern Number, Name, Ad .dress, Zip. ' The source of inspiration -- our new 1975 Needlecraft Catalog 180 designs, 3 printed inside Send 75 cents now. New! Nifty Fifty Quilts ...Jl.OC New! Ripple Crochet .. ..$1.0i Sew plus Knit Book J1.2E Needlepoint Book $1.0i Flower Crochet $1.0C Hairpin Crochet Book $1.00 makes news in the short or long Lillle Rock Firemen Call In Sick LITTLE ROCK (AP) -- Fiflj one of 82 local firiemen schec tiled to report to work Sunda morning called in sick a m i c firemen's effodts to gain highe pay. A spokesman for the fire man's union said the actio was not related to the firemen 1 demand for "parity" pay wit city policemen. Fire Chief Jack Davis said Ii had to hold over 52 men Sunda morning from the shift off duty and that they wou paid overtime. He said he ha enough men to handle emergen cy situations. Davis met with his staff Sun day to discuss the situation, bu he refused to say what \vr said during the meeting. K said he had not been in contai with' the union. goin i l d b THE LITTLE WOMAN "We all have our roles to play in life, dear. Your role is to produce--mine is to consume!" Simon Predicts Inflation Rale Of Nine Perlenf For Year HOT SPRINGS, Ark. (AP) -- ing unsuccessfully for mot- Treasury Secretary William Simion predicted Saturday that .he inflation rate would continue at about 9 per cent for the remainder of the year. He disagreed with a statement by Senate Majority leader Mike Mansfield of Montana ,vhp predicted.Friday night that lie nation was headed f o r - a n other depression. · ; "People who relate this jresent period to the one in 1829 and '30 are mistaken," Simon said. "The fundamentals are entirely different and we have many regulatory procedures today that would prevent lhat." Simon referred to the present economic woes of the country as a "business slowdown." He said that the National Bureau of Economic Research, a non- government agency, had not even lahled the current situation as a recession. The present inflation rate was caused partly by "i cessiye fiscal and monetary policies over the past 10 years, where the money slock grew .in excess.of 6 per cent'and federal expenditures grew al an annual rale of 10 per cent," Simon said. He said that everyone from 'the federal government on down would have to exercise restraint. "This is- goinig to have to be a team effort on the part of all of us." he added. Simon was in Hot Springs to meet Rep. Wil'bur D. Mills, D Ark., who was attending the Democralic Slate Convention. The two ihen flew . back to Washington together in Simon's airplane. Simon said he had been try- Nortnwejt Arkansas TIMES, Won., Sept. 16, 1974 FAYETTEVILLE, A R K A N S A S ban a month to arrange meeting with Mills. Both m e r vere asked about the politica significance of Iheir meeting, i ight of Mills current re-electioi campaign. "I don't want to discuss th campaign because I am mor concerned about. trying to ge his-situation turned around i he economy." said Mills. "It of little consequence what, hap jens to the individual. It's of jreater consequence what hap' ens to all of us and if government can do something." Simon said he would discuss with Mills the upcoming economic summit sessions planned iy Ihe Ford administration and low economic policy relates to .ax policy. Mills is chairman of .he tax-writing House Ways and Means Committee. Mills and Simon b o t h said :hey were opposed lo wage and price controls. NEW STAR IS BORN . . .Lucie Arnaz accepts congratulations backstage from her mother, Lucille Ball, and grandmother, Desires Ball, after her smash opening in 'Seesaw' Lucie Arnaz Said To Be Stunning In Premiere By BOB THOMAS :, LOS ANGELES :^ The' ' Mills budget said the proposed $305 billion in Januai'y could swell to $312 billion because of inflation and he said tie shared Ford's hope lhat it could be trimmed to below the $300 billion mark. Court Speaks KATWIJK, The Netherlands CAP) -- The city council of tho seaside resort of Katwijk is being forced by court order to grant a permit ' allowing a dance hall to operate on Sunday. The council had refused the permit, claiming Sunday dancing would not be acceptable to the majority of the town's population. Everybody's Business New Massage Center Opened In Fayelteville Mention the phrase "massage center" and the response is likely to be raised eyebrows, questioning looks, and whispered "what is its?" Marc Heller, a local masseur who recently opened a massage center at 349 N. College Ave., explained massage as a scientific, rhythmical technique to increase local circulation, relieve aches and tension, and tone and relax the sore muscles. "This work is like a dance Douglas Named To Beverage Position Doug Douglas of Hwy. east, was elected Monday an alternate A r k a n s a s as The version of this graceful dress. Ruffles are optional. Printed Pattern 4751: Misses' Sizes 8. 10, 12, 14, 16, 18. Size 1,2 (bust 34) takes ZVa yards 45-inch fabric. Send $1.00 for each pattern. Add 25 cents for each pattern for first-class mail and special handling. Send to Anne Adams, Northwest Arkansas TIMES, 433, Pattern Dept., 243 West 17th St., New York, N.Y. 10011. Print NAME, ADDRESS, ZIP, SIZE and STYLE NUMBER. MORF, FOR YOUR MONEY IN Instant Crochet Book ·51.00 Instant Money Book $1.00 Instant Macrame Book $1.01) Complete Gift Book $1.00 Complete Afghans No. 14 ..$1.00 12 Prize Afghans No. 12 50 cents Book of 16 Quilts No. 1 .50 cents Museum Quilt Book No. 2 ... 50 cents 15 Quills for Today No. 3 .... 50 cents Book of 18 Jiffy Rirgs .50 cents NEW FALL-WINTER PAT- TF.RN CATALOG! 100 career, casual. school, best city fashions. Free pattern coupon. Send 75 cents. Sew plus Knit Book -- has basic tissue pattern $1.25 Instant Sewing Book $1.00 Instant Fashion Book $1.00 ADVERTISE Thousand § of homtmken ntc thl« tMtur* tfillr . . . and will tea ?obr director of the Malt Beverage Association of Hot Springs. Douglas, elected at a business meeting held at the Lake Hamilton Inn at Hot Springs, will serve in the post during the calendar year 1975, according to Roy L. Bosson, cxc cutive secretary of the associa tion. The 35-yc'ar-old association, involved in a reorganization program since January, recently adopted a new constitution which will change the name of the firm to Wholesale Beer Distributors of Arkansas. The association has voted to hold its annual convention April 25-26 in Hot Springs. New offices of the association are located at the Desoto Center at Hot Springs Village. State Farm To Pay Increased Dividend State Farm Mutual in Arkan sas will begin paying 10.7 per cent dividend to most of its auto insurance policy holders on Sept. 25, according to regiona vice president, William D Sanders. The dividend is an addition to a July 1 rate cut of 5.1 cent and will appear as emium credii duding the o me," described Heller, who received a state license after iraduating from the Hot iprings School of Massage. "Slow, rhythmical, always moving," he described his ac- ions as he walked around the massage table demonstrating he technique. Most persons who come for a massage usually seek it either as a means of relaxation or as a way to relieve chronic pains, particularly in the back and neck, he said. W h e n , a. person makes an appointment and comes for the massage, he .is first directed .0 the shower room, then to he massage table. Heller tends .0 use the same basic pattern n each massage, kneading, Mishing, pulling, and rubbing, jeginning with the person's lead and then circling around the body. If a person has a particular problem, he spends less time n the more general part of ,he massage, such as arms and egs, and concentrates more on he trouble area, such as-neck or back. Persons using massage for :herapeutic medical reasons usually come in once or twice weekly, Heller said. Others treating themselves to the good feeling of a massage usually come for weekly or monthly sessions. Some people enjoy silence during the massage and doze into a kind of half-sleep. Others, he continued, like to talk. Heller says he enjoys both the quiet and the conversation. a 10.7 per cent pre on billings mailed period beginning six month Sept. 25. Sanders said the dividend re fleets improved claims ex pcrienced this year. across it. without awkwarc stretching., : The .tools 'of his--trade simple and few, he said. The :able, a heat lamp, and his two lands. But he also has one other major accessory usec vith some of his clients--a steam cabinet that resembles a wooden manger with a lid. Built by Mark Blosser Fayetteville, the cabinet made of cedar, cypress ant redwood and affords a person a gentle steaming at 130 de grees for 20 minutes. This is much lower than the s t a n d a r'd temperature (170 degrees) of a sleam room, Heller said. A San Francisco native, Heller moved to Northwest Arkansas about a year and a half ago and lives in the Baldwin Community. "I wanted" to live in the country, with four seasons and yet still a moderately warm climate," he explained. He said his interest in massage began several ,years ago and his'.carrer. started with :tis .giving backrubs to friends. "I'really enjoy this work," he said quietly. "I feel very fortunate to have found a kind of work that gives me plea- Asked strength it takes much give a massage. Heller replied, "not an exceptional amount." He pointed out that he uses fhe natural forces of gravity and leverage to aid him as well as correct positioning of the body. The two-foot-wide table also helps, allowing him to reach Club Remodeling Set S I L 0 A M SPRINGS-Thc Dawn Hill Country Club is being refurbished with cleaning and cleaning of the golf course and repair and painting of the clubhouse and other buildings, Bill Burgin, new manager, said new bridges had been buill across Flint Creek. Also on the agenda is the re decorating of the interior of the club house. audience at the Ahmansb'iv Theater premiere "of ''Seesaw" stood and cheered as 'the tall, ark-haired beauty stood alone ·n the empty stage. This was Lucie Arnaz accept- ng the ovation of a hometown jowd that had been astonished her display of talent in the musical play. She sang in a manner that ias reminded critics of a young Ethel Merman. She danced vith surprising agility. Most of all. she portrayed .;the -tough 'iilnerability of -- Gittel -Moses. vith touching truthfulness! She sounded more like a len- ler Barbra Streisand than the daughter of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. Lucie's parents were both in he first night audience. They vere as overwhelmed as the ·est of the audience. The 23- year-old Lucie said it .was "the greatest night of my life. If I never have another night like t, I wouldn't care. I'd still be happy." After the excitement of the )pening night, Lucie Arnaz relaxed one afternoon over an iced tea and talked about her young life and career. She is an easy talker, without the pretense of young performers- who are overwhelmed by their success. Many persons in the "Seesaw" audience were doubting Thomases expecting to see a second - generation performer cashing in on her parents' fame. Her display of authentic talent helped spark the spontaneous ovation. How did. she manage such a polished performance? "Well, I've been learning," Lucie remarked. "I've spent a number of years making mistakes and asking questions so I can correct them. "Lessons? Well, I'm not a good lesson taker. I always did poorly, whether it was piano, skiing, tennis, - o r - whatever Mother wanted me to take."I don't like that kind of regimentation; I like to make my plans on the spur of the moment.- "I learned dancing by doing it. In six years on the 'Lucy' show, I had a lot of good coaching from directors like Jack Baker and Jack Donahue. "Comedy, of. course, was something I learned' as a "child. Mother always, 'taught believability. " · · - · · · She told me that you i just to could make your comedy as!work." wild as you want -- as long as you set it up to be believable. "But if you try some tricks get laughs, it won't Interview point -. v.Fayelteyille area citizens present their thoughts this week concerning the total pardon which President" Ford has granted 'ex-President Nixon. Wal-Mart Names Vice Presidents Don Whitaker of Springdale and Theo Ashcraft of Rogers, Have been named to vice presidents of Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., according to president Sam M. Walton. Whitaker joined the firm ... 1962 as manager of the Rogers store. He later became vice president of operations and subsequently senior vice president. He retired in 1972 and has now rejoined the company. Ashcraft joined the company in February as director of Security and Loss Prevention and is now vice president of security. Ho was employed for 45 y e a r s ' w i t h Sterling Stores before Joining Wal-Mart. Another promotion is that of Dan Kcnnett who joined the firm recently as House Counsel. He has been named assistant socretady. He is a 1971 University of Arkansas law school graduate and lives in Rogers, "The singing came easily; I never really studied it, and .1 didn't get help from my pai- "My father, h a d , a really: fine voice, although he hasn'tnused it in the past few years. Motlioi always hated to sing and claimed she had no voice. CANDY PRICES TO JUMP AGAIN WASHINGTON- (AP) --Man ufacturers plan to .''raise " the irice of vending machine:Carid.\ oars to 20'cents'because,.of a strain on -the world supply ol cocoa and chocolate products. The price increase, on t h e heels of a jump from 10 to 15 cents witfi little or no change ir candy bar size, reflects the cle velopment of a sweet tooth it the rest of the world as active as that in the United tSales. World cocoa consumption has been expanding along with creases in population and in come, say? Rex E. T. Dull o the U.S. Department of Agriciil lure's Foreign. Agriculture Se rice. But- unfavorable-growing conditions in many, major pro ducing countries have brdugh the 1973 and 1974 world crop helow consumption needs, send ing cocoa prices to a recorc high. Dull writes in (he curren issue of Foreign Agriculture. Store Owner Dies LITCHFIF.M), Conn. (AP) -A. Wells Peck, 84. forme chairman of the board of Peel and Peck, .a New York-basec women's clothing store chain died Sunday laincd in an dent on Wednesday. Peck tool over the chain when it had 1 stores and built it to 70 outlet, for women's clothing. HI served as president from 192 until he became board chair man in 1955. Ho retired in 1970. of injuries sus automobile acci SUSANNAH WOODCOCK of 009 Oi-a Drive--"I don't like le pardon. Ford was trying to gure out bow we could get n to better business but it ack-fired. I can't be so ex- reme as to say he deserved prison term. But I don't favor lie pardon." K. L. KARNES of 1406 Shipley St., Springdale--"I believe in forgiving him. I don't think lie should serve a prison term. I think he was guilty of Water- Sate and I think he'll continua Lo suffer for it. Since he's been crucified already, he'll have extreme punishment the rest of his life." KENT DOSS of 353 St. harles Ave.--"Definitely not. I vould like to have seen a trial on all the evidenec presented so that we coucl find out a ittle. more about ; the matter. . have "a ,feel nig he was guilty but they havp to. djg.-a-little deeper.' I'd be behind bars right now if I'd done the same thing." BECKIE DDRFI-INGER of i!6 W. Lafayette St.--"I think hat Nixon is guilty. He should Jet what he deserves. If you ;et caught with marijuana, you Jet 10 years. If Ford gave a ardon to Nixon, he .should lefinitely give pardons (a all he guys in Canada. Nixon should be thrown right into -jail. ic's going to get a pension now. He took the easy way out." LINDA DUKE of Skull Creek Apartments--"I don't think Nixon should have received pardon unless all the other men involved in Watergate a r e pardoned. I would favor a tria fod Nixon 'because I think he was guilty. We don't know wha other presidents before have been guilty of." him WILLIAM SONNEMAN of 1728 Mission Blvd.--"I think that Nixon is subject. to : . the same laws that you and; I are subject to. It's like getting a speeding ticket. If you've done wrong, you must be punished. He tried to cover up a lot of things."

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